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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 5 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 5 of 9)

As soon as they got back to Mel’s apartment, she closed the door behind them and turned to him. “Now don’t forget, you’ve got less than two hours to show me leaking diapers! I don’t care what you have to do or drink to make it happen, but they better be leaking when I expect them to. Understand?”
Chad knew she wanted an answer. And he knew she wanted it in baby talk. He let out a few nonsense sounds that he had practiced. But Mel’s anger quickly returned.
“Curtsey whenever you talk to me! Got that? You are never to talk to me without curtseying! In fact, every time you say anything I want you to curtsey as you say it!”
Chad was about to curtsey and repeat his nonsense words, but Mel thought of something else quicker.
“And that goes for whenever you talk to anyone! Got that? Anyone!”
Chad just stared at her. Was she finished yet? Should he answer now… and curtsey?
“Answer me!” she yelled.
Quickly, he dropped a polite curtsey and uttered his nonsense sounds again. Mel seemed mollified, but not by much.
“I can see my stick is going to get a lot of use today. A lot of use! Now get busy and stay busy! And don’t forget… two hours!”
Just to be safe, Chad dropped yet another curtsey and mumbled more baby sounds around the pacifier in his mouth. At least with the baby language, he didn’t have to be concerned with the pacifier making his words hard to understand, they weren’t meant to be understood in the first place.
He had two hours now to overflow his diaper. Just two hours. In a way, it was a bit like the bottle that she had attached to him before, only probably a lot more practical since he didn’t have to worry about it spilling or banging around. He wasn’t sure what would happen if he couldn’t overflow his diaper within the time limit, but he was sure that it wouldn’t be something good.
She had told him to get busy. He glanced at the laundry closet and it reminded him that he had to wash his soaked onesie and bedding. They were in his apartment. But he didn’t have a key to his apartment, he needed Mel to let him in. But Mel had made it perfectly clear that he could only speak baby talk today. How was he supposed to let her know that he needed to get into his apartment to get his wet things? He would just have to try. Maybe she would realize that he had a problem and allow him to speak normally, even just for a moment. She couldn’t really expect him to only talk nonsense all day.
He found her in the kitchen preparing to make more tea. Just to be safe, he dropped a curtsey, even though she had her back to him. “Maba go bal ik,” he said, trying to get her attention in the stupid high voice Sandy had been teaching him to use.
Mel turned her head to look at him. “What?” she said, none to kindly.
How was he supposed to relay his problem? He started making more baby noises, but she quickly cut him off.
“Didn’t I tell you to curtsey whenever you say anything? Now do it right!”
Chad was a bit frustrated. He had curtseyed, she just didn’t see it. But he curtseyed yet again and again tried his string of baby nonsense, hoping she would get the point and let him speak normally for a moment.
“I take it you want something?” she asked as she carried a large pot over to the sink to fill it with water.
“Ga baba,” Chad replied.
Mel dropped the pot in the sink and turned on him. “I just told you to curtsey whenever you say anything! Didn’t I? Why can’t you understand that?
Chad would have curtseyed and answered, but Mel was suddenly gone. Like a flash she darted into her living room and then darted right back again. This time with her stick in her hand.
“I guess we really are going to need the stick a lot today,” she exclaimed as she started swinging it at Chad the moment she got close. Chad tried to block some of the blows with his arms as she swung over and over again at him. “You’re going to learn to do whatever I tell you to, even if it kills you!” she screamed as kept hitting him. There were tears falling from his eyes by the time she stopped. “Now, you were saying?”
Chad stood there eyeing her. She still looked angry, and with the stick still held ready in her hands he dared not upset her in any way. He dropped a curtsey and uttered more baby sounds around the pacifier in his mouth.
“Better,” she replied. “Now, since I can’t understand anything you’re saying… and since I don’t care about anything you’re saying. Go get busy again! And wet those diapers!”
Chad hung his head in frustration and started to walk off, but he was suddenly being assaulted by Mel and her stick again.
“Don’t you dare leave me without curtseying and saying thank you! Do you hear me? Don’t you dare! Respect! That’s what we’re going to have to beat into you. Respect!”
With one last blow, Mel stood back staring at him, waiting again. Trying hard to stifle the sobs that were coming out of his mouth, Chad dropped a quick curtsey, mumbled something intelligible, and then backed out of the kitchen as quickly as he could. What had gotten into her today? He couldn’t take this!

Mel kept herself busy making tea for him. Lots of tea. He was going to need it. All the yelling and hitting was not fun for her. She hated doing it. But unfortunately, if she was going to win this bet, they were necessary. Chad’s life had to be turned around in such a way that he would be forced to adopt a completely different mindset – a mindset that would make him less able to fight against her and much more pliable. And the only way to do that quickly was to beat him into it. Later, much later, there would be rewards for doing as he should. But they were a long way from that point yet. For now, she needed him scared out of his wits.
The stupid baby language she was limiting him to was fun… awkward and frustrating… but fun. She wondered how frustrated he must feel having no other way to communicate other than the nonsense sounds he was limited to… and in the tiny baby voice too. That had been something totally unexpected. And she was loving it! In a way, it was like taking his male voice away from him… yet one more way to deny him another of his masculine traits.
The baby language was fun, but it wasn’t the least bit practical. She knew he wanted to tell her something. Indeed, by his behavior he must have really needed to tell her something. But whatever it was couldn’t have been all that mind-blowing important or he would have just come out and told her, in plain English… and damn the consequences. So she had denied him any chance to tell her… whatever his problem might have been. Besides, he had some important lessons to learn. And he was now learning them – she hoped. Otherwise, he was in for a lot more pain.
But the question still remained. She liked the new baby language she was making him use. It was fun, but it wasn’t practical. Was there any way to make it practical? Maybe throw in a few needed plain language words that she could understand? She wasn’t sure. She decided to think about that for a while before she made any changes. In the meantime, a day of just baby talk wouldn’t hurt him in the least. And she was already enjoying his predicament completely.

