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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 10 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 10 of 10)

Chad finished transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer – all the while becoming more and more upset over not peeing yet. He didn’t want to get beat again! He had to pee! Why couldn’t he pee? His desperation grew as he checked the clock. Only one minute left! Please, body… pee! But it didn’t happen.
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Have you peed yet?” Mel’s voice called from the living room.
Chad dropped the best curtsey he could, hoping that maybe she wouldn’t beat him this time. “No, Mistress. I’m trying… I really am! But I just can’t do it yet.”
“Then get over here for more incentive!” Mel ordered.
Chad started walking to his designated punishment spot, all the while watching Mel as she picked up her yardstick again. The tears started flowing as he got about halfway there. The tears started and so did his blubbering and pleading. “Please, Mistress. Don’t hit me again. Please, please, please!” he wailed. He stopped in his tracks, still well short of the designated spot.
“Get your ass over here!” Mel demanded angrily. “If I have to come to you it’s going to be twice as bad!”
But Chad was too afraid. His tears increased dramatically. “Please, Mistress,” he pleaded once again from where he still stood.
Mel angrily raised her yardstick and started hurrying toward him. Chad saw her action and got even more scared. He scurried quickly into place and put his hands on his head. He turned his head to look at her, but she was already swinging – hard!
“Ah!” he cried out at the pain. He wanted to run, but it would do no good. There was really no place to run to.
“I’m waiting!” Mel demanded.
Slowly, Chad removed his hands from his head and dropped the best curtsey he could under the circumstances. He thanked her for hitting him, although what came out was almost unintelligible through is crying. His hands went back to his head and the beating continued. Again she hit him… and again he thanked her. Again she hit him… and again he thanked her. And again she hit him… but the moment the pain from her yardstick registered again, so did something else – he was peeing! Right there and then! And it felt wonderful.
In shock he turned to her, his eyes wide with wonderment. “I’m peeing!” he declared, not really believing it himself.
Mel stopped what she was doing for a moment and watched him. He really was peeing into the stupid bottle attached to his penis. She watched for a moment, then collected herself. “I’m still waiting for your curtsey! You know that peeing is not an excuse to stop anything that you’re doing!” Chad dropped yet another curtsey as he continued peeing. “Hands on your head, Sissy! We’re not done yet,” Mel ordered. Once again, she continued where she had left off.
Chad couldn’t believe it. She was still hitting him, even though he had just peed. The ridiculous bottle was hanging heavily from the front of him. But having no choice, Chad continued to keep his hands on his head each time she hit him, followed by the best curtsey he could manage as he thanked her. Ten full strokes for not making it on time, followed by two more for being late.
When she was done, Mel again ordered him into the bathroom where she emptied the bottle and again reattached it to him. “My stick is obviously working!” she declared. “You’ve got another eighteen minutes now. Maybe this time you’ll make it.”
Chad was still sniffling as he shuffled back out of the bathroom. His backside hurt terribly. It was all he could do to keep from touching it, because just touching it hurt. And now he had to go through it all again! Ugh! He reluctantly picked up his bottle and started drinking, but slowly. He was so full of liquids now that drinking was becoming more and more difficult.
The dryer was still running but he didn’t feel much like putting another load in the washer. He didn’t feel like doing anything – except going home. But he couldn’t go there… yet. Mel was back to work on whatever it was that she was working on. She wasn’t really paying much attention to him. He wandered into the bathroom where she couldn’t see him as well and pretended to clean it. He was too sore to do any actual work.
As he half-heartedly wiped down the counter, over and over again, he tried to concentrate on peeing, but it was becoming more and more difficult. He was getting too tired. His mind began wandering, feeling more and more sorry for himself.
And then it happened… more suddenly than he ever expected… more shocking than when Mel had yelled out her countdown… he was peeing! Before the time was up! He felt totally elated. He rushed out of the bathroom before he even finished, excitedly looking for Mel. Unfortunately, he got into the living room a little too fast. He had to stand there and wait for his peeing to end before he could drop into a curtsey and proudly announce that he had just finished peeing.
Mel looked up and actually smiled. “It’s about time! See, all you needed was a little persuasion.” Chad was praying that she would stop her game now and rediaper him again, but unfortunately, Mel had other ideas. “Is the dryer finished yet?” she asked.
“Not quite,” he replied.
“Then we’ll keep at this for a while. Once again Mel emptied the bottle and pushed it back in place again. “You’ve got another twenty minutes now. Don’t screw it up!”
