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The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 5of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 5of 7)

Mel finished fastening her dress, then went to find a pair of shoes. She started to put one pair on, the stopped and kicked them off again. Detective ‘Nuisance’ had said she had to dress sexy. Her dress was sexy. She had one pair of shoes in her closet somewhere with a much higher heel – black patent leather stilettos. She hadn’t worn them in years and years now. It took her a few minutes to find them. She slipped them on. She instantly felt taller. The shoes were a bit uncomfortable not to mention unstable, but if he wanted sexy, then that’s what she would give him. She wondered how Sissy would feel wearing the shoes she had on. He’d love them no doubt. He had a high-heel fascination for sure. Maybe she should get him some – someday.
She brushed her hair again and pulled it back behind her with a fancy hair clip. She rechecked her makeup. She was as ready as she wanted to be just then. She walked back out to her living room. He was still stuck tightly in his corner. He hadn’t heard her coming and she caught him with one heel slightly off the ground. “Feet together!” she ordered. He instantly fixed his stance to where it should be. She laughed internally. This was so much fun.
She glanced at her clock. It was almost seven. Close enough. “Ok, Sissy. It’s time. Let’s go.”
He gratefully pulled himself away from his corner and turned around, trying to stretch a few of his aching muscles as he did so. He stopped and stared at her. She was fully dressed and standing still so he could appreciate her. And appreciate her he did. From her hair down to her black patent shoes. His gaze lingered the longest on her shoes… wow! He looked up into her face. She was a gorgeous woman, but this was the first time he had really seen that. She never dressed this way before. He would love to go out with her, love to take her to bed… but those thoughts were quickly dashed as he realized his own situation and personality. She was going out with a real man tonight… even though she said she didn’t like him, the guy would undoubtedly be someone she could respect. Nothing at all like him. He was a sissy and unworthy of her attentions. He hung his head and dropped a very nice curtsey to her. “You look very, very nice tonight, Mistress.”
She was pleased, especially by the way she had seen him looking at her, and then his final reaction. It actually thrilled her to the core. “Thank you, Sissy,” she replied. She was about to tell him to get his purse and diaper bag, but she realized that he didn’t have his diaper bag. She guessed it was still back in his car at work. “Grab a plastic garbage bag from the kitchen,” she ordered. “And then put at least six bottles in it from the refrigerator.”
His eyes went wide. “Six!”
She smiled that wicked smile again. “You heard me! Get to it!”
While he was doing that, she dug a bunch of disposable and heavy cloth diapers out of her cabinet, along with a bunch of other things. Everything Sandy and Cassie could possibly need to diaper him many times, in any way that they wished. When Chad came back with the bag full of bottles, she filled the bag with the things she had gathered. “There. That should do it,” she proclaimed. “We better go now, or you’re going to be late!”
He had spent a few minutes while he was in the corner trying to grasp the concept of being babysat, but he hadn’t been able to wrap his mind around it. What exactly did that mean? He had no idea. He took the heavy plastic bag from her when she handed it to him and then grabbed his purse. She opened the door. It was still fully light outside, undoubtedly there would be people around who would see him. But what choice did he have? Nervously, he followed her outside.
She walked slowly and purposefully toward Sandy and Cassie’s apartment and he followed closely behind her. There were a few people in the parking lot who stared at them. One gorgeous woman dressed to the nines … and him… a sissy baby. Talk about an odd combination.
Mel knocked on their door and it was opened almost immediately by Sandy. But instead of greeting Mel, she looked straight at Chad and squealed with delight. “Oh Sissy! Aren’t you just the most precious thing!”
Chad was momentarily scared when she pushed past Mel to quickly hug him, then drag him into her apartment.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie said from inside while Sandy was looking Chad over carefully. “You really turned out great tonight!”
“Thanks, Cassie,” Mel replied, also watching Sandy lavishing attention on Chad.
“Oh Mel,” Sandy finally said, “come on, let me show you what I did.” She dragged Chad by his arm into the kitchen with her.
Chad stopped and stared, not believing what he saw. She had a highchair there – a big one! And it was obviously decorated for a baby girl!
“Didn’t it turn out great?” Sandy asked Mel.
Mel was shocked. It was beautiful. She had never seen a highchair like it. All the highchairs she had ever seen before were rather plain compared to this one. The whole thing was painted pale pink and white. There were tiny hearts, flowers, and doll appliqu├ęs pasted all over it. It was really quite pretty. The only part that didn’t appear to be fancy was the tray he would be eating off of. That just looked to be very plain – as it probably should. It was a beautiful highchair. A big one, but a beautiful one.
“Sandy,” she said, then stopped as she searched for words. “It’s amazing! You’ve outdone yourself with it for sure!”
“So you like it?” she asked.
“Like it? That’s probably an understatement. You really went all out on it!”
“Well, I was having fun,” she admitted. “I hope I didn’t go too far with it.”
“Too far? Sandy, it’s fantastic!”
Sandy squealed with delight. Then she pulled the tray off of it. “Ok, little baby, guess where you need to sit.”
Chad was hesitant. She really meant for him to sit in that thing! It looked big enough, but something about it made him feel really squeamish just looking at it, let alone sitting in it. Slowly, he walked over to it and turned around so his back was to it. The seat was a bit higher than he liked and he had to stretch on his toes to get his backside up on the seat, but once there, he was able to easily slide all the way back into it. There was a round chair rail at just the perfect height to rest his feet on and he unconsciously hooked his heels over it.
Sandy drew some white nylon straps from the back of the chair around him and fastened the buckle attached to them together with a loud click, then she pulled the straps tight. “We don’t want baby to fall out, do we?”
Fall out? He was shocked. She had even included a seatbelt. He was an adult for heaven’s sake. Ok, he was also a big baby, but he wasn’t about to fall out of the thing!
Sandy picked up the tray by its sides and held it in front of her. “Ok, baby, put your hands in your lap.”
Chad looked at her, she couldn’t be serious! But he did as she told him to. All too quickly, she was placing the try on top of the armrest and pushing it forward. There were some very obvious clicks as it came closer and closer up to his chest. Then one final click as it pressed tightly against him.
“There,” that should do it,” Sandy said sounding satisfied.
Chad tried to pull his arms out, but he couldn’t. His elbows kept hitting either the sides of the chair or the back. Why had she bothered with the seatbelt? There was no way he could get out of the thing! He looked up to see all the women watching him squirm in the chair. He blushed. He was trapped, right where they wanted him.
Mel had that wicked smile of hers on her face again. “I guess we don’t have to worry about him falling out of it, do we.” All the women laughed slightly. Mel turned to Sandy. “I put a bunch of things into the bag for him. Plenty of diapers and bottles. So you should have everything you need. I don’t know what time I’ll get back tonight, so he’s all yours.”
“Thanks Mel. You don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this. We’re going to have so much fun!” She turned towards Chad, “Aren’t we Sissy?”
Chad could do nothing but stare at her. Fun? What was her idea of fun?
While Cassie walked Mel to the door, Sandy got busy in the kitchen. From his seat, Chad saw her pulling several jars out of one of her cabinets – baby food jars. His mind instantly went to the taste of the baby cereal that Mel had been giving him lately. Yech! And yet, the sight of her dumping jar after jar out onto a plate for him also triggered that internal glow of sexual interest. She was going to feed him baby food, while sitting in a highchair. He was going to hate it… he was going to love it. He squirmed in his chair again, but he couldn’t find any way to get his arms loose let alone get out of the thing. And all too soon Sandy was approaching him with the food.
“Awww. Is the little baby hungry?” she asked in her sing-song voice. “Don’t worry, Auntie Sandy will take good care of you.”
Auntie Sandy? She set the plate down on his tray in front of him. It appeared to be a child’s divided plastic dish. He couldn’t see the pattern on it because of all the colorful baby food heaped on top of it, but he had no doubt that it was patterned for a baby girl.
“Oops!” she said as soon as she had set the plate down, “we forgot something!” We? She went to one of the drawers in her kitchen and pulled something out of it. She held it up to show him as she walked back to him. “See what I got for you. Isn’t it pretty?”
He was horrified-delighted to see her holding up a large bib. The bib had colorful cartoon characters on it. He didn’t get to see it very long because she quickly had it tied around his neck. She pulled one of her kitchen chairs up next to his high chair and picked up a spoon. At least it was a normal sized teaspoon and not a baby spoon like Mel made him use.
“Ok, baby, here comes the choo-choo train. Open up the tunnel. Choo-choooooo!”
Chad obediently opened his mouth, even though he knew he was dreading what she was about to put in it. She shoved the baby food in and he closed his mouth around the spoon to pull the food off of it. His taste buds were immediately assaulted by a slightly odd, yet bland flavor. It wasn’t that the taste was so bad, he just couldn’t recognize what it was supposed to be. He half-chewed at it, but there was nothing really to chew. He swallowed. And all too soon, the choo-choo train was coming back to the tunnel again with a load of different colored mush! And all the while she fed him, she kept up a constant banter as if she were talking to a real baby. It was very demeaning. It was very humiliating. And he loved every second of it.
He turned his head at Cassie’s voice and blinked as a blinding light assaulted his eyes. She had taken his picture! He turned his head away and his face ran right into the spoon full of baby food, which naturally got all over him.
“One more,” Cassie said, he turned his head reflexively, not because she had told him to. And again the blinding light came. This was so humiliating!
He never did get to see what kind of design was on the bottom of the plate. The baby food had left too much of a mess. The taste in his mouth wasn’t all that bad, yet he really wanted a drink to rinse it away. It wasn’t often that he wished for one of Mel’s bottles of tea, but he did just then.
Sandy took the plate off of his tray and put it into the sink. She came back with a wet washcloth and began washing his face – thoroughly – scrubbing it clean of not only food, but all his makeup too. She had to rinse the washcloth twice before she was finished. “There, isn’t that better now?” she asked as she was drying his face.
“Yes,” he replied simply. Having all his makeup finally removed did feel good. Very good.
“No, no!” she said sternly. “Bad Baby! Babies don’t use adult words! From now on, whenever you say anything, you babble like a baby! Got it? Only baby sounds!”
He was startled by not only her anger, but her request. Geez! She was really trying to get into this! “Ok, he replied. I’ve got it.”
“No, no, no! Bad Baby! I said only baby sounds! Nothing else! You don’t want Auntie Sandy to spank you, do you?”
Cassie laughed, “Knowing him… he might!”
“Well, he better not!” Sandy replied.
He was shocked. He was just trying to tell her that he understood. And no, he didn’t want her to spank him. The very idea! She was waiting for something from him. An answer maybe? “Goo goo?” he said tentatively.
She smiled. “That’s much better,” she said softly.
His thrill index went up another two notches, but he was ready to get down out of the confining highchair now. Very ready.
“Now you just wait right there baby, and I’ll be back in a minute.”
Ugh! Why couldn’t she release him now? He tried to reach the buckle on the chair’s seatbelt, but in the tight confines of the chair, his arms couldn’t bend like that. But what was the use anyway? Even without the seatbelt he still couldn’t get his arms out from under the tray.
Sandy came back a few minutes later with one of his baby bottles from the bag he had brought in. “Here we go baby, I know you can’t wait to get your bottle.”
For once, Chad was actually glad to see the bottle, not only to rinse the taste of the baby food out of his mouth, but finally he’d be able to have his arms free.
But instead of releasing him, Sandy sat back down again and held the bottle to his mouth. While he was glad to finally get the taste of the baby food out of his mouth, he felt so frustrated – and yet, at the same time, in his helplessness, his sexual thrill grew a little more too. Maybe it was because she kept up her constant baby chatter at him. It was a good thing she was keeping the bottle in his mouth, because every time she asked him a question, he was tempted to answer. And he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to do that.
Cassie came back as he was finishing his bottle. “How’s the baby?” she asked.
“We’re doing just great,” Sandy replied. “We’re all fed now and she’s just finished her bottle like a good little baby.” She pulled the bottle away from him and got up from her seat. “Want to watch her for a minute?” she asked. “I’ll be right back.”
“Want me to see if she’s wet yet?” Cassie asked.
“Sure if you want,” Sandy replied as her back disappeared.
Wet? He hadn’t even thought about that. These girls were going to probably make sure that he wet himself often. They would expect that. But he had been holding back now. His control was completely back to normal again. They wouldn’t expect him to be dry at all. If Mel ever found out what he was doing… He did have to pee, fortunately. As Cassie approached him with her finger out to reach under his plastic panties, he let his pee loose. Her finger began worming its way in. “Nope, still… wait a minute, yes, you’re a little bit… wait…” She looked down at him puzzled. “Is the baby going pee-pee right now?”
He blushed. “Yes,” he replied, tentatively.
“Ah, ah, ah! Babies don’t use adult words. Remember? You don’t want Auntie Sandy or Auntie Cassie to punish you, do you?”
He was frustrated. He had only tried to answer her simple question with a simple answer. “Ga, ga?” he replied, hoping it would satisfy her.
“Sandy came back with a big bag in her hands and put it on the kitchen table. “Is she wet?”
“She was in the process of wetting herself as I was checking.”
“Oh good. We can change her in a little while then.” She dug into her bag and began pulling some makeup items out. “You want to play with her hair a bit while I do her face?” she asked.
“Sure,” Cassie replied. “I’d love to.”
While Sandy applied a little bit of makeup to his face, he felt Cassie start to pull a brush through his hair, over and over again. A few minutes later, he felt her doing something else to his hair, but he couldn’t tell what.
When Cassie was through, she picked up her camera and said, “Time for another picture.” Sandy and Chad both turned towards her camera, even though Chad didn’t really want to. “Great one,” she exclaimed. But I think that big tray is in the way. Why don’t we take it off so I can get a better one. I can’t see enough of her pretty outfit.”
“Great idea,” Sandy replied. Within moments, the tray was finally removed, but not his seatbelt. He reached for the buckle to open it, but Sandy saw him and slapped his hands away. “No, no! Mustn’t touch!” He felt her working on the buckle for a bit. He thought she was going to finally remove it for him, but instead she just loosened it a bit. Then with a quick yank, she pulled the belt all the way around so that the buckle was behind the chair instead. He suddenly felt the belt pulling all too tight again. They were keeping him stuck to the chair. He was shocked. And naturally, that’s when Cassie’s camera went off again.
“Good one!” Cassie declared.
“Ok, great!” Sandy replied. Let’s see another one.”
Chad wanted to know another what… But Sandy went back to her makeup job and he couldn’t see whatever it was that Cassie was pulling out of the bag. She was messing with his hair again. He finally figured out that they were putting different things in his hair, he just couldn’t see whatever those different things were. When she was done, she took yet another picture.
Sandy was finally finished with his makeup job. “Doesn’t she look just adorable!” she squealed. He really didn’t know. He couldn’t tell. He certainly didn’t feel adorable! “Do her hair again,” Sandy suggested.
Cassie went back to work with her brush. A minute later, she brought out her curling iron and plugged it in. Chad’s humiliation index rose just looking at the thing, but when he felt her actually starting to curl his hair with it, that excitement went way up!
“You know,” Cassie said, “I wonder if Mel would let me trim his hair a bit. I could make it look so much better.”
“Ask her,” Sandy suggested.
Cassie looked at her for a moment then smiled. “I think I just might!

