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The McComber Switch - Chapter 41 Part 1 of 3 – Eureka

The McComber Switch

By Karen Singer

Part 4 – From the Frying Pan to the Fire

Chapter 41 – Eureka

Chapter 42 – To Be, or Not To Be

Chapter 43 – Impression Complications

Chapter 44 – Deciding the Future

Chapter 45 – And the Truth Shall Imprison You

Chapter 46 – Rotten Day

Chapter 47 – Show and Shoot

Chapter 48 – Still in the Family

Chapter 49 – Nightmares in Black

Chapter 50 – Shooting and Hitting

Chapter 51 – Arguing With a Brick Wall

Chapter 52 – Pounding It Out

Chapter 53 – Jealous

Chapter 54 – Busyness

Chapter 55 – There Be Horses

Chapter 56 – Holy, Holy, Holy Cow

The McComber Switch
By Karen Singer

Chapter 41 Part 1 of 3 – Eureka
March 7th

For Jasmine Jade, waking up in the bedroom that had always been his sister’s room, was feeling more normal now than waking up in his own bedroom across the hall.  But he preferred sleeping, and waking up, in his sister’s pink bedroom now.  Without all the dead ducks, and especially without that humongous deer head hanging on the wall, her room was a lot less oppressive. 
The rows of shelves lining two walls with all his sister’s dolls didn’t bother him at all.  He’d never admit it, but lately he had begun to think of some of the dolls as…interesting.  His stupid sister literally had names for every one of the dolls she had – hundreds of them!  Or so it seemed.  Lately, she had been trying to make him learn all their names.  So far, they had only covered the top shelf of one wall.  He could name some of them, but he wasn’t even close to being able to name even most of them.  His sister could though.  She seemed to know each one intimately.  Including the personality that she claimed some of them had.  How could a doll have a personality?  That part still boggled his brain. 
He tossed Cleo aside and forced himself out from under the heavy covers and headed for the bathroom.  He absently rubbed his hands over his aching breasts as he headed for the bedroom door.  His breasts ached again.  They always seemed to ache.  Most of the time he could put it out of his mind.  But that didn’t stop them from constantly bothering him.  And the heavy flannel pajamas he was wearing didn’t seem to help much against his nipples.  The constant motion and rubbing of the flannel against them, while not really painful, was bothersome.  Why did they have to be so stupidly sensitive?  But at least his pajamas were big and didn’t press against his breasts like all his bras did…his sister’s bras.  Well, he supposed they were mostly his bras did now.  His stupid sister didn’t have any breasts at all anymore.  None.  He had them now instead.  And more and more now, he was finding that all his sister’s bras…his bras…were starting to get simply uncomfortable.  When he spread his hands out to cover his breasts now, they filled the palms of his hands.  While he knew they were in reality pretty small still and not nearly as big as the breasts all his girlfriends had, he also knew without a doubt that he was catching up quickly.  That thought alone terrified him.
As he left the bedroom and wandered sleepily toward the bathroom across and down the hall, he didn’t worry about not wearing a robe over his pajamas, he rarely did.  His body was more than adequately covered.  The heavy pink flannel pajamas he was wearing with the little dolls all over them were his favorites and he wore them fairly often.  He needed to wash them today – this morning!   He wanted to take them to Olivia’s birthday slumber party that night.  He was really looking forward to that party.  And he was dreading it even more.  And the reason he was dreading it was the same reason he had been in pretty much of a funk for the last few days.  He was afraid. 
After the bathroom, he wandered down the hallway to the kitchen.  His mother was inside by the sink, still in her bathrobe.  “Mornin’ Mom,” he muttered sleepily as he shuffled his feet right up to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“Morning Sweetie,” Susan replied as she pulled him into her and returned a nice lasting hug.  It was a moment before either of them pulled away.  “Want to help me make breakfast?” Susan asked.
Jasmine of course knew that the question of if he wanted to help, was more like a command that meant “you will help!”  “Sure,” he replied, not really minding at all.
“How about some French toast today?” Susan asked.
“French toast?  That’s not in my Home Ec book.”
“No, but it’s something fairly common that you should know how to make.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.”
Jasmine shrugged.  “Whatever,” he said as he stretched and let out a big yawn.  Ten minutes later, his mother had him standing over the frying pan with a spatula in his hand while she worked on getting some bacon ready to put into another pan. 
“Are you looking forward to the party tonight?” Susan asked.
It was a moment before Jasmine could reply.  “I don’t know.  I guess so.”
“You guess so?  I thought you and all your friends had this thing all planned.  And you’ve even got Aunt Jane and me all set to be the judges for some of your games.”
“That’s because you and Aunt Jane are going to be the only grownups there.”
“But weren’t you part of all that planning?”
“Yeah,” he replied.
“So from what I could see, you seemed to be looking forward to it all.”
“I was.  I mean, I am.  I guess.”
“So what’s your problem?”
He sighed heavily.  With spatula in hand, he turned to face her.  “What if…  What…”
“What if, what?”
He rolled his eyes and turned back to the frying pan. 
“What if, what?” Susan asked again.  “What’s your problem?”
Again he turned to her.  “What if…I like it?”
Susan blinked, not really sure she had heard him correctly.  “What if you like it?  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  Isn’t that why you’re going?”
He turned away from her again.  “Yeah, but…”
“But what?”
Again he turned back to her.  “What if I like it?  What if I do have fun?  What then?”
Susan was lost.  “I don’t understand.  What’s your problem?  What’s wrong with liking it?”
“I mean, I’m not really a girl.  Should I go and try to enjoy it all?  Or should I go and try to not enjoy myself?”
“Why would you go and not enjoy yourself?”
“Because I’m not a girl.  Not really.”
“You lost me somewhere,” Susan told him.  “What’s that got to do with anything?”
