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Revenge - Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 2
Late in the morning, his phone rang again.  “Oh Stevie….”
“Shit!” he thought to himself.
Once again, Monica was waiting for him when he got down to the shipping department.  Only this time, Diane was with her too.  Diane looked like she was ready to giggle again at any moment, but at least she was remaining quiet…for now.  Once again, he was led to a back area where they could be private, and Monica and now Diane as well stood in front of him and waited. 
Steve searched his brain for any possible way out of it but quickly realized he had no choice.  With his face growing red before he even started, he undid his belt and lowered his pants to his knees.  “Oh God!” he mentally screamed.  “This is soooo humiliating!  Can’t it please stop?”
“Your shoes,” Monica said to him as he stood there.
She didn’t have to say anything else.  Steve quickly slipped his shoes off so they could see the red nail polish on his toes.  He felt like such a child standing there in front of the two women, with is pants around his knees, completely exposing the frilly pink panties he was wearing again along with the garter belt and stockings.  He felt like a child…and a complete sissy. 
He was about to start into an explanation for the women, although he still wasn’t quite sure what he was going to say, but Monica interrupted.  “Stop holding your hands in front of you!” she ordered.  “We want to see your pretty panties.”
Steve blushed even more as he moved his hands to his sides.  He had unconsciously been holding his hands in front of himself to cover up what he could.  Could things get any worse?  He certainly didn’t think so.  But then Diane’s giggling started leaking out again and he realized that things were definitely still getting worse.
“Well?” Monica finally said.  “We’re waiting.  Tell us Stevie, why were you wearing those things for our date Saturday night?”
The time had finally come, and Steve still didn’t have a clue as to how it had happened.  He felt like such a fool standing there.  He had no doubt he looked like a fool too.  His answer came out a bit stammered.  “The truth is…I just…I…I don’t know how I got into those clothes.”  Then he finally blurted out.  “They’re not mine!  I didn’t do it!  I don’t understand it!”  Both Monica and Diane were staring at him unbelievingly.  “It’s the truth,” he added.
Diane looked over at Monica, “You know, you’re absolutely right.  Having him tell us while dressed like that makes it very easy to see when something doesn’t sound right.”
“I told you, didn’t I,” Monica replied.  Then she turned to Steve.  “Stevie, look at you.  Obviously you were wearing them…just like you are right now.  We know you had to have bought them yourself, and the only reason for it is that you wanted to wear them.”  She turned to Diane, “Am I right?”
“That’s about the way I see it,” she agreed. 
“But…” Steve stammered.
“Stop it!” Monica admonished.  Then she got angry again.  “And keep those hands away from in front of you.  I don’t know what we’re going to do with you.  I should broadcast this to everybody in the entire company.  And now that Diane knows too, she can back me up.  There isn’t anybody who won’t believe us.”
“Please, no…” Steve pleaded.  He felt his life going straight down the drain.
“Your hands!” Monica’s voice whipped angrily again.  “Stop covering yourself!” 
“Wait a minute,” Diane interrupted.  Then she ran out of the room.  A minute later she was back with a roll of tape.  She walked around behind Steve and roughly pulled his hands behind his back and quickly taped them together.  “There,” she said, sounding very satisfied with herself.  “That should hold them out of the way for a few minutes.”  But then she got another idea and stooped down and pulled on Steve’s pants so that he had to step completely out of them, leaving him even more exposed.
The look of approval was evident on Monica’s face.  “Good idea, Diane.  Now we just have to decide what to do about our little sissy here.  What’s the fastest way to broadcast this around?”
But Diane had a different question.  “I’m just surprised that he wore the same panties he did yesterday.  And I’ll bet he didn’t even wash them.”
“Oh, that’s my fault,” Monica explained.  “I told him he had to wear exactly what he was wearing for our date Saturday night.”
“Oh,” Diane replied, looking a bit disappointed.  Then she giggled again.  “I was kind of hoping to see what other panties he had in his collection.”
