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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 10 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 10 of 10)

Chad finished transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer – all the while becoming more and more upset over not peeing yet. He didn’t want to get beat again! He had to pee! Why couldn’t he pee? His desperation grew as he checked the clock. Only one minute left! Please, body… pee! But it didn’t happen.
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Have you peed yet?” Mel’s voice called from the living room.
Chad dropped the best curtsey he could, hoping that maybe she wouldn’t beat him this time. “No, Mistress. I’m trying… I really am! But I just can’t do it yet.”
“Then get over here for more incentive!” Mel ordered.
Chad started walking to his designated punishment spot, all the while watching Mel as she picked up her yardstick again. The tears started flowing as he got about halfway there. The tears started and so did his blubbering and pleading. “Please, Mistress. Don’t hit me again. Please, please, please!” he wailed. He stopped in his tracks, still well short of the designated spot.
“Get your ass over here!” Mel demanded angrily. “If I have to come to you it’s going to be twice as bad!”
But Chad was too afraid. His tears increased dramatically. “Please, Mistress,” he pleaded once again from where he still stood.
Mel angrily raised her yardstick and started hurrying toward him. Chad saw her action and got even more scared. He scurried quickly into place and put his hands on his head. He turned his head to look at her, but she was already swinging – hard!
“Ah!” he cried out at the pain. He wanted to run, but it would do no good. There was really no place to run to.
“I’m waiting!” Mel demanded.
Slowly, Chad removed his hands from his head and dropped the best curtsey he could under the circumstances. He thanked her for hitting him, although what came out was almost unintelligible through is crying. His hands went back to his head and the beating continued. Again she hit him… and again he thanked her. Again she hit him… and again he thanked her. And again she hit him… but the moment the pain from her yardstick registered again, so did something else – he was peeing! Right there and then! And it felt wonderful.
In shock he turned to her, his eyes wide with wonderment. “I’m peeing!” he declared, not really believing it himself.
Mel stopped what she was doing for a moment and watched him. He really was peeing into the stupid bottle attached to his penis. She watched for a moment, then collected herself. “I’m still waiting for your curtsey! You know that peeing is not an excuse to stop anything that you’re doing!” Chad dropped yet another curtsey as he continued peeing. “Hands on your head, Sissy! We’re not done yet,” Mel ordered. Once again, she continued where she had left off.
Chad couldn’t believe it. She was still hitting him, even though he had just peed. The ridiculous bottle was hanging heavily from the front of him. But having no choice, Chad continued to keep his hands on his head each time she hit him, followed by the best curtsey he could manage as he thanked her. Ten full strokes for not making it on time, followed by two more for being late.
When she was done, Mel again ordered him into the bathroom where she emptied the bottle and again reattached it to him. “My stick is obviously working!” she declared. “You’ve got another eighteen minutes now. Maybe this time you’ll make it.”
Chad was still sniffling as he shuffled back out of the bathroom. His backside hurt terribly. It was all he could do to keep from touching it, because just touching it hurt. And now he had to go through it all again! Ugh! He reluctantly picked up his bottle and started drinking, but slowly. He was so full of liquids now that drinking was becoming more and more difficult.
The dryer was still running but he didn’t feel much like putting another load in the washer. He didn’t feel like doing anything – except going home. But he couldn’t go there… yet. Mel was back to work on whatever it was that she was working on. She wasn’t really paying much attention to him. He wandered into the bathroom where she couldn’t see him as well and pretended to clean it. He was too sore to do any actual work.
As he half-heartedly wiped down the counter, over and over again, he tried to concentrate on peeing, but it was becoming more and more difficult. He was getting too tired. His mind began wandering, feeling more and more sorry for himself.
And then it happened… more suddenly than he ever expected… more shocking than when Mel had yelled out her countdown… he was peeing! Before the time was up! He felt totally elated. He rushed out of the bathroom before he even finished, excitedly looking for Mel. Unfortunately, he got into the living room a little too fast. He had to stand there and wait for his peeing to end before he could drop into a curtsey and proudly announce that he had just finished peeing.
Mel looked up and actually smiled. “It’s about time! See, all you needed was a little persuasion.” Chad was praying that she would stop her game now and rediaper him again, but unfortunately, Mel had other ideas. “Is the dryer finished yet?” she asked.
“Not quite,” he replied.
“Then we’ll keep at this for a while. Once again Mel emptied the bottle and pushed it back in place again. “You’ve got another twenty minutes now. Don’t screw it up!”
Chad hated this game. Probably more than anything! But he was stuck playing. Once again he picked up his bottle and began sipping on it. Again he stayed mostly in the bathroom. After a little while, he began turning the water in the sink on and off, over and over again, hoping that it would help make him pee. But it didn’t. Shortly before his twenty minutes were up, he heard the dryer going off. He wandered back out to start taking the clothes out of it. He knew his time was running out, but there didn’t seem to be much that he could do about it. He bent over and pulled clothes out, and folded them, over and over again. And then, remarkably, he started peeing again. Once again he raced into the living room so that he could tell Mel as soon as possible. She was looking at him, but he wasn’t finished peeing yet. He glanced at the clock… less than a minute. Come on… finish! Finish! Finish! The clock ticked away the final minute while the last of the pee was still coming out of him. Before Mel could yell “Time’s up!” he dropped into a curtsey and announced that he had finished peeing.
He looked at Mel. She suddenly burst into laughter. “You’re about two seconds too late!” she declared. “But don’t worry. I won’t punish you for it this time. We’ll call it close enough.”
Chad felt nothing but relief.
Then Mel amended her decision. “We’ll call it close enough, that is… if you can keep peeing like that! Otherwise…”
Chad couldn’t believe it. Was she going to keep playing this game? Obviously!
“Are you finished with the clothes from the dryer yet?” she asked.
“Almost, Mistress,” he replied.
She looked at the mostly full bottle that was obscenely hanging from him. “Can you finish them without spilling any of that?”
Chad looked down at the bottle. “I think so,” he replied.
“Then get to it!”
Chad carefully went back to his chore of folding clothes as he took them out of the dryer. He had to be extra careful now so as not to let any of the contents of the bottle spill. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t all that hard either.
Mel got up from her chair and went into her bedroom to get things ready again. Since her bed was already protected, there wasn’t really much she had to do. She went back out to watch him finishing his work. When he was all done, she took him into the bathroom and removed the bottle again. But this time she didn’t replace it. “Back to my bedroom,” she told him. “I’ve got your diapers in there.”
Chad hurried back to her bedroom and laid down on her bed again. The moment he laid down he felt the burning sting of his backside where she had beat him. He wanted to scream it hurt so bad. He half expected her to bind him again, but she didn’t. Instead she had him turn over so that she could smooth baby lotion all over his bright red and raw behind. He jumped the moment the cold lotion touched his skin. He had to force himself to stay still as Mel’s hands gently tried to smooth the lotion all over him. The pain of her touch on that area was almost more than he could stand. When she was done, he rolled over and she began pulling up two of his super thick cloth diapers. Encasing his stinging aching back side, and his tiny chastity covered front side in super thick, soft protective cloth.
And just as Mel was about to put the first of the oversized diaper pins through the thick material, Chad got another shock. He was peeing again! Already! And he didn’t hardly realize that he was going to. “Aaaa!” he cried out in surprise.
Mel was trying to push the diaper pin through the thick material when she heard Chad’s small scream of surprise. And at almost the same time, the cloth in her hands started to get wet! She burst out laughing again. “You’re peeing! Good baby,” she crooned and went back to her task of fastening the now wet diapers.
Chad felt foolish. Worse, he was already starting the night off with wet diapers. Not that he really minded that much. He loved wetting his diapers, and wet diapers felt great! Usually anyway.
Mel pulled a pair of oversized plastic panties onto him and finally pronounced him ready. “Have you finished that last bottle yet?” she asked.
“Not yet,” he replied.
“Then go finish it.”
Ugh! Chad figured he had already had enough bottles tonight to last him a lifetime. But he dutifully went back out to where he had left his bottle of water and started drinking it again. Fortunately, there wasn’t much left in it.
Mel watched him as he finished his baby bottle. It was one of those ridiculous sights that made her smile. He looked so stupid drinking from it… and consequently, she got so turned on watching him. But she wasn’t in the mood to get into that kind of fun and games tonight. When he finally finished, she walked back to his apartment with him. She dressed him in one of his baby print onesies, and let him lay down on his blow-up mattress. She helped pull the covers over him and placed his pacifier on the floor next to him. She left him there for a few minutes while she went to his refrigerator to get his nighttime bottles for him.
While Chad waited for Mel to come back, he mused over his evening. What had gotten into her tonight? He was afraid to ask. His still stinging bottom made him afraid to ask. It did feel good though to be rid of those darn breast forms – if even for just one night. It was so much more comfortable without them. Now if only his sore bottom would stop hurting.
When Mel came back, Chad was aghast to see her carrying four baby bottles instead of his usual two. “Four! It’s too much,” he protested.
“Tough!” she replied. “I’ll be back late tonight, probably while you’re sleeping. I better see all four bottles finished by then.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. Four more bottles! Just thinking about drinking that much was making him sick. He picked up the first one and put it to his mouth. Then he watched as Mel headed for the doorway.
Mel paused just before she turned out the light. “Goodnight, Baby. Sleep tight.”

