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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 9 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 9 of 10)

Chad was still in the kitchen, furiously trying to drink the contents of his bottle, when Mel found him again. “Don’t just stand there doing nothing,” she ordered, “there’s work to be done. Remember, your peeing has nothing at all to do with anything else that you’re doing. Just don’t forget to tell me every time you’ve finished peeing. Now get busy!”
Chad hurried from the kitchen out to the living room. But what work needed to be done? He glanced back at the kitchen – no problems there… not really anyway. His gaze landed on her laundry closet. The wash! There were things in her washer and dryer that had been there for days now! They needed to be done… or more likely redone now. He hurried over to her washer and checked it. Then he started that load of laundry all over again.
Mel sat back in one of her comfortable living room chairs and watched him closely as he messed with the laundry. She had her yardstick out and was playing with it in her hands. Oh, she was looking forward to this! She glanced at the clock. “Two minutes to go!” she called out. “Have you peed yet?”
“No, Mistress,” Chad called back. “Not yet.”
“Curtsey when you answer me, Sissy!”
Chad quickly stopped what he was doing and dropped a curtsey toward Mel. “No Mistress,” he repeated. “I haven’t peed yet… but I’m trying!”
“You better do more than try, Sissy! One minute to go!”
The panic in Chad doubled. One minute… and he still wasn’t feeling the need! He went back to sorting the clothes with one hand… while he frantically tried to drink his bottle with the other hand… while he kept trying desperately to pee! And then he heard Mel counting down the last few seconds. Why did she have to sound so evil when she did it?
“Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five…” Mel got out of her chair so she could see him better. “Four… three… two… one! Have you peed yet, Sissy?”
Chad felt a ton fear running through him. He dropped a quick curtsey toward her as he answered. “Not yet, Mistress.”
“Then get over here and prepare yourself for your first beating!”
“But Mistress,” Chad protested, “you always wait to see how much longer it takes me to pee!”
“I’m changing the rules. You’ll get beat for each of those minutes too – after you manage to pee. But now you obviously need some extra incentive to help you along. So get over here!”
Chad walked over to the area of her living room where she usually punished him with her stick… but he didn’t move very quickly. He noticed that her heavy yardstick was already in her hands – ready to go. She was watching him very carefully as he got into place. Was that anticipation in her eyes? Did she look angry at him?
“Put your hands on your head and don’t let them get in the way!” she ordered.
Knowing what was about to happen, Chad fearfully put his hands on his head and tried to mentally brace himself. But before he even knew what was happening, Mel was swinging her yardstick with both hands – like a baseball bat! Swish – Whap! “Ow!” he screamed as the sudden intense pain rocketed through him. He threw his hands to his backside to rub it against the stinging pain.
“Now curtsey and thank me!” Mel ordered.
Chad saw her stick raised, ready to hit him again. He fearfully dropped a curtsey as he said, “Thank you, Mistress.”
“Hands on your head!”
Not again! Panic filled his entire soul as he slowly put his hands on his head and turned so she could swat him – again. Again her stick lashed out with everything she had. And again he cried out in pain.
“Now thank me!” she ordered.
As before, Chad dropped his curtsey and thanked her, but he really wanted to just rub his sore behind and dance around in pain.
“Hands on your head!”
Not again! How many blows was she going to give him? Fearfully, he again assumed his position… and again she swung as hard as she could, and again, and again, and again. Each time, he had to curtsey in between and thank her. He counted twelve blows before she finished. Twelve very hard, mind numbing, stinging blows. His backside felt like hamburger.
“There’ll be one more for each minute past your deadline,” she reminded him, sounding all too happy about it. “So this was just a warm up.”
A warm up? How could she call that a warm up? It was terrible. He really hurt! It was a miracle that he wasn’t bawling like a baby already! He was awfully close as it was.
“Now get back to work!”
Chad hurried back to where he had been working on the laundry. He immediately grabbed his baby bottle and started drinking furiously again. The nipple felt cool and comforting in his mouth. Sucking on it immediately helped him to calm down as his free hand gingerly rubbed his sore backside. The bottle finished and started sucking air. Mentally cursing, he hurried to the kitchen to get another one.
It was another five minutes before he was able to pee. A wonderful sensation! Yet he knew the punishment that awaited him for his previous failure. Why had Mel only decided on giving him ten minutes to start? Was it because he hadn’t peed since they had been in the car? Please, next time, make it longer! As the pee finally finished coming out of him, the bottle felt heavy and very awkward hanging from the front of him – despite the fact that it was tied around his waist.
“I’ve just finished peeing,” he declared quickly so that Mel could hear it. Drat! He had forgotten to curtsey. Had Mel noticed? She had been looking down at her work.
“It’s about time!” Mel replied as she glanced at the clock. She quickly got up and walked over to where he had been working. “Why did you stop? Did I tell you to stop working?” she asked, sounding very threatening.
Chad quickly went back to sorting clothes with one hand while drinking his bottle with his other. What was with her tonight? Damn she was being unreasonable!
Mel watched him for a few moments before she finally had enough. “Okay, let’s empty that bottle.” Chad gratefully stopped working and put the bottle he had been drinking down on top of the dryer. The bottle attached to his front side was mostly full and it banged against his legs when he turned. He was afraid it might spill, but there wasn’t much he could do about it other than to move carefully. He followed Mel into the bathroom where she untied the bottle and pulled it – almost painfully – off of him. She quickly emptied it into the toilet, then before he knew it, she was pushing it back onto him again – none too gently.
“You’ve got seventeen out of your twenty minutes left now to pee again. Don’t disappoint me!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied as he dropped a small curtsey. Seventeen minutes left. Could he make it? He could only hope so.
