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Mister Mike - Chapter 30 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 30 – Part 1 of 2

     I wasn’t wearing one stitch of male clothing.  In fact, almost everything I was wearing belonged to Ashley.  Even the pink diaper I had on was one that Joanna had bought for her.  The one and only thing I was wearing that didn’t belong to Ashley, was my shoes.  And that was only because her shoes would never fit me.  I was still stuck in women’s five inch high heels though. 
     I was walking through the airport, holding hands with Ashley, following Joanna like a couple of children, while dressed in all of Ashley’s clothes, including her coat and a top that was actually a sweater dress so it came down halfway between my crotch and my knees.  Of course I was also wearing her black pants – that we had somehow managed to exchange right at the table in the restaurant earlier.  But the bottom line was that I was essentially dressed in all her clothes, and she was now dressed in mine, including our winter coats. 
     As we walked, so many people looked at me.  Were they looking that much at Ashley?  I doubt it.  But me, I was definitely a guy walking around wearing women’s clothes.  I know I stood out.  Too many people turned their heads to stare at me.  As we walked, I occasionally heard Ashley chuckle.  Yeah, she was enjoying this.  She would!
     We finally got back to my car.  “I’ll drive this time,” Joanna said. 
     That surprised me, I always drove my own car, and she drove when we took hers.  But Ashley dug my car keys out of my coat pocket that she was wearing and handed them to her mother.  I wasn’t going to have much of a choice here I guess.  Ashley and I wound up sitting in the back seat together, holding hands of course like children.  Why?  My mother was now gone. 
     According to Joanna, we had some shopping to do, and she was making sure that Ashley and I went along dressed just like we were.  Humiliation time again…as if it ever stopped for me…which it didn’t. 
     Joanna and I usually went grocery shopping each weekend, and with my mother here, we hadn’t had a chance to go yet.  Several weeks ago, I had balked at going shopping with her while dressed the way she wanted me to in a skirt outfit.  I had broken down and used my safe phrase when Joanna felt it was something I could have done.  I didn’t feel that way, but Joanna’s authority overrode mine.  In the end though, we came to a compromise where I would wear mostly my own clothes on the outside, but at the same time, that compromise also saddled me with a permanent punishment for doing something she felt I could have managed.  So I was now saddled me with being unable to wear anything but women’s shoes no matter where I went, except for when I was at work.  And now she was seemingly ignoring that compromise by making me wear the outfit I had on.  Somehow, I had a very strong suspicion that wimping out again and trying to use my safe phrase would only land me in a much worse situation.  Since that compromise, there had been many times when she had fixed things so that I now regretted ever using that phrase.  I wasn’t about to use it lightly now.  So now we were going shopping…with me dressed like…an idiot – of course.
     As we drove, my mind pictured past trips to the grocery store with Joanna.  All of them embarrassing to a major degree.  I had no illusions that this time it would be any different.  And then there was the other factor to consider.  Ashley was with us this time, and for some unknown reason, Ashley was just as much under her mother’s thumb as I was.  Joanna was putting the screws to both of us.  Joanna I know was loving it.  Ashley of course hated it.  And me, well I’ve already said many times that there’s no way I would ever admit to even coming close to liking any of it.  I’d never admit that to anyone – ever!  End of story!
     As I looked out the window and saw us approaching the grocery store, my fear factor went way up.  I couldn’t take my eyes off that hated place…as we drove right past it.  “Hey.  Where are we going?” I asked.
      “Shopping,” Joanna said.
     Uh-oh!  “For what?”
      “Is there and echo in here?  Shelves.  To hold all your diapers.”
     Oh.  “So where are we going?”
      “Right…here,” Joanna said as she pulled off the road into the building supply store.  The one place I hated going to the most when I was dressed so stupidly.  The place where manly men went, and wimpy men like me should never be seen.  The place where I used to love going…before I met Ashley.  And the one place I dreaded going into the most now.  Why did it have to be here that she had decided to look for shelving?  Why?  I can’t tell you how much I did not want to get out of the car after she had parked. 
      “Hold hands children,” Joanna said as we all got out of the car.  “Make sure you watch for cars.”  Yeah, she was still treating us both like kids…even though my mother was now out of the picture.
     This time Joanna led us to the main entrance instead of the one by the lumber where the contractors usually went.  But of course, the main entrance was the busiest entrance with people constantly going in and out, and that was on a Sunday near the end of February when the weather was still freezing! 
     Just before we got to the entrance, Joanna stopped and turned to us.  Uh-oh.  “Michael, check your purse.  You should have some of Ashley’s pink lipstick in there.”
     Huh?  I stared at her for a moment, not believing she would ask me about that.  My mind was already conjuring up images of me having to wear it. 
      “It’s in there,” Ashley confirmed when I didn’t move.  “I put it in myself after you told me to Mom.”
     Yeah, she would.  Hating the entire world…especially my little world…I opened that darn too colorful purse I had to carry way too often, and started searching through it.  Nope…nope…don’t see it…nope…darn!  Found it.  I pulled it out. 
