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Mister Mike - Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 1 of 2

     Now that she was gone, along with the keys to the shoe locks still locked to my feet, I had to try to figure out what to do with myself all day.  And I already knew that her shift at the hospital was a twelve-hour shift.  She wouldn’t get back until late that night.  I was going to be stuck in those damn five inch heels for another twelve hours.  Longer than that, because she still had to get to work and then drive home afterwards. 
     But before I could decide much of anything, my cell phone rang.  Hurrying to my bedroom to get to it took longer than I would have liked in those five inch heels.  Not to mention how much more painful the short trip was.  “Hello?”
      “Hey Mister Mike.”
      “Hi Chris.”
      “I just wanted to know what Ashley told you.”
      “What she told me?  Mostly a lot of names for you that you don’t want to hear.”
      “I mean besides that,” he said.
      “Just that you want her to pay more than she can afford for the bills you two have.  That and she gets mad anytime I suggest she patch things up with you and get back together again.”
      “And what did she say about that?”
     Like I said, she got mad at me every time I even suggested it.”
      “See!” he said.  “She gets all bent out of shape over everything.  She’s got to have her way…all the time.”
      “Um…I may have noticed,” I told him.
      “And Mister Mike, do you know what she does all the time?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  She can’t cook, in fact, she refuses to cook, even when I try to teach her.  She always says she works too much.  But Mister Mike, she only works three days a week.  Just three days.  That’s all.  And all the rest of the time she still doesn’t do anything.  She doesn’t clean, she doesn’t do the laundry.  Nothing!”
      “How about her uniforms and things for work?”
      “Oh.  Well, yeah.  I guess she does do some of it.  But there’s always laundry piled up here.  All the time!”
     I was guessing that Chris didn’t do much in the way of helping around the house either.  “I don’t know what to tell you Chris.  That’s a problem the two of you are going to have to work out – together!”
      “But that’s just it.  She won’t even talk about it.  All she does is yell and tell me that I’m the one who’s unreasonable and I’m the one who won’t discuss things.  And I’m not.  It’s her!  I work hard every single day Mister Mike.  And I’m starting to bring home a really good paycheck.  And in about six months, they’re going to send me to school again before I take my next test so I can get my full certification, and after that I’ll be making a whole lot more.  I work hard for that, and the least she can do is to help out with things more than she is.” 
     I remembered that Chris was an electrician of some sort.  I also knew that people with his skills, even without a full electrical license, were in great demand.  “Um…Chris.  I’m sure you work hard.  But I’m not the one who should be in the middle of this.  She just crashed in my guestroom last night, even though there was some misunderstanding between us as to whether I said yes she could stay or not.  That may have been my fault.  I’m not sure.  But trust me, I’m probably just as anxious for her to go home and stay there as you are.  Maybe more.  I guess we’re just going to have to wait to see how she feels about things when she gets home tonight.”
      “Yeah, you’re right Mister Mike.  And I hope she comes to her senses by then.  So what are you up to today?” he asked me.
      “Um…I’ve got a few things planned.  I’m kind of…tied up with things today.  So do me a favor and don’t come over.  I may not have time to talk to you.  Okay?”
      “Oh.  No.  I wouldn’t anyway.  There’s this new truck that I’m trying to get.  And I need to go see my Grandpa and try to convince him to cosign for a loan for me.”
      “Your Grandpa?”
      “Yeah.  Well I can definitely afford it.  But the bank still wants someone to cosign.” 
      “Um…yeah.  Okay.  I’m sure it’s a good idea then.”  I worked in a bank.  If they wanted someone to cosign for the loan, then they had a good reason.  I was guessing that Chris must figure his grandfather might be more of a pushover than his father.  And more than likely, his father had already refused.
      “So anyway.  Please keep trying to get her to come home Mister Mike.  She’s just being pigheaded again and unreasonable.  Hopefully she’ll see that.”
     I had serious doubts that she would see that at all.  “Yeah Chris.  I’ll tell her.  Trust me.”
      “Great Mister Mike.  See you.  Good luck with whatever you’re doing.”
      “Yeah.  You too.”  Well, at least I knew he would be out of the way for the day.  I hoped!
     Since I couldn’t really go anywhere that day, I decided to risk things and go out to my workshop to continue working on my latest project, that printer table to go with the desk I had built for my office.  I went back to my bedroom to change.  It was a lot of trouble getting my pants off over those locked-on five inch heels that now had my feet mostly numb.  I needed to pee, so I went into the bathroom.  I lowered my pantyhose and ripped open the diaper I had put on earlier that morning, and peed.  Then afterward, since I couldn’t wear any other underwear, and ripping up the cheap diaper tapes had torn the cover of the diaper so I couldn’t reuse the tapes, I wound up holding it in place as best I could with my hands while I pulled my pantyhose up and over it to hold it.  It seemed to be working, so I went with it. 
