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The Bet - Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 5of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 5of 7)

Mel finished fastening her dress, then went to find a pair of shoes. She started to put one pair on, the stopped and kicked them off again. Detective ‘Nuisance’ had said she had to dress sexy. Her dress was sexy. She had one pair of shoes in her closet somewhere with a much higher heel – black patent leather stilettos. She hadn’t worn them in years and years now. It took her a few minutes to find them. She slipped them on. She instantly felt taller. The shoes were a bit uncomfortable not to mention unstable, but if he wanted sexy, then that’s what she would give him. She wondered how Sissy would feel wearing the shoes she had on. He’d love them no doubt. He had a high-heel fascination for sure. Maybe she should get him some – someday.
She brushed her hair again and pulled it back behind her with a fancy hair clip. She rechecked her makeup. She was as ready as she wanted to be just then. She walked back out to her living room. He was still stuck tightly in his corner. He hadn’t heard her coming and she caught him with one heel slightly off the ground. “Feet together!” she ordered. He instantly fixed his stance to where it should be. She laughed internally. This was so much fun.
She glanced at her clock. It was almost seven. Close enough. “Ok, Sissy. It’s time. Let’s go.”
He gratefully pulled himself away from his corner and turned around, trying to stretch a few of his aching muscles as he did so. He stopped and stared at her. She was fully dressed and standing still so he could appreciate her. And appreciate her he did. From her hair down to her black patent shoes. His gaze lingered the longest on her shoes… wow! He looked up into her face. She was a gorgeous woman, but this was the first time he had really seen that. She never dressed this way before. He would love to go out with her, love to take her to bed… but those thoughts were quickly dashed as he realized his own situation and personality. She was going out with a real man tonight… even though she said she didn’t like him, the guy would undoubtedly be someone she could respect. Nothing at all like him. He was a sissy and unworthy of her attentions. He hung his head and dropped a very nice curtsey to her. “You look very, very nice tonight, Mistress.”
She was pleased, especially by the way she had seen him looking at her, and then his final reaction. It actually thrilled her to the core. “Thank you, Sissy,” she replied. She was about to tell him to get his purse and diaper bag, but she realized that he didn’t have his diaper bag. She guessed it was still back in his car at work. “Grab a plastic garbage bag from the kitchen,” she ordered. “And then put at least six bottles in it from the refrigerator.”
His eyes went wide. “Six!”
She smiled that wicked smile again. “You heard me! Get to it!”
While he was doing that, she dug a bunch of disposable and heavy cloth diapers out of her cabinet, along with a bunch of other things. Everything Sandy and Cassie could possibly need to diaper him many times, in any way that they wished. When Chad came back with the bag full of bottles, she filled the bag with the things she had gathered. “There. That should do it,” she proclaimed. “We better go now, or you’re going to be late!”
He had spent a few minutes while he was in the corner trying to grasp the concept of being babysat, but he hadn’t been able to wrap his mind around it. What exactly did that mean? He had no idea. He took the heavy plastic bag from her when she handed it to him and then grabbed his purse. She opened the door. It was still fully light outside, undoubtedly there would be people around who would see him. But what choice did he have? Nervously, he followed her outside.
She walked slowly and purposefully toward Sandy and Cassie’s apartment and he followed closely behind her. There were a few people in the parking lot who stared at them. One gorgeous woman dressed to the nines … and him… a sissy baby. Talk about an odd combination.
Mel knocked on their door and it was opened almost immediately by Sandy. But instead of greeting Mel, she looked straight at Chad and squealed with delight. “Oh Sissy! Aren’t you just the most precious thing!”
Chad was momentarily scared when she pushed past Mel to quickly hug him, then drag him into her apartment.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie said from inside while Sandy was looking Chad over carefully. “You really turned out great tonight!”
“Thanks, Cassie,” Mel replied, also watching Sandy lavishing attention on Chad.
