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Mercy Me - Chapter 9 – Part 1 of ?

Hi All,

I’m back.  Sort of.  I’m afraid posting will be very sporadic for a while, but at least I’m posting again.  Just probably not as often as I did before.  

Thanks to ALL of you for your kind words and support. It feels good to have my head back again and my fingers wiggling on the keys again.  I’m not only back to writing this, but another transgendered book as well.  Lots to keep my mind in gear and occupied.  I’m just not writing as fast or as frequently yet as I used to, but I’m slowly getting there.  Of course, work and home life are often getting in the way.  

Thanks again everyone!
Mercy Me
By Karen Singer

Chapter 9 – Part 1 of ?

     Mercy sat in her favorite chair on her front porch.  Her needlework project was in her hands.  She would finish it soon.  She was already planning the frame she would make for it, and then she would hang it proudly on one of her walls.  She wasn’t sure which one yet.  Her living room, hallway, bedroom, or even her workout room were all possibilities.  Pictures like it were scattered around her house.  All of them had brought her great pleasure to create.  All of them now brought her great pleasure just to look at.  No doubt, all of them would frighten most men to death!
     She had Fido due to arrive at nine.  The little twerp was due at ten-thirty.  She had purposely delayed the twerp from getting here earlier since she had been planning on taking Fido out to buy a hedge trimmer.  But now it seemed that Fido had some new plans for her…her neighbor’s…overgrown hedges.
     She was looking forward to Fido coming today for other reasons than just the overgrown hedges.  Today would be Fido’s first time spending the day working at her house.  Of course, he wouldn’t exactly be working all the time, but she was certainly planning on getting plenty of work out of him.  But since it was his first time, he was in for some rude awakenings.  Most men usually pitched a major fit over what she made them do.  And of course, the moment any of them showed any resistance at all, they quickly found out just how serious she was about it.  It was always so much fun teaching a man exactly who was in charge – her! 
     She glanced up at the house across the street.  Would he come?  She really had no clue.  She also didn’t know yet if she really would go over there and kidnap him and bring him home to do her bidding.  She supposed not.  It really would be a bit too illegal.  But just the thought of doing it sounded like so much fun!  No.  If he didn’t come, she would have to find some other way.
     She looked at his lawn.  It needed cutting – badly!  She hated living across the street from someone who didn’t take care of their yard.  She needed to somehow get him to use her lawnmower.  She enjoyed that thought.  It brought so many interesting possibilities.
     There was no doubt though that the guy was fixated on cleaning – doing laundry and the rest of the house.  She suspected he was more than a bit OCD, but that could be to her advantage too.  No doubt, he would do a very good job at whatever he did. 
     Another little idea hit her.  Could he teach the little twerp to clean like he did?  That was an interesting thought.  Fido could do most of the work taking care of the outside of her house, and she could get the weird guy across the street to teach the twerp to take care of the inside of her house.  She’d much rather have the weird guy instead though, or better still, both of them.  She only had the twerp and Fido to look after right now.  At times in the past, she’d had as many as five different men bending to her will.  Three would not only be no problem, it would be far more interesting.
     Her cell phone rang.  She looked at the caller ID and answered it.  “Vicki!” she said happily.  “How are you?”
      “Doing just fine, Mercy,” Vicki replied.  “Listen, are you still coming for dinner tomorrow night?”
      “Wouldn’t miss it,” Mercy replied.
      “Great.  Merce.  Those snap together cuffs you found that don’t need keys…”
      “Do you think I’m strong enough to open them?”
      “Probably,” Mercy replied.  “It’s hard for me to judge because I’m so used to opening and closing them all the time, but I know for most people they can be a bit difficult.”
      “Is there any chance you can bring one with you tomorrow night and let me try it?  If I can, I may order a few of them and see how they work.”
      “No problem.  Better still, why don’t I put a little something together for you and let you have it.  Put it to use.  Then later you can let me know if it works for you.”
      If…I can open the darn things.”
     Mercy laughed.  “Of course.”
      “Great.  See you tomorrow.”
      “Tomorrow, Vicki,”
     Mercy hung up her phone.  Dinner with Vicki and Rosie at Vicki’s house.  Her two best friends.  Both of them doms.  Rosie was more casual with her get togethers.  Vicki liked to serve rather elegant dinners.  It was a good thing Vicki didn’t require her to get all dressed up.  But still, Mercy knew she would change tomorrow night into something a little more decent and, ugh, feminine than what she usually wore.  And then next week, it would be her turn to host a get together.  And for that, she wanted to show off one of her latest subjects.  She didn’t have to.  The other girls didn’t always have a client to be a “conversation piece.”  Except of course in the case of Rosie and her live-in sissy maid Sissy Paulette.  But Paulette had been with Rosie so long now that she couldn’t count him.
     She smiled as she saw Fido’s truck come into view past the overgrown hedges.  She watched as it turned into her driveway.  She put her sewing down and left the porch to meet him.  Bow in the hair – fantastic!  Damn she loved that bow.  So did her niece.  But as cute as Mercy was sure Meghan would look in it, she liked it far better on Fido.  By the time she walked down to his truck, Fido had just gotten out of it.  She could see the high heels and pantyhose on his feet under his still open truck door.  He was leaning into his truck, pulling something out.  When he stood up. She saw his dog collar in place.  Wonderful! 
