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The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 4 of 7)

Instead of going directly into her apartment, Mel stopped at Chad’s apartment first. She rooted through some of the things he had to wear and finally grabbed his baby-doll nighty and one of his onesies. She noticed his pacifier sitting next to his clock radio. She picked it up and shoved it directly into his mouth. Finally, she had him change out his low-heeled shoes for ones with a higher heel. Feeling much more satisfied, she took him to her apartment.
There was still several hours before Detective Grey would be picking her up, but she still had to get ready for him. And sometimes getting ready could take several hours. “Start my bath water,” she ordered, the minute they walked through her door. While he was doing that, she put her purse down and pulled her cell phone out to check for messages. She was pleased to see that there weren’t any. She had left instructions with Andrea to hold all her messages unless they were really important. Of course, a message from Will Grey cancelling the date for tonight would have been most welcome.
She walked into the bathroom where Sissy was watching the tub fill with bath water. She grabbed a box of her favorite bath beads and handed it to him. “Let’s try this one tonight,” she said. She watched as he began to tentatively pour some into the water. He poured a little bit, then stopped to look at her.
“How much?” he asked through his pacifier.
“A lot more than that! Just keep pouring and I’ll tell you when to stop. He went back to pouring again. “Good!” she finally said. She breathed in the fragrant scent of the water. “Mmmm. That smells heavenly.” Her body was relaxing already just from the aroma. She looked at him. “Diapers, plastic panties, and shoes,” she said. She watched as he stripped down to just what she wanted. She loved seeing him like that, especially with the silly little pacifier in his mouth. He looked so… funny! She picked all his clothes up for him and put them into her clothes hamper herself.
Her bathtub had plenty of water in it now. “That’s enough,” she told him. He turned the water off. “See how much is in there?” she said. “Next time, remember that. That’s what I like.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said as he dropped a quick curtsey. His little curtsey thrilled her completely. Yes, she loved watching him. It was so… rewarding!
But now it was time for her bath and she was still dressed. It would be so nice to have him help her with her bath... scrub her back for her, maybe even other places too. But somehow, she just couldn’t bring herself to get naked in front of him. She knew it was silly. She had been naked in front of other men before when she had made love with them… ok, there weren’t all that many, but still there had been a few. But for some reason she was still reluctant to undress in front of him. It didn’t really make sense, but she couldn’t help it.
She removed her shoes and threw them into the corner of the bathroom. She removed the watch that she wore on her wrist. She pulled her hair up on top of her head so it wouldn’t get wet. Then she took a deep breath. She had to force herself to unbutton her blouse in front of him. It was almost difficult and it took her a long time. Feeling more paranoid than ever about it, she slowly peeled her blouse off, leaving the top part of her body only covered by her bra.
She had the same problem with the pants she was wearing. Very slowly she forced herself to drag them down her legs.

Chad watched her slowly undressing in front of him. He was mesmerized. She was doing it so slowly, sensually. She was purposely trying to make him hard – where she knew that he couldn’t get hard. And oh boy did he want to! Every second that went by, watching her, that he didn’t get the least bit harder felt like heaven, because he got to really enjoy watching her and there wasn’t an ounce of pain. She was down to her bra and panties now. There was no way he could take his eyes off of her. She was hesitating now, building up the tension before she removed one of them. Which would she take off first? He waited in breathless anticipation.

Mel tried hard to bring herself to remove just her bra in front of him. She stood there. She brought her hands up to the clasps behind her. She stood there like that for an eternity. But she just couldn’t do it. With a tiny shake of her head, she lowered her arms again. Finally, she decided she would get into her tub just the way she was - as if she was wearing a bikini bathing suit instead of a bra and panties.
She stepped into the tub and laid back. The warm water felt so good. It would have felt better if she was completely naked, but it still felt good. “Kneel down next to me,” she commanded. And he did so. She could see that he still hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. Well, that was good. She had to wonder what was really going on in his mind just then. She had a pretty good idea of what most guys might think, but he was a sissy. He was different.
She handed him her big soft sponge. “Clean my back,” she said as she leaned forward.

Chad took the sponge from her and began running it lightly over her back. Dripping the warm water over her, caressing her skin with it. He couldn’t believe it, she was purposely teasing him, denying him the sight of her naked body by keeping her bra and panties on. Obviously she knew that doing it like that would only add to his excitement. He thanked God that his chastity device was still not hurting him. It would have completely destroyed the moment.