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The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 4 of 7)

Instead of going directly into her apartment, Mel stopped at Chad’s apartment first. She rooted through some of the things he had to wear and finally grabbed his baby-doll nighty and one of his onesies. She noticed his pacifier sitting next to his clock radio. She picked it up and shoved it directly into his mouth. Finally, she had him change out his low-heeled shoes for ones with a higher heel. Feeling much more satisfied, she took him to her apartment.
There was still several hours before Detective Grey would be picking her up, but she still had to get ready for him. And sometimes getting ready could take several hours. “Start my bath water,” she ordered, the minute they walked through her door. While he was doing that, she put her purse down and pulled her cell phone out to check for messages. She was pleased to see that there weren’t any. She had left instructions with Andrea to hold all her messages unless they were really important. Of course, a message from Will Grey cancelling the date for tonight would have been most welcome.
She walked into the bathroom where Sissy was watching the tub fill with bath water. She grabbed a box of her favorite bath beads and handed it to him. “Let’s try this one tonight,” she said. She watched as he began to tentatively pour some into the water. He poured a little bit, then stopped to look at her.
“How much?” he asked through his pacifier.
“A lot more than that! Just keep pouring and I’ll tell you when to stop. He went back to pouring again. “Good!” she finally said. She breathed in the fragrant scent of the water. “Mmmm. That smells heavenly.” Her body was relaxing already just from the aroma. She looked at him. “Diapers, plastic panties, and shoes,” she said. She watched as he stripped down to just what she wanted. She loved seeing him like that, especially with the silly little pacifier in his mouth. He looked so… funny! She picked all his clothes up for him and put them into her clothes hamper herself.
Her bathtub had plenty of water in it now. “That’s enough,” she told him. He turned the water off. “See how much is in there?” she said. “Next time, remember that. That’s what I like.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said as he dropped a quick curtsey. His little curtsey thrilled her completely. Yes, she loved watching him. It was so… rewarding!
But now it was time for her bath and she was still dressed. It would be so nice to have him help her with her bath... scrub her back for her, maybe even other places too. But somehow, she just couldn’t bring herself to get naked in front of him. She knew it was silly. She had been naked in front of other men before when she had made love with them… ok, there weren’t all that many, but still there had been a few. But for some reason she was still reluctant to undress in front of him. It didn’t really make sense, but she couldn’t help it.
She removed her shoes and threw them into the corner of the bathroom. She removed the watch that she wore on her wrist. She pulled her hair up on top of her head so it wouldn’t get wet. Then she took a deep breath. She had to force herself to unbutton her blouse in front of him. It was almost difficult and it took her a long time. Feeling more paranoid than ever about it, she slowly peeled her blouse off, leaving the top part of her body only covered by her bra.
She had the same problem with the pants she was wearing. Very slowly she forced herself to drag them down her legs.

Chad watched her slowly undressing in front of him. He was mesmerized. She was doing it so slowly, sensually. She was purposely trying to make him hard – where she knew that he couldn’t get hard. And oh boy did he want to! Every second that went by, watching her, that he didn’t get the least bit harder felt like heaven, because he got to really enjoy watching her and there wasn’t an ounce of pain. She was down to her bra and panties now. There was no way he could take his eyes off of her. She was hesitating now, building up the tension before she removed one of them. Which would she take off first? He waited in breathless anticipation.

Mel tried hard to bring herself to remove just her bra in front of him. She stood there. She brought her hands up to the clasps behind her. She stood there like that for an eternity. But she just couldn’t do it. With a tiny shake of her head, she lowered her arms again. Finally, she decided she would get into her tub just the way she was - as if she was wearing a bikini bathing suit instead of a bra and panties.
She stepped into the tub and laid back. The warm water felt so good. It would have felt better if she was completely naked, but it still felt good. “Kneel down next to me,” she commanded. And he did so. She could see that he still hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. Well, that was good. She had to wonder what was really going on in his mind just then. She had a pretty good idea of what most guys might think, but he was a sissy. He was different.
She handed him her big soft sponge. “Clean my back,” she said as she leaned forward.

Chad took the sponge from her and began running it lightly over her back. Dripping the warm water over her, caressing her skin with it. He couldn’t believe it, she was purposely teasing him, denying him the sight of her naked body by keeping her bra and panties on. Obviously she knew that doing it like that would only add to his excitement. He thanked God that his chastity device was still not hurting him. It would have completely destroyed the moment.

Mel felt the sensual touch of the sponge snag on her bra. She hated it. It was just all wrong. She wanted to be naked to feel his attentions unhindered. “Stop,” she finally ordered. She looked around at what she could see of her bathroom and her eyes fell on the clothes hamper where she had just put the clothes he had been wearing. “Get your shirt out of the clothes hamper,” she said, an idea coming to her.
Chad was puzzled. He pulled his shirt out of the clothes hamper and started to put it on.
“No, don’t wear it,” she said. “Not like that anyway. Roll it up a few times then tie it around your head. Blindfold yourself so you can’t see me.”
He was shocked. She could be so kinky sometimes. She was toying with him again, denying him the right to see her naked. As he tied his shirt tightly around his eyes, blocking off all his sight, he could feel his sexual need surging again. He was so thankful that his chastity device was still not hurting him.
As he once again knelt down next to her tub, she finally plucked up the courage to remove her bra and panties. His hands were feeling for the sponge again and she handed it to him. Once again he began caressing her body with the sponge.

Chad dipped the sponge into the warm water and drew it slowly over her back. Again and again, very slowly and carefully he rubbed her beautiful skin with it. He couldn’t see her, but he could feel her under the sponge. His mind imagined every wonderful curve of her body. Being without sight seemed to make him appreciate it all that much more. He caressed her with the sponge, over and over again, moving gradually from her back to her front. Down and over her naked breasts. Wonderful breasts. Lovely breasts. He was sure of it. Then he moved down further. All the way down to the little place between her legs. He heard her gasp with pleasure as he cleaned it gently, once, twice, three times… then he did it all over again. Finally, he moved down to her legs as he carefully caressed them one at a time. He couldn’t see her with his eyes, but he could see her with his mind. His imagination memorized every nook and cranny of her.

