Wednesday, August 31, 2011

But What Is It?

Don’t bother reading this since I know nobody is interested.

You don’t know it, but last week I almost had a chance to play again. For a while there, I was going to be taking my mother-in-law and my wife back to Louisiana to stay for a while. But at the last minute, the plans changed. My mother-in-law is suddenly having major blood pressure problems and we’re waiting till the doctors can get it all sorted out.

Anyway, the minute I thought I might be getting another little play period, my crazy mind started going into overdrive.

Now… I’m a computer programmer by trade. Some of the purchased software our company uses has a little program built into it called “Neospeach” which is a computer generated voice syntheses program that turns text into voice. Amazing! And it works well. Anyway, I recently built kind of an outside interface into the program so we can use it for other things than just the few simple things it was intended for.

Those of you – who hopefully aren’t reading this – who have been around for a while, know that I have this oddball love of diapers, and especially wetting them spontaneously before I know I have to do it. Yes, okay, I’m weird! Get over it. To each his own!

So where was I? Oh yeah! Now when I’m playing, and especially when I’m just beginning my play, I’ve found that the best way to get my body into this kind of wetting mode is to lay back and repeat what has kind of become a mantra for me, over and over again. “Relax. Relax. No Control. No Control.” Simple and corny, but it works for me – and it works well. Every time I tell myself to relax, I try to relax every muscle in my body more and more – especially my sphincter and bladder muscles. Then I remind myself over and over again not to control myself when the feeling hits me – No control!

On top of that, the last time I played, I got interested in listening to some of the free hypnosis files from Warp My Mind. One of the things I discovered, was that some of them are done with voice synthesis programs instead of someone having to talk through it. The ones I heard were very obviously synthesized, but still, kind of interesting.

So… Naturally… I got to thinking… And… I’m afraid my mind turned toward that little mantra I use. What if, instead of me just thinking it over and over again in my head, what if I built a recording with the voice synthesizer instead. Now you know me! Once I get a stupid idea in my head, I can’t seem to let go of it. So, I sat down and quickly started writing a little script. But, as I was doing it, I began to think, why not include some of the other little mental suggestions I keep giving myself in the script too, just to make it better. In the end, I actually worked for almost an hour to come up with a simple script that I wanted to try. In my mind, I thought it would last about ten minutes – maybe.

So I cut the script up into a bunch of little segments to make the recording easier to manage. Then I put them into the synthesizer, checked them. Tweaked them (a bit – I didn’t have much time). And finally sewed them all together.

What I finally came up with surprised me. No it’s not a hypnotic file. But it’s also not just a mantra either. It’s something else – something in the middle between the two – or something that’s equally both of them. And at the speed I wound up recording it, I was surprised to find that it lasted a bit over twenty minutes!

No, the voice inflection isn’t nearly like I would use, but still, the end product wasn’t all that bad. Basically, for twenty minutes, the listener get’s hammered with – Relax. Relax. No control. No control. Along with some other suggestions all through it.

I really was looking forward to trying it out, but that’s when my whole little planned play period fell by the wayside. Oh well. At least I still have it to use the next time I get to play – whenever that may be.

See. I told you not to read this!