It was as if a light bulb went on over Monica’s head.  She turned toward Steve.  “Now that’s a really good question.”
“But I don’t have any other panties,” Steve said quickly.  “These aren’t even mine.”
“Stevie, I think we’ve already established that they must be, don’t you think?”  Then she turned toward Diane, “What do you think Diane, should we see what else Sissy Stevie has in his collection?”
“Definitely!” Diane answered quickly.  Then she giggled again.  “I can’t wait.”
“Okay, Stevie.  Tomorrow we want to see some different panties.  In fact, on Friday too we’d like to see another pair on you.”  She smiled wickedly at him.  “I’m sure someone like you must have lots of very pretty panties to show us.”
Diane was giggling non-stop again. 
Steve couldn’t believe his ears.  “But I don’t have any!” he protested. 
“We really don’t believe you,” Monica replied.  “But in the event that’s true, then I guess you’ll just have to get some.” 
Steve stared back in disbelief.  “But I can’t…”
“Stevie, you’ve done it before, now haven’t you.  Oh, and Stevie, wear something really frilly again for us, okay?  We don’t want to see anything boring.”
Steve shook his head while Diane giggled uncontrollably.  He couldn’t believe it.  Finally he asked.  “Can I go now?” 
“Yeah,” Monica replied.  “Till tomorrow.” 
Steve turned a bit and held out his hands that were taped behind him, waiting for someone to release him so he could get dressed again.  Diane stepped forward, still giggling, to release him, then she stopped and started giggling even louder.  Instead of releasing his hands, she grabbed his pants and held them out for him to step into – backwards.
“But they’re backwards,” Steve protested.
“I know,” Diane giggled, still holding the pants.  “Would you rather I took them to somewhere else in the building and you can go try to find them dressed the way you are?”  She giggled again.
Reluctantly, Steve put one leg in then the other and let Diane pull his pants up on him backwards.  He felt her struggling to fasten the pants and his belt behind him.  Then she held out his shoes for him – next to the wrong feet.  With an angry sigh, he slipped them awkwardly on.
The next thing he knew, both girls were pushing him toward the door.  They stopped just before they got out of the shipping department.  “Hold still,” Diane told him.  Steve felt something cutting the tape holding his hands, and then he was roughly shoved through the doorway and out into the hallway beyond.  He could hear lots of laughter coming from the closed door behind him.  But as angry and humiliated as Steve felt, he only had one main thought on his mind – where was the nearest men’s room so he could fix his pants!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

All afternoon, Steve kept himself hidden in his cubicle as much as possible so there’d be less chance of anyone seeing his stocking covered ankles.  Fortunately, he didn’t think anyone had seen his backwards pants…he didn’t think anyway.  He didn’t even go for lunch so that no one would notice.  But his boss, Mr. Carter noticed the change in his behavior.  “Steve,” he said as he ducked his head into Steve’s cubicle.
Steve turned his head, but kept his legs far under his desk.  “Yes sir,” he replied.
“Are you sure you’re feeling alright?  You seem awfully quiet today.  Do you need to take a few days off?”
Steve didn’t have to think much to answer that one.  He had been thinking about it a lot for the last few hours.  “Yeah,” he replied, “I do want to take a few days.  But the way I’m feeling…I think it’s making me get a bit behind on this project.  And if I don’t finish this part of it soon, then it could cost us a bunch.”
“Is that why I noticed you didn’t even take your lunch today?”
“Uh…yeah,” Steve replied, although that wasn’t the real reason at all. 
“Keep at it then,” Mr. Carter replied.  “I appreciate your dedication.”
As quickly has he had shown up, Mr. Carter was gone again.  He hadn’t intended it, but suddenly Steve realized he was looking better in his boss’s eyes.  He was more hopeful for a promotion than ever.  But first chance he could get, maybe next week after this part of the project was done, he was going to take some time off.