Jasmine was clearly frustrated.  “I mean…the last sleepover, the one I had here, we just did it to try to get Jas…I mean Jimmy…Jimmy Joe…”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know who.”
“We were only doing it to try to get her to agree to quit hunting.”
“So?  And didn’t you enjoy yourself?  And don’t try to tell me you didn’t, because I know better!”
“That’s just it.  That’s the problem.  I did enjoy it!”  He turned away from her and mumbled, “Too much.”
“What do you mean, too much?  Why should enjoying yourself be a problem?”
“Because…I’m not a girl.”
“So what?”
Jasmine rolled his eyes, shook his head and turned away from her.  “Never mind.”
Susan looked at him for a moment, then walked over and gathered him into her arms again.  “Are you thinking that you’re not supposed to enjoy anything because you’re a boy?”
“Kind of,” he replied with his arms around her and his head resting against her chest.”
She pushed him away from her and looked down at him.  “Jas, nobody ever said that you having to be a girl doesn’t mean you can’t like anything or can’t have fun.  I know this is hard on you.  I know you don’t want it, but it doesn’t mean you have to not like everything.  As I see it, you might as well grab everything you can from this experience and try to have as much fun and enjoyment as you possibly can.  You’re only young once kiddo, and trust me, I’d give anything to be your age and be able to enjoy that time again.”
“So you’re saying I shouldn’t worry that I’m really a boy and try to go along with everything and just have fun?”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying!”
He shook his head. 
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s just that…”  He shook his head and turned back to the pan.  “Darn!  I’m burning them.”  He quickly flipped the two pieces of French toast over.  “Is that too well done?” he asked.
Susan looked at the pan.  “No, I’ll have those.  I like mine a little more done anyway.”
“No,” he sighed.  “I’ll eat them.  I’m the one who overcooked them.”
Susan watched him for a few minutes.  “So what’s wrong with having fun?”
He sighed again.  “I don’t know.  It’s just…not right.”
“But you are starting to enjoy yourself with your girlfriends now, aren’t you?”
He looked up at her as visions of some of the things he had done flashed through his mind.  He suddenly realized that tears were again threatening to spill out of his eyes.  “Damn,” he muttered as he put the spatula down and hurried out of the room.  He went straight back to his bedroom and closed the door and buried his head into the pillow on his bed.  She didn’t understand.  His mother had no idea of his real problem.  No idea at all.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Snow…and mud.  Snow, mud, and a million tree branches that had broken off and fallen all over the roads.  Big tree branches.  Jimmy Joe tried to keep most of her footing in the snow, but more often than she liked, she had no choice but to tromp through the slippery and messy mud.  And way too many of the branches they had to clear off the roads were big and heavy.  When she could, she tried to do most of the smaller branches and let Uncle Jed and her two cousins move the big stuff.  But all too often she had no choice but to grab a branch that would make a nice size tree all by itself, and try to drag the darn thing off of the road and into the woods where it wouldn’t be in the way.  She was proud of herself each time she managed it though.  Although she thought the least the others could do would be to mention how well she was doing once in a while.  Nobody ever praised her for anything she did.  Of course, none of the others praised each other either.  They all simply worked, nonstop, to get the jobs done. 
There was an added bonus too from all the hard physical work she had to do.  With nothing better to think about, she was spending all too much time thinking about Olivia’s party later that night and the fact that they were all going to have so much fun, and she wouldn’t be allowed to go.  Her screwy brother was going though.  That point had been made abundantly clear.  All the physical labor gave her something to work out her frustrations on over the issue.  And she had an awful lot of frustrations to work out because of it.  She used that frustration to help give her the added strength she needed to do the heavier work. 
Jimmy Joe looked up toward where her Uncle’s voice had come from.  She had nearly finished dragging yet another big branch into the woods.  “Yeah, Uncle Jed?” she called.
“Give me a hand up here,” her uncle’s voice called back.
Jimmy quickly finished dragging the branch out of the way and hurried back to the road and around the bend.  Her uncle was there with his big four-wheeler.  An entire tree had uprooted and fallen across the road.  “Yeah, Uncle Jed?” she asked as she hurried up.
“Wrap the chain around that tree while I turn this thing around,” he told her.
“You see anyone else here?”
She grabbed the monstrous chain.  The damn thing was so big and heavy that at a few months ago she couldn’t hardly pick up the end of it.  Now, she was grateful to be able to lift part of it and drag it over top of the tree.  Having to get down on the ground, she fished the chain around the trunk and between a few branches, and fastened the hook between some of the links in the chain just like she had seen her uncle and her cousins do many times.  When she was done with that part, she grabbed the other end of the chain and dragged it up to the back of her uncle’s four wheeler.  Just as she has seen her cousins do, she fastened the chain to the back of the heavy-duty machine.  She stood back as her uncle slowly gave gas to the engine, first tightening the chain, and then giving it more power until the tree began to move.  She was amazed that his machine was strong enough to pull that big tree the way it did.  A few minutes later, she was removing the chain from the tree while her uncle removed it from his four wheeler.
Clearing the road was hard work, but even though nobody ever praised her for what she did, she figured the job had its own rewards.  The road that had been impassible was now open – at least up to that point.  There were still a few million more branches to clear in order to open all the roads on their property.  A job that according to her Uncle Jed would probably take months.  That last storm that hit them, had hit hard and caused a lot of damage. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