Mel was slowly going crazy under his attentions. It took a supreme effort to control herself. He was magic! But she finally came to her senses when he reached her feet. “That’s enough,” she said. She still had to finish getting ready for Detective ‘Smug.’ “Just stay there like that,” she commanded. Then she grabbed her razor and shaved her legs. It would have been nice to have him do that for her, but he couldn’t do that blindfolded – she didn’t think anyway. But it might be fun to find out… some other time.
“Hand me the towel on your left,” she said. She watched him reach out and search with his left arm for the towel that she could have grabbed easily herself. He found it and pulled it down. She took it from him and stood up in the tub. He was still on his knees as she stepped out to finish drying herself off behind him. She could see him keep turning his head just a bit as if he was trying to see her, which was silly because she knew he couldn’t see anything blindfolded as he was.
She grabbed her robe that she kept hanging on the back of her bathroom door and put it on, tying the belt around her waist tightly. “Ok,” she said finally. “You can take that shirt off your head again.”
Chad removed the shirt from his head. He blinked several times to clear his sight. He turned as well as he could in his kneeling position to look at her. He was disappointed, she had her robe on. He knew she would be covered, but he had hoped anyway.
“Come on, help me pick out what to wear for tonight,” she said cheerfully.
He followed her to her room where she went straight to her dresser. She hunted through the top drawer, sifting through piles of pale colored wispy material. She briefly held up at least half a dozen pairs of panties before she finally selected a pair. She turned around and showed them to him. “What do you think? Sexy enough?”
He felt like electricity was suddenly running through his body. “Yes, Mistress,” he said dropping a slight curtsey.
She smiled that wicked smile of hers again. “I’ll bet you wish you could wear them. Don’t you?”
The electric current running through him grew stronger. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied, again with another curtsey. But his eyes were locked on the wispy panties she held in front of her.
She sidled up to him and whispered into his ear. “But you can’t, can you. You have to wear diapers, and only diapers. Little baby diapers. Baby diapers for the sissy baby. Too much of a sissy baby to wear big girl panties.” She laughed as she moved away from him. That electric current running through him seemed to be centered directly at the root of his cock right now, and he could suddenly feel the tiny first stings from his chastity device. He forced himself to try to remain calm, willing the still tiny stings to go away.
Without removing her robe, she turned her back to him and began pulling the panties up her legs, further and further. With the robe still covering her, she pulled them all the way into place and wiggled just a bit to situate them properly. She turned her head back to see if he had been watching. She doubted he had even blinked. Oh, this was fun!
She quickly moved to her closet and opened the door, breaking the spell that had seemed to hold him in place. She searched quickly through dress after dress, discounting most of them. She pulled one out, then another. She turned to him and held one up to her body. “Which one do you think, this one?” She watched his face for a moment to let him see the dress in front of her. “Or this one?” She switched to the dress in her other hand.
He couldn’t tell. They both looked great to him. He shook his head. “They’re both great Mistress,” I can’t decide.
“Sissy. Come on, you can do better than that!” Then a thought struck her. “Look, I need you to think like the real sissy that you are. Now which one would you wear to make a man think you’re really hot?”
Again that jolt of electric current ran through him in all the wrong – or maybe right – ways. He had never even thought of thinking about a dress that way. He moved to where he could get a closer look at the dresses. They were both short, or appeared to be anyway. One looked like it would leave one of her shoulders bare, while the other one looked to be very low cut. It was a really tough decision. He pointed to the one with the lower cut neckline. Hesitantly, he said through his pacifier, “That one I think.”
She smiled and ran over to her full length mirror and held it up in front of her. She nodded, then turned her head towards him. She was smiling. “Yeah, it just might do the trick.” She hung the dress on the back of her closet door for later.
While he watched as she did her makeup, he had to wonder, earlier she had sounded like she didn’t want to go out with this guy at all. Now it was more like she couldn’t wait to seduce him. Why? And what about him? He had a sudden bad thought. Would he ever go out with a woman again? What woman in her right mind would ever go out with someone like him? Nobody, that’s who! But when this bet is over… he promised himself that somehow he would get his life back again. He might have to move to the most out of the way place on earth to do it, but somehow he would get it back again.
When she finished her makeup, she reached for one of the bottles of perfume on her counter. She picked it up then stopped, thinking for a minute. She turned to him. “Sissy, would you mind if I borrowed a little of that heavenly perfume you got last weekend?”
Why would he mind? He never used it. He dropped another curtsey. “I’d love for you to use it, Mistress,” he replied.
She smiled at him. “Go get if for me please, quickly.”
He took two steps toward the door, then stopped. He looked down at himself. He was only wearing his diapers and high heels. He turned back questioningly towards her.
“Go like you are, Sissy. Just take your keys and nothing else. Maybe there will be some nice people outside who would enjoy seeing how you look now too.”
He hesitantly turned toward the door. He hated it when she made him do things like this. He fished his keys out of his purse, took a deep breath to calm himself, then ran as fast as he could for his own apartment. He breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he got there and closed the door behind him. He quickly found his perfume and dashed back to her apartment. Closing her door behind him was like a huge relief. It was so embarrassing to be outside, dressed like he was!
He handed her the perfume and watched as she sprayed herself. “Oh, that’s such a pretty scent. Don’t you think?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied with yet another curtsey.
“Here,” she said holding the bottle out. Before he could react, she sprayed him in three different places with it.
Suddenly the embarrassing smell was all over him. And he knew he couldn’t get away from it. What could he do? He dropped another curtsey and said, “Thank you, Mistress,” yet again.
She smiled at him. “You should consider wearing this more often. It really is beautiful.”
He didn’t even want to think about that!
She looked at her clock. There was still plenty of time. She walked into her kitchen and pulled a baby bottle full of her tea mixture out. She handed him the bottle and pulled out his pacifier. She pointed at his spot on the floor and he obediently sat down and began drinking. She felt satisfied. Things were getting back to normal again – where they should be.
When his bottle was done, she stuck his pacifier back in his mouth and changed his diapers. “Not messy again,” she noted.
“I didn’t eat any lunch today,” he explained. “It usually happens after I eat.”
She nodded her understanding and finished diapering him – without inserting another suppository. No sense making things even worse for Sandy and Cassie.
She looked back and forth between his onesie and his baby-doll nighty. She finally opted for the nighty because she thought he looked cuter in it. Then she put it on him. He was as ready as she was going to get him. It was her turn to finish getting ready now. She made him scrunch himself into his corner with orders not to dare move while she finished getting dressed.

Chad was back in his corner again. It was beginning to feel like home to him. A terrible home, but a familiar place never the less. It sounded like she had gone back into her bedroom again. That was one of the problems with his corner, when he was in it, all he could do was to try to listen… and to think. There was nothing else. He again felt the first faint signs that he would have to pee. He easily pushed it to the back of his mind and half forgot about it. His control was normal again, completely. Could he hold it for an hour now? He doubted it. Tomorrow he would be conservative with his hold-back estimate in his spreadsheet again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 3of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 3of 7)

Cassie watched as Chad fastened his pants. “I’ll have to tell Mel,” she said, referring to everything she didn’t do today.
“I know,” he said sadly. He didn’t really care. He was in for it one way or another.
She tried to sound brighter, happier. “Hey, but we’ll have some fun tonight though.”
He was caught off guard. “Tonight? What’s happening tonight?”
“Mel didn’t tell you?”
“No. What?”
She shook her head. “If she hasn’t said anything, then maybe I shouldn’t.” He was completely dressed now. She opened the door for him. “See you later,” she said simply.
Chad was puzzled. What did Mel have planned for tonight? And Cassie had said that they would have fun. The way she said it seemed to sound like he might have some fun too. Fun? That would be so nice. But the way things were going so far for him today, he seriously doubted that Mel would let him have any fun at all. Pain – severe pain was more like the plan for tonight!
The way he was feeling, he decided to skip lunch and just go back to the office. He was too depressed just then to eat anything.

Court was mostly a “sit around and wait” session while the case in front of hers bogged down the system. The whole time she waited, she brooded about Chad. Could it really be her fault? She really wasn’t all that sure. Ok, Gloria had made some points. Some good points she finally had to admit. But what should she do about it?

Chad brooded all afternoon. It was hard to concentrate on his work. It got even harder when Robin stuck her head in his cubicle, then started giggling and had to leave. She didn’t come back. He was glad. He was in no mood for her company, even for work. He had really screwed up this morning. Badly. His dumb temper had gotten the best of him. Then to make matters worse, he had screwed things up with Cassie too. He was in for a really rough time, and the worst part was, he knew he deserved it. He thought again about Cassie’s mention of fun. Fun would have been very nice.

Mel checked her messages as soon as she got back to her car after court. She saw one from Cassie and returned her call. “Hi Cassie, it’s Mel.”
“Hi Mel. Hey, what’s up with Sissy today?”
“What do you mean?”
“He seemed to be really out of sorts today. And I got the impression that he’s pretty depressed about something.”
“Yeah, it’s probably my fault.”
“Listen, I put the suppository in him before I diapered him again, but when I tried to stimulate him a bit, he asked me not to, and I didn’t. I know I should have done it for you Mel, but geez, I kind of feel for the guy, you know? I hate hurting him so much.”
“Yeah, Cassie. It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.”
“He said you weren’t putting any of the suppositories up in him anymore. Should I keep doing it, or can I stop?”
“No, don’t stop. Not yet at least. That’s my fault too. I’ve been getting lazy lately and not bothering. I need to get back into it a bit more. I’m planning on stopping them, but not yet. Ok?”
“Sure Mel. Whatever you want. I just wanted to let you know. He was really in a mood today.”
“Thanks, Cassie. It’s something that I have to deal with.”
“Ok, Mel. Is tonight still on?”
“Yeah, I told Sandy I’d bring him by around seven o’clock.”
“Great. I know she’s really looking forward to it. He doesn’t know yet, does he?”
“No, not yet. Thanks, Cassie. I’ll see you later.” Mel put her phone away. Gloria had been right, she really needed to talk to him. She glanced at her watch, it was the middle of the afternoon, he would be at work, and she had that darn date tonight. She pulled her phone out again and made a few more quick calls. Then she started her car and pulled out of the parking lot.

It was break time! Finally! Robin got up from her chair and paused. She seriously thought about stopping by Chad’s desk and saying, “Sissy, do you want to go to break with me?” But she didn’t. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends about it though. As she left her cubicle, she glance into his, he was working on their project. She didn’t pause long enough to see anymore. She had dirt to dish to her friends!
As soon as she got to the break room, her friends were all asking to know what she had found out. They had all reminded her earlier in the day that she had promised to get them information, and now she had, some of it anyway. She took the time to slowly pour her coffee, then slowly saunter over to the table with a big grin on her face, just to build up their excitement. This time one of her friends found a chair and prominently placed it at the crowded table for her. She sat down like a queen and sipped her coffee.
“Ok girl! Dish!” One of her friends finally said.
She laughed. “Oh God! Wait till you hear! When I walked in there, I didn’t see him at all, so I asked the receptionist about him and she didn’t even know who I was talking about. It actually took her a minute to figure it out… and get this… he’s telling them there that his name is Sissy!” There were gasps and laughter all around. None of the women could believe it.
“What does he think he’s doing?” one of the women asked.
Robin shook her head. “I don’t know.”
“He’s obviously playing some kind of weird game,” another person said.
“Yeah, but what?” Someone replied.
“So what’s he doing in there then?” Someone else finally asked.
“That’s just it,” Robin replied. “I still don’t know… and neither did the receptionist! He goes in there every day and goes to the back somewhere with one of the trainers, then he comes out again a little while later. I swear, that’s all the receptionist could tell me!”
“Weird!” one of her friends said.
“Yeah, really strange,” someone else added.
“So should we all start calling him Sissy now?” one of the women giggled.
There was a lot of laughter from all around as woman after woman went through funny scenarios of walking up to him and using Sissy as his name. Robin laughed too. She had almost done just that earlier before she came to break, but had decided against it.
“So Robin,” one of the women finally asked anxiously. “Are you going to call him Sissy now?”
Robin thought about it for a minute. “No,” she finally decided. “I get the feeling he doesn’t want anyone here knowing about that. So no… at least not yet!”
“But later?” Someone asked.
She nodded. “Oh yeah. Eventually for sure!” There was another loud round of laughter from everyone.