     I found my favorite woodworking clothes and got dressed, again struggling to get the pants over those damn shoes I was beginning to think I would never get out of.  I filled my pockets with my keys, my wallet, and my cell phone.  I grabbed my coat and went out the back door through my screened porch and all the way out into my backyard.  My heart was in my throat as I walked the distance to my workshop.  If any of the neighbors happened to look, they would see me in those stupid heels.  As quickly as I could, I unlocked my shop and got inside, closing the door after me.  A minute later, the lights were on, the heater was cranked up, and I was ready to get to work.
     The truth is, that even though my feet were turning numb, I enjoyed working in those heels.  I had fantasized about wearing heels…or other things…out to my shop to work a number of times, but had never actually done it.  Before long, the sawdust had me thoroughly engrossed and I was as happy as ever.  More so because I was enjoying being out there in my heels, and of course, I was actually enjoying the predicament I was in of not being able to get the damn things off – even though I desperately wanted to.  And trust me, I really did want to.  Oh I knew I could take a good sharp knife of some sort and cut them, or perhaps a thin saw blade and cut the leather, but I still wasn’t desperate enough to go that far to escape.  Besides, with as tight as those things were on my ankles, I’d mostly likely hurt myself in the process
     As I worked, I had to take all too many breaks to sit on the stool I had in there and hook my heels over the rungs to take the pressure off so my feet wouldn’t hurt so much.  But I was interested in what I was working on and I never really sat there long at all.  Each time I sat down, all too soon my mind kept me going back to the task at hand, despite the pain.
     It was the middle of the morning when I noticed my diaper slipping around and getting uncomfortable inside my pants since only the pantyhose were holding it in place.  I solved that problem easily by using a little duct tape to replace those diaper tapes that wouldn’t stick anymore.  Problem solved.  And every time I had to remove that diaper for the rest of the day when I went back into the house to the bathroom, all it took was a little more tape when I came back outside to fix the problem.   
     With nothing else to do, my woodworking project came a long way that day, and I was feeling very good and satisfied with the way everything was coming out. 
     Since I knew that…you know who…worked late, I only braved going back into the house when I absolutely had to.  And when nighttime fell, I waited until it was dark so that there would be no chance of the neighbors noticing my lovely shoes.  I stuck another dinner in the microwave for myself and ate it in front of the TV like I usually did.  I laid back on the couch and fell sound asleep from exhaustion.
     Sometime later, a loud angry knocking, along with my doorbell ringing over and over at the same time, brought me awake.  The urgency of it had me running to the front door, despite my stupid locked-on heels.  I was praying that it would be Ashley out there and nobody else.
      “What took you so long?” she complained as she hurried in.  “It’s freezing out there.”
      “It wasn’t long and I can’t move very fast in these heels!” I shot back.  “Now where’s the damn keys?”
      “Go to hell!” she said angrily and stomped off toward the guestroom. 
      “Ashley!”  I could tell though that she was angry about something.  I finally got to the guestroom.  “Ashley.  I want those keys!”
      “Do you know who called me on my way home from work?  Dodo breath!”
      “Dodo breath?”
      “Shit head!” she replied angrily.
     Oh.  Chris.  Just as I suspected. 
      “Do you know what he told me?  He said that he had talked to you earlier today, and you had told him that he was right about everything, and that I should just go right back to him and say I was sorry!”
      “I did nothing of the sort!” I told her. 
      “You bastard!  You know what a manipulating shit-face he can be!”
      “But I didn’t!”
      “You know how I feel about him.  All he cares about is himself and no one else!  No one!  And he treats me like nothing but a piece of shit!”
      “Ashley, I didn’t tell him that at all!”
      “And we both already know that you lie!  Get out!” she screamed at me.  She suddenly rushed at me and pushed me straight back out of the room.  She pushed me so hard that I tripped in those damn heels and fell backwards to the floor.  “Just for that, you can spend another night in those damn shoes!  Now leave me alone!”  She slammed the door in my face. 
      “But Ashley, I didn’t say any of that to him.  None of it!”
      “Lier!”  She yelled back through the closed door. 
     I could hear her crying in there.  I picked myself up off the floor.  Now what was I going to do?  I was going to be stuck in those heels for yet another night.  How?  I could barely manage it last night.  How was I going to make it through another night like that?  But…what choice did I have?
     I went through the house turning off lights and locking the place up.  I headed for my bedroom and got undressed behind my locked door.  I peed, and this time had to replace the diaper I was wearing with another one since all the duct tape I had used on it earlier had pretty much destroyed the outer cover of the thing.   And I went to bed, still in those damn heels.  This time though, I didn’t hump the bed.  I was too exhausted.  Too upset.  But eventually, I did fall asleep.
     How, I don’t know, but somehow I managed to sleep through the entire night.  There was a dull ache in my feet, but it was more like they were both feeling numb.  I got out of bed and headed for my bathroom to pee.  I had spent so much time in those stupid five inch heels now that walking in them was starting to feel normal.  Not having any duct tape inside the house, I had to use the pantyhose to hold the diaper in place again.  Then I got dressed in the same work clothes I had worn the day before.  I opened my bedroom door and went out. 