     Fido looked up at Mercy and smiled.  “Good morning, Mistress,” he said politely.  “How are you today?”
      “Great Fido.  Even better now that you’re here.”  She watched as Fido moved back a step and closed his truck door.  He was dressed in work clothes.  That figured, but it was really so disappointing.  Even worse, he was not only holding his dog toy, he had his work boots in his hand as well.  “Put your boots back in the truck Fido,” she told him.  “You won’t need them now.”
      “I won’t?” he asked, confused.  “But the hedges…”
      “Don’t worry, you can get to them shortly.  Just put your boots away and come in for a few minutes. We’ve got business to attend to first.”
     Mercy smiled wickedly.  “Business!”
      “Strip!” she said as soon as she got him inside.  “Completely!  The only thing I want to see you wearing is your panties, hose, and those lovely heels.  You can pile your clothes next to that red toolbox behind you.”
     She watched as he removed his shirt, and an ugly army green t-shirt that he had on under it.  Probably in case it got too hot for the outer shirt.  She watched as he struggled to get his pants off without removing his heels.  She noticed he was wearing pantyhose instead of stay-ups.  Pity.  She waited until he had succeeded before telling him.  “Now that your pants are off, it would have been fine if you had removed your shoes first, then put them back on.  But it was nice to watch you struggle that little bit.”  She noticed the bit of red embarrassment that came to his face.  What she also noticed was that for a newcomer to her stable, he didn’t appear to be that embarrassed about getting undressed in front of her the way he was.  But then, she remembered he had already been to a few different doms in the past.  He wasn’t new to domination, by a long shot.  “I think I’d like you to remove your pantyhose too.  No use ruining them today.  They’d only get in the way.”  She watched him remove his shoes, then pull the pantyhose off and put them in the pile with the rest of his clothing.  “Put your shoes back on and stand there,” she ordered. 
     Once he was ready, she walked around him while he stood still, studying his body.  For a middle-aged man, he was in decent shape.  Nothing like she was, but no real flab.  She was sure he didn’t work out with weights or anything.  It was his job that kept him in shape.  Mostly outdoor work.  Mostly hard physical labor.  She approved of physical labor.  And speaking of labor, she supposed she better get him ready to actually do some.
     She headed toward her devices.  “Here Fido.  Here boy!” she called teasingly.  She smiled wickedly as he walked nervously toward her.  Yes, she could see the nervousness clearly on his face now.  Good.  She turned him around and backed him up between two of her constructions.  She grabbed his left hand and lifted it up to the cuffs on one of them.  She grabbed his right hand and snapped it into a cuff on the other device.  He was now stuck there, actually between two of her constructions.  But that’s just the way she wanted him.  Helpless.
     She pulled his panties down to his ankles, exposing the cock cage she had put on him.  She examined it.  She was sure he hadn’t removed it.  If he had, she was equally sure he wouldn’t have been able to get it back on again.  From her pocket she pulled a key and unlocked the device.  She removed all parts of it from him, noticing the look and sighs of relief from him as she did so.  She brought the cage pieces into her kitchen and dumped them on the counter to be cleaned later. 
     She grabbed a washcloth and soaked it with warm water, adding a bit of soap.  She brought it back to him and thoroughly washed his penis, letting him feel how good the cleaning could be.  She knew it had to be good because he was certainly moving around a lot while she did it.  Not that he moved, or could move, very far, but he was clearly enjoying it.  So much so, that she continued with what she was doing.  She used the warm soapy washcloth to masturbate him.  Making him raging hard.  Bringing him to orgasm…but not quite.  She stopped just short of that and returned the washcloth to her kitchen.  She noticed the look of desperate need on his face as she came back.  Perfect!
     She unfastened both of his wrists.  “Okay,” she said, pull those panties up. 
     While he was doing that, she went to one of her big toolboxes and hunted through it.  She brought back a large cupped bra.  The look of distaste on his face was evident, even though he said nothing.  He put up no resistance at all as she put it on him and fastened it in the back.  He also didn’t say anything when she stuffed the bra with two large breast forms.  Pity.  She would have liked to punish him for protesting.  She noticed the signs of being too well trained by former doms.  Well, she had a feeling all that would end soon, just as soon as she decided to send him outside to work.
     From her toolbox, she found a short red skirt with an elastic waist.  She watched as he stepped into it and pulled it on.  More disappointment in his face.  Tough.  This was about her, not him, and she wanted to see him in something more…feminine.  Not to mention colorful.  She went back to her toolbox and found a top for him.  A frilly red and white crop top.  She helped him put it on.  When she stood back to look, she smiled.  His entire stomach was exposed.  “Now we’re getting somewhere!” she told him happily.  She saw the look on his face.  It wasn’t exactly disappointment, it was…humiliation.  Good! 
      “The bow, the short top, your short skirt, those heels.  Perfect!” she said.  “Just what I want.”  She saw the muted, embarrassed smile on his face.  So precious.  She went back to one of her toolboxes and got the red leather leash she had bought for him.  She clipped it in place and saw him shake a bit as she did it.  Obviously that dog leash meant a lot to him.