      “Very good.  Now put some on Michael.”
     Ashley was already giggling.
      “Would you like to go back to the airport and stand right between the rest rooms again and put it on there…and then come back here again and refresh it right here?”
      “Uh…no.”  I opened the light pink lipstick.  “Um…I don’t have a mirror.”
      “Do the best you can.  Ashley doesn’t need one when she’s just refreshing her lips.  Just put a little on the top and a little on the bottom.  Not too heavy, then mash your lips together a bit.”
     Did you know that applying pink lipstick like that is painful?  I’m here to tell you that it is.  It’s very painful!  No, nobody hit me.  No, I didn’t get run over by a car…although I might have enjoyed that more.  It was painful, because while I stood there trying to do what they wanted, and while feeling so incredibly foolish, my stupid chastity device deiced it was going to start doing its shrinking act again.  And this time it was trying to shrink smaller than ever.  Painful!  How the heck did it do that?  That chastity device was an inanimate object.  There was no way it could shrink.  But I guess modern technology was proving me wrong because I was truly feeling the results!  I was in pain, and Ashley of course wasn’t just giggling or chuckling a little.  She was outright laughing at me, which only brought more attention from all the people going in and out of the store.  Why was my life so damn humiliating? 
      “You’re going to need a little more than that Michael,” Joanna said.  “Spread it a bit further, and don’t be afraid to press a little harder.”
Ugh!  I tried to do as she said, but let me tell you, it’s damn hard when you’re wearing a chastity device that has decided it’s going to try to shrink down to nothing.
      “Much better,” Joanna declared as I rubbed my lips together a bit. 
     I rubbed them together, but what I wanted to do was to rub that lipstick off completely – with my hand or my arm or…maybe Ashley’s hand or arm.
      “Come along children,” Joanna said as she turned her back.  And don’t forget to hold hands.
     I was trying to keep up with her while trying to put that darn lipstick into my purse…Ashley’s purse…that of course I had to carry so often.  Once I managed it, Ashley grabbed my hand and held it.  She had this weird gleeful look in her eyes.  Why? 
     We followed Joanna through the store.  Her head was turning almost constantly as she looked around.  She wasn’t exactly moving very fast either.  I got the impression she didn’t know where she was going.  “What kind of shelves are you looking for?” I asked.
      “I’m not sure,” she replied.  “Probably something we can hang on the wall.  But I’d like to take a look at everything they have to see what possibilities are available.”
     Okay.  “I think we’re going to need to look over in the…”
      “Michael!” Joanna cut me off.  “You children are here to be seen and not heard.  Now do I have to stick your pacifiers back in your mouths again?”
     I didn’t even say no as my mind pictured her doing just that, and then having to walk around the store with one of those things in my mouth.  But hey, then my lipstick wouldn’t show, and Ashley would be humiliated at the same time.  Win – win!  But trust me, I shut up and didn’t say a word!  I had enough humiliation for myself as it was.
     All too slowly, Joanna started going up and down the long aisles in the huge store.  No, there was no way we were going to find any kind of shelving among the lawn mowers and garden equipment.  And trust me, I already knew there weren’t many good options in the plumbing section either, although Joanna did surprise me there when she looked at some units made to go over top of a toilet.  They weren’t going to work for holding diapers very well though so Joanna moved on. 
     Why did she bother looking so closely at the refrigerators?  She opened at least a dozen of them to look at the shelves inside.  You don’t keep diapers in a refrigerator.  And of course, the whole time she was looking, Ashley and I had to silently follow her and keep holding hands.  Ashley was just as silent as I was.  I think Joanna’s threat of the pacifiers had gotten to her too.  Maybe I really should have spoken up so Ashley could “enjoy” that little indignity for a while.
     Why, oh why, was Joanna looking at things in the paint department?  And worse, she stopped and looked at several different paint samples, plucking them from the shelves so she could compare.  Oddly, she stuck several of them into her purse before we finally moved on. 
     Blinds and curtains aren’t shelves!  But Joanna spend a long time looking at things, especially the curtains.  She pulled a lot of them out for a closer look. 
     Then I realized something.  “I think there are some prebuilt shelves on the next aisle,” I suggested.
     Joanna gave me a nasty look.  “Didn’t I tell you that children should be seen and not heard?”
     She suddenly grabbed her purse and opened it.
      “Mom…no!” Ashely exclaimed.  “Don’t!”
     But all too quickly, Joanna pulled out those two pacifiers and the first one went straight into my mouth.  “Now keep quiet unless I ask you a question.  Understand?”  I said nothing.
      “No Mom,” Ashley complained when her mother turned to her next.  “I didn’t say anything!”  But it did no good.  A moment later, Ashley’s mouth was as plugged like mine.
      “Now maybe you two kids will remember not to speak unless I want you to.”  She turned and went back to looking at the curtains.  She pulled out another long curtain and turned to Ashley.  “Something like this would look very good in the master bedroom.”  I noticed that Ashley didn’t reply.  I didn’t blame her.
