Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Next Story: Revenge

Ahhhh…dear readers.  We have again reached the ending of another story.  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mike, who wrote The Wererock, for being so gracious to allow me to post it here for everyone’s enjoyment.  And I do hope you all enjoyed it.  I’m hoping that perhaps Mike will permit me to post another one of his stories sometime in the future.  (Here that Mike?  And I know that you know that we both know that we know that you know what story I’m thinking about!  You know?)

Before I move on to telling you about our next story, just so you don’t think I’ve been completely idle while I posted Mike’s wonderful story, I’d like to let you know that I wrote another book.  No, it won’t be posted here.  This will be another of my Kindle EBooks.  It’s a story that is filled with action, suspense and mystery.  I hope to publish it later this summer or early fall.  So watch for “Cinder,” because it’s going to be something special.

So now it’s time to think about the future and the next story.  But before we can think about the future, we’ve got to instead think briefly about the past.  Nine years in the past.  Almost a decade.  Geez!  Has it been that long?  My God I’m getting old!  Old, but not dead (yet).  Sometimes I think I’m working on it though, and at my age, I guess I am.

So anyway, the year was 2008 and this blog was still in its infancy.  Sort of.  I had this blog, and I suddenly had nothing interesting to post on it.  And I wanted to post something.  I had written a few stories for my old website that no longer existed, and I found that I enjoyed the writing very much.  Not only that, but I had just started a new story.  So with nothing better to post, I decided I would post my new story – as I was writing it.  This actually became my “modus-operandi” for many years.  The individual parts of my stories posted on this blog, were mostly written just shortly before you got to read them.  The stories themselves weren’t finished until the postings were almost done.  It’s only for a few stories lately that I’ve been able to get my writings far ahead of what you’ve been reading.  And this next story is now completely written, and actually has been since before you all started on Mike’s story, The Wererock.

So anyway, we’re stuck back in 2008.  And I’m pretty sure that this was the first story I ever tried to post here.  But the biggest problem was that I never finished posting it.  In fact, I never finished writing it.  Before I finished the story, I got completely sidetracked onto The Bet – and the rest is history.  And if you haven’t read The Bet yet, go read it!!!  By the way, The Bet is also available on fictionmania where it’s probably a little easier to read.  But beware!  The Bet is close to being the longest story ever written – and that’s a fact, not an exaggeration!  It took me many years to write The Bet, and even longer to post.  But it is a great story.  And trust me, I’m still hooked on the darn thing.

But anyway, I never did finish writing that first original story.  And once I got finished with The Bet, I could never get interested enough in that old story to go back and finish it.  I had mentally “written it off.”  Until now.  The story of course was called:  Revenge.  And it was a really interesting story, not to mention a ton of fun. 

I have now removed all those old chapters of Revenge from this blog so I can repost it.  I’ve completely finished the story, and I’ve even got it broken up into posting parts.  In rewriting the thing, I took some of the original chapters and combined them with other chapters, but the original material is all still there, only fleshed out a bit more in places to improve the story.  I don’t remember if I actually posted that far, but in combining some of the chapters, what used to be chapter 30 of the story is now Chapter 20.  But that’s out of a total now of 41 chapters that are going to take me 54 postings to complete.  See, I told you I had all this done!

Back in 2008, I thought I was nearly finished with the story and I was getting ready to end the thing.  I had a definite ending I was working towards, and I was nearly there.  However, in rewriting it, the story somehow took one of those major left turns.  Actually several major left turns.  Things happened that I never dreamed of!  Consequently, the story is much longer and the ending of the story is something far better – as is the entire story.  Somehow, in my opinion, the story went from something that was simply good, to something that eventually becomes – riveting! 

As it turns out, I’m glad I never finished Revenge so long ago.  I’m glad, because I now know that Revenge was a story whose time had not yet come.  But now it’s nearly a decade later, and it’s definitely time for Revenge!


sarah penguin said...

Looking forward to it.

Jim said...

As a devout FAN, I must tell you that I have read 13 of your stories with the following as my favorites that I will never forget:
1. Girlish (A love story),
2. Peace In The House,
3. The Bet,
4. Hypnotized and Humiliated,
5. Twin Switch: Kelly and Mark,
6. Sound Sissy,
7. The McComber Switch

My favorite so far is The McComber Switch and I applaud that you are still writing your wonderful stories. I am an old dude (probably much older than you) that loves your writing style, story lines and excellent grammar.
Please - Don't stop writing!