Stay happy y’all,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

When they arrived at Gloria’s office, Chad was hesitant about getting out of the car. But what choice did he really have? With his diapers fully on display, he tried to rush from the car to the door, but Mel didn’t seem to be in so much of a hurry.
“It’s not lady-like to walk that fast,” she said teasingly as she purposely slowed her steps. Frustrated, Chad had to slow his pace too. He felt soooo embarrassed!
Gloria looked up as she heard the door opening. Mel and Chad were a bit late, but not overly so. But she got quite a surprise at seeing Chad’s diapers and no skirt or pants to cover them.
“We had a little accident at the restaurant,” Mel explained at seeing Gloria’s look of surprise.
Chad could feel his face growing redder. Accident? More like a catastrophe! Several of them!
Gloria did her very best to put her professional – ‘I’ve seen it all and nothing phases me’ – look back on her face. “Of course,” she said as she got up from her desk. “I’m sorry to hear that.” She led them both inside their usual room and adjusted the lights while they got ready. As she took her place near them, she did her best to ignore Chad’s diaper that was fully on display – which was harder to do than she thought since she got the distinct impression that it was wet. Was this another new ploy by Mel to get her to do what she vowed she wouldn’t? If it was, then it certainly wasn’t going to work!
“Let’s start by breathing,” she said. “Nice and slow. Nice and deep. Close your eyes, and feel the breaths calming you. Feel all your stress leaving you every time you exhale. More and more stress going out with each breath.” She took them through the usual beginning exercises till she was comfortable with how relaxed each of them appeared to be. Then, little by little, she started including the trigger words that would put Chad into a deep hypnotic state.
Mel recognized the parts that Gloria was using now to put Chad under, but in her present relaxed state she didn’t try to open her eyes or even worry about it. She knew that Gloria would tap her and let her know exactly when it was time to wake up. She missed the old sessions she used to have where Gloria could relax her completely. So this time, she was in no hurry to bring any of the stress back into her mind once again. Just calm relaxing. Floating. Feeling good.
Gloria glanced at Mel. She usually brought her out of it by this time, but she looked so relaxed and happy that she decided to leave her for a bit more. She continued on with Chad, dropping him further and further into his trance, encouraging him more and more to slip deeper and deeper. Once she had him far enough, she told him to remember the safe place they had created last week where nothing could ever bother him, where he could be totally honest with himself. As she did so, she just happened to glance over at Mel again. She really should have woken her up a few minutes ago, but she had looked so happily relaxed. Now, she recognized the faint signs that she was in her own little trance – not deep like Chad was, but definitely there. Now what should she do?
“Picture your safe place,” she repeated to Chad. “The place where you feel calm and happy. You are there now, in your safe place.” What should she do about Mel? Was it her imagination or had Mel smiled a bit more when she mentioned that last bit about someplace to feel calm and happy? She leaned over closer to Chad and whispered. “I want you to just stay in your safe place and enjoy it for a few minutes. Relax and enjoy it. Your safe place. While you’re enjoying it, I don’t want you to hear anything else until I speak your name again.” She paused for a moment. “Can you hear me?” No reaction.
Now that Chad was on hold, she turned to Mel. What should she do? She decided that since Mel was enjoying the relaxation that much, then she would let her enjoy it for a bit more. She leaned over closer to Mel. “Mel, are you feeling happy right now?” She watched as Mel nodded. “Mel, tell me, did you happen to picture a safe happy place of your own?”
“Yes,” Mel replied contentedly.
Gloria didn’t know whether she should have been surprised or not. “Okay, good. I want you to see that place more. See the detail. Enjoy the details. I want you to be in that place now. I want you to be there and feel totally safe and secure. And I especially want you to feel calm and relaxed and happy.”
She sat back to consider her next move. What she really wanted to do with each of them was to bang their heads together till they came to their senses over this bet thing. But she couldn’t do that. She could also plant suggestions in each of them that it was all just a bit of nonsense and that they each wanted to just forget the whole thing… but things had gone way past the point where that would even begin to work now – for both of them. And more than any of it, she wanted to just tell both of them to take a close look at how they really felt about each other – closer than any of them wanted to go – and to also look at how they were relating to each other. Because… because… No, she didn’t want to even think about going there!
She sighed. As much as she wanted to do any of it, she couldn’t. Not only wasn’t it ethical, but whichever way their relationship progressed, in the end, things would work out much better if she didn’t meddle at all. She leaned close to Mel again. “Mel, tell me a little about your safe place. Tell me where you are.”
“My house,” Mel replied. “My big new house. All my things are there with me. All the furniture I saved from my parent’s home. And Sissy is there with me, curtseying to me at my slightest whim. I love it. I love it.”
Gloria had no doubt. “Okay, Mel. I want you to just stay in that place for a while and enjoy… everything. You don’t need to pay any attention to… or even hear… anything else until I speak your name and tell you to pay attention.”
She sat back again. Both of them were now on hold. It was time to get down and dirty with Chad. Time to delve into the things she really wanted to know from him. She glanced at the clock. Fortunately Chad had slipped down faster than usual… Mel too for that matter. With Mel out of the way and things were set so that she wouldn’t probably remember any of what Chad was about to say, she moved close to Chad’s ear. “Chad,” she said softly. “Can you hear me?”
“Yes,” Chad replied.
“Chad, I want you to remember that you are in the one place where you can feel totally honest with yourself. The one place where you must be totally honest. Do you understand?”
“Remember, Chad. Honesty will make you feel good. In your safe place, you must be honest.” She paused for a breath. It was time. “Chad, I want you to think back to the beginning of the bet… in fact to just before you and Mel made the bet. Why did you do it? Why did you make the bet with her in the first place?” She waited for an answer and noticed a bit of a troubled look on his face. “Remember, you’re in the one place where nothing can bother you. The one place where it helps to be totally honest with yourself. You want to be totally honest with yourself.” His face seemed to relax, but not by much. “Now, why did you do it… really?”
It was a moment before he answered. “The dream.”
“The dream?”
“You dream of sex?”
He shook his head. “Yes and no. I dreamed about being incontinent. I dreamed about someone else having total control over me. I dreamed about that person making me do humiliating thing after humiliating thing.” He paused as he further collected his thoughts. “I dreamed of wearing high heels and dresses and skirts and… everything else too. I dreamed many things and I loved it all. It was the only way I could really feel sexually excited. The dreams were the only thing that enabled me to orgasm. The dreams were… for me… sex.”
Gloria knew without a doubt that she had reached the crux of the matter.
Chad, you said that you dreamed of being incontinent. “Why would you want that?”
“The dream. Total humiliation. Unable to control myself at all. Nothing but a big baby. Humiliation… delicious.”
Total humiliation… not in control… “Chad, you said you wanted for someone else to have total control over you.”
“No control. Total lack of control.”
“Why would you want that?”
His answer took a bit longer. “No control. No responsibility. Not responsible for what she makes me do. Deniability. Excuse.”
‘She’… not ‘He’. “Would it have to be a woman? How about a man?”
“Never thought about it. Always dreamed of a woman. I guess a man would be possible.”
That much was pretty much what she figured. Most transvestites were actually heterosexual. It was his wanting to relinquish control that interested her the most. That, and his total fascination with humiliation. “Chad, you said that you think that being incontinent would be humiliating. Is that right?”
“Yes. Very humiliating. Nothing but a big baby. Total baby.”
“And you want that humiliation.”
“Yes. Sexually arousing. Delicious!”
Delicious? An interesting term. “Chad, outside of your bet with Mel, if someone said they could hypnotize you into being totally incontinent, would you do it?”
“Yes. No control. Wouldn’t be able to control myself. Not responsible for being unable to control myself.”
It was actually a double level of no control. One over his own actions, and the second from beyond himself. But she felt even better now about having hypnotized him before into being somewhat incontinent. In fact, she felt better about all the little suggestion she had given him before. But that didn’t mean for one second that she would re-implement those suggestions again. Beyond what she was doing here, she had vowed to stay out of the middle of this weird bet!
“Chad, I know you told me last week that you felt like you really had to win the bet. Do you still feel that way?” She noticed the sad look on his face.
“Unfortunately? What does that mean?”
“That I still feel like I have to win. But in winning, I also lose.”
“You lose?”
“Everything I dream about. No more living the dream. It will all be over.”
“So why win? What is it that you still want so badly?”
“Respect. Respect myself. Respect from others.”
Basically, it was the same answer as last week, just in different words. So that much hadn’t changed, only the part where winning would also be losing for him… and now, that much she could sort of understand. She briefly glanced toward Mel. She was still resting happily, the same contented look on her face. If things went like she thought they would, Mel wasn’t hearing any of this, or at least wouldn’t remember it. One more question for Chad popped into her head. “Chad, how do you really feel about Mel?”
She saw his head move just a bit, and again, he was slow to answer. “Fantastic! Amazing! Beautiful!” His face assumed a very sad demeanor. “I only wish I were someone else. Someone she could love.”
Gloria felt a momentary twinge of jealousy. If only a man would say such things about her! But his answer had told her volumes. Enough that she didn’t need to ask any more questions in that line.
She looked back toward Mel and glanced at the clock again. It was time to move on. “Chad, I want you to go back to being relaxed and happy in your safe place. Just enjoy it. Once again, you won’t hear anything else until I speak your name.”
She moved over close to Mel. “Mel, can you hear me?”
Mel moved her head a bit. “Is it time to pay attention?” she asked.
“Yes Mel, it’s time. I’m going to wake you up now. Remember, you haven’t been in a trance. You haven’t been listening to any of my suggestions. All you will remember is how good and refreshed you feel. When I speak your name again and tap you on the arm, you will wake up completely like you do in all my sessions. Ready?” She touched Mel’s arm. “Mel.”
Mel instantly opened her eyes. Was it time already? Did she have Chad under far enough already? She sat up. For once, she felt really great… and relaxed. She immediately looked over to Chad. Obviously, he was now deeply hypnotized, although it hadn’t seemed to take as long this time. She had things she wanted to know… things she needed Gloria to ask him. She mouthed the words… “Can you ask him how long?”
But Gloria couldn’t understand what Mel was trying to say. “Whisper. He’s so far under that he won’t hear you.”
With a cautious glance at Chad again, Mel repeated her question in a soft whisper. “I need to know how long he’s holding back!”
Gloria knew that it was the one main question on Mel’s mind. “I’ll ask.” She turned to Chad again. “Chad, can you hear me?”
Every time Mel heard him speak so normally when he was hypnotized sent a weird feeling through her. It was actually a bit creepy!
“Chad, tell me. Are you still working on holding back? Still trying to gain control?”
Gloria didn’t really expect any other answer. He had practically told her that much a few minutes ago… but Mel didn’t know that. She glanced at Mel and saw the sudden look of worry on her face.
“Chad, how long are you holding back now?”
Again, it was a moment before he answered. And again, he looked troubled over it. “Today, I only managed eight and a half minutes. Another minute lost over yesterday. I’ve only managed to gain ground once this week – I was up to twelve minutes! But it was only that one day. Ever since, I’ve been going backwards again.”
Mel hung on his every word. Eight and a half minutes! It had been eighteen minutes last week! She had managed to trim almost ten minutes off of his time since then! But he had managed to climb up to twelve minutes at one point. But it was a ‘gain up’ to twelve, which meant that he had been below that before then. Obviously that was only a temporary blip. Ten minutes shaved… or almost ten. But was it enough? Time was running out! There wasn’t really all that much time left in this bet at all, and even eight and a half minutes was way too much. It was the same as him having absolute total control. He had to be totally incontinent by the end of the bet – and he still had a long way to go. Eight and a half minutes to go! While she felt somewhat elated over the progress she had made, panic began to creep its way in too. How was she going to do it? So little time! So far to go!
Gloria watched Mel’s face and saw the gamut of emotions running through her. “What else did you want to know?” she asked, barely whispering.
But Mel was too preoccupied with her own thoughts on what Chad had just said. Just then, she couldn’t think of anything else.
Gloria nodded and turned her attention back to Chad. “Chad, I’m going to start waking you up now. You won’t remember anything at all from tonight other than that you felt really relaxed and very good. Nothing else. Now I’m going to start counting backwards from ten to one. When I reach one, you will once again be wide awake. Ten…” As she started counting backwards, she back up away from him a little. She had been concentrating hard on just his face and what she could read in it. “Nine.” She could see all of him now… and his ridiculous uncovered diaper. “Eight.” She stared hard at his diaper, she couldn’t help it. She had been too busy to notice before, but now his diaper didn’t look just wet, it looked absolutely soaked! “Seven.” He must have been wetting it continuously during their session. “Six.” She made a mental note to sanitize the couch he was laying on after he left… just in case. “Five.” She forced herself to look away from his diaper to the rest of him. So incongruous. “Four.” Incongruous at first glance… but not when you took into account the things running around in his warped psyche. “Three.” She forced herself to glance at Mel. She was lying back on her couch, her eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling. “Two.” She could almost see the wheels turning in Mel’s mind. And she had no doubt what those thoughts centered around. “One!”
Chad opened his eyes. He felt great! His whole body felt more relaxed than ever. “That’s it?” he asked.
“That’s it,” Gloria replied. “All done.”
Chad noticed Mel getting to her feet. He glanced at the clock. Where had the time gone? But wow he felt good! He loved theses sessions. Now he couldn’t wait till next week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

