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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 4 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 4 of 10)

Andrea hung up the phone after telling one of their clients that Mel had just stepped out and would be back shortly. A common occurrence. Another client was due into the office shortly. The question was, who would get there first? No real problem either way.
The door opened and Andrea fully expected to see a man in the usual grey business suit walking in. Instead, she saw a large mass of color being pushed through the doorway. Surprisingly, Mel was the one carrying the mass of color – which turned out to be a very large bouquet of flowers.
Mel deposited the large colorful bouquet right on Andrea’s desk. “This is for earlier!” she explained, then walked off with a smile on her face.
Andrea put her nose up against the beautiful bouquet and breathed in deeply. Fabulous! All her favorite flowers. She loved getting flowers, they always made her feel so good. She noticed the card stuck in the bouquet near the top. She plucked it out and opened it. “Thanks for keeping my head straight – Mel” It was just like Mel. At times she could be a real bitch, other times she was simply driven. But when it counted, she could be the sweetest person in the world.
A thought struck her, she picked up her phone and dialed Mel’s extension. “Just don’t forget about Sunday!”
Mel laughed over the phone. “Not on your life!”
Mel hung up her phone feeling good. Flowers were a just the right touch sometimes. People didn’t send them often enough. Her thoughts turned once again back to Sissy. She was still angry, but she was also more determined than ever now. Could she really blame him for what he was doing? Damn! Yes she could… but at the same time, no she couldn’t. She wouldn’t be a good lawyer if she couldn’t try to understand her opponent’s position. But that certainly didn’t mean her opponent ever had to win… especially in this case!
Another thought suddenly struck her. Wasn’t today the day his divorce was supposed to be final? She wondered how he was handling it. Men! As far as she was concerned, most of them were uncaring bastards when it came to something important. But then, Chad was only partially a man. He was certainly still a bastard, but was it possible for him to feel anything else at all? A tiny wicked spark suddenly lit in her eyes. He was a sissy – for sure. Would he be embarrassed if… Or maybe he wouldn’t care at all… Or maybe he would really like it. Either way, it was probably the right thing to do in this situation. She picked up her phone again and dialed.

Chad glanced at the clock on his computer monitor. It was almost time for lunch. Time for him to go and get his diapers changed again. Hopefully, Cassie wouldn’t be a pain like she was yesterday and she would play with his asshole once again. That thought brightened his day.
The sound of voices in Robin’s cubicle suddenly caught his attention. He thought he heard someone say ‘Sissy.’
“Oh wow!” he heard Robin exclaim. “He’s right next door!”
Chad was shocked. Someone was looking for him? Under the name of ‘Sissy?’ He quickly got to his feet, just as a young guy turned the corner from Robin’s cubicle into his. He heard the guy saying, “Are you Sissy?” But Chad’s eyes were completely captured by the bouquet of flowers in a large vase that the delivery man held. Chad was stunned. Someone had sent him flowers?
“Never mind,” the delivery guy said as he set the vase down on Chad’s desk, “I can see that these obviously are for you.”
Chad finally pulled his shocked eyes away from the bouquet to look at the man. The poor guy was obviously a bit shocked to see who… and what… “Sissy” really was. He just continued to stare curiously at Chad, unable to take his eyes off him.
Chad felt very uncomfortable under the delivery guy’s scrutiny. He had never gotten flowers before and wondered if the guy was waiting for a tip or something. Was he supposed to tip the guy? He honestly had no clue. Getting flowers was a totally new experience for him.
The delivery guy finally shook his head and mumbled something about, “Enjoy them,” and left. Chad stared after him for only a moment before turning back to the colorful vase.
“Wow,” Robin exclaimed, “you’ve only been dressing like a woman for a few weeks, and already someone is sending you flowers! I wonder what I’ve been doing wrong all these years. Are they from a man?”
Chad was still trying desperately to wrap his mind around the concept that someone had sent him flowers, so it took a moment for Robin’s question to finally soak in. “What?... Oh, I don’t know. I can’t imagine why anyone would send flowers to me.” He took a moment to try to imagine a man sending them to him. The very concept of it made him feel funny inside.
“Isn’t there a card?”
“Oh. I didn’t think of that,” Chad replied as he searched the top of the bouquet for a card. He found it quickly and pulled it out. “Sorry about your divorce,” he read out loud. “Hope these help… Mel.” Mel had sent him flowers! Were they really her way of saying she was sorry for the way she had acted last night and this morning? Or was she truly sorry about his divorce? Or perhaps both?
“Mel? Isn’t that your makeup-lady friend?”
Chad was a bit confused by her question. Makeup lady? Then he remembered that that was the only thing that Robin really knew about Mel – that she was one of the ones teaching him how to do his makeup. “Um… She’s really just a friend,” he replied, reluctant to explain things any further than that.
“A very good friend… obviously.”
Chad stared again at the colorful bouquet. “Yeah. I guess so.”
Robin leaned over the bouquet and took a big sniff. “Mmmmm. They smell soooo good!” She looked closely at the flowers and touched a few of them. “Look, there’s even a few pink roses scattered around. I just love roses. Don’t you?”
Chad really didn’t care. “I guess so,” he replied.
Robin looked at him funny. “You guess so? What are you favorite flowers? Are any of them here?”
“My favorite? I don’t have a favorite. I can’t even tell you what most of the flowers in there are… other than the roses of course.”
Robin shook her head. “God!” she exclaimed. “You’ll never make a very good woman. There’s just too many things you don’t know!”

Gloria sat alone at one of the tiny tables in the sandwich shop that was within walking distance to her office. She took a few tiny bites from the sandwich in front of her, but mostly, she hardly realized that she was eating. Her mind was totally on Mel and Chad instead. What had she done? What should she do? Had she really done something wrong? Or was what she had done the right thing to do because Chad really wanted it?
Her dilemma was compounded because there was plenty of evidence to support all sides of every argument. So basically, she just didn’t know. And therefore – she worried about it. Plus… Mel was her friend. That made things even worse. Should she go along with Mel’s wishes – just because she was her friend? Something about that didn’t completely sound right… but still, it was very tempting.
So what should she do?
If she could just talk to him again… hypnotized of course. That would be the only way to really get at the truth. But she didn’t want Mel around when she did it. Mel would only make matters worse by insisting, probably all too hard, that she put the suggestions back into Chad’s head again. There was no way she would do that, unless she was clearly convinced that he really, really did want it. And the only way she could be convinced, was to hypnotize him and talk to him. But only without Mel!
Would Mel let her hypnotize him and talk to him… without her around? Somehow, she seriously doubted that. But there was only one way to know for sure. She would have to call Mel and ask her.
Still fretting over her dilemma, she took another bite of her sandwich. Suddenly, she wasn’t hungry anymore. Disgusted, she wrapped up what was left of her lunch and dumped it into the trash can on her way out of the sandwich shop.
As she walked back to her office, she decided for sure to call Mel. There was no harm in asking… was there?