After moving his pink pajamas from the washer to the dryer, along with an entire load of heavier clothes, Jasmine had nothing much to worry about doing for a while.  At least not until the dryer finished running.  Bored, he wandered around the house, but nothing interested him.  He finally decided to put his coat on and head out to the workshop for a while.  Maybe he could find something interesting there that he could do that wouldn’t get his clothes too dirty.  That was the problem with having to wear skirts and dresses all the time.  He couldn’t really wear any play clothes – except of course when he got to go sliding down the hill in the snow.  But it was a lot warmer today, and just looking at it, he could tell the hill was becoming one big sloppy wet mess.  He put on his sister’s coat that he wore far more often than she did, and his sister’s colorful boots that still fit his feet well enough but for some reason no longer fit his sister, and he headed out into the backyard. 
The ground was still covered with snow, but it was wet and slushy snow and was melting quickly.  The snow storm had hit hard and fast and had shut everything down for a day or two, but now the weather had warmed up again and the snow was melting faster than seemed possible. 
With the boots on to protect his feet, he blazed a trail out to the workshop in the back of the yard.  The snow on the ramp in front of the big door had long been cleared away since that’s where his father kept the snow shovels – shovels that had seen a lot of use this year.  He bent down and grabbed the handle on the garage door and lifted…and soon gave up.  Damn, the door was stuck.  He grabbed the handle again and put more effort into it.  The door finally started to come up, but darn it was heavy.  Much heavier than usual.  It finally started moving easier the higher he got it. 
He turned as he finally got the door all the way up and saw his Dad coming back from his Uncle Pete’s house next door.  “Yeah?”  He waited while his father walked the distance across the yard all the way to the workshop.
“What are you doing?” Clint asked as he got to the workshop.
“Um…I don’t know.  Just bored, I guess,” Jasmine replied.
“Is something wrong with the door?” Clint asked.
“I don’t know.  I could hardly lift it.”
Clint grabbed the door handle and pulled it all the way down.  Then he lifted it all the way up again.  “Seems fine now.  It was probably just stuck from the cold and dampness.”
“Probably,” Jasmine agreed as he went on into the shop and switched on the lights.
“Are you staying out here,” Clint asked, “or just getting something?”
“Um…I don’t know.  Staying probably.”
Clint nodded and pulled the door almost all the way down to keep more of the cold out.  He stuck a block of wood under the bottom of it so it wouldn’t close all the way.  “I hear you’re going to the movies this afternoon,” Clint said as he headed toward the workbench. 
Jasmine was simply wandering among some of the junk in the back of the shop.  “Yeah.  Mom and Aunt Jane and Aunt Marcy are all driving.  We’ll pick some of the girls up at the school and then go straight to the movie from there.”
“Well, have a good time,” Clint told him as he searched the workbench for one of his tools. 
Have a good time?  Jasmine winced at that and turned away from him.
“I think your Uncle Pete and I are going to take Elliot and your brothers into Eureka Springs this afternoon while you’re off having fun,” Clint mentioned.
Jasmine turned quickly.  “You’re going there?” he asked in disbelief.  Compared to everywhere else they went, the tourist town of Eureka Springs was a special place. 
“Since it looks like Elliot is doing a little better with his school work lately, Pete is going to sign him up for a shooting competition later this month.  We’re going up to check it all out.”
“A shooting competition!”  As far as Jasmine knew, none of the family had ever entered anything like that.  “Wow!”
Clint smiled.  “Well, you’ve got to admit, Elliot is a pretty good shot.”
Jasmine had seen Elliot shooing at targets in the yard frequently.  He doubted anyone in the family got more shooting practice than Elliot.  “Yeah,” Jasmine agreed.  “He is pretty good.”
“Well, your Uncle Pete wants to see how he stacks up against some really good shooters.”
“I wish him luck,” Jasmine said as he turned back toward the junk all around him.
As Clint continued to search his workbench, he kept more of an eye on Jasmine as he wandered around among the machines and junk.  He had noticed that his son had seemed rather down lately.  Especially since he had gotten that last dose of hormones on Wednesday.  He also remembered that he had been meaning to have another little talk with him.  “You okay?” Clint asked.
Jasmine turned to him and shrugged.  “I guess.”
“So in other words, the answer is no, you’re not okay.”
“I’m okay.  I guess,” Jasmine replied.
Which pretty much told Clint that he did have a problem.  He sat down on one of the old bar stools.  “Take a seat,” he told his son, who was now much more his daughter. 
Jimmy looked to the other stool and shrugged.  A moment later he headed in that direction.  He carefully climbed up on the stool, trying to be very aware of what his legs did in the process.  Wearing skirts all the time was nothing but irksome! 
“I don’t give a damn about the way you want to sit,” Clint told him.  Just be comfortable!”
Jasmine smiled, perhaps for the first time in a few days. 
“What’s bothering you?” Clint asked.
Jasmine shrugged again.  “I don’t know.”
“You’ve been pretty much moping around for the last few days.”
Again another shrug, but no answer. 
“Is it the hormones?” Clint asked.  “You’ve been pretty much out of it since we left Uncle Brian’s office a few days ago.”
“Kind of,” Jasmine replied sheepishly as he looked down at the floor.
“And what else?”
“I don’t know.  Just…everything I guess.  Just…me.”
“What about you?”
“I don’t know.  It’s just…everything.”
“Jas, everything what?  You’re obviously worried about the hormones again.  And I guess what they’re doing to you.”
Jasmine looked up at him briefly, then back down to the floor before he nodded. 
“Jas, I see you changing,” Clint told him.  “And geez, I really couldn’t miss some of it at the doctor’s office.  It’s getting so that even a blind man can probably see some of those changes in you.”
The tears suddenly threatened to fall from his eyes again.  He couldn’t stay there.  He got up and headed a few feet further back into the workshop.  But there was very little space for him to go in that direction so he wound up standing not far away with his back to his father. 
“Jas,” Clint said, watching him carefully.  “You do still know I’m proud of you, don’t you?  You do still know that I love you, no matter what.”
His words caused a total damn break of Jasmine’s tears.  He stood with his back to his father and sobbed.  A moment later, he felt his father’s hand on his shoulder.  He turned around and let his father pull him into a hug while he cried.
For Clint, having his…son…cry the way he did was very troubling, but he had to remind himself of what all those hormones were doing to his son – his son who was all too much of a girl now.  “Don’t ever doubt it,” Clint told him.  “Don’t ever doubt that I love you…that we love you – both your mother and I.  And don’t ever doubt that we’re both not really, really proud of you.  Ever!”
Jasmine sobbed harder.  How could he possible tell his father that that was the one big thing he worried about the most?  Because he was all too afraid that very soon he might make his father very disappointed in him.  And that thought frightened him and worried him far more than anything else.  The way things were going, he was going to have no choice but to make his father mad at him, and without a doubt, his father would no longer be so proud of him at all.  Without…a doubt!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

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My “Original” list of Sissy Ideas and Humiliations

Okay people.  Once again I’m setting the Wayback Machine for the end of December in 2001, that time when I was a lot younger and so was the internet.  Back then, there were things just beginning to appear in the on-line netherworld that dealt with the fantasies that had consumed my mind for my entire life. 