After work, Steve realized he had to do some shopping.  Shopping for things he’d much rather not be buying.  But he went home first to quickly change out of the dreaded stupid underwear he had been forced to wear for several days now.  Once again feeling confident and more like himself, he set out for the mall. 
Inside the mall, he wandered around a bit, more looking at the women there than anything else.  “Where do women buy underwear?” he wondered.  A few minutes later, the obvious choice was right in front of him.  But he wasn’t smiling about it.  Victoria’s Secret was a place for women, not men.  He was embarrassed to be seen just walking into the store.  But he didn’t feel like he had much of a choice, so in he went.
“May I help you?” the saleswoman asked.
He had barely gotten thought the door and looked around.  Since she had gotten to him so quickly, he figured that they must not get many men in there.  It made him feel even more nervous.  “Um…I’m looking for some panties,” he stammered.  He felt himself blushing as he said it. 
“Of course,” the shapely blonde saleswoman replied as she immediately began leading him toward the back of the store.  “We have lots of those.”  She walked him over to a table at the rear of the store that was piled with panties in all sizes, styles, shapes, and colors.  “What size does she wear?”
Steve immediately realized that the woman thought he was buying them for someone else, and relief washed all through him.  But then her question sank in further.  “Size?” he asked.  “I don’t have any idea.”
But the saleswoman was still trying to be helpful.  “Well, for the future, it would really help if you noticed such things.  It makes it so much easier.”
“Uh…yeah, I can see that,” he replied.
“Well, is she about my size?” she asked.
“Um…”  Steve looked at the saleswoman and tried to figure out what to say.  She was certainly well built.  He made a mental note to hang around that store more often.  But he had to be practical at the moment.  “I think she’s a bit smaller, and narrower in the hips…I think.”
“Uh huh,” the woman replied as if she knew exactly.  Steve silently hoped that she didn’t really know exactly.  Then she led him further down the long table toward the stacks at the end.  “How about any of these?” she asked. 
Steve began looking through the huge pile of panties.  Which ones should he pick? 
“Are they for anything special?” the woman asked. 
“Umm…kind of.” Steve replied.
“Ah,” she replied.  “Then how about these?”  She pulled a frilly pair of silky purple ones out of the pile and spread them out.  “Or these,” she said, reaching for a yellow pair and laying them next to the purple ones.”
Steve looked at them both.  Should he really buy two pair in the same store?  The salesgirl was only expecting him to buy one.  What would she think?  “Um…maybe I should take both,” he finally said.
“Excellent!  I’m sure she’ll love them.”
Steve inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.  Now all he had to do was to pay for them and get out of there.
“Will there be anything else?”
Steve wanted to say no.  He tried to say no.  But instead, there was this terrible nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he really needed to buy something more.  The word, “Stockings!” finally blurted out of his mouth.  Why, he didn’t know.  He certainly didn’t want another pair.  And Monica hadn’t mentioned anything at all about him wearing stockings again…just the panties.  “The kind that goes with a garter belt,” he suddenly found himself adding.
“Oh, very good,” the saleswoman practically purred.  Then she led him over to another case and opened one of the drawers exposing lots of different kinds.  “Does she have a garter belt?” she asked.
“Yeah, she does,” Steve was able to answer easily.  At least he didn’t have to buy that too.  But why did he feel he had to buy another pair of stockings?
As she flipped through the various kinds in the drawer for Steve to see, his eyes lighted on one particular box that held fishnets.  Unfortunately, his hand seemed to be reaching out for that box too.  Why?  He really didn’t want them. 
But the salesgirl seemed to be fairly impressed.  “Oh my, you’re planning some fun this weekend, aren’t you?”
“Uh, yeah.  Really,” Steve answered nervously.
He was very glad to get out of there and finally go home.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---
The next day, he wore the purple panties and fishnet stockings.  He wanted desperately not to wear the stockings, but he somehow couldn’t stop himself from putting them on.  At least this time he managed to wear socks over them to hide his ankles.
