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Mister Mike - Chapter 7

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 7

     My backside was still painful when I sat down at my desk Tuesday morning, but there was no doubt it was doing better than the day before.  Thankfully!  Ashley’s bedroom door had still been closed when I left the house.  I just hoped that when I came home again that bedroom would be empty.  All night long I had fumed over what a cruel and inconsiderate monster she was.  All night long my mind came up with reason after reason why she was so horrible.  Now, I only wanted her gone.  Forever!
     It was late in the morning when my cellphone rang, and it really surprised me because I rarely got any phone calls – even from my mother, and she only called once in a while when she wasn’t off with her friends on some casino excursion.  In the back of my mind I expected to see Ashley’s name on the caller ID, but I was surprised to see Chris calling me instead.  “Hello?”
      “Hey Mister Mike,” he answered.  “I was just wondering if you heard how Ashley is doing.”
      “Chris, I’m sorry to say I threw her out of the house last night.  Well, actually, she was still there when I left this morning, but she had orders to be gone before I got home today.  And let me tell you Chris, my sympathies are totally with you.  I don’t know how you put up with her for so long.”
      “No Mister Mike.  I mean…haven’t you heard?  I got a call from Amanda earlier.  Ashley was in a major car wreck this morning.  They took her to the hospital, but I haven’t heard anything else.  I just figured since she had been staying with you that you might have heard.”
     I was totally shocked.  “She was in a car wreck?  I hadn’t heard.  How is she?”
      “That’s just it, I don’t know.  The police called Amanda because she was the last person Ashley had called from her phone.  But Amanda was at work, so she called me, and I’m at work too.”
      “The police called Amanda?”
      “That’s what she said.”
      “Shit!” I exclaimed.
      “Hey Mister Mike, I’ve got Ashley’s mother’s phone number.  Do you think I should call her?  She lives like two or three hours away, but do you think I should let her know?  I wouldn’t want to call her if Ashley didn’t want me to.  She and her mother didn’t get along that well, and Ashley was kind of funny whenever it came to her mother.”
      “Chris, go ahead and call her.  Definitely!  If the police called one of her friends to let them know, then it sounds like Ashley may have been hurt pretty bad.  I’ll try to find out more on my lunch hour.”
      “Great, Mister Mike.  I’ll call her mother, but please let me know what you find out.”
      “I will Chris.  For sure.”
     I hung up, still somewhat in shock.  Ashley had been hurt – that much I was certain of.  As much as I hated the girl, I couldn’t wish that on anyone.  I knew my mind would never be able to focus on work, so I looked up the number of the hospital and called there.  I was able to find out that Ashley was still in the emergency room, but they wouldn’t release any other information to me. 
     Armed with that little bit, I phoned Chris back.  “Chris, Ashley is still in the emergency room.  They wouldn’t tell me anything about her at all.”
      “Oh wow, Mister Mike,” he replied.  “That doesn’t sound good.”
      “No it doesn’t.  Tell you what, I’ll try to find out more during lunch.”
      “Great!” he replied.  “And I just now got off the phone with her mother.  She sounded like she was starting to panic as soon as I told her.”
      “I’m sure she was,” I agreed.
      “So please keep me in the loop,” he asked.  “You know I still have feelings for her.”
      “I will Chris.  Talk to you later.”
     At lunchtime I hurried out to my car and headed straight for the hospital, but all I was able to find out was that she was still in the emergency room.  Since I wasn’t family, they wouldn’t let me see or talk to her.  It was a wasted trip.
     All afternoon I fretted about Ashley.  How was she?  Besides being an absolute monster, my previous impression of her had been that she had been a really nice girl.  Of course, I knew better now.  Looks can be deceiving.  
     After work, I again drove straight to the hospital.  This time I found out that she was in a room.  I headed upstairs.  When I found her room, I stopped at the doorway.  There was another girl inside sitting by her bed, but Ashley appeared to be sleeping.  Then I noticed someone else in the room.  An older woman.  I was betting it was her mother.  She got up from the chair she had been sitting in and walked over to me.
      “Are you one of Ashley’s friends?” she asked.
      “Sort of,” I replied.  “She was staying in my house the last couple of nights.”
     All of a sudden, her hand lashed out and she slapped me as hard as she could.  “I hate you!” she exclaimed.  “It’s your fault that my daughter is lying there in that bed.  It’s your fault that she almost died!”
      “My fault?”
      “Yes!  She said you threw her out of the house with no warning.  She said you even called the police last night to evict her – with no reason at all!  She was crying and so upset when she left the house this morning that she didn’t watch what she was doing, and now she’s lying in that bed, her left leg broken in two places, her left arm broken just above her elbow, she’s all banged up, and she’s got a major concussion.  It’s your fault that she’s hurt!”  Once again her hand lashed out and slapped me.