Actually, for this posting, most of the items below were conceived of and were included when my site first opened, but over the years the list was added to, up until my website suddenly disappeared, probably back at the end of 2005.  I don’t remember the exact date anymore, even though it broke me up pretty badly when I was suddenly gone.

I wasn’t the first to post sissy ideas out on the internet.  Not by a long shot.  But I did read whatever ideas people had posted avidly.  I “consumed” them hungrily!  So with that in mind, when I opened my little website, I decided to create my own list of sissy ideas and humiliations.  Just to be different, I divided them up into categories of mild, medium, and hotter.  The number of ideas started small, but over the years, it did grow a bit.  Down below, some of the items listed are links to more extensive postings of those ideas.  Hopefully, I’ll bring you a few of them in the future. 

My original site seemed to draw an amazing number of followers, and surprisingly they often sent me their ideas and humiliations that I was very happy to add to my site.  Most of them though were included as separate pages in my site so that the authors of those things could receive proper credit for them.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to present any of those extended ideas to you or not.  I’m also not sure exactly how I will go about it.  But that’s a worry for the distant future. 

And for you diaper lovers out there, yes, I had a list of sissy baby ideas and humiliations too, but that’s an entirely different list. 

So here’s my “original” list of sissy ideas and humiliations, mostly as it was at the end, when my hosting site disappeared.


These ideas are divided up into three categories - MILD, MEDIUM, and HOTTER.  The ideas may not necessarily be in the category they belong.

  1. Decorate your house in a very feminine style.  Get expert help if you need it.
  2. Take up a traditionally feminine hobby.  Sewing, or needle work are always good and can be useful.
  3. Start a doll collection and make sure you display them in your home.
  4. Learn to write with very feminine penmanship.  Use it all the time.
  5. Buy some simple but obviously feminine jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring) and wear them while shopping.  Make sure they show.
  6. Replace your watch with a feminine one.
  7. Rule of Sums!

  1. Carry a purse whenever you leave the house.  Replace your male wallet with a feminine one.
  2. Start wearing nail polish whenever you go out (not to work).  Start with clear polish and then move on to subtle, pale shades.  Gradually make the shades darker.  How dark do you dare go?
  3. Go shopping for women's shoes.  Wear pantyhose but no socks.  Wear the shoes out of the store.  If they are ones that could almost pass for men's shoes, wear them while shopping for at least another hour to get used to them.
  4. If leaving the house just to get a meal from a fast food drive through, don't change out of your sissy clothes - go just the way you are.
  5. Or for another similar idea, go through the drive through wearing a very prominently filled bra under a tight fitting feminine top.  Your fingernails should be painted, and wear a bracelet on your left wrist.
  6. Go shopping wearing a decorative hair clip or ribbon in your hair.
  7. Go to the mall and have your ears pierced in a very public place.  Make sure your earrings are nice and feminine.  Don't forget to take proper care of them.
  8. Go shopping wearing a light touch of makeup.  Not too noticeable.  Stop and have a snack in the food court.  Before getting up, check your makeup in a compact mirror and reapply your lipstick.
  9. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male pants, male shirt, male shoes, and a bra.  Kick it up further - pad the bra.
  10. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male pants, male shoes, and an obviously feminine blouse.  Kick it up a notch - wear a bra under your blouse.  Kick it up further - pad the bra.
  11. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male shirt, male shoes, and feminine slacks.  You can go easy and wear jeans that look like male pants, or kick it up as much as you like by wearing ever increasingly feminine styles of slacks.
  12. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male shirt, male pants, and obviously feminine shoes.  Kick it up a notch - high heels.
  13. The next time you are going to have some time off from work, the day you leave work, go and have your nails done.  Have some long acrylic nails applied.  Enjoy your time off by doing all the things you like to do and go everywhere you want to or need to, but don't remove the nails until the day you go back to work.
  14. So You Don't Want To Carry A Purse!
  15. Carry A Purse

  1. Go shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), a bra, and women's shoes (they can look like men's shoes).  Go into a store, try on a skirt and buy it.  Wear it home.
  2. Never buy any male clothing.  From now on, the only clothing you may buy must be female.  Won't it be fun, when your stock of male things is gone.  Optional - every time you buy a new piece of feminine clothing, throw out something male
  3. The next time you go out to get gas in your car, do it in a skirt and high heels.  Pump the gas yourself.
  4. Join a sewing class.  Make only female clothing.  Be sure to wear all of your creations to class.
  5. Go to a hair salon and have your hair styled in as feminine a fashion as they can do.  Let the hairdressers have full control over what they do.
  6. Shopping Trip -
    1. Go to the mall wearing panties, pantyhose (with socks over top of them), and the rest of your clothes all male.
    2. Stop in a lingerie shop, try on and buy a bra.  Take your socks off and stuff them in your bra.  Wear it out of the store.  If the store doesn't want you to wear it out of the changing room, go to a public rest room to put it on (this goes for other items on this list too).
    3. Go into another store, try on and buy a pretty feminine blouse, wear it out of the store.  Have the store throw away your old shirt, or if they won't, throw your old shirt in the nearest trash can when you leave the store.
    4. Go into a jewelry store and buy yourself a nice necklace, bracelet, and woman's watch.  Wear them out of the store.
    5. Go into a nail salon and have your fingernails painted in a nice feminine color.
    6. Go into a shoe store and buy yourself some women's shoes.  Pick some with at least a 1 ½ inch heal.  Wear them out of the store.  Have the store throw away your old shoes.
    7. Go into another store and buy yourself a purse.  Put all the contents of your pockets into it and carry it.
    8. Go into another store and buy yourself some women's slacks.  Make sure they're feminine and will go with your blouse.  Wear them out of the store and have the store throw away your old pants.  By this time you should have no male clothing left at all!
    9. Go to a store where they demonstrate makeup and have them do your face for you.  Buy everything they recommend.
    10. Go into another store and try on skirts to go with your blouse.  Buy one and wear it out of the store.
    11. Treat yourself to a nice dinner out somewhere.
    12. Be sure to take some pictures to remember the occasion.
    13. Email me about how it went!

