Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 5 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 5 of 10)

Mel took another bite of her salad and chewed, even though she wasn’t tasting anything she put into her mouth. Her mind was on other things instead – Chad, Gloria, Sissy, Robin, Chad, Cassie’s receptionist, Sissy, the women that Chad had been rude to by not curtseying for them, and again – Chad. What should she do about all of them… especially Sissy?
At the heart of all the problems was Chad – the deceiver! The one who had led her on, making her believe that he was really becoming more and more of what she thought he was. Acting like the perfect maid and servant. Perfect! To the point where she couldn’t see anything else but her own fantasies. And all the while he had been working against her… working at maintaining the very control that would win the bet for him.
Chad, Chad, Chad! Or rather Sissy, Sissy, Sissy! What she really wanted to do was to punish him like he’d never been punished before! He deserved it… the jerk! Thinking he could pull the wool over her eyes like that? Damn! He had almost really done it! But was it too late now to do anything about it? She hoped not. One thing was for sure, things would be much tougher now. And therefore, she would have to be tougher too!
He needed to be taught a lesson for what he had done. He needed to be put in his place! And that was another thing… he was a sissy! Hadn’t he himself had some idea of what a sissy’s place should be at the very beginning of all this? They had talked about it! It was one of the reasons she had been so drawn to writing the contract in the first place. Both of their fantasies… all in one! That was what this was all about! But lately, it seemed like he wasn’t acting the part like he should be… at least according to everything she had thought or read about on the subject… she wasn’t exactly an expert. But she did have some preconceived notions about it. And everything in her limited experience told her that he wasn’t behaving like he should. He suddenly seemed to be thinking way too much of himself and doing way too many things he shouldn’t! Not curtseying to the women at the gym? Not curtseying to the receptionist? What else had he been doing that wasn’t exactly right?
Well, maybe it was time to teach him a lesson. Time to teach him exactly where he stood in the pecking order of things. Time to do something he wouldn’t soon forget – if ever! But exactly what should she do? That was the question. She could picture in her mind exactly what she’d like to do with him… that would teach him a lesson for sure! Of course it would also get him, or more likely both of them arrested, so going that far with him was definitely out. But… but… but… maybe… maybe she could do something just a bit less – if she was careful. Something that would still get just as much of his attention and really teach him his place. And… and… and… it would definitely be an awful lot of fun! She giggled as her cell phone rang and she quickly dug it out of her purse.
“Hi Mel,” Cassie’s voice came through the receiver.
“Hi Cassie. What’s up?”
“I just wanted to talk to you a bit about Sissy.”
“What’s wrong? He wasn’t rude again, was he?”
“No, not really… well, not to me anyway. The only thing I wondered about was that he still won’t curtsey for our receptionist. But then I still don’t know where we stand on the issue of authority.”
“Cassie, I’ve just been thinking about that very thing, and let me put it this way. You have full and total authority over him… and so does your receptionist… and any other woman that’s there.”
“So if I think he should do something, then he should be doing it?”
“Definitely! I’ll spell it out more for you later, but basically, he has no rights at all! As far as I’m concerned, he’s lower than the lowliest snail on the planet!”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Well, that’s the concept anyway… I think. Just plan on him having to do whatever you tell him to… or he’ll be answering to me!”
“Ok Mel, if you say so. Sounds good to me. And I’m sure our receptionist will be interested too. Oh hey, Mel. What I really wanted to tell to you about though, was the way he reacted today to the toy I used up his backside. You should have seen him, he was like a wild animal with that thing! But Mel, I swear, his little penis didn’t grow at all. And I mean nothing. The damn thing is so small now I can’t even believe it!”
Mel laughed. “Thanks Cassie. That’s great to hear. At least something is going right.
“Yeah, no problem there! There was one other tiny little thing though, I hope you won’t mind.”
“What’s that?”
“Well… he didn’t have any fresh bottles with him, only empty ones. So he didn’t get anything to drink today. I asked him if he wanted me to fill one of them with water, but he said it would be ok if he didn’t have any today. He said something about you not letting him in this morning was the reason he didn’t have any full ones?”
“Yeah, I was having a bit of a hissy fit this morning. Sorry. But he didn’t want to drink anything?”
“Nope. Not at all. I guess I could have made him, but I still didn’t know where I stood with him. But hey, at least he did smell nice today, that was different. He was wearing a really nice perfume with that cute outfit.”
“Perfume? Yeah he does have some nice stuff. He just never bothers to wear it. I even borrowed it once myself.”
“No, he said Robin sprayed it on him.”
“Yeah, he also said she’s been after him all morning to buy some blue pantyhose to go with the outfit he had on too.”
“Blue pantyhose?” Mel tried to remember what he had worn today, but she couldn’t. Not at all.
“Hmmm,” Mel mused to herself for a moment. The Robin woman again! She was really beginning to hate her. But still… considering some of the new things she had in mind for Sissy… “Cassie, did he say he was going to get the hose?”
“No, he definitely wasn’t going to get them. He claimed they were too hard to get on because of his waist cincher. He also mentioned you had a nail appointment tonight and they’d only be in the way.”
“Yeah, that’s true. Still… Ok, thanks Cassie. I really appreciate it. I’ll get back to you later, ok?”
“Sure, Mel. Great.”
“Oh Cassie! I just thought of something. Those two women… the ones he wouldn’t curtsey for… do you know if they’ll be at the gym tomorrow?”
“Probably not. I only see them on weekday mornings.”
“How about your receptionist?”
“No she only works during the week too.”
Mel was a bit disappointed. She’d have to come up with another idea. But what? “Ok. Thanks Cassie. I’ll talk to you later.”
Mel hung up her phone and nearly threw it into her purse. Damn! Now she had even more to think about than before. Chad wouldn’t take the bottle he was supposed to… and the damn Robin woman again! What was she up to?
Well, one way or another, Chad was going to get what he deserved. He was going to get put in his place and welded there. He was going to get taught a lesson he’d never forget. The only question was… how?