     I did my best to hold my temper.  “Maybe you better make sure of all the facts before you go accusing me too much.  Yes, I did throw her out last night, or I tried to.  But I told her she could wait until today to leave since it was so late.  And I told the police that I wasn’t going to press charges against her.”
      “Charges?  For what?”
      “For nearly killing me, and for trying to do it again!”
      “You’re delusional!”
      “And you’re only getting part of the story!”
      “That’s my daughter that told me!”
      “Yeah, and maybe that’s why she didn’t tell you everything!  I truly hope she’s going to be okay.  As much of a monster as I now think your daughter is, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.  Goodbye!”  I turned and stomped off.  Damn girl.  Damn mother of the girl.  Like mother like daughter.  And the only one either of them was going to blame, was me!  Neither of them would see the cruel monster that Ashley really was.
     I got to the elevator and punched the button.  And she was suddenly there.
      “Is your name Mike?” she asked.
      “What of it?” I replied angrily.
     She stared at me for a moment.  “Would you like to get some coffee with me?”
     No, I didn’t.  Not after the way she had just treated me.  But I relented.  “Sure,” I replied, although I know my voice wasn’t exactly dripping with kindness.
     We went downstairs to the hospital cafeteria.  I noted that she seemed to know her way around there pretty well.  I was guessing she had been there a number of times throughout the day.  We each got a cup of coffee, then she led me to a somewhat out of the way table. 
      “So what is it that Ashley isn’t telling me?” she asked as we sat down.
      “To be honest, I don’t know that I want to tell you,” I replied.  “It’s…very personal.”
     I saw her roll her eyes.  “You mean because you get off on being humiliated and she was willing to dish it out?”
     I stared at her in disbelief.  “She told you that?”
     She texted me all about it several times,” she replied.
      “Damn it!  See.  That’s another reason I wanted her gone.  I’ve gone to great lengths my whole life to keep my problems to myself and not let anyone know.  But the minute she got into my house, she started searching my entire room, my computer, and doing everything else she could, and then she let all her friends know!”
      “She searched your house?”
      “Yes!  And I couldn’t stop her.  The minute I tried to tell her not to do this, she ran and searched somewhere else, like it was all one big game.  She may have come in the door crying her eyes out after leaving Chris, but it didn’t take her long to get giddy with laughter.  Believe me!”
      “So you didn’t want her looking through your things?”
      “Oh hell no!”
      “So you threw her out.”
      “Not because of that.”
      “Then what?”
      “Because of what she did to me.”
      “You mean with those crazy shoe-lock things she texted me about?  Where she said she kept you literally locked into a pair of real high heels for the entire weekend?”
     I stared at her in shock.  “She told you about that too?”
      “Yes.  In about a dozen different texts.  She seemed to think it was hilarious.  And I have to admit, I did too when I read about it.  But she said you complained constantly and kept asking for the keys, but she could tell you were really loving the situation.  So is that why you threw her out?”
     I shook my head.  “She tells too much to too many different people.  But no, that’s not why at all.”
      “Then what?”
     I was going to tell her, then I stopped.  “Maybe I should show you instead.”
     I pulled my cell phone out.  “These pictures were taken by the police last night.  They have the 911 call I made too of course.”
      “911 call!”
     I opened up to the pictures the cop had taken of the bruising on my body, and I passed the phone over to her.  I saw her flip through a couple of pictures, then her eyes went wide.  “My God!  Is that your…bottom?”
      “Yeah!  And those pictures were taken a full day after she did that to me.  In fact, I’m still hurting, and I’m still having trouble sitting down.  I threw her out because she was trying to do that to me again!  She crossed the line.  She went way past the line.  She was nothing but cruel and showed no compassion at all.  To be honest, I can’t for the life of me see how she can call herself a nurse. 
      “Last night, as she was trying to beat me with that belt again, I simply had enough.  I couldn’t take anymore.  So I grabbed her and ripped that damn belt out of her hands, and I called the police.  She wouldn’t leave any other way, no matter how much I wanted her gone, so I called the police.  In fact, I never asked her to stay in the first place.  She just came in and assumed I would let her.  And then last night when she told me she was moving in, permanently, whether I liked it or not, and then she started beating on me again like that…I simply couldn’t take it anymore. 
      “Your daughter is a monster, Mrs. Desmond.  A monster!”  I grabbed my cell phone from her, got up from the table and left.  I wasn’t going to argue with her over what a monster her daughter was.  I was still hurting.  I was very sorry that Ashley had gotten hurt.  But I had gotten hurt too!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     When I finally got home, I pulled the big trashcan back from the curb, then went straight out to my workshop to put a second coat of stain on my printer table.  But the whole time I was out there, I still could do nothing but fume angrily over Ashley…and now her mother.  Since staining a second coat goes much faster than the first, I wasn’t out there very long. 
