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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 18 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 18 Part 2 of 2

Felicia entered the room two minutes before she would have been considered late.  As she did, she gave an annoyed look at Vivian just before she sat down at her desk.  But as she looked at her, she paused.  A purple shade of lipstick?  On Vivian?  What was the woman thinking?  Some women could wear the color just fine, but it was an awful choice for her.  Was Vivian losing her marbles more than she already thought? 
But she was annoyed with Vivian for a different reason.  And the moment she had booted up her computer, she went into her email program and began typing an email to the woman behind her.  I thought you were going to send me some pictures of Phillip in his diaper!
Vivian wrote back:  As it turns out, Phillip wasn’t wearing a diaper when I checked.  He was only putting one on when he needed it and then taking it off afterwards.  But I fixed that!  He can’t take them off anymore by himself.  I’ve got Marian changing them for him now.  I did take some great pictures of them last night though after he got into his diaper.  I’ll send some of them to your cellphone now.
Felicia read Vivian’s email and quickly dug her cellphone out of her purse and set it so it wouldn’t make any noise when Vivian sent her the pictures.  Only then did she take the time to fully comprehend what Vivian had just said in her email.  She now had Marian changing Phillip’s diapers?  Well, just as long as the little shithead was stuck wearing them – and using them.  But she also wondered if she could manage to get her desk changed to somewhere further away from Vivian.  The woman was definitely crazy! 
The pictures started coming through on Felicia’s cellphone.  She had to admit, they were really great.  The ones with Marian were more than a little disturbing for her, but she totally loved the ones showing Phillip in his diaper, sucking his thumb, and hugging that doll of his.  She absolutely loved them!  She wrote back:  Thanks!  They look great.  Maybe next week you can send me some showing Phillip’s wet diaper.
Vivian smiled when she read Felicia’s email.  She typed back:  No problem!  And I’m hoping that the new diapers I ordered will be in soon too so you can see those as well.
Felicia was trying to get to work, but she couldn’t ignore Vivian’s email.  She quickly wrote back:  That would be great!  She left it there and started in on her work projects.
But Vivian didn’t have anything better to do… except to check the ads which she wouldn’t miss for the world, and she was so overjoyed with what she had done to Mooing Marian that she simply felt she had to share it.  Besides, Felicia was the one person in the room who completely felt the way she did about Phillip and Marian.  Felicia was the one person she could share it all with.  She was sure that Felicia was going to love hearing about what she had now done to Marian.  So she began a very long email detailing what had happened the night before and she sent it to Felicia.
Felicia was annoyed to get another email from Vivian.  Didn’t the woman have any work to do?  But she opened the email anyway.  She was both surprised and annoyed to see a very long email.  She started reading it.  Make her realize she’s nothing but a cow?  Double breast pump… and drugs to bring in her milk?  Damn!  Vivian was more than crazy!  Now Felicia didn’t only want to move to a desk further away, she wanted into an entirely different department.  Vivian belonged in a nuthouse somewhere!  She very briefly turned around to level a wondering look at Vivian… and was again bothered by her purple lipstick.  She turned back to her computer and typed:  Maybe we better get back to work instead of discussing this!  I have a lot to do today, and I’m sure you do to! 
Vivian read Felicia’s email.  Yeah, Felicia had work to do, but she didn’t.  She had all the time in the world to do whatever she liked… just so long as it looked to everyone else like she was actually working.  She was in the process of hunting for some of the latest sales ads that she figured might be out now, when she saw another email come in from Felicia.  She read it, and found that she was puzzled.  It mentioned something she had never thought of.  The email simply asked:  When Marian starts producing milk, what are you going to do with it? 
Vivian typed back:  I never thought about it, and I really don’t care.  Just so long as Marian finally understands that she’s really nothing but a stupid ugly cow!
Felicia read Vivian’s reply.  She wouldn’t have asked the question, but it was just one of those little nagging things that hit her.  Now she was sorry she had asked.  Vivian was simply more disturbed than she ever thought.  She made a mental note to stay as far away from Vivian as possible from now on.  She purposely didn’t reply to Vivian’s email.  She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to even talk to the woman again.  Vivian was going to land in a nuthouse very soon – for sure!
When Vivian didn’t get any reply back from Felicia, she went back to checking her sales ads and her usual favorite places on the web.  She mostly put Felicia’s question out of her head, but it wouldn’t leave her alone completely.  The thought didn’t leave her until she remembered that she would be taking Sissy Phyllis out to see that domme woman later tonight – Goddess Gloria.  Ha!  What a name!  But she had no doubt it would be very interesting.  Maybe as interesting as the shopping she planned on doing before that. 
Which reminded her, she had better tell Sissy Phyllis that they were going out tonight… not to mention that he was going to have to come up with a hundred and fifty dollars to pay the woman.  And since she wanted Sissy Phyllis to look his absolute sissy best, she had better tell that stupid cow Marian that Phyllis was going somewhere as well, so that Marian could make sure he was dressed properly!  If Marian was smart enough to figure out how to dress him.  She decided that maybe she better spell it all out for the stupid woman… cow.  She again pulled up her email program and began a fairly long email explaining that she was taking Phillip out that night and that he had to have a hundred and fifty dollars in cash.  Then she went into detail as to just how she wanted Sissy Phyllis dressed.  She also included what time she expected that she would pick him up.  Then she sent the email to both Marian and Phillip. 

