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Revenge - Chapter 1


By Karen Singer

Chapter 1

High School (8 years ago)

 High school was the cruelest place on earth!  At least it was for Susan.  Susan was not the most popular girl in the school.  In fact, it was safe to say that she may have been the least popular.  She may have been one of the brighter kids in the school, but she was also very plain looking.  She wasn’t blessed with a sexy looking body, and her overly strict parents didn’t allow her to dress fashionably or experiment with makeup.  In fact, since her parents weren’t exactly rich, most of her clothes were obvious hand-me-downs that most kids would never wear.  The result was that she was the constant target of ridicule for many of the other kids in the school, and she had been for years. 
While she yearned to be one of the popular kids, she knew it would never happen, and over time, her resentment grew.  All through high school her resentment was particularly aimed at the boys who would hardly even talk to her, let alone ask her out.  All too often she felt alone, isolated, and friendless.  Burying herself in her studies…and her resentment.
At the end of her senior year, life suddenly seemed to turn around for her.  She couldn’t believe it when Steve Harrison, one of the most popular guys in the school and one who had always seemed to enjoy taunting her more than any of the others, actually phoned her a few days before the senior prom and asked her to go with him.  Susan was not only shocked that he would call and ask her, but in her desperation to be liked, she was also completely elated.  Especially since Steve had always been one of the best looking boys in the school.  He told her that he had just broken up with his former girlfriend, Karen, and had decided that he now wanted to go to the prom with Susan instead.  Susan didn’t care what the reason was.  The most handsome boy in the school had just called and asked her out to the prom.  She was in heaven. 
The senior prom was such a major occasion that Susan’s mother and father scraped enough money together to buy her a new dress.  And the night of the prom, for the first time, her mother helped her with her hair and just a little bit of makeup. 
The plan for the evening was that Steve and some of his friends would pick Susan up and then they would all go to the park first to take pictures before going on to the prom.  When Steve arrived to pick her up, Susan was a little disappointed that he hadn’t brought her flowers, but it was such a special occasion that she decided it didn’t really matter.  They all drove off to the park together, and Susan for once felt like she was an accepted part of the in-crowd she had always yearned to belong to.  She felt happy, and she felt great. 
At the park, one of the boys brought out his camera and started to take pictures.  Then more of Steve’s friends drove up, including Karen, his “old” girlfriend.  As soon as Karen got there, she walked up to Steve and Steve gave her a big hug and a kiss on the mouth.   Susan was so shocked she didn’t know what to do.  She was completely outraged, especially when Steve and Karen had their picture taken together…while Susan was totally ignored.
Steve and all his friends started to get back into their cars, but when Susan tried to follow, they wouldn’t let her. 
“You didn’t think I’d really go to the prom with someone like you, did you?” Steve said as everyone else laughed at her. 
Susan was so mad that she tried to hit Steve, but he easily blocked her hand.  And then he did the unthinkable.  He picked Susan up and carried her to the edge of the lake, and while everyone else was laughing, dumped her in. 
Susan was angry beyond belief.  She struggled back to the shore.  Her pretty new dress was soaked and ruined, and all the kids were still laughing at her.  She saw several of them taking more pictures of her.  If she had the means, she would have killed all of them just then…especially Steve!
“I’ll get back at you for this,” she screamed as all the kids laughed and got back into their cars.  “I’ll get you back a hundred times worse!  I’ll humiliate you till you beg for mercy…and then I won’t give it to you!  You’ll be so sorry for this!  I’ll get back at you…” she screamed.  As Steve and his friends drove off laughing, the last thing they could hear her yelling was, “…if it’s the last thing I ever do!”