     I went back into the house and stuck another frozen dinner into the microwave.  Then I went for a tour of the house…or parts of it.  I expected her bedroom to be a mess, and it was.  But at the same time, I also noticed that all her stuff wasn’t gone.  As far as I could see, she had just as much stuff there as she did before.  So like it or not, I knew she’d be back.  At least it would be to move out though.
     I was watching TV later that night when my doorbell rang.  My mind immediately turned to Chris, and I mentally berated myself for not calling him with an update on Ashley’s condition.  But when I opened the door, I got another shock.  “Mrs. Desmond?”
      “May I come in?” she asked.
      “Are you here to berate me?”
      “That wasn’t my plan,” she said.  “To be honest, I really wanted to apologize.”
     Not really caring about an apology, I let her in.  “Coffee?” I asked as she entered.
      “That would be…good,” she sighed.
     I went to the kitchen and busied myself with making a pot of coffee. 
      “You’ve got a nice place here,” she said as she looked around.
      “Thanks,” I replied.  “Have a seat.”
      “Thanks,” she said as she pulled out one of my kitchen table chairs and removed her coat.  “I talked to Ashley again,” she said, “and I asked her some very pointed questions.  I’m afraid she either pretty much confirmed everything you told me, or she gave me very evasive answers.”
      “I only told you what happened,” I told her.
      “So I’m guessing it was mostly the truth.”
      “It was all the truth!”
      “As you see it,” she replied.  “I’m guessing you really did enjoy some of what she put you through.”
     I turned and stared at her.  “I don’t care what you think of me.  As much as I absolutely hated it, yes, there were things I did enjoy.  But I told you why I threw her out.  She crossed the line.  She went way too far.  And there was no reasoning with her.”
      “So you told me.”
      “How is she doing?” I asked.
      “She’s hurting.  She’s got a major headache.”
      “And I have no doubt she’s angry at me and blaming me for everything.”
     She nodded.  “Pretty much.”
      “I’m sorry she was so upset when she left the house.  Maybe that was my fault.  But she has to blame herself too.”
     She nodded.  “Unfortunately, it’s not the first accident she’s had.  It was just…the worst.  By a lot.  I don’t know what condition her car is in, but I know it wasn’t very good before the accident.”
      “I think she mentioned recently that she needed a new one…more than Chris needed a new truck.”
      “Humph!” she grunted.  “I saw Chris at the hospital.  He mentioned wanting to buy a new truck…and he also mentioned he needed Ashley living with him and paying her share of the rent so he could get it.”
      “Umm…I’m not totally surprised.  He told me that he was trying to get his grandfather to cosign for it.”
      “So he’s not as well off as he keeps claiming.”
      “I don’t really know,” I told her.  “My bet is he probably makes enough money, but he spends most of his money on himself.”
      “Yeah.  Something like that.  No common sense.”
     The coffee was close enough that I could pour her a mug.  “Cream?  Sugar?”
      “Both if you have it.”
     I pulled some milk out of the refrigerator and grabbed the sugar too and carried them to the table.  Then I carried her coffee over before going back to pour myself some. 
      “I’m sorry my daughter showed such bad…judgement in what she was doing with you,” she said as I poured my coffee.
      “To be honest, I am too.  I liked her.”  I looked over at her quickly.  Not…in a sexual way.  I made no advances toward her and I had no intention of ever doing that!”
     She tossed it off with a wave of her hand.  “I’m sure,” she replied.  “And besides, you’re both consenting adults.  What can I really say about it…let alone do about it?”
     I nodded.  “Yeah.  Both consenting adults, except I wasn’t exactly consenting about some of the things she did to me.”
      “Oh!  Which reminds me,” she said.  “What are you putting on that backside of yours?”
      “I’m not putting anything on it,” I told her.  “I wouldn’t even know what to put on it.  And going to a drug store to ask someone to recommend something would be a little too…embarrassing.”
     She smiled and opened her purse.  “I stopped at a store on the way here,” she said as she pulled out a small jar.  “Put some of that all over it several times a day.  It should clear up fast.”
     I picked the jar up.  “What is it?”
      “It’s for…problems like yours.  Although it’s more often used for diaper rash for babies.”
     I have no doubt my face turned red.  “Thanks,” I mumbled.
     When I looked up, I saw a look of amusement in her eyes.  “Ashley says you love wearing diapers too.  That ointment may come in handy in the future as well.”
     I know my face was red.  “I only sometimes wear them,” I told her.  “Not really that often.”