Marian hated getting emails from Vivian.  They were always nothing but trouble.  She read Vivian’s latest.  She was picking him up tonight around eight thirty to take him somewhere.  It was going to cost him a hundred and fifty dollars?  Wow!  What the heck was she doing with him?  She noted that Vivian didn’t mention where she was taking Phillip or what they would be doing, but she feared it wouldn’t be good.  She noted the outfit that Vivian wanted him dressed in.  The red Capri pants again.  She seemed to have a thing for that outfit.  The only problem was, Phillip had worn the outfit earlier in the week and it hadn’t been washed yet.  Marian sent back that bit of information to Vivian. 
Vivian read Marian’s email and got quickly annoyed.  The stupid cow!  She wrote back:  I don’t care.  Wash it before then!  Just have him ready and looking perfect!    

Phillip read Mistress Vivian’s email and immediately grew apprehensive.  She was taking him out somewhere?  Looking his sissy best?  And he had to have a hundred and fifty dollars in cash?  He didn’t have a hundred and fifty dollars to spare.  Since he had been forced by Vivian to buy all those new clothes, he had just paid his credit card bills!  Not to mention all his other bills that he was barely able to handle as it was.  He quickly wrote back to Vivian:  I don’t have a hundred and fifty dollars!  After buying all those new clothes I had to pay my credit card bill.
Phillip’s email immediately annoyed Vivian.  She wrote back:  I don’t care where you get it from, just get it!  Steal it if you have to!  Just have it when I pick you up!
Phillip read Mistress Vivian’s email and closed his eyes.  Where was he going to get a hundred and fifty dollars?  Well, he had paid his credit card bill online, he would just have to borrow that much money off of his card again.  He figured he better let Marian know that they were going to have to make another stop on the way home tonight.
Once he sent the email to Marian, he briefly pulled his weight up off his chair and resettled his wet diapered backside down again.  The feel of the stupid diaper he was wearing was hard to ignore… especially after he had been forced to wet it.  The only good part about it was that now he didn’t have to go traipsing down the hallway with Dolly to the men’s room.  He could avoid that bit of embarrassment.  But what would happen when his diaper needed changing?  He could almost imagine Mistress Vivian making Marian change him right in the middle of the floor in front of everyone else in the office!  Damn!  He wished he had been able to masturbate this morning, but his damn diaper had been in the way.

