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Mister Mike - Chapter 5 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 5 – Part 1 of 2

     Yes I was wearing makeup.  Yes I had put it on in front of her…while she laughed at me and told me how terrible I was at it…not to mention telling me how ridiculous I looked in it.  Yes I was wearing my bra with the birdseed breast forms.  And yes I was wearing my white button down blouse.  But no, I wasn’t wearing the black skirt…or any skirt at all…or anything at all that would cover my diaper.  In fact, she even had me pull the top part of my pantyhose down far enough so she could see my whole diaper. 
      “Now don’t forget, this time I want to see you wetting yourself…right in front of me!  Got that…sissy?”  I didn’t know what to say to that, so I just glared angrily at her.  “Now get back to work!”
     I was very aware of her watching me as I sorted clothes and threw them into the washer.  I was glad when she finally left me alone.  I put the detergent in and set the machine for what type of load it was…and she came back, dumping all her laundry at my feet.
      “Don’t forget mine,” she said with all too big of a grin. 
     I almost hit her. 
     Laundry.  Clean her bathroom.  Make her bed.  Clean the kitchen.  And cook dinner…this time it really was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  And every time I sat down, whether she liked it or not because my feet hurt so much, she was all over me until I stood back up again. 
      “Oh boy I’m going to need to find a real punishment for you tonight,” she threatened over and over again.  I seriously hoped she was kidding.
     Clean the kitchen after dinner – not that there was anything to clean after peanut butter and jelly, but she had me go over the entire kitchen again while she watched.  Iron ALL her laundry, before making me continue to stand there and iron all of mine!  Hang all of her things neatly in her closet before putting away my things.  And make damn sure I wasn’t sitting down at all.  And through all that, she kept checking my diaper to make sure I hadn’t wet it yet! 
      “We really should have made you drink more with dinner,” she told me when I had gone so long without wetting myself. 
     The truth was, I was in agony over having to pee.  I just didn’t want to tell her that, because I didn’t want to do it in front of her.  But eventually she noticed me squirming – as little as I was doing it. 
      “You’ve got to pee!” she declared all too joyously. 
      “Maybe a little.”
      “Looks like more than a little to me,” she said as she grabbed me by the arm and led me straight to the middle of my living room.  “Now wait till I say you can,” she told me.
     Wait?  I thought she wanted me to do it as soon as possible.
      “Now let’s see,” she said as she stood back and studied me.  “How do I want you to do this?”
     Huh?  “What do you mean?  There’s only one way I can wet myself.”
      “That’s not what I mean, so hold it till I say you can go!”
     She studied me some more.  “Okay, try spreading your legs.”
     I moved my feet apart some. 
      “Wider!  A lot wider!”
     In those heels, with my feet hurting enough to nearly make me pass out, I did the best I could.  “Okay?  Can I get this over with now?”
      “Nope.  I’m still not satisfied.”
      “But I can’t spread my legs any wider in these heels!”
      “Oh, your legs are okay, it’s the rest of you I don’t like.”
     The rest of me?
      “Stick your thumb in your mouth and suck on it like a big baby,” she suggested.
      “Oh good!  Another reason to make your punishment even worse.”
      “What punishment?”
      “The punishment for so many things that I told you to do and you put up a fuss.  Now stick that thumb in your mouth!”
     Unsure of everything, I stuck my thumb in my mouth. 
      “Hmmm,” she said as she stared at me.  “Better, but still not good.  Suck that thumb harder.”  She watched me for a moment to make sure I was doing that.  “Now take your other hand and put it on top of your head.”  Uncertainly, I did just that.  “Can you bend your knees a little?” 
     I tried, but it was nearly impossible.  She sighed and shook her head.  “I guess it will just have to do.  Now go ahead.  Wet yourself.  And don’t you dare move anything until I say you can!”
     In that position, with my legs spread wide, it was even more difficult to keep from wetting myself, so it took me no time at all before I was flooding my diaper.  And since I had held it so long, I mean flooding.  The pee came out of me and filled my diapers all around…and then began leaking out the leg openings. 
