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The Bet - Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 4 of 6)

Chad sat at his desk and worked, but as much as his mind was focused on his work, it was equally focused on the fact that Cassie had shoved two suppositories up inside of him instead of only one. He had enough trouble every day with just the one. Would two make things even worse? He had only eaten a small salad for lunch today, trying even harder to keep less food in his system than usual. More food meant more mess, and he didn’t really want that at all. He didn’t mind it so much at night, but during the day he was around way too many people. Having smelly, messy diapers was not a good thing during the day… even if his girdle did keep everybody from knowing – so far.
He again felt the urge to wet himself and as usual, started holding back as he checked the time on his watch. He had already wet his diapers once since lunch, but it wasn’t surprising anymore that he would have to pee again so soon since his waist cincher was compressing his bladder, along with everything else.
But a few minutes later, he stopped all work on his computer as he felt the first afternoon signs that he would be messing himself very soon. Two suppositories in his system. Damn! He not only didn’t think about holding back when the pains came again, he actively pushed this time. Two suppositories! Maybe it would be better to get it all out of him at once… if he could. He stood up so that there would be less resistance for it all and immediately felt the slushy mass sliding out of him, into his diapers. From there it was all forced to spread out and travel around him as it tried to find whatever room it could make for himself inside of his diapers. Major yuck!
He breathed a sigh of relief as it ended. He felt lucky, it hadn’t felt any worse than it usually did. But would he be subjected to more later? With two suppositories, that was a distinct worry today. He’d just have to wait and see. He sat down in his chair very gingerly. He felt the mess compressing and moving inside his diapers a bit more as he did so. Yuck!
Not being in the mood to concentrate on his work, he opened the spreadsheet he used to track his progress for the bet. Next to yesterday’s date, he filled in 26 minutes. It was the same amount of time he had filled in for the day before. No progress at all! He sighed with frustration. Was twenty six minutes very good? He just wasn’t sure.
He noticed that there were still thirty six days left that he would have to struggle. Thirty six days of pure hell – as he now knew. He thought again about the mess that had just come out of him – into his diapers. He would be wearing that for the rest of the afternoon – ugh! Yet it thrilled him deep down too. Despite the problems and the humiliations, he was still living his dreams – and then some. He was taking advantage of an opportunity that very few others had ever experienced. He just wished that he could get some sexual relief through his experiences… at least occasionally.
But would it be better to just give in and try to become incontinent? Let Mel win the bet? Live the dream, perhaps forever? It was very tempting, but he had been through those thoughts before. Despite the allure, he knew he had to somehow win the bet… not that he really had any chance of losing.
The mess in his backside was becoming its usual background irritation now. He closed his spreadsheet and opened up his work project again so his mind would have something better to dwell on. Back to work.

Mel stopped for a moment in the hallway just outside her office to check her hair in the decorative mirror hung on the wall there. But looking in the mirror reminded her of something that had been bothering her all day. She looked back at Andrea’s desk and the waiting room beyond. There were no customers in the building just then. “Hey Andrea,” she called as she stepped into the middle of the hallway.
“Am I getting fat?”
Andrea looked at her like she was crazy. “You? Fat? You’ve got to be kidding!”
Mel looked down at her body and ran her hands lightly down her dress as if smoothing it. She looked back up at Andrea with a smile on her face. “Thanks,” she replied happily, then turned toward her office. But two steps later, she turned back again. “Hey Andrea.”
“What are you doing Sunday?”
Her office assistant shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing much. Why?”
“You said you were interested in seeing Sissy in some of those clothes we got him. Do you want to come for dinner then?”
“Really?” Andrea asked, suddenly excited.
“Really,” Mel replied.
“Great! I’d love to. Just me, or will anyone else be there?”
Mel thought about that for just a second. “Um… probably a couple of my neighbors too… if you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind at all. Like I said, I’d love to.”
“Good,” Mel replied with a bigger smile on her face. “We’ll plan on it then.”