Chad walked through the door to the gym and was immediately confronted by the receptionist staring at him expectantly. He stopped a few feet away and stared back. He knew she was waiting for him to curtsey for her, but he wasn’t going to do that. Not anymore!
“Aren’t you going to curtsey pretty for me?” she finally asked.
“No,” Chad replied quietly but firmly.
“Not even since it’s just me today?”
“No,” Chad reiterated, feeling very sure of himself.
“Oh poo! You’re no fun anymore!” she exclaimed and stomped off to find Cassie.
Chad felt proud of himself as he watched her walking off. He felt like he was much more in charge of himself again… like he should be! Did he dare not curtsey for Cassie? He was tempted, very tempted. But when Cassie finally walked up, he decided to stay on the safe side of things. Cassie was Mel’s friend after all… and she did change his diapers for him every day, not to mention doing other things to him that felt “oh-so-good!” He dropped his curtsey and greeted Cassie like he always did.
The receptionist looked up at Cassie with kind of a “darn-it!” look on her face. She seemed to be frustrated at Chad’s behavior.
Cassie just shrugged and said, “Don’t worry about it,” to her. Then she turned to Chad. “Come on, Sissy. Let’s get you into the back.”
Chad’s feeling of victory over the receptionist continued as he followed Cassie through the room full of exercise equipment and sweating women. While he knew they were all watching him closely as he walked past, he hardly gave them another thought anymore.
“I like your outfit today,” Cassie noted as they walked.
“Thanks,” Chad replied. “I kind of like it too. Although Robin kept trying to convince me that I should buy some blue pantyhose for it while I’m at lunch.”
Cassie opened the door to the office and let him go inside first. “Blue?” She looked him over carefully and nodded. “Yeah, blue would work very nicely with that outfit. Are you going to get some?”
Chad rolled his eyes as he started to get undressed. He didn’t really want to mess with pantyhose at all. He searched for an answer… “Um… They’re too much of a pain to put on with this darn waist cincher I’m wearing,” he finally explained.
“Oh, they are?”
Chad stopped undressing for a moment and looked at Cassie’s figure with her tiny waist. “I guess, like Mel, you’ve never worn one either.”
“Nope, not that I can remember.”
Chad began his chore of undressing again, and caught sight of his red toenails. “Besides, it’s Friday. Mel and I always get our nails done on Friday and she has me remove my pantyhose before we go so they can do my toes easier.”
“Ah!” Cassie exclaimed as she pulled a baby bottle out of his bag. “That makes sense… Hey! This bottle is empty!”
“Oh yeah! Mel wouldn’t let me into her apartment this morning. She usually puts the fresh bottles in while I’m there.
“She wouldn’t let you in? How come?”
Chad shrugged. “I don’t know. And last night she threw me out too. I haven’t a clue as to why.”
“Hmm.” Cassie grunted as she checked through the rest of his diaper bag. “Plenty of diapers here though,” she mumbled as she continued to paw through the bag’s contents. “So no problem there.” She pulled a few diapers out of the bag along with the baby lotion, some wipes, and the jar of suppositories. “Do you want me to fill one of these bottles with water for you?”
Chad was surprised by her question. “No thanks,” he replied. “I’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure? You know that Mel wants you to drink one every day.”
Chad knew. He also knew that one less bottle would make it all the more easier for him to control his peeing later. But Cassie was right, Mel did want it. Yet… “No thanks,” he said again. “I’m sure it will be okay.”
Cassie shrugged. She would have insisted – for Mel, but she was still haunted by what authority she really had over him. She made a mental note to call Mel and talk to her again about it later.
She waited till Chad finished undressing and laid down on the floor. And then she noticed something different. She sniffed the air slightly and smiled. “Hey, are you wearing perfume today?”
Chad blushed. “Yeah. Robin sprayed it on me.”
“The same Robin who thinks you should get some blue hose?”
“Yeah. Same one,” Chad replied rolling his eyes.
Cassie stored that information in the back of her mind as she went to work on Chad’s front side. As she spread the baby lotion around whatever wasn’t covered up by his chastity device, she again took particular notice of his tiny cock. Was it even smaller than yesterday? She wasn’t sure. But she was sure that it certainly wasn’t any bigger. She didn’t have a lot of knowledge about guy’s cocks, but from the two experiences she had had when she was younger, and from what she thought she knew from many other sources, a guy’s cock was certainly supposed to be a lot bigger than what she was looking at. Was it normal for a cock to be that small? She knew it used to be a lot bigger – all the time. Was it actually shrinking? She didn’t really think that was possible, but it sure seemed like it. Strange! But interesting!
Once again, nothing she did on his front side seemed to make his tiny cock even twitch a bit, let alone get any bigger. It might have been dead meat locked up inside of that plastic cover for all she could see. Trying to get any kind of reaction out of him was now a totally useless exercise. “Ok, Sissy, roll over. I think we’re done here… maybe forever!”
Chad wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but he dutifully rolled over and immediately brought his knees up under him too. This was the part he was looking forward to!
Cassie checked his backside as she started smoothing the baby lotion all over it. “It looks like your rash is about gone now,” she noted.
“Fortunately,” Chad replied, his voice muffled by his position. “It wasn’t a fun experience. I don’t want to go through that again!”
“Hmmm. If you continue to wear diapers, like it looks like you will be, you may have no choice about that.”
“The new baby lotion works pretty well,” he replied. “That should take care of it,” he replied with confidence. He closed his eyes and started concentrating on Cassie’s hands rubbing all over his backside – delicious… sensual… addictive! And when her finger finally touched directly on his asshole, this time it didn’t send lightning bolts through his system. Instead, it sent a huge surge of sexual passion and desire through him. He wanted it… he needed it! His desire for it was almost all consuming. And when he felt Cassie’s finger actually enter him, he moaned in pleasure despite himself. But by that time, he wasn’t really paying attention to anything except Cassie’s wonderful attentions to his backside.
Cassie stuck her finger a bit further into his tiny hole and wiggled it around a bit. She watched as he reacted. The poor guy was loving it so much, he almost appeared to be hurting. She pushed her finger in a little further, pulled it out and pushed it back in a few times, then pulled it totally out again. It was time for something bigger, much bigger. She grabbed her toy that she usually used on him and held it up against his waiting hole. The moment she touched it to him, she saw him shudder. She started to shove it gently into him, but faster than she could react, he suddenly pushed himself back against it… opening himself up to take as much as he could. Before she knew it, she was holding onto the plastic ribbed dildo for dear life as he bucked back and forth, fucking himself as hard and as fast as he could.
Chad was desperate. Desperately desperate! It felt so good, yet he needed more and he needed it badly. Faster, harder… it made no difference! Still he tried over and over again to reach that peak that he could never quiet reach… the peak that only came from sexual orgasm. Try! Try! Try! Try! Push! Pull! Squeeze! Relax! Nothing did any good. It felt great! It felt wonderful – almost like he could really get there if he just kept at it. But as good as it felt, he never really got close.
He was breathing hard and fast as he realized it – puffing in great huge gasps. But in the end, he finally realized that no matter what he did, he couldn’t get there… the “there” of sexual relief! He was still denied. Still a prisoner of Mel’s unique manipulations.
He slowed his breathing along with his motions… rocking back and forth now to a much slower, much calmer rhythm. Slowing, slowing, less tension, less pressure, less rocking… till he finally stopped for a split second, then collapsed fully to the floor. He felt Cassie pulling her toy out of him. It was impossible! As wonderful as it felt, it was just impossible for him to get off. For the briefest of moments, he considered not ever trying again, but he knew better. He would try, and try, and try with every chance he got. As far as he could see, it was his only chance for relief… at least till this bet was over with. Besides, he really did love it. Why should he quit or refuse to do it. It felt great! With a huge sigh of frustration, he rolled back over onto his back.
Cassie watched him carefully as he rolled back over. He had been like a wild animal today – trying so hard. She actually felt sorry for him. As he laid there, she quickly looked down directly at his cock. It wasn’t one tiny bit bigger than it had been earlier. Not one bit! Yet she was sure that what she was doing to him was somehow sexually stimulating for him. Somewhat anyway. By his actions, she had assumed that it had been very sexually stimulating. Yet he hadn’t grown the slightest bit – as far as she could see. Just dead meat. On an impulse, she reached out and flicked the plastic trap surrounding is penis with her finger. No reaction. None at all. Incredible! Did he even care? It was an interesting question.

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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 3 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 3 of 10)