Mel felt the sensual touch of the sponge snag on her bra. She hated it. It was just all wrong. She wanted to be naked to feel his attentions unhindered. “Stop,” she finally ordered. She looked around at what she could see of her bathroom and her eyes fell on the clothes hamper where she had just put the clothes he had been wearing. “Get your shirt out of the clothes hamper,” she said, an idea coming to her.
Chad was puzzled. He pulled his shirt out of the clothes hamper and started to put it on.
“No, don’t wear it,” she said. “Not like that anyway. Roll it up a few times then tie it around your head. Blindfold yourself so you can’t see me.”
He was shocked. She could be so kinky sometimes. She was toying with him again, denying him the right to see her naked. As he tied his shirt tightly around his eyes, blocking off all his sight, he could feel his sexual need surging again. He was so thankful that his chastity device was still not hurting him.
As he once again knelt down next to her tub, she finally plucked up the courage to remove her bra and panties. His hands were feeling for the sponge again and she handed it to him. Once again he began caressing her body with the sponge.

Chad dipped the sponge into the warm water and drew it slowly over her back. Again and again, very slowly and carefully he rubbed her beautiful skin with it. He couldn’t see her, but he could feel her under the sponge. His mind imagined every wonderful curve of her body. Being without sight seemed to make him appreciate it all that much more. He caressed her with the sponge, over and over again, moving gradually from her back to her front. Down and over her naked breasts. Wonderful breasts. Lovely breasts. He was sure of it. Then he moved down further. All the way down to the little place between her legs. He heard her gasp with pleasure as he cleaned it gently, once, twice, three times… then he did it all over again. Finally, he moved down to her legs as he carefully caressed them one at a time. He couldn’t see her with his eyes, but he could see her with his mind. His imagination memorized every nook and cranny of her.

