Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

Steve woke up earlier than usual.  The problems he had been through the day before were still weighing heavily on his mind.  He was only surprised he had been able to sleep at all.  When he opened his medicine cabinet, he wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the bottle of red nail polish once again on the shelf – right next to the bottle of remover he had bought and thrown away.  He still hadn’t figured out how any of it was happening.  He was seriously beginning to believe in magic, or voodoo, because that’s more like what it seemed had happened to his body last night at the gym.  Someone else was controlling him like a voodoo doll.  He made a mental note to look into that further. 
After he shaved though, it was time to make his big decision.  Should he wear the panties and stockings like Monica had demanded, or should he just blow her off and call her bluff?  Would she really tell everybody?  The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that she would tell.  His reputation in the company would be ruined…not to mention that he’d probably never be able to date any of the women there again.  “Shit!” he exclaimed out loud as he resigned himself to having to do it. 
He finally reached into his drawer and pulled out the overly frilly panties.  They felt light and smooth against his skin as he put them on.  The stockings were next.  He sat on the bed and struggled awkwardly to draw them up his legs.  They felt incredibly smooth and soft…and embarrassing.  It took him several tries to figure out how to attach them to the garter belt properly.  He silently thanked the women he had dated in the past who had worn the sexy things for him.  Without them, he never would have figured it out.
His new underwear felt odd to him.  He quickly covered up the stockings with a pair of heavy socks to make sure nobody would see them.  How could he have gone out before and not even known he wasn’t wearing socks?  Black magic – of course. 
Finally dressed in his own clothes on top, he surveyed himself in the mirror.  He didn’t feel much like smiling or admiring himself this time.  He dreaded too much the day ahead of him.  At least nobody could see what he was wearing underneath.  He turned toward the door and left for work.
Despite how busy he was in the office, he couldn’t stop dwelling on the overly feminine underwear he was wearing, and even more so on the strange things that had been happening to him.  Should he call Monica?  Or should he wait until she called him?  He finally decided that he was going to put it off as long as he could.
But Monica called him late in the morning.  “Oh Steeevie…” she said into the phone in a taunting sing-song voice.  “You haven’t called.  Are you avoiding me?”
Steve swallowed hard.  “Uh…not really, I’ve just been busy here.”
“Listen Stevie, I’m sure you’re not too busy to come down and see me for a few minutes.  “Are you?”
“Now?” Steve asked, hoping it could wait.
“Now!” Monica replied sternly. 
“Ummm…let me see if I can get away.”
“Now!” Monica repeated.  “Or would you like me to arrange to have some of the other girls with me when you come down later?”
“No, no!” Steve replied quickly.  “I’m on my way.”
He hung up the phone and made his way down toward the shipping room, thinking all the way down about what a bitch Monica was!  It was all so stupid!
When he got to the shipping department, Monica was waiting for him.  “Hi Stevie,” she said in the same sing-song voice she had used on the phone.  “Come on back with me.”  Once again she led him back to a place where they could be private.  She stood in front of him and said, “I think you have something to show me?”
Steve felt so uncomfortable standing in front of her.  What he was about to do was so embarrassing!  He looked around again to make sure they couldn’t be seen.  “Fine!” he said.  “Let’s get this over with.”  He undid his belt and pants and pulled them down, exposing his panties, garter belt and stockings.  He saw Monica smile.  He felt so humiliated, and it was obvious that the bitch was really enjoying this.  Did she have to just stand there, waiting, looking at him like that?  He wanted badly to pull his pants up again.  He had no doubt his face was more than a bit red. 
He was about to start trying to explain why he had been wearing them the other night, although he still didn’t know exactly what he was going to say, when she suddenly spoke.  “Take your shoes off,” she demanded before he got two words out.