Chad felt happy and proud as he sat down at his desk. Proud because he had stood up to the receptionist at lunch again today and had won, and happy because not having to drink the bottle of Mel’s lousy tea during lunch meant that he would have even less liquids in his system all afternoon and he could probably do a lot better at holding back today.
He heard Robin talking on the phone in her cubicle. She would probably be getting right to work and wouldn’t bother him. He opened up the spreadsheet that he used for tracking his progress on the bet and scrolled down to the empty space next to yesterday’s date. He filled in twenty-eight minutes. A two minute improvement over the day before! Progress! Slow, but definitely good progress. Without having the extra bottle in his system today, he was sure he could get up over thirty minutes today. That would be a major milestone for sure.
He stared at the sheet. Still thirty five days to go before the testing would begin. A very long time. Time for Mel to humiliate and destroy him so much more. But really, what more could she possibly do to him than what she had already done? Spank him a few times? Twenty-eight minutes! And he would only get better with time. The way things were going now, there was no way he could ever lose.
He stared at his list of reasons for winning the bet. The first three items, self-respect, friends, and a life meant the most to him. But now his gaze ran over the list of other things on the list – a pool table, a new TV, stereo… He could almost see them in his apartment. They would be the things that would get him his self-respect and friends back… and consequently, his life! He could use them to gloat over when showing them off to everyone… proving that he had done all these humiliating things for a good reason. He would be accepted again by all the guys. He would be admired by them. Oh… they still might think he was strange and what he had done was stupid, but they’d come around in the end. He could definitely see it all now… Twenty-eight minutes… No way Mel could win…
He thought of something else. All those things in his apartment. For it to really impress everyone, it had to look good. It had to look really great. It had to look really impressive! He wasn’t exactly an expert at picking great furniture and stuff like that. Maybe he needed help with the design. But who? The first choice that came to mind was Sandy – in fact, she was the only one who came to mind that might help him. But Sandy was firmly in Mel’s camp. She was even going overboard to help Mel in any way that she could.
Still… he needed help. And Sandy was a really, really good designer. Would she help him? He’d have to think about that.
He closed his spreadsheet before anyone could see it. The flowers that had been delivered earlier caught his eye. They really were beautiful. So much color! No one was looking. He leaned over and smelled them. So nice! He took another big breath, his whole cubicle smelled of them. No wonder women loved getting them so much. For a guy, well… it was usually mostly embarrassing, although he did know of a lot of instances where guys did receive flowers. It just wasn’t the usual macho thing to do.
Mel had thrown him out last night. She had seemed to be more than angry. He didn’t know why. Then this morning she had slammed the door in his face. She had still seemed to be angry. Now she had sent him flowers! He supposed it was her way of apologizing – even though the note only mentioned that they were because of his divorce. Well, since she had only mentioned the divorce, he could play that game too. He opened up a fresh email to Mel, breathed in the heady fragrance from the flowers – mixed with the perfume that Robin had sprayed on him earlier, and began a thank you email to Mel.