Chad was busy working when he heard his cell phone buzzing indicating an incoming text message. Hoping it would be from Mel, possibly to even explain her odd behavior, he pulled it quickly out of his purse. But the screen didn’t show that it was from Mel. It was from his ex-wife. The message was short and simple. “It’s over. Papers in the mail.”
He read it again, then closed his phone. It was over. He was officially divorced. Something deep inside was trying to convince him that he should be glad. But he wasn’t. It was weighing on him more than he thought it would. He hadn’t expected that. He was a failure! All because of what he was – a sissy! Failure! Failure! Failure!
Robin suddenly appeared at the entrance to his cubicle. “Come on, Chad. Break time.” But as Chad looked up, she quickly noticed that something wasn’t right. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
Chad stared at her for a moment, then he opened his cell phone and found the message from his ex-wife. He held the phone out for Robin to take.
Robin took the phone and read the message. Her eyes went wide with surprise. “Oh Chad. I’m so sorry! And in a text message no less! How cold!”
Chad just shrugged as he took his phone back. “I didn’t really want to talk to her anyway.”
“But it’s bothering you?”
“More than I thought it would. I’m such a failure!”
“A failure?”
He nodded. “If it wasn’t for… this,” he said, looking down at himself to indicate how he was dressed, “I’d be like everybody else… and still married… and…” He stopped himself there. He didn’t want to get into things that he didn’t want her to know about.
“And what?” Robin asked softly.
He shrugged again. “And lots of other things.”
Robin wasn’t sure she totally understood. “A failure?” she tried again.
The more he thought about it all, the worse he felt. He suddenly felt like crying as the frustration and full weight of his disappointment finally hit him. He turned his chair away from Robin so she couldn’t see his face. His thumb tried to find its way to his mouth, but his extra long nail quickly put a stop to that.
But Robin had noticed the tears beginning to form in his eyes. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him from behind. “Hey Chad. It’s ok. Lots of people get divorced.”
Chad tried to nod and say “I know.” But as the words came out, it was as if they pulled the plug on his tears. A moment later, he was sobbing openly, and he couldn’t help it. The fact that he was crying like that in front of Robin only made it worse.
Robin was so surprised to see him crying. She just continued to hold him and whisper kind words in his ear. It took a few minutes, but gradually he calmed down. She turned him around in his chair. His face was a total mess, with makeup running all over the place. “Feel better now?” she asked.
He nodded and sort of got out a small, “Yeah. Sorry.”
She smiled. “Sometimes a good cry is all it takes.”
Chad was a bit surprised… embarrassed, but surprised. “Yeah,” he agreed. “I do feel better… sort of.”
Robin pulled on his arm. “Come on,” she said, “you’re a mess. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Chad let her pull him to his feet without thinking about it and started following her out of his cubicle. But she stopped him before they got very far. “Aren’t you going to grab your purse?”
Chad was confused. “What for?”
“Isn’t all your makeup in it?”
“My makeup? I thought we were going to the break room.”
“Not till we get you cleaned up! You don’t want to go anywhere looking like that!”
Chad finally came to his senses after his bout of crying. He looked bad? Worried, he opened his purse and pulled out his tiny compact mirror.
“Forget that thing!” Robin said quickly. “You’re going to need a bigger mirror than that. Much bigger!”
Bigger mirror? “Like what?” he asked.
“The ladies room, dummy!”
“Oh… But…”
“Look, I know you’re probably still using the men’s room all the time since I never see you in the ladies room, but I can’t help you if you go in there. Besides, the way you’re completely dressing now, I don’t know why you’d want to anyway.”
Chad was confused. “Want to what?” he asked.
“Use the men’s room instead of the ladies room, of course. Geez! You really are still out of it!”
Chad was just taken by surprised. He hadn’t been in a men’s room… or a ladies room for that matter… in a very long time now. He really never had a reason to go into any restroom anymore. So what was he supposed to do? He felt more than a bit embarrassed about going into the ladies room. “Um…” he said trying to find something to say.
Robin only saw his confusion. So she made up his mind for him. “Just grab your purse and let’s go. Geez! Like I said, I can’t believe you’d even consider using the men’s room anymore!”
Chad grabbed his purse and followed her towards the restrooms, stopping briefly at her cubicle so she could get her own bag. Obviously Robin didn’t understand his real situation… which was just the way he wanted it. The closer they got, the more he stared at the men’s room door. And the harder he tried to remember the last time he had been in there. He couldn’t. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been in any public restroom. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had used a bathroom instead of his diapers. He was sure it had been somewhere shortly after the whole bet-thing had started. He just couldn’t remember the last time he had actually done it.
He followed Robin right up to the women’s room door. He paused just for a second to glance again at the men’s room door that was now so close. Robin opened the women’s room door and started inside, she held the door wide for him to follow. Putting the men’s room behind him, possibly for a very long time, he followed her in. The closing door behind him felt like it was cutting off and locking out another part of his life. But that was a part of his life he didn’t really need anymore. But he missed it, never the less.
Robin headed toward the row of sinks, then she stopped and pointed to the stalls on the other wall. “Do you need to do anything while you’re here?”
“Uh… No thanks,” he replied.
Robin grinned a bit. “Shy, huh? Don’t worry. Just act like a woman and nobody will ever care. You start washing your face. Now that I’m in here, I’ve got to go.”
Chad watched as Robin went into one of the cubicles and closed the door behind her. He turned and stared into one of the mirrors above the sinks. Ugh! He did look bad. He had mascara running everywhere and his foundation was all smeared. There would be no help for it but to wash it all off and start again. He put his purse on the shelf above the sink, started the water running, and got busy.
Robin came out of the stall a few minutes later. She washed her hands in the sink next to Chad, fussed with her hair for a moment, examined her makeup, and did a very slight touch-up to her lips. Then she leaned against the sink and watched closely as Chad worked on his face. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you doing any of your makeup,” she noted as Chad continued to blend this and that all over his face as fast as he could. “You’re certainly getting a lot better at it.”
“Thanks,” Chad replied without turning towards her. He really just wanted to get his face fixed and get out of there. As he worked, he wondered, hadn’t Robin mentioned something about helping him? Wasn’t that why they were there in the first place? But so far, all she was doing was watching. She was making him nervous. Was he doing something wrong? But so far, she wasn’t saying much.
As he was working on his blush, the door suddenly opened again. Chad stopped what he was doing, the brush still held against his skin and watched as another woman came into the room. The woman seemed to do a classic double-take as she was taken by surprise to see Chad there.
“Hi,” Robin said very casually to her without moving a muscle from her given position.
“Hi Robin,” the woman returned, still staring – almost suspiciously – at Chad as she headed for one of the stalls.
Chad was amused to notice how loudly she clicked the lock shut after she closed the door. He went back to his face. The woman came out a few minutes later, still staring at Chad as she went to another of the sinks, washed her hands, checked her face, then left.
Chad expected Robin to make some kind of a comment about the woman who had just left, but Robin didn’t say anything. As he continued working on his lips, he realized that there was no reason for Robin to say anything. The woman belonged in there. It was normal for the woman to be in there. What wasn’t normal, was for him to be there!
Finally, Chad finished with his lipstick. He rolled the stick back into the tube and took a good look at his face. Not too bad for a rush job.
“Interesting!” Robin proclaimed with a look of approval on her face. “You’re definitely getting better at it. That’s for sure.”
“I have to do it every day,” he replied as if complaining.
“Just like a woman!” Robin laughed.
“Yeah. I guess.”
“Hey!” Robin exclaimed as she suddenly started digging through her bag. “I’ve got something new that should help to cheer you up after your bad news earlier. I really love it! Want to try some?”
“What is it?”
“Ah!” she replied as she finally spotted what she was after in her overly stuffed bag. “This!” she proclaimed as she brought out a small bottle. She sprayed a spritz from the bottle onto her neck and inhaled deeply. “Mmmm. Lovely.”
“Of course. Hold out your wrist.” Chad wasn’t all that sure about it, but he did as she suggested and held out his wrist. Robin sprayed some of her perfume on it. “Rub your wrists together,” she directed.
Chad started rubbing his wrists together so that the perfume would be on both wrists. But as he was doing it, Robin suddenly stuck the bottle out again and sprayed his neck too. “Hey!” he protested.
Robin giggled. “Doesn’t it smell heavenly?” She sniffed at him. “Darn, you smell good now!” They both giggled a bit. “Now don’t you feel a lot better?”
Chad took another look at himself in the mirror… and smiled. “Yeah,” he replied, slightly surprised at himself, “I do!”
It was a bit difficult for Chad to get used to the constant smell of his new perfume as they walked back toward their cubicles. But there was no doubt that he felt better than he did before he fixed himself up. He felt better because his makeup looked better, he felt better because he liked the outfit he was wearing that day, and he was starting to enjoy the constant smell of the perfume that Robin had sprayed on him. He thought he almost felt... feminine.
But as Chad was reveling in his pleasant feelings, another feeling quickly intruded – the need to pee. As always, he held it back and quickly checked his watch to start timing himself. As he continued back to his cubicle though, his mind was more on something else. It used to be that when he entered a bathroom – any bathroom – the need to pee got suddenly much worse. This time, he never felt the slightest urge at all… not till now, completely out and away from the bathroom. How strange!
They each dropped their purses off at their desks, and with Chad feeling fairly light hearted for once, they headed for the break room… which Chad was certain would be emptying out by now – which didn’t hurt his mood either.
Chad’s estimation was close. The room wasn’t empty, but as they walked in, a large group of women was heading for the door. “Hi Robin. Hi Sissy. You’re late!” one of the women called as they approached.
“Yeah. Sorry,” Robin replied. “We had to have a little cry this morning.”
“Oh? What’s the matter,” one of the women asked her.
“Not me! Him!” she replied, pointing at Chad. Chad’s face suddenly felt like it was getting red underneath his makeup as he heard a few giggles. “His divorce was made final this morning.”
“Oh, you poor thing.” Someone said.
“Would you believe it, his ex only sent him a text message to tell him. She didn’t even bother to call him!”
“The bitch!” someone in the back exclaimed.
Chad shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t want to talk to her anyway.”
“Well, I don’t blame you! Imagine, a text message!”
“It’s ok,” Chad replied. “I really don’t mind.”
“Hey Sissy,” one of the women asked, “is the divorce because of the sex change you’re trying to get?”
Chad was momentarily taken aback. “I’m not getting a sex change,” he replied.
“Oh, so you just like dressing like a woman?” another woman noted. “No sex change, girls… at least not yet.”
“I’m not getting a sex change!” Chad reiterated.
“Of course not, dear,” the woman replied, then laughed. “Not yet, anyway.”
“Hey, I like your outfit today,” another woman said, changing the subject.
“Thanks,” Chad replied, blushing slightly.
“Isn’t it great!” Robin chimed in. “I’m trying to get him to buy some blue pantyhose during lunch. I think they’d go great with it.” There was a hearty chorus of women suddenly agreeing with her.
Chad felt like he was being pressured again. “What’s wrong with not wearing any pantyhose?”
“Nothing!” Robin replied. “It’s just that we all think you’d look better with some, that’s all. And I think blue ones would be perfect with that outfit!” Chad felt the pressure more than ever. Women! Why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone?