     I was surprised to see that her bedroom door was open and she wasn’t in it.  The bathroom door was open as well.  I found her in my office looking at my computer, which pissed me off.  “How did you get into my computer?  I didn’t give you the password.”
      “Oh,” she said.  “What password?  I didn’t turn it off the last time I used it, so all I had to do was wake it up.”
     And then I saw what she was looking at – all the web places I went to day after day to look at humiliating things that turned me on.  I simply had my own stimulating situation to keep my mind occupied yesterday so I had never even gone into the office.  “Ashley, please stop looking at that stuff.  That’s my private stuff.”
      “It’s not yours and it’s not private,” she replied.  “It’s all just out there on the web for anyone to see.”
      “But that’s all my…”
      “What?  You’re embarrassed by what you look at?”  She laughed.  “Trust me, you should be!  Damn you’re sick!”
      “I already know that,” I told her.  “Now please just leave that stuff alone and give me the keys so I can get out of these shoes.”
      “No!” she replied all too firmly.  “You told butt-head next door that you agreed with him.”
      “I did not!”
      “And we both know that you lie whenever you think it suits you!”
      “But I didn’t!”
      “Tough!  I don’t believe you.  And besides.”  She stopped to smile all too wickedly at me.  “I’m still finding this totally hilarious.  You’re stuck in those ridiculous heels, and you can’t get out of them no matter how much you want to.  And obviously you really do want out of them.  So Mister Mike, do you find that situation humiliating?  Huh?”
     Oh how I hated that wicked smile of hers.  I turned and left the office and headed for the kitchen to make some coffee.  Damn girl! 
     A minute later, she was sitting at the kitchen table.  “So what’s for breakfast?” she asked.
      “I’m making coffee right now.  There’s cereal in the pantry if you want some.  The bowls are in the cabinet up there.”
      “I don’t drink coffee,” she told me.  “I hate it!”
      “So find something else!”
      “And I’m a guest here,” she said, “so you can bring me my breakfast.”
      “You’re only here because you thought I said you could stay…when I didn’t!  Get your own damn breakfast.”
      “But I am staying, so I am your guest.  Besides, I saw an awful lot of that stuff you look at on the web.  And most of it was all about making men like you serve women like me.”
      “Men like me?”
      “I’m not…”
      “Oh come on!  You like wearing women’s things.  You like wearing diapers…although I can’t figure that one out yet.  So you’re a sissy.  And the fact that you seem to like being humiliated so much is another reason you should do what I want.  So…I want some breakfast.  And not cereal.  Make me something.”
      “You heard me, make me something.  Sissy!”
     I stared at her in disbelief.
      “Or do you want me to take those keys straight over to Chris?”
     Oh how I hated that wicked smile of hers.  Damn her!  I turned and headed angrily for the refrigerator.  “I’ve only got two eggs left,” I told her.  “I wasn’t able to go shopping, because you wouldn’t give me back those damn keys!”
     She laughed.  “I’m sure you could have gone to the store if you really wanted to.  You went to Arby’s that night.”
      “That was different!”
      “Not to me.”
     Damn her!  I set about making her breakfast.  I made her breakfast, but nothing for me.  Not only did I not have enough eggs, but I didn’t exactly feel much like eating.  It was no wonder she and Chris argued all the time. 
      “So what are your plans for the day?” she asked while she was eating.
      “That depends,” I said.  “Are you going to give me the keys back?”
      “Absolutely not!” she told me.  “I’m sure I’ve got plenty of good reasons not to, but I’m still finding it too hilarious that you’ve been stuck in those crazy shoes since Friday night.  That and the fact that you really do love being humiliated.  I simply find it all too funny.  So are you going shopping today?”
      “Not on your life!” I hissed.  “Which is starting to become more of a possibility.”
      “Don’t threaten!” she warned.  “Be nice to me or you’ll never get those keys back.  I’m simply enjoying the situation.  And I have no doubt at all that you are too.  You just act like you don’t.”
      “I don’t.  It’s gone too far.  Too long.  I never do things like this for more than a few hours.”
      “Well now you have.  And you’re still doing it.  So…you’re welcome.  I’m helping you out.  So what are you doing today?”
      Not…going shopping.”
      “Oh,” she said disappointedly.  Then she seemed to brighten.  “At least not this time.”
     I didn’t want to get into that with her.
      “So what are you doing?”
      “Why would you want to know?”
      “I don’t know.  Just wondering.”
      “If you’re not going to give me those keys, then I’m not leaving here.  I’ll probably go back out to my shop and keep working on my printer stand.  That’s where I was all day yesterday.”
      “You were?”
      All day!” 
      “How’s it coming?”
      “Good,” I told her.  “So far, I’m very happy with it.”
      “Great,” she said. 
     A little while later, she finished eating.  “I’m going to take a shower.  Don’t forget to clean the kitchen before you go outside…Sissy!”  With a laugh, she walked away. 
     Once again I had more than enough reason to hate that girl!

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