     She giggled just a tiny bit.  “That’s your business,” she replied.
     I nodded, unable to say anything else.
      “Did you…enjoy it though?” she asked.
     I saw something of a devilish smile on her face that she was trying to hide behind her coffee cup as she sipped from it.
      “Enjoy what?”
      “Ashley pushing you around?  She said you loved being humiliated.”
      “Like I said earlier, some of it.  Just not…all of it.”
      “I’m sure,” she replied.  “And from what I now know, what she did was…inexcusable.  But I’m glad you enjoyed…some of it.”
      “That still doesn’t excuse what she did.”
      “No, it doesn’t,” she agreed.
      “It doesn’t excuse her letting the entire world know about my…problems either.”
     She shook her head.  “Probably not, but to be honest, I don’t see her being able to keep any of that to herself either.”
      “Probably not,” I agreed.  “As I said before, that’s why I was always so careful to not let anyone know.”
      “Until now,” she said.
     I nodded.
      “Or was it…until that day she said she saw you in Arby’s wearing a pair of women’s high heeled boots?”
     Once again I could feel my face turning red.  “That was my one and only mistake.  And it was a big one.  And I guess…it cost me more now than I thought.  I wonder if there’s anyone who doesn’t know about that.”
     She shrugged.  “I guess it depends on who you ask.  Has anyone mentioned it where you work?”
     I shook my head.  “So far, the only one who’s mentioned it, is Ashley…and now you.”
      “Then I would guess that it depends on who you ask.  I don’t know where you work, but hopefully it’s not anywhere near any of Ashley’s friends.”
      “I work in a bank,” I told her.  “Mortgage department.”
     Then knowing some of her friends like I do, I would guess you’re pretty safe.  Somewhat anyway.”
      “Hopefully,” I replied.  “I’ve been seriously thinking about looking for another job now.  Someplace far away.”
      “I guess I can’t blame you,” she said.
     She set her cup down.  “Well.  I must be going.  I’ve still got to find myself a hotel.”  We both got up from the table and headed for the front door.  “Like I said,” she said as she stopped a moment before going out.  “I’m very sorry for what Ashley did…and I guess for the way I treated you earlier as well.”
      “It’s okay,” I told her.  “I probably would have done the same.”
     She smiled and I opened the door.  “Mrs. Desmond…”
      “Um…If you like, Ashley’s room here is still available.  I’m afraid it’s a total mess.  She wasn’t big on picking anything up...anywhere.  But if you like, you can use it while you’re here.”
     She looked at me for several moments.  “That’s…somewhat of a surprising offer.”
     I shrugged.  “Maybe.  But I liked Ashley…before I knew her better.  I thought she was a nice girl.  Maybe this is a small way for me to apologize too, for…my part in it all.”
     She again looked at me for several moments.  “You’re sure?  Because it would be a big help.  Hotels are so expensive, and I have no idea how long I’m going to be here.”
     I nodded.  “I’m sure.”

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Mister Mike - Chapter 6

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 6

     Normalcy.  I squirmed in my desk chair at work and practically breathed it in.  I squirmed, because my backside was still absolutely raw!  Spending the entire night in overly soaked diapers didn’t help that situation one bit.  In fact, it only made it worse.  Did I have diaper rash?  I really couldn’t tell.  I only knew I was awfully raw back there, and it hurt!  Especially to sit on.  But not sitting down wasn’t an option.  I had to work, and if anyone noticed me standing at my desk instead of sitting, they might ask what was going on.  But beyond that, I was at least physically away from Ashley now that I was at work and back in the “normal” world again.  And I was very glad to be there…raw hurting backside or not.
     If I could have gotten away with it just then, I would have taken my shoes off, just for the pleasure of bending and stretching my feet whenever I wanted.  And even there at work, I was very tempted to do just that.  When I had gotten out of bed earlier that morning, I could still see the outline of my T-strap heels against the bare skin of my feet.  That had been a horror I didn’t ever want to revisit again.
     And the perpetrator herself, the monster most people knew as Ashley, was still in my house, and was probably just then getting up out of bed.  I had been extra quiet getting up and out of the house that morning.  In fact I had gotten up earlier than usual and left the house earlier than usual just to avoid her.  I had almost hit her car in my driveway as I backed out of the garage because it never even dawned on me that it would be there. 
     I knew she had to go to work today, so she would be back late again.  I was seriously thinking of leaving the front door open for her when she came home, and go to bed early just to avoid seeing her again.  Anything – to avoid her!  Talk about a nightmare.  I figured I now needed to have a little talk with Chris just to express my sincere sympathies to him for putting up with her as long as he had.  But my one biggest thought about Ashley just then was, would she finally find someplace new to stay – and how soon would she be moving out?