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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 2 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 2 of 10)

Mel walked out to Andrea’s desk with a folder full of paperwork in her hands. She dropped the folder on Andrea’s desk as if she wasn’t happy with it, turned on her heel, and headed back to her office. Andrea watched her for a moment, then picked up the folder and looked through it. There wasn’t anything wrong there as far as she could see. “Mel?” she called, stopping her employer before she could get back into her office. “What’s wrong with it?”
Mel just shook her head. “Nothing,” She replied before heading straight back into her office.
Andrea was puzzled. Mel had been acting strangely all morning… as if something major was upsetting her. And now this! There were no clients in the office just then and none were expected for a little while. She got up and headed for Mel’s office. For once, she didn’t knock like she always did, she just barged in instead. Mel looked up at her from behind her desk, but her expression was almost blank. “Okay,” Andrea began, “you’ve been moping around here all morning like the world’s come to end! Out with it! What’s wrong?”
Mel rolled her eyes, but otherwise her expression changed little. “Not today, Andrea.”
“Bullshit!” With purposeful strides, Andrea walked all the way into her office and sat in one of the chairs in front of her desk. “You’ve been behaving terribly all morning! It’s got to stop! Now tell me what it is!”
Mel looked at her friend. Had she really been behaving that badly? “Have I been that bad today? Does it show that much?”
“You’re so out of it, you shouldn’t even be here!”
Mel took a big breath and let out just as big a sigh. Yeah, Andrea was probably right. She hadn’t been behaving properly at all. Not very professional for a lawyer. “Sorry,” she apologized contritely.
“So what gives?”
“Ugh!” Mel wanted to jump out of her chair and pace around the room, but she forced herself to remain calm. “Have you ever thought you were about to touch your dreams, only to have someone suddenly rip them completely away from you?”
“Huh? Over and over again! Let me guess, it’s got to be a man. Right?”
Mel was about to say yes, but then stopped herself. “Sort of.”
“So start at the top and tell me all about it, while we still have time.”
Mel stared at her friend. She knew Andrea was right. She had to get it all off her chest. She told her about the trip to Gloria’s last night and about how she found out that Chad had been fooling her.
“Wait a minute!” Andrea said at the end. “Are you telling me you’re giving up? You… the great Mel… giving up?”
Mel blushed a bit. “I… I… I hadn’t really thought about it,” she stammered. “Maybe.”
Andrea shook her head. “I never thought I’d hear you say that. You’re the one who always fights tooth and nail for every little thing – even when you shouldn’t be. You never give up!”
“I don’t know that I am giving up! Like I said, I haven’t really thought about it!”
“Yeah… Well as I see it, this bet was supposed to last for two months. Right? What’s it been, a month now?”
“Not quite.”
“So you’re not quite half-way through, and already you’re considering giving in?”
“I said I don’t know! I haven’t really thought about it! And I’m certainly not going to quit half way through something. You know me better than that!”
“So you’re not giving up then?” Andrea asked with a smile on her face. She could literally see her boss coming back to life.
“Not on your life!” Mel proclaimed. “I don’t lose! Especially not to some… some… some powder-puff of a man! If I could go so far as to even call him that!”
Andrea almost laughed. Yeah, her boss’s fighting spirit was back again. There would definitely be no more bad attitude around the office from her today. “So what are you going to do about it? It sounds like he’s got some pretty good reasons for fighting back.”
“Yeah, that’s the problem, he does. Self-respect. Who would have ever thought that someone like him would be worried about such a thing?”
“So what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know yet. I still have to figure it out.”
“But at the same time, from what you just told me, it sounds like you’ve made a lot of headway with him already.”
“Yeah, but not enough. I got so wrapped up in my own dreams and desires, that I completely forgot about the terms of the bet itself. It’s fine to keep him all dressed up and be my little frilly sissy maid toy, but that won’t win the bet for me. He, on the other hand, has obviously not lost track of what’s important. I have to make him completely incontinent by the end of next month, or I lose! And I don’t like to lose!”
“But you’ve already made some headway. You said a few minutes ago that all the suppositories you give him have robbed him of that control.”
Mel shook her head. “It’s not enough. Besides, how do I know he can’t still control himself after I stop the suppositories?”
“So like I asked before, what are you going to do?”
Mel shook her head. “I just don’t know. I do have a plan for the suppositories. And from everything I can see, that part at least is working. And I do still have another month to go with it. It’s the other side of him, the front side that has me troubled. How do I fix him so he can’t control his peeing at all?”
“I don’t know. I have no answer for you. Besides, this is your fight. I’m just here to keep the office running and type up your paperwork.”
Mel smiled at her. “You do a lot more than that! Thanks for keeping me straight. I’m sorry I was such a bitch earlier.”
Andrea smiled as she got to her feet. “That’s what I’m here for.”
Mel stared at the back of her office door after Andrea had closed it behind her. Andrea had been right. There was still a month to go, a bit more actually. There was still time, just not as much of it. Frustrated, she picked up a pencil off of her desk and threw it down again. She felt like she had wasted an entire month. How could she have been so blind? But obviously Sissy hadn’t been wasting his time. Twenty-eight minutes. He said he could hold his pee for twenty-eight minutes. Almost half an hour. Mel didn’t think she could hold hers that long – no, she knew she couldn’t. How did he do it?
One thing was for sure, the nice gloves had to come off! It was no more little-miss-nice-girl as far as he was concerned. She had to get tough! And with only a month left, she had to pull out all the stops and use every trick in the book! The only problem was, that there was no book. How the hell was she supposed to go about it? And with only a month left? Darn the man, anyway!
A thought occurred to her. She reached for her phone and dialed Gloria’s number. “Hi Gloria, it’s Mel,” she said as soon as her friend had picked up.”
“Mel! I’m so glad you called! I’ve been fretting over last night since it happened. I was so afraid you wouldn’t talk to me anymore.”
“No. Don’t worry about it. Listen. I can bring him in for a special session. I’ll work out some kind of excuse so he won’t expect anything’s going on. Then you can hypnotize him again and convince him that he doesn’t want those ideas of his after all.”
“Mel, I can’t! I’m not going to do that! I feel bad enough about what I’ve done to him already. And I’m really torn over whether what I did was right or not. I mean, on the one hand, what I did wouldn’t have worked at all if he didn’t really want it, so because of that I feel justified. But on the other hand, he’s obviously fighting so hard against it that he’s able to completely throw off some of the suggestions. Which means I was wrong and he doesn’t really want it.”
Mel listened to her friend’s arguments. She tried to understand. But she was a lawyer. Much of her training was in forcing her opponents to see things the way she wanted them to look. “Listen, Gloria. Obviously he’s very divided over this thing. It has to be really bothering him. Trying to choose between two different things that he wants can’t be easy on him. In fact, I’m sure I’ve seen signs that these things are bothering him.” A lie if she ever told one, but if it suits her purpose… “Why not help him out with his dilemma. A little ‘therapy’ from you could go a long way toward easing his mind and making him a lot happier. And… since we both know how much happier he would be if he really were incontinent, then… Besides, he did say that when this bet was over that he wanted to try making himself that way again.”
Gloria thought about Mel’s words for a moment. “That’s true,” she agreed – hesitantly.
“I can have him there right after work today. Sooner if you’ve got the time!”
But Gloria wasn’t ready to be pushed that far yet. “No Mel. Not today. I still need to think about this.”
Mel’s frustration returned. She hated stubborn people. “Ok, Gloria. How about lunch today? I’m buying.” She could always convince her over lunch.
Gloria was tempted, but she knew that Mel would only spend the entire meal trying to talk her into doing exactly what she didn’t want to do. And she really wasn’t ready to make that decision yet… with or without Mel. “Not today, Mel. I… I can’t do lunch today.”
Mel was disappointed. She was sure she could have convinced Gloria to help her over lunch. “Ok, Gloria. Maybe next week?”
“Yeah, next week for sure Mel… And Mel… I really am glad you called. I was so afraid I was going to lose you as my friend. You were so mad last night when you left!”
“Yeah, I was mad Gloria. But I’m over it now. Sorry about that. Next week then, Gloria.”
“Yeah, next week Mel.”
Mel put her phone down and sat back in her chair. Gloria wasn’t going to help… at least not yet. But the next time they had lunch together, she’d convince her to help again. She needed that help. There was only a month left!
Thank God Andrea had helped her get her head on straight. Speaking of Andrea… Mel picked up the phone on her desk and dialed a number she had memorized from frequent use over the years. “Hi, it’s Mel. I need something special, and I need it right away. And I’ll pick it up myself.”

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 1 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 1 of 10)

Worry, fear, and confusion reigned supreme in every one of his dreams. All of his dreams being suddenly cut short by a big echoing scream of anger that was Mel’s voice yelling the word, “What?”
Over and over again it happened. Each dream causing his feelings of confusion to grow and grow. Each dream making less and less sense. He began tossing and turning restlessly… as much as his breast forms and overly bloated diapers would allow. The echoing shout grew louder and louder… “What? What? What? What? WHAT?” Feelings of worry and impending doom descended on him, making his fear grow more and more. A terrible nightmare that somehow was all too closely linked to the real world!
Fear! Doom! Fear! Doom! WHAT?
He awoke covered in sweat and breathing hard. His mouth was sucking as hard and fast as it could on his pacifier. He brought his hands to his face and rubbed his eyes, nearly scratching himself with the super long claws that were his fingernails. What had he dreamed? Now that he was awake, all that he remembered was the feelings of fear and dread that still coursed through his body. Only faint bits of light filtered into the room from outside. It was still too early to get up, yet he knew he couldn’t sleep.
He rolled out of bed and climbed to his feet, his heart still racing from his nightmares. He was immediately more aware of his diapers and how bloated they were. Messy too – as usual. He noted once again that he didn’t remember wetting or messing himself at all after he fell asleep last night – later than usual. And now he was up extra early.
What had gotten into Mel last night? He didn’t have a clue. But he was very worried that she might be mad at him for some reason. He just had no idea as to why. He waddled over to the doorway and switched on his light so he could see better. His eyes checked the time on his pink clock radio. Early. Very early. He waddled over to the radio to turn off the alarm so it wouldn’t go off – but the alarm wasn’t set! Strange!
Suddenly worried about whether or not Mel had left him a note last night, he waddled as quickly as he could out to his kitchen. He slapped at the wall as he entered it to turn on the light. But the bright stark light only showed him an empty counter top. There was no note. Nothing. What was going on?
He grabbed a baby bottle filled with her lousy tea out of his refrigerator and wandered out to his living room to sit in the only chair that he owned. As he nursed on the bottle, his mind tried over and over again to replay everything he could remember about the night before. All during dinner she had seemed fine… friendly even… in fact, she was really nice. Then they went to therapy together, and he didn’t remember one thing out of the ordinary there… till it was over. And suddenly she seemed to be angry. Not just at him, but at Gloria too. Why? Or was it that she wasn’t angry at him at all and was only angry at Gloria? He couldn’t be sure. But she did throw him out of her apartment the minute she got home last night. What had he missed? Nothing that he could remember.
But one thing was for sure, as angry as she seemed to be last night, he was going to be extra careful today to not make any mistakes!

