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The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 2of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 2of 7)

A little while later, Mel walked into the trendy restaurant. Before the hostess could ask to seat her, she spotted Gloria already waiting for her at one of the tables. She sat down with her.
“Hi Mel. So what’s getting you so down today?” Gloria asked.
“I guess a couple of things. First of all, do you remember Will Grey?”
“You mean the police detective?”
“That’s the one. He’s kind of forced me into a date with him tonight.”
“If I remember correctly, you can’t stand the guy.”
“You got that right! He’s so darn manipulative.”
“Like you aren’t?”
“Ok, so maybe I am. But that’s the point. We’re both that way and I can’t stand it!”
“So you’re stuck with this date?”
“Something like that.”
“So go and enjoy what you can then kiss him off again like last time.”
“That’s about what I plan to do.” “Ok, so what else is eating you? I know it has to be more than that.”
“Ummm…” She paused to think for a moment. “I guess it’s Chad. You wouldn’t believe how he acted this morning. He yelled at me for Heaven’s sake! Right out of the clear blue, he told me off, then just stomped out and went to work! The bastard. Like he doesn’t appreciate everything I’m trying to do for him.”
“What did you do about it?”
“What did I do? Nothing! He was gone. There wasn’t anything I could do. But later… Well, I still have to figure out what I’m going to do to him later. I’m hoping you can help me with some ideas.”
“Uh huh,” Gloria mumbled still looking intently at her friend. “What kind of things do you do for him?” she asked.
“You said he doesn’t appreciate what you do for him. What do you do?”
“What do I do?” She had to think for a moment. “I’m trying to fulfill all his kinky little fantasies. That’s what I’m doing.”
“How about your fantasies?”
“Well, yeah, mine too, of course.”
“Uh huh.” She replied. “So what did you say to him this morning?”
“This morning? God, not much at all! I only yelled at him a bit because he forgot his pacifier…”
“Yeah, I love seeing him suck on it all the time. It’s hilarious! I’ve been having a real problem with him forgetting it lately.”
“Oh, ok. What else?”
“And then I yelled at him because he didn’t drink any of his baby bottles!” “No baby bottles?”
“Yeah! He knows he’s supposed to drink some every morning and then bring me the empty ones.”
“But he didn’t?”
“No! Not even one!”
“So it sounds like he was mad at you before he got there.”
“Yeah. I could tell as soon as I opened my door. His curtsey was so half-hearted and his voice was almost flat.” “His curtsey…” Gloria was trying desperately to sort it all and keep the strange things all in their place. “So if he came in mad, then maybe it was something that happened last night. What did you do to him then?”
“Last night? Not much. Just the usual. I had him fix me dinner and stand in the corner while I ate… He did ask me though about the dinner he had made for me and a few friends the day before. Would you believe it, he was looking for praise or something! Like I really need to tell him! That made me mad. But I enjoyed making him stand scrunched up into his little corner for an extra half hour before I let him out and let him do the laundry. Men! They’re always wanting praise where it shouldn’t be needed!”
“I see,” Gloria replied. “So he made you all dinner the day before too?”
“Oh yeah. For a little sissy twerp, the guy can really cook. It was great!”
“Uh huh,” she replied once again. “So what else did you do last night?”
She was hesitant to mention it. “Um… I kind of got off with him. If you know what I mean.”
“No. I don’t know what you mean. Tell me exactly what you did.”
Mel felt herself blushing. “I like to tie him up and blindfold him so he can’t see me. Then I make him lick me to orgasms, over and over again. Oh Gloria, you wouldn’t believe how great it is!”
“You do that a lot? You said earlier that it was the usual.”
Mel was blushing deeper now. “Yeah. I’m getting addicted to it real fast!” She giggled.
