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The Bet - Chapter 19 (Wednesday – week 3 Part 4 of 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 19 (Wednesday – week 3 Part 4 of 5)

Chad cleaned up the kitchen while Sandy and Cassie went back to their apartment and Mel booted up her computer. The three women were having a good time, again, while he was being ignored and doing the maid’s work. His lot in life. But he hadn’t even had any dinner. Would he get anything to eat tonight? Probably a bunch of baby bottles of Mel’s lousy tea mixture before bed and that would be it!
Cassie and Sandy were back only minutes later. Sandy had a plastic bag in her hands. She opened it and let Mel see inside.
Mel walked into the kitchen and started playing with the highchair, trying to figure out how the top came off of it. It didn’t take her long. “Ok, Sissy, dinner time. Hop up here.”
Chad wasn’t at all happy about having to sit in the chair. Once in it, he couldn’t get out unless someone let him out. But he had no choice in the matter so he slowly, really more cautiously, approached the chair and climbed up into it. Sandy brought the seatbelts around him and fastened the ends together. Then Mel snapped the table top down and pushed it tightly into place against him. He was trapped into the darn thing again. He wiggled a bit trying to get his arms free, but as before, it was useless.
Mel watched Chad struggling briefly in the chair with a cruel smile on her face. But she surprised him then by pulling the table top off again. “Raise your arms,” she said as she held the top away from him. He quickly and gladly complied. Then she put the top back in place again. Chad was a lot happier. He squirmed around a bit and soon realized he was still stuck in the chair, but he was a lot happier now with his arms free.
Sandy pulled something out of the bag she was holding and handed it to Mel. Chad was aghast to see the bib Sandy had put on him last night. All too soon Mel had fastened it around his neck. “He really needs this,” Mel stated. “You should see how messy he gets when he eats his cereal in the morning.”
Sandy laughed, “I can imagine.” She then pulled out the divided plate that she had used last night from her bag and set it on the counter.
Mel walked over to take a better look at it while Sandy began pulling jar after jar of baby food out of her bag too. “Ohhh. Very pretty,” she remarked teasingly.
“Isn’t it?” Sandy replied with a laugh. She then started opening jars and with a teaspoon, emptying them onto the divided dish. When she was done, she proudly set the spoon on the dish and handed it to Mel. “All set,” she declared.
Mel grabbed it and looked at it for a moment. “I don’t think so,” she replied. Then she set the plate back down on the counter. Chad breathed a sigh of relief. But it was a short relief. “Wrong spoon,” Mel declared. Then she went into one of her drawers and pulled out one of the baby spoons that Chad had to use every morning with his cereal. All three women burst into fits of laughter while Chad sat in his chair and felt even more pangs of humiliation. Unfortunately, his humiliation was fueling his overly developed sexual need all too much and he began to feel the stings of pain from his chastity device.
All too soon, Mel sat the plate of baby food down in front of Chad along with one of her bottles of tea and he was forced to pick up the baby spoon and begin eating. And within moments, the first of the food had dripped off of his spoon and down his chin and onto his bib. Just great!
“See,” Mel declared, “I told you he was a messy eater.”