“Hi Sissy.”
Chad turned quickly in his seat at the sound of Mel’s voice. He was shocked to see her standing at the entrance to his cubicle.
“What are you doing here?”
“Get your purse and come with me,” she said.
“But I’m supposed to be working!”
“Don’t worry about it. Just come with me.”
He was very hesitant, but he got his purse out of his desk drawer and followed her – all the way outside and to her car that was parked right near the door. “Where are we going?” he asked.
“I don’t know yet,” she replied. “Let’s just drive.”
Neither one of them said a word as she pulled out of the parking lot. The silence continued as they drove further down the street. Mel was just driving. She had no destination in mind she just followed the road as the awkward silence continued to grow between them. The silence was shattered when they both spoke at exactly the same time.
“I’m sorry,” Chad said as Mel was saying. “We really need to talk.”
They looked briefly at each other, but Mel had to keep her eyes on the traffic and the awkward silence began to build up again. Not knowing what else to do, Mel suddenly pulled her car off the road into the first available driveway and parked in the first available spot she could find. She shut off the engine. They each looked at each other briefly, then both of them stared straight ahead out the windshield at the stream of passing cars on the road in front of them. Neither one of them really knew where to start.
“I’m sorry,” Chad finally got out, still looking ahead at the passing cars.
“Me too,” she admitted, also looking straight ahead.
“I know I was wrong for acting like I did this morning, but…” he searched for words to explain how he felt, and when he found them, they almost exploded. “But I was just so damn frustrated! I don’t know what you want anymore! I’m trying, I really am, but am I doing something right? Am I doing something wrong? I don’t know! You won’t tell me. Last week was great, I knew where I stood and you told me everything you wanted me to do. But now? I don’t have a clue! And it’s like you use me for your own little sexual needs, then put me away out of sight and out of mind. I might as well be your damn… dildo for all you care!” She winced at his words. “I’m sorry,” he said again, much more contritely. “I don’t know what’s really gotten into me. Just take me back to work and I’ll gladly take whatever punishment you have planned for me later. I deserve it. This won’t happen again… I hope.” He sighed and kept staring out the window.
She looked over at him. He wouldn’t even look at her. She could see how frustrated and angry he still was. She stared at the purse he was holding in his lap and all the women’s clothes he was wearing on his body. This all had to be enormously difficult for him. From what she had read, almost nobody ever did the things in real life that she was making him do. Yet he had done them and she knew that deep down he was loving it. But still, it had to be so difficult for him.
“I’m sorry too,” she finally said softly. “You’re right about absolutely everything.” He still wouldn’t look at her. “It’s just that… you’ve come so far, so fast and… well, the truth is that lately I’ve just been lazy. Too lazy. I forgot that while you’re working so hard at everything that I have responsibilities too. I neglected them. All of them. I’m sorry.” Was he even hearing her? He didn’t act like it. He just kept continuing to pout as he stared out the windshield. “What can I do to make it up to you?” she finally asked.
“Don’t punish me for one!” he said flatly, continuing to stare at the traffic ahead of him.
“I’m not going to punish you. This is my fault, not yours.” Finally he looked at her. It was the first good sign she had seen.
“Can I have my old clothes back?” he asked hopefully.
“No!” He winced, but she saw him smile too. They looked at each other for a moment.
“I just need to know what you want,” he finally said. “Do you like something, do you not like something. It’s like I’ve been cast adrift lately. Like you don’t care about me at all… and I know that you shouldn’t care about me, there’s no reason for it, but still… I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself today. That’s all.”
She nodded. “I don’t blame you. I think I’d feel the same way. Probably worse. Look, I promise to try harder again. Ok?”
He nodded this time. “Yeah. Me too. And Mel, I’m really sorry about this morning.”
“So am I Chad. I’m sorry for neglecting you so badly.” She had purposely used his real name, just as she had noticed he had used hers. They were out of character just then. No role playing at all.
“When is your divorce final?” she asked.
“The end of next week.”
“Maybe we’ll plan something special for then.”
He shook his head. “I don’t think I want to do anything. It’s too depressing.”
“Ok, we’ll see when the time comes.”
They stared at each other for a moment, each of them trying to figure out where to go next. Finally he said, “Mel, I liked it when you left me notes every day. It was easier to know what you wanted me to do or to wear. Can you do that again?”
She thought about it. “I don’t know, Sissy.” She purposely used the name she had given him this time, bringing them both back where they belonged. “I don’t think you need it anymore. You know what I want you to do now.”
“But that’s just it, I don’t know! What pants do you want me to wear? What shirt? I have no idea!”
“Those are your choices now. I want you to get used to selecting your own clothes.”
“My choices? What choices? The only male clothes I have left are my shirts. There are no choices anymore!”
“You still have choices,” she replied. “They’re just different ones now.”
“Yeah,” he replied a bit sullenly. “Very different!”
She laughed just a bit. “You’ll get used to it… in time. What do your friends at work say?” she asked.
“What friends! Nobody talks to me anymore. Nobody! Except Robin, of course.”
“She’s the one you work with?”
“Yeah, she has the desk next to mine.”
Mel was surprised to feel the pangs of jealously rearing up in her again at his mention of the woman. But she had asked for it when she brought the subject up. Annoyed, she started her car again. It was time to get moving.
“What’s happening tonight?” he asked as she drove out of the parking lot.
“Ugh! Don’t remind me!”
“Well?” he asked. “Cassie hinted at something, but she wouldn’t tell me what.”
She sighed. “I have a date tonight that I’d much rather not have.”
“So? What’s that got to do with me?”
She smiled wickedly at him for a moment. “While I’m gone, I’ve agreed to let Sandy babysit you.”
“Babysit? Why?”
“Because she wants to. And because she and Cassie have been a big help to me so far! So I’m expecting you to behave yourself perfectly for them. Is that clear?”
He was still trying to comprehend whatever babysitting might mean. “I guess so,” he finally replied. “Hey, where are we going? My company is back the other way.”
“Home,” she replied. “You can help me get ready for my date tonight.”

Robin checked around the corner at Chad’s desk yet again. He was still gone and work was over for the day. He had been gone since she came back from break. His computer was still on, but there was no sign of him at all. She was a bit worried about him. Since it was the end of the day, she shut his computer down and turned off the light over his desk.
Before she left though, she opened the drawer where she knew he kept his purse now. It was gone. Puzzled, she went out to the parking lot. As she got into her car, she spotted his car, still there. What had happened to him? Having no clue, she drove home to her family.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 2of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 2of 7)