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The McComber Switch - Chapter 40 Part 2 of 2

The McComber Switch
By Karen Singer

Chapter 40 Part 2 of 2 - Snow Storm
March 2 - 4

Clint felt a surge of relief at reaching his brother’s parking lot.  The roads were indeed getting bad.  They had gotten much easier halfway there as they reached a road that had been more recently plowed, but even there the snow was piling up quickly again.  He didn’t say it, but he was very interested in getting this whole damned thing over with and getting home.  This was not a storm to be out driving in. 
Before getting out of the truck, Susan again turned back toward her real daughter.
“Don’t say it!” Jimmy Joe said before she could ask again.  “Don’t even ask!”
The anger and frustration Susan felt grew much worse for a moment.  Everyone else was already out of the truck before she could get herself under control enough to join them. 
The parking lot and the sidewalks hadn’t been plowed or shoveled.  They did their best to walk in some tire tracks from another vehicle until they reached the sidewalk, but they were forced to walk in the snow after that.  Susan felt for Jade as she watched him trying to pick his way in everyone else’s footsteps.  She should have been smart enough to tell him to wear boots to school today, but as usual, he had worn everything his…brother…had set out for him to wear.  And the outfit didn’t include boots.  Pity.
The office was wonderfully warm after coming in from the snowy weather outside.  The guys all stomped their feet to get the snow off their shoes.  Jasmine didn’t do that.  He had been lucky that between his father’s feet and Tommy’s feet, he didn’t have to step directly in the snow.  The waiting room wasn’t quite empty.  Despite the snow, people still got sick and injured.  But there weren’t many people there.  Susan checked in, and then they all found seats.  It was only about fifteen minutes before they were called into one of the exam rooms.  Tommy, as usual, stayed in the waiting area.  It was another fifteen nervous minutes after that before Doctor McComber got to them. 
“Clint…Susan,” Brian said, greeting his brother and sister-in-law.  He looked to the two kids.  “And how are you two on this snowy day?”
“Mmm…not sure,” Jade replied softly.
The only answer Brian got from Jimmy Joe was a suspicious glare.  He shook his head and looked to Clint and Susan.  “I guess there’s no use in asking if she’ll quit hunting again?”  The frustrated look from Clint and the eye roll from Susan were all the answer he needed.  He shook his head.  “Let’s get on with this then.”  He turned to Jimmy Joe.  “I guess we’ll do you first,” he said.  “Get undressed and up on the table.”
Jimmy Joe glared at him again for a moment. 
“Jimmy Joe!” Susan’s voice came quickly.  “Do as you’re told.  If you’re going to be so disagreeable about the hunting, then you better darn well be agreeable about getting your medicine!”
Jimmy Joe glared back at her mother for a moment, then pulled her coat off and began getting undressed.  She was down to her t-shirt and boxer underwear before she started climbing up on the exam table. 
“You might as well get the t-shirt and underwear off now,” Brian told her, I’m going to have to examine you before I give you the hormones again.”
Jimmy Joe got back to the floor.  “You mean the fake stuff,” she mumbled before she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt.  She paused a moment to glare at him again, then literally ripped it up and over her head.  Just as angrily, she pulled her boxers down to her ankles and stepped out of them.  “Satisfied?” she asked.
“Watch yourself!” Clint threatened her angrily.
“Up on the table,” Brian told her.
Jimmy Joe gave him an angry glare, but it didn’t last long as Brian moved in with his stethoscope.  “Any periods since last month?”
While Brian was checking Jimmy Joe’s health, Clint and Susan had time to see their daughter’s naked body.  Once again Susan saw all too many signs that her daughter was indeed changing.  Signs that simply made her stomach knot up.  Clint wasn’t as aware of all the signs as his wife was, but he too got the impression that she didn’t look nearly as feminine as she should.  And then there was the issue of her breasts.  She was almost twelve years old.  She had none at all.
“You seem healthy enough,” Brian noted as he stood back to look at other things about her.  “I see your breasts have receded down to almost none at all now.  It’s starting to look like there was never anything there to begin with.  Even your nipples and the areolas around them are smaller than they were last month.
“Bullshit!” Jimmy Joe muttered.
“Jimmy Joe!  Watch your mouth!” Susan told her.
“Stand up a moment,” Brian told her. 
With a somewhat shocked look at him, and then at her mother and father, Jimmy Joe slipped down off the exam table to stand totally naked in front of everyone.  “Go ahead and get a good look,” she said nastily. 
Brian ignored her, but only stood back further.  “Her torso is definitely changing,” he said to Clint and Susan.  You can see where she’s starting to lose the feminine shape and her body is starting to look more straight than curved.”  He moved around to her side.  “Her hips and backside also seem to have changed.  There’s no doubt as to the fat distribution changing.”  He lifted one of her arms.  “The muscles are developing too,” he said.  “You can really see it in her shoulders.”
“We had to get her some new clothes because of it,” Susan told him.”
Brian nodded.  “Up on the table again,” he said.  “Let’s get this over with.”
Once again, Jimmy Joe looked to her parents, but this time, there was fear in her eyes.
“Either do it,” Clint said, “or agree to quit hunting.”
“It’s all bullshit and fake!” she muttered as she climbed up on the table.  “She looked at Brian.  “And you’re just lying about me!”
“Jimmy Joe!” Clint yelled. 
Brian held up his hand.  “It’s okay,” he told his brother.  He looked back to the girl on his exam table.  “I don’t believe that you can’t see the changes yourself.”
“Bullshit!” Jimmy Joe muttered angrily again.
Jade watched the whole procedure once again.  The last time, it had fascinated him completely.  It still did.  But this time he was simply too worried about what the next dose of hormones in his system might do to him.  Even though the procedure took a few minutes, for him, it was over all too quickly.  And then it was his turn.
“Okay, young lady,” Brian said nicely to him, get your coat off and undress.  It’s your turn.”
While Jimmy Joe pulled her clothes on, Jasmine Jade removed his coat and began slowly and fearfully undressing.  He didn’t want this, but since his darn sister had gotten the hormones, then he had no choice in the matter at all.  It wasn’t right!  One by one, he removed everything he was wearing until he was down to his bra and panties. 
“Hm!” Clint grunted as he got a good look at his son’s breasts.  But he made no other comment. 
“All the way,” Brian told Jade.  “Just like…Jimmy over there.”  He looked to Jimmy who was still finishing getting dressed.  It was obvious that she was being careful around where the implants had been put into her. 
Unlike Jimmy Joe, Jasmine Jade pulled her panties off first, and then he reached behind his back and unfastened his bra.  Very embarrassedly he pulled it off his body. 
Brain noticed how much his breasts had grown in the past month.  “It looks like…”
“Nooo!” Jimmy Joe screamed in horror as she got her first look at the breasts on her brother’s chest.  “Nooooo!” she screamed again as she pushed her way forward to stand disbelievingly right in front of him.  She looked from his breasts to his face, then down to his breasts again.  “It can’t be!  It’s not real.  It’s not…”  Not wanting to believe it, she reached out to touch them. 
Jade backed away and blocked her hand.  “Don’t!” 
But Jimmy Joe was too horrified by what she was seeing.  She easily pushed his hand away and grabbed her brother’s breasts with both hands.  Jade backed up against the exam table where he couldn’t move any further as he fought with his sister to get her hands off of him. 
“It can’t be!” Jimmy Joe screamed again.  “It can’t be!  It’s not real!”
“Jimmy!” Susan yelled.  “Stop it!”
“It is real!” Brian said at the same time. 
“Jimmy Joe looked from her mother, to her father, to her Uncle Brain, and back to her stupid brother – who had breasts!  “Aaaaaahhh!” she screamed loudly as she ran in a panic from the room.
All three adults ran after her.  Left alone, Jade didn’t know what to do.  He was totally naked and everyone else had gone.  When nobody came back after a few minutes, he started getting dressed again.  He was suddenly hopeful that now he wouldn’t have to get anymore hormones.  He held that hope strongly as he continued to get dressed.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