“Take your shoes off.”
“My shoes?  Why?”
“Because I want to see your nail polish.”
“What?  But I didn’t….”
“Stevie, don’t tell me you’re not wearing any.”
“You didn’t say anything about that yesterday!” Steve countered.
“I told you to be wearing exactly what you wore Saturday night.  Didn’t I?”
“Well, yeah.  But I didn’t think that included…”
“I saw you wearing red nail polish on your toes Saturday night.  But you’re not wearing it today.  Stevie, you didn’t follow my instructions.” 
But Monica was already turning toward the door behind her, and before Steve could say another word, she called, “Diane….  Do you have a minute, please?”
“No, no,” Steve pleaded.  “Please don’t.”  He was panicked and didn’t know what to do.  “I promise I’ll wear it tomorrow.”
Monica glanced from the doorway back to him, trying to decide what to do.  She didn’t see Diane yet, but the compromise was an easy one to decide on.  “You lose Stevie,” she said with a mischievous smile.  “You didn’t do what I told you to.”
“But…please…” Steve pleaded as he pulled his pants back up before Diane could see him. 
“Tell you what,” Monica told him, “you show Diane what you’re wearing right now, and then do it again properly tomorrow, or I’ll have every girl in this company all over you before the day is over.  What do you think?”
Steve’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head.  “Monica…I can’t.  That’s crazy!” 
Monica turned back to the door as Diane approached.  “What’s up?” Steve heard Diane ask.
Panic set in again.  “Okay, I’ll do it,” he blurted out quickly.
Monica turned quickly back to him for a moment and smiled wickedly.  Then she walked out to intercept Diane for a moment.  “Shit!” Steve said to himself as he heard the two women whispering right outside the door.  Unfortunately, he also heard Diane giggling.  “Shit!” he said again.  He glanced around for another way out, but there was none.  He was stuck and he knew it. 
Monica and Diane walked back in together.  Monica looked very confident, but Diane was obviously trying to control her giggling.  All Steve could really see though, was two bitches standing in front of him as he stood there very red-faced.  
“Well?” Monica finally said as the two women stared at him, waiting.
“Shit!” Steve said again as he forced himself to lower his pants to show off his frilly underwear. 
Diane nearly went into a hysterical fit while she did her best to control her laughing.  Steve’s face went even redder than it did before.  Finally he asked.  “Please, can I go now?”
“Yeah, you can go,” Monica replied while Diane was still laughing.  But remember…tomorrow!”
“Yeah,” Steve replied angrily as he quickly pulled his pants up again. 
“Oh and Stevie,” Monica continued.  “No socks at work tomorrow.”
“What?”  Steve was caught totally off guard.  This bitch was crazy for sure.  “But I can’t!  Not at work!”
“You weren’t wearing any Saturday.  If you could do it then, then I don’t see why you can’t do it tomorrow.”  
Diane behind her was laughing louder than before and Steve’s face was growing even redder.  “But I can’t!”
Instead of answering, Monica began pulling Diane out of the room with her.  But she turned back toward Steve before she was totally out of sight.  She mouthed the word, “Socks,” and just shook her finger as if to say, “No, no, no.” 
With one last parting smile, the two women were gone.  Gone but still heard as they both walked away laughing loudly.  “The bitches!” Steve cursed again as he fastened the belt on his pants.  “The damn bitches!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The following morning, Steve was cursing over and over again as he got ready for work.  Worse, he was going to be very late.  How was he to know how difficult it was to put nail polish on his toenails?  Plus, how was he to know how long it took to dry?  As far as he could see, it looked the same when it was wet as it did when it finally dried.  He was starting to develop a nasty hatred for all women – two women in particular – and one of them especially. 
And Monica had “demanded” that he not wear socks today, but enough was enough!  He wasn’t about to let anybody else find out what he was wearing under his clothes.  He quickly slipped on a pair of the longest socks he could find before he put his shoes on.  He knew he could just remove them before he saw Monica and then put them back on again later.  Her demands were getting just a bit too much!
