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Mister Mike - Chapter 32 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 32 – Part 2 of 2

     I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I was as I drove home.  As Ashley had wanted me to, I had left my pants off, I had even left my shoes off.  As she said, I drove home just as I was.  Besides, it was faster than trying to get redressed in the parking lot.  Now that I was stuck in Ashley’s overly used diaper, the only thing on my mind was getting out of that diaper, and a good shower.  Unfortunately, neither one of those things was in store for me anytime soon. 
     My cell phone rang just as I was going into the house.  I was expecting it to be Ashely, but I saw Joanna’s name instead.  “Hello?”
      “Hi Mike,” she said laughingly.  “Ashley just called and told me what happened.  Are you enjoying yourself?”
      “Don’t bother replying,” she said.  “I know you are.”
     That was a matter for debate.
      “That was real nice of you to go out and change her like that.  You don’t know how much I appreciate it.  And I have no doubt that Ashley appreciates it even more.”
      “I just wish she would have shown that appreciation in a different way.  Would you mind if I changed out of her old diaper now?  Please?”
     She laughed.  “Oh Mike.  We both know you’re loving the shit out of being stuck in that messy thing.  I just wanted to tell you that when you send the pictures to Ashley, send them to me too.  And please include some of just that diaper on you before you put anything on over it.  I want to see it. 
      “You should see the inside of it.  And to make things worse, Ashley’s period started today.  There’s messy blood all inside of it too.”
     She laughed.  “Even more for you to enjoy Mike.  Ashley told me that she peed into it just before you changed her.  So I have no doubt it was really bad when she put it on you.”
      “That’s an understatement.”
     She laughed again.  “Enjoy it Mike.  Enjoy it.”   She laughed.  “Oh, Mike!” she said suddenly.
      “Did any more packages come today?”
      “Uh…I didn’t see any by the garage when I came in.”
      “How about outside your front door?”
      “Hang on,” let me get my pants on so I can check.”
      “Don’t bother.  You know perfectly well you can check with that diaper on display.”
     Could I say I hated her for that remark?  I went to the front door anyway and eased it open a crack.  I looked to see if any of my neighbors were out.  In doing so, I saw two good sized boxes sitting on my front porch, and one of them was bigger than the other.  “There are two boxes here,” I told Joanna.
      “That’s all?  Bring them in,” she said.  “I want to know what got there.”
     That’s all?  Which told me there were more “fun” things yet to come.  Yesterday that box of new onesies had arrived for Ashley.  What was in today’s boxes?  I moved the smaller box in.  It was addressed to Ashley.  But I noticed immediately the company that had sent it.  I went out and grabbed the bigger box.  That one was from the exact same company, but this one had my name on it.  I was glad to close my front door behind me.  “One box for Ashley and one for me,” I told Joanna. 
      “You can open them,” Joanna said. 
      “Both of them?”
      “If you want.  You might as well.  I already know what should be in the one for Ash.”
     I grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen and used it on the tape holding the box closed.  I opened it and got a bit of a surprise.  “More of those pink diapers.  It looks like a lot more.”
      “Good,” Joanna replied.  “I figured that if Ashley was going to be wearing them, and sometimes you as well, then she would need a lot more.  How about the other box?
     I attacked that box next.  The one with my name on it.  There was nothing but nervousness in the pit of my stomach as I pulled back the cardboard to see inside.  “More diapers,” I said.  “It looks like the same super-sized ones Ashley made me buy before.”
      “Good,” Joanna said.  “With as much as Ashley was keeping you in them, I figured you would need more.  And this way, you can both share them.”
     Share them.  As far as I was concerned, Ashley was welcome to keep all of them – far away from me! 
      “The other package didn’t get there yet?” she asked.
      “I didn’t see it,” I told her.
      “Maybe tomorrow then,” she replied. 
      “Uh…maybe.  What’s in it?”
     She laughed.  “Now that wouldn’t be any fun if I told you.”
     My nervousness went way up again.
     After locking myself into one of my onesies, I sent the required pictures to both Ashley and Joanna.  Then I spent a little while transferring the contents of those boxes to the new shelves.  More diapers.  A lot more diapers.  That didn’t bode well for my future.  For my future, and Ashley’s too.  Because now she was stuck in those things as well.  Worse than me!