“Oh Mel,” Sandy finally said, “come on, let me show you what I did.” She dragged Chad by his arm into the kitchen with her.
Chad stopped and stared, not believing what he saw. She had a highchair there – a big one! And it was obviously decorated for a baby girl!
“Didn’t it turn out great?” Sandy asked Mel.
Mel was shocked. It was beautiful. She had never seen a highchair like it. All the highchairs she had ever seen before were rather plain compared to this one. The whole thing was painted pale pink and white. There were tiny hearts, flowers, and doll appliqués pasted all over it. It was really quite pretty. The only part that didn’t appear to be fancy was the tray he would be eating off of. That just looked to be very plain – as it probably should. It was a beautiful highchair. A big one, but a beautiful one.
“Sandy,” she said, then stopped as she searched for words. “It’s amazing! You’ve outdone yourself with it for sure!”
“So you like it?” she asked.
“Like it? That’s probably an understatement. You really went all out on it!”
“Well, I was having fun,” she admitted. “I hope I didn’t go too far with it.”
“Too far? Sandy, it’s fantastic!”
Sandy squealed with delight. Then she pulled the tray off of it. “Ok, little baby, guess where you need to sit.”
Chad was hesitant. She really meant for him to sit in that thing! It looked big enough, but something about it made him feel really squeamish just looking at it, let alone sitting in it. Slowly, he walked over to it and turned around so his back was to it. The seat was a bit higher than he liked and he had to stretch on his toes to get his backside up on the seat, but once there, he was able to easily slide all the way back into it. There was a round chair rail at just the perfect height to rest his feet on and he unconsciously hooked his heels over it.
Sandy drew some white nylon straps from the back of the chair around him and fastened the buckle attached to them together with a loud click, then she pulled the straps tight. “We don’t want baby to fall out, do we?”
Fall out? He was shocked. She had even included a seatbelt. He was an adult for heaven’s sake. Ok, he was also a big baby, but he wasn’t about to fall out of the thing!
Sandy picked up the tray by its sides and held it in front of her. “Ok, baby, put your hands in your lap.”
Chad looked at her, she couldn’t be serious! But he did as she told him to. All too quickly, she was placing the try on top of the armrest and pushing it forward. There were some very obvious clicks as it came closer and closer up to his chest. Then one final click as it pressed tightly against him.
“There,” that should do it,” Sandy said sounding satisfied.
Chad tried to pull his arms out, but he couldn’t. His elbows kept hitting either the sides of the chair or the back. Why had she bothered with the seatbelt? There was no way he could get out of the thing! He looked up to see all the women watching him squirm in the chair. He blushed. He was trapped, right where they wanted him.
Mel had that wicked smile of hers on her face again. “I guess we don’t have to worry about him falling out of it, do we.” All the women laughed slightly. Mel turned to Sandy. “I put a bunch of things into the bag for him. Plenty of diapers and bottles. So you should have everything you need. I don’t know what time I’ll get back tonight, so he’s all yours.”
“Thanks Mel. You don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this. We’re going to have so much fun!” She turned towards Chad, “Aren’t we Sissy?”
Chad could do nothing but stare at her. Fun? What was her idea of fun?
While Cassie walked Mel to the door, Sandy got busy in the kitchen. From his seat, Chad saw her pulling several jars out of one of her cabinets – baby food jars. His mind instantly went to the taste of the baby cereal that Mel had been giving him lately. Yech! And yet, the sight of her dumping jar after jar out onto a plate for him also triggered that internal glow of sexual interest. She was going to feed him baby food, while sitting in a highchair. He was going to hate it… he was going to love it. He squirmed in his chair again, but he couldn’t find any way to get his arms loose let alone get out of the thing. And all too soon Sandy was approaching him with the food.
“Awww. Is the little baby hungry?” she asked in her sing-song voice. “Don’t worry, Auntie Sandy will take good care of you.”