     She let the leash dangle as she walked around behind him, wrapping her arms around him.  She lifted his skirt in the front and pushed her hands down into his panties, and she started masturbating him again.  Making him as hard as she could get him…and then she stopped again and pulled his panties back into place.  She walked around in front of him and grabbed the leash.  “Come Fido.  Come!”  She pulled on his leash and headed for her garage, knowing full well that the sap had no idea what was in store for him now.  Entering the garage, her hand automatically reached out and hit the button to raise the garage door. 
     Ron was growing more nervous by the moment.  It was one thing to have her dress him up and play with him inside her house, but now here in the garage, with the door wide open, it was still possible for anyone driving by to see him.  But then he remembered what he had gone through when she had taken him shopping.  It had all been done in public, right there in the stores for everyone to see.  His aching, needy, cock twitched at that thought as she…  “Mistress!” he said desperately as she led him toward the driveway and out of the garage.  He stopped in the doorway. 
     Mercy knew what was coming.  She stopped and pulled harder on his leash, but he didn’t want to go out of the garage.  “Fido!  Come!” she commanded.
      “But Mistress.  That’s…outside.”
      “Of course it is.  What a smart doggie you are.”
     Doggie?  She wasn’t really treating much like a dog at all.  Tentatively, he followed, as her tugging on his leash increased.  Actually, it was either that, or she would probably pull him right off of his high heeled feet.  Nervously he followed her, all the way back to his truck.
     Mercy looked into the back end of his truck.  Tools!  Yard tools.  And among them, a ladder, a chain saw, and a gallon of gas for it.  “I see you brought everything you need,” she said.
     Ron was doing his best to “hide” against the side of his truck where hopefully nobody would see him.  “Yes Mistress.  I should have everything I need.”
      “Good dog!” she praised.  “In the future though, don’t worry about the gas.  I keep plenty of I there.  And if there are any tools in there that I don’t have and you feel I should get, then let me know.  Whatever you need, I’ll keep it here.”
      “Thank you, Mistress,” Ron replied.
     Mercy walked back to him.  This was going to be the fun part.  She unclipped his leash.  “Okay Fido.  Get busy.  Which hedge are you going to do first?”
     Busy?  “But…Mistress.  I need to change.”
      “Change?  Of course not.  We just did that.”
      “You mean you want me to wear this while I’m working?”
      “Fido, there’s no law against wearing a skirt and heels when you do yardwork,” she told him.
      “But Mistress…” he tried again, clearly not believing she would ask such a thing.  He thought of something.  “Wearing these clothes could be dangerous while I work.”
     She smiled.  “I doubt it.  And if you think it is, then you’ll just have to be a little more careful, won’t you.”
      “But…”  He thought of something else.  “These heels,” He said.  “How can I climb the ladder.  Most of this work is over my head.”
     She walked up to him and poked her index finger into his chest.  “You do it very carefully.  I don’t want to see you get hurt, but I’ve seen women climb ladders while wearing heels all my life.  There’s nothing to it.  Get used to it.”
     Ron simply couldn’t believe it.  “But…”
     He got no further.  Very quickly, Mercy grabbed his right arm and twisted it around behind him, pulling it back and up towards his head.  Fido, in great pain was forced to his knees.  “Ow!” he screamed as it felt like she was ripping his arm right out of the socket. 
      “Are you going to give me any more shit about wearing what I want you to while you work?” she asked.
      “No!” he said quickly, realizing that her great strength was far more than even his muscles.
      “Good!”  She released his arm.  “Now get to work!  I’ll be watching.  Oh, and in a little while, I have another playmate coming for the weekend too that I want you to meet.  When he arrives, just keep working.  I’ll introduce you two later.”
     Ron was further aghast.  Someone else?  Someone who would see him dressed like this?  Up close?  Uh-oh.  He tried to minimize that situation in his head by remembering that this would be another…uh…client that Mistress had.  But that certainly didn’t minimize any of the humiliation of being outside working on her front lawn, where the entire world could drive by and see him.  And anyone driving by, couldn’t miss him at all.  She had him dressed way too noticeably. 
     He saw her standing there, waiting for him to get to work.  He opened the tailgate of his truck, more aware than ever that being behind his truck would make him easier to see from the road.  He grabbed his chainsaw from the back.  At least he didn’t need to crawl into the truck to get it.  Dressed as he was, that would be even more embarrassing.  But how about when he needed some of his other tools? 
     Chainsaw in hand, he glanced down at the end of the driveway where he probably would have started.  Nope!  Not this time, he carried the chainsaw up towards her fence separating the backyard from the front.  He would start there.  It would be a better place anyway.  Once he got there, he surveyed where he wanted to start.  His heels were already hurting him, but he had a feeling he had better get used to that pain.  He glanced back, she was still standing there waiting for him to start.  With a sigh, he pulled the rope starter on the saw and it roared to life.  High heels, a very short red skirt, a very short red and white top over some huge breasts, and he didn’t forget the big bow that was still in his hair.  He put the chainsaw to work.