“Now get back out there and get ready for your punishment again!”
The words themselves made his stomach feel sick. Again? But he knew before that it was coming. He didn’t really move slowly, but he didn’t exactly run either – back out to where she usually punished him. With only a look from her, he placed his hands on top of his head and prepared himself. The blow came all too quickly and was all too painful – yet perhaps not as painful as before.
“Thank you, Mistress,” he intoned as he dropped a curtsey to her before putting his hands back on his head again.
Nine blows. Nine curtseys. Nine minutes too long. There were tears running down his cheeks before she got to the third blow. Each thank you sounded more and more like incomprehensible blubbering… but he couldn’t help it. As the blows continued, he began yearning for his pacifier – not his bottle – he’d already had enough of that. But his pacifier would bring him comfort. Pity, it was stuck somewhere in his purse.
When she finally finished, she leaned her yardstick up against the corner where she could get to it easily. “You’ve only got thirteen minutes left. My yardstick is waiting. Now get back to work!”
Thirteen minutes! He hurried back out to the laundry, grabbed his baby bottle full of tea, and started drinking again while he finished sorting the clothes. He was quickly becoming all too tired of drinking tea. He’d already had way too many with dinner and now he was on his second bottle here. All that tea was building up in his system and was starting to make him sick. But the thought of what Mel’s yardstick would do to him if he didn’t find a way to keep peeing – and quickly – kept him at it.
Having nothing left that he could do with the laundry while the machines were running, he went into the kitchen to wipe things down again. All the while he feverishly concentrated on trying to pee. As he watched the clock ticking down closer and closer to his deadline, he tried harder and harder. But to no avail.
“Three… two… one! Have you peed yet?”
Chad dropped a polite curtsey to Mel as he admitted that he hadn’t. What he didn’t understand was why Mel looked positively delighted at his failure.
“Get over here then,” Mel ordered as she again grabbed her yardstick.
Once again Chad had to go through the painful lesson that was supposed to give him incentive for learning to pee sooner. This time it was only ten strokes, and he cried through each and every one. When she was done, just touching his backside brought him more pain. He didn’t want to think about how bad things might get later if he didn’t start peeing quicker. He hurried back into her kitchen to rewipe her already spotless countertops.
He finished his bottle shortly after he got back to the kitchen. He quickly reached into the refrigerator for a fresh one… and stopped. He just didn’t want any more tea? Would Mel let him have water instead? He rushed out to the living room to ask. “Excuse me, Mistress.”
Mel looked up from what she was working on. “You’ve peed?” she asked.
“No, Mistress.”
“Then why are you bothering me?” she asked angrily.
“May I have water instead of tea?”
“I don’t care! Whatever you need to do to pee sooner! Now let me work!”
Chad rushed back into the kitchen and refilled his bottle with water from the sink this time. The different taste was almost a pleasure in his mouth. He had still drunk way too much already, but at least the water was now something better.
Only a few minutes later, Chad felt the urge to pee building. He tried everything he could to get it out as soon as possible and was rewarded by almost filling the bottle again. “I’ve just finished peeing, Mistress,” he said, forgetting to curtsey again.
Mel looked up from what she was working on and almost smiled. “It’s about time!” She glanced at the clock. “Only seven minutes too long. I guess my stick is already beating down the time. Okay, into the bathroom. Let’s get that bottle changed.”
Once again they went through the ritual of changing the bottle, followed by her beating him with her stick. This time, Chad was dreading her punishment so much that the tears were flowing from his eyes before her first swing.
“Sixteen minutes, Sissy. That’s all you’ve got left before I beat you again. Now get busy and make good use of that time!”
Chad was still crying as he grabbed his bottle of water out of the kitchen. He carried it back to where he checked on the laundry. Sucking on the water from the bottle felt good. The water was cool and wet, and the bottle was comforting to suck on. He didn’t care why he liked it, he just did. And his distress was so great that he didn’t want to stop sucking on it. He barely paid any attention to any of the tasks that he was only sort-of doing. All his attention was focused on trying to pee. After all the pain he had just received, and the certain threat of much more to come, there wasn’t room in his mind for anything else.
Mel reread what she had typed into her laptop for the umpteenth time. She hadn’t typed very much, so it didn’t exactly take her very long. What she was typing wasn’t exactly a contract. It wasn’t a list of rules either… not exactly. In fact, she didn’t quite know what to call it. Not that it mattered – yet. What she was really trying to do, was to define for herself… and probably him… and probably everyone else that mattered too, just how she wanted him to behave – at all times! Her little project wasn’t coming easy. She had only written the few things she had already thought of earlier in the day, but not much new was coming to her.
Frustrated, she closed her laptop and turned on her TV. She glanced at the clock again. There was still a few minutes left before she’d have to beat him again – probably – since she doubted he would pee on time. She still held a lot of anger at him, but now that she had used her stick on him – extra hard, she felt somewhat better. Not enough to go easy on him in any way, but enough to take some of the edge off.
She had hurt him. Somewhere deep down that bothered her… yet at the same time, she was glad. He had gotten away with too much for too long. Deep down she also knew that it was really her fault, but she just didn’t want to admit it – even to herself. She had lost track of what was really important and what would win her the bet. But the deceiver hadn’t! At that thought, her anger started building again.
A commercial came on the TV, she hardly noticed since she wasn’t paying that much attention anyway. But since it was a diaper commercial for babies, perhaps a bit more of it got through to her. As the commercial continued to run, more and more of her attention was caught by the commercial, till she was paying rapt attention – mostly. The commercial had ended, but her thoughts were still on it – especially one particular concept in it. There was an idea there, maybe a good one! If she could just completely figure it out…

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