     Yes, the next aisle did contain some pre-built furniture, including shelves.  And Joanna did take a long…very long…look at all of it.  I really wanted her to select one of them, but I didn’t dare say anything.  In the end, she left that aisle and started looking at the light fixtures and ceiling fans instead. 
     And then we got to the hardware aisles.  By now, I did expect we would wander up and down each of them.  What I didn’t expect was that Joanna would find something she wanted.  And why on earth would she suddenly decide to be so interested in…doorknobs?  Of all things!  She turned to me.  “Michael, since everything I buy here today is going to be for your house and not really for any humiliation purposes, I’m going to have you buy it all.”
     I wanted to answer.  I pointed at my pacifier.
      “No.  You have no need to speak.  Just keep sucking on that thing like a proper child.”  She turned and went back to looking over the doorknobs and locks.  She finally selected one that locked with a key on both sides.  Why the heck would she need that?  She started to walk off with it, then turned around and put it back.  “I think we’ll wait to get that another time,” she decided.  She turned to me with one of those sly smiles of hers.  “Besides, I know this is one of your favorite stores to visit.”
     Not anymore!
     Hardware, lumber, even the cement and other building materials.  We went through each section as Joanna slowly dragged us behind her.  I have no idea how many people saw me…I mean us.  But I know every last one of them gave me many second looks.  Especially now with that stupid pacifier stuck in my mouth.  And it was made worse since Ashely had one in her mouth too.  We were quite a pair.
     Finally, we got there, the section at the back of the store that contained all the components for building homemade shelves.  I dropped Ashley’s hand as I spotted what I thought Joanna would want.  I took a chance and went straight to some of the long strips for hanging shelves on the wall. 
      “You can take your pacifier out now Michael,” Joanna told me.  
     Thank God!  I removed the plug.  “I think this is what you’re looking for,” I told her.  You put these on the wall, then select what kind of shelf brackets you want, and then all you have to do is add as many shelves as you want. And you can set them at whatever height you need.
     She looked it all over.  “And where are the shelves?”
      “Right over here,” I replied.  “See, you’ve got several styles to choose from.”
     She stood there looking at it all.  Then turned to me again.  “Okay.  I think I’m going to want five shelves, and I want them to be very long.  Can you carry all that?”
     Uh….  “No.  We need a special cart for it all.”
      “Where are they?”
      “We passed them back by the lumber entrance.”
     She smiled.  “Oh.  Good.  Come along children.  Michael, put that paci back in your mouth.  Hold hands kids.”  Ugh! 
     She dragged us back to the contractor’s entrance where we selected the type of cart we would need.  She had Ashely ride on the cart while I pushed it back to the shelving section again at the back of the store.
     Evidently Joanna wanted some big shelves.  I had to grab five of the eight foot long, white prefinished shelves she picked out, which meant plenty of brackets to hold them, and three long pieces to get mounted to the wall.  At least I didn’t have to hold Ashley’s hand while I pushed the cart up to the cash registers, but I noticed that Joanna was making Ashley hold her hand instead…just like a child.  We had to wait in line with our stuff, which gave more people a chance to look us over very closely.  I was so glad that nobody asked me a question.  What would I have replied?
     Just before it was our turn at the checkout, Joanna grabbed the pacifier from my mouth.  I breathed a silent sigh of relief.  I noticed that Ashley still had her pacifier in though.  I had to dig my wallet out of that darn stupid purse to pay for everything.  I really hated that purse.  Once we were done, I started to push the cart toward the door. 
     I turned, only to have Joanna shove the pacifier right back into my mouth again.  Ugh!  I could have just screamed!  Wasn’t it bad enough with the way I was dressed?  Following Joanna and Ashley, I started pushing that heavy cart out to the parking lot.  Trust me, five inch heels were not made for doing that kind of work.  Once again I was all too aware of all the people staring at me. 
     I loaded everything into the car, then pushed the cart to a place where they collected them.  When I got back to the car, Joanna was waiting for me with the back door open.  “Fasten your seatbelt Michael,” she told me as she closed the door.  Yeah right!  Trust me, I was ready to go home. 
     Except that we didn’t go home.  Joanna drove us straight to the grocery store.  I nearly wet myself as we just pulled into the parking lot.  Once again, Ashley and I had to hold hands as we headed into the store.  And of course, just inside the store, Joanna stopped and grabbed a shopping cart.  I guess I wouldn’t be pushing it this time.  We started up one of the aisles, Joanna pushing the cart, and Ashley and I, still holding hands, following her.  But all of a sudden Joanna stopped and pulled my pacifier out again.  “Better refresh that lipstick Michael,” she said.  “I’m afraid your pacifier has smudged it a bit.”