Ten Years Later

Susan stared at her latest client sitting across from her desk.  She couldn’t believe it.  Of all people, Steve Harrison had walked into her office looking for help from her to stop smoking.  It was obvious he didn’t even remember who she was, but she certainly remembered him.  Of course it was only natural that Steve wouldn’t recognize her, since High School she had changed quite a bit.  Once she had been able to leave home for college, she had dieted and exercised as much as possible to lose weight, and she was able to indulge herself and use all the makeup and fashion accessories that the other girls used.  And once she started making her own money, her wardrobe had improved greatly.  Now she bore little resemblance to the homely looking girl that everyone had made fun of in high school.  After all her years of study and hard work, she now had her own psychiatric practice where she specialized in helping people get over problems and bad habits. 
As Steve sat there telling her about his life and problems, Susan couldn’t help but relive the humiliating events from the end of her high school days, events she had thought about all too often in her life.  The more she thought about it, the more her resentment and anger towards him returned and grew.  And now he was sitting right in front of her.  She couldn’t help but think that the fly had definitely walked into the spider’s lair this time.  But did she dare act on all those fantasies she had dreamed about all too often over the years? 
Steve’s company had sent him to her city for training for the next three weeks.  He had decided that while he was there, he would also try to find someone to help him stop smoking, something he had failed at by himself over and over again.  Susan told him that she would be glad to work with him, and that in such cases she usually used hypnotism to help people get over their desires for smoking.  It would probably take several sessions but if he was still willing, they could get started right away.  Steve was more than willing, so Susan made him comfortable and started working on putting him into a hypnotic trance.
Steve turned out to be fairly easy to hypnotize, and for that first session, Susan concentrated on setting up her usual triggers to help him go under again quicker and deeper the next time they met.  She also started to lay the groundwork to reinforce his desire to stop smoking.  But just before she finished, she implanted the suggestion that he would be anxious to return again the next evening for his next session. 
That night, after Steve left her office, Susan sat and pondered what to do about Steve.  Since he had left her office she had done little else but to fantasize about how she could go about getting back at him…how she could go about humiliating him, over and over again – endlessly!  And oh the plans her mind was able to conceive.  But then for the last eight years she had dreamed and fantasized all too often about getting back at Steve.  The traumas of her years in high school, and especially what Steve had done to her at the end of her senior year, had eaten away at her for far too long. 
But…should she?  She had no doubt that she could do it.  She had no doubt at all that she could actually do many of the things she had dreamed of doing to him over the years.  But the question still remained – should she? 
On the one hand, it would be exceedingly cruel to do any of the things she had thought about doing to him.  It would also be completely unethical for her.  Doing anything at all to Steve would be very wrong on so many different levels.
But on the other hand, it was like a stroke of fate from the gods.  After suffering through the shame and humiliation of what she had lived through for so many years, it was as if the gods had picked Steve up and simply placed him in front of her…for the sole purpose of allowing her to get back at him for so many horrible wrongs of the past.
In the end though, the temptation was simply too strong.  After all the years of abuse she had suffered through, and then the agony and resentment she had lived with all too long afterwards, she simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 
But once the decision to go ahead had been made, she never once looked back.  Since it seemed that fate was handing her the chance at revenge for all the humiliation she had suffered, she decided that Steve was going to get all the humiliation he deserved – a thousand times over.  But she was also smart enough to know that whatever she did to him, she was also going to have to be very, very careful about how she went about it.  Nobody, but nobody…especially not Steve…could ever know that she would be the real cause of all of his anguish. 
Unable to think about anything else, she schemed and planned late into the night, even skipping dinner because her mind was too preoccupied with details to remember to eat.  She closely examined all the different fantasies she had dreamed up over the years as ways to get back at Steve, discarding many, and keeping the ones that seemed the most promising – no matter how difficult they would be to implement.  And in the late of the night, from all those different fantasies she had dreamed of over the years, she crafted a plan.  A plan like no other.  A plan that would give her the satisfaction of total revenge against this hated man.  A plan that would use many of his own traits against him.  A plan that would bring him total insanity…and then still keep giving – endlessly.  And the best part of it would be that he would never know the real cause of it.
The next evening, when Steve showed up for his appointment, Susan started to implement the plan she had spent most of the night refining.  Steve’s company had him in her city to train for the next three weeks, and every night for those three weeks, she worked late into the night on him, hypnotizing him, ripping his mind apart, rebuilding it the way she wanted, implementing the most diabolical scheme she could ever conceive.  Susan was good at what she did, and she knew it.  Steve never stood a chance. 
Over those three weeks, Susan created a split personality within Steve.  She created a second, completely new personality within Steve’s mind.  One his conscious mind would never know about.  Within the man that had always been too proud of his masculinity and the way he looked, she created a totally female personality, one that she named Karen, after his old girlfriend.  Karen would live inside Steve’s body along with him, but Susan made Karen the dominant personality, and she made her far stronger than Steve so she could take over the body whenever she wanted to and he would have no way to fight her.   She gave Karen the ability to assume control either with Steve awake and knowing what his body was doing despite his inability to control it, or Karen could put Steve to sleep, immediately turning him off, so he would never know what Karen was doing.  That was all up to Karen’s dominant wishes.  Most importantly, she implanted into Karen the absolute desire to humiliate Steve endlessly. 
The only restrictions that Susan gave to Karen were that she couldn’t do anything that would physically harm Steve in any way, and if she could help it, she shouldn’t do anything that would cost Steve his job.  But if it happened, then it happened.  Other than that, everything was up to Karen’s imagination and the things that Karen would know from Steve’s mind that would humiliate Steve the most. 
Finally, Susan implanted into Karen the command to continually contact her about every humiliation she put Steve through, so that she would always know that Steve was finally getting what he deserved. 
She implanted into Steve’s mind the command that as soon as he left the city, he would totally forget that he had ever visited her.  While Steve would never smoke again, he would only think that he had managed to quit smoking all on his own, and he would remember absolutely nothing about ever visiting Susan or being hypnotized. 
While Susan would get no money for the time she spent with Steve, she hoped that her rewards would come instead from many emails and phone calls she would get from Karen, detailing just what she was putting Steve through.
After so many years, Susan was going to finally get the one thing she had always wanted the most.  Absolute revenge!

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