It was shortly after the morning breaks were over that Phillip was again desperate to pee.  He had been trying to hold it as long as possible so he could try to make it to lunchtime before he needed to be changed.  Finally, knowing he had no choice, he slowly let it out into his already wet diaper.  The feel of the warm pee flooding around him sent shivers down his spine.  Awful!  Yet… interesting.  He could literally feel the diaper soaking all that pee up… but there was no doubt now that his diaper was a lot wetter inside.  He just prayed that the thing didn’t leak.  He didn’t know what he would do then. 
He tried to put his now wetter diaper out of his mind, but it was even harder to ignore.  Damn he wished he had been able to masturbate this morning! 
When lunchtime came and Marian and Phillip were alone in the office again, Marian got up from her desk.  She stopped at Phillip’s desk to find out what he wanted for lunch.  But before she had the chance to ask, he asked his own question, “Can you change me now?”
Marian knew this little task would happen sometime.  And she supposed that lunchtime was the perfect time for it.  But…  “How wet are you?” she asked since she couldn’t change him unless he absolutely needed it. 
“Very!  I’m hoping my diaper hasn’t leaked yet.”
“Stand up, let me see.”
Phillip stood and turned around.  He did indeed have a tiny little spot.  She pulled at the back of his pants near the top of his leg.  “Yeah, you’re leaking, but it’s only a small spot.  I doubt anyone would notice it.”
“Can you change me now?”
“Sure,” Marian replied, then she thought better of the idea.  “No!  Maybe I better wait.”
“I’ll go out and get lunch, while I’m gone, you try to pee again.  If you can, then that’s one less time you may have to do it later.  Maybe we can make it to the end of the day before we have to change you again.”
Phillip saw the wisdom in that but he had a more immediate concern.  “But what if I leak even more?”
Marian looked at him while she considered that.  “Pray that you don’t!  I’ll be back as soon as I can.  Just try to wet that thing again while I’m gone!”
Phillip watched her walk out.  Wet himself again?  He was going to leak all over the place!
Marian got back as quickly as she could with their lunch.  When she arrived in the office, Phillip was on his feet hugging Dolly to his chest.  “Did you manage to wet again?”
Phillip, feeling frightened and nervous, only nodded.  He had remained standing since Marian had left so that the wet spot on his pants wouldn’t get any bigger, and when he had finally managed to wet himself, he had felt a bit of pee running all the way down his leg inside his pants.  Ugh!  Horrible!  And because of that, he was more nervous now than ever.  “I’m leaking pretty bad now,” Phillip told her.
Marian set the food down on his desk.  “Turn around,” she said so she could see the back of his pants.  “The spot looks pretty much the same as it did before,” she told him.
“I could feel it running all down my leg,” Phillip complained.  “Can’t you please change me now?”
“Don’t worry, I’m going to,” Marian said.  “Grab your backpack and let’s go to the ladies room and we’ll get you taken care of as fast as I can.”
“Do we have to?”
“I thought you wanted to get changed right away.”
“I do, I’d just rather not do it there.”
“Phillip, we’ve got to do it somewhere… unless you want me to change you right here where someone might see.  I can certainly do that if you like.”
“No!  Not here… in there!” Phillip replied quickly pointing to the break room. 
Marian considered it and quickly agreed.  Two minutes later, Phillip was lying on his back in the break room with his pants around his ankles as Marian began pulling up the tapes on his very soggy diaper. 
As Marian unfastened his diaper, she couldn’t help but notice how childlike he seemed to be, laying there hugging Dolly to him while she changed his diaper.  The only thing the picture seemed to need was him sucking on his thumb.  She put that image quickly out of her head.  Phillip didn’t need any more humiliation in his life.  He had more than enough already!  But as she went about changing his diaper for him, she couldn’t help but feel that maternal instinct that she had never been able to indulge with a child of her own.  She was surprised by how much that feeling affected her.  She quickly tried to put all thoughts along that line out of her head.  She and her husband had made that decision long ago.  No children!  Not with the kind of life they had led!  Still, when she changed Phillip, she did her best to be as kind and motherly about the entire process as she could. 

As soon as the last second in the work day had ticked off the clock, Vivian was up and out of her seat.  What a boring day!  She had again spent all day on the internet, but that was starting to get old to her now.  But at least it was Friday and she could start her shopping!  That was what she had been waiting for all day long… all week long!  But before she could go shopping, she wanted to do one little thing first.
Phillip was a bundle of nerves as he and Marian left the room slightly behind all the others.  Had he leaked anymore?  He was more than wet enough!  Could the others smell him?  He wasn’t sure.  He only hoped they couldn’t.  Fortunately, he and Marian were lagging far enough behind the others that most of them were gone before they reached the elevators.  They rode down in the elevator with only two other women, before they turned right around and rode another elevator car right back up again.  Together they trudged their way back to the office.
“I need changing really bad,” Phillip told her as they walked.
“I figured,” Marian replied.
Once back in the office, Phillip headed straight for the break room while Marian took a moment to deposit her purse on her desk before heading for the break room herself.  But she didn’t get quite there before Vivian walked in.  “Where’s Sissy Phyllis?” Vivian asked with some concern when she didn’t see him.
Marian pointed to the break room beyond the glass window.  “Getting ready to be changed,” Marian replied.
Vivian’s face lit up in a smile as she turned her head and saw Phillip watching them through the window.  “Good, I got here just in time.”  She entered the break room before Marian.  “Get those pants off!” she ordered the doll hugging man.
Completely worried about what new things Mistress Vivian would be tormenting him with, Phillip pulled his pants off, exposing his soaking wet diaper. 
“Wonderful!” Vivian exclaimed as she saw how completely wet the diaper was.  She pulled her cell phone out and began taking pictures of him.  “Suck your thumb!” she ordered.  And then she started taking more pictures.  She turned to Marian.  “Okay you stupid cow, you can change him now.”
Marian had Phillip lay down on the floor where she set about the task of removing his soaked diaper and replacing it with a new one… all while Vivian was taking picture after picture with her cell phone. 
“Excellent!” Vivian declared happily when Marian had finished.  “Now don’t forget, I’ll be picking little Phyllis up at eight thirty tonight, and he better look perfect!”  With that and a broad smile, she walked out of the room.  She was already texting the pictures to Felicia as she rode down in the elevator on the way to start her Friday night shopping.