“I see,” Gloria replied, still trying to maintain her complete professional attitude. She was supposed to be out for a fun lunch with her friend, but there were times when that friend needed some real guidance. “And what does he get out of it?”
“What does he get? What do you mean?”
“I mean, does he get off on it too?”
Mel laughed. “That’s part of the fun of it all. He can’t get off at all! I’ve got him locked into a really mean little chastity device – and I mean little! He can’t feel anything! Period!”
“So he never gets any…”
Mel shook her head. “Nada! Nothing! Zip!”
Gloria shook her head. “And how does he feel about that?”
“I don’t really know. It doesn’t matter anyway, because with this bet, it’s all about what I want.”
“I see,” she replied once again. “Mel, I got to tell you. I’ve got to side with him. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s not right! Your little sexual games aside, you don’t ever even talk to the poor guy. As far as I can tell, you treat him like a thing! You might as well be doing this with a robot or something! It’s no wonder he told you off. According to you, the only thing you ever say to him is when you yell at him once in a while. And that doesn’t count! What do you really know about him?”
“I don’t know? Not much. I know he’s almost divorced.” Mel replied. Since Gloria was suddenly siding with Chad, she was no longer sure of her mental footing.
“Divorced! And you don’t think he might be feeling a bit lonely… or maybe even abandoned? Have you been spending a lot of attention on him lately? Other than using him for your own little sexual gratification?”
She had to think. “Not really. Not lately anyway,” she admitted.
“Mel, my bet is that he’s feeling neglected. He feels like nobody cares the least bit about him at all! And from everything you’ve just told me. I think he’s absolutely right! Mel, from what you’ve just told me, bet or no bet, you’re going to lose this guy somehow.”
That thought instantly put a bit of panic into Mel. “No! I don’t want to lose him. He’s like a dream come true!”
“Well maybe you should be taking a little better care of your play toys then,” Gloria admonished. “At least talk to him once in a while. Let him know if he does something good occasionally. Otherwise he’s going to feel nothing but worthless – like he probably does now. And you won’t like the results if that gets worse!”
Mel sighed. Gloria was probably right. She had been a bit on the selfish side lately. Even last night she knew that she should have done things differently. She just hadn’t felt like bothering. And that had led to her current situation with him. “So what should I do?” she asked sheepishly.
“Well, for starts, you might try apologizing to him. Then, I suggest you talk to him once in a while. You never know what you might learn. Oh, and if I were you, I’d get on that real fast. Or one way or another, bet or no bet, he’s gonna walk out on you if you don’t.”
Mel nodded. “Yeah, I’ll think about it.” She thought for a minute then checked her watch. “Damn! It’s too late to catch him for lunch and I’ve got to be in court right after that… Ugh! And then tonight I’ve got that date with Detective ‘Pain In the Ass’!”
“I wouldn’t wait too long,” Gloria said, “it sounds like he’s already pretty mad.”
“Yeah, I’ll think about it,” Mel replied. “Men! Why do they have to be such babies!”
Gloria laughed. “Isn’t that kind of what you want?”
Mel giggled. “Well, yes and no.” Her cell phone rang just then. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel, it’s Sandy. I was just making sure we were still on for tonight.”
“Yeah, sure,” Mel agreed.
“Great! What time can you get him here?”
“I don’t know. How about around seven. My date is picking me up at seven thirty. That will give me time to get him some dinner and get him changed first.”
“Oh no, Mel. Don’t feed him. We’ll take care of that.”
“You will?”
“Yeah, in fact I stayed up late last night finishing the highchair. You don’t mind if we use it before you do… do you?”
Mel was a bit surprised. “No, Sandy. I can’t wait to see it though.”
“Oh Mel, it came out gorgeous! Listen, you said I could babysit, so I’m kind of planning a big baby evening for him. Ok?”
“That’s up to you, Sandy. It’s fine with me. I’ll get with you later about anything else. Ok?”
“Great Mel. Thanks!”