     Oh no!  I could barely hear Ashley giggle as I dug through my purse to find that lipstick.  I’m sure she was doing everything possible to not make a sound as she laughed while I put it on my lips again.  And the moment I was done, Joanna shoved that pacifier right back into my mouth.  Why did she make me mess with the lipstick?  She was so demented!  And ouch my damn chastity device was hurting again.  It had never really stopped.  I was convinced that when it suddenly shrank so much in the last store, it had somehow gotten completely stuck and was unable to go back to its normal too small size.
     Up and down each aisle.  Watch Joanna pick up things and throw them into the cart.  Watch all the other people watching us.  You have no idea how much two people can stand out when they’re dressed obviously in each other’s clothes, and especially when they’re both sucking on baby pacifiers and holding hands.  We had to look ridiculous!  But then, every time I came into this store now I looked ridiculous.  It’s just that this time I had company in that situation…which only garnered more interest from everyone else.  I only wish Ashley could have felt half as stupid in that situation as I did.  But she wasn’t wearing all women’s clothes when she shouldn’t have been, including towering five inch heels.  It was all too easy for her to wear my clothes out in public.  I certainly couldn’t say the same for me wearing her clothes.
     You know what?  I hate that grocery store.  You know what else?  I particularly hate that darn baby aisle.  Why would any grocery store put something as ridiculous as that in a store where they were supposed to sell food?  Normal food. 
     Joanna of course spent longer than usual looking through everything.  But then she usually did that when we were there.  Two more baby bottles somehow found their way into our shopping cart.  I saw Ashley’s eyes bulge at that.  And then Joanna seemed to just park herself halfway through the aisle and just stay there looking over baby food, baby formula, and a big assortment of other baby things. 
     After spending way too long doing that and nothing else, I saw her turn toward her daughter.  Was that demented glee I saw in Joanna’s eyes?  She almost looked like some kind of power-mad villain in a horror movie.  “Does my…baby girl…want any special kind of baby food for dinner?”
     I was surprised, but not nearly as much as Ashley.  Ashley pulled the plug from her mouth.  “B…b…baby food?” she stuttered.
      “Yes, baby food!” Joanna replied.  “And put that paci back in your mouth where it belongs…and keep it there.”  Her face suddenly changed.  “Oh dear, did my baby girl wet her diaper yet?”
      “Uh…” Ashley’s voice came from around the pacifier in her mouth. 
      “Maybe I should just check.”
     Check?  What was Joanna up to now?  But in truth, since Ashley was now the complete focus of Joanna’s demented attention, I was not only glad to be out of it, I was rather enjoying watching Ashley get a small taste of what I had to go through. 
     Joanna quickly walked over to Ashley and started to unfasten the belt she was wearing.
      “Mom, no!” Ashley exclaimed as she stepped back and tried to stop her mother from opening my pants that she was wearing. 
      “Ashley!  Hold still!  I need to check your diaper.”
      “No!” Ashley argued.  “Not here!”  It’s amazing how clearly she said that with that thing in her mouth.  I now saw that look of defiant determination on Ashley’s face that I had confronted all too often.  The look on Joanna’s face didn’t exactly look friendly either.
     The two stared each other down for a moment.  Then Joanna said, “It’s either this, or the soap goes back into your mouth as soon as we get home, and it stays there for the rest of the night.”  She turned to me.  “And you’ll help me, won’t you Michael?”
     I nodded, but didn’t make any verbal answer.
     Joanna turned back to Ashley.  “Show me your diaper Ashley, or it’s soap as soon as we get home.”
     I could see Ashley was suddenly confused now, as if she didn’t know what to do.  I also noticed that there were a bunch of people watching us all too closely.
      “Is there a problem here?” a man suddenly asked as he pushed his way forward.  Strangely, I was the one who stepped in.  I pulled my pacifier.  “No,” I told him.  “No problem.  Trust me, this is all in fun.  Just some fun between the three of us.  Believe me.”
     He looked me over way too carefully, then looked at Joanna and Ashley.  Joanna nodded.  “It’s just fun,” she told him.  The man nodded and backed away.”
     I saw Joanna turn back to Ashley.  “Soap!” she whispered loudly and angrily.
      “No Momma!”
      “Soap!” she insisted.
      “No!”  She was almost in tears.  “Not that.  I’ll…”  She stopped. 
      “You’ll what?”
     She shook her head.  I saw the tears in her eyes.  “I hate this,” I thought she mumbled.  I couldn’t really tell because of the pacifier fogging her words.  But a moment later, she started unbuckling her belt herself. 
      “Stop,” Joanna said.  “That’s for me to do, not you.  Just stand there.  You don’t have to do anything else.”
     Joanna quickly unbuckled her belt, unfastened the pants she was wearing and suddenly she yanked them down to Ashley’s knees.  She grabbed Ashley’s pantyhose and yanked them down next exposing the plastic pants.  A moment later, the plastic pants were at Ashley’s knees as well, showing off the pink diaper Ashley was wearing. 
      “Why Ashley,” Joanna said.  “I’m surprised you’ve managed to keep that diaper dry this long.”  Her voice changed to something more cruel.  “But you’re not supposed to stay dry are you.  Especially not now.  Not after I just called you my baby girl.  Now what are you supposed to do?”