Once again feeling hugely embarrassed, he hurried to work, praying nobody would mention how late he was. 
But his boss did notice.  “Steve, what happened?  I was starting to get worried.  You’ve never been late before.”
“Sorry, Mr. Carter,” Steve replied.  He really hated being late for anything.  “I just had a few little problems this morning.”
His boss looked at him oddly.  “Are you feeling alright?  Yesterday you seemed a bit off, and today you look the same.  Are you coming down with anything?”
Steve shook his head.  “I guess I really haven’t been myself for the last few days,” he agreed.  “But I’m okay.  I’ll get over it.”  Could his boss somehow know about what had happened, or what he was wearing at that moment?
“Do you need to take a day or two off to get over whatever it is?” Mr. Carter asked.
“I don’t think so,” Steve started, then he stopped and looked straight at his boss.  “You know, maybe that would be a good idea.”  Then he thought of something else, “But this project deadline we have….  I don’t know.  It’s awfully important.”  He sighed.
Mr. Carter nodded.  “Let me know what you decide.  If you’re not feeling well, then we’ll try to arrange for you to take a few days if you need it.  We don’t want whatever it is to spread around the company.”
No chance of that, Steve thought as he made his way to his desk.  But the idea of taking a few days off to sort things out did sound really good.  But doing it just then was out of the picture.  He had high hopes of getting a promotion, or at least a raise for what he was doing on the company’s latest effort.
Since he was late, there were some jobs piled up on his desk that couldn’t wait.  He got busy with them right away.  One of them though, meant that he had to deliver some paperwork to another department in a distant part of the building.  “Oh well,” he mused with a slight smile on his face, “if Monica calls, I legitimately can’t be here to take it.  Delightedly, he started walking, the long way, to his destination so it would take more time.  But the long way meant taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and in one of the stairwells, he ran straight into Monica. 
“Hi Stevie,” she said to him in that taunting voice that he had come to hate so much.
“Hi Monica,” Steve replied nervously.  “Uh…look, I’m really busy right now and I don’t have time for…you know.”
Monica laughed.  “I’m busy too,” she replied, nodding towards her armload of small packages.  Then that mischievous smile flashed across her face.  “But we do have time for one quick thing.  Pull you pants leg up for me.”
“Pull your pants leg up,” she repeated.  “Let me see.”
“But…” Steve started to argue.
But Monica was in a hurry and she reached down and grabbed one of his pants legs before he could stop her.  “Stevie!” she exclaimed.  “You’re wearing socks!”  Her taunting tone suddenly turned more serious, “I told you, no socks today!” 
“But…I can’t!” he pleaded.
“You did it Saturday night!” she replied angrily.  “If you could do it then, then you can do it now.  So take them off.  Now!”
“Now, Stevie!”
“But I can’t!  I don’t want…”
“You get them off right now and give them to me, or it will be more than just Diane and me that you see later.  I’ll just bet that Carla might want to see what you’re wearing too.  What do you think?  Any other women in this company that you’ve dated in the past that you’d like me to invite?”
Steve didn’t have a choice.  He sat down on the steps to remove his shoes and socks.
“Come on, quickly.  I haven’t got all day!”
Reluctantly, Steve slipped off his socks and handed them to Monica.  “See you later,” she said as she took them.  “I gotta hurry.”  And then she was gone.
Steve put his shoes back on and tugged at his pants to make sure the legs covered as much as possible, then he finished walking down the stairs.  With each step, he worried about someone seeing his exposed ankles.  He made it a point to use the elevator for the rest of the day.
When he finally got back to his desk, without anybody saying anything to him about the stockings he was wearing on his exposed ankles, he sighed a huge sigh of relief, but he noticed immediately how much his pants legs rode up as he sat down.  Quickly, he moved his chair a bit closer to his desk and shoved his legs as far under it as possible so nobody could see.  For the rest of the morning, thinking about what he was working on was a lot more difficult than usual. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 3