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What A Week!

Wow, what a vacation week I’ve had! It started really nice with a few days in the mountains – and ended rather poorly with a few days in the hospital. But that’s the way things go sometimes. No, I didn’t get hurt. I’ve been having some issues with my heart again lately. And they kind of came to a head. I wound up back in the hospital where they kept me for a few days and did another heart catheterization on me. End result is that I’m on different medication now that’s so far, sending me for a loop.

But… I wanted to tell you all about something that I’m wondering about. I suspect… no, I’m just going to say that I think that the emergency room doctor that saw me in the hospital was transgendered. Reason? Well, first of all, there was the shape of her face. It was okay, but something about it just made me wonder. Then the biggest thing was when she spoke, her voice sounded much more like a slightly modified male voice than a female voice. Also, her hands and fingers were as big as mine, despite the fact that she couldn’t have been much taller than I am.

The only thing that makes me wonder if I’m wrong was her eyebrows. They were extremely bushy. Way more than most men I know. I would have thought that someone who had transitioned (or was in the process of) would be more inclined to trim them very feminine. However, maybe that’s the reason that I’m wrong and she was a real woman.

Bottom line, I wish I knew about her. Because if she was transitioned or transitioning, I’d love to congratulate her and wish her all the best. I’m jealous and wish I was her! I didn’t ask however due to common courtesy. As a doctor – and a person – she deserved to be treated however she wanted to be portrayed as and spoiling any illusion would have been wrong. Either way, I really do wish her my very best!

Okay. Next on the agenda. For those who are new to this story and want an easier way to get it all from the beginning, just email me at siskarensinger at yahoo dot you know where. I’ll email you a text document containing the story so far.

Also, I’ve been asked about my old ‘What Will I Wear’ program. I have that available too if you email me… But! I’m making no guarantees that it will work on your computer. I’m fairly sure it will work on most PC’s running Microsoft, but I’m not at all sure if you have a Mac. I don’t even remember if it has instructions or an installer with it. I just have this old zip file that you’d have to unpack and see what it does. I don’t have time to go further into it than that. Sorry! If someone wants to experiment with it, let me know.

Well, that about brings everything up to date. Oh, I’ll be posting the next installment of the story on Tuesday like normal.

Smile and be happy today. Please!

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Hi All,

I'm afraid I'm going to be away all next week for my vacation. I won't have access to a computer so you'll have to wait till the following week for the next posting. We really can't afford to go, but we're doing it anyway!

Stay happy everyone,

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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 9 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 9 of 10)