     I can’t begin to tell you how messy and slick and horrible that used diaper of Ashley’s was to wear.  And now that I had locked that onesie on me, I had no way to get the darn thing off.  I was literally stuck in it until I brought Ashley home later.  But at least I was home and in the house.  I wasn’t out among other people.  I sure hoped Ashley appreciated what I had done for her.  And I still wish she had decided on a better way to show that appreciation – if she did appreciate it.  That diaper I was stuck in was…yucky!  And it got even worse after I ate some dinner and had to pee into the thing myself.  Ugh!  I absolutely marveled that it wasn’t leaking yet. 
     When the time came, I got dressed.  I just wish that getting dressed could have meant removing that miserable diaper as well.  But…it didn’t.  In fact, because of the lock, it couldn’t.  No, I didn’t bother with a bra.  I couldn’t put one on anyway.  I just wore the clothes I had come home from work in, plus the darn stuff that was locked to my body under those clothes.  Before leaving the house, I hesitated at taking Ashley’s colorful purse with me.  But she had specifically ordered me to have it, so hating myself and my stupid cursed life, I picked the dreaded thing up and carried it out to my car.  No, I didn’t bother putting anything in it.  Why should I?
     Life is miserable.  That was the primary thought on my mind as I went to pick Ashley up.  Why couldn’t I just go there and phone her to tell her where my car was?  Why couldn’t she just call me when she got off and tell me where to drive the car up to so she could get in?  Why….  There were a thousand whys, and none of them meant a thing.  I had agreed to be under Ashley’s rule, and she had told me specifically what she wanted me to do.  Did I hate it?  Yes.  Did I constantly consider not doing it?  Yes.  Did the very thought of it turn me on horribly and make that darn chastity device go into its shrinking act again?  I refuse to answer such a silly question.  Who in their right mind could ever enjoy a situation like the one I was currently in?  Who?  Don’t say it!
     Click…click….  Forgive me.  Clomp…clomp…clomp….clomp.  All the way from my parking place to the main entrance door.  Question.  If a high heeled foot takes a step on a concrete sidewalk…located in a totally deserted forest, does it make a sound?  I was absolutely certain it would.   Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, nor gloom of night could keep those high heels from their appointed noise.  And it was without a doubt a gloomy night…even though the parking lot was well lit.  There were snow flurried in the air too.
     I already knew I was a few minutes early, but only a very few.  I started looking for Ashley the moment I got inside.  Nope.  Didn’t see her.  No surprise.  I found my “favorite” fake tree and stood next to it to wait.  Laa-di-da-da-da-da-da.  Act totally nonchalant.  Act like I’m not the blithering fool that anyone taking half a look at me would easily see that I was.  Act like I’m totally normal and only out to meet someone.  It was nearly ten o’clock at night.  The darn lobby should be deserted.  Why wasn’t it?  But no, there were people still sitting there and people coming and going.  Not nearly as many as before, but there were still people there.  Why weren’t they home in bed?
      Wait, wait, wait.  Blush, blush, blush – every time someone glanced my way and saw me holding that ridiculous purse.  And then all too often their gaze would go straight down to my feet.  There were fewer people there now, but it felt like most of them that were leaving were now pausing a moment to stare curiously at me.  Maybe I should have chosen a better place to wait…like maybe in a dark closet somewhere…or at home.  Hello Ashley….  Are you still here? 
     At last!  There she was.  The last time she had come out, she had been practically running, this time she was walking casually with two other nurses…all of them with their coats on and heading home.  Why couldn’t her friends drop her off?  From across the lobby I saw Ashely point towards me…and from across the entire lobby I still couldn’t miss the look of surprise on her friend’s faces.  Oh no.  Here we go again.  I was nervous and blushing even worse by the time they excitedly walked up to me. 
      “See,” Ashely said as she leaned down and pulled my pants leg up.  Heels.  And he can’t wear any other shoes but women’s shoes wherever he goes.”
That wasn’t technically correct.  I could still wear my male shoes to work, but somehow my voice refused to say that. 
      “Looove your purse,” one of them said to me.
     I tried to say thanks, but my throat was too dry. 
