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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 3 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 3 of 9)

With Chad dressed only in his diapers, plastic panties, the top to his baby-doll nightie, and a pacifier, Sandy led the way to his door. Chad was nervous about going outside dressed like he was, even to go just the short distance to Sandy’s apartment. Sandy paused before opening his door. She turned to look at him. “Don’t forget your rules!” she cautioned. “As soon as we get to my apartment, no walking… and no talking! At least not in any language that anyone can understand. Got it?”
“Got it,” Chad replied through the pacifier in his mouth.
Sandy looked disappointed. “Can’t you curtsey pretty for me when you answer? Cassie says you curtsey for her.”
Chad mentally groaned. This was becoming bothersome. He dropped a quick curtsey and said contritely. “Sorry.” At least once he got to Sandy’s apartment, he would no longer have to worry about curtseying or even answering her… at least not in English anyway.
Sandy giggled and smiled at him. “I just love seeing you do that!” Her expression turned more serious. “And you better watch yourself and do exactly what I say! Mel made it very clear to me that I’m completely in charge of you. You’ve got no say at all about anything I want you to do! And you know that I won’t hesitate to punish you if you deserve it! And I have no doubt that Mel will punish you further too! So watch yourself!”
Chad was not only surprised by Sandy’s sudden attitude, he was surprised by what she said. She was totally in charge? Well, Mel had told him something like that in the past, just not in such exact terms. But… no problem. Just to be on the safe side, he dropped another curtsey. “I understand,” he replied.
Sandy giggled yet again as her mood changed back the other way. Then she turned and led the way out his door, leading him outside where he was all too visible to whoever might look in their direction. It wasn’t until Sandy had closed the door behind them that Chad realized he had left his purse with his door keys inside. As Sandy checked to make sure the door was locked, Chad’s fear and humiliation rose considerably. He was now stuck outside, visible to anyone who happened to look up in his direction, and he had no way to get back to his own apartment.
As he followed Sandy toward her apartment, he noticed some people across the parking lot walking to their cars. Unfortunately, Sandy noticed them too. “Hi!” she yelled as she waved excitedly. Chad wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. He had literally no place to hide. He was on full display to everyone. The people waved back and then started pointing… Chad knew exactly what, or rather who, they were pointing at. He tried to stand behind Sandy so they couldn’t see him as well. “Oh no you don’t, silly baby,” Sandy said as she pulled him back out toward the edge where he could be seen better. “Curtsey to the nice people down there!”
Chad couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t mean it! “Now!” Sandy ordered in no uncertain terms.
“Please,” Chad mumbled softly.
“I said now!” Sandy repeated angrily.
He had no choice. The people below were watching him intently. Knowing that his face was turning as red as a beet, he grabbed the short hem of his baby-doll nightie and curtseyed to the people down below. The looks of shock were very evident on their faces, as was the burst of laughter from one of the women in the group.
“See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?” Sandy said as she turned and continued on toward her apartment. “I don’t know why you even thought about putting up a fuss. And you know what, when you curtsey like that in that top, it really shows off your diapers underneath so nicely. You should really consider doing it more often.”
Shame and embarrassment filled every cranny of Chad’s feelings as he followed her closely to her apartment. She paused one more time before she put her key into her lock to look around. Not seeing any more people, she shrugged and opened the door. Chad wanted to bolt in quickly, but she was ahead of him and took her sweet time going through the doorway and blocking it with her body while she removed the key… trapping him outside. Then she turned in the doorway to face him, a stern look occupying her face. “Now remember your rules!” Chad only wanted to get inside. He didn’t care about anything else. She took a step back and he finally stepped over the threshold, waiting for her to move further into her apartment so he could get further in. But she wasn’t moving. Mentally groaning once again, he dropped to the floor. His time as a complete baby – in training – had begun again.
Chad crawled behind her into the kitchen where he was surprised to see his highchair already there. He wasn’t really thrilled to see it because he had no doubt that Sandy would not only put him in it, but she would trap his arms under the tray where they would be totally useless. Not very good baby training as far as he was concerned.
Sandy removed the tray from the chair. “Ok, baby, climb up.” Chad did just that, although he did do it slowly to delay the inevitable. Sandy immediately pulled the safety strap around him and buckled it behind the chair where he couldn’t get at it. She picked up the tray. “Arms in your lap, baby.” Chad reluctantly put his arms down while she put the tray in place and pushed it all too firmly up against him. It took very little trying to see that his arms were totally useless once again.
A minute later, Sandy had set her laptop computer down on the tray and Chad watched while it booted up. While he waited, he hoped that she had found some new things for him to look at. He was tired of the same old video clips she had shown him over and over again. But unfortunately, as soon as her computer was ready, she clicked on the very first video in the list. The one he had seen the most. The short video played through and ended. Chad sat there. “Well? I’m waiting,” Sandy said, trying to prompt him to duplicate the sound.