At six o’clock, Marian was again kneeling on the floor, playing with herself, while the breast pump went to work on her.  She could have had Phillip wash and iron his own clothes while she was hooked up to the machine, but she was concerned with whatever Phillip might have to face later that evening.  No sense adding to his humiliation by making him go back and forth to the laundry room in the building across the street.  So she told him she would take care of that little chore for him – after her… “milking.” 
While she was stuck kneeling on the floor with her nipples constantly being agitated, she spent her time thinking about the next fireplace DVD she had to create.  She had been overjoyed to see the plum color on Vivian’s lips today – especially since the color really did look fairly horrible on the woman.  But for the next DVD she was going to need a different sign that the video was working.  That part was easy to come up with, it was the other ideas she needed to now start injecting into Vivian’s warped head that were going to be difficult.  She was going to have to pick and choose the most important ones.  Too much wouldn’t work.  Progress had to be slow and almost unnoticeable or there would be no progress at all.  But at least she knew now that Vivian was watching the video and that it was reaching her. 

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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

“Marian…” Phillip called softly to the woman who was sleeping on his couch.  “Marian…”  She had a blanket pulled over her but she was using an old sweater for a pillow.  He was just glad that for once she wasn’t playing with herself like most of the times he saw her lying there.  “Marian!” Phillip called louder, and then shook her a bit to wake her up.
“Moooo!”  Marian belched out the moo as she startled awake.  She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment then rubbed them before opening them.  She could barely see.  She realized that the only light in the apartment must have been coming from Phillips room.  “Phillip.  What is it?” she asked seeing him hovering over her.
“I need to take a shower,” Phillip replied.  “But every time I even think about trying to take this damn diaper off me, my arm starts to hurt.”
Marian was still trying to bring herself fully awake.  She remembered now that Phillip was no longer able to remove his own diapers… it was now her job to take care of all that business for him.  “Okay,” she said as she tried to wake herself up more so she could actually get up.  She hadn’t slept much all night.  And every time she did fall asleep she had suffered through nightmares about being milked like a cow.  Awful!  She threw the blanket off of her and dropped her legs to the floor.  Her arm automatically reached for the high heeled shoes she knew she had to get onto her feet before she did anything else.  A minute later, they were strapped firmly in place.  “Turn some light on please,” she said as she finished.  “I can’t see anything.”
Phillip turned the light on and headed back to Marian so she could remove his diaper for him. 
“Are you messy?” Marian asked.  “Or just wet?”
“Just wet,” Phillip replied.
With some relief, Marian reached out to grab one of the tapes on his diaper… but she stopped her hand just short as she remembered what had happened the morning before.  “Maybe I better not,” she said.
“Huh?  Why?”
“Because there’s no sense in me doing this before your shower… and then you mess yourself before we get out of here today so you’ll only have to take another shower.  Mess that diaper first and then I’ll take it off of you.”
Phillip was totally aghast.  “But…”
“Phillip… just do it!”  She grabbed her blanket, swung her high heeled feet up onto the couch again and said, “Call me when you’re ready.”  She mooed, and closed her eyes.  Maybe she could get a little bit more sleep.
“But I’ll have to milk you in a little while!”
Marian’s eyes flew open.  “What time is it?”
“A little after five thirty.”
Marian closed her eyes again.  “Then we still have time.  Just try to mess yourself before…”  But she couldn’t bring herself to say the final thought about being milked.  “You can take your shower while I’m… busy,” she added.  “Now let me try to sleep!”  With that, she rolled over and closed her eyes. 
Phillip rolled his eyes.  He wasn’t going to have a choice in this… like so many other stupid things in his life.  He went back to his bedroom and began bending and grunting and doing everything possible to mess his diaper.  Y… U… C…. K!