      “You’re leaking!” she exclaimed. 
     I pulled my thumb from my mouth.  “That’s because…”
      “Get that thumb back in your mouth and suck on it.  That’s another reason to punish you!  Now don’t move until I say you can!” 
     She watched me for a few moments, staring mostly at my crotch.  I could feel a few rivulets of pee running down each of my legs.  And then I saw her face turn positively evil…again.
      “You bad, bad boy.  You wet yourself!”
      “Stick that thumb back in your mouth and don’t say a word, you bad baby!  Suck on that thumb like the infant brain that you are!”  She walked around me, feeling my wet diaper in the front and the back.  “I think it’s punishment time,” she said while she was still behind me.  “Now, what’s a good punishment for a big sissy idiot like you?” 
     She came back in front of me and looked at me.  I felt totally ridiculous standing there the way I was…and I was getting more nervous now because it seemed she was intent on doing something to punish me…for what, I really didn’t know…or care.  I only knew I felt ridiculous…and my feet were truly killing me. 
     And then I saw her face go from puzzlement, to delight.  “I know,” she said.  “You stay right there like that.  Don’t move a muscle!” 
     And she took off.  What the hell was going on?  Was she really going to punish me?  And was I really going to let her punish me?  That was the bigger question.  I was still contemplating that when she ran back into the living room. 
      “Darn!” she exclaimed as she looked at me.  “You didn’t move.  I was sure I’d have another excuse to punish you for moving when I told you not to.”
     Okay, she was seriously demented!  It was then that I realized she had taken a roll of scotch tape from my desk.  What the hell was she going to do with that?  Unfortunately, I found out.
      “Okay,” she said.  “Hands behind your back.”
     She was right when she called me an idiot, because I did just that…and the horror of it hit me when I felt her quickly wrapping that thin scotch tape around and around my wrists.  Binding them behind me.  When she was done, I tried to break the tape, but it wasn’t budging.  I didn’t get a chance to try very long at all though.
      “Okay,” she said.  “Get your ass over to that wall!” 
     I nearly fell when she pushed me, trying to get my aching feet under me again so I could walk.  And when I did, she pushed me from behind, face first, right up against the wall.
      “Stay there,” she said as she took her hand off my back.  She moved around beside me.  “Touch your nose to the wall!”
     Oh God!
      “Higher!  I want to see how high you can reach with your nose.” 
     And then to make matters worse, she stuck her finger under my nose and lifted it until I couldn’t manage anymore. 
      “Now hold still!” she told me. 
     And then I felt her sliding something small and odd-shaped between my nose and the wall.  And suddenly she moved her hand away. 
      “There!” she said delightedly.  “Now you hold that paperclip right there while I figure out how I should punish you.”
     I nearly died.  This wasn’t the punishment?
      “And don’t you dare let it fall or I’ll make you stand there holding it for a full hour right there – before I punish you!”
     At that point, I wasn’t sure of anything.  An hour of this before she punished me?  Wasn’t this bad enough?  I was now getting so frightened of her, I dared not do as she said.  And why the hell was she giggling behind me?  Okay, that part I knew.  She was demented.  Totally evilly demented!  That alone scared me.
      “I can’t tell you how funny you look right now,” she said.  “So funny that I’m finding it hard to think about how I should go about punishing you.”
      “Don’t!” I said into the wall, doing my best to not let that paperclip fall.  “Isn’t this bad enough?”
      “Oh no!” she said as if what I was doing was almost nothing.  “That’s just a little something to keep you busy while I’m thinking.”
     Keep me busy?  I’d been busy all day!  Especially since I came back into the house!
      “Now let’s see.  The punishment should fit the crime.  But in this case, you’ve got too many crimes to mention.  “Lying to me.  Not doing what I say when I tell you to…and I guess that should include moving or saying something when I told you not to.  Refusing to admit how much you love me humiliating you.  Complaining about things.  Oh, and arguing back with me.  That’s a big no-no!  And of course, wetting yourself like a big baby.  So, I think we’ve got most of the worst of your crimes, at least the ones I can remember right now.  So the question is, how should we deal with them?”