Chad was still in the kitchen, furiously trying to drink the contents of his bottle, when Mel found him again. “Don’t just stand there doing nothing,” she ordered, “there’s work to be done. Remember, your peeing has nothing at all to do with anything else that you’re doing. Just don’t forget to tell me every time you’ve finished peeing. Now get busy!”
Chad hurried from the kitchen out to the living room. But what work needed to be done? He glanced back at the kitchen – no problems there… not really anyway. His gaze landed on her laundry closet. The wash! There were things in her washer and dryer that had been there for days now! They needed to be done… or more likely redone now. He hurried over to her washer and checked it. Then he started that load of laundry all over again.
Mel sat back in one of her comfortable living room chairs and watched him closely as he messed with the laundry. She had her yardstick out and was playing with it in her hands. Oh, she was looking forward to this! She glanced at the clock. “Two minutes to go!” she called out. “Have you peed yet?”
“No, Mistress,” Chad called back. “Not yet.”
“Curtsey when you answer me, Sissy!”
Chad quickly stopped what he was doing and dropped a curtsey toward Mel. “No Mistress,” he repeated. “I haven’t peed yet… but I’m trying!”
“You better do more than try, Sissy! One minute to go!”
The panic in Chad doubled. One minute… and he still wasn’t feeling the need! He went back to sorting the clothes with one hand… while he frantically tried to drink his bottle with the other hand… while he kept trying desperately to pee! And then he heard Mel counting down the last few seconds. Why did she have to sound so evil when she did it?
“Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five…” Mel got out of her chair so she could see him better. “Four… three… two… one! Have you peed yet, Sissy?”
Chad felt a ton fear running through him. He dropped a quick curtsey toward her as he answered. “Not yet, Mistress.”
“Then get over here and prepare yourself for your first beating!”
“But Mistress,” Chad protested, “you always wait to see how much longer it takes me to pee!”
“I’m changing the rules. You’ll get beat for each of those minutes too – after you manage to pee. But now you obviously need some extra incentive to help you along. So get over here!”
Chad walked over to the area of her living room where she usually punished him with her stick… but he didn’t move very quickly. He noticed that her heavy yardstick was already in her hands – ready to go. She was watching him very carefully as he got into place. Was that anticipation in her eyes? Did she look angry at him?
“Put your hands on your head and don’t let them get in the way!” she ordered.
Knowing what was about to happen, Chad fearfully put his hands on his head and tried to mentally brace himself. But before he even knew what was happening, Mel was swinging her yardstick with both hands – like a baseball bat! Swish – Whap! “Ow!” he screamed as the sudden intense pain rocketed through him. He threw his hands to his backside to rub it against the stinging pain.
“Now curtsey and thank me!” Mel ordered.
Chad saw her stick raised, ready to hit him again. He fearfully dropped a curtsey as he said, “Thank you, Mistress.”
“Hands on your head!”
Not again! Panic filled his entire soul as he slowly put his hands on his head and turned so she could swat him – again. Again her stick lashed out with everything she had. And again he cried out in pain.
“Now thank me!” she ordered.
As before, Chad dropped his curtsey and thanked her, but he really wanted to just rub his sore behind and dance around in pain.
“Hands on your head!”
Not again! How many blows was she going to give him? Fearfully, he again assumed his position… and again she swung as hard as she could, and again, and again, and again. Each time, he had to curtsey in between and thank her. He counted twelve blows before she finished. Twelve very hard, mind numbing, stinging blows. His backside felt like hamburger.
“There’ll be one more for each minute past your deadline,” she reminded him, sounding all too happy about it. “So this was just a warm up.”
A warm up? How could she call that a warm up? It was terrible. He really hurt! It was a miracle that he wasn’t bawling like a baby already! He was awfully close as it was.
“Now get back to work!”
Chad hurried back to where he had been working on the laundry. He immediately grabbed his baby bottle and started drinking furiously again. The nipple felt cool and comforting in his mouth. Sucking on it immediately helped him to calm down as his free hand gingerly rubbed his sore backside. The bottle finished and started sucking air. Mentally cursing, he hurried to the kitchen to get another one.
It was another five minutes before he was able to pee. A wonderful sensation! Yet he knew the punishment that awaited him for his previous failure. Why had Mel only decided on giving him ten minutes to start? Was it because he hadn’t peed since they had been in the car? Please, next time, make it longer! As the pee finally finished coming out of him, the bottle felt heavy and very awkward hanging from the front of him – despite the fact that it was tied around his waist.
“I’ve just finished peeing,” he declared quickly so that Mel could hear it. Drat! He had forgotten to curtsey. Had Mel noticed? She had been looking down at her work.
“It’s about time!” Mel replied as she glanced at the clock. She quickly got up and walked over to where he had been working. “Why did you stop? Did I tell you to stop working?” she asked, sounding very threatening.
Chad quickly went back to sorting clothes with one hand while drinking his bottle with his other. What was with her tonight? Damn she was being unreasonable!
Mel watched him for a few moments before she finally had enough. “Okay, let’s empty that bottle.” Chad gratefully stopped working and put the bottle he had been drinking down on top of the dryer. The bottle attached to his front side was mostly full and it banged against his legs when he turned. He was afraid it might spill, but there wasn’t much he could do about it other than to move carefully. He followed Mel into the bathroom where she untied the bottle and pulled it – almost painfully – off of him. She quickly emptied it into the toilet, then before he knew it, she was pushing it back onto him again – none too gently.
“You’ve got seventeen out of your twenty minutes left now to pee again. Don’t disappoint me!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied as he dropped a small curtsey. Seventeen minutes left. Could he make it? He could only hope so.
“Now get back out there and get ready for your punishment again!”
The words themselves made his stomach feel sick. Again? But he knew before that it was coming. He didn’t really move slowly, but he didn’t exactly run either – back out to where she usually punished him. With only a look from her, he placed his hands on top of his head and prepared himself. The blow came all too quickly and was all too painful – yet perhaps not as painful as before.
“Thank you, Mistress,” he intoned as he dropped a curtsey to her before putting his hands back on his head again.
Nine blows. Nine curtseys. Nine minutes too long. There were tears running down his cheeks before she got to the third blow. Each thank you sounded more and more like incomprehensible blubbering… but he couldn’t help it. As the blows continued, he began yearning for his pacifier – not his bottle – he’d already had enough of that. But his pacifier would bring him comfort. Pity, it was stuck somewhere in his purse.
When she finally finished, she leaned her yardstick up against the corner where she could get to it easily. “You’ve only got thirteen minutes left. My yardstick is waiting. Now get back to work!”
Thirteen minutes! He hurried back out to the laundry, grabbed his baby bottle full of tea, and started drinking again while he finished sorting the clothes. He was quickly becoming all too tired of drinking tea. He’d already had way too many with dinner and now he was on his second bottle here. All that tea was building up in his system and was starting to make him sick. But the thought of what Mel’s yardstick would do to him if he didn’t find a way to keep peeing – and quickly – kept him at it.
Having nothing left that he could do with the laundry while the machines were running, he went into the kitchen to wipe things down again. All the while he feverishly concentrated on trying to pee. As he watched the clock ticking down closer and closer to his deadline, he tried harder and harder. But to no avail.
“Three… two… one! Have you peed yet?”
Chad dropped a polite curtsey to Mel as he admitted that he hadn’t. What he didn’t understand was why Mel looked positively delighted at his failure.
“Get over here then,” Mel ordered as she again grabbed her yardstick.
Once again Chad had to go through the painful lesson that was supposed to give him incentive for learning to pee sooner. This time it was only ten strokes, and he cried through each and every one. When she was done, just touching his backside brought him more pain. He didn’t want to think about how bad things might get later if he didn’t start peeing quicker. He hurried back into her kitchen to rewipe her already spotless countertops.
He finished his bottle shortly after he got back to the kitchen. He quickly reached into the refrigerator for a fresh one… and stopped. He just didn’t want any more tea? Would Mel let him have water instead? He rushed out to the living room to ask. “Excuse me, Mistress.”
Mel looked up from what she was working on. “You’ve peed?” she asked.
“No, Mistress.”
“Then why are you bothering me?” she asked angrily.
“May I have water instead of tea?”
“I don’t care! Whatever you need to do to pee sooner! Now let me work!”
Chad rushed back into the kitchen and refilled his bottle with water from the sink this time. The different taste was almost a pleasure in his mouth. He had still drunk way too much already, but at least the water was now something better.
Only a few minutes later, Chad felt the urge to pee building. He tried everything he could to get it out as soon as possible and was rewarded by almost filling the bottle again. “I’ve just finished peeing, Mistress,” he said, forgetting to curtsey again.
Mel looked up from what she was working on and almost smiled. “It’s about time!” She glanced at the clock. “Only seven minutes too long. I guess my stick is already beating down the time. Okay, into the bathroom. Let’s get that bottle changed.”
Once again they went through the ritual of changing the bottle, followed by her beating him with her stick. This time, Chad was dreading her punishment so much that the tears were flowing from his eyes before her first swing.
“Sixteen minutes, Sissy. That’s all you’ve got left before I beat you again. Now get busy and make good use of that time!”
Chad was still crying as he grabbed his bottle of water out of the kitchen. He carried it back to where he checked on the laundry. Sucking on the water from the bottle felt good. The water was cool and wet, and the bottle was comforting to suck on. He didn’t care why he liked it, he just did. And his distress was so great that he didn’t want to stop sucking on it. He barely paid any attention to any of the tasks that he was only sort-of doing. All his attention was focused on trying to pee. After all the pain he had just received, and the certain threat of much more to come, there wasn’t room in his mind for anything else.
Mel reread what she had typed into her laptop for the umpteenth time. She hadn’t typed very much, so it didn’t exactly take her very long. What she was typing wasn’t exactly a contract. It wasn’t a list of rules either… not exactly. In fact, she didn’t quite know what to call it. Not that it mattered – yet. What she was really trying to do, was to define for herself… and probably him… and probably everyone else that mattered too, just how she wanted him to behave – at all times! Her little project wasn’t coming easy. She had only written the few things she had already thought of earlier in the day, but not much new was coming to her.
Frustrated, she closed her laptop and turned on her TV. She glanced at the clock again. There was still a few minutes left before she’d have to beat him again – probably – since she doubted he would pee on time. She still held a lot of anger at him, but now that she had used her stick on him – extra hard, she felt somewhat better. Not enough to go easy on him in any way, but enough to take some of the edge off.
She had hurt him. Somewhere deep down that bothered her… yet at the same time, she was glad. He had gotten away with too much for too long. Deep down she also knew that it was really her fault, but she just didn’t want to admit it – even to herself. She had lost track of what was really important and what would win her the bet. But the deceiver hadn’t! At that thought, her anger started building again.
A commercial came on the TV, she hardly noticed since she wasn’t paying that much attention anyway. But since it was a diaper commercial for babies, perhaps a bit more of it got through to her. As the commercial continued to run, more and more of her attention was caught by the commercial, till she was paying rapt attention – mostly. The commercial had ended, but her thoughts were still on it – especially one particular concept in it. There was an idea there, maybe a good one! If she could just completely figure it out…

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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 8 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 8 of 10)

