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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 4 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 4 of 9)

As soon as Sandy was finished feeding him his lunch, Mel brought the bottle back so he could finish it. Chad couldn’t understand why she didn’t just free him from the highchair and let him hold the bottle on his own. But she kept him firmly a prisoner, right where he was.
As soon as the bottle was finished, Mel put a bright smile on her face as if she were talking to a real baby and asked him, “Are you ready to get out of there yet?”
Chad was definitely ready to be released! But he was also fairly certain that he still wasn’t allowed to speak normally yet. So he answered with more high-pitched baby nonsense. He just tried to make it sound as enthusiastic as possible.
Mel smiled at him for a moment more, then her eyes seemed to narrow and her face turned very stern. “Sorry, but you’re not getting out of that chair quite yet!”
Chad was surprised by Mel’s sudden change of attitude and he was totally bewildered as to why she suddenly seemed to be angry.
She pulled one of the kitchen chairs over in front of him and turned it around so she could sit on it backwards with her arms leaning over the back of the chair. She stared intently at him, like a lion staring down at its prey. Chad started squirming under her gaze. He realized he was wetting his diapers again, but that only added to his feelings of baby helplessness and humiliation.
“You’ve been bad.” Mel finally said. “You’ve made me angry.”
Chad was completely surprised yet again. He had been bad? How? He couldn’t think of a single thing that he had done even remotely wrong.
“You’re supposed to be a ‘Sissy!’” She had practically yelled the last word. “But the truth is… you’re not acting like one at all.”
He wasn’t? What was she talking about? What did she think wearing only women’s clothes all the time meant? Not to mention diapers too!
“In fact,” Mel continued, “I’ve discovered that you’re starting to act less and less like the sissy you should be. And… you’re starting to take way too many liberties and acting way, way above yourself!”
He was? It was all completely news to him? What was she talking about?
“Tell me,” she continued… “and you’d better answer in baby language, because nothing you say is going to matter anyway. What did you think you were doing when you refused to curtsey to the receptionist at the gym? Not just once, but twice now! Despite the fact that she begged you to do it!” Her anger was clearly building. “And those two customers at the gym the other day… why didn’t you curtsey for them? They asked you to do it… nicely! They waited for you to do it. But you outright refused! Rudely! Why?” She was no longer in her chair, but was now pacing back and forth in front of him. Chad was definitely afraid now. He squirmed in his seat trying to get loose, but it was a totally useless gesture.
“Do you think you’re better than they are?” Mel continued. “Do you think you’re better than any of them? Above them somehow?” She stopped her pacing to look directly at him. If Chad had been a plant, he would have withered away completely under her stare.
“Well let me tell you something… Sissy! You’re not better than they are! In fact, you’re below them completely. Not only that, but you’re below everybody! And I mean… everybody! A two year old baby has more rights than you do right now! In fact… if a child tells you to do something… or even hints that you should do something… then you better well do it! You’re a baby! A sissy! You’re nothing!”
Chad had never seen Mel so worked up. Just because he didn’t curtsey to some women at the gym? It didn’t make sense. But then women in general didn’t always make sense. The only thing he really knew for sure was that Mel was angry with him, and she now had him scared shitless!
Mel hardly paused for a breath. “But I don’t mean just children… I mean everybody! You take orders from everybody! If anyone asks you to do something… then you have to do it! Because if you don’t… then I just might beat you out of existence!”
Mel backed away for a moment and Chad took a second to catch his breath. He tried once again to free his arms from the confines of the highchair, but as usual he didn’t get anywhere. He was stuck there, completely at Mel’s mercy. He chanced a quick glance past Mel at Sandy. She was leaning up against the kitchen counter with her arms folded across her chest, obviously completely in agreement with Mel. No help there… as if he could even consider it.
Mel came back to him and got right in his face. Stuck in the highchair as he was, there was no way to back away from her. Her voice was totally threatening. “From now on, if anybody asks you to do something… or even makes a suggestion to you… you will take it as if it were an order from me… and do it! Got that? Sissy? Got it? Anyone! You do it!” Chad just stared up at her in fear. “Answer me!” she yelled.
Chad started to nod and say, “yes,” but she lashed out quicker. “In baby talk!”
Chad quickly got out some of the baby sounds he had learned, but Mel’s face turned even angrier.
“In your new baby voice!” she demanded.
Gulp! What was with her? She was so angry that Chad immediately complied and forced even more baby sounds out of his mouth, this time in the new high-pitched voice. Fortunately, Mel seemed more satisfied because she backed away again. Chad would have given anything to be able to suck his thumb just then… or his pacifier, which would have been even better.
Mel sat back down on the chair in front of him and leaned her arms over the back of it again. “And it’s not just curtseying for the women at the gym… we’ll get back to them later… it’s a lot of other things too. You refused to take your bottle at lunchtime yesterday, even though Cassie offered to fill it with water for you. You know you’re supposed to drink at least one bottle at lunch every day! You know it! But you refused! Well, there’ll be some changes there too.”
Cassie had told her about that? He couldn’t believe it. It was something so minor. And changes? What did she mean?