Mel stared blankly at the black depths of the coffee in her mug. She had had a restless night with very little sleep. Deceived! Betrayed! All her dreams had been ripped out of her. Now, in the early morning hours, she only felt the glowing embers of anger… and a bone deep weariness. She would have gone back to bed, but she knew she’d never sleep. Deceived!
How could he do that to her? But he had really only proven that despite the fact that he was a sissy, he was still just like every other man on the planet – a self-serving bastard that can’t be trusted! Just thinking about him again made her lose her taste for her coffee. Making a horrid face at it, she put her mug down and wandered back into her bedroom.
She laid down on her bed again, hoping against hope that she could get at least a little more sleep. She was tempted to turn her alarm clock off in case she did manage to doze. So what if she was late for work? So what? Let her clients wait! She couldn’t care less! But as she reached out to turn the alarm off, she stopped herself. No, she did care about her clients – unfortunately. She wasn’t going to let them down… even though everyone in her own life was letting her down. With one final glance at her clock, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Chad opened the door to his closet and looked in. His eyes immediately fell on the only pair of pants still hung up there – the ones he couldn’t wear. His gaze moved over to the other clothes – blouses and tops with skirts mixed among them. Damn! He was going to do it again. He was going to go to work wearing a skirt – again!
Not wanting to select which outfit he was going to wear yet, he closed the door and went back to his bathroom, delaying the decision of what to wear as long as he possibly could. He spent extra time perfecting his hair and makeup, trying to make it look as good as possible… as feminine as possible. Not because he was a sissy, but because he was afraid that Mel might be angry at him and he wanted to do everything possible to make sure she wouldn’t find any further faults with him. Visions of her punishing him continually ran through his head as he worked, keeping him focused on the tasks that continually made him less and less of a male… and more and more of a sissy.
When his hair was finally done, and his makeup was finally done, dressed in only his diapers, plastic panties, waist cincher, and an all-in-one girdle, he again faced his closet. What should he wear? A skirt and blouse obviously. But which one? Having no preference, he pulled out the skirt closest to the left end along with the top that was right next to it. He knew they went together because Mel had grouped them that way. He held them up and looked at them. The skirt was solid black and tapered to fit fairly tightly. It had an elastic waist so it would probably fit him fairly well despite all the weight he had lost. It also looked a bit shorter than some of his other skirts. The top was a soft cotton print, mostly in differing shades of blue and white. It had white lace trim coming down along the low rounded neckline, emphasizing it beautifully.
For the second day in a row he wasn’t wearing pantyhose and he was rather enjoying the freedom. He pulled the skirt on and ran his hands down the front of it. It only came down to a few inches above his knees, but it did seem to fit really nicely. He decided he really liked the skirt. He pulled the top on over it and checked his image in the mirror. Excellent!
Now for the shoes. It was Friday. He and Mel always had their nails done on Friday evening. He was more glad than ever that he wasn’t wearing pantyhose that day since he’d only have to remove them later before having his toenails done. He chose a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals to put on his feet and fastened them on. He felt good! He looked in the mirror, he looked good! He added his necklace and ring and checked his image again. Feminine… somewhat. The longer he stared at himself, the more he could see the shape of his male body underneath. Not really feminine at all… just sissy! Ugh!

Mel’s slumber was interrupted by someone knocking on her door. She groaned and looked at her clock. Damn! She had fallen asleep – which was a good thing. But the knocking had to be Sissy. And he was right on time again, darn it!
She pulled herself out of bed and grabbed her robe as she walked, wrapping it tightly around her. Sissy! The last person in the world she wanted to see just then… and the stinking, rotten, scum-bucket, bag of sissy bones was knocking on her door. She wasn’t the least bit interested in seeing him – perhaps ever! She opened her door.
Chad tried to put a big smile on his face despite the pacifier stuck in his mouth, trying to please her. He dropped his best curtsey. “Good morn…”
“Get lost!” she shouted, and slammed the door in his face.
Chad was shocked. More than shocked. What was going on? Obviously she was still mad. But why? What had he done? Feeling confused, he slowly went back to his own apartment. Before he went inside, he cast one more glance back at her door in hopes that she had opened it again and would welcome him inside. But her door remained closed. There was no sign of her at all.
He went back into his apartment and stared at his blank walls. What was he supposed to do now? He always had breakfast at her apartment before he went to work. As horrible as her baby food breakfasts were, he was wishing for one just then.
Having no idea what else he should do, he went back outside and headed down to his car. It was early, so he drove to his favorite fast-food restaurant and ordered through the drive through. He sat in his car in the parking lot and fretted about Mel while he ate. He had no idea what was wrong with her… or why she should be mad at him. Would she call him later? Would she apologize? He simply had no answers.
With his breakfast finished, he continued his drive to work, getting irritated twice along the way because his too long fingernails kept getting in the way every time his thumb unconsciously tried to enter his mouth.

It wasn’t till he sat down at his desk that he remembered that today was the day that his divorce was supposed to be final. All his problems over Mel had put that completely out of his mind – not that he really wanted to think about it. There was nothing he had to do for it anyway… just sit back and wait till the paperwork was mailed to him – which could take several weeks.
He felt bad, not to mention frightened, over his situation with Mel. And now thinking about his divorce being final only added more weight to his depression. He pushed the button to start up his computer, sat back, and stared blankly at as his screen.
“Hi Chad,” Robins voice called cheerily from the entrance to his cubicle where she had stopped for a moment. As usual, her arms were loaded down with things.
“Hi Robin,” he returned rather flatly.
He noticed Robin staring at him again. He was about to ask her what was wrong this time, but she spoke first. “Wait a minute. I’ll be right back.” She was quickly gone to her own cubicle.
While she was gone, Chad glanced down at his clothes. As far as he could tell, there were no problems. He checked to see if he had maybe spilled something on his top while he was eating earlier. Nope!
“Ok,” Robin said breathlessly as she hurried back, this time with her arms empty. “I just had to put that stuff down. It was getting heavy.”
Chad expected her to come all the way into his cubicle, but she just stood at the entrance looking at him as if she expected him to do something. He wondered what she wanted.
“Ok, stand up,” she said as she stood there. “Let me see.”
“See what?”
“You’re outfit!” she replied like it was the only possible answer there could be.
Chad hesitated. He well remembered her actions yesterday when it was more like she was feeling him up. He wasn’t exactly in the mood for anything the least bit humiliating today.
But Robin was waiting impatiently. “I can’t see it as well if you’re sitting down!” she complained. “Come on girl, show it off!”
Rolling his eyes, he dragged himself to his feet, praying all the while that she wouldn’t come any closer than she was now.
Her face turned to a smile, which confused him a bit. “Turn around,” she requested.
Not sure he understood her right, he said, “Turn…”
“Around,” she finished for him as she revolved a finger in the air to emphasize what she wanted him to do.
Ugh! Women! Chad slowly turned all the way around.
When he was facing Robin again, she had a huge smile on her face. “I love it! It’s really cute!”
Chad was floored. “You like it? Thanks.”
“Yeah, it looks super on you!”
Chad looked down at his clothes, then back up at Robin. He smiled back at her. “Yeah, I kind of liked this too when I put it on.”
“The only suggestion I might make,” Robin began.
“Uh oh,” he thought.
“Is that… well… Your legs… They look pretty good… for a guy. But… well… I just thought they looked better when you wore pantyhose instead of them being bare.”
Chad was a bit crestfallen. He had rather been enjoying not wearing pantyhose, but now it sounded like he needed to be wearing them again. He was a lot more comfortable without them. “Do I really need them?” he asked uncertainly.
“Well, no, of course not. You look fine. Great, in fact. It’s just that I think you would look better if you had some. That’s all.”
“But I look ok, now?” he asked again for reassurance.
“Yeah, of course,” Robin repeated. Then she paused for a moment. “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pair in your purse, would you?”
“No. Of course not,” he replied.
Robin rolled her eyes. “God! You have a lot to learn! What happens if you suddenly get a run? You’re going to need an extra pair!”
“But I’m not even wearing any. How can I get a run if I’m not wearing them?”
“I mean when you are wearing them! And it wouldn’t hurt to keep a pair in your desk too.”
“In my desk… But I’m not wearing any at all. I don’t need another pair!” he protested. Women! They could be so stupid!
Robin shook her head in disbelief. Men! They could be so stupid! “Like I said, in case you are wearing any. You’ve got to be prepared. Besides, sometimes an extra pair of pantyhose can come in handy for the strangest reasons. You should always keep a pair handy.”
Chad sat back down. He wasn’t going to win this argument – not that he even understood it. Besides, she had agreed that his legs looked fine as they were. That was good enough for him. Putting on pantyhose with his waist cincher was too hard to deal with!
But Robin was staring at him again. “You know what would look super with that outfit?”
Chad almost groaned. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but the word, “What?” slipped out of his mouth.
“Colored hose! Since you don’t have any with you, you should get some in a solid color. Like I think some blue ones would really look great!”
“Blue? Get some? I was going to stay like this. Besides, where would I get some pantyhose here? We’re at work!”
“I mean when you go to lunch silly.”
“Oh. Like I said, I think I’ll stay like this.”
“Suit yourself. It was just a suggestion. That’s all.”
To Chad, all too many suggestions from women sounded more like demands. At least this was one he didn’t have to follow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 6 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 6 of 6)

