Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fancy Dresses

I’m on vacation all this week. Instead of going away somewhere (which my wife and I haven’t been able to do in years now) my wife decided that the money would be better spent working around the house. The result is that I’ve already overspent the budget I would have had for a trip – and there’s plenty more that will have to be spent to finish the projects we started. Funny how those little things get bigger and bigger. My wife is well aware of our budget situation, but when it comes to projects for the house, all sense of money goes out the window.

Anyway… My wife informed me last night about another little thing. Two of my granddaughters have been invited to the military ball. One of them is only in 8th grade, the other is either a sophomore or junior in high-school – I can’t remember which. The 8th grader looks as “mature” or more so than the older one. Dangerously!

I have been informed that I will be buying them their formal gowns that they need for the affair.

Now… While I’m not crazy about having to shell out the money, I’m not going to even think twice about not doing it. The reason is this:

All my life I’ve adored women and have been envious of what they get to wear, how they look, how they act - all the little things that go into the feminine experience. I want to be the one going out to buy the dress. I want to be the one whose boyfriend is paying special attention to me. I want to be the one who gets pampered by having my hair and nails done. I want to be the one who gets to primp more than usual for the affair. I want to be the one experiencing all the girly excitement of the event.

Because I’ve always wanted it so much, how could I ever think to deny it to a real girl?

Enough said?

If you’re reading the story, take a deep breath. Part 2 starts tomorrow.

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Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I envy you...and I also feel for you, in two ways.

I envy you because having an excuse to go out and shop for gowns without hiding is wonderful.

I feel for you, first of all, because it must be painful to know they're not for you. Secondly, I feel for you because of the sense of protection you must have for the girls.

Both my kids are boys. But I have friends who have daughters and they describe how difficult it is to have both a pride for their beauty and a fear for their safety.