Mel was slowly going crazy under his attentions. It took a supreme effort to control herself. He was magic! But she finally came to her senses when he reached her feet. “That’s enough,” she said. She still had to finish getting ready for Detective ‘Smug.’ “Just stay there like that,” she commanded. Then she grabbed her razor and shaved her legs. It would have been nice to have him do that for her, but he couldn’t do that blindfolded – she didn’t think anyway. But it might be fun to find out… some other time.
“Hand me the towel on your left,” she said. She watched him reach out and search with his left arm for the towel that she could have grabbed easily herself. He found it and pulled it down. She took it from him and stood up in the tub. He was still on his knees as she stepped out to finish drying herself off behind him. She could see him keep turning his head just a bit as if he was trying to see her, which was silly because she knew he couldn’t see anything blindfolded as he was.
She grabbed her robe that she kept hanging on the back of her bathroom door and put it on, tying the belt around her waist tightly. “Ok,” she said finally. “You can take that shirt off your head again.”
Chad removed the shirt from his head. He blinked several times to clear his sight. He turned as well as he could in his kneeling position to look at her. He was disappointed, she had her robe on. He knew she would be covered, but he had hoped anyway.
“Come on, help me pick out what to wear for tonight,” she said cheerfully.
He followed her to her room where she went straight to her dresser. She hunted through the top drawer, sifting through piles of pale colored wispy material. She briefly held up at least half a dozen pairs of panties before she finally selected a pair. She turned around and showed them to him. “What do you think? Sexy enough?”
He felt like electricity was suddenly running through his body. “Yes, Mistress,” he said dropping a slight curtsey.
She smiled that wicked smile of hers again. “I’ll bet you wish you could wear them. Don’t you?”
The electric current running through him grew stronger. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied, again with another curtsey. But his eyes were locked on the wispy panties she held in front of her.
She sidled up to him and whispered into his ear. “But you can’t, can you. You have to wear diapers, and only diapers. Little baby diapers. Baby diapers for the sissy baby. Too much of a sissy baby to wear big girl panties.” She laughed as she moved away from him. That electric current running through him seemed to be centered directly at the root of his cock right now, and he could suddenly feel the tiny first stings from his chastity device. He forced himself to try to remain calm, willing the still tiny stings to go away.
Without removing her robe, she turned her back to him and began pulling the panties up her legs, further and further. With the robe still covering her, she pulled them all the way into place and wiggled just a bit to situate them properly. She turned her head back to see if he had been watching. She doubted he had even blinked. Oh, this was fun!
She quickly moved to her closet and opened the door, breaking the spell that had seemed to hold him in place. She searched quickly through dress after dress, discounting most of them. She pulled one out, then another. She turned to him and held one up to her body. “Which one do you think, this one?” She watched his face for a moment to let him see the dress in front of her. “Or this one?” She switched to the dress in her other hand.
He couldn’t tell. They both looked great to him. He shook his head. “They’re both great Mistress,” I can’t decide.
“Sissy. Come on, you can do better than that!” Then a thought struck her. “Look, I need you to think like the real sissy that you are. Now which one would you wear to make a man think you’re really hot?”
Again that jolt of electric current ran through him in all the wrong – or maybe right – ways. He had never even thought of thinking about a dress that way. He moved to where he could get a closer look at the dresses. They were both short, or appeared to be anyway. One looked like it would leave one of her shoulders bare, while the other one looked to be very low cut. It was a really tough decision. He pointed to the one with the lower cut neckline. Hesitantly, he said through his pacifier, “That one I think.”
She smiled and ran over to her full length mirror and held it up in front of her. She nodded, then turned her head towards him. She was smiling. “Yeah, it just might do the trick.” She hung the dress on the back of her closet door for later.
While he watched as she did her makeup, he had to wonder, earlier she had sounded like she didn’t want to go out with this guy at all. Now it was more like she couldn’t wait to seduce him. Why? And what about him? He had a sudden bad thought. Would he ever go out with a woman again? What woman in her right mind would ever go out with someone like him? Nobody, that’s who! But when this bet is over… he promised himself that somehow he would get his life back again. He might have to move to the most out of the way place on earth to do it, but somehow he would get it back again.
When she finished her makeup, she reached for one of the bottles of perfume on her counter. She picked it up then stopped, thinking for a minute. She turned to him. “Sissy, would you mind if I borrowed a little of that heavenly perfume you got last weekend?”
Why would he mind? He never used it. He dropped another curtsey. “I’d love for you to use it, Mistress,” he replied.
She smiled at him. “Go get if for me please, quickly.”
He took two steps toward the door, then stopped. He looked down at himself. He was only wearing his diapers and high heels. He turned back questioningly towards her.
“Go like you are, Sissy. Just take your keys and nothing else. Maybe there will be some nice people outside who would enjoy seeing how you look now too.”
He hesitantly turned toward the door. He hated it when she made him do things like this. He fished his keys out of his purse, took a deep breath to calm himself, then ran as fast as he could for his own apartment. He breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he got there and closed the door behind him. He quickly found his perfume and dashed back to her apartment. Closing her door behind him was like a huge relief. It was so embarrassing to be outside, dressed like he was!
He handed her the perfume and watched as she sprayed herself. “Oh, that’s such a pretty scent. Don’t you think?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied with yet another curtsey.
“Here,” she said holding the bottle out. Before he could react, she sprayed him in three different places with it.
Suddenly the embarrassing smell was all over him. And he knew he couldn’t get away from it. What could he do? He dropped another curtsey and said, “Thank you, Mistress,” yet again.
She smiled at him. “You should consider wearing this more often. It really is beautiful.”
He didn’t even want to think about that!
She looked at her clock. There was still plenty of time. She walked into her kitchen and pulled a baby bottle full of her tea mixture out. She handed him the bottle and pulled out his pacifier. She pointed at his spot on the floor and he obediently sat down and began drinking. She felt satisfied. Things were getting back to normal again – where they should be.
When his bottle was done, she stuck his pacifier back in his mouth and changed his diapers. “Not messy again,” she noted.
“I didn’t eat any lunch today,” he explained. “It usually happens after I eat.”
She nodded her understanding and finished diapering him – without inserting another suppository. No sense making things even worse for Sandy and Cassie.
She looked back and forth between his onesie and his baby-doll nighty. She finally opted for the nighty because she thought he looked cuter in it. Then she put it on him. He was as ready as she was going to get him. It was her turn to finish getting ready now. She made him scrunch himself into his corner with orders not to dare move while she finished getting dressed.

Chad was back in his corner again. It was beginning to feel like home to him. A terrible home, but a familiar place never the less. It sounded like she had gone back into her bedroom again. That was one of the problems with his corner, when he was in it, all he could do was to try to listen… and to think. There was nothing else. He again felt the first faint signs that he would have to pee. He easily pushed it to the back of his mind and half forgot about it. His control was normal again, completely. Could he hold it for an hour now? He doubted it. Tomorrow he would be conservative with his hold-back estimate in his spreadsheet again.

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