      “Momma…” Ashley pleaded. 
      “Don’t worry dear.  We’re all going to stand right here in the middle of the supermarket aisle and wait until you wet yourself like the toddler you so often behave like.  I don’t care how long it’s going to take, I have lots of interesting baby things I can look through.  And just think how many people will get to see you standing there with your diaper on full display?  Isn’t that nice?”
     Demented.  Joanna was definitely demented – in a major way.
     And then she turned to me.  “In fact, Michael, get over here.  Stand right next to her.”
     Me?  What did she want with me?  My diaper was already wet, and she knew it.  My own mother had given me the cue to wet it, and Ashley had made sure that I did. 
     The moment Ashley and I were standing side by side again, Joanna had us link hands, then she came at me.  Ashley’s coat that I was wearing got opened up.  Ashley’s sweater dress that I was wearing got pulled up over my waist.  Ashley’s pants that I was wearing were pulled down to my knees.  Ashley’s pantyhose that I was wearing were pulled down to my knees.  Ashley’s plastic pants I had on were pulled down too.  All of a sudden I was in the same state that Ashley was.  The two of us.  Side by side.  Holding hands like toddlers.  Sucking on pacifiers like toddlers.  With our pants down to our knees showing off our pink diapers.  Except that mine was already wet. 
      “I think we’ll all stay just like this for however long it takes both my baby girl and my baby boy to wet those diapers like the toddlers they really are.”
     Did she have to say it so loudly?  Not to mention so threateningly. 
      “I’m waiting,” Joanna said.  “And I’ll continue to wait.”
     Not wanting to stand there like that any longer than I had to, I immediately let loose and wet myself again.  How many people saw me doing that?  How many?  Were my knees shaking?  Or was that Ashley shaking?  Both, I realized!  I looked down at Ashley’s diaper.  It was still dry.  I turned my head to her and nodded for her to do it, and I saw a certain panic on her face.  I got the impression she had frozen up somehow and couldn’t do it.  Total fear!  Trust me, I knew the feeling. 
     Joanna turned away from us and started looking at way too many baby things…individually.  She wasn’t even paying any attention to us.  With my eyes, I again urged Ashley to go ahead and do it.  I watched as she took a big breath, then closed her eyes.  She stood right there like that for a few moments before she opened her eyes again.  Was that defeat I now saw?  I looked down at her diaper and realized it now looked wet.  She had done it.  I looked at Joanna.  She wasn’t paying any attention to us at all.  Did I dare call her?  I tried clearing my throat.  I know she heard me, but she certainly didn’t act like she did.  She just continued to ignore the two of us as she looked over the baby items. 
     And then she started pulling out jars of baby food and putting them into the cart.  She looked over at us standing there and smiled at us.  I don’t know how many jars she picked up, but it seemed like a lot.  I also watched as she select anther three pack of pacifiers and threw those into the cart as well. 
     Finally she came back to us.  “It’s about time,” she told us.  She reached down and pulled my clothes up first.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was.
      “Are you going to behave?” she asked Ashley.  “Or do you want to walk around just like that until we get home?”
     Ashley’s eyes bulged.  She shook her head no.
      “Are you going to behave?”
     Ashley nodded vigorously.
      “See that you do,” Joanna replied threateningly.  Finally she pulled Ashley’s pants back up and got her dressed again.  Whew.  And finally we moved on. 
     When we got to the dairy section, not just one gallon, but two gallons of milk got stashed into our shopping cart.  I had no doubt that both Ashley and I would be stuck drinking that milk fairly often – from those baby bottles.  Ugh!

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Mister Mike - Chapter 29 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 29 – Part 2 of 2

     I thought about everything Joanna wanted us to do as I drove towards my mother’s hotel.  How the hell was I going to get away with it?  It was going to be…impossible! 
     When I pulled up under the overhang at the hotel, my mother came out dragging two suitcases and carrying another bag over her shoulder.  She hugged me quickly then left me as she climbed into the back seat of the car with Joanna.  Had my mother felt that bra I was wearing when she hugged me?  I didn’t think she did.  Of course, the heavy coat I was wearing should have prevented her from noticing…I hoped.  I loaded her big heavy suitcases into the back of my car. 
     A minute later, we were on our way to a restaurant.  A different one than we had been to last night.  Another trendy one though…that I already knew had booths people could sit in when they ate.  And trust me, I wasn’t sure if those booths were going to be enough!
     The minute we got to the parking lot and got out of the car, Ashley, carrying the colorful purse that I had been forced to carry way too often, not only grabbed my hand, she latched firmly onto my arm.  I had no doubt that she was nervous too.  She also reached up and kissed me a few times, and I know for a fact that her mother hadn’t prompted either of us to do that. 