The restaurant was the same one they went to every week, which only figured since it wasn’t too far from Gloria’s office. The fact that the food was also good didn’t hurt matters either. Chad half expected her to demand that he bring his baby bottle in with him this time like she had the last few times, but she never mentioned it… and he wasn’t about to mention it either!
The hostess inside appeared to recognize them the minute they walked in. Chad figured that she ought to… most of the staff seemed to know them pretty well now. As the hostess reached to grab the menus, she stopped and turned back toward Mel. “Another coloring book?”
“Definitely!” Mel replied.
With a smile the hostess picked up one adult menu, one child’s menu, and grabbed a small box of crayons from a basket nearby. “Follow me,” she said with her usual charming smile.
As they followed her towards the back of the restaurant, Chad didn’t feel like he was getting as many strange looks from the other customers. He did see several of the staff members looking him over though. But they weren’t the close-study kind of looks he usually got. It was more the “Oh he’s here again,” kind of look. Curious, but they had seen it before. It actually made him feel more comfortable.
The same waitress who had served them last week was there the moment they sat down. Chad saw her looking around at the table and at him, and she seemed a bit disappointed. “Can I get you something to drink?” she asked.
“I’ll have coffee,” Mel replied, “and I want five large glasses of iced tea for her.”
“Five?” the waitress seemed shocked. “Suppose I just bring, uh, her, one and then keep filling it. Will that be okay?”
“No, I want to see five large glasses of tea on the table – as soon as possible please.” The girl still seemed shocked, but she finally acquiesced and left to get the drinks.
Chad was a bit in shock. Five large drinks? She had to be kidding.
Mel saw him staring in surprise at her. “I’m only trying to help,” she explained. “You can’t very well keep to your wetting schedule if you don’t have enough to drink. And I had better see every one of those glasses empty before we leave… and you know I don’t want to be late!”
Chad just said nothing. He merely gulped a bit. He would be literally pouring the drinks down his throat the entire time they were there. And holding back? He could just about forget that! It would be impossible.
Mel glanced down toward the coloring book and crayons in front of him. “You might want to get busy with that again,” she said as a slight smile crept to her lips.
Chad grabbed the box of crayons and dumped them out on the table – all three. He opened the child’s menu / coloring book to the first page and grabbed a blue crayon to start coloring in the sky. Mel watched him as he was about to color the sky blue like normal, but before he could start… “Why are you using that color?” she asked.
“For the sky,” he replied.
Mel shook her head. “Try mixing the colors up instead. Wherever possible, don’t use the right color anymore.”
Chad was surprised again. Don’t use the right color? But he dropped the blue crayon and picked up a red one instead. Red sky. He supposed he’d probably use the green one for skin color.
“Don’t stay in the lines so much,” Mel suggested. “You can probably get more done if you hurry more too.”
She was making an embarrassing situation worse. Much worse. His previous drawings had looked childish – mostly because he had been drinking from his baby bottle while he did them. But now that he could do a better job, she was making sure that he wouldn’t.
The waitress came back and set a tray full of drinks down on the table. She set Mel’s coffee in front of her then started setting large glasses of iced tea down in front of Chad. “There, five glasses,” she said as she finished.
“Excellent,” Mel replied. “I’m sure that will keep her busy for a while.”
“Are you ready to order?” the waitress asked.
Mel nodded and ordered a steak with a baked potato and vegetables for herself. “No salad this time,” she told the waitress. “And she’ll have the kid’s steak please. French fries with that.”
“Would you like a salad for… her?”
Mel seemed to consider it. “No, not this time. I don’t think she can eat that much and it would only be wasted.”
The waitress nodded and left. Chad was just glad that he was getting steak, something good that he could actually chew, even if it was a child’s steak. Of course, she was probably right, he probably couldn’t eat much more than the kid’s portion anymore. And last week he had even had trouble finishing that.
“You haven’t touched your drinks yet,” Mel noted. “Don’t forget, they have to be finished.”
Chad immediately picked up one of the large glasses of tea. The glass was very large and heavy, but he took a few large gulps of it before putting it back down on the table so he could start coloring again.
“You might want to use two hands whenever you pick up one of those glasses,” Mel suggested. “You wouldn’t want to drop one and spill it!”
Chad understood. She wanted him to use both hands whenever he picked one up – just like a child would have to do. But at least it wasn’t a stupid baby bottle. And the best part was that it looked like the waitress had put lots of ice in each glass. Lots of ice meant less tea he would have to drink. He grabbed his crayon again so he could color a little more.
“So how was your day?” Mel asked.
How was his day? All his days were difficult… not to mention humiliating. “Difficult,” he finally replied.
“In what way?”
She would have to ask. Still coloring, he replied, “Well, for starters, Robin decided that if I worked on my girly voice more, then maybe it would start sounding better.”
The Robin woman again! She was the last person that Mel wanted to hear about. Carefully controlling her voice, Mel asked, “What did she do?”
“She kept making all these little suggestions on how to make it sound more like a woman. And she made me keep practicing it.”
Mel’s head instantly filled with an image of Robin, the blond bombshell, sitting on his lap, her arm around his neck, giving him little suggestions as they talked back and forth. Urrrggghhh!!! She was so glad that Robin would soon get her due! And the second part of Operation Robin would be happening tomorrow! “And did your voice get any better?” she asked.
Chad shrugged a bit as he colored. “A little. At least some of the women in the break room noticed it.” He set his crayon down and grabbed a glass of tea – with both hands.
“So you’re finally using your girly voice all the time now at work?”
Chad set his glass back down as he tried to decide how much to tell her. He finally figured that in this case, honesty was probably the best policy. “I wasn’t going to,” he admitted. “Until Derek, that is.”
“Yeah.” He stopped coloring again and grabbed his glass, but he didn’t drink yet. “Derek was probably my biggest problem today… or at least my strangest. This afternoon at work, I saw him start to enter the break room, but the minute he saw me, he turned around and left. All the women made me go after him to talk to him, just to make sure there was no problem between us.”
Mel was a bit concerned too. “And was there a problem?”
Chad took another long drink from his tea before answering. “Yes and no. His problem is kind of like mine. It seems that Ray is riding him pretty hard about this date, just like all the women are doing with me.”
“They are?”
“Oh yeah! Big time.”
“So what happened with Derek? I take it you talked to him?”
Chad nodded as he started coloring again. “Yeah. The end result is that he’s probably going to keep avoiding me, but he doesn’t really hold it against me.”
“I see,” Mel replied, trying to understand exactly what he meant. “And what about your voice? What does any of that have to do with your voice?”
Chad dropped his crayon again. He sighed a bit before answering. “He seems to think that it bothers him to be talking to me when I look like a woman but I sound like the old me. He says I’m not… consistent.”
Mel was mentally cheering. Hooray for Derek! “He’s right you know. I suggest you think long and hard about that.”
Chad had no doubt that Mel really wanted him to be using his sissy voice all the time. But he was still embarrassed over having to use his girly voice. “I guess I’m going to try,” he replied as he picked up his glass with both hands again. “At least it is starting to get a little better now.” He started drinking again.
Better wasn’t exactly what Mel wanted. Not in the direction she had no doubt Robin was taking his new voice anyway. Robin would be trying to make it sound more like a real woman. But what Mel really wanted was for it to still sound silly. She had only told Chad to make it sound like a girl, but the more she thought about it, she wanted it to sound more like a very young girl. That would certainly bring him some attention! And as soon as Robin was out of the way, she would start working on just that! But first, part two of Operation Robin – the setup!