     Mercy headed for her porch to continue her sewing project.  Fido hadn’t put up nearly the fuss he could have.  Way too well trained.  Oh well.  She supposed it would make other thing later on even easier.  She smiled happily as she sat and watched him cutting those overgrown ugly hedges.  The sight of him was her inspiration to do a very good job sewing the picture she was finishing.  Yes, to her, he was a very pleasing, very inspiring sight.  Now all she needed was the twerp.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Across the street, Ben heard the loud sound of the chainsaw splitting the air.  He looked out through his blinds.  He saw the old truck in the driveway across the street, but he couldn’t see anything else.  From what little he could see through his window, the sound had to be coming from across the street, but whoever was making that noise was hidden by the trucks. 
     He saw that weird woman climbing her porch and sitting down.  Yesterday she had “demanded” that he show up at her house with his laundry by noon.  Ha!  As if he would.  He didn’t want to go through that again.  He had told her plainly in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t one if her sick clients, and she had still made him walk her treadmill and had stuck that thing in his nose while he was on it so he couldn’t look down. 
     Of course, later, she had rewarded him for his work by masturbating him.  That had been surprising.  It had also been more stimulating than he ever imagined something like that could be.  He still remembered her hands on his penis once in a while…late at night…or maybe early in the morning.  But he didn’t remember it often.  At least, he didn’t consider it to be often.  For someone as large and imposing as she was, there was no doubt, she had nice hands.  Or…maybe they weren’t that nice, but damn she knew how to use them.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