     The three of them turned toward the door and I followed.  I immediately realized that Ashley hadn’t mentioned one thing about the diaper I was stuck wearing.  I had no doubt at all as to why.  I was guessing that any mention of diapers would be forbidden around any of her friends…at least in any way where they might tie back to Ashley being stuck in them too. 
     A few steps out the door, her friends turned left to head for their cars.  I pointed out the direction to my car…to the right.  They called bye to each other and Ashley and I started across the parking lot.  The snow was coming down a bit harder now.  I hoped I wouldn’t have to shovel it again. 
      “Are you enjoying being stuck in that diaper?” Ashley asked with a grin.
     I could have hit her with my purse.  Sorry, make that her purse.  “Not exactly.”
     She laughed and only showed me an overly delighted face.
     She actually surprised me once we got in the car and were on our way home.  “I want to thank you again for coming out to rescue me earlier.  I know you didn’t have to do that, and I know Mom didn’t even suggest it.  I really appreciate it.”
     Did she really just thank me that nicely?  Ashley?  “You’re welcome,” somehow popped out of my mouth, even though there were many other far less kind things I could have said…or added. 
     I could not wait to get that diaper off.  I had peed in it twice since Ashley had put it on me, and I was getting to the point where I needed to pee again.  But if things went the way they were supposed to, I would have unlimited access to the toilet very soon.  I was going to wait! 
      “Hang on a minute,” Ashley said the minute we got into the kitchen from the garage.  She took her coat off and threw it over the back of one of the chairs.  She pulled her cell phone from her purse – not the one I was carrying.  “I need to talk to Mom about something,” she told me.
     I waited while she pressed the buttons to reach her mother. 
      “We talked a little earlier and we texted a few times already,” Ashley said while she waited for her mother to answer.  What she didn’t tell me though was what they had been discussing.
      “Hi Ash,” Joanna’s voice finally came.  “How was work?”
      “Before or after?” Ashley replied.
      “Horrendous and then manageable.  I’m exhausted though.”
     Joanna let out a little chuckle.  “After you being out so long with a broken arm and leg, I think your exhaustion is understandable.  I’m glad Mike took the initiative to go and help you out.”
      “Me too!” Ashley replied.  “Mom, about what we were talking about before.  What do you think?  Can I?”
      “Is Mike there?” Joanna asked.
      “Right here,” Ashley replied.  “We just got in and we’re in the kitchen together.”
      “Okay,” Joanna said, sounding like she had just come to a major decision.”
     Suddenly I was very nervous.  “Yeah?”
      “From now on, whenever Ashley is working, I’m going to need you to meet her as soon after work as you can and change her diaper for her.  I’d rather not have her going that overly extended amount of time in just the one diaper.”
     I actually breathed a sigh of relief.  “I’m sure I can handle that.”
      “Good.  I appreciate it, and I’m sure that Ashley will appreciate it as well.”
      “I do Mom,” Ashley told her.
      “Very good dear,” Joanna replied. 
      “And the other thing Mom?” Ashley prompted her.
      “I was just getting to that dear.”
     Other thing?  “What other…”
      “Mike…” Joanna cut me off.  “Today Ashley proved that she could manage the entire day and then some wearing a diaper at work.”
      “And since she did, she wants to know if she can now start making you wear them to work as well.”
      “And since she managed so well, I can see no reason anymore to stop her from making you wear them to work now too.”
     I was stunned.  I was shocked.  I tried to think of something to say, but I was having trouble just thinking, let alone come up with something coherent to say.”
      “Mike…” Joanna continued.  “You know Ashley has been wanting to make you do this from the very beginning.  And since your workday is actually a little shorter than the time she had to spend in that diaper today, then I’m afraid I have no more arguments against it.  That is, as long as she continues to grant you adequate access to the bathroom to take care of any bowel movement issues you have before she puts that diaper on you in the morning.  And of course you would have to wear one of her pink diapers instead of those overly bulky things she made you buy just for fun.”
     I heard it.  I heard every word she said.  But I was still too stunned to reply.
      “Mike?  Do you understand?”
     I looked pleadingly at Ashley.  I shook my head.  “Please…”
      “Forget it!” she crowed triumphantly.  “Starting tomorrow, you’ll be in diapers all the time!  Except for a few minutes in the bathroom of course.  But trust me, I’m working on that problem too.”