Once he got to work, he wanted to get things over with as soon as possible.  So fairly early, he phoned down to the shipping department.  “Hi Monica.”
“Stevie.  You called!”
“Yeah.  Uh…can we get this over with now?  I kind of have a lot of work coming at me today.”
Monica thought for a minute.  “Sure.  I don’t mind.  I hope you have something pretty to show us.  Can’t wait, huh?”
“Uh…something like that.”
A little while later, he was once again standing in front of Monica and Diane.  Still feeling embarrassed about it, he quickly lowered his pants to his knees.
“Fishnets!” Diane screamed so loudly that Steve worried everyone in the building had heard it.  Monica was staring equally surprised. 
Steve’s face was suddenly turning redder than before.  “Uh, do you need me to take my shoes off to see the nail polish?  It’s still there from yesterday.”
Monica finally found her voice.  “No, not this time.”  She couldn’t seem to stop staring at what he was wearing.  She finally turned to Diane, “I think he may be even more of a sissy than we thought.”
It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing Steve wanted to hear.  “I’m not…” he started to argue.
Diane interrupted him, “What do you mean, you’re not?  Stevie, it’s very obvious!”
Steve quickly realized that he wasn’t going to win that argument, not under the circumstances.  He just wanted to get out of there.  “Can I go now?  I’ve got a lot of work to do.”
Monica stared at him for a few more seconds.  “Yeah,” she finally said.  “See you tomorrow.”  As she and Diane headed out the door, Steve heard her saying, “I never would have thought.”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Just before he was about to get up and leave for lunch, his boss, Mr. Carter walked into his cubicle.  “Steve, I hate to spring this on you now, but I really need your help.”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“I need you to look over this report right away and write up your suggestions.  I need it quick, so if you have to take a late lunch, do it.”
Steve was a bit surprised, but the request was not all that unusual.  “Sure,” he replied as he took the report that Carter handed him.  “I’ll put it on your desk as soon as I can.”
“Thanks Steve.  I appreciate it,” his boss said as he walked out.  Steve noted that he was heading for the elevator – probably for his own lunch.
Steve got down to the task ahead of him right away, but his normal lunch hour was nearly over by the time he finished and headed to the elevator to take him down to the parking lot.  He got into his car and started the engine, but before he pulled out of his parking space, he waited until another car drove past him and pulled into an empty space not far away.  As he watched, he noticed that Monica was driving the car, and it looked like Diane was with her.  “The bitches!” he said softly to himself.  He continued to watch them as they got out of the car together and headed into the building.  “Damn bitches!” he muttered angrily once again, never taking his eyes off them. 
He turned his engine off and quietly got out of his car.  After looking around to see if anyone else was watching, he quickly ran across the empty space to the row of cars across from him, then he ducked down so he could remain hidden as he carefully made his way toward Monica’s car.  When he got there, he let all the air out of her right front tire, then he let all the air out of her right rear tire.  With two flat tires, she was going to have a much harder time getting home. 
Smiling to himself and feeling very satisfied, he carefully made his way back to his car and went to lunch – which he enjoyed much more than usual.
That night, he slept very well, knowing that in just a small way he had gotten back at that bitch Monica.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve slept well, but his body was up and doing things he wasn’t aware of as Karen once again logged into the computer and entered Susan’s email address.

Dear Susan,

Steve did something really awful today.  I really wanted to stop him, but you told me to not do anything for a while and just sit back and watch.

Karen then described exactly what Steve had done.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

A time zone away, Susan was delighted to see that there was an email from Karen.  But what she read bothered her and brought back memories of what Steve had done to her in high school.  Obviously, Steve hadn’t really changed all that much since then.  And she really felt that what he had done shouldn’t go unpunished.
She quickly wrote back to Karen.

Dear Karen,

Here’s exactly what I want you to do….