She leaned close into his face again. “I have to seriously wonder what other liberties you’re taking that you shouldn’t. I’ll bet there are a lot. Maybe little things that you don’t even realize. Things that you take too much for granted!” She was shouting again. “Well, we’re going to put an end to those things too!”
Chad really had no idea what she was talking about. And he was more than certain he didn’t really want to find out!
Mel leaned back and stared at him for a moment. “And now that I think about it… I’m not satisfied with the way you treat me either. Not enough respect! Not even close to the respect I deserve! You’ve become way too complacent there too. Well, that will stop too! Your whole life is about to change! We’re going to turn it upside down! Completely!”
She was standing again. She backed away from him a few steps, then paused. “You think you’re a sissy? You think you know how a sissy should act? Behave? You think you know what it means? Well let me tell you, you may have thought you knew, but you’re going to find out just how wrong you were! I’ve got a new definition of the word sissy for you, and it’s a lot different than what you think it is. What you consider to be a sissy is nothing compared to what I have in mind. You’re about to start a whole new life here… like it or not! A new life… dedicated to showing the whole world just how much of a sissy you can possibly be. The whole world! We’re going to teach everybody what the true meaning of the word sissy is! Because you’re going to be that sissy! You’re going to be that sissy if it kills you! So get ready for it… because it’s coming! And it’s coming now! So welcome… to the rest of your life!”
Chad was cringing in his seat. Mel’s tirade was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He had no idea what she was thinking or planning, but he had no doubt that it couldn’t be good.
Mel was calming down again, collecting her thoughts. She sat back on the chair again, leaning over the back of it. Her voice dropped almost to a whisper. “And there’s one other thing that’s bothering me too. You’re the one who originally wanted to be incontinent in the first place. That was your idea. That’s what this whole bet was founded on. But are you working at it? Are you trying in the least way to make it happen? You’re the one who wanted it! But I’ll bet that other than having to wear your diapers all the time, you’re not putting much effort into it at all. Are you?” Mel had to be very careful about what she was saying here and how she was saying it. She had to make very sure that he couldn’t even guess that he had ever been hypnotized. But it was ground that she still had to cover.
Chad’s whole face changed to show his surprise at her accusation. How could she know? Or was she just guessing? There was no way she could know that he was purposely trying to hold back more and more every day. She was bluffing this time and he knew it!
Mel watched the changes registering on his face, one after another. She had hit a tender spot and she knew it. But as she had seen so many times before on the witness stand, the perpetrator still thought that he could deceive her. But she knew better. Let him believe he could keep fooling her for now. In the end, she would have the last laugh! She leaned closer still to him and dropped her voice even more. “Well let me tell you, there’s going to be some changes there too. From now on, you’re going to have to earn your privileges. If you want certain things, then you’re going to have to find ways to show me some progress. And believe me, I’m planning on making very sure that those things that you’re going to want, will be things that you really, really want. So think about it!”
Show her progress? How? Chad had no idea exactly what she was talking about. And what things could he really, really want? She was being awfully cryptic!
“Furthermore!” Mel continued. “I’m instituting a system of demerits. Anything you do wrong at all will earn you at least one demerit! And each and every demerit will cost you a minimum of ten swats from my stick! And I plan on being very liberal with handing out the demerits to you. Very!”
Ugh! Demerits? Each one would get him ten swats? That, he certainly wasn’t looking forward to. He just hoped he could avoid getting any at all, if possible. He had always tried his hardest to do everything right. What more could he do?
Mel sat up straighter in her chair and stared at him. The look of anger wasn’t nearly as evident on her face. Chad was very grateful that she seemed to be calming down now.
“Today, we’re going to be starting your training all over again. You’re going to have to do things better. You’re going to have to do things differently. So pay attention! Because I’ll probably tell you to do something one way, then change it! So you’d better keep up. I have no doubt that you probably won’t like a lot of the things I want you to do from now on… but tough! I don’t care! This is not about what you want... it’s about what I want. Remember, you don’t matter! Nothing you want matters. The only thing that matters is what I want!” Her voice got very quiet again. “Don’t you dare forget that!”
Chad was a bit confused. He had always tried to put Mel’s needs first – since this whole thing had started. As far as he could see, he was doing very well with it.
Mel got to her feet and moved the chair back under the table where it belonged. “Now, I’m going to release you in a minute. And for starters, I’ve decided that I rather like what Sandy’s been teaching you. So for the rest of the day… In fact, till I tell you differently, the only sounds I want to hear coming out of your mouth will be baby talk. Baby talk… and nothing else! Got that?” When Chad didn’t answer right away she yelled again, “Answer me!”
Chad’s body jumped as much as it was able while strapped to the highchair. He couldn’t speak normally to her so he again let out a small string of unintelligible high-pitched baby language. Fortunately, Mel smiled.
“I think that’s the most sense you’ve ever made with anything that’s come out of your mouth.” Sandy laughed in the background. Mel finally removed the tray from the highchair and unbuckled the safety strap holding him to the chair. “You can get down now, baby.”