“Give me your empty bottle,” Mel demanded as soon as they were seated. Chad quickly dug it out of his purse as Mel was digging into her own purse. He handed it to her as soon as she had finished. He was quickly becoming more sure than ever that Mel would make him use it again during dinner. The waitress came to the table and asked what they wanted to drink. “Coffee for me,” Mel told her. Then she held Chad’s bottle out for the waitress. “And please keep this filled with iced tea for her.”
The waitress looked very unsure of the order. “Um… I’m not sure I can do that…”
Mel quickly wrapped a twenty dollar bill around the bottle and held it out to the waitress again. That was all it took to change her mind. She took the bottle, and money, from Mel and nodded her head. “And please make sure it stays full,” Mel added.
The waitress looked over at Chad for a moment then back at Mel. The money disappeared into her uniform somewhere. Suddenly her cautious smile turned more genuine. “Of course. No problem.” Chad felt doomed. Totally!
“How was your day today?” Mel asked in a much more calm and polite voice than Chad had heard her use all evening so far.
He shrugged a bit. “Okay. The usual really.”
“Did you get a chance to flirt with any more men?” Mel teased, referring to his meeting with Derek the day before.
Chad blushed. He knew she was only teasing a bit. “Fortunately, no. The women are all still trying to mess with my fashion sense, but that’s about all… Oh! By the way, thank you again for the flowers. They really were beautiful.”
Mel beamed at the compliment. “You’re welcome. Any lingering regrets about your divorce?”
“Only a few.”
“You’ll probably always have those.”
Chad nodded. “Yeah, probably.”
“So what fashion ideas were the ladies suggesting for you?” Mel asked.
“Ugh! They think I should be wearing blue pantyhose with this outfit. And Robin said my legs look better with hose than without – like it really matters that much. Besides, pantyhose are a pain to get on… especially with this darn waist cincher I’m wearing.”
Mel mentally winced a bit at hearing Robin’s name again, but still, Robin might be right… and it was more ammunition to use against him – especially in light of some of the new things she had planned for him. “I think Blue hose probably would look good with what you’re wearing. We’ll get some this weekend, then you can wear it all to work again on Tuesday.”
Chad shook his head. “But if I wear this again, then Robin will complain that I wore the same thing two times in a row.”
Robin, Robin, Robin! Mel was quickly becoming more and more miffed at the woman. She had way too much influence over him! But still, she had to admit, the damn bitch was probably right. “We’ll get you a new, but similar outfit this weekend then,” Mel replied, a tiny bit of anger seeping into her voice.
The waitress arrived with their drinks. She handed Chad’s bottle to Mel before she set the hot coffee on the table in front of her. Mel handed the bottle directly over to Chad. “Keep drinking,” she ordered.
Chad hadn’t even had time to open the menu in front of him to see what he wanted. “Don’t bother,” Mel told him, not bothering to look at her own menu. “I know everything they have here by heart.” Mel ordered a chicken salad for herself and a large steak for Chad. The moment she mentioned the steak, Chad’s stomach sent out a small rumble. He was hungry because he hadn’t eaten much lunch again.
When the waitress had left, Chad chanced Mel’s mood and asked. “What do you have planned for Monday since we’ve got the day off now?”
“I’m going to be working,” Mel told him. “You’re going to be working on something else.”
“What’s that?”
Mel hesitated as she searched for a suitable answer. She certainly didn’t want him to know what she had planned for him.
“Business,” she replied with a small smile. “Necessary business!” Her demeanor changed slightly. “Now start drinking that bottle. I want you to finish at least three of them before dinner is over!”
Chad picked up the bottle and put it to his mouth, silently praying that nobody was watching. He didn’t exactly feel like looking around to see the reactions of the other customers – he already had a pretty good idea of what they would be. As he drank, he wondered what had gotten into Mel? She was going at him like crazy tonight. He decided to change the subject away from himself. It would probably be safer that way. “So how was your day?” he asked as he took a break from his bottle.
Mel smiled. “Up and down,” she replied before starting to relay a bit about a few of the problems she had with her clients. But while she talked, she never once mentioned anything that had to do with him. That information was for her, and her only.
It seemed to be an extra long wait for their dinners to arrive. The waitress came back twice to refill Mel’s coffee and to see if he needed his bottle refilled yet. The second time, she did refill it. And while they waited, they talked again… pleasantly. It wasn’t till the waitress had interrupted and was refilling Chad’s bottle that Mel realized just how pleasant the conversation had been again. He’s the deceiver, she reminded herself. So perfect on the outside… but oh so black-hearted on the inside!
A few minutes later, their dinner finally arrived. She watched as Chad cut off a small bite of steak and stuck it into his mouth. The look on his face was pure pleasure. “I haven’t eaten hardly anything all day,” he said as he chewed.
“Why not?”
“The more I eat, the more those darn suppositories have to work with. And there’s just no stopping them.”
Mel grinned. “Eat up, Sissy. Eat up.”
As Chad again put another bite of his steak in his mouth, he brought the conversation back to where it was a few minutes earlier by asking her a light-hearted question. As Mel chomped on her chicken salad, she quickly fell back under the spell of his pleasant company. Again and again she had to remind herself that he was the deceiver. And again and again, she quickly forgot, or ignored it… because she really was enjoying his company over dinner. And why not? Why shouldn’t her dinner, in such a nice restaurant, be anything but enjoyable – especially for her?
A little while later, Chad glanced down at his plate with a rather forlorn look. “I may have been hungry before,” he stated, “but I’m not hungry now. I can’t eat much more of this!”
Mel noticed that more than half of his steak was still there. “Again?” she asked. “You had the same problem last night!”
Chad shrugged apologetically. “I just can’t seem to eat this much anymore. At least not with this darn waist cincher crushing my stomach.”
Mel shook her head. “The cincher stays!” Then she chuckled a bit. “I really am going to start ordering from the kids menu for you,” she teased.
“Sorry,” Chad replied. “I know this steak cost a lot, but I just can’t finish it.”
Mel nodded, then briefly looked down at her own chicken-salad. It was mostly gone already. She had only ordered it because it would be better for her waistline. She had been purposely ordering larger meals for him to put more into his system for the suppositories to work with. Also, since he was unintentionally getting more baby food lately, the better meals were probably good for him. He needed some kind of nutrition. But maybe it was getting time to rethink the meals she ordered for him.
The waitress came back again to check on their drinks. Mel refused more coffee, but had her refill his bottle yet again. “For the trip home,” she explained.
Chad rolled his eyes. Ugh!

The minute they walked through the door of Mel’s apartment, she gave him the order to strip down to his diapers and plastic panties. Chad wasn’t very surprised since he already needed changing pretty badly. All the tea she had made him drink during dinner had kept him peeing quite a bit. While Chad was removing his clothes in her bathroom, Mel disappeared into her bedroom. By the time he came looking for her, she had everything ready. Her bed was well protected against any of his “accidents” and she had already attached the ropes to hold his wrists and ankles to the headboard and footboard. “Climb up,” she ordered as he walked into her room.
Chad saw the ropes out and ready to use on him, but as he climbed up onto her bed, he wondered why she bothered. He wasn’t going to do anything except to enjoy the pleasure of her changing him. In fact, he was looking forward to it. But it was her party, and to tell the truth, he really didn’t mind that much anyway. He laid back on her bed and waited while she tied each limb, making sure that he wasn’t going anywhere… as if he wanted to!
But what she did next surprised him a bit. She opened the drawer in her nightstand and pulled out a small bottle and what looked like an artist’s paintbrush. She opened the bottle, dipped the brush into it, and started brushing the liquid all around the edges of his breast forms. The liquid she was brushing on him smelled terribly. “What are you doing?” he asked.
“You’ve had these forms on for a full week now. We’ve got to take them off and give your skin a rest for a while.”
Chad wanted to cheer. And she had tied him up for this? Now he really didn’t want to move. It took a lot of brushing and tugging, pulling and peeling to remove the breasts. Mel worked on both of them at the same time, gradually loosening one while the solvent softened the glue on the other one. Finally, with one last tug, the first of the breast forms came off. Chad felt nothing but relief as the weight was finally removed from his chest. A minute later, the other one was off too. Chad breathed in fully and easily for the first time in a week. What a huge pleasure. He desperately wanted to rub his chest where the forms had been, but his hands were still tied.
“Don’t get used to it,” Mel cautioned. “They get glued back on again tomorrow… like it or not! And in the mean time, if you have to wear anything other than just your diapers, then you can stick them back in your bra like you did last week. Got it?”
Chad nodded awkwardly from his position on his back. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied. She was going to glue them back on tomorrow. Darn! But still, a few hours without them was going to be pure heaven.
“Now, while we’ve got you here,” Mel said… But she didn’t finish. Instead, she left the room, leaving Chad still tied to her bed. She was gone for a while – longer than Chad thought she would be. He tried tugging a bit on each of the ropes that bound him, but he quickly discovered that he wasn’t going to get out of any of them. So he resigned himself to waiting patiently, and enjoying the feel of no heavy breasts on his chest.
When Mel finally came back, he was surprised to see her carrying an empty baby bottle – without the nipple. She also had another small length of rope in her hand. “I had trouble finding one of the right ones,” she explained as she walked around to the side of the bed.
As she started to pull his plastic panties down, she paused. “Do you have to pee?”
“Not right now,” he replied.
“When was the last time you went?”
“In the car, on the way home.”
She nodded and continued pulling his panties down, then she began unfastening his diapers. As soon as he was completely naked, she tied the small piece of rope to the baby bottle. As soon as she did, Chad knew what she intended to do with it… and he wasn’t looking forward to it. His body wanted to move and buck her a bit as she grabbed his chastity device in one hand to hold it steady. His mind warred with itself over wanting to complain or to lay still. But he knew without a doubt that he had no way of winning, so despite wanting to protest, he laid still while she pushed hard on the baby bottle till the mouth of it popped up and over the head of his chastity device.
Mel felt the bottle suddenly pop into place. It was a tight fit – but it did fit. Before she tied the cord around his waist, she noticed his penis though the clear plastic of the device. Cassie had been right, it was tiny… very! And even though she had been moving it around as she had been trying to get the bottle in place, his penis hadn’t seemed to grow one little bit. And little, in this case, was certainly the right word! She almost laughed. How could the darn thing have gotten that small? Not that it mattered. All that mattered was that he could pee out of it, which he couldn’t do if it was hard – so the smaller, the better!
She untied his restraints and had him stand up. The bottle, even though it wasn’t tied to him yet, hung from his chastity device like an obscene penis – making up with its size for how tiny his real penis now seemed to be. She wrapped the cord around his waist and tied it. She checked the clock next to her bed. “I’m going to be nice. You’ve got ten minutes now to pee into that bottle before I beat you black and blue!”
Ten minutes! Chad couldn’t believe it. Panic hit him full throttle. How was he going to do it? He had no doubt Mel would hit him – and hard – with her stick if he didn’t make it in time. Liquids! He needed something to drink – even if it was her lousy tea. “Can I have a bottle?” he asked desperately.
“All you want. Drink whatever you need.”
Chad made a fast dash for the kitchen where he tore open her refrigerator, grabbed one of his baby bottles of her lousy tea mixture, and started drinking it as fast as he could. All the while, he tried as hard as he could to make himself pee.
Mel almost laughed as he ran out of her bedroom. She had no doubt that she would be using her stick on him tonight… and for once, she was really looking forward to it. The deceiver! Well, he was about to start getting his due!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 7 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 7 of 10)