A little while later, Mel walked into the trendy restaurant. Before the hostess could ask to seat her, she spotted Gloria already waiting for her at one of the tables. She sat down with her.
“Hi Mel. So what’s getting you so down today?” Gloria asked.
“I guess a couple of things. First of all, do you remember Will Grey?”
“You mean the police detective?”
“That’s the one. He’s kind of forced me into a date with him tonight.”
“If I remember correctly, you can’t stand the guy.”
“You got that right! He’s so darn manipulative.”
“Like you aren’t?”
“Ok, so maybe I am. But that’s the point. We’re both that way and I can’t stand it!”
“So you’re stuck with this date?”
“Something like that.”
“So go and enjoy what you can then kiss him off again like last time.”
“That’s about what I plan to do.” “Ok, so what else is eating you? I know it has to be more than that.”
“Ummm…” She paused to think for a moment. “I guess it’s Chad. You wouldn’t believe how he acted this morning. He yelled at me for Heaven’s sake! Right out of the clear blue, he told me off, then just stomped out and went to work! The bastard. Like he doesn’t appreciate everything I’m trying to do for him.”
“What did you do about it?”
“What did I do? Nothing! He was gone. There wasn’t anything I could do. But later… Well, I still have to figure out what I’m going to do to him later. I’m hoping you can help me with some ideas.”
“Uh huh,” Gloria mumbled still looking intently at her friend. “What kind of things do you do for him?” she asked.
“You said he doesn’t appreciate what you do for him. What do you do?”
“What do I do?” She had to think for a moment. “I’m trying to fulfill all his kinky little fantasies. That’s what I’m doing.”
“How about your fantasies?”
“Well, yeah, mine too, of course.”
“Uh huh.” She replied. “So what did you say to him this morning?”
“This morning? God, not much at all! I only yelled at him a bit because he forgot his pacifier…”
“Yeah, I love seeing him suck on it all the time. It’s hilarious! I’ve been having a real problem with him forgetting it lately.”
“Oh, ok. What else?”
“And then I yelled at him because he didn’t drink any of his baby bottles!” “No baby bottles?”
“Yeah! He knows he’s supposed to drink some every morning and then bring me the empty ones.”
“But he didn’t?”
“No! Not even one!”
“So it sounds like he was mad at you before he got there.”
“Yeah. I could tell as soon as I opened my door. His curtsey was so half-hearted and his voice was almost flat.” “His curtsey…” Gloria was trying desperately to sort it all and keep the strange things all in their place. “So if he came in mad, then maybe it was something that happened last night. What did you do to him then?”
“Last night? Not much. Just the usual. I had him fix me dinner and stand in the corner while I ate… He did ask me though about the dinner he had made for me and a few friends the day before. Would you believe it, he was looking for praise or something! Like I really need to tell him! That made me mad. But I enjoyed making him stand scrunched up into his little corner for an extra half hour before I let him out and let him do the laundry. Men! They’re always wanting praise where it shouldn’t be needed!”
“I see,” Gloria replied. “So he made you all dinner the day before too?”
“Oh yeah. For a little sissy twerp, the guy can really cook. It was great!”
“Uh huh,” she replied once again. “So what else did you do last night?”
She was hesitant to mention it. “Um… I kind of got off with him. If you know what I mean.”
“No. I don’t know what you mean. Tell me exactly what you did.”
Mel felt herself blushing. “I like to tie him up and blindfold him so he can’t see me. Then I make him lick me to orgasms, over and over again. Oh Gloria, you wouldn’t believe how great it is!”
“You do that a lot? You said earlier that it was the usual.”
Mel was blushing deeper now. “Yeah. I’m getting addicted to it real fast!” She giggled.
“I see,” Gloria replied, still trying to maintain her complete professional attitude. She was supposed to be out for a fun lunch with her friend, but there were times when that friend needed some real guidance. “And what does he get out of it?”
“What does he get? What do you mean?”
“I mean, does he get off on it too?”
Mel laughed. “That’s part of the fun of it all. He can’t get off at all! I’ve got him locked into a really mean little chastity device – and I mean little! He can’t feel anything! Period!”
“So he never gets any…”
Mel shook her head. “Nada! Nothing! Zip!”
Gloria shook her head. “And how does he feel about that?”
“I don’t really know. It doesn’t matter anyway, because with this bet, it’s all about what I want.”
“I see,” she replied once again. “Mel, I got to tell you. I’ve got to side with him. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s not right! Your little sexual games aside, you don’t ever even talk to the poor guy. As far as I can tell, you treat him like a thing! You might as well be doing this with a robot or something! It’s no wonder he told you off. According to you, the only thing you ever say to him is when you yell at him once in a while. And that doesn’t count! What do you really know about him?”
“I don’t know? Not much. I know he’s almost divorced.” Mel replied. Since Gloria was suddenly siding with Chad, she was no longer sure of her mental footing.
“Divorced! And you don’t think he might be feeling a bit lonely… or maybe even abandoned? Have you been spending a lot of attention on him lately? Other than using him for your own little sexual gratification?”
She had to think. “Not really. Not lately anyway,” she admitted.
“Mel, my bet is that he’s feeling neglected. He feels like nobody cares the least bit about him at all! And from everything you’ve just told me. I think he’s absolutely right! Mel, from what you’ve just told me, bet or no bet, you’re going to lose this guy somehow.”
That thought instantly put a bit of panic into Mel. “No! I don’t want to lose him. He’s like a dream come true!”
“Well maybe you should be taking a little better care of your play toys then,” Gloria admonished. “At least talk to him once in a while. Let him know if he does something good occasionally. Otherwise he’s going to feel nothing but worthless – like he probably does now. And you won’t like the results if that gets worse!”
Mel sighed. Gloria was probably right. She had been a bit on the selfish side lately. Even last night she knew that she should have done things differently. She just hadn’t felt like bothering. And that had led to her current situation with him. “So what should I do?” she asked sheepishly.
“Well, for starts, you might try apologizing to him. Then, I suggest you talk to him once in a while. You never know what you might learn. Oh, and if I were you, I’d get on that real fast. Or one way or another, bet or no bet, he’s gonna walk out on you if you don’t.”
Mel nodded. “Yeah, I’ll think about it.” She thought for a minute then checked her watch. “Damn! It’s too late to catch him for lunch and I’ve got to be in court right after that… Ugh! And then tonight I’ve got that date with Detective ‘Pain In the Ass’!”
“I wouldn’t wait too long,” Gloria said, “it sounds like he’s already pretty mad.”
“Yeah, I’ll think about it,” Mel replied. “Men! Why do they have to be such babies!”
Gloria laughed. “Isn’t that kind of what you want?”
Mel giggled. “Well, yes and no.” Her cell phone rang just then. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel, it’s Sandy. I was just making sure we were still on for tonight.”
“Yeah, sure,” Mel agreed.
“Great! What time can you get him here?”
“I don’t know. How about around seven. My date is picking me up at seven thirty. That will give me time to get him some dinner and get him changed first.”
“Oh no, Mel. Don’t feed him. We’ll take care of that.”
“You will?”
“Yeah, in fact I stayed up late last night finishing the highchair. You don’t mind if we use it before you do… do you?”
Mel was a bit surprised. “No, Sandy. I can’t wait to see it though.”
“Oh Mel, it came out gorgeous! Listen, you said I could babysit, so I’m kind of planning a big baby evening for him. Ok?”
“That’s up to you, Sandy. It’s fine with me. I’ll get with you later about anything else. Ok?”
“Great Mel. Thanks!”

Robin followed Chad out of the parking lot again at lunchtime. She followed him till he again turned into the gym, then she drove on to get a real fast lunch. Her friends at the break-table had reminded her this morning that she had promised to find out what was going on. And heck, she was curious. Very curious!

“Hi Sissy,” the receptionist called out the moment he walked through the door. What he wanted to tell her was to blow it out her ass! But he held his temper. Why should he bother with this anyway? Why didn’t he just go home and unwrap all his regular clothes and change? The bet! That was why. The damn bet! He half heartedly dropped a curtsey to her and said a simple, “Hi.” Fortunately she seemed happy with it and went in search of Cassie.
He didn’t bother curtseying or even saying hi to Cassie when she came out. He just showed her one of his “I dare you” faces instead. She stared at him for a few moments, questioningly, then just turned around and crooked her finger for him to follow her.
“What’s eating you?” she asked as soon as they were alone and the door was closed behind them.
“Nothing,” he replied.
She didn’t believe him. “Don’t want to talk about it, huh?”
“Something like that.” Actually, he was getting more angry with himself now, because the more things that Mel had to find out about, the worse his punishment would be later. He was starting to really dread that. But instead of doing like he was supposed to do, his anger got in the way instead. He quickly started to get undressed so she could change him faster.
When he had removed his pants and laid down on the floor, she handed him a baby bottle to suck on. She removed his wet diapers. “Still not messy,” she noted.
“The only suppositories I get anymore are the ones you give me. Mel hasn’t said anything about not giving me any, has she?”
That was news to her. “No, she hasn’t mentioned it.”
“Maybe she just forgot.”
“I don’t know. I’ll check with her later though. I promise.”
“Can we maybe do without one today? Just in case?”
She shook her head. “Sorry. I wish I could. I really do. But I promised her. Like I said though, I’ll check with her later.” She laid the fresh diapers out under him, then pulled out the bottle of baby lotion and squirted some into her hand. “Ok, she said as she rubbed the lotion onto both of her hands, let’s see how you do today.”
But the moment she placed her hands on him to try to arouse him, he put his hands down on top of hers. “Please?” he said. Pleading with her to not hurt him today.
She looked at him for a long time. “Ok,” she said softly. “Just this once. Ok?”
He breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”
She quickly grabbed a suppository and shoved it up inside him. Then she diapered him and waited till he finished his baby bottle.

Robin finished her burger in record time and drove back to the Gym. Good! His car was still there! She plucked up her courage and went inside. She couldn’t imagine what she might see. Chad in pink leotards maybe? The thought actually made her giggle.
“Hi, come on in,” the receptionist said as soon as she got through the door. “Can I show you some of the packages we have, or are you interested in just a general membership?” The receptionist was already spreading out pamphlets for her to look at.
Robin glanced around at what she could see of the gym. There were a lot of women on the exercise machines, but she didn’t see any sign of Chad. She was actually disappointed. “Um…” she finally said as she continued trying to spot him. “Actually, I’m here looking for someone.”
“Oh, no problem. Who do you need?”
“His name is Chad,” she said.
“Chad? I’m sorry, this is a women’s only gym.”
“But I saw him coming in here earlier,” she protested. “And his car is still outside.”
The receptionist thought for a moment, then it finally dawned on her who the woman wanted. “Oh, you mean Sissy.”
“Yeah, he’s a sissy alright. Is he here?”
“No, I mean that’s the name he uses when he comes in here.”
Robin was so startled she didn’t know what to say. It took her a moment to come to grips with it. “He says his name is Sissy?” she asked. She wasn’t sure she had really heard it right.
“Yeah. Definitely.”
“Ooookaaayyy,” Robin relied, still trying to come to grips with that. “Is he here?” she asked.
“Yeah, but he’s in the back with one of the trainers right now. I have standing orders that they’re not to be disturbed.”
“What are they doing?” she asked, really puzzled now.
“I have no idea?” the receptionist admitted. “He comes in every day and goes back with the trainer for a little while, then he leaves. That’s all I know. He should be out fairly soon though, if you want to wait.”
Robin decided that she really didn’t want him to see her there. She just wanted to know what was going on. “No, no. I’m going to leave now. In fact, please do me a favor and don’t even tell him I was here. Ok?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She hurried out to her car instead. He was calling himself Sissy? Wait till the girls in the break-room heard that!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 1of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 1of 7)

Numb! Depressed! Alone! His dreams echoed his real life. Driving home, over and over again, one point - that nobody cared about him. He was a thing. An object. Nothing more. Something to be used and thrown away. A thing without feelings.
But he did feel. He had wants and needs. Powerful ones! But there was nobody who cared. Nobody to see him as anything other than what they believed him to be – a thing.
His pink alarm clock blared loud music into his room waking him up. Saving him from further rejection, but not saving him from feeling used and depressed. He had gone to bed feeling that way last night. She had used him, then sent him home… showing no interest in him at all once her own needs had been met. While the music blared loudly, he stared at his ceiling – a blank slate full of nothing. Like him.
Eventually he came to his senses a little more. He rolled over awkwardly and got up from his blow-up mattress. He turned the clock radio off. Blessed silence permeated the room once more. He was relieved, but not relieved.
In his uncaring – uncared for state, he waddled into the kitchen, hoping against hope that she had cared enough to leave a note for him last night. But his counter was bare, blank, empty… like him. A tiny spark of anger flamed within him.
He didn’t bother with a baby bottle. He went straight to his bathroom and removed his diapers. He got into his shower and just stood there, letting the warm water pour over him. Washing his soul as well as his body, clean. As if trying to rinse himself of the entire uncaring world. He let himself pee once he realized that he had been holding it. He felt better, but only a little.
He got out and dried himself off. But what should he wear? In his present state of mind, he really didn’t care. Would she care if he went without the diapers for a change? Would she finally pay a little bit more attention to him? He considered it strongly. But the more he thought about it, the more childish the idea seemed. He looked for the first time in a long while at his toilet. It was so wrapped up in her plastic cling wrap that it would take a major effort to remove it. The simple plastic wrap that made it off limits to him… reminding him whenever he looked at it of what he was no longer permitted to do – because of the bet. The sight always depressed him… and made him feel funny inside. So he rarely looked at it.
Having no other choice, he put his two diapers on as usual, followed by his plastic panties, all-in-one girdle, and pantyhose. He did his makeup next this time. Only half-caring about how he was putting it on. He was surprised that it still came out acceptable. He put his new necklace around his neck and his ring on his finger. He attached his watch to his wrist.
He opened his closet door and stared into it. His closet was another depressing place. Again her plastic cling wrap was all too evident. Denying him the clothes his body was born to wear. Forcing him instead to wear clothes that haunted his fantasies instead. But haunt his fantasies they did. He reached out and grabbed one of his blouses, looking at it closely. He hadn’t worn one to work yet because she hadn’t demanded it of him. His male shirts were the only male clothing he had left. Wearing them was still a coveted privilege. He considered wearing a blouse instead. Everything else he would be wearing would be female. Why not? But the coveted privilege won out.
He glanced at the tiny dial on his watch. He was early. He sat dejectedly in the only chair he owned and stared at one of his blank walls. Blank wall. Blank mind.