     With my feet hurting so badly, I was really struggling now to hold that paperclip in place.  I started trying to move my feet, one at a time just slightly to take the weight off of them. 
      “What are you doing?  Hold still!”
      “I can’t.  My feet are killing me!”
      “Tough!  Oh…”  And then I felt her come up behind me.  “Put your feet together,” she ordered.  And then she was kneeling down behind me.  Before I knew it, she was wrapping that same stupid tape around and around my ankles, binding them together like she had done with my hands.  “There, that should help.”
     Help?  She had just made matters worse for me.  I tried to move my feet, but most of the possible motion was now impossible. 
      “Now.  What shall we do with you?” she said.  “Hmmmm.”
     I heard her wander quietly around the living room.  If this wasn’t her punishment, then she was certainly taking her damn sweet time figuring out what to do next.  And just then, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than the torture I was enduring. 
      “Stay there!” she suddenly said, and then she was gone.  I heard the door to the porch opening, and closing.  I was guessing she had gone out back.  She was gone so long I was starting to wonder if I dared take my nose away from the wall.  I desperately wanted to move my feet since they were in absolute agony.  While she was away, I kept pulling at my bound wrists, trying to get some relief for them, but nothing was working for me…anywhere!  I was just about to give up and let that paperclip go, when I heard her coming back again.  Fear kept me rooted to the wall.
      “Still there?” she said as she came over right to me and checked to make sure the paperclip was still there.  “Good boy!  For a change.  Now you stay right there.  I’ll be right back.”
     She was gone again.  Between my feet and trying to hold still and keep that damn paperclip where it was with my nose, I was in absolute agony.  If I could have taken a step backwards, I would have, even if that damn clip fell to the floor.  I didn’t even care.  But with my ankles taped like that, I couldn’t take a step in any direction.  I was pretty much rooted to that one spot.  So holding the clip to the wall with my nose was the least of my worries…right after my feet…which came right after worrying about whatever Ashley would do next! 
     It was a few minutes before she finally came back again, and when she did, she immediately checked the paperclip under my nose.  “Still a good boy!” she said with a laugh.  “I’m not sure I believe it.”
     To tell the truth, I didn’t believe it myself. 
      “Now hold still and keep that paperclip there,” she told me.  And then she was gone again, this time to somewhere inside the house.  But she was back again less than a minute later.  I sensed her kneeling down behind me, and then I felt the tape binding my ankles being cut.  Once she did that, she started pulling it off.
      “Uh-oh!” she said.  “Sorry.  I think you’re going to need some new pantyhose.  Taking the tape off put a run in them.  Sorry,” she repeated again.
     I didn’t reply.  Instead, I moved my feet what little I was still able while keeping that clip to the wall with my nose.  And then I felt her come up beside me, and literally taking that clip out from under my nose.  “You can relax now,” she told me. 
     I did, what little I could actually move.  It was a relief, but not that much. 
      “Into your bedroom now,” she ordered.  She gave me a little push in that direction, but I went gratefully.  Not grateful for whatever she had planned in my room, but grateful to be away from that wall, and grateful to be able to move my damn feet again!  Ouch!  Major agony!

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MIster Mike - Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 2

     I was working again on my printer table, sanding it and preparing it for the finishing work, when the door to my workshop suddenly opened and she hurried in.  She was holding her long sweater closed with her hand.  She came in and closed the door.  “It’s nice and warm in here,” she said as she released her sweater and shook her hair out.
      “It takes a while to get it heated up,” I replied, “but the heater does a good job.”
      “So how’s it going?” she asked.
      “Pretty good,” I told her.  “I’m almost done sanding and I should be ready to start staining it in a little while.”
     She seemed to look carefully at what I had created.  “Nice,” she said. 
     I had no idea why she was there or what she could possibly want now, but unless she was finally going to hand over those keys, I’d just as soon have her gone.  “Was there something you needed?” I asked.