     I squirmed around in my seat again.  There was absolutely no way I could sit comfortably at all.  In fact, I now worried that just sitting on my raw bottom all day would make it even worse.  But what choice did I have?  I looked out through my open office door and didn’t see anybody moving around.  Screw it!  Most likely nobody would need me to get up from my desk anyway.  I pushed my chair back, bent down, and untied my shoes.  A moment later, they were off my feet and I was bending my toes and flexing my feet to my heart’s content.  And since I had gone that far, I got up from my seat for a moment, removed my jacket and loosened my tie before sitting down again.  Maybe my backside was going to keep me in pain all day, but I saw no reason why I couldn’t let my feet feel some semblance of pleasure.  Scooting my chair up to my desk again, I did my best to put up with my painful backside and get to work.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     I was taking no chances.  After work I stopped and got myself a quick hamburger, then headed straight to the grocery store to stock up as fully as I could.  And with every item I placed in my shopping cart, I prayed she’d be moving out as soon as possible – like tonight!  Actually, I saw no reason why she should possibly need to be there past tomorrow afternoon.  If she couldn’t move out tonight because she got home so late, then she was off all day tomorrow, giving her plenty of time to move out – while I was at work! 
     I went home and put everything away.  After that, I checked the house.  Yes, she was gone.  Yes, the guest bathroom was an absolute mess.  Yes, her room was a mess and her bed wasn’t made.  Yes, my computer was still logged into my account.  And yes, I not only logged off of my computer, I shut the damn thing down!  When I had gotten up that morning, I had simply thrown my pee soaked sheets into the washer, but didn’t dare start it for fear it might wake her up.  I finally got that load of wash going and put another set of clean sheets on my bed.  Since it was Monday night, I went around the house and collected everything from my few trash bins and took all the trash outside.  Then I pulled the big trashcan out to the curb where it would be picked up sometime tomorrow. 
     With my backside still raw and irritated, I changed clothes and went out to work on my printer stand for an hour – but no longer.  I came back in and finished the wash, finally folding and putting away that set of now clean sheets.  Then I wrote a note for Ashley, taping it to the outside of the front door.  I purposely left the front door unlocked for her like the note said, and went to bed early – locking my bedroom door behind me.  As much as I wanted to wear my silky nightgown like I usually did, I left it in the drawer.  Even my bedroom door being locked didn’t keep me from being worried about her. 
     It’s a good thing I had gone to bed so early.  Once in bed, my mind refused to forget anything that had happened with her over the weekend at all.  None of it!  And consequently, I found myself doing what I usually did when I went to bed at night, I pulled three tissues from the box on my nightstand, wrapped them carefully around my now desperately hard cock, and I humped the bed for all I was worth to each and every one of those memories and images.  And it was all fueled even further by the irritation I still felt in my backside with every move I made.  I came in one of the biggest rushes I could remember.  Still recovering, I used those now nasty tissues to wipe myself off.  As always, I set them on my nightstand out of the way, and went to sleep.  Now that I had relieved myself, sleep came much easier and deeper.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     The sudden loud knocking on my bedroom door startled me out of my sleep…as did Ashley calling, “Mister Mike!  Mister Mike.  Wake up!”
     Still groggy and trying to figure out what was going on, I quickly got out of bed.  “Coming!” I yelled.  I slipped my pants on and opened my bedroom door.  “What’s wrong?” I asked, sure that there had to be something major going on for her to be acting like that – at that time of night.
     She seemed surprised by my question.  “Oh.  How was your day?” she asked.
     How was my day?  “Ashley, what’s wrong?”
      “Nothing.  Why would you think that?”
      “You just woke me up in the middle of the night like the house is on fire.”
      “Oh.  No.” she said.  “I just wanted to tell you that I found a new place to live.”
     Thank God!  I actually breathed a sigh of relief.  “That’s great!” I told her.  “When are you moving?”
      “Come on,” she said excitedly.  “I’ll tell you all about it.”
     She turned and headed back up the hallway.  I would have much rather gone straight back to bed, but it seemed that option was now out.  So I followed her all the way into the kitchen.
      “Hey!” she said as she looked into the refrigerator.  You went shopping.”
      “Right after work,” I told her.
      “Great!” she said as she pulled a can of soda out of the refrigerator.  “Want one?”
      “No thanks,” I replied.  “I really just want to go back to bed.  So where are you moving to?”
     She was all smiles as she went over to the table and sat down.  “I talked to all of my friends today, and they all agree that this is the best thing I could ever possibly do.”
      “What’s that?”
      “And every one of them agreed that I’d be crazy not to do it.”
      “What’s that?” I asked, now getting bored with the whole thing and really wanting to go back to sleep.