When they walked into the nail salon, both Chad’s and Mel’s usual nail techs were waiting at the front for them – along with a few other customers who didn’t have appointments and were sitting in the waiting room. Chad stood by quietly as Mel briefly greeted the two small women. As soon as she was done though, he expected his usual nail tech to lead him straight back to where she would be working on him, but instead, she stood there staring at him as if she was waiting for something.
“Aren’t you going to properly say hello to her?” Mel asked him, her voice sounding more than a bit harsh. “Be polite!”
Chad was a bit surprised, but he immediately turned to his nail tech and said, “Hi. How are you today?”
Before she could answer back, Mel lashed out at him. “That’s not the proper way for you to do it! Now do it again… and curtsey for her this time.”
Curtsey! Chad was slightly flabbergasted, but Mel had made him do it for the nail tech before. He just hated doing it in public like this. And after deciding not to do it for the receptionist at the gym, he was hoping to get away with not doing it here. He immediately dropped a quick curtsey and repeated his greeting.
But before his chuckling nail tech could answer, Mel lashed out. “Not good enough! You can manage a much better curtsey than that… and smile! Say it like you really mean it!”
Chad was completely startled. Worse, there was something about the look on Mel’s face that frightened him more than a bit. Quickly, he faced his nail tech again and redid his curtsey and greeting, this time doing a slower and much better job of it. As he did so, he heard more than a few chuckles from the women in the chairs behind him. As soon as he finished, his own nail tech was laughing louder too.
“Somewhat better!” Mel declared. “Now greet my technician. She deserves just as much consideration as yours!”
What was going on? Chad was totally surprised by Mel’s sudden new attitude. He was surprised, but he was more worried about her sudden anger. Not wasting any time, he did another curtsey and greeting for Mel’s nail tech.
“Now turn around and say a proper hello to everyone else here, and apologize to them for being so rude and taking up so much time!”
What? Chad couldn’t believe it! But one look at Mel’s determined face and he knew there would be no way out of it. The feelings of total humiliation and embarrassment ran rampant through his body as he slowly turned around to face all the women in the waiting room. He glanced around. The seats weren’t all full, but there were more than enough women all staring at him expectantly with very amused looks on their faces so that he wished he was dead. Slower than before, he dropped yet another curtsey as he said, “Hello everyone. I’m sorry I was a bit rude a few minutes ago and took up so much time.” He stood back up again and looked at Mel… praying for her approval.
Mel rolled her eyes angrily. “Marginal at best, but you’ve wasted enough time here. We’ll have to practice more later. Now go get your nails done.”
Chad quickly followed behind his chuckling nail tech. He was glad to be away from Mel for a few minutes. What had gotten into her? Damn! It was like she was momentarily possessed!
“You looking very pretty today,” his nail tech commented as he sat down and started to remove his shoes.
“Uh… Thank you,” he replied as politely as he could. He wasn’t about to take any chances that Mel might be angry at him for anything!
As usual, the nail technician did his toes first, changing the color from red to a soft, shiny, pale pink. As she worked on his toes, Chad kept staring at the new color. “Pretty,” he thought more than once. Something about the color made him really happy to be wearing it. Then he caught himself… had he just thought that?
Finally it was time for her to work on his fingernails. He prayed as she started removing the red polish that she would cut them shorter… at least a bit. They were so long that they were nearly impossible to work with. As soon as the old polish was off she picked up her scissors and grabbed one of his super long nails by the tip. Chad held his breath. She put the scissors to the edge of the nail, and with one smooth cut, shortened the nail by about two thirds. Chad felt nothing but happy relief the moment the nail had been cut. His nail was still very long, sticking a good ways out past the end of his finger, but it was now much shorter than it had been. In fact, as she went to work cutting the next nail, he decided that now the length looked much more normal. Any woman would be proud to have nails that long.
A little while later, Chad stared at his freshly done fingernails. They were elegantly shaped to a long tapering oval, the length and shape making his fingers look longer, slimmer, and somehow much more feminine. He thought the pale pink color was truly beautiful, he felt funny inside just looking at them. It was hard to believe they were his hands. He bent his fingers over to try and make a fist and realized that the nails were still long enough that he couldn’t do it fully, but it didn’t matter, he could move his fingers much easier now. He just couldn’t get over how feminine his hands looked. Without the super long claws, his hands looked less dangerous, more friendly, and like hands he’d always dreamed he could have… mostly anyway. They were still male hands underneath those pretty nails. They just looked a lot less male now.
Feeling happy and light-hearted, he got up and thanked his nail technician verbally. Then he headed up front to where Mel was waiting for him. “Did you thank your technician?” she asked.
“Yes I did,” Chad replied.
“I didn’t see you curtseying!”
Chad realized right away that he wasn’t going to win the argument. He turned back to the woman who had just done his nails, dropped as good a curtsey as he could manage, and thanked her. The woman just giggled again as she rung up the service at the register.
“We need to work on your behavior!” Mel declared in a steely voice as they walked back to her car.
My behavior? Chad wasn’t at all sure what she meant by that. What was wrong with his behavior? Nothing that he could see. But he held his silence as Mel drove both of them to a restaurant they hadn’t been to together before. Considering the mood Mel seemed to be in, he didn’t want to chance saying anything that might upset her in any way.
“You’ve got some empty bottles in your diaper bag?” Mel asked as she parked the car.
“Yes, Mistress. They’re left over from yesterday. We didn’t get a chance to replace them this morning.”
Mel winced a bit. “How about some full ones? Did you put any fresh ones in?”
Chad’s eyes widened a bit. “No, Mistress. I didn’t think of it.”
Mel nodded. “Grab one of your empty ones then and let’s go.”
Chad was surprised, but he dutifully dug out one of the empty bottles and stuck it into his purse where it wouldn’t be seen. As they walked from the car to the restaurant, he prayed she wouldn’t make him drink from the bottle again once they got inside… but something in the back of his mind was telling him to be prepared for it.
Chad opened one of the double doors and held it wide for Mel to enter first. As soon as he got in, he noticed that there were a lot of people waiting to be seated. He felt more than heard Mel’s impatient sigh. “Better go put our name on the list, Sissy,” she said. “I hope it won’t be too long a wait.” Chad only took two steps toward the hostess behind a small counter before Mel’s voice lashed out at him. “Sissy!” He turned to look back at her. “I better see you curtseying politely when you talk to her!”
Chad was aghast. Curtsey? Again? He turned to get on with the task, but Mel’s voice again lashed out. “Sissy!” He turned again to Mel. “That’s not how I taught you to acknowledge an order from me!”
Chad was very aware of all the people around watching them – including several small children. He didn’t want to do it, but Mel’s determined face was still staring at him… waiting. He dropped a polite curtsey to her and said, “Yes, Mistress.” Mel’s whole demeanor seemed to change slightly as she barely nodded her approval. Chad heard a few small chuckles and comments of astonishment from the people around him, but he did his best to turn toward the hostess’s desk again without looking at anyone around them.
“May I help you?” the hostess asked with a very amused look on her face. Chad was tempted to turn back toward Mel for a moment before he continued, but he restrained himself. Knowing that Mel was watching him closely, and knowing that she would only make him keep doing it till he got it right, he dropped yet another curtsey and asked, “How long is the wait?”
“For two?” the hostess asked.
“About fifteen to twenty minutes. Can I put your name on the list?”
Chad turned back toward Mel, who was now standing much closer where she could hear what was going on. “Fifteen to twenty minutes,” he told her.
“Give her ‘your’ name. We’ll wait.” After having to curtsey like he did to the hostess in front of all the people there, Chad wasn’t at all sure he wanted to wait, but he dutifully turned back to the hostess.
“What name?” the hostess asked as she put her pen to the book in front of her.
Mel had specifically said to give the hostess his name. He wasn’t exactly fond of the idea just then, he had already had enough humiliation tonight to last him a long time. “Sissy,” he said softly.
The hostess shook her head. “I’m sorry? I couldn’t hear you,” she apologized.
“Sissy!” Chad was forced to say much louder.
The hostess had a very surprised look on her face. But then she smiled and wrote the name into her book. Chad was about to leave, but luckily he remembered just in time. He quickly dropped another quick curtsey to her and said, “Thank you.”
As he and Mel walked toward an empty area of the bench seats along the wall, Chad was aware of a couple of very young girls playing by curtseying to each other and the rest of their families with them. Uh oh! It looks like I’ve started something.
There was only enough room for one of them to sit, and there was certainly no question about which of them was going to be standing. As they waited, they both watched the young girls playing. They were both also aware that the other customers kept watching them closely. Mel was delighted. Chad was not.
One of the little girls started to run out closer towards Chad and Mel before her mother yelled to stop her. The little girl turned and screamed a big loud “No!” back to her mother before continuing to run straight up to Chad. Chad was very surprised… and embarrassed. Especially when the little girl went right into her very awkward curtsey… right to him. Now what was he supposed to do? But fortunately, the little girl ran off laughing. Chad breathed a sigh of relief and watched as the mother scolded the child… who didn’t seem to care at all about anything her mother was saying to her.
Chad turned to look at Mel, but before either of them could say anything, the mother was yelling again. Chad turned back just in time to see the other little girl running right up to him too. She curtseyed like the other one did, all the while laughing hysterically like it was some big game, then she too ran back – where her mother scolded her. And obviously, neither of the girls seemed to care about what their mother was saying at all.
Chad was glad to see the mother holding onto the two little girls after that. But as soon as the girls had calmed down again, she released them. Fortunately, the two little girls stayed with their family. But they kept staring at him and pointing and laughing. Then one of them curtseyed toward him from where she was. And right after that, the other one did the same, copying her friend… or sister - Chad couldn’t tell which.
Chad was more aware than ever of all the people around watching them… and him. Embarrassing! But the two little girls, just wouldn’t leave it alone. The first one curtseyed again, and then the second one did it too.
“You’re not being very polite!” Mel noted in her harsher than usual voice.
Chad looked down at her. “What am I supposed to do?” he asked.
“Curtsey back, you fool!”
Damn! Why did Mel sound so mad tonight? And curtsey back? To the kids? But obviously Mel wasn’t going to be happy till he did it. So he quickly dropped a slight curtsey to the two little girls – which immediately sent them both into peals of laughter and raised their excitement level even higher. But now both girls curtseyed to him at the same time. They looked back expectantly at him.
Chad looked quickly down at Mel. “You’re more of a child than they are,” she declared. “Play with them!”
It wasn’t exactly the answer Chad was looking for. But he again turned to the two girls and returned their curtsey – which again set them off laughing excitedly.
The girls curtseyed… then Chad curtseyed. Back and forth. The two girls laughing and having a great time. Chad feeling totally foolish. But then one of the girls took a step forward and bowed like a man to him instead. Chad was so surprised. Where had she learned that? He was about to bow back, but Mel’s voice lashed out quickly. “Don’t you dare!” Chad immediately dropped yet another, but more contrite curtsey. The girls started laughing yet again.
The hostess announced another name over the speaker system. The little girls were finally gathered up by the people around them and were carted off toward their dinner. Chad was never so glad to see two children leave.
“Sissy. Table for two!” Their table was ready. The hostess was looking right at him. She knew perfectly well who he was, she didn’t have to announce his name over the loudspeaker for everyone to hear… but she had done it anyway. Damn!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 6 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 6 of 10)