     Inside, we had to wait for a few minutes, but it wasn’t a long wait.  I would have much rather it had been a long wait.  A very long wait.  I didn’t want to go through with this meal at all!  Unfortunately, all too soon, we were led to a booth.  As previously ordered, I got in first so that I was against the wall, Ashley got in next to me on the outside.  We held hands of course as my mother and Joanna took the seats directly across from us.  I saw Joanna wink at us and Ashley and I kissed yet again.  My mother smiled.  Yeah, she was so bamboozled into believing that Ashley and I loved each other, when the truth was that we hated each other.  Oh Joanna was a demented demon! 
     The good news, the one and only good news about sitting at that booth to eat, was that Joanna had instructed me to leave my coat on.  I had to unzip it in the front, but I could leave it on.  Trust me, I had no intention of removing that heavy coat at all.  So far, hopefully, it was still doing a good job of hiding Ashley’s bra that I was wearing.  But trust me, that bra was not the biggest worry on my mind.
     The waitress came and we ordered our drinks.  My mother and Joanna again did most of the talking at the table…which was good.  I was too petrified to think about talking.  The drinks finally came and we ordered our food.  I didn’t want that nice waitress to leave at that point.  Why couldn’t she just stay at the table, right there with us, until we finished our entire meal?  But no, she had to walk away – of course.  And of course, her leaving was the cue that Joanna had told us earlier that meant Ashley and I had to get busy.  Oh God!  I didn’t want to do this.
     While Joanna and my mother were dominating most of the conversation, I did my best to look like I was doing nothing at all, while under the table I was unfastening my belt.  I felt Ashley squirming next to me, but I dared not look.  I had my own problems to think about.  With my belt unfastened, very carefully I unfastened my pants and pulled my zipper down.  Ashley was still squirming, but I knew that she too was trying to not look like she was doing anything at all.
     Now came the hard part for me.  The worst part.  Very slowly and carefully, I levered my bottom up just slightly from the seat, hoping that no one would notice, and I slipped my pants down past my butt.  If anyone happened to lean over the booth to look they would see my pantyhose covered diaper and plastic pants. 
     I saw Ashley turn to me, her face looked nervous.  She leaned in and kissed me quickly.  I felt more movement from her, then a moment later, I felt her hands pulling her black pants up onto the seat next to us.  She smiled at me, and kissed me again.  She was wearing a dress.  Nobody would notice or care that she had removed her pants!
     I went back to work.  With my hands I pushed my pants down over my knees, then wiggled my legs and feet to finally get them off.  It took a while, but I did it.  I was now sitting in the restaurant without any pants on at all, and trying to pretend that I hadn’t removed them.  Fortunately, it looked like my mother hadn’t noticed anything weird at all…yet.  She was spending a lot of time looking at Joanna sitting next to her instead of at me.  So far!
     But now came the more difficult part.  I pulled my pants up and handed them to Ashley, and I grabbed her black pants instead.  Let me tell you, trying to get my feet into those pants under the table was very, very difficult.  Especially with my shoes on.  I was having a terrible time with it.
     Next to me, I felt Ashley squirming to get my pants on.  And then I realized she was actually getting there.  How the heck had she managed it?  I still hadn’t gotten my feet into her pants yet. 
     The waitress was suddenly back and started setting plates on the table.  I saw my mother look away and I used the opportunity to quickly lean over as far as I could and pull my feet into those pants and pull them up over my knees.  I had somehow managed to get them that far.  But now I had to sit there and eat, with Ashley’s pants staying right there down around my knees.  And I knew Ashly was trying to do the same.  But Ashley was wearing a dress.  Her pink diaper was covered up.  If anyone managed to look past Ashley sitting next to me, they could easily see that I was in a rather embarrassing state to be sitting there. 
     One handed, I managed to eat, but it wasn’t easy.  It was more like I was holding my breath the entire time.  Fortunately, the stretch waist of Ashley’s pants helped to keep them up so they didn’t slip down to my feet, but neither of us were allowed to pull our pants all the way up until later in the meal.  We both had to sit there like that, and pray nobody would notice.  The only good part about that was Ashley’s dress.  Hopefully, because of that, nobody would notice what we had done…and were still doing.
     I sat there now waiting to hear it, our key words to wet ourselves during the meal.  Several times I heard Joanna say, “Your baby,” or “My baby,” but never did she say those dreaded actual words to make us wet ourselves.
     We all finished eating and my mother asked the waitress to bring the check…and Ashley and I were still sitting there with each other’s pants down around our knees.  But when the waitress left again, Joanna turned to my mother and said, “I need to use the ladies room.  Want to come with me before we take you to the airport?”
     Joanna had told us ahead of time that she would do that.  And when she told us, I had to ask what we would do if my mother decided not to go to the ladies room.  Joanna had smiled that sly wicked smile of hers and simply said, “The best you can.”  Ugh!  No help at all.  Fortunately, my mother got up and went with her.  The moment their backs were turned, both Ashley and I got busy pulling our pants up.  I had an easy time with the stretch waist of her pants.  I only had to pull them all the way up.  Ashley’s dress was now a bigger problem as she shimmied my pants up under it, then had to pull the dress up in the front to fasten the pants and buckle my belt – as tight as it would go.  She couldn’t seem to pull her dress back down fast enough. 