Chad had managed to finish a glass and a half of the tea before the waitress brought them their dinners. Once she left again, Chad had just grabbed his knife and fork when Mel grabbed his plate and pulled it over to her. She took the knife and fork right out of his hands too.
“You’re a little behind on your tea,” she said as she started cutting up his steak for him. “I suggest you finish that glass as quickly as possible.”
Chad started drinking again as he watched her cutting up his steak – just like an adult would do for a child. But Mel was cutting it up into very tiny pieces. Chad wasn’t real happy to see that. The tiny pieces would take less chewing! And while he wasn’t really hungry anymore since his stomach was so full of tea, he still wanted something to chew!
Mel finished cutting his steak and glanced up at him. He had almost finished the glass of tea, but not quite. Putting the knife to his dinner again, she began re-cutting the small pieces into even tinier pieces. “I’m going to keep at this till that glass is finished,” she said. “If necessary, I’ll have them take it back and puree it!”
Chad hastily gulped down the last of the drink. He felt bloated as he set the large glass down. In fact, other than wanting something to chew so he could feel like he had eaten something, he wasn’t really sure he wanted anything else to eat. But Mel pushed his plate back over to him. She didn’t return his knife and fork though, instead, she set the teaspoon that had come with her coffee in front of him.
“You know how to use that,” she said as she picked up her own knife and fork to start eating.
Chad looked at her enviously as he grabbed the spoon in his left fist to eat… like a baby.
“Don’t forget to finish all that tea,” Mel said as she stuffed a large piece of steak into her mouth.
The more tea Chad drank, the more he seemed to be wetting. And wetting himself was his only defense against the huge amount of liquid she was making him finish before dinner was over. By the end of his fourth glass, he was beginning to be concerned about leaking right there at the table. And worse, the longer each glass of tea sat before he could drink it, the more the ice melted – giving him even more to drink. It was a no-win situation!
With all the tea in him, he hadn’t been able to eat very much. Mel was getting close to finishing her own meal, and he still had another glass to go.
“Better hurry,” Mel said as she glanced at his last glass of tea.
Feeling a bit sick, Chad grabbed the final glass with both hands and started drinking… slowly. It was the best he could do. He wasn’t even trying to put any more food into his mouth. He suddenly felt himself peeing yet again. A lot came out. “Mistress,” he whispered. “I’m starting to worry about leaking here.”
“Are you leaking yet?” Mel asked.
In truth, Chad wasn’t sure, but he knew his diaper couldn’t take much more. “I don’t think so, but I don’t really know.” He admitted.
Mel just smiled. “You still have to finish that glass.”
Chad didn’t manage to finish the drink till Mel had finished her own meal… and paid for everything, giving the waitress a healthy tip. Gratefully, he set the now empty glass down on the table. He didn’t want to drink anything again for a very long time. Drinking a lot from the baby bottles didn’t pour the liquids into his system as fast as drinking from a glass did. That was one advantage of the bottles. Of course, the bottles were a lot more work too – sucking that much wasn’t easy!
“Are you leaking?” Mel asked just before they slid out of the booth.
“I don’t know,” Chad replied. “I think I might be.” He silently wondered what she would do if he was leaking.
Mel just nodded as she got to her feet. “Let’s take a look.”
Chad slid all the way out of the booth. His diaper felt very soggy and heavy… and a bit loose too from being so overly soggy.
Mel looked down at the seat where he had been sitting. “I don’t see any problems,” she said as she stood back up. “Let’s check the back of your skirt.”
Chad was just glad that she wasn’t going to make him ‘show his diaper’ in the restaurant. He turned around so she could see his backside.
Mel looked closely. Because of the coloring of his skirt, she couldn’t be sure, but she was fairly sure she saw some wet areas. If they were, then they certainly weren’t too bad. “I can’t tell,” Mel said, sounding slightly frustrated.
Chad didn’t know whether to be glad or sad. As they started to walk back toward the front of the restaurant where they had entered, Chad noticed a new problem – something he had never encountered before. “Uh… Mistress,” he said just loud enough that she could hear. When she didn’t stop he whispered more urgently. “Mistress…” He stopped walking and stood still right where he was. His free arm that wasn’t holding his purse was pressed tightly to his hip.
Mel had just heard him and turned around. “What’s the matter? Are you leaking?”
Chad just shook his head. “No, it’s… another problem.”
But there was no way that Chad could announce that his diaper felt like it was falling off in front of so many people.
Seeing his hesitation at answering, Mel said, “Whatever it is, we’ll have to deal with it later. Now let’s get moving before we’re late.” She turned around and began walking again.
Chad had no choice but to follow her, more aware than ever of the fact that this time they had been seated as far from the front door as possible. But trying to hold onto his soggy sagging diaper under the skirt he was wearing wasn’t easy.
Mel was a good bit in front of him by the time she reached the front lobby. She turned around to see what was keeping him. “Hurry up!” she complained.
Chad tried to hurry, but hurrying just made things worse. Before he could get to her, his heavily soaked diaper slid off his hips and immediately dropped down his legs, almost tripping him in the process. He was forced to stop right where he was. Now what was he supposed to do? Should he step out of it or try to pull it back up?
Mel was shocked to see his diaper suddenly slip down from under his skirt to pool around his feet. This was one problem she had never considered. Hearing a few gasps of surprised from some of the people who could see them, she said, “You better pick that thing up and let’s get out of here.”
Chad, still in shock, had to bend down and hold the diaper with one hand while he worked his shoes out of the leg openings. Not an easy process. Finally, very embarrassed, he picked up his sodden diaper again and hurried toward the door where Mel was waiting. Was she laughing at him? Of course she was! Damn her! Of course she would think that this was funny.
He quickly carried the soaked diaper, at arms length, straight through the door as Mel held it open for him. But all that tea was still in his system and having no way to adequately control it, he suddenly began peeing again as they walked to the car, soaking the front of his skirt! Once again he stood still in shock. Mel finally saw what his new problem was and burst out laughing again, which Chad didn’t really appreciate. He felt like crying!
“Come on, let’s get to the car,” Mel said. Moving slowly and gingerly, still carrying his sodden diaper, Chad resumed the trek to Mel’s car. “Take that skirt off,” Mel said as she unlocked the car.
“Here?” Chad asked, incredulously.
“Of course here! You don’t think I’m going to let you ride in my car like that, do you? Now let’s get you changed.” She found his diaper bag and pulled out a plastic bag. Then she took his sodden diaper from him. “I said, get that skirt off!” Mel commanded.
Reluctantly, Chad unfastened his skirt and slipped it down his legs. He used it to cover his front side as he stood between the cars. Mel pulled two fresh diapers out of his diaper bag and quickly slit the covering on one of them. Then she grabbed his skirt from him, leaving him totally exposed, and threw it onto the floor of her car. With him standing right there, she quickly put both diapers on him, noting as she did so that he was already peeing again – good!
Chad was very embarrassed about being out with no skirt to cover his diapers. His top didn’t come down much past the top of his diapers so they were fully on display. He was glad though that she had put two diapers on him this time. That usually signaled an end to her requirement for him to make his diapers leak. He quickly got into her car so that he could be hidden from view. But now that he had wet his skirt, that meant that their therapy session would have to be cancelled. He was a bit disappointed about that. “I’m sorry Mistress that I messed up our therapy session,” he said disappointedly. “I was looking forward to it.”
“Who said you messed anything up?” Mel replied. “We’re still going.”
“But I don’t have a skirt.”
Mel just glanced over at him with a wicked grin on her face. “Who says you need one?”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