Tedious, tedious, tedious! That’s what was running through Chad’s mind as he worked on the project. The part he was finishing up just then had been nothing but tedious – squared! He noticed an email notification popping up on his monitor. There was no question about not opening it right away… anything for a break in what he had been doing!
The email was from Mel… a return email from his thank you note. Was she going to apologize fully? He read the short email through and was more than a bit surprised. She had sent him orders… there was no other way to label the command… that he take the day off on Monday. She didn’t say why. She didn’t really say anything else, other than to spell out in no uncertain terms that he should take the day off formally, because he certainly wasn’t going to be at work on Monday. Why? What did she have planned?
Knowing Mel, he figured he better not take a chance. He immediately emailed his boss, Tom Robinson, and told him that something had just come up and he was taking one of his vacation days on Monday. It only took about fifteen minutes before his boss emailed him back with the ok.
Chad immediately emailed Mel back, informing her that he had arranged for the day off. He also asked her what was going on that he wouldn’t be at work. He closed his email program and his eyes caught sight of the flowers she had sent him again. The flowers really had been a nice gesture… very nice. Maybe she had planned something really nice for him on Monday. He breathed in the sent from the flowers once again and felt his whole body relaxing for a moment. A nice long weekend. Just what he really needed. Oh! He’d better tell Robin! “Oh Roooobiiiin,” he called over the cubicle wall.

“Cassie’s on the line for you,” Andrea said over her private line to Mel’s desk.
“Ok. Thanks Andrea,” Mel replied as she punched the button to take the other call. “Hi Cassie. Thanks for getting back to me.”
“No problem, Mel. What’s up?”
“Do you think those two women that Sissy wouldn’t curtsey for will be in on Monday?”
“Pretty certain. They’ve been coming almost every morning for a while now.”
“And your receptionist will be there too?”
“I don’t think she’s planning any days off. What’s up?”
Mel almost laughed. “Listen, here’s what I’d like to do…”

It was the middle of the afternoon when Chad leaned back in his chair again to take a mental break. After all the tedious work he had been doing today, he was really going to need that long weekend. But, it had been a really good afternoon so far. The only thing that had happened that really messed things up was when the suppositories that Cassie had put up inside of him had done their thing earlier. Yuck! Even though it happened every single day at about the same time, he still wasn’t used to it. He was just very glad that everything he was wearing under his outer clothes hid what he had done from everyone else… but he could certainly feel it. Double yuck!
“Ready for break?” Robin’s voice asked from the entrance of his cubicle.
Chad thought about it for a minute. Would it really be a good thing for him to go? He had run into Derek yesterday. That hadn’t been good. “I don’t know,” he answered, totally unsure of the idea. “Coffee would be really good, but I don’t think I want to chance running into Derek again.”
Robin shook her head. “You can’t hide forever. Besides, nothing bad really happened. You just talked – sort of. Come on, it will do you good to get out of here for a while.”
Chad glanced at his computer monitor again and the tedious work that had occupied him all afternoon. “Maybe you’re right,” he said as he turned the program off. Anything for a break! He got up and followed her out into the hallway.
“I still think you should have gotten some blue hose during lunch,” Robin said as they walked.
Chad rolled his eyes. Women! They never let up! “I really didn’t want to. Besides, we always get our nails done after work on Friday. The pantyhose would only get in the way.”
“Oh,” Robin replied. “That makes sense.” They walked in silence for a moment before Robin said, “We?”
“We what?”
“You said ‘we’ always get our nails done. Who’s we?”
“Mel and I.”
“Oh.” They walked in silence for a few more moments. “I guess you’ve really got a thing for her then. She even sent you flowers. Gee, here I was feeling sorry for you because of your divorce, but you’ve already got a new girlfriend.”
“It’s not like that. She’s not my girlfriend.”
“Then what is she?”
Chad couldn’t tell her she was his mistress. Not at all. “She’s just… a friend. And that’s it!”
He had said the last part with such finality, that Robin knew for sure there must be more to it than that, but she left it alone. But a little teasing around the ladies couldn’t hurt.
Chad followed Robin through the line to get coffee, then followed her over to the table that was already mostly full of women. They had barely sat down though, when one of the women said to Chad, “I heard you got flowers delivered to you today. Is that true?”
“Yeah,” Chad admitted.
“Damn, must be someone special.” The woman exclaimed. “Nobody ever sends flowers to me.” There was a chorus of agreements from a few of the women.
“Can you believe it,” Robin added teasingly, “he’s only been dressing like a woman for a few weeks, and already men are sending him flowers!”
Chad almost spit out his coffee. Men? What was Robin up to?
“Who is it honey?” one of the women asked before Chad could protest.
“Was it Derek?” another woman asked.
“It was from someone named Mel!” Robin threw into the mix.
“Mel?” yet another woman asked. “I don’t think I know anybody around here by that name. Does he work here?”
“Mel’s not a guy!” Chad protested. “She’s a woman!”
“A woman sent you flowers? Doesn’t sound right to me… Unless it was another guy like you are… Kind of a… what shall we say… pretend woman?”
“No, no, no!” Chad shook his head. “Mel’s a real woman. Genetically born… just like you.”
“Are you sure, honey? Cause sometimes it can be hard to tell these days.”
Chad said nothing. He just rolled his eyes and leaned back and took another sip of his coffee. Women! He knew they were all just teasing… but still, they could be such a pain!
“Hey,” another woman said, “I thought you were going to get some blue pantyhose for your outfit today.”
Chad wanted to throw what was left of his coffee at her. “No I didn’t say that. Robin wanted me to.”
“It’s nail day,” Robin added teasingly. “He and ‘Mel’ always get their nails done together after work on Friday.”
There was some smattering chuckling from some of the women. “You mean, Mel – the ‘maybe’ woman?” someone replied. The women were all so worked up now, that the whole table burst out laughing – except Chad.
“No. She’s not a ‘maybe’ woman. Geez! Her name is Melissa!”
“Honey, a name don’t mean nothin’! I just hope you checked under the covers… if you know what I mean.”
Chad’s eyes went wide. “Hey, trust me, she’s a real woman!”
“So you’ve had sex with her?”
This was really getting out of hand for Chad. Why did he come here in the first place? But how could he answer that question. The answer was both yes and no. But really, no he hadn’t actually had sex with her. “Well, not exactly,” he admitted.
“But you have seen her naked,” another woman asked teasingly.
“Um… Not really,” he admitted.
“Then you don’t really know do you? Honey, if I was you, I’d be findin’ out for sure!”
Robin smiled as everyone else laughed. This wasn’t exactly what she had in mind for teasing Chad… and she had only wanted to tease him a little bit. But women… well, they sometimes could get the strangest ideas, thinking they’re funny, and then run that idea into the ground. She actually felt a bit sorry for Chad… sort of. She spoke up, “Actually, the flowers he got were because his divorce was final today.”
“Oh! Sorry about that,” one of the women said far more contritely. “I forgot about that.”
Chad was surprised at how quickly the mood seemed to change around the table. He was suddenly mostly forgotten as woman after woman told tales of divorce’s that were either personal, or they knew about. And every woman listened raptly to every tale. Even Chad.