Chad loved going to their weekly relaxation therapy sessions. He never imagined that something could make him feel so good. Not only that, but the therapist, Gloria, didn’t seem to intimidate or humiliate him in any way. And he felt so good every time they left – so relaxed and carefree, almost like he was still walking on air. He took in a big breath of her scented air the moment he walked in and immediately felt his body starting to relax and feel better.
“Hi you two,” Gloria greeted them warmly the minute they walked through her door.
“Hi Gloria,” Mel replied just as warmly.
All of them immediately went straight back to the room where Gloria held their sessions. Chad immediately felt his body relaxing even more the moment he walked in. Both Mel and Chad took their usual couches. Chad didn’t notice the extra little smile that Mel and Gloria exchanged as he was getting comfortable.
“Okay. Just relax,” Gloria began. “Close your eyes… take a big deep breath... let it out again… and feel the tensions evaporate out of you.”
It was the calming voice that Chad had grown used to and comfortable with. The phrases that she used were wonderful ones… phrases that seemed to work so well on him… phrases that he now looked so forward to hearing. Phrases that without his conscious knowledge, quickly dropped him into a hypnotic trance. It went faster than usual today, yet Gloria continued to go slowly. Taking him further and further, not wanting to take any chance that he might not be as far under as she thought.
Noticing how quickly he had gone into a trance today, she tapped Mel on the arm, signaling much earlier than usual for her to wake up and stop trying to go along with her suggestions. Anticipating what was hopefully going to happen this time, Mel sat up to watch. Chad was laying there with his eyes closed. There as a hint of a smile on his face – his face that looked so peaceful. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he was sound asleep.
Slowly and methodically, Gloria took Chad further and further into his trance. Deeper and deeper, trying to get him further than he had ever been before. She didn’t rush things at all. In fact, Mel was wishing she would finally get on with the business because she seemed to be taking so much longer than ever before.
Finally, Gloria picked up a wooden stool and a notebook that she had left on top of it from up against one of the walls of the room where they had been out of the way. She placed the stool near Chad’s couch where she could see his face. She glanced at Mel as she sat down and gave her a quick smile. Then she placed her finger over her lips, reminding Mel to remain quiet. Mel just nodded, impatient for Gloria to finally get on with things.
“Chad,” Gloria said softly. “Can you hear me?”
“Of course,” Chad replied as if he were wide awake. The sound of Chad’s voice momentarily startled and panicked Mel, but she remained silent and still.
“Good,” Gloria replied. “I want you to keep your eyes closed and just remain in your quiet, calm place. I want you to stay calm and relaxed while you answer some questions for me. I want you to answer everything totally truthfully, because there’s no one who will judge you, or make fun of you anywhere near here. We only want to do this to help you feel better about yourself so you can be happy. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Chad replied very simply with his eyes still closed.
“Good,” Gloria replied. “Remember, answering everything truthfully and calmly will help you feel happy. And you want to feel happy, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Chad said. “I feel happy,” he added with a bigger smile suddenly on his face.
Gloria opened the notebook in her lap and stared at what was written on the top page. Mel got curious and as quietly as she could, got up to peer over her shoulder. On the notebook page, Gloria had a long list of numbered questions she had planned to ask him. Mel only had time to read one or two before Gloria asked her first question. “Chad, tell me, how do you like sucking your thumb?”
Chad’s face gave a very faint hint of trouble before his calm, happy expression once again returned. “I have a problem sucking my thumb,” he replied, “my nails are too long to do it properly. I can’t get it into my mouth far enough.”
It was all Mel could do to stifle her giggle. But she managed it. She went back to sitting on her own couch to get further away from him in case she actually did let out any sound.
“Good Chad. Very good. Remember, just stay calm and relaxed. There is no reason to ever get upset about anything here. We just want you to feel happy. Right?”
“Right!” Chad agreed.
Gloria revised her earlier question. “Tell me Chad, how do you feel about sucking on your pacifier, or maybe your bottles, or anything else you may suck on.”
Chad smiled. “I love it. It makes me feel good… especially when something upsets me. It really helps me then.”
“Good Chad. How about at work? Do you ever suck on anything at work?”
“No. Not there. Never there. Even when I get upset. I think my work helps to distract me so I don’t need my pacifier as much.”
“Chad, I want you to know that it’s alright if you feel the need to suck on something at work. Remember, sucking on things makes you feel more comfortable. It sooths you. If you need something to suck on, then just do it. Even if you think it’s going to make you feel more uncomfortable, you’ll find that it really helps. Okay?”
“Okay,” Chad agreed like it was the most normal thing in the world.
Mel was still a bit unnerved by the way he was talking. He was so normal. If she didn’t know any better, she would swear he was wide awake. She had to keep watching his closed eyes to remind her that he was actually fully in a trance.
“Good Chad. Very good,” Gloria said. She glanced down at her notes again. “Now remember Chad, these are just questions to help you feel good. Even though they may bring up some disturbing thoughts, you won’t let those thoughts bother you. You will stay calm and happy and continue to answer as truthfully as you can. Okay?”
“No problem,” Chad said with a smile still on his face. Mel almost giggled again.
“Good Chad. Now I want you to think about the times when Mel has punished you. Stay calm and relaxed, nobody’s punishing you now. That was all in the past. Think about those times. How did you feel?”
“Bad,” Chad replied. “Real bad. I can’t believe how bad it made me feel. It made me cry I felt so bad. I didn’t want Mommy Mel to be disappointed in me in any way, but she was, and I felt so bad about it.”
“Good Chad. Remember, stay calm and relaxed.” She and Mel had exchanged glances at Chad’s mention of Mommy Mel. Obviously, that had been a bigger trigger than she had thought it would be. “Chad, crying is good. Crying is good for you. Don’t be afraid to let it all out and just cry like you need to. It’s a good thing for you to feel bad if Mommy Mel is angry at you. You should feel bad. I want you to feel bad. You can’t help feeling bad when she’s angry. It’s how you learn to feel good. And in the end, you do want to feel good, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Chad replied noncommittally.
“So don’t be afraid to let the crying out Chad. Don’t hold it back. It will help you feel better in the long run. Okay?”
“Okay,” Chad agreed. But he didn’t sound as enthusiastic over it as he did other things.
“Good Chad. Very good,” Gloria crooned again. She glanced down at her notes again, then looked back up at him. “Ok, tell me Chad, do you really like wearing diapers all the time?”
Chad suddenly had a big smile on his face. “Yes!” he answered emphatically. “I love it!”
“Very good, Chad. Why do you love it so much?”
“I just do. It feels so good, especially when they’re wet. And when I’m wetting them, it feels absolutely amazing! Almost like sex… almost. Plus, I never have to bother to go find a bathroom somewhere,” he added.
Gloria and Mel both almost giggled. But Gloria just continued in her usual calming voice. “Good, Chad. Very good. I’m very glad you like it so much. So you like wetting your diapers?”
“Very much,” he replied.
“How about messing in them?”
Chad’s face didn’t look so happy. “No. Not really. Not at all in fact. I wish I didn’t have to, but there’s no way around it. I just can’t help it.”
“Because you’re in diapers all the time?”
Chad shrugged his shoulders. “That… and I can’t control it at all. The suppositories keep me so that I couldn’t stop it even if I tried.”
“Do you often try to stop it?”
He shook his head. “Never. What’s the point? I can’t control it at all because of the suppositories.”
Gloria looked over at Mel who was positively beaming victoriously. Mel actually raised her arms up in the air in a celebratory gesture.
“You’re doing good Chad, very good. Not being able to control it is what you should be feeling. And you’re completely right, there’s no need or even sense in trying. So I don’t want you to bother. Okay?”
Chad shook his head again. “No sense in it. I can’t do it!”
“Good Chad. Very good. I’m glad you like wetting your diapers so much Chad. I’m glad that it feels so good. And it’s going to keep feeling good for you. In fact, you’re going to keep liking it better and better. You won’t ever want to stop. That’s how I want you to feel Chad. Understand?”
Chad had a big smile on his face then. “I love it!” he replied enthusiastically. “I really love it.”
Gloria glanced at Mel to see her face positively beaming. She looked down at the questions she wanted to ask, but decided to skip down to one much further down the page. “Chad, since you like wetting your diapers so much, and since it feels so good for you, how much control over it do you still think you still have?”
Mel leaned forward. This was really the crux of everything!
“Total!” was Chad’s unequivocal answer.
Mel looked closely at him. His eyes were closed, but he also seemed to have a big smile on his face. She must have heard him wrong… or he had misunderstood the question.
Gloria was also confused, his answer wasn’t jiving with anything else he had said before. “What do you mean, total? I thought you couldn’t control your messes and that you loved wetting yourself.”
“That’s right,” Chad replied. “I can’t control my messes at all, not with the suppositories, and I do love wetting myself. But I have total control over my wetting… mostly anyway.”
Chad suddenly looked a bit uncomfortable. “I’ve had some days when I couldn’t control it at all. I couldn’t even seem to find the muscles that control it. And when I did, it was so hard to do. I hated it. I didn’t want to keep trying to control it. But I forced myself to do it.”
“You forced yourself?” Gloria asked. Mel was out of her seat now and practically standing right over him.
Chad nodded. “Yeah. I had to. I can’t hold it as long as I used to, but I’m back up to twenty-eight minutes now.”
“What?” Mel screamed. She was totally surprised, not to mention angry. “What does he mean?”
Gloria quickly kept glancing back and forth between Chad and Mel. Mel was suddenly furious and Chad showed every sign that he was quickly coming out of his trance. “Relax,” she crooned softly. “Just float and relax.” She saw that Mel was about to demand more information. She couldn’t let her spoil things. She quickly got up and put her hands on Mel, silently pleading with her to be quiet, and through it all, she kept telling Chad to relax and repeating the phrases that had put him into a trance in the first place.
Mel sat back on her couch for a moment. But she couldn’t stand it and got up to pace around the room. She needed answers and she wanted them now! But Gloria was now concentrating on trying to keep Chad in his trance, and she was again taking forever! She had to know! She had to know how and why Chad was so intent on relearning to control himself! And she had to know it now! Damn Gloria! She was taking forever. It took every bit of self-control that Mel had to remain silent while she paced.
Gloria worked harder than she had ever worked before to keep her voice calm and relaxing. Chad had been on the very brink of waking up. His eyes had even begun fluttering. He was dropping back again, but slowly. She dared not let him wake up yet or even remain in a light trance. She had to get him deep again… and quickly. And Mel’s pacing wasn’t helping. She could positively feel the furious energy that Mel was putting off.
Finally, Gloria had Chad in a place where she felt safe to leave him for a few minutes. She gave him some instructions to remain quietly relaxed and just enjoy the place he was in for a while. Then she got up and grabbed Mel’s arm and pulled her into her outer office. She closed the door behind them. “What did you think you were doing?” she demanded. “He was almost awake! You’re outburst shocked him so much, it pulled him almost completely out of a remarkably deep trance!”
“I’ve got to know why and how he did it!” Mel returned. And you’ve got to place those suggestions again… the ones that obviously had him completely incontinent before! And then strengthen them. We know that repeating it makes them stronger!”
Gloria shook her head. He’s obviously got some good reason for resisting. Anything that I do will probably have no effect till we find it!”
“Then find it… and get rid of it!” Mel demanded.
Gloria looked at her friend and saw nothing but panic. She got the distinct impression that there was more at stake here for Mel than she realized. Just what that was, she didn’t know… yet. She shook her head again. “Just stay quiet and let me work!”
“I have to know!”
“Then let me do my thing and stay out of the way!”
Mel wasn’t happy, but she agreed. She knew she had to remain quiet and in the background, she just wasn’t happy about it. She wanted to be the one asking the questions. She wanted to grill him like a ripe witness on a witness stand. Make him tell everything. Make him admit things. Make him agree with her point of view… no matter what the actual facts might show. That was the lawyer in her. Sitting back and doing nothing while her life went up in smoke was just not in her. She had to force herself to trust her friend. She held her silence as they walked back into the room where Chad was. She held her silence… along with her anger and desperation.
Gloria started all over again when she got back. Almost as if he wasn’t in a trance at all. She kept taking him deeper and deeper. Over and over again. Not taking any chances with it.
Mel wanted to kick Gloria to get her to get on with it, but she just paced the room as far back from them as she could while Gloria worked.
Finally Gloria felt ready again to continue with the questions. “Chad,” she said. “I’d like to ask you a few more questions again.”
“Okay,” he answered like before.
“Remember Chad. Stay calm and relaxed. There’s nobody here who wants to cause you any trouble for your answers.” She looked up crossly at Mel. Mel turned quickly away to hide her frustration… unsuccessfully. “Remember Chad, answering truthfully will make you feel happy. And you want to be happy right?”
“Yes,” Chad replied. “Very happy.”
“Good Chad. Very good.” She glanced briefly up at Mel again who was now standing next to her. “Chad, you said before that you forced yourself to learn to control yourself again, and it sounds like you’re trying to control yourself for longer and longer periods of time. Is that right?”
“Yes,” Chad replied with his eyes still closed.
“Self-respect, friends, and a life!”
“Huh?” Gloria hadn’t meant to grunt it out loud. She turned to look at her friend and saw Mel’s eyes bulging too. “What do you mean Chad? I thought you really wanted to be incontinent.”
“I do. I really do,” Chad admitted. Maybe next time. But now… I have no friends, no life… and no self-respect at all. When this bet is over, maybe I’ll try to make myself incontinent again. I know I’m going to stay in diapers… I love them. But when this bet is over, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to get back some of my friends, I’m going to get myself some kind of a better life, and I’m going to get back some self-respect for myself!”
Gloria was floored. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he had darn good reasons for doing it.
Mel caught her attention. She tried furiously to silently mouth what she wanted Gloria to do, but Gloria wasn’t getting it. Finally, Mel put her mouth up against Gloria’s ear and whispered. “Give him the suggestions again to make him incontinent! Do it!”
Gloria looked up at her for a few moments. She wasn’t at all sure she should anymore. Self-respect, friends, and a life. Chad had good motives. And Gloria had never been totally sure of her own ethics as far as what she was doing with Chad went. It was one thing when she believed that he really wanted what she was doing to him, but now…
Gloria shook her head and motioned for Mel to sit down on her couch. Mel went, but she seemed to be waiting anxiously. Gloria knew what Mel wanted, but she still hadn’t decided what the best course of action for her was. So she did the best thing she could do under the circumstances. “Chad,” she said, “I’m going to start waking you up now. You’re not going to remember anything we talked about at all. You won’t even remember being in a trance at all...