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

Steve woke up earlier than usual.  The problems he had been through the day before were still weighing heavily on his mind.  He was only surprised he had been able to sleep at all.  When he opened his medicine cabinet, he wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the bottle of red nail polish once again on the shelf – right next to the bottle of remover he had bought and thrown away.  He still hadn’t figured out how any of it was happening.  He was seriously beginning to believe in magic, or voodoo, because that’s more like what it seemed had happened to his body last night at the gym.  Someone else was controlling him like a voodoo doll.  He made a mental note to look into that further. 
After he shaved though, it was time to make his big decision.  Should he wear the panties and stockings like Monica had demanded, or should he just blow her off and call her bluff?  Would she really tell everybody?  The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that she would tell.  His reputation in the company would be ruined…not to mention that he’d probably never be able to date any of the women there again.  “Shit!” he exclaimed out loud as he resigned himself to having to do it. 
He finally reached into his drawer and pulled out the overly frilly panties.  They felt light and smooth against his skin as he put them on.  The stockings were next.  He sat on the bed and struggled awkwardly to draw them up his legs.  They felt incredibly smooth and soft…and embarrassing.  It took him several tries to figure out how to attach them to the garter belt properly.  He silently thanked the women he had dated in the past who had worn the sexy things for him.  Without them, he never would have figured it out.
His new underwear felt odd to him.  He quickly covered up the stockings with a pair of heavy socks to make sure nobody would see them.  How could he have gone out before and not even known he wasn’t wearing socks?  Black magic – of course. 
Finally dressed in his own clothes on top, he surveyed himself in the mirror.  He didn’t feel much like smiling or admiring himself this time.  He dreaded too much the day ahead of him.  At least nobody could see what he was wearing underneath.  He turned toward the door and left for work.
Despite how busy he was in the office, he couldn’t stop dwelling on the overly feminine underwear he was wearing, and even more so on the strange things that had been happening to him.  Should he call Monica?  Or should he wait until she called him?  He finally decided that he was going to put it off as long as he could.
But Monica called him late in the morning.  “Oh Steeevie…” she said into the phone in a taunting sing-song voice.  “You haven’t called.  Are you avoiding me?”
Steve swallowed hard.  “Uh…not really, I’ve just been busy here.”
“Listen Stevie, I’m sure you’re not too busy to come down and see me for a few minutes.  “Are you?”
“Now?” Steve asked, hoping it could wait.
“Now!” Monica replied sternly. 
“Ummm…let me see if I can get away.”
“Now!” Monica repeated.  “Or would you like me to arrange to have some of the other girls with me when you come down later?”
“No, no!” Steve replied quickly.  “I’m on my way.”
He hung up the phone and made his way down toward the shipping room, thinking all the way down about what a bitch Monica was!  It was all so stupid!
When he got to the shipping department, Monica was waiting for him.  “Hi Stevie,” she said in the same sing-song voice she had used on the phone.  “Come on back with me.”  Once again she led him back to a place where they could be private.  She stood in front of him and said, “I think you have something to show me?”
Steve felt so uncomfortable standing in front of her.  What he was about to do was so embarrassing!  He looked around again to make sure they couldn’t be seen.  “Fine!” he said.  “Let’s get this over with.”  He undid his belt and pants and pulled them down, exposing his panties, garter belt and stockings.  He saw Monica smile.  He felt so humiliated, and it was obvious that the bitch was really enjoying this.  Did she have to just stand there, waiting, looking at him like that?  He wanted badly to pull his pants up again.  He had no doubt his face was more than a bit red. 
He was about to start trying to explain why he had been wearing them the other night, although he still didn’t know exactly what he was going to say, when she suddenly spoke.  “Take your shoes off,” she demanded before he got two words out.
“Take your shoes off.”
“My shoes?  Why?”
“Because I want to see your nail polish.”
“What?  But I didn’t….”