A little while later, Chad was staring at his computer screen, wondering what to do with his free time. Hoping that Robin would stay away for a while, he opened up the spreadsheet that he kept for tracking his progress on the bet. Next to today’s date, he noticed that there were still 22 days to go. He couldn’t decide if that seemed like a lot or a little.
He moved up to yesterday’s date, to the column where he kept track of how long he had managed to hold back. The row for the day before said twelve minutes, the first time he had shown improvement in a while. But what should he put down for yesterday? Unfortunately, it wasn’t twelve minutes again. He pretty much knew the exact amount of time he had managed yesterday, but should he round it up? It would certainly sound better. Of course, since he hadn’t managed to make the full minute, he could also round the number down just as well. In the end, he opted for the amount of time he remembered. He hated putting the number down but he did… nine and a half minutes. Two and a half minutes less than the day before.
What had happened? Once again he seemed to be on a downward trend, and this time he had lost another two and a half minutes. What was happening? It was Mel… and her stupid diaper games. They were really taking a toll on him. But for the life of him, he didn’t know what he could do about it. He just prayed that in the end, his body would do like it always did and bounce back quickly – very quickly. Otherwise…
He closed the spreadsheet because he didn’t want to think about the consequences at all. But now what was he supposed to do with the rest of his afternoon? His mind pulled up an image he had seen on the internet of some interesting shoes. Having nothing better to do, he went in search of them.