Chad was a bit confused by Mel’s behavior as they drove back to her office so he could pick up his car. She seemed angry, very angry. Not just at him, but he had the distinct impression she had been angry at Gloria too. Why? Nothing out of the ordinary happened during their therapy session as far as he could tell. Nothing at all. He felt as good as he always did. Didn’t she? He guessed not and wondered what had happened to her. Mel didn’t say two words to him the whole time she was driving. And when she did, it was more like she was snapping at him. Why? He couldn’t even really tell if she was angry at him for something or not.
“See you back at my place,” Mel practically grunted as she pulled up way too fast next to Chad’s car. Chad got out with his purse and diaper bag. Before he could even get his keys out of his purse to get into his own car, Mel was screeching her tires, peeling out of the parking lot recklessly.
Mel was angry as she drove. Angry at Chad. Angry at Gloria. She was too angry to drive straight home, so she sped out to the highway and turned North, pushing her pedal so that the car was going way too fast. There was a word she was searching for that defined perfectly what she was feeling. A word that perfectly described what had been done to her. She just couldn’t for the life of her think of what that word was yet.
As she sped northward, she only thought about the visions in her head of her the beautiful house she was going to buy, burning to the ground. All her newfound hopes and dreams were being ground into dust by some unknown force. What was that word?
Finally, she calmed down enough to at least turn around and head back toward home. It was amazing she hadn’t gotten a speeding ticket. Maybe the police knew that she had a reason for racing so fast. Calmer now, she pulled back off the highway and headed back towards her apartment on the streets she travelled every day. The traffic light in front of her turned from green, to yellow, then very quickly to red. She stopped and stared at the light. And she instantly knew the word she had been searching for. The word that perfectly described her situation. The word that also perfectly described her relationship with every man who had ever entered her life. Deceived!
Once again she had been deceived by a man… even though this time, that man was nothing but a sissy. He had hurt her to the core. More than he would ever know. But then men always turned out to be that way. She should have known.
She parked her car in her parking space and trotted angrily up the stairs. She opened her door. Sissy was there tending to the wash that had been left over from the evening before.
“Welcome back, Mistress,” Chad said as he dropped his usual curtsey.
“Get out! Get out now!” she replied angrily.
Chad’s face turned red with surprise. Obviously she was still angry. He just didn’t know why. He quickly grabbed his purse and diaper bag and beat a swift retreat for his own apartment. What was going on? He didn’t have a clue.