Mel sipped happily at her coffee. She was happy that is, till she remembered her date that night with Detective ‘major pain in the ass’ Grey. Ugh! She walked into the kitchen and dumped the rest of her coffee out. She suddenly didn’t want it anymore. She checked her clock. It was almost time for Chad to arrive. That thought made her feel a lot better.
Right on time the knock came at her door. She opened it. “Good morning, Mistress,” he said rather flatly. His curtsey seemed half hearted. “Good morning, Sissy” she replied, a bit puzzled. She stood back and let him in. He had his diaper bag and his purse, but no bag of baby bottles. She looked him over as he stood in front of her. His necklace was there along with his ring. In fact, everything seemed to be in order – except for one thing. “Where’s your pacifier?” she asked.
He mentally cursed himself for forgetting it again. He was surprised that she even cared enough to ask. “I forgot it!” he said. But the tiny bit of anger he had felt earlier was starting to grow.
“You forgot it? Again?” She shook her head. “And what about the baby bottles? Did you drink any today?”
“No Mistress,” he answered, not even bothering to curtsey.
“Why not?”
“Because…” He tried to find a good answer. But all he could suddenly feel was frustration and anger and rejection. “Shit!” he exclaimed. “What the hell do you care anyway?” And with that he turned and walked out her door.
She was so taken aback that she stood there for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened. She ran after him. He was already almost to the stairs leading down to his car.
“What’s going on?” she demanded.
“Like you really care!” he returned angrily. He began stomping down the stairs, then he stopped. He turned back to her. “You have no clue about me! You only care about your stinking self! You have no regard for anyone else’s feelings but your own. Go to hell, ‘MISTRESS!’ Go to hell!” He quickly resumed his trek down the stairs and got angrily into his car. A minute later, he was gone.
She stood staring after him. What had gone wrong? She had thought everything was going great. Obviously it wasn’t. Watching him leave like that drilled a hole a mile deep into the pit of her stomach. As if her whole life had just walked out on her.
What did he mean she didn’t care? She cared tremendously! Couldn’t he see that? Men! That was part of the problem. All they ever think about is themselves! Wasn’t everything she was doing to him – for him? Wasn’t it all part of his fantasy? Why wasn’t he appreciating that? Just wait till tonight. She’d make him sorry! But then she remembered her date. Damn! But one way or another, she was going to punish him for this… and punish him good!

Chad sat at his desk, slowly nursing the large cup of coffee he had bought that morning along with his breakfast. He had purposely forced everything that had happened earlier to the back of his mind. He wasn’t ready to deal with it yet. Mostly, his mind was on his computer screen and the project he was finishing. He carefully flipped through screen after screen, clicking everything he could, checking it carefully. Finally, he took one more sip of his coffee. He reached out and shut the project down. A few clicks and some brief typing later, and he had sent an email to his boss Tom Robinson. His project was finished, he had done really well with it and he knew it. It felt good. He knew the clients would be really happy as well. It was just a shame that he’d never get to personally hear from them about it. But he knew that Tom would relay whatever they said. That would be more than good enough – especially the way he was dressing now.
The only thing he had left to work on was the project that he and Robin were supposed to be working on together. But so far, she had done all the work while he finished up this last project. He’d get busy helping her in a few minutes. But first…
He opened up the spreadsheet that tracked his bet progress. The countdown column said forty five days as of today. In the column for how long he had managed to hold back, he entered twenty-five minutes. He was fairly sure that he was holding it a lot longer, but he was still trying to be conservative. Besides, it gave him goals to improve himself.
He finally allowed himself to think about this morning. He had been stupid and he knew it. She’d probably punish him more severely than ever before. But he didn’t care. He had meant every word he had said to her. And it had felt really good telling her off. In a way, he was very sorry he had done it, but in a way, he was glad too.
He closed his spreadsheet and took one more sip of his coffee. “Oh Roooobiiiin,” he called over the top of the cubicle wall between them.
Robin was startled to hear him calling her the way he did. It was so out of character for him… especially lately. She didn’t even think about typing another character. Instead she immediately got out of her seat to go around and see what was going on – as if there was something wrong with him. She found him smiling and sipping his coffee. “You seem to be in a good mood this morning,” she noted.
“Not really,” he replied, still not sure if he was more angry at himself for what he had done with Mel, or glad he had done it.
“Well you could have fooled me.”
“I just finished my last project,” he explained, “and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. That’s all. I’m ready to start working on the new one with you.”
“Great! It’s about time! Where do you want to start?”
“Why don’t we go over what you’ve done so far and decide together.”
“Sounds good to me,” she replied. As he got up to go over to her desk she asked him, “So Chad, why is it that you always wear those dumb men’s shirts? And don’t tell me it’s complicated because I might hit you!”
He laughed. “All right, I won’t tell you, but please don’t hit me.”
She didn’t even bother laughing. What could be so complicated about her simple question? So she tried one more time. “So what is it that you have against pretty blouses?”
“Nothing,” he replied. “I love them.”
“But you don’t ever wear one.”
“I know. Maybe someday I will.”
“I don’t know. Maybe someday soon.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it!” She clicked her mouse a few times, taking them to the start of their project. But instead of talking about work, she asked, “How about a dress?” she asked. “Any plans to wear one of those soon too?”
“Ugh!” he replied. “Don’t push your luck!”
This time, she laughed.

Mel was fairly despondent all morning. She didn’t want to concentrate on her work because she was too wrapped up in thinking about her problems with Chad. So when she saw the message saying that Gloria had called her, she returned the call immediately, because by that time, she’d rather think about anything except work.
“Hi Gloria. It’s Mel.”
“Girlfriend! Hey, I was just thinking we haven’t done lunch together in a long time. How about today?”
“Uh, I don’t know Gloria. I’m kind of having one of those days, you know? I don’t think I’d be very good company.”
Gloria could hear how depressed Mel seemed to be. “Listen. It sounds more like you need a good lunch outing with me. You can tell me all about then and maybe we can sort things out together.”
“I don’t know Gloria. I’ve got court at one. We’d have to make it an early lunch.”
“Early is great for me. We won’t have to wait for a table. See you in half an hour at the usual?”
Mel thought about it for a second, then decided to go for it. “Yeah Gloria. Sounds good. See you then.” Maybe together they could figure out a good way to put Chad in his place and keep him there!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 3 of 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 3 of 3)

Chad was feeling sorry for himself as he drove back from lunch. Mostly because he was feeling so horny and had no way to get any relief. His need was starting to weigh like a lead weight on his entire body and mind. But all thoughts of his need went quickly to the back of his mind as soon as he arrived at his desk. Someone had left a couple of magazines on it. He looked at them – fashion magazines. There was no note or any way to tell where they had come from. He’d have to ask Robin as soon as she got back.
He started to put them aside, but he couldn’t resist. He opened one, just to glance quickly through it. Beautiful women that made him jealous because he couldn’t look like they did… beautiful clothes that made him jealous that he couldn’t wear them… Hair tips that made him jealous because he couldn’t wear his hair like that… And makeup suggestions that made him jealous because he didn’t have the feminine features of the models. The magazines were just too interesting to put down right away.
“I see you took my advice and got some magazines to look through too,” Robin said from the entrance to his cubicle.
He quickly put the magazines down. “No… Um… Somebody just left these on my desk and I was looking to see who they belonged to.”
“Yeah, sure. Admit it, you were reading them.”
He could feel his face turning warm with embarrassment. “Well, maybe. Did you leave these here?”
“Not me. You mean you didn’t buy them?”
He shook his head. “Definitely not!”
“Well, somebody thought that it might be a good idea for you then. You really should consider coming down to break with me later. Then you can ask to see if anybody there left them for you.”
“No way!” he answered. “I’m not going anywhere near there.”
She shook her head. “You’re acting soooo stupid!”
The buzzing of his new cell phone interrupted them. He quickly dug it out of his purse and found a text message from Mel telling him to go directly home after work and to have dinner ready as soon as she got home. He closed his cell phone and put it away.
“I see you got yourself a new cell phone too,” Robin said, sounding very exasperated. “I should have known you’d get a pink one!” She walked away and went back to her own cubicle.
His cell phone buzzed again immediately. Mel added another message. “No uniform tonight!” Now he was wondering what kind of trouble she had in store for him for tonight.

An hour later, the suppositories in Chad’s system decided to do their job. He was horrified when he first felt the impending urges quickly building. He recognized the signs of the suppositories – at least he was guessing it was from a suppository, but he didn’t really remember Cassie putting one in him. As he struggled to hold back, he realized that he should have known, he had been too wrapped up in the strange sensations to realize what Cassie had done.
But the suppository couldn’t be denied, and he didn’t even try very hard. All too soon he was horribly uncomfortable as his diapers filled with the terrible mess. A mess made all that much worse because he hadn’t had as many of the little bombs in him as usual. He dared not get up from his seat for the rest of the afternoon. Getting home to change was now the most important item on his mind. It dwarfed everything else, including his insatiable need.

Robin stopped by Chad’s desk in the middle of the afternoon. She really only stopped at the entrance to his cubicle. “Why don’t you come down to break with me?” she asked.
He turned in his chair and looked a bit angrily at her. “Like hell!” he said, then quickly turned himself away again. He hadn’t meant to act so mean, but the mess in his diapers just then was really bugging him and he dared not even get out of his seat.
“Suit yourself,” she said a bit angrily as she walked off. The guy was really being a major jerk. What was he so defensive about today? She walked into the break room and poured herself a cup of coffee. Her friends were all waiting for her.
“Did he get the magazines I put on his desk?” one of her friends asked excitedly.
“You left them?”
“Yeah! I thought it would be funny. Did he read them?”
Robin laughed a bit. “He sure did! Well, he was looking at them pretty closely anyway when I got back from lunch. But he was trying to convince me that he wasn’t really interested. But I saw him – I think he was fascinated by them.”
The woman laughed. “Oh God. He really is a sissy, isn’t he?”
“Hey Robin,” another woman asked. “Have you figured out what he’s doing at the gym yet?” “Not yet. I’ve thought about going in to ask while he’s in there at least a dozen times, but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I didn’t even try today.”
“Come on girl! You’ve got to do it. You want me to go with you?”
“No,” Robin replied. “I’ll check. I’ll do it tomorrow for sure!”

