Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Tuesday – week 3 Part 6of 7)

Mel was sitting at the bar waiting for their dinner table to be ready with Detective ‘Conceited’ when her cell phone went off. It really surprised her since she really wasn’t expecting any calls, and calls at that hour often meant trouble. She had to answer it. She was more surprised to see that it was Cassie calling.
“Hello?” she asked.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie’s voice came back.
“What’s wrong?” Mel asked, concerned.
“Oh nothing, really. How’s your date going?”
“I’ll have to discuss that with you later,” Mel replied so that her date wouldn’t know she was talking about him.
“I understand, that bad?” she asked.
“Yes! Absolutely!” Mel replied as if she were talking to a client. “Was there anything else?”
“Oh, yeah! Sorry,” Cassie replied. “I really called to see if you would mind if I cut his hair just a bit? You know restyled it a little.”
Mel had to think about that. Cut his hair? Restyle it? She wanted to ask more, but Detective ‘Pain-In-The-Ass’ was listening. She made a decision. “Ok, go for it,” she finally said. “I’ll get back to you later. Ok?”
“Got it Mel. Thanks. Enjoy yourself!”
“Yeah, right,” Mel replied. She folded up her phone and put it back in her purse.
“Client?” he asked.
He was way too nosy. “Yeah, and an old friend,” she replied. Fortunately, just then the little customer pager that the restaurant had given them began buzzing and the lights on it began blinking. “Finally, our table is ready,” she said as she started to get down off her bar stool. She lifted one foot off the rung that her heel had been caught over and stretched her ankle. She remembered quite clearly now why she never wore these shoes. She put her foot down on the floor and began to stand up, but the heels were a lot higher than she was used to and the bottom of her other heel caught on the bar stool rung. She lost her balance and began to fall forward.
Fortunately, her date caught her in his strong arms. “Whoa!” he said as he held her for a moment longer than he needed to. “Maybe you shouldn’t drink so fast!”
“I’m alright,” she said as she extracted herself from his arms, with a bit more trouble than she was happy about. “My foot just caught.” But before she headed to the table, she stared back at the rung of that barstool. An idea was forming in the back of her mind. It was very vague yet, but it had definite possibilities.

Chad couldn’t believe it! His arms were once again trapped under the big tray and now his hair was all wet and Cassie was cutting it! Ok, he needed a haircut – badly. He had for a very long time. But this was not exactly what he wanted. Fortunately, it didn’t feel like she was cutting very much off, at least not as far as the length was concerned. She did seem to be doing a lot of fussing and cutting on it though. He got the feeling that when she was finished, he wasn’t going to be too pleased with the results – even though everyone else might be!
The longer she cut, the more comments and suggestions Sandy had for her, and the more giggling she did. Which didn’t make Chad feel any better at all. He was actually glad – sort of – when Cassie started using her blow dryer on him. Unfortunately, that was followed by her curling iron.
Sandy was beside herself as she watched Cassie finishing. “Oh, she’s simply gorgeous! You did great, Cassie. Great!”
Cassie walked around and took a good look from the front. “Yeah, it did turn out pretty, didn’t it.”
Pretty? Not exactly a comforting word for him to hear.
“Take another picture,” Sandy said, “then we’ll play with it again.”
Another picture! Play with it again? Hadn’t they done enough?
All too soon, both Sandy and Cassie were attacking his hair with different things again and taking lots of pictures. At one point they had covered his entire head with as many hair ribbons and hair clips as they could possibly get in it, just to see how many was possible. He wouldn’t have felt so bad about it if it wasn’t for all the pictures… and if he wasn’t still held prisoner in the chair by the tight seatbelt. He had wound up wetting his diapers yet again before they finally finished. And when they declared that he was done, he had no idea what was still in his hair.
Sandy made him crawl like a baby into the living room where she had laid out a big blanket on the floor. She dragged the plastic bag containing his diaper supplies over and pulled another baby bottle out of it and handed it to him. Then, while he laid on his back with the bottle, she began removing his diapers. Laying on his back, holding the bottle in his mouth, he couldn’t really see what she was doing.
“Oh my God,” he heard her exclaim. “So that’s his little device?”
“That’s it,” Cassie confirmed.
“It’s so tiny.”
“That’s part of the idea,” Cassie replied.
Sandy giggled. “He doesn’t even fill it, does he?”
“No, as you can see, it’s still too big!” Both Sandy and Cassie laughed hard at that one. Chad felt very humiliated. They were talking about him like he couldn’t even hear them… or else they didn’t care. Probably the later. “Just another useless man!” Sandy finally replied.
“And that little thing makes him even more useless.”
Sandy leaned over and kissed Cassie on the lips. We do much better together, don’t we?”
“We sure do, Sandy. We sure do.”
“How to make a man feel insignificant!” Chad thought as he continued to suck silently on his bottle. “Very insignificant.”
“Hey, want to see something funny with him… I mean her?” Cassie asked.
“Sure. What?”
“Wait right here.”
Cassie was gone for a few minutes, then she ran back. “Ok, roll him over. I discovered this yesterday. Let’s see how he reacts to this!”
Chad couldn’t see what Cassie was talking about, but Sandy was suddenly giggling uncontrollably. “Ok, baby. Roll over on your tummy for Auntie Sandy and Cassie.”
Chad obediently rolled over, but he had grave misgivings about doing it. His little chastity device was very uncomfortable to lay on in that position and he twisted a few times to try to get comfortable.
“Scooch your knees up, baby,” Cassie told him, “so it’s up off the floor.”
He awkwardly tried to bring his knees up under him. The task was made all that much harder because he was still holding his baby bottle in his mouth. It never occurred to him to remove it.
“Further,” she ordered. “All the way up.”
As Chad brought his knees even further under him, he had more misgivings about this than ever. Suddenly, with his forehead resting on the floor, his entire naked backside was sticking up all too invitingly in the air. He finally realized that in this position he could no longer suck any liquid out of his bottle so he finally removed it from his mouth.
Cassie saw his problem. “Sandy, why don’t you get his pacifier for him first. He may need it.”
Chad heard Sandy giggling as she left. His worry factor increased. Very soon, Sandy was reaching under him to shove his pacifier in his mouth. He was afraid now, and sucked on it hard. He heard Cassie doing something, but he couldn’t tell what.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out what Sissy looks like!!!

Zane said...

I wonder how Mel and Sissy will react to the her new look.