Chad was yawning when he heard his cell phone ring. It was almost quitting time. Almost time to go home. He quickly dug his phone out and glanced at who was calling – Mel! “Hello?” he said, for once not afraid to use his ‘girly’ voice.
“Well, I must say, it’s a pleasure to not hear your stupid masculine voice when you answer for once. Although I’d much rather hear your sissy voice than your girly voice. But it is a definite improvement.”
“Thank you,” he replied. He had almost added ‘Mistress.’ He was glad that he had caught himself in time.
“I just wanted to remind you that we have our therapy session tonight. So make sure you get home and cleaned up fast. I’d like to have plenty of time for dinner.”
“I remember… And I’m looking forward to it.” The relaxation therapy sessions were by far one of the best things in his life now. He always looked forward to them.
“Good. I shouldn’t be late tonight. Don’t forget to phone me when you’re ready to put your one diaper on again. See you at home.”
Chad suddenly found himself holding a dead phone. She hadn’t even bothered to say goodbye. One diaper again – the same as usual now. Ugh! How was he supposed to get his diaper leaking if they were going to be out most of the night? And if he did manage to make it leak, what then? Was she going to change him during the therapy session… or heaven forbid – in the restaurant? It was crazy!
Still, he was looking forward to getting out of work and to the evening to come. He wanted the therapy session… but more than that, he wanted a good dinner… and more than that, he wanted to get changed out of his miserable messy diaper!