As soon as he could, Chad hurried out to his car after work, trying not to show how full his diapers were. Walking was really a problem. He could even smell himself some – even through all the layers of protection he was wearing. He was very grateful that Robin had only stopped by his desk once during the afternoon and that was just to see if he wanted to go down to break with her and the other women. Yeah, like he was really going to do that! Ever!
He hurried up to his apartment and undressed down to his diapers as fast as he could. He was more than ready to get out of them and get cleaned up in his shower. Afterwards, he dressed himself in two fresh diapers, then put the same clothes on he had worn all day since Mel had indicated no uniform today. Then he touched up his makeup and went straight to her apartment.
The diet dinner he was planning on making didn’t take a lot of time, but it did have to chill in the refrigerator before it was served. He got started on it right away. As he waited on portions of the dinner to cook, he quickly went over her apartment to make sure it was spotless. The only things he could really find to do were to make her bed and wipe her bathroom sink down. He set her table… it was definitely “her” table because he wasn’t allowed to sit at it anymore. While he got a measure of pride and pleasure in setting the table, it also made him sad. He would like to enjoy the fruits of his labors a little more than he was allowed. Which brought back memories of last night. Did she like the dinner, or didn’t she? It bothered him that he didn’t know.
By the time she breezed in from work, everything had long been ready. “Good evening, Mistress,” he said as he dropped a curtsey at her entrance.
She smiled broadly at him. Seeing him doing that seemed to chase away all the stresses and problems of her day. It filled her with absolute joy. “Good evening, Sissy,” she replied. “Is everything ready?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said with another curtsey. “Just as you asked.”
He really was becoming perfect. She was struck again by how wonderful it was to have such a servant. She headed for her seat at the table while he went to the refrigerator. There were two plates prepared in the refrigerator, he pulled one of them out and carefully placed it on the table in front of her. “Oh, this looks good,” she noted. “What is it?” He told her. She took a bite. The smile on her face broadened. “Are you sure this is out of that diet cookbook?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied with another curtsey.
She turned to face him, her face no longer looking so happy. “Isn’t there someplace you’re supposed to be?”
He sighed and started for his corner… and stopped and turned towards her.
Seeing him hesitate and turn around instantly took half the pleasure out of her meal. There was more than a hint of anger in her voice. “What’s wrong, Sissy?”
“I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said dropping yet another curtsey, “but I have to know… How did I displease you last night?”
His question caught her completely off guard. “Displease me? What are you talking about? Who said anything about you displeasing me last night?”
“Well, it’s just that… Well, nobody even mentioned if they liked the dinner I made. And then afterwards, everyone just ignored me, like I wasn’t even here.”
She was flabbergasted! “You expect…” She got angry. “Listen, Sissy, the only time anyone is likely to tell you anything like that… is if they DON’T like something! And as to us ignoring you… I thought I was being nice by letting you stay out of your corner while we didn’t need you. Obviously I was wrong. From now on you can expect to stay in that corner and out of the way unless I want you doing something. Now get into that corner and stay there! And hurry up!”
He practically ran for his corner and squished his body well into it. He closed his eyes. She was mad now, but she hadn’t been mad last night? What did he expect? Lavish praise? Yeah, he did expect that… or something anyway. But no, she had made it perfectly clear that he was just her servant… her maid. Someone to do the work and not be in the way or even noticed. Someone who could make her life perfect, yet remain lower than an insect. That was what it was all about after all. Wasn’t it? Yet in his anger, he noticed that his chastity device was starting to hurt him again, a lot! Damn the woman. He was so horny now that even when she made him feel insignificant it was affecting him.
Mel watched him scrunching his body into the corner, possibly harder than she had ever seen him doing it before. Her anger melted away just watching him. Actually, it was a good lesson for him. She had never spelled it out for him before. He had been picking up on things so naturally that she hadn’t even thought about it. She took another bite of her dinner, it really was good. Yes, he was perfect - or on his way to becoming perfect. She took a deep breath and sighed happily. This was the life she really wanted. Someone firmly under her control who could do all the wonderful things she needed. Not someone who would always be demanding things from her. She got enough of that in her job. “Stop moving your feet!” she ordered as she saw him fidgeting slightly. She loved riding him unmercifully. “And where, for heaven’s sake, is your pacifier?”

She kept him in his corner for a full half-hour after she finished her dinner, the only attention she paid him was to yell at him for moving. Otherwise, she did her best to act like she was ignoring him. Object lessons were always good. But there were other things that needed to be done. “Ok, Sissy, you can have your dinner now.”
He gratefully pulled his body out of the corner. He had scrunched himself in so tight that he was a bit sore now. He walked contritely into the kitchen and got his plate and a baby bottle out of the refrigerator and sat down on the floor with them. He didn’t even think about getting himself a fork.
She watched him for a minute, eating his dinner on the floor like he had been taught. His highchair would be ready soon. Now that would be a far more interesting sight, watching him eating all his meals in a highchair like a baby instead of like he was on the floor right now. The thought actually sent sexual thrills through her body, enough that she had to walk away and leave him alone before she got too carried away.

When he had finished eating and finished cleaning up after dinner, she put him straight to work on other things. She had him go and get his maid’s dress and apron and put them straight into the washer so they would be clean for the rest of the week. Then she had him start cleaning the few dirty cloth diapers that had accumulated over the weekend… not exactly his favorite task, but fortunately there seemed to be a lot less of them this week than last week.
“Put some muscle into it,” she rode him slightly as she watched him scrubbing diapers in the tub. He momentarily worked a little harder at it. Unfortunately, his efforts caused the pants he was wearing to get splashed by the water. “Take them off and throw them in my clothes hamper with my things,” she told him. “In fact, just strip down to your diapers and plastic panties.” When he was finally dressed as she wanted him, she liked what she saw a lot better. “I should have had you show up here that way,” she commented as she walked off.

His dress and apron were dry and only needed ironing – he could do that at home. His diapers that he had scrubbed by hand were now in the washing machine. It was time for a little personal attention. She laid down on the couch and kicked her shoes off. “Sissy! Come here and rub my feet!”
Her request surprised him. She hadn’t ever asked him to do that before. His wife – make that ex-wife, used to ask him to rub her feet. Was Mel another one who loved to have her feet massaged? “May I sit and hold them in my lap?” he asked. She only waved her hand in approval. He gently raised her legs and sat down, bringing her feet into his lap. He put his hands to work kneading the soles of her feet.
With the first firm touch of his hands on the soles of her feet, she breathed out a huge contented sigh. She hadn’t realized how much stress she still had in her body. Each little motion of his hands seemed to send her waves of pleasure. Why hadn’t she found someone to do this before? He was like a miracle! Now if time would just stand still so he could keep it up for an eternity.
It seemed like all too soon the washer finished its load and his diapers needed to be loaded into the dryer. But by then, she was ready for much more. While he loaded the dryer, she went and found a scarf to cover his eyes. She knew it was silly, but she still couldn’t bring herself to be naked in front of him. She didn’t know what was holding her back and she didn’t care. But in a way, it was actually more fun knowing he couldn’t see her.
She bound him like she usually did and protected her couch with towels before she dared remove her clothing. But the wait, seeing him helpless before her, only made her more hungry for his attention. She used him hard again. Ravishing herself with his face and tongue. Reveling in the absolute joy and freedom of what she was doing – made all the better by knowing that in her ecstasy, his sexual need was totally denied.
When her body could take no more, she finally called a halt to what she was doing. She left him while she quickly wiped herself off and threw a robe on. She started her bathwater, looking forward to soaking herself clean in the most relaxing way possible. Pleasure after her pleasure. It would be nice to have him helping her in her bath someday, gently scrubbing at her all over, but she was still plagued by being uncomfortable about being naked in front of him. Someday, she promised herself. Someday soon. It wasn’t that she wasn’t proud of her body… she was. It was just… something else. Something that had to do with him and him alone. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on what that something was yet.
The water was running in her tub. She put her favorite bath beads in it. But what about him? He was still tied up and blindfolded on her floor. She could leave him there, but she didn’t want to just then. She turned the water off and grabbed a towel. She went back out to him and untied him and let him wipe his face clean with the towel. Then she sent him home, out of her way. She knew she shouldn’t have done it that way. She knew it was wrong. She should have changed his diapers and stuck another suppository up inside him – at least. She should have made him drink many more baby bottles before he left. She should have given him some instructions. But she didn’t do any of that. So many things she should have done. But she was tired and feeling all too good. She wanted nothing more just then but to soak herself clean and relax alone in her bath.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 2 of 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 2 of 3)

Mel checked her messages between clients and saw one from Will Grey. She had been waiting to hear from him about the case. She dialed his number. “Hi Will, it’s me.”
“Mel! Hey listen, I just wanted you to know that we just made a small bust on some of the info your favorite kid client gave us last night. We’ve got another one lined up for a little while from now.”
“So we’re good with him then? You can let him go?”
“Just as soon as you tell me you’ll go out to dinner with me tonight.”
Oh God! And worse, he sounded so smug. “Will, not tonight,” she protested trying to put it off. “I’ve already got plans.”
“No problem. I can easily hold the kid for a few more days till we know everything we’re gonna get from these other raids. And you know how long the paperwork can take.”
Shit! He was so damn manipulative! And the kid’s parents had already called twice this morning. They wanted him home. She hated herself. “How about tomorrow night? I’m free then. Will you let him out this morning if we go out tomorrow instead?”
She could almost hear him thinking. “Tomorrow it is!” he finally agreed. “You can come down and sign the papers anytime. I’ll have them ready.”
She breathed a sigh of relief, sort of. She still dreaded going out with him. “Thanks, Will. I appreciate it. I’ll be down in a little while. Just as soon as I call his parents.”
“Oh, and Mel… don’t forget, I expect you to look good tomorrow.”
“Yeah, yeah. I haven’t forgotten. See you in a few.” She hung up on him. Geeze! The guy was a pain. “I expect you to look good tomorrow,” she mimicked angrily into the air. But they ran up against each other a lot. She had no doubt that if she didn’t at least try to look a little better, which in his case meant sexier, then the next case he might not be so compliable. It was always give and take with these things… speaking of which, she had a very good phone call to make to the kid’s parents just then.

Chad was working intently when he suddenly felt a hand placed lightly on his shoulder. “Hey Chad,” Robins voice said softly.
He jumped a bit because he hadn’t heard her come in behind him. “Hi Robin,” he replied as he finished typing his line of code. He could feel her fingers feeling for the straps of his girdle under his shirt. “Please don’t,” he said, shrugging her hand away. He turned his chair around towards her.
“I just needed you to look at my idea for one of the pages for this new project,” she said.
“Oh, ok, no problem.” He got up from his seat and followed him into her cubicle. Her design was already up on her screen. “I love it!” he said enthusiastically. “And I have no doubt that the clients will too. In fact, we can use part of that on the home page too if you want. I think it might look good.”
“That was kind of my idea too,” she admitted. “I just wanted to see how you felt about it.”
“I love it,” he said as he leaned back against her desk to look at it more closely.
“Hey Chad,” she said quietly. “Do you know your makeup is a little messed up around your chin? It looks like you wiped some of it off and the areas around it got all smeared.”
He suddenly felt so embarrassed. Why was she looking at his face instead of their work? “Uh… I didn’t know,” he lied. Actually he had totally forgotten.
“You’ve got to be more careful if you’re going to be wearing makeup.”
“I guess I’m not used to it yet,” he admitted. Well, he wasn’t!
“You better fix it,” she said. But she suddenly noticed his necklace half hidden under his shirt. “Oooo. That’s pretty,” she said as she reached out and pulled it out so she could see it better. When did you get that?”
“Friday night,” he said slightly exasperated.
“Your ring too?” she asked.
“Nice. I love them.” But before she let go of his necklace, she was careful to arrange it more outside his shirt than inside. “You need to let that show more,” she said.
He wanted to ask why, but he decided not to. It would only lead to more embarrassing conversations.
“Hey, tell me something Chad.”
He was suddenly wary. “Yeah?”
“Why is it you always wear your old male shirts, when everything else that you wear is for women? Don’t you have any pretty blouses?”
“Yeah, I’ve got a few.” He admitted.
“Then why don’t you wear one?”
He tried to find and answer that he could tell her but he couldn’t. “It’s complicated,” he finally replied.
She rolled her eyes and turned away from him, obviously put off.
“Well, it is!” he protested as he started to leave.
“Oh Chad,” she called after him sarcastically. “Don’t forget to fix your makeup!”
He didn’t answer.