“Stevie, don’t tell me you’re not wearing any.”
“You didn’t say anything about that yesterday!” Steve countered.
“I told you to be wearing exactly what you wore Saturday night.  Didn’t I?”
“Well, yeah.  But I didn’t think that included…”
“I saw you wearing red nail polish on your toes Saturday night.  But you’re not wearing it today.  Stevie, you didn’t follow my instructions.” 
But Monica was already turning toward the door behind her, and before Steve could say another word, she called, “Diane….  Do you have a minute, please?”
“No, no,” Steve pleaded.  “Please don’t.”  He was panicked and didn’t know what to do.  “I promise I’ll wear it tomorrow.”
Monica glanced from the doorway back to him, trying to decide what to do.  She didn’t see Diane yet, but the compromise was an easy one to decide on.  “You lose Stevie,” she said with a mischievous smile.  “You didn’t do what I told you to.”
“But…please…” Steve pleaded as he pulled his pants back up before Diane could see him. 
“Tell you what,” Monica told him, “you show Diane what you’re wearing right now, and then do it again properly tomorrow, or I’ll have every girl in this company all over you before the day is over.  What do you think?”
Steve’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head.  “Monica…I can’t.  That’s crazy!” 
Monica turned back to the door as Diane approached.  “What’s up?” Steve heard Diane ask.
Panic set in again.  “Okay, I’ll do it,” he blurted out quickly.
Monica turned quickly back to him for a moment and smiled wickedly.  Then she walked out to intercept Diane for a moment.  “Shit!” Steve said to himself as he heard the two women whispering right outside the door.  Unfortunately, he also heard Diane giggling.  “Shit!” he said again.  He glanced around for another way out, but there was none.  He was stuck and he knew it. 
Monica and Diane walked back in together.  Monica looked very confident, but Diane was obviously trying to control her giggling.  All Steve could really see though, was two bitches standing in front of him as he stood there very red-faced.  
“Well?” Monica finally said as the two women stared at him, waiting.
“Shit!” Steve said again as he forced himself to lower his pants to show off his frilly underwear. 
Diane nearly went into a hysterical fit while she did her best to control her laughing.  Steve’s face went even redder than it did before.  Finally he asked.  “Please, can I go now?”
“Yeah, you can go,” Monica replied while Diane was still laughing.  But remember…tomorrow!”
“Yeah,” Steve replied angrily as he quickly pulled his pants up again. 
“Oh and Stevie,” Monica continued.  “No socks at work tomorrow.”
“What?”  Steve was caught totally off guard.  This bitch was crazy for sure.  “But I can’t!  Not at work!”
“You weren’t wearing any Saturday.  If you could do it then, then I don’t see why you can’t do it tomorrow.”  
Diane behind her was laughing louder than before and Steve’s face was growing even redder.  “But I can’t!”
Instead of answering, Monica began pulling Diane out of the room with her.  But she turned back toward Steve before she was totally out of sight.  She mouthed the word, “Socks,” and just shook her finger as if to say, “No, no, no.” 
With one last parting smile, the two women were gone.  Gone but still heard as they both walked away laughing loudly.  “The bitches!” Steve cursed again as he fastened the belt on his pants.  “The damn bitches!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The following morning, Steve was cursing over and over again as he got ready for work.  Worse, he was going to be very late.  How was he to know how difficult it was to put nail polish on his toenails?  Plus, how was he to know how long it took to dry?  As far as he could see, it looked the same when it was wet as it did when it finally dried.  He was starting to develop a nasty hatred for all women – two women in particular – and one of them especially. 
And Monica had “demanded” that he not wear socks today, but enough was enough!  He wasn’t about to let anybody else find out what he was wearing under his clothes.  He quickly slipped on a pair of the longest socks he could find before he put his shoes on.  He knew he could just remove them before he saw Monica and then put them back on again later.  Her demands were getting just a bit too much!