Chad gratefully slid down off of the highchair. He paused on his feet for just a moment, but Mel’s withering stare reminded him to drop to the floor immediately. Mel was still staring at him. “The floor is a much more fitting place for you,” she said. “Where people can step on you easier. It should remind you that you’re only fit for others to walk on.”
Mel’s words sent shivers of fear and shame through Chad once again. What had gotten into her? He prayed that once they left Sandy’s apartment she would finally return to normal. Would they be leaving soon? He could only hope so. She was scaring him!
“Damn!” Sandy exclaimed. “I wouldn’t want to face you in court!”
“No you wouldn’t!” Mel agreed. “I’m even better there. In the court system I have a lot more practice.”
“No doubt,” Sandy replied, not knowing any other way to answer. She knew without a doubt though, that if she needed a lawyer for anything, Mel would probably be at the top of her list.
“I guess we better see how wet he is now,” Mel mumbled as she stared back down at Chad, who was now sitting up watching them with his thumb in his mouth. “More and more like a baby all the time.” She knelt down next to him. “Lay back, Sissy. Let’s check those diapers.” Chad laid back on the kitchen floor and Mel pulled his plastic panties down to his knees. Even without feeling anything, it was obvious that his diapers were completely soaked. “Nice and wet,” she said. “Good baby!”
“You want the diaper bag?” Sandy asked.
“Yeah, we might as well change him right now.”
Sandy went to get the pink diaper bag while Mel completely removed his plastic panties and began unfastening his diaper, right where he was. When Sandy came back, she set the bag on the counter and asked, “How many?”
“Just one.”
“That’s all. Oh, and hand me the jar of suppositories too.”
Chad was very surprised that she was only going to put one diaper on him. That was a first. He wasn’t ever allowed to wear less than two. Besides, two diapers kept him from leaking much better. He wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear her ask for the suppositories though. He just wished instead that she could have forgotten about them.
Mel pulled the wet diapers out from under him and slid the fresh one back under him. Then she opened the jar of suppositories where he couldn’t see it. She glanced up at Sandy and winked so that Chad couldn’t see her doing it. She only pretended to pull one of the suppositories out of the jar. Her plan called for him to get none at lunchtime today. And so far, that plan was working so she was sticking to it. “Raise your bottom,” she said to him.
Chad did so, even though he didn’t want the damn suppository stuck up his backside again. There was just no fighting the stupid things. He felt Mel’s finger invading him rudely, shoving the little pill up as far as she could, then her finger was gone again. He missed Cassie’s “special” attentions. Cassie made his lunchtime changes a lot more pleasurable.
Mel immediately began pulling the one diaper up and over him and then taped it in place. “Okay. That’s it.”
“No plastic panties?” Sandy asked.
Mel grinned. “Not today.”
Chad was trying to get used to the feel of just one diaper. It felt very strange, less secure – even while he was just laying there on his back. And now no plastic panties either?
Mel leaned over him so that she could get right in his face once again. “We’re going to try something new here,” she said in that all too threatening voice of hers. “You’ve got just one diaper on. And now you’ve got only two hours to make it leak! Got that? Two hours… and I better see pee running down your legs! I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen, but you better make it happen. Oh… and one other thing… I’m going to be checking that diaper continually to see how much progress you’re making. So every time I do, then it had better be obviously wetter and wetter! Understand? I said do you understand?”
Chad was still trying to fully absorb this new game she seemed to be playing. But with Mel right in his face and suddenly yelling at him again, he slipped and nodded as he pulled his thumb part way out of his mouth and said, “Yes.”
Faster than he could ever react, she lashed out and slapped his face… hard! “Baby talk! Didn’t I tell you I don’t want to hear anything out of you except baby talk? You’ve just earned yourself your first two demerits for that!”
Chad was totally surprised. He couldn’t believe it. His face stung where she had hit him… and two demerits? He realized that she was serious! As the situation sank fully into him, the tears started welling up in his eyes. The sobs began escaping from his mouth and his thumb found it’s way back in again.
“Now do you understand?” she yelled again.
With his thumb still firmly in his mouth, Chad attempted some more of the high-pitched baby sounds while he was still crying. Fortunately, Mel seemed satisfied because she climbed to her feet, leaving him crying on the floor.
“Well, that’s over with,” Mel said to Sandy as she checked the clock on the wall. She made a mental note for two hours from now. “Now we just have to see if he’s capable of learning anything.”
“Do you want some help with the highchair?” Sandy offered.
“Do you mind if I get it later? I need to get him back to my place now and get him busy.”
“No problem. Just call when you’re ready.”
Mel picked Chad’s pacifier up off of the kitchen counter, leaned down and pulled his thumb out of his mouth, and stuck the pacifier in place. “Another new rule. From now on, I better see something in your mouth all the time. Either your thumb, a pacifier, or a bottle. I don’t care what, but you better be sucking on something. Got it?”
Chad’s crying had calmed down… mostly. He let out more nonsense sounds around the pacifier now stuck in his mouth.
“Okay, crawl out of here,” Mel said as she gave him a small push with her foot. Chad got to his knees and started heading for the door. She looked up at Sandy. “Thanks, Sandy. You’re doing great with him. See you later.”

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