      “Well, it’s obvious isn’t it?”
      “I’m moving in here.”
     I almost passed out.  Did my jaw hit the floor…while I was still on my feet?  “You’re what?”
      “Moving in here of course.”
      “Ashley, you didn’t even ask!”
      “I don’t have to.  This is the best…for both of us.”
      “Yeah of course.  You’ve got this big ol’ house, and you’re the only one living here.  Did you know it’s dangerous for someone to live alone?”
     I almost told her it was more dangerous to live with her.
      “And besides, all the rest of my stuff is right next door.  I don’t even have to ask anyone to help me move or anything.  And you live here and make plenty of money, so I don’t have to worry about living expenses so much.”
      “But Ashley…”
      “Every way we all looked at it, this is the best thing I could possibly do.  So I’m moving in.  Isn’t that great?”
      “But Ashley, you didn’t even ask.  Besides, I don’t want…”
      “I don’t have to ask,” she replied quickly with a huge devilish grin on her face.  “Cause since I know all about you, and how much you absolutely love me being around to totally humiliate you, and since you promised so many times last night to do absolutely anything I say…without arguing, then there’s no need for me to ask.  I can simply do it…and you have to like it.  You even promised not to argue with me about it.  So as you see, there’s no need for me to worry about asking you anything.  I can just do it.  And after I told all my friends all about what happened last night, every last one of them agreed completely.  This is absolutely the best thing I could ever do.”
     I was horrified by so many things.  “You told all your friends?”
      “Of course.  You don’t think I could keep quiet about something like that, do you?”
     I wanted to die.  It was my worst possible nightmare come true.  Beyond my worst nightmare. 
     She got up from the table with her drink.  Her face was positively beaming with happiness.  “Goodnight, Mister Mike,” she said as she headed for the bedroom.  “See you tomorrow.”
     I was still too stunned to move.  What was I going to do?  How had it happened?  And more importantly, how could I fix it?  And worse, she had already told all her friends!  I came very close to screaming out loud. 
     Scared out of my wits now, I removed the note she had left outside on the front door and locked it.  I turned the off the lights and headed for my bedroom – and found her inside looking through my bottom drawer.  What are you doing?”
      “How come you’re not wearing your nightgown?” she asked.
      “Because I didn’t want to.”
     She pulled it out of my drawer and threw it at me.  “Put it on.”
      “But I…”
      “You’re arguing with me already?” she said delightedly.  “Great!  I can’t wait to punish you again for it.”
      “Please don’t!  You have no idea how much I’m still hurting after last night!”
     She giggled.  “Don’t worry.  I’m too tired tonight.  I’ll wait till tomorrow night instead.  Now take those pants off and put that on.”
     With my knees shaking, I slipped the nightgown on.  As it was settling down my body, I unfastened my pants and stepped out of them. 

      “Much better!” she said.  “I don’t want you to ever forget that you’re a sissy.  And I’m sure that nightgown will help.  Now climb into bed.”
     I did just that, even though I was no longer sleepy at all.  I was simply too upset.
      “Hey!” she exclaimed as she spotted the “used” tissues on my nightstand.  “What’s this?”
      “Just leave it!” I told her.
     But as always, she didn’t listen.  With two fingers she picked the tissues up and examined them closely.  “Eewww!  Yuck!”  She looked at me.  “Well, I guess we know what you’ve been doing.”
     I reached up to take them but she held them away from me.  Then I saw her face change as if she realized something.  “You want them?”
     I reached for them again but she held them away from me.  “If you want them that badly, then open your mouth.”
      “Open your mouth.”
      “Are you arguing with me again?  You’re sure not doing what I told you to.”  She shook her head.  “I really didn’t want to do this tonight.”
     But she was walking away…straight into my closet.  She was back a minute later with that same belt in her hand.  “Roll over you sick sissy!” she said nastily.
      “I said…”  She swung the doubled up belt at my legs and hit them hard.  “Roll over!”
     She swung at my legs again as hard as she could.  “Roll!”  Swat.  “Over!” Swat.  And then she kept hitting me.
      “Ouch!  Stop!”
      “Then roll over you damn sissy jerk.”  And she continued to beat me with that belt. 
     I tried catching the belt, but I couldn’t. 
     Instead she started swinging at my arms and hands as hard as she could.  “When I tell you to do something, you better damn learn to do it!  Now roll over.”
      “Okay, okay, just stop.
      “No!  Not till you roll over.”
      “Okay!”  But she didn’t stop until I had rolled all the way over onto my stomach.
      “About time!” she muttered angrily.  “Now just stay there!”
     Not only did my legs sting where that belt had hit them so hard, so did my arms.  I felt her pulling my nightgown up, then she started pulling my underwear down. 