But somewhere… late, late at night… deep in the back of his dreams… he kept hearing a single word shouted in anger. The single word that he heard, was Mel shouting “What?” The word that had almost pulled him completely out of the trance that he didn’t even remember in his dreams.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 5 of 6)

As per Mel’s usual instructions for Thursday evenings, Chad headed straight to her office after work. Andrea actually gasped a bit as he walked into the office. “Well, don’t you look pretty good today,” she commented.
“Thanks,” Chad mumbled, he was a bit embarrassed by her compliment. There were several other people in the office, all of them staring all too interestedly at him. They were making him uncomfortable.
Fortunately, Andrea got right up from her desk. “Let’s get you out of here,” she suggested. Chad followed her back to the usual vacant, but richly appointed office. “You’ve got another bottle yet?” Andrea asked.
“Yeah. Right here,” he replied holding up his pink diaper bag.
“I’ll leave you to it then,” she replied as she closed the door and left him alone.
Chad pulled out the one remaining baby bottle that was still full from his diaper bag, stretched himself out on the comfortable leather couch, and put the bottle to his mouth. His thoughts were far away though as he laid there drinking. Jumbled images ran though his mind. Particularly, he thought about his short encounter with Derek earlier. He felt particularly bad now about everything. Why was he doing all this? The words self-respect, friends, and a life crashed into his brain. That was why he had to win this bet.
But on the other hand… he sighed around the nipple in his mouth as he paused in his drinking to let some air back into the bottle. On the other hand, he was actually living his dream. For real! Unbelievably! Who would have ever thought… Even he hardly believed it. And as much as he wanted to win the bet and all the things that came with winning, he wanted to lose just as much – along with all the things that came with losing.
He could literally feel his sexual need. It had changed over the last month. While it always raged, at times it was starting to move more into the background where he didn’t notice it as much. Sometimes he was almost comfortable with it. But always, he actually enjoyed it. The big problem however, was that he really did want some sexual relief! No matter how much into the background it moved at times.
His baby bottle startled gurgling as he finished the last of it. He put it back into his diaper bag and laid back on the couch. He was living his dream. Yet he wanted his self-respect back too. Which way should he choose? They both called strongly to him. His encounter with Derek filtered back through his mind again, along with how bad he felt about it. Derek was his friend… scratch that! Derek used to be his friend! Not anymore. He didn’t have any real friends anymore. Self-respect, friends, and a life! As much as he wanted his dream, it was too difficult. He had to win this bet!

Mel sat at her desk and leaned back in her chair. Chad was waiting in the next office for her. Andrea had just left for the day. She needed to go in and change Chad’s diapers so they could go and get some dinner before going to see Gloria. But her problem was what Cassie had told her earlier about how Chad had behaved at the gym. Was it wrong? She really wasn’t sure. And then there was the other question that Cassie had brought up, just how much authority should Cassie have over him?
She glanced at her clock, it was running late. Her last few clients had taken more time than she thought they would… a common occurrence. But now she had to deal with Chad… or rather Sissy. Should she punish him? Or was he right in the way he had acted? She just didn’t know. She wasn’t one of those professional dominatrix women she had read so much about lately. They always seemed to know how to deal with everything. She wasn’t a dominatrix, she was a lawyer. This was all new to her. And as much advice as she tried to pick up from the web, she was mostly just winging it on her own.
So what should she do about him? Having no answer, she decided to put the decision off till later. She got up from her seat and headed toward the door to her office. She was going to have to hurry now and changing his diapers was going to take a few more precious minutes. Change his diapers! Yuck! But it was a small price to pay for gaining her dream. She paused as she placed her hand on the door handle leading into the office where Chad was. Should she go ahead and start looking for a house to buy? It was obvious that he had already lost. Maybe she should. There was really no reason why she should put that off any longer.
With a smile, she opened the door to go in and change Sissy’s diapers.

The restaurant was their usual one. Chad did notice however, that this time, the staff didn’t seem to give him as many of their overly curious glances as they usually did. Was he becoming less of a curiosity? The glances he was getting from some of the other customers however, still made him very uncomfortable. He was a bit surprised, not to mention pleased, to notice that Mel didn’t even pull one of his empty baby bottles out and put it on the table – to taunt him. Instead, she just ordered both of them a cup of coffee when the waitress asked what they wanted to drink.
“So how was your day?” Mel asked as they waited for their coffee.
Chad rolled his eyes. “Miserable!”
“Why?” she asked with some surprise.
“I ran into an old friend today. It was the first time I’ve talked to him since this all started. It was very awkward… to say the least.”
Mel nodded. She could only imagine what it must have felt like for Chad… yet strangely, she didn’t have much sympathy for him. This was his dream after all. “And that made your day so miserable?”
“Mostly,” Chad replied.
“So there were other things then?”
Chad shook his head. “Oh, a lot of little things, I guess.”
“Like what?”
“Well… I got felt up today by Robin, for one thing.”
“You what?”
“She can be so conniving sometimes! She started out by complementing my figure, and the next thing I know, her hands were all over my breasts! Damn the woman!”
“Don’t swear!”
“Sorry,” Chad replied contritely.
But Mel was trying to figure out how she felt about Chad’s latest encounter with Robin. On the one hand, Robin was obviously getting more physical with him. But on the other hand it sounded like Chad wasn’t all that happy about it. While she was very annoyed with Robin, she decided to put that on her list of things to think about later too. “Anything else?” she finally asked.
“Ugh!” Chad grunted. “Just the usual mess I guess. All the women at break spend too much time talking about me. And they’re all after me to get my ears pierced now.”
Mel’s attention was suddenly completely on Chad and that situation. Unfortunately, that was when the waitress brought their coffee. Mel ordered Chad his usual huge steak, but she only ordered a chicken salad for herself. There was no way she was ever going to let herself get fat! Finally, the waitress was gone and they could talk again. “So what do you think about getting your ears pierced?”
“I don’t really know. On the one hand, it is kind of exciting. I mean, most women have their ears pierced, don’t they? And I have no doubt I’d probably feel embarrassed as hell about it.”
“Careful with your language!” Mel cautioned.
“Sorry… And I guess earrings would help make me look a bit more feminine… maybe anyway.”
“Maybe,” Mel agreed.
“But… Well, I don’t know that they’re really necessary. And then once I have it done, it would stay done. And when I win this bet, then what would I do?”
“When you win? Aren’t you jumping the gun a bit?”
Chad shook his head and smiled wickedly at her. “I’m not going to lose!” he said overly dramatically.
“We’ll see about that,” Mel returned with a sinister tone in her own voice. They both laughed, but Mel was very conscious of the fact that Chad still didn’t think he could lose. At least not that he was admitting yet. Why was that? “So what are you going to do?” she asked.
“About what?”
“Oh. I don’t know. Shouldn’t that be your decision?”
Mel thought about that for only a moment. Actually, this was falling right in line with her plans for him. “No, I don’t think so,” she replied. “I think you should decide. I’m going to leave that totally up to you!”
Chad was surprised. Up to him? Now what was he going to do?
Mel stared at him. He obviously had a dilemma to figure out. But by making him decide what to do, it was more like he was now feminizing himself instead of her doing it to him. She wanted him to get to the point where he was pushing himself, adding his own humiliations, not just her. And obviously, he was starting to get there. That tiny spark of progress made their dinner much more enjoyable to Mel.
When their meals finally arrived, Chad dug in quickly. He was famished and the steak was great. Mel almost laughed at the look of pure enjoyment on his face the moment he took his first bite. But Chad’s fast eating didn’t last long. Mel was actually very surprised when a short while later, he looked at her with a pained expression on his face. “I can’t eat another bite,” he complained.
Mel looked at his plate. More than half his steak was still there. “What’s wrong?” she asked with total concern.
“I’m too full!”
“You’re full?”
“Yeah! Well, with all the baby food you’ve been making me eat lately, and now this darn waist cincher squeezing my stomach, I can’t seem to eat as much as I could before.”
“You can’t?”
“Chad shook his head.”
“So you’re going to waste most of your dinner?”
Chad looked really crestfallen. “I hate doing it. It really tastes great. But I just can’t eat another bite!”
“That’s all you’re going to get tonight. So if you can’t eat, then you can’t eat.”
While Mel finished her dinner, Chad sat and just sipped at his coffee while they talked. He tried to take a few more bites of his steak, but his stomach just felt too full to eat much more.
“So is it tomorrow that your divorce will be final?” Mel asked at one point.
Chad set his coffee cup down. “Yeah,” he admitted. “I’ve been trying not to think about it.”
“Is it bothering you?”
He shrugged. “A little… maybe more than a little. Like I said, I’ve been trying not to think about it.”
“How come?”
He let out a big frustrated sigh. “Because I’m such a failure! It’s all my fault!”
“Do you really think you’re a failure?”
“Well, look at me!”
She shook her head. “I don’t think you’re a failure at all. I just think that you and your wife couldn’t come to an agreement over your desires. That’s all.”
“Ex wife!”
She nodded, slightly amused. “Ex wife. Under different circumstances, I think that the right woman would be lucky to have you.”
“Yeah right!” Chad replied, obviously not agreeing at all.
“So do you want to celebrate it tomorrow? Some people are glad when it’s all over.”
He shook his head. “No. I’m really not happy at all. I’m just trying to forget it and move on with my life instead.”
She nodded her head again. “Moving on sounds like a good plan. I’m not so sure about forgetting it though.”
“It hurts to think about.”
“You loved her?”
“I guess so.”
“You guess so?”
“I know I did once. It’s just… my stupid, fucked up, sexual needs! I can’t control them. And she couldn’t accept them. So all we did was to argue and hate each other over them. In the end, I think I started hating her. She just couldn’t understand. Nobody can.”
Mel very much wanted to say that she was trying to understand. But she let it go unsaid. A few minutes later though, as she was paying the bill, she took one last glance at the huge amount of steak still left on his plate. Under any other circumstances, her comment would only have caused scorn and resentment, but in this case, it was probably one of the few things to take Chad’s mind off of his troubles. She put a sly smile on her face as she said, “Maybe we should be ordering from the children’s menu for you from now on!”
Chad blushed furiously. He could only imagine how humiliating it would be to have to order all his meals out from a children’s menu – from then on.