Chad hated this game. Probably more than anything! But he was stuck playing. Once again he picked up his bottle and began sipping on it. Again he stayed mostly in the bathroom. After a little while, he began turning the water in the sink on and off, over and over again, hoping that it would help make him pee. But it didn’t. Shortly before his twenty minutes were up, he heard the dryer going off. He wandered back out to start taking the clothes out of it. He knew his time was running out, but there didn’t seem to be much that he could do about it. He bent over and pulled clothes out, and folded them, over and over again. And then, remarkably, he started peeing again. Once again he raced into the living room so that he could tell Mel as soon as possible. She was looking at him, but he wasn’t finished peeing yet. He glanced at the clock… less than a minute. Come on… finish! Finish! Finish! The clock ticked away the final minute while the last of the pee was still coming out of him. Before Mel could yell “Time’s up!” he dropped into a curtsey and announced that he had finished peeing.
He looked at Mel. She suddenly burst into laughter. “You’re about two seconds too late!” she declared. “But don’t worry. I won’t punish you for it this time. We’ll call it close enough.”
Chad felt nothing but relief.
Then Mel amended her decision. “We’ll call it close enough, that is… if you can keep peeing like that! Otherwise…”
Chad couldn’t believe it. Was she going to keep playing this game? Obviously!
“Are you finished with the clothes from the dryer yet?” she asked.
“Almost, Mistress,” he replied.
She looked at the mostly full bottle that was obscenely hanging from him. “Can you finish them without spilling any of that?”
Chad looked down at the bottle. “I think so,” he replied.
“Then get to it!”
Chad carefully went back to his chore of folding clothes as he took them out of the dryer. He had to be extra careful now so as not to let any of the contents of the bottle spill. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t all that hard either.
Mel got up from her chair and went into her bedroom to get things ready again. Since her bed was already protected, there wasn’t really much she had to do. She went back out to watch him finishing his work. When he was all done, she took him into the bathroom and removed the bottle again. But this time she didn’t replace it. “Back to my bedroom,” she told him. “I’ve got your diapers in there.”
Chad hurried back to her bedroom and laid down on her bed again. The moment he laid down he felt the burning sting of his backside where she had beat him. He wanted to scream it hurt so bad. He half expected her to bind him again, but she didn’t. Instead she had him turn over so that she could smooth baby lotion all over his bright red and raw behind. He jumped the moment the cold lotion touched his skin. He had to force himself to stay still as Mel’s hands gently tried to smooth the lotion all over him. The pain of her touch on that area was almost more than he could stand. When she was done, he rolled over and she began pulling up two of his super thick cloth diapers. Encasing his stinging aching back side, and his tiny chastity covered front side in super thick, soft protective cloth.
And just as Mel was about to put the first of the oversized diaper pins through the thick material, Chad got another shock. He was peeing again! Already! And he didn’t hardly realize that he was going to. “Aaaa!” he cried out in surprise.
Mel was trying to push the diaper pin through the thick material when she heard Chad’s small scream of surprise. And at almost the same time, the cloth in her hands started to get wet! She burst out laughing again. “You’re peeing! Good baby,” she crooned and went back to her task of fastening the now wet diapers.
Chad felt foolish. Worse, he was already starting the night off with wet diapers. Not that he really minded that much. He loved wetting his diapers, and wet diapers felt great! Usually anyway.
Mel pulled a pair of oversized plastic panties onto him and finally pronounced him ready. “Have you finished that last bottle yet?” she asked.
“Not yet,” he replied.
“Then go finish it.”
Ugh! Chad figured he had already had enough bottles tonight to last him a lifetime. But he dutifully went back out to where he had left his bottle of water and started drinking it again. Fortunately, there wasn’t much left in it.
Mel watched him as he finished his baby bottle. It was one of those ridiculous sights that made her smile. He looked so stupid drinking from it… and consequently, she got so turned on watching him. But she wasn’t in the mood to get into that kind of fun and games tonight. When he finally finished, she walked back to his apartment with him. She dressed him in one of his baby print onesies, and let him lay down on his blow-up mattress. She helped pull the covers over him and placed his pacifier on the floor next to him. She left him there for a few minutes while she went to his refrigerator to get his nighttime bottles for him.
While Chad waited for Mel to come back, he mused over his evening. What had gotten into her tonight? He was afraid to ask. His still stinging bottom made him afraid to ask. It did feel good though to be rid of those darn breast forms – if even for just one night. It was so much more comfortable without them. Now if only his sore bottom would stop hurting.
When Mel came back, Chad was aghast to see her carrying four baby bottles instead of his usual two. “Four! It’s too much,” he protested.
“Tough!” she replied. “I’ll be back late tonight, probably while you’re sleeping. I better see all four bottles finished by then.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. Four more bottles! Just thinking about drinking that much was making him sick. He picked up the first one and put it to his mouth. Then he watched as Mel headed for the doorway.
Mel paused just before she turned out the light. “Goodnight, Baby. Sleep tight.”

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