      “Hmm,” she uttered.  “Still nice and colorful.  And you’re developing quite a rash back here too.”  She giggled.  “I knew you’d enjoy those wet diapers all night after the beating I gave you.”
     I said nothing.  I hadn’t “enjoyed” any of it at all!
     She pulled my underpants all the way off me.  “Now hold still,” she said sternly.
     Before I knew it, she had swung that damn belt right at my ass again and she had hit it hard!  “Ouch!” I yelled, rolling over away from her.  “Damn it!  That hurts.  And it’s been hurting all day!  Stop it!”
      “No!” she said, swinging the belt at me again.  “Get back over the way you’re supposed to!”  Swat!  “You’re going to learn…”  Swat!  “To do what I tell you, no matter what.”  Swat!  “Obviously none of those things I thought you learned…”  Swat!  “…last night, stayed with you.  None of them!”  Swat! 
     But I had had more than enough now.  I was still hurting horribly from the night before, and now she had hurt not only my backside again, but my arms and legs hurt from where she had hit me as well.  I simply couldn’t take it anymore.  I stopped trying to stop the belt, and I rushed her and grabbed her instead, using my strength to hold her screaming thrashing body while I literally ripped that belt out of her hands.  And then I threw her bodily away from me.
      “I’ve had enough of you!” I yelled.  “More than enough!  You’ve crossed the line Ashley!  You not only crossed it, you obliterated it!”
      “You loved it!” she yelled back at me.  “You wanted it!”
      “You went too far!  Way too far.”
      “All I did was what they showed on the internet!  All that stuff you absolutely dream about!”
      “You think that stuff is real?  Get a grip!  Those are posed pictures.  Fantasies and nothing else, done by consenting people.  None of that stuff is what you think it is!”
      “And I don’t believe you!”
      “And I don’t care.  You hurt me Ashley.  You hurt me bad.  And now I want you gone.  Get the hell out of my house.  Right now!  And don’t you dare come back!”
      “No!  I can’t!  I’ve got nowhere to go.  And besides, it’s nearly midnight.”
      “I don’t care!  I can’t take you anymore.  I never asked you to stay in the first place.  I never wanted you to stay.  You just moved in whether I liked it or not.  Now get the hell out of my house!”
      “No!  I’ve got nowhere to go!  I can’t!” she cried.
      “Then I’ll have the police evict you.”  I grabbed my cell phone from my dresser.
      “No!” she screamed.
     She tried to stop me but I turned my back and started walking toward the living room as I punched in 911.
      “No!  Don’t!”
     I stuck the phone on speaker so she could hear.
      “911.  What’s the nature of your emergency?”
      “No!” she screamed as she tried to get the phone from me.” 
     I kept it away from her.  “I’ve got a woman in my house that I didn’t give permission to be here, and she’s hurt me badly, and now she won’t leave!” I told the operator.
      “What’s your name and address, sir?”
      “No!  Don’t!” Ashley screamed.
      “This is Michael Hammond,” I told the operator.  “My address is…”
      “Don’t!” Ashley yelled again.
     I relayed my address over the phone.
      “You can’t do this!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
      “I’m doing it Ashley.  You hurt me last night.  You hurt me bad.  You don’t know how much I’m still hurting.  And now you’ve tried to hurt me again with that damn belt, and my arms and legs are sore as hell now as well.”
      “I had to do it to get you to do what I want!” she yelled back.
      “You crossed the line Ashley.  You tied me up and went too far with it while I was helpless and couldn’t do anything to stop you.  And you kept me locked in those damn five inch heels for the entire weekend.  I could have developed major foot problems from that!”
      “But you didn’t!”
      “I still don’t know that.  It was cruel.  Nothing but totally cruel!  How the hell can you call yourself a nurse?  You’ve got no compassion at all!”
      “I am a nurse!  And a damn good one.”
      “And all you’ve shown me so far is that you’re not!  You’re nothing but a cruel spoiled brat!  Now get the hell out of my house!  In fact, I’ll carry all your stuff out to your car for you.  Just get out!”
      “No!  I’ve got nowhere to go!  And you loved what I did to you.  Admit it!”
      “I may have enjoyed some of it.  But that beating you gave me was beyond anything you ever should have done.  Way beyond.  And not only that, but you told all your friends!  There’s a reason why I live alone Ashley.  A damn good reason.  Just so I can keep my lifestyle to myself and nobody will ever know.  But now you’ve gone and blabbed that all over the place.  That’s libel Ashley.  I can sue you for that!”
      “You wouldn’t!”
      “Oh I certainly would!” I shot back.  “You blabbed my private problems all over the place, when I was being so careful to keep them private.  That was wrong!  Now get the hell out of my house!”