Once again feeling hugely embarrassed, he hurried to work, praying nobody would mention how late he was. 
But his boss did notice.  “Steve, what happened?  I was starting to get worried.  You’ve never been late before.”
“Sorry, Mr. Carter,” Steve replied.  He really hated being late for anything.  “I just had a few little problems this morning.”
His boss looked at him oddly.  “Are you feeling alright?  Yesterday you seemed a bit off, and today you look the same.  Are you coming down with anything?”
Steve shook his head.  “I guess I really haven’t been myself for the last few days,” he agreed.  “But I’m okay.  I’ll get over it.”  Could his boss somehow know about what had happened, or what he was wearing at that moment?
“Do you need to take a day or two off to get over whatever it is?” Mr. Carter asked.
“I don’t think so,” Steve started, then he stopped and looked straight at his boss.  “You know, maybe that would be a good idea.”  Then he thought of something else, “But this project deadline we have….  I don’t know.  It’s awfully important.”  He sighed.
Mr. Carter nodded.  “Let me know what you decide.  If you’re not feeling well, then we’ll try to arrange for you to take a few days if you need it.  We don’t want whatever it is to spread around the company.”
No chance of that, Steve thought as he made his way to his desk.  But the idea of taking a few days off to sort things out did sound really good.  But doing it just then was out of the picture.  He had high hopes of getting a promotion, or at least a raise for what he was doing on the company’s latest effort.
Since he was late, there were some jobs piled up on his desk that couldn’t wait.  He got busy with them right away.  One of them though, meant that he had to deliver some paperwork to another department in a distant part of the building.  “Oh well,” he mused with a slight smile on his face, “if Monica calls, I legitimately can’t be here to take it.  Delightedly, he started walking, the long way, to his destination so it would take more time.  But the long way meant taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and in one of the stairwells, he ran straight into Monica. 
“Hi Stevie,” she said to him in that taunting voice that he had come to hate so much.
“Hi Monica,” Steve replied nervously.  “Uh…look, I’m really busy right now and I don’t have time for…you know.”
Monica laughed.  “I’m busy too,” she replied, nodding towards her armload of small packages.  Then that mischievous smile flashed across her face.  “But we do have time for one quick thing.  Pull you pants leg up for me.”
“Pull your pants leg up,” she repeated.  “Let me see.”
“But…” Steve started to argue.
But Monica was in a hurry and she reached down and grabbed one of his pants legs before he could stop her.  “Stevie!” she exclaimed.  “You’re wearing socks!”  Her taunting tone suddenly turned more serious, “I told you, no socks today!” 
“But…I can’t!” he pleaded.
“You did it Saturday night!” she replied angrily.  “If you could do it then, then you can do it now.  So take them off.  Now!”
“Now, Stevie!”
“But I can’t!  I don’t want…”
“You get them off right now and give them to me, or it will be more than just Diane and me that you see later.  I’ll just bet that Carla might want to see what you’re wearing too.  What do you think?  Any other women in this company that you’ve dated in the past that you’d like me to invite?”
Steve didn’t have a choice.  He sat down on the steps to remove his shoes and socks.
“Come on, quickly.  I haven’t got all day!”
Reluctantly, Steve slipped off his socks and handed them to Monica.  “See you later,” she said as she took them.  “I gotta hurry.”  And then she was gone.
Steve put his shoes back on and tugged at his pants to make sure the legs covered as much as possible, then he finished walking down the stairs.  With each step, he worried about someone seeing his exposed ankles.  He made it a point to use the elevator for the rest of the day.
When he finally got back to his desk, without anybody saying anything to him about the stockings he was wearing on his exposed ankles, he sighed a huge sigh of relief, but he noticed immediately how much his pants legs rode up as he sat down.  Quickly, he moved his chair a bit closer to his desk and shoved his legs as far under it as possible so nobody could see.  For the rest of the morning, thinking about what he was working on was a lot more difficult than usual.