Chad had to sit and eat the whole plate of baby food while all three women left him alone and went out to Mel’s computer where she downloaded the pictures from Cassie. He heard them laughing as they looked through them all. Did Cassie include the really embarrassing ones? He had no way of knowing. He hoped not, but he wouldn’t put it past her. He could really only assume that she did.
The women were still laughing and looking at pictures as he was finishing his meal. They weren’t paying any attention to him. He decided to do some exploratory checking. He put his spoon down and reached out to the sides of the tray to see if he could remove it. He felt the release mechanism under the tray with both hands. He carefully pushed in on both sides at the same time and the tray in front of him suddenly moved slightly away from him. The sudden movement startled him and he quickly pulled his hands away and picked up his spoon again to keep eating. He glanced over at the women, they hadn’t noticed. Breathing a sigh of relief, he finished the only dinner he knew he was going to get. If he had to, he could get out of the chair by himself – as long as his arms were free!
Chad finished his dinner and his bottle, but the women were still laughing over the pictures – or whatever else they were looking at on Mel’s computer. He really had no idea. But now he was finished eating and he was still stuck in the chair. In a way, it was a bit like being stuck in the corner. But at least he was sitting down and he could move a little bit. He also had more to look at than two blank walls that were all too close to his eyes. But sitting stuck in the chair was still boring. He felt the need to pee again and let it out – reveling in how good it felt.
He was still sitting there, mostly forgotten, when Mel suddenly ushered Cassie and Sandy out. Mel came back to the kitchen and sat in one of the kitchen chairs near him. “You’re a mess,” she declared teasingly. “Just like a baby.”
He blushed. “Can I get up now?” he asked.
“When I’m ready,” she replied. She leaned her arm on the table and her head in her hand. “Dinner was good tonight,” she replied, “again. But I shouldn’t have to tell you that.”
He actually felt a wave of relief. “Thank you, Mistress. It means a lot to me to hear you say that. I was hoping to see how good it was myself though.”
“Maybe next time, Sissy.” She sat and stared at him. He wondered why.
“Cassie did a nice job on your hair last night.”
He wasn’t sure how to answer. He really wasn’t all that happy with what she had done to him – actually with several things she had done to him. “Did she?” he finally said.
Mel nodded. “It looked a lot better in the pictures through.”
He felt himself starting to blush a little bit. “I thought it looked way too feminine,” he admitted softly.
Mel smiled. “Perfect for you then. She said she used a curling iron on it last night. We’ll get you one tomorrow then Cassie can teach you how to use it.”
Chad looked at her horrified. He didn’t know how to answer. His entire life now was one humiliation piled on top of another!
“I heard you added some more makeup after you got to work today,” Mel continued when he didn’t say anything.
He blushed briefly again, then got worried. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t know you wouldn’t want me to.”
“I did want you to. I was very pleased to hear it.”
“Oh… Thank you,” he replied. Why would she say that?
“What made you decide to add the lipstick?”
He shrugged as best he could in his confining seat. “Robin suggested it. She said I looked too pale without it.”
The mention of Robin instantly sent a tiny bolt of annoyance through Mel’s body. The Robin woman again! She was starting to dislike her even more. There was no real reason for it, she just did. Was she pretty? Did Chad have a thing for her? She didn’t know. But obviously, this Robin had a lot of influence over him. Influence she was jealous of. Annoyed over Robin, Mel got up and released him from the confining highchair. “Finish cleaning up the kitchen now,” she ordered.

While Chad got busy cleaning up after dinner again, Mel walked into her bedroom to start preparing for later. She saw his uniform dress hanging on her closet door. She shook her head. As much as she would like seeing him in it tonight, it wasn’t going to happen. Not tonight at least. Tonight was about other things.
She went back out to the kitchen. “Stop what you’re doing for a few minutes.”
Chad turned the water off at the sink and looked at her questioningly.
“Go take your uniform home again and leave it there. Bring back one of your onesies instead.
Chad blinked. Take his uniform home? Why now? But he dutifully dropped into a quick curtsey and said “Yes, Mistress.” He quickly got his uniform and took it home and hung it in his closet. Then he found one of the onesies that she liked to lock him into. She hadn’t put him into one of them in quite a while. Why now? A few minutes later, he was back at her apartment again.
Mel took the onesie from Chad and held it up. She smiled at the sight of the babyish looking garment. “Get undressed. Just diapers and plastic panties.” Chad quickly complied and all too soon, Mel was helping fasten him into the babyish onesie. Fortunately, she didn’t add the lock. “Put your clothes in my clothes hamper,” she instructed him.
Chad did as he was told, but doing so reminded him of something. “Mistress, can I please do my laundry tonight? I’m running out of clothes.”
“Maybe later,” Mel replied. We have other things to do tonight. But right now, I want you to finish in the kitchen.
Chad went back to the kitchen. What did she have planned for tonight? He really had no idea. When the kitchen was done, Mel made him sit on the floor and drink another baby bottle of her tea. Chad wasn’t too happy about that. He suddenly had visions of her timing him again to see how soon he could pee.
But after he finished the bottle, Mel had him get started on the laundry and never once mentioned the timer. “Do all of my things first,” Mel instructed him as he began sorting through the clothes. “Don’t even think about doing any of your laundry till all of mine is done.”
Chad watched as Mel went back to her living room and picked up her laptop computer to keep working. He was relieved in several ways - no timing him to see how quickly he could pee, and more importantly, he really did need to get some laundry done.