Mel rushed home after work. As usual, there wasn’t a lot of time before their nail appointments. Would he be ready? He’d better be! She really still wanted to kill him, but she held her anger – by Monday she would be feeling a lot better about things. But she had no doubt that he wouldn’t be! She had to be very careful about how she went about everything or he might realize that he had been hypnotized by Gloria. And Gloria had been right when she had said that it would undoubtedly make things almost impossible for her. So for now, she wouldn’t let him see any of the anger she felt towards him. Let him continue to think everything was just fine. And then later… wham!
She pulled into her parking space and practically ran up the stairs, heading for his apartment instead of hers. She had her key for his apartment out in her hand, but before she could get it into the lock, he opened the door from the inside.
“Hello Mistress,” he said with a smile on his face as he dipped into a better than usual curtsey.
She stood still for a moment and stared at him. Damn! She loved seeing him do that! There was just something about it that totally thrilled her down to her toes.
“I’m sorry I didn’t see you driving up, or I would have met you downstairs.”
Mel only barely heard him. The sight of him curtseying to her had thrown her totally off balance. And Cassie had been right, the outfit he had on looked cute on him. And blue hose wouldn’t look bad at all with it. She finally recovered her wits. “That’s okay, Sissy. I take it you’re ready to go?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he answered. He made a quick grab for his purse and diaper bag, then he was out the door, locking it behind him.
He was just too good! All the way down to the car, Mel had to keep reminding herself that this was the very person who had been deceiving her. She couldn’t trust anything about him! She said nothing as she drove to the nail salon, but occasionally she glanced at him with her peripheral vision. No, she couldn’t trust him, she reminded herself again. Not one bit!
“Mistress,” Chad began, breaking the silence, “I hate to ask, but…”
Before he even got the question out, Mel was tempted to tell him a big, firm… No!” But she held her silence.
He held out his fingers in front of him to look at his long claw-like nails as he continued with his question. “Is there any chance I could have these nails shortened a bit? They really make life difficult. I promise I won’t try to cut them myself anymore.” He looked over at her, pleadingly.
They made life difficult for him! They were supposed to make life difficult for him! That was why she had them put on him in the first place. She was so tempted to tell him no, but she had already talked to the nail technician and told her what she wanted for him for this week. Besides, having at least somewhat shorter nails would help with other things that she wanted to change… or improve on. But still, they did make life more difficult for him… probably a lot! “We’ll see, Sissy,” she said with a bit of a frustrated sigh. “We’ll see.”

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 5 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 5 of 10)

Mel took another bite of her salad and chewed, even though she wasn’t tasting anything she put into her mouth. Her mind was on other things instead – Chad, Gloria, Sissy, Robin, Chad, Cassie’s receptionist, Sissy, the women that Chad had been rude to by not curtseying for them, and again – Chad. What should she do about all of them… especially Sissy?
At the heart of all the problems was Chad – the deceiver! The one who had led her on, making her believe that he was really becoming more and more of what she thought he was. Acting like the perfect maid and servant. Perfect! To the point where she couldn’t see anything else but her own fantasies. And all the while he had been working against her… working at maintaining the very control that would win the bet for him.
Chad, Chad, Chad! Or rather Sissy, Sissy, Sissy! What she really wanted to do was to punish him like he’d never been punished before! He deserved it… the jerk! Thinking he could pull the wool over her eyes like that? Damn! He had almost really done it! But was it too late now to do anything about it? She hoped not. One thing was for sure, things would be much tougher now. And therefore, she would have to be tougher too!
He needed to be taught a lesson for what he had done. He needed to be put in his place! And that was another thing… he was a sissy! Hadn’t he himself had some idea of what a sissy’s place should be at the very beginning of all this? They had talked about it! It was one of the reasons she had been so drawn to writing the contract in the first place. Both of their fantasies… all in one! That was what this was all about! But lately, it seemed like he wasn’t acting the part like he should be… at least according to everything she had thought or read about on the subject… she wasn’t exactly an expert. But she did have some preconceived notions about it. And everything in her limited experience told her that he wasn’t behaving like he should. He suddenly seemed to be thinking way too much of himself and doing way too many things he shouldn’t! Not curtseying to the women at the gym? Not curtseying to the receptionist? What else had he been doing that wasn’t exactly right?
Well, maybe it was time to teach him a lesson. Time to teach him exactly where he stood in the pecking order of things. Time to do something he wouldn’t soon forget – if ever! But exactly what should she do? That was the question. She could picture in her mind exactly what she’d like to do with him… that would teach him a lesson for sure! Of course it would also get him, or more likely both of them arrested, so going that far with him was definitely out. But… but… but… maybe… maybe she could do something just a bit less – if she was careful. Something that would still get just as much of his attention and really teach him his place. And… and… and… it would definitely be an awful lot of fun! She giggled as her cell phone rang and she quickly dug it out of her purse.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie’s voice came through the receiver.
“Hi Cassie. What’s up?”
“I just wanted to talk to you a bit about Sissy.”
“What’s wrong? He wasn’t rude again, was he?”
“No, not really… well, not to me anyway. The only thing I wondered about was that he still won’t curtsey for our receptionist. But then I still don’t know where we stand on the issue of authority.”
“Cassie, I’ve just been thinking about that very thing, and let me put it this way. You have full and total authority over him… and so does your receptionist… and any other woman that’s there.”
“So if I think he should do something, then he should be doing it?”
“Definitely! I’ll spell it out more for you later, but basically, he has no rights at all! As far as I’m concerned, he’s lower than the lowliest snail on the planet!”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Well, that’s the concept anyway… I think. Just plan on him having to do whatever you tell him to… or he’ll be answering to me!”
“Ok Mel, if you say so. Sounds good to me. And I’m sure our receptionist will be interested too. Oh hey, Mel. What I really wanted to tell to you about though, was the way he reacted today to the toy I used up his backside. You should have seen him, he was like a wild animal with that thing! But Mel, I swear, his little penis didn’t grow at all. And I mean nothing. The damn thing is so small now I can’t even believe it!”
Mel laughed. “Thanks Cassie. That’s great to hear. At least something is going right.
“Yeah, no problem there! There was one other tiny little thing though, I hope you won’t mind.”
“What’s that?”
“Well… he didn’t have any fresh bottles with him, only empty ones. So he didn’t get anything to drink today. I asked him if he wanted me to fill one of them with water, but he said it would be ok if he didn’t have any today. He said something about you not letting him in this morning was the reason he didn’t have any full ones?”
“Yeah, I was having a bit of a hissy fit this morning. Sorry. But he didn’t want to drink anything?”
“Nope. Not at all. I guess I could have made him, but I still didn’t know where I stood with him. But hey, at least he did smell nice today, that was different. He was wearing a really nice perfume with that cute outfit.”
“Perfume? Yeah he does have some nice stuff. He just never bothers to wear it. I even borrowed it once myself.”
“No, he said Robin sprayed it on him.”
“Yeah, he also said she’s been after him all morning to buy some blue pantyhose to go with the outfit he had on too.”
“Blue pantyhose?” Mel tried to remember what he had worn today, but she couldn’t. Not at all.
“Hmmm,” Mel mused to herself for a moment. The Robin woman again! She was really beginning to hate her. But still… considering some of the new things she had in mind for Sissy… “Cassie, did he say he was going to get the hose?”
“No, he definitely wasn’t going to get them. He claimed they were too hard to get on because of his waist cincher. He also mentioned you had a nail appointment tonight and they’d only be in the way.”
“Yeah, that’s true. Still… Ok, thanks Cassie. I really appreciate it. I’ll get back to you later, ok?”
“Sure, Mel. Great.”
“Oh Cassie! I just thought of something. Those two women… the ones he wouldn’t curtsey for… do you know if they’ll be at the gym tomorrow?”
“Probably not. I only see them on weekday mornings.”
“How about your receptionist?”
“No she only works during the week too.”
Mel was a bit disappointed. She’d have to come up with another idea. But what? “Ok. Thanks Cassie. I’ll talk to you later.”
Mel hung up her phone and nearly threw it into her purse. Damn! Now she had even more to think about than before. Chad wouldn’t take the bottle he was supposed to… and the damn Robin woman again! What was she up to?
Well, one way or another, Chad was going to get what he deserved. He was going to get put in his place and welded there. He was going to get taught a lesson he’d never forget. The only question was… how?

