Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 2 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 2 of 9)

“Thanks Mel,” Sandy said slightly breathlessly as they set the large highchair down in her kitchen. I wasn’t looking forward to carrying this big thing all the way here by myself.
“No problem, Sandy,” Mel replied. “Glad to help.”
“Want some coffee? It’s fresh.”
Coffee! Mel still had half a cup left at her own apartment… but still. “Sure. Sounds good.”
“I’m still surprised you were up so early,” Sandy said as she pulled cups and saucers out of a cupboard. “I was so afraid I was going to wake you.”
“Ugh! Like I said, I was already up. I woke up early this morning… much earlier than usual – especially for a Saturday. So you got lucky.”
Sandy giggled politely. “What got you up? You feeling okay?”
“I’m fine… I guess. It’s just Chad… or Sissy rather. I’ve had a lot on my mind about him lately. Lots of things to think about and try to figure out. I guess it all woke me up way too early.”
“Anything I can help with?” Sandy asked hopefully.
Mel shook her head. “Not this time. This time I have to figure it all out myself. I’ve decided that his behavior has to change. He’s not acting the part enough. He’s taking way too many liberties and acting way too cocky and sure of himself. I need to take that confidence away from him – completely. I need to cement him into a different role entirely – one that will make it easier for me to win this bet.”
“What do you have planned?”
Mel shook her head. “Not much so far. Just a few basic things.” She grinned wickedly. Did Cassie tell you what I’ve got planned for him for Monday?”
Sandy giggled. “I’m planning on being there! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”
“That reminds me. I never formally asked you and Cassie over for dinner tomorrow. I have a friend from my office who will be there too. You two are coming, aren’t you?”
“Are you kidding? I’m already looking forward to it! Not to mention getting more of Sissy’s good cooking. I’m pretty sure Cassie feels the same.”
“Good, because I’m going to need your help tomorrow night. By the way, where is Cassie today?”
“Filling in at work. She’ll be back later this afternoon.”
“Oh. Did she tell you that I’ve decided that you have full control over him? Anything you tell him to do, he’d better do… and gladly. Anything!”
Sandy giggled. “Yeah, she told me. Not that he’s given me any trouble before. And I don’t expect him to give me any trouble in the future.” She giggled again and glanced at the highchair. “I don’t think he’ll be giving me any trouble at all today.”
Mel smiled. She didn’t know what Sandy had planned, but knowing her, it would probably be interesting.