In a panic, Jimmy Joe ran through the office.  She looked wildly around, but never stopped moving.  The door was ahead.  She ran through the waiting area, past her brother who was the only one there now, and nearly broke the door trying to get outside.  Behind her, she could hear her father and mother calling her, but she had to get away, she had to get out of there.  It couldn’t be true.  None of it could be true!
With nowhere else to run, she headed through the snow for her father’s truck.  It was already covered in snow.  She ran to the truck and tried to open the door, but it was locked.  She pulled and pulled against it, trying vainly to open the door so she could get in, but the sturdy truck held firm.  She screamed in frustration again as her father caught up with her.
“Jimmy, stop it!” Clint yelled as he grabbed his daughter – son.  She fought against him, but despite the new muscle strength she had, he was far bigger and stronger.  He held her firm, trapping her arms to her sides so she couldn’t get away.
Susan ran up breathlessly.  Her daughter – her real daughter – was fighting against her husband’s strong grasp, and she was crying.  “Jas!” she said.
“Let me go!” Jimmy Joe screamed.  “Let me go!  It’s not real!  It’s got to be a trick!”
“Stop it!” Susan yelled as Brian now reached them too.  The snow was falling heavier but she ignored the snow and the even worse freezing wind that blew against them all.
“You saw that it’s true!” Brian told her.  “You touched his breasts.  You felt them.  You know that it’s true!”
“Bullshit!” Jimmy screamed as she fought harder against her father’s grip.  “It’s not real. It’s impossible.  It can’t be real!”
“It is real!” Susan yelled. “You saw it yourself.  And I have a feeling you’ve known for quite a while now that it’s real.”
“No it’s not!” Jimmy insisted as her crying intensified.  “It’s not real at all,” she cried as she collapsed inside her father’s arms.
Susan reached out with both hands and framed her daughter’s face.  She moved her head so she had no choice but to look at her.  “Jas,” she said, purposely using her real name.  “You know it’s real.  You know it.  You see now what the hormones have done to your brother, and you know perfectly well what they’ve done to you.”  She felt her daughter tense and start fighting again against the grip she had on her head, and the grip her husband had on her body.  Neither parent relented.  “Please, Jas.  Please agree to quit hunting.  You see now what it’s doing to you.  You see what it’s doing to you and your brother.  Please quit hunting…and be my little girl again.  Please!”  She finally released her daughter’s face and stood back a bit.  The howling wind made her shiver, but she ignored it.
Jimmy suddenly tensed and started kicking and screaming in a total rage again.  “Noooo!  Noooo!” she screamed.  Even in the driving wind and snow, the panic in her voice was all too clear.  “Nooooo!  It’s not real.  None of it’s real.  It’s all somehow fake!”  She tried again to pull free from her father’s grasp, and again she failed.  “Let me go!  Let me go!” she yelled.  “Let me go!”
“Jas!” Susan yelled to get her attention again.  “Will you please stop hunting now?”
Jimmy’s wild eyes looked at her mother.  The desperation she saw on her mother’s face was plain to read.  “Nooooo!” she yelled back at her mother.  “It’s…not…real!  It’s not real!  It’s not real!”  She struggled uselessly again against her father’s grasp again, before finally breaking down and just sobbing.  She hung completely limp in his arms. 
“Jas,” Clint said.  “You’ve got stop hunting now!”
“No!” the voice from her came defiantly amid her tears as she recovered control of her body and tried to stand free.  “I won’t quit.  I won’t!  Take me out of here.  Take me home!”
Susan shivered, more from her daughter’s answer than from the driving cold.  All three adults looked to each other.  All three adults were nothing but disappointed.  “I’ll stay with her here in the truck,” Clint told them.  “You go take care of Jim…Jasmine.”  As his tearful wife turned and started back inside, Brian stayed to look at Clint for a moment before he too turned sadly back toward his office. 
Still holding onto Jimmy, Clint unlocked his truck and lifted her up into the back seat where she collapsed into a mass of tears.  He ran around to the driver’s side and got in, quickly starting the engine so the heater would warm the inside again.  The windshield was already covered in two inches of snow that hadn’t been there when they arrived.  Driving home was going to be a mess.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Jade was all dressed, except for his coat.  He didn’t know why the wait was so long, but he remained hopeful.  He finally heard sounds of someone coming.  Looking out through the door, he saw his mother and Uncle…but not his father or…sister.  His mother was crying.  His uncle looked sad.  “Do I still need to get the hormones?” he asked hopefully.
A moment later, he collapsed to the floor, sobbing pitifully in disappointment.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan watched it all as if from a distance.  She watched as Brian carefully examined her son and made note of all the feminine changes that were now all too evident.  And Jimmy…Jade…just looked defeated.  She felt for him.  She really did.  But she was too brokenhearted to say anything.  She could only stay silent, and watch.  She had to look away though when Brian stuck that one big instrument up into him.  It was too sickening for her to continue to watch that, but it was over with quickly and she was able to see him putting the bandage over the wound he had made. 