Marian opened her eyes and let out another moo.  She had actually fallen asleep again!
“I… really… need out of this diaper now.”
The odor coming from Phillip’s diaper hit her.  “Yeah.  Sure,” she said as she tried to wake herself up again.  “I’ll get it right now.”  She threw the blanket off of her and swung her feet down from the couch.  “What time is it?” she asked as she yawned.
“Ten till six.”
Marian nodded.  She still had ten minutes.  Since she had no doubt at all that Phillip was messy this time, she didn’t think it would be a good idea to simply pull the tapes open while he was standing up.  “Lay down,” she said as she got to her feet.
“Are you sure?” Phillip asked.  “I’m afraid of it squishing against me and making even more of a mess.”
Marian looked at him for a moment while she considered that.  “Okay,” she finally said, “turn around and let’s get at this.”  No matter what, she had a feeling that this little chore wasn’t going to be pleasant.  It already wasn’t pleasant just because of the smell, and she hadn’t even started to remove his diaper yet.  Kneeling down, she reached around him and unfastened the tapes on one side of the diaper.  She had to support it in her hand so it wouldn’t fall off.  Very slowly, she let the thing move carefully down the one remaining leg that it was around, doing her best to keep everything that was in the diaper, still in the diaper.  Eeewww!  Once she had him step out of the diaper, she used a little bit of the non-messy part to clean his backside up a little.  “Where are your wipes?” she asked.
“In my backpack,” he replied.
“Go get them,” she said as she started carefully folding the diaper to keep the mess from getting anywhere else.  While Phillip was gone, she carried the diaper to the kitchen and gladly deposited the thing in the trash can.  Whew, the worst part was over with!  A minute later, she used one of the baby wipes to clean Phillip’s rear end a bit more.  “Okay,” she said.  “Good enough for now.”  She glanced at the clock. “Damn!”  It was nearly time. 
Knowing it was useless to resist, she shook her head and pulled her nightgown off, leaving her naked except for her shoes.  She mooed because the urge had hit her again… and a few moments later, she mooed again as she felt herself going into cow mooing mode.  She dropped to her knees on the floor where Vivian liked to see her and her fingers seemed to automatically head for where they could bring her the most useless pleasure.  And she mooed again like the cow that Vivian was teaching her that she was. 
Phillip hooked Marian’s milking machine up to her and turned it on… to the sound of several rather mournful sounding moos out of Marian.  He had never asked if the thing hurt her at all.  He hoped it didn’t… not that he could do anything about it anyway.  He watched the machine pulling at each nipple separately, back and forth, one and then the other, over and over again.  It was almost monotonous.  Marian was just kneeling there, playing with herself, and keeping her eyes closed.  “I’ll be back after my shower,” he said.  The only response he got was another moo out of Marian that was the same as all her other moos that came out of her at periodic intervals.  Her eyes were still closed.  He walked off to get himself cleaned up.
Marian had heard Phillip, but she was simply too depressed to care just then.  Keeping her eyes closed, she did her best to pay more attention to the feelings from her fingers down below… and less attention to the feelings from her already tender nipples up above.  A full half hour of this?  She’d never get a bra on later!

Vivian was possibly as happy as she could ever remember being.  Everything was simply perfect!  And now as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, everything she saw there was perfect as well.  Her new plum lipstick didn’t really go with her skin tones very well, but now that she had gone with all the purple accents to her outfit, she decided that it all kind of looked… wonderful!  She was sure the other ladies at work would be jealous of her outfit.  Well, they should be! 
Twenty minutes later, she strode grandly into work, ten minutes earlier than she usually got there.  “Good morning ladies,” she said to the few women who had already arrived.
“Hi Vivian,” Ashley replied as she looked Vivian over.  She quickly noted the purple accents of Vivian’s outfit, including her lipstick, which she decided was a bad color for the woman.  But Vivian always wore something different to the office and her choice for today wasn’t all that out of place for her… other than the bad lipstick color. 
Vivian noted the look of hatred that Phillip leveled at her.  Wonderful.  Then she spent a few moments taking in Marian as she dropped her purse on her desk.  For once, Marian didn’t seem… quite so perfect looking.  But she did notice Marian looking at her far more carefully than usual, which brought a grand smile to Vivian’s face.  “Like the outfit?” she asked as she turned around so Marian could see all of it.  “I had the idea to theme it today in with a plum color.”
Marian was actually amazed!  Totally delighted, and amazed.  “It looks… wonderful on you, Vivian,” she lied.  Well, she wasn’t actually lying.  While the lipstick color didn’t suit Vivian at all, seeing her wearing it was a totally delightful sight for Marian.  It meant that her fireplace video was actually working!  As she settled herself back into work, her mind was more occupied with the next steps she would have to take to get herself and Phillip out of the mess they were in.  A mess that seemed to be constantly getting worse and worse, especially for her.  She had to get herself out of it before Vivian really did turn her into a cow!
As the women were still coming into the room, Marian started forwarding the projects and assignments that were in their department email queue, something she did several times a day.  But this time, the work load she passed among everyone else was a bit more than usual, but only by one or two little projects so nobody would take particular notice of what she had done.  It was the only way she could see to arrange things so that she and Phillip could get home in time before she had to be… milked!  Ugh!