Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 2

 Steve looked in his oversized bathroom mirror and smiled.  There wasn’t a better looking guy in the whole city, and he knew it.  He took the time to pose and admire himself while he was still naked from the shower.  A thing of beauty from top to bottom – no doubt about it!  He noticed an old pack of cigarettes on the counter and picked it up.  The very notion of smoking made him feel nauseous.  With great ceremony, he tossed the pack into the trash can from where he stood.  “Swish!  Two points!”  It had been more than two weeks now since he had smoked his last cigarette.  He had done it.  He had kicked his smoking problem for good, and he had done it all with his own willpower.  He was certainly glad he hadn’t wasted his money on that shrink while he was away. 
He opened his closet door to select his clothes for the day and winced.  Everything smelled like stale cigarettes.  He decided then and there that he should really get some new ones.  Besides, he had to stay up on the latest fashions anyway.  He chose a shirt that he didn’t think smelled quite so bad and a pair of slacks to go with it. 
The thought of shopping was growing more and more interesting to him.  It was Saturday, why shouldn’t he spend it shopping.  Besides, he had a date planned for later that night with the hot new girl, Monica, from the shipping department.  Nothing like new clothes to impress a girl.  Which reminded him, he’d better give his apartment a quick cleaning before he brought her back here.  He smiled as looked at his bed.  His sheets should still be good enough, but hopefully after tonight they wouldn’t be.
It was still fairly early when he walked into the mall.  The stores were open, but there weren’t too many people around yet.  “Pity,” he thought, “no babes to check out.”  He walked in and out of a few trendy stores, mostly to see what they had, but he didn’t buy anything.  Then he walked into one of the bigger department stores.  He had always had good luck there finding really nice clothes that he liked, and he was pleased with what he found this time too.  He picked up a few shirts and several pairs of slacks.  He even found some new underwear and socks.  He paid for it all and the clerk put everything into one big bag. 
As he walked out of the department store, he was very surprised at how crowded the mall had become.  Surprisingly crowded.  He glanced at his watch and was amazed to see how much time had passed.  Wow, he had been in there much longer than he thought.
As he walked past the food court, he decided to stop for an early lunch.  It was one of his favorite things to do in the mall.  Not for the food, but more because he could spend the time sitting and watching all the women that walked by.  He bought his lunch and sat down and ate, noticing particularly a very nice young lady with a wonderfully short skirt as she walked past. 
But a moment later, all he could see was a big muscular guy heading determinedly right at him.  “What’cha lookin’ at, Fag?” the guy said angrily as he walked up to Steve’s table. 
Steve shook his head.  Where had this guy come from?  He hadn’t noticed him before.  “Uh…” he began, still trying to comprehend what was going on.  “What are you talking about?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the last few minutes.  And when you winked, it was more than even I could stand.”
Steve was even more confused.  “Winked?”
“Get lost you freakin’ fag!  Get out of here before I do something you really won’t like!”
Steve was totally unsure of what had happened, but retreating out of there seemed to be his best course of action.  He picked up his two bags from the department store, wondering momentarily why he had thought there was only one bag before, and headed quickly for his car.  He could feel the eyes of the other guy on his back all the way out.
Once home, he opened up the first bag and put all the clothes he had just bought away.  But when he opened the second bag, he was surprised to find that it was empty.  He had thought there had been something in it, and it looked like there had been something in it, but now it was simply empty.  He mentally reviewed everything he remembered buying and he was sure he had just put it all away.  Shrugging his shoulders, he threw the empty bags into the trash.
He realized that the clothes he had on still smelled a bit like stale cigarettes and that irritated him, so he changed into some new ones.  Once again he was more than pleased with the image he saw reflected in the mirror.  “Might as well wear this for Monica tonight,” he decided.  “And it’s going to be a goooood evening for sure!” 
With nothing better to do, he sat down on his couch and found a game on the TV.  He watched it for a little while, but it seemed like only minutes before he found himself waking up from a nap he hadn’t planned on taking.  The sun was already going down and his apartment was just starting to get dark.  He must have been more tired than he had thought.  He glanced at his watch and nearly panicked.  “Oh my God!  I’m gonna be late!”  He rushed out the door and into his car with only one thing on his mind – Monica and the fun he was going to have with her.
When he picked Monica up, he let out a small growl and licked his lips.  “You Babe, look good enough to eat!”  And indeed she did.  She was dressed a lot sexier than she ever was for work.  Steve was half tempted to try to take her straight home instead of having dinner and drinks first.  Fortunately, his better judgment won out.
Dinner was nice, and the drinks and bit of dancing afterwards was even better.  Better yet, Monica herself seemed to be really into him.  So when he suggested that they go back to his place, he wasn’t the least bit surprised when she agreed.  He just couldn’t get her there fast enough. 
The minute he got her into his apartment, he grabbed her and kissed her hard.  He could feel her body pressing into him as he held her tightly and pressed his own body against hers.  Man, she felt good!  Still holding and kissing her, he led her into his bedroom.  “Oh lady,” he said, “have I got something for you!”  And with that he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and yanked his pants down to his knees. 
Monica looked incredibly startled as she stared at his crotch.  Steve put his hands on his hips and said.  “Wait till you really see it.”  He nearly ripped his shirt as he pulled it off and then flexed his biceps for her. 
But Monica didn’t exactly look impressed.  Instead she was covering her mouth with her hand and was trying her best not to laugh.  Steve was confused.  “What? You don’t like muscles?”
But Monica was openly laughing now and just pointed at him.  “My God,” she finally got out between her laughter.  “I never had a clue!”
Steve looked down at what she was pointing at and nearly fainted.  He was wearing a pair of overly feminine pink panties with lace all around the edges, a garter belt, and stockings.  “What?” he shouted in alarm as he felt his new clothes to see if they were real.  “When did this happen?”  He was so confused.  He pulled his pants off all the way and Monica began laughing even harder.  He looked down and saw that his toenails were painted a very bright red. 
Unable to figure out what to do, he ran for his bathroom, Monica’s laughter following him all the way.  What had happened?  He didn’t have a clue.  He undressed as fast as he could, but there was nothing he could do about the nail polish.  Finally pulling his pants back on, he went back out to face Monica.  But Monica was already at his apartment door.  “Monica, I can explain,” he started, searching desperately for anything that could explain what had happened.
But Monica was still laughing.  “Don’t bother,” she said as she opened the door.  “Obviously, you’re really not the man I thought you were.”  Then she went into another fit of laughter.  “God,” she finally said, “wait till I tell the girls.”  Then she closed the door in his face and was gone.
All Steve could do was to stare at the closed door, then down at his legs where he could still see his red toenails beneath the pants he had just put on.  What had happened?  How had he gotten in those clothes?  Where had they come from?  He didn’t have a clue.  He paced his apartment for hours trying to figure it all out.  He tried several liquids he found to remove the nail polish from his toes, but nothing worked.  He would just have to find something tomorrow.  Still totally bewildered, he finally went to bed, very much afraid he wouldn’t sleep a wink.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Late that night, Steve slept soundly, but his body was up and logging into his computer.  Karen kept Steve asleep while she signed into the internet email account that Susan had set up just for her, and typed in Susan’s “special” address.