She helped…Jade…get dressed.  He seemed so out of it.  So…defeated.  Once she got his coat on him again, she held him to her and hugged him.  Kissing his long hair as the tears once again hit her eyes.
She finally pulled herself together, sniffed a bit, and looked to her brother-in-law.  “Are you going home now too?” she asked.
Brian shook his head.  “It looks like I’ll be spending the night here.  I’ll send my staff home as soon as you’re gone.  But in this kind of weather, I’m needed more often than not.  I’ll be here if anyone needs me.”
Susan nodded.  “How about Janet?  Is she still at the hospital?”
“I don’t know,” he replied.  “I was just about to call her.  She may not be able to get out of there tonight.”
“Do you want us to watch the kids for you?” Susan asked.
Brian thought about it a moment and reached for his cell phone.  It took a few minutes, but he finally got to talk with his wife.  Between them, a decision was made.  After the call, Brian looked back to Susan again.  “Janet is pretty sure she’ll be working all night too.  Aaron should be fine staying with Lucas.  I’ll call John after you leave and let him know.  But if you can look after Allison, we’d appreciate it.”
Susan did her best to smile.  “Of course,” she replied.  “We’ll be happy to.”
“She’s either home right now,” he told her, “Or possibly up with Lucas at John’s house playing with Olivia.”
Susan shook her head.  “It’s snowing.  I’m betting their all out on the hill again.”
Brian smiled.  “And I’m betting you’re right.”
Susan reached out and grabbed Brian’s arm and gave it a small squeeze.  “Thanks,” she said simply before leading…Jade…out.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The drive home had been torturous.  Clint was never so grateful to get home.  Not a single sound had been made from any of his three kids in the back seat, and his wife had barely said anything either.  The long dangerous drive though the blizzard like weather had tested Clint’s nerves.  But even that wasn’t as bad as what his daughter had done to his nerves – his real daughter, who evidently was becoming all too much of a boy now.  And yet she had still broken down sobbing like the girl she really was. 
He was losing his kids.  He was losing two of the most precious possessions in his life.  Both of them were becoming someone else.  He was a man, not capable of expressing the emotions his wife could.  He was grateful for that.  He didn’t want any of them to see the fear he held inside over the issue. 
As he drove up the road and pulled into his driveway, he wanted to look back at his real son – at his real Jimmy.  He wanted to look at him, and hug him, and tell him he understood how he had to feel.  He wanted to tell his son that he still loved him, no matter what.  But his male chromosomes, didn’t let him.  And the truth was, he didn’t really know how Jimmy felt.  With all those weird hormones in his system now, he didn’t really know what Jimmy was experiencing.  Clint only knew that he felt for his son.  And somewhere deep down, he was still very proud of him.  Maybe later he’d have another talk with him and just mention that.  He had a feeling that just saying he was proud still, would go further than anything else. 
As Clint finally killed the engine, Susan broke the long silence.  She had seen the kids out on the hill having fun.  No doubt, Allison was there too.  “Tommy,” she said.  “Are you going out to the hill to play for a while?”
But the silence and the all too raw nerves from everyone in the truck had seeped their way into Tommy too.  “I don’t think so,” he replied.  “Not tonight.”
“I need someone to tell Allison that she’ll be staying with us tonight,” Susan told him.  “Can you go over and let her know before you come in the house?”
“Yeah, sure,” Tommy replied, halfheartedly.
“I’ll go,” Clint said.  “I’ll let her know.”
Susan nodded and squeezed his arm in thanks before she got out of the truck. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Allison couldn’t miss the mood throughout her Aunt Susan’s entire house.  Everyone seemed as if they were on pins and needles.  And Jimmy Joe…she wasn’t sure what was going on with her.  She just looked angry at the entire world.  She didn’t know where they had all been since they had left school, and none of them had mentioned where they had gone, so with the mood in the house, she didn’t feel that asking was the right thing to do. 
Everyone was polite to her, except Jimmy Joe, who mostly just glared at her and never said a single word, but that feeling of trouble between all of them was beginning to really worry her.  It was one of the more difficult evenings she could ever remember. 
Most of them were sitting in the family room watching TV after dinner.  All except Jimmy Joe who had disappeared into her room and didn’t seem to want to be around anyone else.  Nobody was saying much of anything to anyone until her Aunt Susan turned to her.
“Allison,” Susan said.  “Tomorrow is Thursday.  We’ve got to switch the twins back to themselves again in a little while.  Do you want to sleep with Jasmine, or if you like, we can fix you up right here in the family room for the night.”
Most of the time, Allison wouldn’t give the situation a second thought.  In fact, most of the time the question would never even be asked.  She’d simply stay with her friend.  But this wasn’t most of the time.  “Um…do you think she’d want me to stay with her?” Allison asked.