Auntie Sandy? She set the plate down on his tray in front of him. It appeared to be a child’s divided plastic dish. He couldn’t see the pattern on it because of all the colorful baby food heaped on top of it, but he had no doubt that it was patterned for a baby girl.
“Oops!” she said as soon as she had set the plate down, “we forgot something!” We? She went to one of the drawers in her kitchen and pulled something out of it. She held it up to show him as she walked back to him. “See what I got for you. Isn’t it pretty?”
He was horrified-delighted to see her holding up a large bib. The bib had colorful cartoon characters on it. He didn’t get to see it very long because she quickly had it tied around his neck. She pulled one of her kitchen chairs up next to his high chair and picked up a spoon. At least it was a normal sized teaspoon and not a baby spoon like Mel made him use.
“Ok, baby, here comes the choo-choo train. Open up the tunnel. Choo-choooooo!”
Chad obediently opened his mouth, even though he knew he was dreading what she was about to put in it. She shoved the baby food in and he closed his mouth around the spoon to pull the food off of it. His taste buds were immediately assaulted by a slightly odd, yet bland flavor. It wasn’t that the taste was so bad, he just couldn’t recognize what it was supposed to be. He half-chewed at it, but there was nothing really to chew. He swallowed. And all too soon, the choo-choo train was coming back to the tunnel again with a load of different colored mush! And all the while she fed him, she kept up a constant banter as if she were talking to a real baby. It was very demeaning. It was very humiliating. And he loved every second of it.
He turned his head at Cassie’s voice and blinked as a blinding light assaulted his eyes. She had taken his picture! He turned his head away and his face ran right into the spoon full of baby food, which naturally got all over him.
“One more,” Cassie said, he turned his head reflexively, not because she had told him to. And again the blinding light came. This was so humiliating!
He never did get to see what kind of design was on the bottom of the plate. The baby food had left too much of a mess. The taste in his mouth wasn’t all that bad, yet he really wanted a drink to rinse it away. It wasn’t often that he wished for one of Mel’s bottles of tea, but he did just then.
Sandy took the plate off of his tray and put it into the sink. She came back with a wet washcloth and began washing his face – thoroughly – scrubbing it clean of not only food, but all his makeup too. She had to rinse the washcloth twice before she was finished. “There, isn’t that better now?” she asked as she was drying his face.
“Yes,” he replied simply. Having all his makeup finally removed did feel good. Very good.
“No, no!” she said sternly. “Bad Baby! Babies don’t use adult words! From now on, whenever you say anything, you babble like a baby! Got it? Only baby sounds!”
He was startled by not only her anger, but her request. Geez! She was really trying to get into this! “Ok, he replied. I’ve got it.”
“No, no, no! Bad Baby! I said only baby sounds! Nothing else! You don’t want Auntie Sandy to spank you, do you?”
Cassie laughed, “Knowing him… he might!”
“Well, he better not!” Sandy replied.
He was shocked. He was just trying to tell her that he understood. And no, he didn’t want her to spank him. The very idea! She was waiting for something from him. An answer maybe? “Goo goo?” he said tentatively.
She smiled. “That’s much better,” she said softly.
His thrill index went up another two notches, but he was ready to get down out of the confining highchair now. Very ready.
“Now you just wait right there baby, and I’ll be back in a minute.”
Ugh! Why couldn’t she release him now? He tried to reach the buckle on the chair’s seatbelt, but in the tight confines of the chair, his arms couldn’t bend like that. But what was the use anyway? Even without the seatbelt he still couldn’t get his arms out from under the tray.
Sandy came back a few minutes later with one of his baby bottles from the bag he had brought in. “Here we go baby, I know you can’t wait to get your bottle.”
For once, Chad was actually glad to see the bottle, not only to rinse the taste of the baby food out of his mouth, but finally he’d be able to have his arms free.