By Karen Singer

Chapter 3

 Steve woke up feeling well rested and refreshed, much more so than he ever would have guessed – given his state of mind when he had gone to sleep.  He walked into the bathroom and sat down to pee, although why he sat down to pee was a bit of a mystery to him.  He didn’t feel like he had to do anything else.  Unfortunately, it also put him in a position where he could see his red painted toenails all too well.  “Gotta do something about that first thing,” he reminded himself.
After that, he opened his medicine cabinet to pull out his shaving cream and razor…and he stopped and stared.  There, on the second shelf, in plain view where he could see it, was the bottle of red nail polish someone had used on his toenails yesterday.  Someone was playing a trick on him and was trying to rub it in.  His anger slowly began to grow, along with a realization that he should have thought of before – someone had been in his apartment, and he didn’t know who it was.  And that someone might still be there.
He reached up and took the bottle of nail polish out of the cabinet, then he grabbed the pile of feminine things that he had left dumped on his bathroom floor last night, and he threw them all angrily into the trash can. 
But the thought that someone else had been in his apartment still bothered him.  He had to make sure that person wasn’t still there.  Very carefully, he eased around every nook and cranny and looked into every closet he had, carefully checking for any sign of an intruder.  He even dropped down quickly and checked under his bed.  All clear…thankfully.  He double checked the lock on his door.  All secure.  Feeling better, he finally went back into the bathroom to shave and shower.  He didn’t know how someone had done what they had to him yesterday, but he knew he would eventually catch him, and he would make whoever it was – pay!  Dearly!
As soon as he was dressed, he was out the door and made his way to the closest pharmacy where he bought a small bottle of nail polish remover.  He felt very embarrassed having to buy it, but fortunately, nobody in the store said anything to him and he hurried home with it.  He spent the next little while working hard to completely remove the nail polish from his toes.  Then he took the bottle of remover that he no longer needed and started to throw it into the trash can on top of the other things he had put in there earlier.  But the trash can was empty.  There was no sign of the dreaded clothing he had thrown away just a short while before.  He threw the nail polish remover into the trash and did another check of his apartment.  Everything looked normal.  He could see no sign that anyone had been in there while he had been gone.
Later in the afternoon, he was finishing up his weekly laundry when he opened his dresser to put his freshly washed underwear away, and there, on top of everything else, was the dreaded pair of panties, the stockings, and the garter belt.  All were neatly folded and carefully put away.  How had they magically appeared in his dresser?  He grabbed them and threw them once again into the trash.  He spent the rest of the day installing a very substantial bolt lock on his apartment door.  Nobody was going to get past that without him knowing it!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The next morning he had to go back to work, and he dreaded it.  Monica had said she was going to tell all her friends.  He had no way that he knew of to stop her.  After his shower, he opened his dresser to pull out some underwear, and he stopped dead.  There, right on top of everything, was the pair of frilly panties, the stockings, and the garter belt.  How could they have gotten there?  Anger took hold of him as once again he pulled them out and threw them away.  Then he went into his closet and pulled out his softball bat and carried it with him as he again checked every spot in his apartment.  He was ready to kill anybody if he found them.  But everything was still clear and his door was still locked.  He was more puzzled than ever. 
Later, after he got to work, he was worried that the word of what he had been wearing on his date with Monica had gotten out.  He continually watched the faces of everyone to see if they were looking at him differently.  He was relieved to see no sign that anyone knew…yet.  But it was early in the day still.  Most likely nobody would know…yet.  He relaxed for a bit, but was more worried about how things would be later in the day, after Monica had a chance to tell everybody. 
At break time he almost didn’t go to get himself a cup of coffee for fear that someone would mention it, but fortunately nobody did.  At lunch it was the same.  He dreaded finding out that someone might know.  But lunch went fine as well. 
By midafternoon the worry and the dread was beginning to get to him and he finally phoned down to the shipping department and asked for Monica.  He spoke quietly into the phone so that nobody around him could hear.  “Uh…hi Monica.”
“Steve?  Oh, I’m soooo glad you called.”
She was glad he called?  Was that good?  “Uh, Monica, did you tell anybody…you know, about what happened the other night?”
“Oh Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.” 
Her tone of voice didn’t exactly sound very good to him, and it sounded even worse when her voice dropped in volume as she spoke again.  “Listen Stevie, I haven’t told a single soul yet, even though I want to, and I was planning to.  But I keep thinking that you wanted to explain what happened Saturday night, and I didn’t really give you a chance.  Well, if you come down here right now and explain it to me – in person, and do it the way I want you to, then maybe I won’t tell anyone.  Got that?  But if you don’t do exactly what I say, then trust me, I’ll make sure everybody knows.  Understand?”
Steve was surprised.  What did she mean?  But she was offering him the chance to save his reputation.  “Sure, you bet!” he answered quickly.  “I’ll be right down.”  He quickly hung up the phone and headed straight down to the shipping department, desperately trying to come up with a good explanation he could tell her.  Nothing he could think of sounded even remotely plausible.
When he got there, she was waiting for him.  “Hi Stevie,” she said.  “Come on back where we can talk.” 
Did she seem calm and relaxed?  Maybe this was going to be okay.  He followed her into the back room and then behind a stack of boxes.
“Okay,” she said, suddenly sounding all too firm.  “Pull your pants down!” 
“You heard me, I said pull you pants down.  I want to see what you’re wearing underneath today.”
“Oh,” he replied.  “Her request made a little more sense.  “No problem.”  He glanced around to make sure nobody could see, and he quickly lowered his pants to his knees.  But Monica looked disappointed. 
 “Ugh!” she grunted.  “No panties.”
“Of course not!  I never wear them!  I still don’t know how I was wearing them the other night.”
“Sure,” Monica replied, obviously not believing him. 
Steve started to pull up his pants again. 
“Don’t!” Monica admonished.  He stopped quickly, very surprised.  “You want a chance to explain it properly?  Then you come back here tomorrow and we’ll do it again, but next time, you better be wearing exactly what you were wearing Saturday night when you explain it!”
“What?” What she was asking was incomprehensible.  It made no sense.
“I figure that if you stand there like you are now, but in those panties and stockings you were wearing, then I might believe what you say.  There’ll be a lot less chance of you telling me something that doesn’t sound right.  But if you don’t, then trust me, I’m going to tell everybody I know.  Got that?”
Steve was shocked.  She wanted to see him actually wearing them while he explained it?  It didn’t make sense.  But what was he going to do?
“Now get out of here, I have work to do,” Monica said as she turned her back and walked away. 
Steve went back up to his cubicle in a fog.  He didn’t understand.  Why would she want him to wear those stupid panties again?  And to work no less!  He wasn’t sure he could do it…but what would happen if he didn’t?