Mel glanced at him occasionally as he worked around her apartment. Without being told, he cleaned her bathroom and dusted some furniture while the washer and dryer were running. Once in a while she got up to check his progress on the laundry. As she had instructed him, all of his things were still waiting to be cleaned. She watched the clock as he worked too. It was starting to get a bit later.
Just before he was about to start on his own laundry, she stopped him. “Put the laundry basket back into the bathroom now. It’s getting late and we have other things to do.”
Again Chad wondered what she had in mind, but his own laundry wasn’t even started yet. “But Mistress, can I at least get one load of my things into the washer first?”
“No, Sissy. It’s time for other things now.”
Again Chad had to wonder what she had in mind. Without realizing it, he was mentally bracing himself for more humiliation.
As Chad was carrying his dirty clothes back into her bathroom, she called after him. “Start the bathwater while you’re in there.”
As Chad turned the water on in the tub, he realized that she was going to be tying him up again and using him for her own little pleasures again. Ugh! He hated it, but he also loved it. What he hated was that she used him so hard and he was incapable of getting any relief. But why would she want him to run the bath water first? That was odd. Her bath usually came after she had abused him.
Mel walked into the bathroom with him. She watched as he poured some of the bath beads into the water. He glanced at her, questioning if he had put enough in. “A little bit more,” she told him with a smile.
As the tub was still filling, she unfastened his onesie and helped him out of it. Then she removed his plastic panties.
Chas was surprised when she removed his plastic panties. Was the bath for him instead?
“Lay down on the floor so I can remove your diapers,” she said. Chad felt a thrill of elation. It seemed that she wasn’t going to abuse him tonight. And a bath would really feel nice. As Mel was about to remove his diapers though, he suddenly realized that he had to pee slightly. He quickly stopped Mel from removing his diaper. “You might want to wait a moment on that,” he said, “I’m wetting myself right now.”
Mel smiled broadly at him. “Go right ahead,” she said sounding very satisfied.
After Mel had finally removed his diapers, Chad’s elation rose a whole lot more as Mel had him step into the warm scented bathwater. He laid back and allowed himself to relax and breathe in deeply. It felt so good!
Mel handed him her body sponge and he began cleaning himself off. The bath felt like a distinct pleasure. The only part he wasn’t crazy about was when Mel produced her razor and began removing the stray hairs from his body, making him totally smooth once again. “This is a lot easier now, since you’re shaving your own legs,” she commented. “From now on, make that part of your morning routine. I’m not going to mention it again.”
Chad felt a moment of bother about it, but it was no use resisting. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied.
“Lay back now and soak for a bit while I get the bedroom ready.”
Chad now knew exactly what to expect. She was going to tie him to her bed and probably torture him. He wasn’t looking forward to it. He concentrated instead on enjoying the pleasurable sensation of the warm bath while he still could - the one bright spot in his entire day.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT story! It is very well written and your effort is appreciated! Thank you Karen!

Rachel said...

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to say how much I have been enjoyimng reading your blog over the past month (since I found your site).

I love The Bet and look forward to the next installments with great anticipation. I honestly think about poor Chad several times a day now, wondering what the next installment will bring.

I love the way you tell the story and give the mereset hint of what may or may not be coming in the future, to me you are definately the best story teller I have found in years of visting CD sites over the internet. Congratulations on a great Blog - you can be sure I will be watching for the next entry with great anticip...p..p.pation! :)

Rachel Belle