Chad felt happy and proud as he sat down at his desk. Proud because he had stood up to the receptionist at lunch again today and had won, and happy because not having to drink the bottle of Mel’s lousy tea during lunch meant that he would have even less liquids in his system all afternoon and he could probably do a lot better at holding back today.
He heard Robin talking on the phone in her cubicle. She would probably be getting right to work and wouldn’t bother him. He opened up the spreadsheet that he used for tracking his progress on the bet and scrolled down to the empty space next to yesterday’s date. He filled in twenty-eight minutes. A two minute improvement over the day before! Progress! Slow, but definitely good progress. Without having the extra bottle in his system today, he was sure he could get up over thirty minutes today. That would be a major milestone for sure.
He stared at the sheet. Still thirty five days to go before the testing would begin. A very long time. Time for Mel to humiliate and destroy him so much more. But really, what more could she possibly do to him than what she had already done? Spank him a few times? Twenty-eight minutes! And he would only get better with time. The way things were going now, there was no way he could ever lose.
He stared at his list of reasons for winning the bet. The first three items, self-respect, friends, and a life meant the most to him. But now his gaze ran over the list of other things on the list – a pool table, a new TV, stereo… He could almost see them in his apartment. They would be the things that would get him his self-respect and friends back… and consequently, his life! He could use them to gloat over when showing them off to everyone… proving that he had done all these humiliating things for a good reason. He would be accepted again by all the guys. He would be admired by them. Oh… they still might think he was strange and what he had done was stupid, but they’d come around in the end. He could definitely see it all now… Twenty-eight minutes… No way Mel could win…
He thought of something else. All those things in his apartment. For it to really impress everyone, it had to look good. It had to look really great. It had to look really impressive! He wasn’t exactly an expert at picking great furniture and stuff like that. Maybe he needed help with the design. But who? The first choice that came to mind was Sandy – in fact, she was the only one who came to mind that might help him. But Sandy was firmly in Mel’s camp. She was even going overboard to help Mel in any way that she could.
Still… he needed help. And Sandy was a really, really good designer. Would she help him? He’d have to think about that.
He closed his spreadsheet before anyone could see it. The flowers that had been delivered earlier caught his eye. They really were beautiful. So much color! No one was looking. He leaned over and smelled them. So nice! He took another big breath, his whole cubicle smelled of them. No wonder women loved getting them so much. For a guy, well… it was usually mostly embarrassing, although he did know of a lot of instances where guys did receive flowers. It just wasn’t the usual macho thing to do.
Mel had thrown him out last night. She had seemed to be more than angry. He didn’t know why. Then this morning she had slammed the door in his face. She had still seemed to be angry. Now she had sent him flowers! He supposed it was her way of apologizing – even though the note only mentioned that they were because of his divorce. Well, since she had only mentioned the divorce, he could play that game too. He opened up a fresh email to Mel, breathed in the heady fragrance from the flowers – mixed with the perfume that Robin had sprayed on him earlier, and began a thank you email to Mel.

“Hey Mel. It’s Gloria.”
“Hi Gloria. I hadn’t expected to talk to you so soon.”
“Yeah, well, I was just wondering if there’s any chance you would let me hypnotize Chad again – just so that I can talk to him. Nothing else!”
Mel thought about that for a minute. “Um… Sure. I’d kind of like some more answers too.”
“But that’s just the thing, Mel. I want to do it without you there.”
Mel was shocked. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want anything to possibly distract him while I’m working with him. You almost woke him up last night. He was on the brink of opening his eyes.”
“But I won’t! I promise! And if you find out that he really does want to be incontinent… like we all know that he does… then you can start working on the suggestions again.”
“No Mel!” Gloria’s voice clearly showed her frustration. “That’s just it! I don’t want that pressure from you. I just have to know if what I did was right or not!”
“Of course it was right, Gloria,” Mel argued. “You know that!”
“No I don’t! Oh, forget it, Mel. Forget I even called and asked!”
Mel immediately found herself listening to an empty connection. Gloria, perhaps her best friend in the world, had hung up on her! Mel leaned back in her chair to think. Gloria still wanted more answers… so did she! Gloria wanted to hypnotize him again. She wanted him hypnotized again. But Gloria didn’t want to plant any more suggestions into him. Gloria didn’t want her around at all when she did it. A startling thought struck her… Would Gloria remove all the other suggestions she had already put into him? The ones that had definitely stuck? Damn! The way things sounded, it was a very good possibility! That would make things almost impossible for her to win this bet!
Mel wasn’t sure about a lot of things, but one thing she was sure of – she wasn’t going to ever let Gloria get her hands on Chad without her being there!

Mel’s office door was open when Andrea approached with a thin file folder in her hands. She could see Mel working at her computer. She knocked politely before entering. Mel looked up. “Here’s the papers for the Strider case. If you sign them now, then I can take them with me when I run to the clerk’s office this afternoon.”
Mel nodded. “Good idea.” She took the folder from Andrea, opened it, briefly glanced through the paper on top, and signed it. “Thanks Andrea,” she said as she closed the folder again and handed it back to her.
“No problem,” Andrea replied. But she didn’t leave right away. “By the way, did you ever get your problems with Chad sorted out?”
Mel sighed dejectedly as she leaned back in her chair. “No. And now it seems like things are worse than ever.”
“Uh, oh! That bad huh?”
“Yeah. Definitely that bad.”
But Andrea was totally interested in the situation. Too interested to leave. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of Mel’s desk. “So tell me about it.”
Mel was slightly amused at Andrea’s infatuated interest in Chad, but really, she couldn’t blame her. So she brought her up to the latest, ending with what she’d really like to do to him right away.
Andrea laughed. “Now that would be something I’d love to see.”
Mel smiled. “Me too. Unfortunately, the women most involved are only there on weekdays, and Chad has to work.”
“Doesn’t he get any day’s off?”
Mel stared at her friend almost blankly, then a smile spread across her face. “You’re so right! That’s another bunch of flowers I owe you!”