Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fancy Dresses

I’m on vacation all this week. Instead of going away somewhere (which my wife and I haven’t been able to do in years now) my wife decided that the money would be better spent working around the house. The result is that I’ve already overspent the budget I would have had for a trip – and there’s plenty more that will have to be spent to finish the projects we started. Funny how those little things get bigger and bigger. My wife is well aware of our budget situation, but when it comes to projects for the house, all sense of money goes out the window.

Anyway… My wife informed me last night about another little thing. Two of my granddaughters have been invited to the military ball. One of them is only in 8th grade, the other is either a sophomore or junior in high-school – I can’t remember which. The 8th grader looks as “mature” or more so than the older one. Dangerously!

I have been informed that I will be buying them their formal gowns that they need for the affair.

Now… While I’m not crazy about having to shell out the money, I’m not going to even think twice about not doing it. The reason is this:

All my life I’ve adored women and have been envious of what they get to wear, how they look, how they act - all the little things that go into the feminine experience. I want to be the one going out to buy the dress. I want to be the one whose boyfriend is paying special attention to me. I want to be the one who gets pampered by having my hair and nails done. I want to be the one who gets to primp more than usual for the affair. I want to be the one experiencing all the girly excitement of the event.

Because I’ve always wanted it so much, how could I ever think to deny it to a real girl?

Enough said?

If you’re reading the story, take a deep breath. Part 2 starts tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thinking About...

I think the pressure in me is starting to build up again. I’m longing more and more for a chance to be Karen again. I find myself fantasizing more and more about what I would do for my next adventure. One thing that tops my list is the subject of shoes – shoes, shoes, shoes. High heels, low heels, flats – ok, lets clarify this a bit – women’s shoes – all women’s shoes.

It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to have a mistress that removes – permanently – every pair of male shoes that I own and forces me to wear nothing but women’s shoes. Oh, I would be able to wear some that aren’t too obvious, but for the most part they would have to be strictly feminine. Such a fantasy (sigh).

Question to me, would I have the courage to go out and buy a pair of not so obviously fem shoes and wear them any time I leave the house that’s not to work? Basically, except for work, wear only women’ shoes? Yeah, I know, it sure doesn’t sound like much. But to me it’s a bit scary none the less. I wonder if I’d have the courage. I don’t really need another pair of heels, but I want them (badly). I guess I just have this “thing” for them.

I wonder what else I’d do (will do) the next time I get the chance. So many pleasant ideas to dwell on. But let’s be realistic, while I’m sure the chance will come again, I don’t look for it to happen any time soon. But in the meantime, I love to fantasize about it.

Also in the meantime, my thoughts… no, make that my entire life… has been wrapped up around the story I’m writing. I don’t know if anyone out there is still reading it or not, it no longer matters, I’m totally hooked on writing it. I think about it all day, I dream about it all night.

I only have a very few minutes every day to write the thing. I try to write for about half an hour every morning before work, then I try to write for another half an hour during lunch. That’s about all the time I can squeeze in. But amazingly, for the last week, I’ve managed to finish a chapter every single day. That’s how hooked I am on it.

Because of that, I have to apologize. What you’re seeing is not very well edited. I try to read through the chapters, one – maybe two times, before I post them. I’ll change some punctuation or a word here and there and then it’s posted – and I forget about it again.

Also, I realize now that the story is not a good one for this kind of venue. It’s too long and complicated and the chapters are way too long. But unfortunately, that’s the way I like my stories, complex and intricate. And as short as the chapters are, they’re much shorter than my normal chapters in other things I’m writing. I’m trying very hard to keep them to a manageable length.

I’ve now posted what in my mind is the entire Part 1 of the story. Part 2 starts with chapter 12 and goes for many more chapters than I ever envisioned. Currently, I’ve just finished writing chapter 18 and I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. So much to write about.

Remember Susan and Karen (don’t count them out) well… oh, I can’t tell you about that yet. Ok, here’s something to think about for Part 3 (a long way off). Susan and Monica are both strong willed women. They both want control of Steve. What’s going to happen? That’s as much as I dare mention – I haven’t even gotten close to writing about that yet.

To the person who said that they like the way I take my time with the stories, I have to thank you specifically. First of all, your comment came at a time when I thought that nobody at all was reading it, and I was about to give up writing it. Secondly, I’m glad that I’m not the only one in the world who feels that way about stories.

Another thing… I don’t know how good this story is for something to read where it’s broken up to only two chapters a week. I’m afraid that the best way to read this story is probably to wait till I’m finished with it, then copy all the chapters into a word processing program and read the whole thing at one time.

I hope what I’m writing seems to be logical to the zero people who are probably reading it. It makes sense to me, but then I’m the one who’s writing it. I see everything happening in my mind, but can I get those visions and feelings across in words? It’s quite a challenge (and I love it).

So – if you are one of the zero people reading Revenge! Prepare yourself for Wednesday when I release Chapter 12, the start of Part 2. I wrote it, but even I don’t believe it!