      “No!  I can’t!  I’ve got nowhere to go.  And I can’t find anyplace at this hour!  At least let me wait until morning.”
     I stared at her, fuming.  “Fine!” I told her.  “But by the time I get home from work tomorrow, you and all your stuff better be out of here!”
     There was a loud knocking on the door.
      “Fine!” she yelled back at me.  “I’ll go.  Just so long as I can stay tonight.”
      “I said you could!” I replied angrily.  “But after what you did to me, I don’t ever want to see you again!”
     The knocking came again.  Louder.
      “Fine!” she shot back.
     Again the knocking came.  “Police!  Open up!”
     Oh shit.  I hurried to the door and opened it.  There were two police officers there.  I was quick to notice the look of surprise on both their faces when they saw me.  It wasn’t until then that I realized I was only wearing that pink nightgown.  So be it!  It was too late to change now.
      “Michael Hammond?” one of them asked.
      “Sorry officers,” I told them.  “She’s…promised to leave in the morning.”
     One of them looked down at the phone in my hand.  “You can hang up now,” he told me.
     I looked down.  I was still connected to the 911 operator.  “Shit!” I exclaimed as I ended the call.  The policeman took the phone from me and pushed his way inside.  His partner closed the door.  “Now what’s this all about?” he asked.
      “I did not give her permission to move in here,” I told him.  “And I never told her she could spend the night in the first place!  And then yesterday she started beating on me with a belt to punish me.  And then she tried to do it again today.  And I’ve had enough!  You should see what she did to my backside last night.  It’s still killing me!”
     He looked over at Ashley.  “What’s your name, miss?”
     Ashley looked very angry.  “Ashley Desmond,” she said with more than a touch of surliness.
     The policeman nodded then turned back to me.  “I see you’ve got welts all over your arms and some on your legs as well,” the policeman commented.  “Any marks on her?” he asked his partner who was over keeping an eye on Ashley.
      “I never touched her,” I told him.
      “Did he hit you miss?” the other officer asked.
      “No,” she replied with all too much of an attitude. 
      “But you did this to him?” the policeman next to me asked her.
      “I had to.  I had to make sure he did what he’s supposed to.  Besides, he loves it!”
      “No…I…don’t!” I replied angrily.  “You should see what she did to my backside!” I told the officer. 
      “Maybe, you better let me see,” he replied.
     I was startled.  “Um…I didn’t mean….”
      “Turn around,” he said, “and lift that nightgown up.”
      “Just turn around sir.”
     I hated doing it, but I turned around…and he grabbed my nightgown and lifted it.
      “Damn!” he swore.  “Have you seen this sir?”
      “I can’t see back there,” I replied, “but I can certainly feel it.  I’ve been in agony ever since.  And try sitting down at a desk all day with it that raw!” 
      “Here, hold your nightgown up for me,” he said as he handed me the bunched up material. “And hold still.”  He backed away from me, and I heard a click, and realized he had taken a picture.  Then he took another picture from another angle.  Then another.  “Hold your arms out now,” he said.  Then he documented the latest welts on my arms and legs.  “Thank you,” he told me. 
     I put my arms down and saw him fiddling with my phone.  “What are you doing?”
      “Forwarding these so we have a record of it,” he replied.
      “No!” Ashley screamed.  “You can’t!”
      “Sorry miss,” he said as he handed me back my phone.  “Now, are you pressing charges against her?”
      “No!” Ashley yelled again as she tried to run at me.  The other cop grabbed her and held her.
     I looked at her. 
      “You said I could stay till tomorrow!” Ashley yelled at me.  “You said I didn’t have to leave till then.”
     I stared at her for a moment, then closed my eyes in disgust.  “Yeah.  I did say that.”  I turned to the officer next to me.  “No.  I’m not going to press charges…this time!  So long as she’s out of here tomorrow!” I said firmly. 
     The officer nodded.  “That’s your choice sir.  But we’ve got those injuries she gave you documented, and since you forgot to turn your phone off, the 911 call recorded everything as well.  If you need it, those things are already in the record and available to you.”
      “They’re what?” Ashley yelled.  “You can’t!”
     The officer only looked at her.  “Come on,” he said to his partner.  “Let’s get out of here.”
      “You called the damn cops!” Ashley said all too vehemently as I closed the door after them.
      “Damn right I did,” I replied.  “I should have done it before.”
      “I could kill you!” she screamed as she started crying.
      “I’m going to bed,” I told her.  Don’t bother me again!”
     I didn’t even bother taking my nightgown off.  I closed and locked my bedroom door to the sound of her sobbing out in the living room.  I got into bed, turned out the light.  And tossed and turned, fuming angrily all night long.