Chad pulled into his parking place and glanced at the small bag on the passenger seat of his car. He had decided to go ahead and stop at his favorite fast food restaurant and get something to eat after all. It was the weekend and lately the weekends meant all too many chances for him to be served nothing but baby food. So now, just smelling the breakfast he had bought was making his stomach growl. He grabbed the bag, then wrestled the other bags from the drug store out of his back seat and headed up the stairs to his apartment. Once inside, he simply dropped the big bags on the floor and headed straight to his kitchen. He was already munching on some potato tots as he opened his refrigerator door and grabbed a baby bottle full of Mel’s tea to drink with it. His tea supply was again growing smaller. Why couldn’t it just disappear altogether? With a small sigh, he closed his refrigerator door, put his bottle to his mouth and began sucking on it.
He ate his breakfast while he busied himself around his apartment, putting things away and generally straightening up a bit. Not that there was much to do, having no furniture helped to take a lot of that load off of him. As he worked, every time he felt the need to pee, he tried to hold it back as best as he could, but with all the fluid still in his system, it wasn’t easy, especially since Mel had increased his required number of bottles today.
He checked his clock. It was getting close to the time for Sandy to show up. Why was she coming here? He looked at himself in the mirror again. Should he change? Mel had said not to, but was what he was wearing good enough for whatever Sandy had in mind for today? But then, he had no idea what else he should wear anyway.
He realized his diapers were getting fairly wet too. He hadn’t even thought about changing them. Why didn’t he think of it earlier? Probably because he was too used to wearing them wet all the time now. He enjoyed them being wet too – mostly. Did he have enough time to change them? He glanced again at the clock. Unfortunately, no. He’d just have to stay in the ones he had on.
A knock came at his door a full five minutes early. He wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Sandy’s smiling face when he opened his door.
“Hi,” Sandy said. “I know I’m a few minutes early, but I just wanted to check to see if you might be ready yet.”
Chad didn’t know what her rush was, but he just shrugged and replied, “I guess I’m ready. Mel said not to change or anything. Besides, I don’t know what to get ready for.”
Sandy giggled and pushed her way past him into his apartment. “More practice being a baby, of course.”
Ugh! “That’s what I thought,” he replied more to himself. “I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be then.”
Sandy giggled again and shook her head. “Not quite, you can’t wear an outfit like that. You don’t look anything at all like a baby! Let’s see what else you have in your closet.” She led the way to his bedroom and opened his closet door. “Nope, nope, nope, nope,” she said as she quickly scanned the contents. “Nothing suitable here.”
Chad could have told her that before she even checked.
She turned back to look at him. “If you’re going to be a baby, then you really need more baby clothes.”
Going to be a baby? He had mixed feelings about that. On one hand, the concept of being forced to act like a baby excited him greatly. But on the other hand… well…
“I’ll talk to Mel about it later,” Sandy said as she closed his closet door. Her eyes fell on his cardboard dresser. “How about one of your onesies? Where are they?”
Chad did some quick thinking. “Uh… One of them has been in the dirty clothes for a few days now, and the other one… well… I’m afraid I soaked it last night when my diapers overflowed.”
“Huh? Overflowed? You’re kidding? With all the diapers Mel says she puts on you for bed?”
“Yeah, well… I had way too many bottles last night. I’m still peeing my brains out! Especially since Mel had me drink another extra bottle this morning too!”
Sandy giggled again. “Nonsense! No such thing as too many bottles… at least not for you!” She looked at him as if she were pondering something. “So if your onesies are both useless, then what else do you have?”
Chad shrugged. “I guess my baby-doll nightie would probably be okay.”
“Perfect! Go get it.”
Chad pulled the nightie out of his dresser and held it up. “What do you want me to do with it?”
“Duh! Put it on of course. Is your brain totally regressing now too?” She giggled. “Of course, that’s exactly what we want.”
Chad rolled his eyes as he started to get undressed. While he did so, Sandy watched him closely and with more than a hint of amusement. As he was removing his girdle, Sandy noticed that his breast forms were no longer glued onto him. “What happened to your breast forms? Did they finally fall off?”
“No, Mel took them off last night to give my skin a rest. She says she’s going to glue them back on again today.”
“Oh, well, that’s probably good. Besides, you should look more like a real baby without them today.”
Like a real baby? She had to be kidding!
As soon as he was down to just his diapers and plastic panties, she stepped in to help. “Here, let me put that on you,” she said as she picked up the nighty top. Chad raised his arms over his head and let her pull it down into place. “There! Now you’re starting to look a little better,” she declared. “Much more like your real self.”
“My real self?”
“A baby, of course!”
Chad had to keep himself from groaning. Sandy’s fixation with turning him into a baby was getting worse! He expected Sandy to grab the matching bottoms to his nightie next, the bottoms that he really never wore, but she surprised him by suddenly grabbing his plastic panties and pulling them down. “Hmmm,” she exclaimed, “it looks like you’re pretty wet. Are you messy too?”
“Not yet.”
“Good!” she replied, sounding relieved. “Then let’s change those wet diapers before we go any further. Where are they?”
Chad led the way into his bathroom where he pulled two disposable diapers out of the package. He spread one of them out and grabbed a pair of scissors to cut slits in one of them like he usually did, but Sandy quickly slapped his hand and grabbed the scissors from him. “Ah! Ah! Babies have no business playing with scissors,” she admonished. Then she cut several slits in the covering of the diaper herself. “Okay, baby, lay down. Let’s get you changed.”
Within moments, Sandy had his wet diapers untapped and pulled off of him. She slipped the new diapers under him, but before she pulled them up through his crotch to cover his front, she grabbed his chastity device and rocked it back and forth a few times while she carefully examined his trapped penis inside. “Hmmm. Looks like Cassie was right.”
“About what?” Chad asked as Sandy finally pulled the diapers over him and began taping them up.
“Never mind. It’s nothing,” she replied. She almost laughed at her choice of words – nothing… or very nearly nothing. Because his penis was still as small as Cassie had said it was. Almost nothing!
Before they left his apartment, Sandy grabbed his diaper bag and made sure it held plenty of diapers. She also grabbed one of his empty baby bottles and stuck that in the bag too. There was only one thing left that she needed. She found one of his pacifiers on his nightstand and stuck it in his mouth. Chad immediately felt more babyish than ever, especially while Sandy was standing back to look him over. “Not bad,” she declared. “Looking better. We need to change your makeup a bit, but we’ll do that later. And you do look more like a baby without the breast forms. Now let’s get out of here.”


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this chapter was very good, this fairy hopes that upcoming chapters will see 'sissy' in baby clothes 24/7 and finally be totally regressed... keep up the good work ~~ pansy

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It keeps on getting better and better. Nice job and continue on with better work.