      “No.  Just checking to see what you were doing.”
     I went back to my sanding while she started looking around my shop.
      “You’ve got a lot of stuff in here,” she said.
      “Not really,” I told her.  “I don’t usually buy any new tools unless I need them for something.”   
      “I’m waiting for turd-face next door to leave,” she said.  “Then I need to go back and grab a few more of my clothes.  “I need something clean to wear today, and a clean pair of scrubs for tomorrow.”
      “How about finding a new place to live?” I asked.  “Didn’t you ask any of your friends?”
      “Yesterday was a bitch at work,” she said.  “I never got the chance.  But I did text Amanda about it.  Unfortunately, her boyfriend has one of his friends staying in their extra room now.  So I have to keep looking.”
     I just hoped she’d find someplace soon.
     She sat on my stool for a while and watched me sanding…which pretty much kept me from sitting down and taking a load off my feet.  Finally, I think she got bored and left.  I sat down immediately and wiggled my feet in the air.  Ahhh!  Such a relief.
     When I went into the house at lunchtime, she was wearing something different.  “I see you got your clothes,” I mentioned.
      “Yeah.  As long as he’s not there, I have no problem.  I just don’t ever want to see him again – for anything!  By the way.  How come you have a guest room, but there’s no dresser in it?  No drawers for me to put any of my stuff in?”
      “I’ve never had anyone use that room before,” I told her.  “And I wasn’t planning on you staying there either.  And besides,” I pointed out, “you were only supposed to be here for one night!”
      “Well…that didn’t work out,” she replied.  “I’m working on it though.”
     I could only hope! 
      “So what’s for lunch?”
      “Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” I told her.  “Because that’s about all I have left!”
      “You should go to the store this afternoon.”
      “Are you going to give me those keys back?”
      “Absolutely not!” she replied with all too big of a grin.
      “Then I’m not going to the store!”
      “Do you have any soup instead?”
      “I’ll look,” I replied, all too exasperated with her.  I wound up heating up two cans of vegetable soup for the two of us.  After not having anything for breakfast, I was pretty hungry myself.
     After lunch, I finished staining my printer stand and headed back into the house.  She was sitting in front of the TV texting.  I could only hope she was trying to find a place to live so she could get out of my hair. 
      “Man you’ve got a lot of panties,” she said as I walked past, heading for my bedroom to change.
     I stopped dead, not believing what I had just heard.  “What?”
      “You’ve got a lot of panties.”  She giggled.  “Nice ones.  Sexy!”
      “You’ve been going through my drawers again?”
      “Sure.  It was fun.  Besides, I saw most of what you had the other night.  I was curious, so I started looking around.  By the way, you’re almost out of diapers.”
      “I know!  Why did you go through my things? That’s my stuff.  My private stuff.”
      “Like I said, I was curious,” she replied as she went back to texting. 
      “Damn it!” I muttered as I continued on toward my bedroom.
      “Where are you going?” she called.
      “To change!  I can’t do anything out there until the stain dries.”
      “When will that be?”
      “I probably won’t be able to do anything more with it until tomorrow night.”
      “So you aren’t going to be doing anymore woodworking today?”
     She jumped up from the couch.  “Good.  Then what are you going to wear?”
      “I don’t know.  Clothes!”
     She giggled.  “Let’s go see!”
     I stopped where I was.  “What?”
      “I want to see what you’re going to wear.  No!” she said as her face suddenly lit up.  She pushed her way past me into my room.  “I want to pick out what you’ll wear myself!”
      “No!” I shouted.  What was up with this girl?  But all she did was laugh and head straight into my closet.  “What are you doing?”
      “Figuring out what I want you to wear.”
      “I’ll put on what I want.  Not what you want!”
      “Tough!” she said.  “Besides, you love being humiliated remember?  And I think it’s totally funny.”  She stopped looking at my clothes and turned to me.  “Hey, how come you don’t have one of those silly ridiculous looking maids dresses like they show in so many of the pictures on the internet?  You know, the ones with the really short skirts?”