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Don't Give Up On Me

Hi All,

Please don't give up on me.  I'm a lot better (I think).  I'm back to writing again, but slowly.  No, I haven't gotten back into Mercy yet, but I plan to very soon.  I need to reread some of it first to catch my mind up again. 

It was the weirdest thing.  The least little distraction kept me from writing or concentrating.  It was really odd.  I am happy to say my mind is coming back to itself at least somewhat now.  It's slow progress, but I'll get there. I can't say when I'll start posting again, but the thought processes are finally working themselves out.

Thank you all for your wonderful supportive comments.  They mean a lot to me.

Please take care of yourselves.  I hope to be back blogging soon.

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Somthing's Wrong

Hi all,

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I can't write.  I can't even read anything.  It's not that I don't know what to write, I know exactly what's going in this next chapter. But every time I sit down to write something, I'm just not interested.

I apologize.  Hopefully, I'll work myself out of this - someday.

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Curl Up and Die

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s finally out there.  Finally!  Book three of my "Jenni …with an i" series is finally available on Kindle books – Curl Up and Die.

I wound up having to create my own cover, so it’s not at good as a professionally made one, but at least the book is now available.  If my cover guy ever decides to get back in touch with me again (I really don’t know what happened to him.  It’s not like him), I’ll probably change it out for a better one.  But at least you can finish the story now.
So…what’s this book about?  Well, of course it finishes everything started in both books one and two, but here’s the “official” blurb for it:

Jenni, Jenni, who’s got the Jenni?  The terrorists are engaged in the worst string of terrorist attacks in history against the United States, and the only person who seems to be able to do anything at all against them is Jenni.  But as far as Jenni can see, the FBI doesn’t want her help.  To make matters worse, her grandmother is doing everything she can to put Jenni in jail – permanently.  The American people don’t know if they want Jenni alive or dead, but the way things are working out, most of them seem to want her dead.  And the terrorists…simply want her head!

To Jenni, her life is like going from one kind of prison to another.  If she thought her life growing up was bad, it was nothing like what the government was capable of inflicting on her.

The pressure and stress finally mount to the point where Jenni wants to do nothing more than to…Curl Up and Die.

That’s it.  Curl Up and Die takes everything from the first two books and finishes it, and more importantly, explains a few things, in case you were wondering about them.  So if you haven’t had a chance yet to read Family Can Be Murder, and Daddy Came Calling, then please go check them out from Kindle.  And then after you read them, you can finally finish the tale with Curl Up and Die. 

Have fun reading them!  Enjoy them!  Please!