Mel’s cell phone rang as she was walking out of the office to her car. “Hello?” she said. Her arms were full so she didn’t bother looking to see who was calling.
“Hello, Mistress,” Sissy replied – in his sissy voice.
“Sissy,” Mel replied delightedly. “I was just leaving.”
“I’m just ready to put my diaper back on,” he replied.
Mel struggled past the things in her arms and glanced at her watch. “Okay, Sissy. You know the drill. An hour and forty five!”
“Yes Mistress,” Chad replied.
“See you in a few minutes,” Mel said, then closed her phone.
When Mel finally got home, she didn’t bother going into her own apartment, she went straight into his, hoping that he would be ready, or at least almost ready. She found him touching up his makeup and getting ready to go. Perfect! He dropped his usual curtsey and said his little greeting as soon as he realized she was there. Also perfect! The sight of him curtseying to her like that never ceased to thrill her. Maybe it was the fact that Sissy was really a man that did it to her, or maybe it was just the respect that it showed. Either way, she absolutely loved it. “Are you ready?” she asked.
“Just now, Mistress,” Sissy replied in his sissy voice.
Mel took a few steps toward his door, then stopped. She turned to him again. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
The command at that time caught him off guard, but he grabbed his skirt as fast as he could and did everything possible to yank it up as high as he could. The tightness of the straight skirt didn’t really help matters any.
“At least you tried,” Mel told him. “Next time, try harder! She checked his diaper then. She wasn’t totally sure, but she thought he might have wet it a tiny bit already. “Okay, Sissy. Drop it and let’s get some dinner. I’m starving!”
Chad could only agree, he was hungry, and he was betting that he was a whole lot hungrier than she was!