     It wasn’t until then that I realized my bladder had let loose and I was peeing helplessly in that already overly miserable diaper. 
     Wear the diapers to work?  That was the one place that had been my haven away from all the humiliation…or at least most of it.  With just a few words, Joanna and Ashley had made my entire situation so much worse. 
     I know Ashley was totally delighted.  I wasn’t sure what Joanna thought but I was guessing she was rather amused by it.  As for me.  Well.  I had just lost all control of my bladder, and now once again that damn chastity device felt like it was trying to squeeze my entire cock right off my body.  I was scared shitless.  I was nervous as heck.  And there was absolutely no way I could feel any sexual excitement from a situation such as that.  No way!  It was just that crazy chastity device that Joanna had bought me.  Somehow it had the technology to start shrinking, all on its own, at the worst times ever.  And once again, this was one of those times.   
     I don’t know if either Joanna or Ashley was saying anything.  They probably were, but my mind refused to listen.  I was too self-absorbed in this latest affront to my decency and masculinity…or lack thereof.  I didn’t want to do it, but I once again remembered that the bottom line was that I had willingly signed that agreement granting them both full authority over just about everything to do with me…and my sanity.  If that’s what they ordered me to do, then I was supposed to have no say at all in the matter.  I was supposed to just do it.  Like it or not.  I had signed that agreement – with my own hand.  There was just a small question as to how willingly I had actually signed it…not that it mattered.  I had done it.  I had agreed.  And that was the bottom line.  I had in essence, given my life away…to them.  With the stroke of a pen, I had given away my comfortable decent life, and exchanged it for whatever humiliating facsimile that Joanna and Ashley decided to replace it with. 
     I stood there and considered my only two real ways out.  I could use my safe phrase, but I already knew that Joanna had thought fairly seriously about this and had approved it.  Not only would I wind up doing it in the end, but she would no doubt saddle me with something else that would be monstrous, just to make my entire life more miserable.  Case in point was the shoes I was now wearing…and would continue to wear no matter where I went.  So using my safe phrase was definitely out. 
     That left me only one other option.  I could end the entire agreement at any time with nothing more than just my decision to quit.  That’s all it would take.  If I did that, then all the humiliation would end.  I would have my own respectable life back again.  Ashley, in theory, would have to leave, and I would be left completely alone…to my own miseries.  I wouldn’t have to see her, or Joanna, again. 
Should I stop it?  Should I quit?  It was by far the better option.  Everything screamed at me that I should simply give the word and quit.  Now would be the perfect time, while Ashley and her mother were still talking over the phone.  Quit and get my life back…or at least be able to work towards getting it back without having to worry about it becoming constantly worse. 
     Quitting was by far my best option.  Quitting was the smart thing to do.  Quitting was the right thing to do.
     But the temptation….  The allure….  The thrill….
     I gulped.  Until further notice, I would now be wearing diapers…to work.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Another Book in the Pipeline

Hi everyone.

Last year and the year before I published quite a few Karen Singer books to Kindle, but none this year.  For those of you who have enjoyed my stories and wondered when I’m going to publish another one, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished writing a new one, and so it is in the pipeline.  The book is written.  All I have to do now is to edit it, proof read it a thousand times (after which there will still be too many errors), and create a cover for it.  The writing part is easy, it’s everything else that takes all the work.

Don’t think I’ve been idle this year though.  I did publish a book in my own name a few months ago so the stories are still pouring from my fingers.

Speaking of pouring from my fingers.  This new one had me so engrossed in writing it, that I literally got up extra early every morning to write it, and instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing at work, I was writing this book instead.  The grip of the story was that powerful that I couldn’t stop.  I can’t write full time like I’d love to do, but it still only took me six weeks from the first word to the last.

So watch for more news on the new book.  I’ll let you know how things are progressing with the tedious stuff.

Thanks for staying with me,