Mel was feeling both good and bad when she got back from the police station. Good because the stupid kid was out of jail, and bad because she had to deal with Detective ‘All-To-Smug’ again. When she checked her messages, she was surprised to see one from Sandy. She called her number. “Hey Sandy, it’s Mel.”
“Oh hi Mel. Thanks for returning my call.”
“No problem. What’s up?”
“I just wanted to let you know that I got the highchair back this morning. The carpenter did a really great job!”
“Wonderful! So when will you have it ready?”
“Probably by Wednesday at the latest. Maybe tomorrow night. It depends on how things go.”
“That’s great Sandy. I appreciated it.”
“Well, just don’t forget that you promised to let me babysit someday.”
Mel laughed, but only for a moment. Instead of talking, she found herself saying nothing, thinking long and hard about what she was considering.
“Mel? Are you still there?”
“Yeah Sandy. I’m here… Listen, Sandy. I’ve kind of got this date lined up for tomorrow night…”
“Wonderful Mel. Good for you!”
“Yeah, well, maybe not so good. I’ve been out with this guy a few times before and he’s a lousy date… if you know what I mean.”
“So? Go enjoy yourself anyway.”
“Unfortunately, I’m kind of stuck going out with him this time. Anyway…” she paused slightly for another breath. “I was thinking… if you still want to babysit with him… then how about then?”
Sandy’s squealing was loud enough that Mel had to move the phone away from her ear for a moment. “Tomorrow? You mean it?”
“Yeah, tomorrow.”
“Of course Mel. I can’t wait!”
“Great. I’ll give you the details later. Ok?”
“Super Mel. Super!”

Sandy hung up her phone totally excited. She was going to get to babysit with the sissy. She had no doubt that Cassie would be equally excited too. She was supposed to be searching for fabrics and furniture for a client just then, but somehow she was no longer interested. Instead, she pulled her car into the parking lot of a store that specialized in things for little girls. She needed some ideas and this might be the perfect place to start… oh, and then there was that new baby store further up the street, and then the toy store, and …

Chad stared at his purse. It was almost lunchtime. It had been a good morning. He had gotten plenty of work done and even better, his spreadsheet now proudly announced that he had held back for twenty minutes – and that was a conservative estimate. But his problem now was his makeup. He remembered that Mel had told him to fix it when he got to work. Even Robin had noticed the problem. He just didn’t want to do it. But Mel had said she was going to call Cassie to check up on him. He knew she would. He had the impression that Cassie told Mel everything.
Having no choice, he searched through his purse for the compact that held his little mirror. It was really difficult to see much in it and he felt cross-eyed before he looked away. He pulled out the things he thought he would need. He didn’t have to do all of his face, just a tiny touch up. But the darn foundation could be so tricky. Once he had the things he needed out, he dabbed a tiny bit of makeup over the areas that were bad. Then he grabbed one of his makeup brushes and went to work.
“Cool! I see you got yourself some brushes too,” Robin’s voice said from the entrance to his cubicle.
He suddenly felt very embarrassed by what he was doing. “Yeah, you said I should.”
But Robin was now looking at the makeup on his desk that he had pulled out. “Hey, this is some new stuff. You didn’t have this last week.” She picked up one of the bottles. “Oh, this is nice. I love it, but I can’t always afford it.”
“Yeah,” he answered. “Well, I don’t really buy all that much anyway.”
“Lately you seem to be.”
He had to admit, she had a point. “Maybe,” he answered noncommittally.
“Hey,” she said. “I’m going to lunch. Want to go?”
“No, I can’t,” he replied.
“Another date?”
“Something like that.”
She stood there for a moment looking at him, wondering what was really going on. “Ok, suit yourself,” she finally said before she left him. Did she want to follow him again? Not really… but…

Chad struggled with his face, trying to fix it the best that he could. By the time he was done though, he knew he was going to be a few minutes late meeting Cassie. He hurried out to his car and drove to the exercise place where she worked.
“Hi Sissy.” The receptionist called out way too loudly as he walked in.
“Uh… hi,” he replied.
The receptionist suddenly put a funny pout on her face. “I’m disappointed. You don’t ever curtsey pretty when you talk to me.”
Why did this woman want to tease him so much? Why did any of them want to tease him for that matter? “Knowing that she’d only make things more difficult than they already were, he dropped a quick curtsey for her and said “hi” again.
She giggled terribly! “Oh, you’re sooo sweet! I’ll find Cassie for you.”
Chad was just grateful that she hadn’t delayed things any longer. The receptionist was back a few minutes later with Cassie. Chad didn’t wait this time, he immediately dropped another curtsey as he greeted Cassie.
Cassie smiled. “You’re learning, Sissy. I’ve got to say that much for you. You’re learning. But are you learning anything else? That part we’ll have to see about. She crooked her finger as she turned around and Chad followed her toward the back. He was suddenly not looking forward to getting his diapers changed again.
Once again in the back office with the blinds closed, Cassie had him get undressed down to just his diapers while she pulled one of his baby bottles out of his diaper bag. She had him lie on the floor to change him again and handed him the bottle to suck on. She removed his diapers. “Oooo, not messy again?”
“I haven’t had any suppositories in a while now,” he replied.
“And why is that?” she asked. He shrugged as best he could while on his back. “Don’t know,” he said around the nipple in his mouth. “I guess Mel’s been too busy.”
Cassie didn’t say anything to that. She just removed his diaper and put two fresh ones under him. “Ok, let’s get down to business now.”
Chad was already mentally preparing himself for the pain… dreading what was to come more than ever.
Cassie squirted some baby lotion into her hands and began messaging what she could touch on his front side. To Chad, it felt like heaven. He wanted more, much more… while at the same time he didn’t want it at all because he knew that in the end it would hurt. He tried very hard to keep what Cassie was doing somewhere in the back of his mind while he attempted to think of work issues instead. It was working – sort of. At least his chastity device wasn’t hurting him yet.
“You’re doing so well,” she said softly. But she wasn’t stopping. “Raise up your bottom a bit so I can coat your rear end too. He did as he was told and soon felt her warm hands massaging his back side. It too felt incredibly good. But then she was moving closer to his tiny little hole. And the feelings seemed to increase ten-fold. She touched his hole, and he moaned. She noticed his reaction and was a bit surprised by it. She touched it again and felt him pushing himself ever so slightly towards her finger. “You like that?” she asked softly.
He didn’t answer. He was too wrapped up in how good her hands felt and wishing more than ever that she would touch him there again.
She touched his asshole again, only this time she left her finger there. Once again he was pushing against her finger. She glanced at his face. His eyes were closed. He was sucking on his baby bottle furiously again. Ever so slightly, she increased the pressure of her finger till it slid just barely into him. She saw his whole body shiver. She removed her finger. He was breathing faster now, his baby bottle would be finished soon at the rate he was sucking on it. She quickly grabbed one of the suppositories and got it ready. Then she went back to playing with his tiny asshole. Again, she put just enough pressure on it to where he was trying to push against her finger again. Then she pressed it inside, further this time. All the way to her first knuckle. She slid it in and out a few times then removed it. His eyes were still closed and he was still sucking furiously on his bottle. He was breathing hard. The base of his cock was now more swollen than it was before, yet he wasn’t complaining.
She picked up the suppository and held it against him till he started pushing against it, then she slowly slid it in along with her entire finger, as far as she could push it. She saw his face wince in pain as the teeth of his device dug deeper into him. She pulled her finger out again. She doubted that he even knew she had put the suppository into him.
She moved her hand back to his ball sac and his rear end automatically dropped back down to the floor. She massaged him again and again till he began moaning. She could see that he was so thick now inside his device that it had to be hurting him. She wanted to do more for him, but the darn plastic device was preventing her. She grabbed the whole thing in both hands and pulled gently on it. He groaned as his trapped cock tried to become fully erect in the tiny space that it had. Once again, he pushed her hands away and rolled over onto his side, trying to quell the pain.
When she felt he was more under control, she rolled him back over and took his empty bottle from him. Then she finished diapering him. “You did pretty good again today,” she said, but you’ve still got a ways to go. I think you enjoyed that today more than you have before.”
Chad felt his face burn with shame. He didn’t know what to answer. It had felt good. He was just now more horny than he had felt in a very long time. “Can I go now?” he asked, still deeply embarrassed.
“Yeah,” she said. “Get some lunch.”
He hurried out and back to his car, never once looking at anybody else. He himself was still trying to figure things out. Why had it felt so good when she had played with his asshole? He wasn’t sure he liked any of the implications of that.

“Hi Mel, it’s Cassie.’
“Hi Cassie. Everything go ok today?”
“Yeah, just fine. Hey, I noticed something different today.”
“Yeah. When I played with him trying to get him hard, he was doing real well till I started playing just a bit with his asshole. Touching it kind of kick-started his system. It was like he wanted me playing with it.”
Mel had to think about that for a moment. “Ok… Um, have you ever noticed that before?”
“No, never. How about you?”
“I’ve never played with that – other than to shove suppositories up his butt.”
“No, why?”
“You don’t get out much girl, do you?”
“Not as much as I probably should. But I am going out tomorrow night – with someone I’d rather not be going out with at all. Did Sandy tell you?”
“No, I haven’t talked to her today.”
“Yeah, I’ve agreed to let her… and I guess you, babysit with Sissy tomorrow night while I’m gone.”
“Oh hey! That should be fun! I know Sandy’s been jealous because I get to play with him every day and she doesn’t.”
“Well, she can have at him tomorrow night then.”
“Great. I just wanted to let you know how it went today, that’s all.”
“Ok, thanks Cassie. I’ll talk to you later.”
Mel hung up her phone. What a strange conversation. So his asshole was becoming more sensitive lately. That was interesting. Had she read something about that? She’d have to look it up. And first chance she got, she’d have to experiment for herself.