“Break time!” Robins voice called from the entrance to Chad’s cubicle.
Chad turned around. “I don’t think I want to go. But thanks.”
Robin shook her head and walked into his cubicle. She reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling on it. “I’m going to break you of this stupid phobia if it’s the last thing I do!”
“Come on… or I’ll get everybody back here to drag you down there again.”
Chad groaned in frustration. What was it with women? They all wanted to make his life miserable. But clearly, Robin wasn’t giving him a choice. He let her pull him to his feet and followed her meekly out, praying all the while that the second suppository in his system wouldn’t make matters any worse.
They reached the break room without any mishaps or humiliations, but the moment they walked through the door, Chad stopped short. There was a man at the coffee pot, pouring his coffee. And Chad knew him well. He was one of Chad’s friends… or had been… before! Derek!
“Come on,” Robin said as she realized he had stopped moving.
But Chad didn’t want to move. He wanted to go back to his desk where he could hide.
“Come on,” Robin urged again and pulled on his arm.
He followed her, but slowly. Derek hadn’t noticed him yet. Could he get out of there without his friend seeing him? He had no illusions about how unlikely that would be. He stood right behind Robin as he waited his turn at the coffee pot, as if he was hiding behind her, hoping that Derek wouldn’t see past her… to him. But Derek finished fixing his coffee… and turned… and the two locked eyes, for just a moment. Chad clearly saw the shock on Derek’s face. Chad immediately looked down at the floor in embarrassment. He didn’t want to have to face his friend – make that former friend… let alone talk to him. But Derek wasn’t moving away. Chad was aware that Robin wasn’t moving either. He was also very aware of the complete silence between all of them. He chanced a quick glance up. Derek was still staring at him as he took a sip from the coffee in his hand.
“I’ve seen you around,” Derek said, “from a distance anyway. And of course I’ve heard all about you from everyone else. But this is the first time I’ve seen you up close. I’ve got to say, even up close you look surprisingly…” He shook his head, searching for a word.
“Stupid?” Chad offered softly.
“Not exactly the word I was looking for. But the word… ‘fair’ comes to mind.”
Chad blushed a bit. “Thanks,” he replied. Why wasn’t Derek leaving? Didn’t he have any idea how awkward this was?
“Are you going to get some coffee?” Derek asked.
“Yeah,” Chad replied.
Derek took a step back. “I’ll wait then.”
What was Derek doing? Did he want to talk? Chad couldn’t believe it. He was aware that Robin had moved away a few feet and was watching them. He cast a quick glance at her before he grabbed a cup and started filling it with hot coffee. He should have fought harder with Robin before he let her drag him down here. This was a big mistake!
With his coffee cup filled, he turned toward Derek again. Derek turned and started walking toward the tables. With a quick glance at a wide-eyed Robin, Chad meekly followed. He chose a seat across the table from where Derek had sat down.
“So how come?” Derek asked. “I thought we were friends… somewhat anyway. Then suddenly… this! And you never gave any indication of it earlier - to anyone, as far as I know.”
Chad shrugged. “It’s all just too embarrassing for me.”
“And still you’re doing this? Living like this? I guess you’re living like this, aren’t you?”
Chad only nodded. He took a sip of his coffee for comfort.
Chad shook his head. “It’s complicated.”
“I’m sure. Of that I have no doubt!”
“Well, just believe it, it is complicated,” Chad repeated, unwilling to go any further into that issue.
This time it was Derek’s turn to shake his head. “You can’t imagine my surprise when I heard. Everyone was surprised. Nobody believed it. And then I saw you from a distance. I still couldn’t really believe it… not for a while anyway. And now… well, look at you!”
“Yeah, I know.” This was so awkward!
“And you never mentioned anything to anyone!”
“Sorry,” Chad mumbled contritely, letting their conversation fall into an awkward silence for a while.
“So are you planning on getting a sex change or something?”
Chad was a bit shocked. “No. Not at all.”
“So you’re just doing it then… for the fun of it?”
Chad shook his head yet again. “No… well, kind of… it’s complicated! Very complicated.”
“But you won’t explain it to me?”
“I can’t!” Chad couldn’t take it anymore. “Look,” he said as he got to his feet. “I’m sorry. I really am. But it’s hard for me to explain.” He took two steps away and stopped. He turned back to his former friend again. “Oh, and thanks. Thanks for being somewhat nice to me… or at least not hitting me. This is just too embarrassing for me.” And with that, Chad hurried out of the break room back toward his desk.
The encounter with Derek had been very unnerving. He was only glad that Derek had been as nice as he was. He should have been far more angry!
Chad wasn’t back at his desk two minutes when Robin came hurrying in. “What did he say?” she asked breathlessly.
Chad blinked up at her in surprise. He hadn’t expected to see her so soon. “Not much,” Chad replied.
“What did you say?”
“Not much either.”
“Damn you! You must have said something! Both of you! So how did it go at least?”
Chad thought for a moment. “Awkward.”
Robin leaned against his desk. “Yeah, I’m sure it was. In fact, I could see that from the moment you got there.” Robin stared at him for a moment, waiting to see if he would say anything else, but Chad just sat there and remained mute. Men! Then never want to talk about anything interesting! And she was sure that their conversation would have been juicy for sure. Finally, she smiled and pulled herself away from his desk. Her comment as she sauntered out, was one of the jokes that the women had been bantering around their table the whole time Chad and Derek were talking. “I’ll bet he thinks your sexy now!”
“Get out of here!” Chad returned playfully.
Robin turned her head just before she disappeared around the corner. She had a sly grin on her face as she unleashed one of the other jokes. “I wonder if he has a crush on you?”
Chad rolled his eyes as Robin disappeared. Women! All they ever did was to make his life miserable! So why did he envy them so much?

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