But instead of releasing him, Sandy sat back down again and held the bottle to his mouth. While he was glad to finally get the taste of the baby food out of his mouth, he felt so frustrated – and yet, at the same time, in his helplessness, his sexual thrill grew a little more too. Maybe it was because she kept up her constant baby chatter at him. It was a good thing she was keeping the bottle in his mouth, because every time she asked him a question, he was tempted to answer. And he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to do that.
Cassie came back as he was finishing his bottle. “How’s the baby?” she asked.
“We’re doing just great,” Sandy replied. “We’re all fed now and she’s just finished her bottle like a good little baby.” She pulled the bottle away from him and got up from her seat. “Want to watch her for a minute?” she asked. “I’ll be right back.”
“Want me to see if she’s wet yet?” Cassie asked.
“Sure if you want,” Sandy replied as her back disappeared.
Wet? He hadn’t even thought about that. These girls were going to probably make sure that he wet himself often. They would expect that. But he had been holding back now. His control was completely back to normal again. They wouldn’t expect him to be dry at all. If Mel ever found out what he was doing… He did have to pee, fortunately. As Cassie approached him with her finger out to reach under his plastic panties, he let his pee loose. Her finger began worming its way in. “Nope, still… wait a minute, yes, you’re a little bit… wait…” She looked down at him puzzled. “Is the baby going pee-pee right now?”
He blushed. “Yes,” he replied, tentatively.
“Ah, ah, ah! Babies don’t use adult words. Remember? You don’t want Auntie Sandy or Auntie Cassie to punish you, do you?”
He was frustrated. He had only tried to answer her simple question with a simple answer. “Ga, ga?” he replied, hoping it would satisfy her.
“Sandy came back with a big bag in her hands and put it on the kitchen table. “Is she wet?”
“She was in the process of wetting herself as I was checking.”
“Oh good. We can change her in a little while then.” She dug into her bag and began pulling some makeup items out. “You want to play with her hair a bit while I do her face?” she asked.
“Sure,” Cassie replied. “I’d love to.”
While Sandy applied a little bit of makeup to his face, he felt Cassie start to pull a brush through his hair, over and over again. A few minutes later, he felt her doing something else to his hair, but he couldn’t tell what.
When Cassie was through, she picked up her camera and said, “Time for another picture.” Sandy and Chad both turned towards her camera, even though Chad didn’t really want to. “Great one,” she exclaimed. But I think that big tray is in the way. Why don’t we take it off so I can get a better one. I can’t see enough of her pretty outfit.”
“Great idea,” Sandy replied. Within moments, the tray was finally removed, but not his seatbelt. He reached for the buckle to open it, but Sandy saw him and slapped his hands away. “No, no! Mustn’t touch!” He felt her working on the buckle for a bit. He thought she was going to finally remove it for him, but instead she just loosened it a bit. Then with a quick yank, she pulled the belt all the way around so that the buckle was behind the chair instead. He suddenly felt the belt pulling all too tight again. They were keeping him stuck to the chair. He was shocked. And naturally, that’s when Cassie’s camera went off again.
“Good one!” Cassie declared.
“Ok, great!” Sandy replied. Let’s see another one.”
Chad wanted to know another what… But Sandy went back to her makeup job and he couldn’t see whatever it was that Cassie was pulling out of the bag. She was messing with his hair again. He finally figured out that they were putting different things in his hair, he just couldn’t see whatever those different things were. When she was done, she took yet another picture.
Sandy was finally finished with his makeup job. “Doesn’t she look just adorable!” she squealed. He really didn’t know. He couldn’t tell. He certainly didn’t feel adorable! “Do her hair again,” Sandy suggested.
Cassie went back to work with her brush. A minute later, she brought out her curling iron and plugged it in. Chad’s humiliation index rose just looking at the thing, but when he felt her actually starting to curl his hair with it, that excitement went way up!
“You know,” Cassie said, “I wonder if Mel would let me trim his hair a bit. I could make it look so much better.”
“Ask her,” Sandy suggested.
Cassie looked at her for a moment then smiled. “I think I just might!


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