     I looked around, had anyone noticed?  There, not exactly close, I saw a couple sitting across from each other, staring at us.  Had they seen what we had done?  Did it matter?  I guess not because there was nothing Ashley or I could do about it.  Ashley and I were sitting in the restaurant, wearing each other’s pants, and in just a few minutes, we were going to have to leave that restaurant and take my mother to the airport.  How on earth could my mother possibly miss the fact that I was now wearing Ashley’s pants instead of my own?  How?  It was impossible!
     Joanna and my mother came back and I saw Ashley nod to her mother.  The waitress was there by the time they got seated again and gave my mother the check.  A few minutes later, I found myself scooting out of that booth…where I would be displaying to the entire world that I was wearing a pair of women’s pants instead of men’s pants.  Why, oh why, was I doing this?  How long would it be before my mother noticed?  And what the heck would I do when she did notice?  Before I even got out of the booth, I saw Joanna link her arm in my mother’s and they led the way out of the restaurant.  Ashley and I followed.  I seriously doubt that Ashley was anywhere near as nervous as I was.
     Since my mother and Joanna were sitting in the back seat and Ashley and I were in the front, I didn’t have to worry about my mother while we were in the car.  I drove to the airport, but instead of just dropping my mother off at the curb, Joanna “insisted” that we park and all go inside. 
     Once out of the car, I saw Joanna latch onto my mother’s arm again and say, “Let’s go ahead.  We’ll leave our babies to get your luggage for you.”  The two of them walked off, and I was momentarily relieved.  I pulled my mother’s luggage out of the car, Ashley threw her colorful purse up over her shoulder and grabbed the smaller of the two big suitcases.  I grabbed the other one and my mother’s carry-on bag, and together we dragged everything into the airport. 
     Was I nervous wearing Ashley’s pants in public like that?  You better believe it!  Was anyone noticing?  I wasn’t sure.  I have no doubt that some people looked at me and at least wondered.  Ashly’s coat was fairly long and came down nearly to her knees.  I did notice that my pants on her looked kind of funny.  Not only were they a bit too long, but it actually looked like she was wearing men’s pants.  Did anyone notice that either.  But then Ashley was a girl.  It was a lot easier for her to get away with wearing men’s pants than for me to get away with wearing women’s pants out in public like that. 
     It wasn’t hard for us to find our mothers.  They had gone to the airline check-in counter and were waiting for us.  Now was the time I was sure my mother would notice.  I tried to hide as best I could behind Ashley, even though she was obviously wearing my pants.  We turned my mother’s luggage over to her and stood back while she waited in line behind a few people.  Her wait wasn’t long though and soon her luggage was taken to be shipped with the rest of the baggage.  I saw her turn and head directly toward us, as she did, Joanna moved to stand right in front of Ashley and me. 
      “Well that’s it,” my mother said.  “I’ve got to get going.  “I can’t tell you what a wonderful time I’ve had here.”  She turned to Joanna and hugged her.  “Joanna, it’s been marvelous.  And I can’t wait to come back again so we can visit some more.”
      “Oh, you have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed your visit too,” Joanna replied.  “And just to see how happy our babies are together has been so good for me too.”
     My mother turned to Ashley next.  She walked up and hugged her.  “Ashley, you can’t imagine how happy I am to meet you and see you with my baby boy.  You’re like a dream.  And I can see how happy you make him.  True love, Ashley, that’s what I see between the two of you.  True love.”
     Was my mouth hanging down to my knees?  My mother had just uttered those key words to make me wet myself.  Not Joanna, my mother!  Had anyone else noticed?  Should I wet myself?  No. Besides, my mother was not coming up to me. 
      “And Michael.  Oh it’s been so good to see you again,” she said.  “I’m so happy for you darling.  I can see that you and Ashley are going to be such a good couple together.  Now I’ve got to go.  So you take good care of yourself…and good care of Ashley too, as I’m sure you have every intention of doing.”  She hugged me tightly.  “I love you Michael.  I love you to death.  And I can’t wait to come back for your wedding!”
      “Uh…I love you too Mom,” I replied. 
     She broke her hug.   And looked between Ashley’s face and mine.  There were tears in her eyes.  “I’ve got to go now before I start crying even harder.  She turned to Joanna.  “Joanna, your daughter and my baby boy.  Isn’t it just great?”
     Joanna was all smiles.  “Absolutely the best!” Joanna replied. 
     With a wave, my mother turned and hurried away.  I stood there watching her…until I felt Ashley stick her hand tight in the front of my crotch.
      “Did you wet yourself?” she asked, in an all too mocking voice.  “Your own mother said baby boy, not once, but twice!  So have you wet yet?”
     Damn her!  Having no choice, I let loose, realizing that nobody had said the baby girl words to make Ashley wet herself. 