“Hey Mel. It’s Gloria.”
“Hi Gloria. I hadn’t expected to talk to you so soon.”
“Yeah, well, I was just wondering if there’s any chance you would let me hypnotize Chad again – just so that I can talk to him. Nothing else!”
Mel thought about that for a minute. “Um… Sure. I’d kind of like some more answers too.”
“But that’s just the thing, Mel. I want to do it without you there.”
Mel was shocked. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want anything to possibly distract him while I’m working with him. You almost woke him up last night. He was on the brink of opening his eyes.”
“But I won’t! I promise! And if you find out that he really does want to be incontinent… like we all know that he does… then you can start working on the suggestions again.”
“No Mel!” Gloria’s voice clearly showed her frustration. “That’s just it! I don’t want that pressure from you. I just have to know if what I did was right or not!”
“Of course it was right, Gloria,” Mel argued. “You know that!”
“No I don’t! Oh, forget it, Mel. Forget I even called and asked!”
Mel immediately found herself listening to an empty connection. Gloria, perhaps her best friend in the world, had hung up on her! Mel leaned back in her chair to think. Gloria still wanted more answers… so did she! Gloria wanted to hypnotize him again. She wanted him hypnotized again. But Gloria didn’t want to plant any more suggestions into him. Gloria didn’t want her around at all when she did it. A startling thought struck her… Would Gloria remove all the other suggestions she had already put into him? The ones that had definitely stuck? Damn! The way things sounded, it was a very good possibility! That would make things almost impossible for her to win this bet!
Mel wasn’t sure about a lot of things, but one thing she was sure of – she wasn’t going to ever let Gloria get her hands on Chad without her being there!

Mel’s office door was open when Andrea approached with a thin file folder in her hands. She could see Mel working at her computer. She knocked politely before entering. Mel looked up. “Here’s the papers for the Strider case. If you sign them now, then I can take them with me when I run to the clerk’s office this afternoon.”
Mel nodded. “Good idea.” She took the folder from Andrea, opened it, briefly glanced through the paper on top, and signed it. “Thanks Andrea,” she said as she closed the folder again and handed it back to her.
“No problem,” Andrea replied. But she didn’t leave right away. “By the way, did you ever get your problems with Chad sorted out?”
Mel sighed dejectedly as she leaned back in her chair. “No. And now it seems like things are worse than ever.”
“Uh, oh! That bad huh?”
“Yeah. Definitely that bad.”
But Andrea was totally interested in the situation. Too interested to leave. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of Mel’s desk. “So tell me about it.”
Mel was slightly amused at Andrea’s infatuated interest in Chad, but really, she couldn’t blame her. So she brought her up to the latest, ending with what she’d really like to do to him right away.
Andrea laughed. “Now that would be something I’d love to see.”
Mel smiled. “Me too. Unfortunately, the women most involved are only there on weekdays, and Chad has to work.”
“Doesn’t he get any day’s off?”
Mel stared at her friend almost blankly, then a smile spread across her face. “You’re so right! That’s another bunch of flowers I owe you!”


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