“I don’t know,” Susan admitted sadly.  “We’ll just have to ask.”  She stood up and looked at Jasmine who was now watching what was going on.  “Come on, Jas,” she said.  “Changing time.  Time to get you back to your own room.”
Jade nodded and got up from the chair he was sitting in.  He stopped to look at Allison as a sly smile lit his face.  “See ya,” he said to Allison with a small giggle. 
It was the first lighthearted thing Allison had heard all evening.  “What do you mean?” she asked.
“I won’t be back for a few days,” Jade replied with a smile.  “I’ll be someone else.  Kind of.  So you won’t see…this me, for a few more days.”
Allison smiled back.  “See ya then,” she replied.  She watched as Jade hurried out of the family room, half skipping like a girl for a moment until she lost sight of him.  She looked up at her Aunt Susan.  “Can I watch?” she asked.
“Watch what?” Susan asked.
“How you switch them around.”
“There’s nothing to see,” Susan said.  “But if you want to come, I guess you’re welcome.”
Allison followed her aunt down the hallway toward the bedrooms.  Jade’s bedroom door was open.  Inside, she saw him removing the earrings he had been wearing.  “What are you doing?” she asked as she looked inside. 
“Getting ready to be me again,” he replied as he picked up a tiny gold earring and stuck it in his ear in place of the fancier earring he had been wearing.
Behind her, Allison heard Jimmy Joe’s bedroom door opening.
“Time to get undressed and switch back to being you,” Susan told her.
Jimmy Joe saw Allison standing behind her mother.  She locked eyes with her friend for a moment before looking back at her mother.  “Okay,” she replied simply before closing her bedroom door again. 
A few minutes later, Allison and Susan stood in the hallway and watched as Jade came out of her room wearing only a tan robe.  He stood there waiting.  A minute later, Jasmine Joe came out wearing an identical robe.  The two of them looked at each other for a moment, then walked past each other into their own rooms where the doors closed behind them.
“That’s it?” Allison asked.
“What more did you expect?”
“I don’t know?” Allison replied.  “It just seems so…simple.”
“It is,” Susan said as she moved toward Jasmine’s…the real Jasmine’s door.  She knocked briefly before opening it.  Inside, her daughter was just pulling a pair of pajamas out of her dresser.  “Jas,” Susan said, “do you want Allison to stay with you here tonight?”
Jasmine shrugged.  “Sure,” she replied dully.  “I guess.”
Susan nodded and backed out…and Allison went in.  She sat on the bed and watched as Jasmine unfolded the pajamas.
Jasmine started to undo her robe, and stopped.  She didn’t want Allison seeing her body the way it was now.  All – ugly.  “Turn around,” she said.
“Turn around?” Allison asked.  “Why?”
“Cause I don’t want anyone to see me.”
“Why?” Allison asked again, not understanding.
“Just turn around!” Jasmine replied forcefully. 
“Okay!” Allison replied as she turned her back to her friend.
“And stay like that till I say,” Jasmine told her.  She removed her robe and quickly pulled on a pair of panties and then the bottoms to her pajamas. 
“What’s eating you tonight?” Allison asked with her back still to her.
“Never mind,” Jasmine replied as she picked up her pajama top.  But she decided not to put it on yet.  Not until after she had gotten a bra from her dresser and put it on – with plenty of stuffing inside.
“What’s taking you so long?” Allison asked, clearly annoyed.
“There!” Jasmine replied as she pulled the top over her.  She felt more like a girl now as she cupped the fake breasts on her chest.  “You can turn around again.”
Allison turned.  “You okay?” she asked, her voice full of concern.
Jasmine just stood there and stared at her for a moment.  “I’m fine!” she finally replied.
Allison shook her head as she watched Jasmine sit down at her desk and grab a pair of earrings and stick them in her ears.  She continued to watch as her friend reached out and grabbed a bottle of nail polish from the many on her desk.
“Want to do our nails?” Jasmine asked, more brightly than she had seemed all evening. 
“Yeah, sure!” Allison said, completely relieved that her friend seemed to be coming back to herself again.  The two of them did fingernails and toenails together, but never once did Jasmine mention what her big problem was.  For a while, it was almost like they were the two friends they had always been.  For Allison, it was a huge relief. 
She and Jasmine sat and played and talked about this and that for a little while, until her Aunt Susan came in and announced it was bedtime.  While Jasmine pulled the covers down on the bed, Allison went out and got her bag from the kitchen where she had left it when she came in.  When she went back to Jasmine’s room she paused in the hallway between her door and her brother’s room.  Through her brother’s door, she could hear faint sounds of crying.  It was all she could do to not open that door to go in and check on him.  
Five minutes later, she and Jasmine were tucked under the covers in Jasmine’s bed.  Ten minutes later, she had been mostly asleep when a noise woke her.  Crying.  Soft crying.  “Jas,” she said.  “What’s wrong?”  The crying got louder, but no answer came back to her question.  “What’s wrong?” she asked again as she scooted over and put her arm over top of Jasmine’s body.  Again she heard the crying get a little louder, but this time, she got an answer.
“I’m not me anymore, Allie,” Jas sobbed.  “I’m not me.”
“What do you mean, you’re not you?”
“I’m not me anymore.  I’m not…a girl anymore.”