      “Okay children,” Joanna said once my mother was out of sight.  “Hold hands.  Let’s find the rest rooms.”
     The rest rooms?  What for?  Joanna had gone in the restaurant, and Ashley and I were stuck in diapers.  But dutifully, we followed her through the airport until we found the restrooms.   
     Standing between the men’s room and the women’s room, Joanna made me stand there and take my coat off, which displayed the bumps from Ashley’s bra underneath.  I was very embarrassed about that.  I was wearing women’s pants there, and now if anyone looked at me, they would see that I had a bra on under my shirt.  Joanna took my coat from me, then told me to stand there and wait.  She would be right back.  Taking Ashley’s hand, Joanna led her into the women’s room. 
      “What now Momma?” I heard Ashley ask.  I didn’t hear Joanna’s reply. 
     A few minutes later, Joanna was back, but instead of having my coat in her hands, she was carrying Ashley’s sweater dress and that colorful purse instead.  She handed them to me.  “Michael, take these into the men’s room with you and put this on.  Your breast forms are in the purse.  Then bring me the shirt you’re wearing now.”
      “What?”  I couldn’t believe it.
      “You heard me.  Now go do it!  Or do you want to be stuck in that chastity device for the next six months with no chance of relief at all?”  She gave me one of those serious looks of hers.  “Michael, if you do everything I want, then I’ll make sure you have plenty of time for some much needed relief later before I go home.”
     I stared at her for a moment, but it was no use.  Taking the dress, I went into the men’s room.  I found a stall and closed the door.  Oh how I hated my life.  Oh how messed up everything in it was.  And oh how insanely horny I was because of it all – especially right now.  And I did want that relief that Joanna had said I could get.  I wanted it badly! 
     I found a stall and took my shirt off.  I opened the purse Ashley had been carrying and easily found my birdseed breast forms.  I stuck them in Ashley’s purple bra that I was wearing.  The bra was suddenly a lot tighter.  I took the sweater dress and pulled it over my head and down my body.  I’m sure I didn’t look nearly as nice in it as Ashley did.  I was suddenly wearing almost all women’s clothes, and not only just women’s clothes, Ashley’s clothes.  The only male clothes I had on were my shoes and socks. 
     Carrying my shirt and that damn colorful purse that I had no doubt I’d be carrying back to the car, I went out to find Joanna waiting for me.  She smiled broadly.  “Lovely,” she declared as she looked me over.  She took the shirt and disappeared into the women’s rest room.  I can’t tell you how embarrassed I felt standing there while so many people, men and women both, walked right past me.  And every last one of them looked me over closely. 
     A few minutes later, she was back with Ashley.  Ashley was now wearing my pants, my shirt, and my coat.  Ashley started laughing at me the moment she saw me.  “Wait a minute Momma, I’ve got to get a picture.”  She suddenly looked around, then at me.  “My phone is in your purse.  Give it to me.”  I gladly started to hand over the purse.  “No you idiot.  Just the phone.” 
     Oh.  I opened the purse and found her phone.  A moment later, I was standing right there between the two rest rooms, with men and women streaming past me on both sides, while Ashley and her mother both took a few pictures of me.  And then Joanna made Ashley stand right next to me so she could take pictures of both of us.  Ashley of course, struck a funny pose.  She wasn’t having any trouble with this little predicament at all.
     Finally, Joanna handed me Ashley’s coat to put on.  It was very tight in the shoulders but I managed it.  I was now wearing even more of Ashly’s clothes. 
      “Hold hands children,” Joanna said, “and follow me.”
     Hold hands.  I absolutely dreaded the sound of that.  I was so nervous being dressed like that as we followed Joanna that I nearly wet myself again.  I probably would have if I hadn’t just done it a short while before. 
     Instead of leading us back to the car, Joanna led us over to the seats in one of the waiting areas.  She made Ashley and I sit down together.  “Michael, take those shoes and socks off.  You too Ashley.  Take your shoes off.”
     Oh no!  From her bag I watched as Joanna pulled out my five inch t-straps. 
      “Your mother is gone now Michael, and all your rules can apply again.  No more men’s shoes outside of work.  So get them off.  Your socks too.”  She turned to Ashley.  “Ash, can you wear those shoes with socks?”
      “No problem,” she replied with a giggle.  “I usually wear socks with them.”
     Removing my shoes and socks, the last of the male clothing I had been wearing, I turned them over to Joanna, who passed my socks on to Ashley.  While I reluctantly strapped myself into those five inch t-straps, Ashley stuck my socks on over her pantyhose, and slipped her black flats back on.  She was now wearing even more of my clothes, and I had a feeling that if our shoes could have fit each other Joanna would have made us switch those as well.  And actually, since Ashley was wearing flats, I would have much preferred that.  But then, if we were going to switch shoes, I have no doubt Joanna would have made sure I still wound up in heels. 
     Joanna appeared quite happy as she stood up.  “Okay children.  Hold hands and let’s go. We’ve got shopping to do.”