Chad had done the sound a hundred times already. He repeated the baby’s strange word of exclamation, knowing that he had done it fairly well.
But Sandy surprised him. “No! That’s not right!”
“While you’ve got the basic sound down now, you don’t sound anything at all like a baby. Your voice is too low… too deep. Raise the pitch, make it tinier.”
This was new! Make it tinier? Trapped as he was by the chair, Chad certainly wasn’t going anywhere, so there was no getting out of Sandy’s weird demands. Carefully, he tried to raise the pitch of his voice to make it sound higher. The baby sound came out even weirder than before.
“Still not right! Here, listen to it one more time.” Again, Sandy played the video, and again Chad tried to duplicate it with a higher pitched voice. “Keep trying,” Sandy ordered as she left him and walked over to the kitchen counter. “Make your voice tinier.”
Over and over again Chad tried to duplicate the sound, trying to make his voice smaller and smaller. Sandy continually tried to give him encouragements or criticisms while she worked in the kitchen. “Better!” She’d say. “You’re getting there… Keep trying… More like a baby!” Chad’s voice was becoming horse. His throat was beginning to hurt. Finally, Sandy came back to his highchair – carrying a baby bottle. The white color of the bottle’s contents warned Chad immediately that it was probably filled with baby formula. “Does the baby need a drink?” Sandy asked.
Chad knew that he wasn’t supposed to answer any of her questions in any intelligible way, yet he wasn’t allowed to not answer them either. “Gaba baga,” he said, his eyes fully on the bottle in her hands. He wanted it, formula or not. His throat was parched and hurting.
“Ah! Ah! Baby sounds! Make it sound more like a baby!”
Chad repeated his nonsense sounds, trying desperately to make the pitch higher and tinier. “Gaba ba ba.”
“Better!” Sandy replied as she held the bottle to his lips so he could drink.
Chad sucked on the bottle gratefully. Even though he hated the baby formula, it still felt wet and wonderful against his throat. And at least it was a change from Mel’s stupid tea. Sandy continued to hold the bottle in place for him, and he drank greedily, till she finally pulled it away. She played a different video clip for him. Once again, as soon as it was finished, Chad tried to duplicate it, only now in the tinier, more baby-like voice. Over and over again Sandy had him repeat the sound, trying over and over again to sound more and more like a real baby. She frequently gave him breaks by holding the bottle to his lips. Each time, he drank as much as he could to ease his aching throat.
The relentless coaching to sound more like a baby, plus being confined as he was in the chair, plus the babyish way he was dressed, plus Sandy feeding him the bottle over and over again, started taking its toll on him – mentally wearing him down… even though he didn’t realize it himself. Over time, the baby sounds became a bit easier to make, the bottle felt great in his mouth, and when he suddenly had to pee while he was drinking during one of Sandy’s many breaks, he didn’t even think about holding it back. His situation had made it easy to for him to slip into kind of a baby mindset – where everything he was doing was perfectly normal.
All morning long she kept at it, finally having him just sit in the chair and baby talk for a long time while she continued to work in the kitchen, trying to bake a cake. Chad kept up his endless, mindless, nonsense chatter the whole time. Gradually, the tiny voice he was using started to become a bit better as he relaxed into it so it wouldn’t be so tiring to use. The constant talking and being treated completely like a baby kept him in an almost trancelike state so that every time he had to pee, he never even considered holding it back. And with Sandy stopping him frequently to feed him more baby formula, his system had plenty let out.
His mindless state was finally interrupted by someone knocking on the door. The sound jerked Chad back to reality. “Keep talking,” Sandy ordered as she made her way to answer the door. Chad went back to his mindless chatter, but he was now very worried that Sandy might invite in whoever was at the door. Trapped in the highchair like he was, there was no way he could escape and whoever it was would certainly see him. He kept talking as he heard the door open, but he was now speaking very quietly so he could try to hear who it was and also so he wouldn’t attract so much attention by the sound.
“I don’t hear you talking!” Sandy’s voice admonished from the doorway.
Chad was forced to go back to babbling louder again. Now more embarrassed than ever, because whoever was at the door could surely hear him. Sandy came back a minute later, and Chad was relieved to see that it was Mel that was following her. He stopped his babbling, relieved to see who it was. But then he noticed that Mel was carrying a bag from his favorite fast food restaurant. Oh no! Not again! He just knew that they were going to sit and eat something good in front of him, while the best he could count on was more baby food. Fortunately, all the formula Sandy had fed him was preventing him from feeling hungry just then.
“I don’t hear you talking…” Sandy admonished as Mel was setting the bag on the table. Chad silently groaned but he immediately went back to his baby babbling – just not as loud as he had before.