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

After work, all Steve knew was that he needed something to take his mind off it all.  So he went to the gym for a good workout.  He figured there was nothing like working up a good sweat in the weight room to make someone feel like a man again.  He breathed in deeply and smiled at the very thought of it.
After changing into his workout clothes in the locker room, he headed for the weight room.  At least he planned on going there, but instead he found himself walking into the room where the women were about to start their aerobics class.  And he couldn’t seem to turn around and leave, no matter how much he wanted to.
“Are you joining us here today?” the shapely instructor asked.
Steve was going to say no, but instead he found himself lining up in the very first row getting ready to exercise with the women.  What was going on?
“Suit yourself, Sweetie,” the instructor laughed.  Then she started the class, and to Steve’s horror, he found himself trying to follow her every movement along with the other women.  No matter how much he didn’t want to do it, he was still doing it.  He couldn’t stop!  And he was really working up a sweat.  Worse, the longer he kept at it, the more feminine he thought the way he was moving was.  He even noticed the instructor and some of the other women watching him closer.  But he couldn’t control it in any way.  What was going on?
He was not only completely panicked over his situation, he was completely exhausted by the time the class ended.  “Looks like you need this class, Sweetie,” the instructor said to him.  Did she have to keep calling him Sweetie?  “You know, there’s a men’s class later on if that would make you feel more comfortable.”
Steve wanted to say that he didn’t even want to be in the class he had just attended, but once again his body seemed to have other ideas.  “Oh no,” he found himself saying – in an all too sickeningly sweet voice, “I really like this one.  I’ll be back!” 
The instructor smiled knowingly.  “Like I said, suit yourself.”
Steve had wanted to go to the gym to feel more like a man again.  Instead, he had acted more like a simpering wimp.  Worse, everyone had seen him do it.  Could he ever go back again?
He hurried home in a totally panicked state.  What was going on?  He didn’t have a clue.  And then there was Monica – that thought stopped him dead.  He walked over to the trash can where he had thrown the panties away several times already.  Once again, they weren’t in the trash can where they should have been.  Almost afraid to look, he opened his dresser drawer.  He wasn’t the least bit surprised to see them neatly folded there once again. 
How could he wear them to work?  He remembered what Monica had said about telling everybody.  Because of that, how could he not wear them?  Everyone would know!  He’d be the laughing stock of the entire company!  He closed his dresser drawer again, this time leaving the panties right where they were, and went to bed.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Dear Susan,

Something strange is happening and I don’t know what to do about it.  Remember that girl, Monica, that Steve had the date with a few nights ago?  She just ordered Steve to be wearing the same panties and stockings we were wearing the night she saw them, tomorrow to work – and she wants to see them while he tells her why he was wearing them.  It’s so odd.  I’m not sure what to do about it.  Any suggestions?

In other news, Steve decided he needed a good workout at the gym tonight, although he didn’t exactly get the workout he expected.  He wanted to go into the weight room, but I saw a women’s aerobics class starting instead.  I certainly felt a lot more comfortable in there, but since I kept Steve awake through it all, he certainly didn’t feel comfortable at all.  I guess he now knows that somehow his body can do things he doesn’t want it to, but he doesn’t have a clue as to why.  I guess I should go easy on that ability for a while, but I wasn’t the least bit interested in muscle building with the weights tonight.  I’m a girl for heaven’s sake!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for what to do about Monica.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan stared at her computer screen and tried to digest what was going on.  This girl Monica was certainly confusing the issue.  She finally shook her head and typed a short reply to Karen.

Dear Karen,

For now, just let Steve handle everything to do with Monica.  Just sit back quietly for a while and watch.