Dear Susan,

I was out today for the first time and I’m still laughing so hard I can hardly type.  Poor Steve is so lost and bewildered that he doesn’t know what to do.

We went shopping today, and well, after he bought a few things, I decide to do some shopping too.  So I put Steve totally to sleep while I browsed all through the ladies department.  I’m afraid Steve was getting a few rather odd looks while we were there, especially when I was buying some new undies for us.  It’s just a shame he was sleeping and never knew it.  Maybe next time I’ll let him enjoy those looks.

I’m afraid that Steve has a bad habit of watching the women while he eats.  And I’m afraid that I wasn’t the least bit interested in watching other women, so I put him to sleep again while I kept a very close eye on the men instead.  That is until one of them decided he didn’t like us watching him so much.  I had to wake Steve up to deal with that.

Later in the day, I got bored while Steve sat down to watch sports on TV, so I put him to sleep again and then had lots of fun doing our toenails in a nice pretty red color.  I also dressed us in our new panties, garter belt, and stockings.  Thank you so much for making me a girl.  You don’t know how nice it finally felt to wear some proper girly clothing!  Although later on, I don’t think that Steve appreciated it very much. 

Steve had a date tonight and I kept him asleep this afternoon until it was time to leave.  He never even knew about his change of underwear until he brought his girl back here and started undressing.  Susan, you wouldn’t believe how she laughed at him and how humiliated he felt.  And he still has no idea what happened. 

Oh Susan, this is so much fun!  I can’t wait till my next opportunity to “play” a bit more with Steve. 

Till next time,

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan closed her laptop and set it carefully on the night table beside her.  It had started.  The payback for all the humiliation she had been put through in high school had finally begun, and her body tingled from every word that Karen had written.  She could only imagine how confused Steve was at the moment.  And she had a feeling that it was only going to get worse. 
Her body still tingling with excitement, she turned off her light and dreamed of sweet revenge!

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