Mel stared at him, listening raptly. The longer she listened, the more she smiled. “I love what you’ve done with his voice,” she said to Sandy who was pulling drinks out of her refrigerator.
“It’s getting better,” Sandy replied over top of Chad’s incessant babbling.
“Sounds pretty good to me. A bit cartoonish, but really not bad at all.”
Sandy set the drinks on the table. “Yeah, you should have heard it when we first started. He’s come a long way this morning.”
“I can see that.” There was something about watching Chad make such a total fool of himself that was starting to get to Mel. She loved seeing it. It wasn’t really that she was cruel, it was more just another part of the total domination thing she had going with him. He was doing all this, because ultimately she wasn’t giving him any choice in the matter. She suddenly sniffed the air. “Hey, something smells good!”
Sandy blushed. “Oh, I’ve been trying to bake a cake while he was practicing. I’m afraid I didn’t do very well.”
“Didn’t do very well? I’ll bet you did fine! Let me see it.”
Sandy got up from the table. As she did so, she glanced at Chad. “You’re not practicing!” Chad had stopped without realizing it while they were talking. He immediately went back to sounding stupid again.
Sandy brought over her creation that Chad hadn’t been able to see before. Chad almost laughed despite his crazy babbling. The cake was lopsided and looked just plain awful! It looked to be a chocolate cake with more chocolate icing on top.
“It’s my first effort,” Sandy explained as she set it on the table. “I’ve never tried to do this before.”
“Hey, it looks pretty good to me. I doubt I could do half as well.”
“You think it looks okay?”
“Sure does. Can we try some?”
“Why not?”
Sandy giggled as she made a mad dash for some plates and forks. A few minutes later, Chad was staring at the two of them, thoroughly enjoying Sandy’s first chocolate cake effort, while he had nothing. He had stopped babbling when they started eating. All he could do was to stare at them and the cake. Despite the fact that the cake was lopsided and not decorated very well, it did smell good. And these two cruel women were eating it right in front of him! He really wanted some. His mouth was watering for some.
Sandy saw him staring. “Aw. What’s the matter, baby. Do you want some cake? If you weren’t such a baby, you could have some. But I’m afraid that something like this isn’t good for babies like you. But don’t worry, I have more formula and some yummy baby food for you – just as soon as we’ve finished eating.”
Mel let out a giggle. Oh yeah, this was fun! And she was starting to think about later tonight when she could have some more fun with him… fun of a different kind!
When the cake was done, they finally pulled out the hamburgers that Mel had brought with her. Again, Chad was forced to sit and watch while they ate. Fortunately, neither of the women complained about him not talking anymore. Besides, just watching them eat something good while he knew he would be forced to eat something that tasted bad later, kept him quiet. Women could be so cruel sometimes!
“Did you manage to get any bottles into him while you were working this morning?” Mel asked while they ate.
“Only three or four,” Sandy replied.
Mel smiled. It was far better than she had hoped. And Chad didn’t know it yet, but he would probably be grateful later.
As soon as the two finished eating, Sandy refilled Chad’s baby bottle with yet more of her baby formula and handed it to Mel. “You want to do the honors while I get his lunch ready?”
“I’ll be glad to,” Mel replied with a broad smile. She brought the bottle over to Chad and stood behind him while she stuck the thing in his mouth. Chad began sucking on it again, but reluctantly. Why couldn’t he get anything better to eat? Like what they had! As he drank, Mel leaned down close to his ear. “Are you enjoying being such a baby?” When Chad didn’t answer, she leaned closer. “Answer me!”
Did she expect him to answer her in any way she could understand? He wasn’t supposed to do that! Or was she trying to get him to mess up so she could punish him? He did his best to turn his head to look at her quizzically while she kept the bottle in his mouth.
Mel saw his questioning look. “In baby talk!” she whispered.
Oh! Of course! Chad let out a string of practiced baby language in his new voice. What nonsense!
Mel nearly laughed. “Well, I hope that meant you enjoyed it, because I’m certainly enjoying it.” She paused to get close to his ear again. “It suits you!”
Chad didn’t know what to say to that. He just sucked on his bottle and stayed silent. It suited him? He simply had no answer for that.
Sandy brought over a bowl of baby food for him part way though his bottle. Mel took a break and watched as Sandy played her baby games with him while she shoved the food relentlessly into his mouth. “You’re enjoying this way too much,” Mel noted at one point.
“Of course I am,” Sandy replied as she shoved yet another spoonful of the mush into Chad’s mouth. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t.” She giggled. “And the more he acts like a complete baby, the more I love it!”
“I certainly agree with you there,” Mel replied. “He’s definitely… entertaining!” Sandy and Mel both giggled at that.
Chad felt nothing but further humiliation at the words of the two women. And worse, he knew they were completely right!

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