Robin followed Chad out of the parking lot again at lunchtime. She followed him till he again turned into the gym, then she drove on to get a real fast lunch. Her friends at the break-table had reminded her this morning that she had promised to find out what was going on. And heck, she was curious. Very curious!

“Hi Sissy,” the receptionist called out the moment he walked through the door. What he wanted to tell her was to blow it out her ass! But he held his temper. Why should he bother with this anyway? Why didn’t he just go home and unwrap all his regular clothes and change? The bet! That was why. The damn bet! He half heartedly dropped a curtsey to her and said a simple, “Hi.” Fortunately she seemed happy with it and went in search of Cassie.
He didn’t bother curtseying or even saying hi to Cassie when she came out. He just showed her one of his “I dare you” faces instead. She stared at him for a few moments, questioningly, then just turned around and crooked her finger for him to follow her.
“What’s eating you?” she asked as soon as they were alone and the door was closed behind them.
“Nothing,” he replied.
She didn’t believe him. “Don’t want to talk about it, huh?”
“Something like that.” Actually, he was getting more angry with himself now, because the more things that Mel had to find out about, the worse his punishment would be later. He was starting to really dread that. But instead of doing like he was supposed to do, his anger got in the way instead. He quickly started to get undressed so she could change him faster.
When he had removed his pants and laid down on the floor, she handed him a baby bottle to suck on. She removed his wet diapers. “Still not messy,” she noted.
“The only suppositories I get anymore are the ones you give me. Mel hasn’t said anything about not giving me any, has she?”
That was news to her. “No, she hasn’t mentioned it.”
“Maybe she just forgot.”
“I don’t know. I’ll check with her later though. I promise.”
“Can we maybe do without one today? Just in case?”
She shook her head. “Sorry. I wish I could. I really do. But I promised her. Like I said though, I’ll check with her later.” She laid the fresh diapers out under him, then pulled out the bottle of baby lotion and squirted some into her hand. “Ok, she said as she rubbed the lotion onto both of her hands, let’s see how you do today.”
But the moment she placed her hands on him to try to arouse him, he put his hands down on top of hers. “Please?” he said. Pleading with her to not hurt him today.
She looked at him for a long time. “Ok,” she said softly. “Just this once. Ok?”
He breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”
She quickly grabbed a suppository and shoved it up inside him. Then she diapered him and waited till he finished his baby bottle.

Robin finished her burger in record time and drove back to the Gym. Good! His car was still there! She plucked up her courage and went inside. She couldn’t imagine what she might see. Chad in pink leotards maybe? The thought actually made her giggle.
“Hi, come on in,” the receptionist said as soon as she got through the door. “Can I show you some of the packages we have, or are you interested in just a general membership?” The receptionist was already spreading out pamphlets for her to look at.
Robin glanced around at what she could see of the gym. There were a lot of women on the exercise machines, but she didn’t see any sign of Chad. She was actually disappointed. “Um…” she finally said as she continued trying to spot him. “Actually, I’m here looking for someone.”
“Oh, no problem. Who do you need?”
“His name is Chad,” she said.
“Chad? I’m sorry, this is a women’s only gym.”
“But I saw him coming in here earlier,” she protested. “And his car is still outside.”
The receptionist thought for a moment, then it finally dawned on her who the woman wanted. “Oh, you mean Sissy.”
“Yeah, he’s a sissy alright. Is he here?”
“No, I mean that’s the name he uses when he comes in here.”
Robin was so startled she didn’t know what to say. It took her a moment to come to grips with it. “He says his name is Sissy?” she asked. She wasn’t sure she had really heard it right.
“Yeah. Definitely.”
“Ooookaaayyy,” Robin relied, still trying to come to grips with that. “Is he here?” she asked.
“Yeah, but he’s in the back with one of the trainers right now. I have standing orders that they’re not to be disturbed.”
“What are they doing?” she asked, really puzzled now.
“I have no idea?” the receptionist admitted. “He comes in every day and goes back with the trainer for a little while, then he leaves. That’s all I know. He should be out fairly soon though, if you want to wait.”
Robin decided that she really didn’t want him to see her there. She just wanted to know what was going on. “No, no. I’m going to leave now. In fact, please do me a favor and don’t even tell him I was here. Ok?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She hurried out to her car instead. He was calling himself Sissy? Wait till the girls in the break-room heard that!

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