Chad mindlessly watched the clothes spinning round in the dryer. The washer next to it was filled with more of Mel’s clothes. He had things that needed to be washed, but they weren’t here. He needed to tell Mel about wetting his sheets last night, but there was no way he could. So, feeling more sorry for himself than ever, he stared at the dryer spinning round and round.
“Are you wet yet?” Mel’s voice cut across the room, breaking his spell of self-pity. She was walking straight toward him.
A moment of fear cut through him, but he was relieved to see that she wasn’t carrying her stick. “No, Mistress,” he replied. The instant anger on her face as she stopped dead reminded him of exactly what he had done wrong. He had not only spoken in English, he also didn’t curtsey as he said it. What was wrong with him? He instantly dropped a curtsey and let out a string of nonsense. But he had already messed up, and he knew it.
“Are you that thick-headed that you can’t remember something so simple from one minute to the next?” Her anger seemed to permeate the room. She quickly walked right up to him. Chad shrank back in fear. Her hand lashed out, not to hit him, but to grab the front of his diaper… hard. “You’re not even wet yet! Are you? I told you I was going to keep checking your diaper to make sure you keep wetting it. And now I find that you’re still completely dry!”
She reached out and grabbed the front of his nightie. “I can see that you need more incentive!” Spinning quickly around, she began dragging him to the spot in her living room where she usually punished him. Chad’s horror and fear grew with every step. The tears were flowing by the time they were halfway there. There would be no running from his punishment… and worse, this time Chad knew that he deserved it. Why didn’t he remember to speak baby talk? Why didn’t he curtsey? It was something so simple! He had been doing it all morning. But he had forgotten! And so he was now about to get punished yet again. So far, this was turning out to be one of the most awful weekends of his life!
Mel grabbed her stick, then stared at him for a moment. “Don’t forget to thank me… and curtsey… for every swat that I give you! And you’d better do it properly!”
Ugh! Thank her? It was like adding insult to injury!
“Curtsey and tell me you understand! I don’t want to think you’re ignoring me!”
Chad immediately curtseyed and let out a string of baby language.
“Better!” Mel paused for a moment. “While we’re at it, I seem to remember that you got two demerits earlier too! We might as well take care of that business while were at it!” She raised her stick, and Chad cringed. But Mel paused again. Something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it yet. Then she got it. “Bend over. Grab the back of the chair and stick your ass up in the air!”
Chad started to move to do what she said, but then he remembered. He curtseyed and let out a short bit of baby nonsense. Then he bent over and grabbed the chair. He slowly pushed his butt up higher, making it a more inviting and perfect target for her stick. He hung his head down, waiting for the blow to come.
Mel smiled, he was learning. His diapered bottom was stuck up in the air for her to pound into nothing. The single diaper covering it wasn’t very thick, but it would certainly protect him. He might not even feel very much what she was about to do to him. But that protection was probably all the better. This was one of those cases where it was the thought of what she was doing that was more important than anything else. Knowing that his bottom was at least somewhat protected, she swung her stick at him. “One! Now thank me!”
Chad stood up sniffling as the tears continued to come down. The blow hadn’t hurt that much physically… well, it did, but not as bad as some of the beatings he had gotten. But what was hurting him the most was the fact alone that she was punishing him. And worse, he knew he deserved it. He immediately dropped a curtsey and let out a small string of baby nonsense. Then he bent over again and grabbed the back of the chair, making his diaper covered bottom an inviting target once again.
Thirty blows. Ten for each demerit. Plus and extra five for not speaking baby talk and not curtseying a little while earlier. Plus five more for not wetting his diaper yet. Chad was crying like a total baby, yet he accepted his punishment bravely. He was just very relieved when it was finally over.
Mel set her stick down. “Now I hope you’ll do a better job of remembering how I expect you to behave.” Chad had no intention of ever forgetting and messing up again. “Now go get busy… or if you’ve got nothing to do, then go stand in your corner. I don’t care which! But I’ll be back in just a few minutes to check your diaper again. And it better be wet! There are plenty of bottles in the kitchen if you need one, and I’m making more tea for you. So just grab whatever you need. Now get busy!”
Chad almost left her without curtseying, but he remembered just in time and let out yet another short string of nonsense words as he did it. The one main thought on his mind though, was that she would be checking his diaper again in a few minutes. He had to pee, and he had to pee fast! It was a lot like her other game where she attached the bottle to his chastity device. In some ways, it was exactly the same. If he didn’t keep peeing, almost constantly, then he was going to get punished. Could he really overflow his diapers in the time allowed? He wasn’t sure it was really possible. But one thing was for sure, Mel was forcing him to give it his very best try.
But first things first. She was going to be checking again soon. Fortunately, it had now been a while since he had peed, and all those bottles that he had been forced to drink at Sandy’s apartment were still in his system. It took very little effort to relax and discover that he could pee. The feeling as he did it was pure bliss. He even felt better now that his diaper was wet. Wet diapers always felt better to him. He didn’t know why, they just did. But now that that part was out of the way, he had to find a way to keep peeing. He headed to the kitchen and got himself another bottle to drink.


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