      “Because I don’t!  Why would I ever want something like that?”
      “I don’t know.  I guess because they seem to be so popular with guys like you.  So many of them seem to love cleaning house in them.”
      “I’m not interested!”
      “Sure you are!”  She smiled that stupid wicked smile at me again as she continued pawing through my clothes.
      “Nope!  I’m having too much fun, and you’re going to do what I tell you to.”
      “Besides,” she said, looking at me again, “admit it.  You love the humiliation of me bossing you around.”
      “Admit it!” she said more sternly.
      “No!  I told you…”
      “Admit it!” she yelled with a look of total anger on her face.
      “Okay, maybe a little.  But I don’t…”
      “There!  That’s all settled now,” she said as she went back to looking through my closet.  “You’ve just admitted that you like being humiliated by me bossing you around, so stop putting up so much of a fuss.”  She looked at my two dresses and each of my skirts.  “We’ve just got to get you one of those dresses.”
      “What dresses?”
      “The silly maid’s dresses.”
      “Oh.”  Why did everything seem to go so wrong around this girl?  Believe me, my sympathies were quickly siding totally with Chris!
      “Here,” she said as she took my tight short black skirt and threw it at me.  “Put that on the bed.”  I stood there with the skirt in my hands.
      “I said put it on the bed!” she yelled. 
     I rolled my eyes in exasperation and took the skirt far enough to toss it onto my bed. 
      “Start getting undressed,” she called from my closet before I had a chance to get back.
      “Get undressed?”
     She poked her head out of the closet.  “If I have to tell you again, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy some kind of punishment for not doing what I said.  Isn’t that the way all those websites said it should be done?”
      “But this isn’t…”
      “Don’t argue!  Now get undressed!”
     Totally exasperated, I removed my shirt and undershirt and struggled to get my pants off over my shoes while she carried my long sleeved white button-down blouse out of the closet and threw it on the bed with the skirt.  She watched me struggling with my pants before she went to the bottom drawer of my dresser.  I saw her pull out a bra and my birdseed breast forms.  She threw them on the bed then watched me finally get my pants off.  “Is that some kind of tape on your diaper?” she asked, looking closer through the top of my pantyhose.
      “Yes.  Since the tapes won’t stick again after I pull them apart, then I have to use some duct tape from the shop to hold the diaper together again.
      “Why did you take it off in the first place?”
      “To go to the bathroom of course!  I don’t want to wet the thing.  I don’t want to wear it at all!”
      “I’ll bet you’re lying to me again,” she said.  “I know you like wearing them.  And next time…use the diaper like you’re supposed to!  Now where do you buy your diapers?” she asked.  “You need more.”
      “On line.”
      “Why?  Why don’t you just go to one of the stores and buy them?”
      “Aside from the fact that it’s embarrassing…” I told her somewhat angrily, “they don’t sell diapers like that in any of the stores around here.”
      “They don’t?”
     She seemed very disappointed.  “Too bad,” she said.  “That would have been fun.”
     Thank God they didn’t sell anything at all like that…anywhere that I knew of. 
      “We’ll order more for you tonight,” she said.
     I didn’t bother replying.  I was still trying to figure out how to get out of all of this, as well as figure out where my life suddenly went so wrong.  Well, I guess that last part was easy.  It went wrong the minute I opened my front door and let her in.
      “Now let me see you do your makeup,” she said as I noticed her trying to stifle another laugh.  Oh, she was really getting too much!
      “Suppose I don’t want to!” I replied angrily. 
     She laughed again.  “Sure you do.  I know you do.  You already admitted you like being humiliated by me.  So don’t argue.  And besides, the more you argue, the more reason I have to find some funny way to punish you later.  Isn’t that what all you sissies like?  And don’t say you don’t!  I saw tons of stuff in there about sissy punishment, and humiliating punishment, and baby punishment.  By the way, what does ABDL stand for?”
      “Adult Baby Diaper Lover.”
      “Oh.  I guess that’s you!”  And she laughed again.  “Now makeup time.  Go!”