The thrill of the gym being something new had already worn off to Robin as she trudged her way inside and hurried to the locker room. The woman she had talked with last time was already there and Robin happily said hi to her and selected a locker close by. The two exchanged a few chatty comments as they changed before Robin asked her big question. “Last time you told me that Darla would know something about the guy who comes here. Is she here yet?”
The woman looked around. “I don’t see her, but I’ll let you know the minute I do.”
“Great!” Robin replied, although she was actually disappointed that the one person she wanted to talk to the most was the one person who she could never find.
The aerobics class was as grueling as ever! But despite the fact that Robin was sure that the instructor was trying to kill them, she kept at it. While the routines were becoming more familiar to her and easier to do, her strength still hadn’t caught up to most of the others in the class yet.
She was sweating and hot and miserable by the end of the class – which was exactly when her new friend pointed out a woman in the back of the room who had come in late.
“That’s Darla,” the woman said simply. “You might want to catch her now before she gets out of here.”
Darla turned out to be a slightly older looking woman than most of the others in the room. Despite how tired and miserable she felt, Robin hurried over to her. “Are you Darla?” she asked.
The woman turned to her with a broad smile. “Yes?”
Robin was immediately struck by something odd about the way she had said ‘yes.’ “Hi, I’m Robin,” she replied, introducing herself. “I was told that you might be able to tell me something about the guy who shows up here at lunchtimes?”
“Oh him!” Darla replied with more than a hint of amusement as a huge grin lit up her face. “Cheekiest fun I’ve had since I’ve been in your country.”
Robin was immediately struck by Darla’s strong British accent. Cheekiest? But before she could ask more, Darla’s cell phone began buzzing.
Darla’s smile instantly turned to annoyance at the interruption from her phone. “Oh let me tell you, he was such fun!” she continued to Robin as she dug the phone out of her bag. “I’ll never forget it!” She pushed a button on the phone and put it to her ear. “Hello?”
Robin wondered again exactly what she had meant by “cheekiest”… and she’ll never forget what? She listened as Darla talked into her phone. Darla’s face seemed to grow more and more concerned.
“Oh no!” Darla suddenly exclaimed. “No! Don’t do anything! I’ll be there as fast as I can!” She hung up her phone.
“Never forget what?” Robin asked.
But Darla was in too much a hurry. “I don’t have time right now,” she apologized as she quickly gathered up her things.
Before Robin could ask anything else, the woman took off at nearly a run. Foiled again! She had gotten closer, but she still had no answers. And what did the woman mean about never forgetting it? And… cheekiest?

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 4 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 4 of 8)

“Sissy…” Robin called over the wall. “What are you doing?”
Chad almost yelled back ‘nothing!’ but he stopped himself just in time. It wouldn’t be good to be yelling that – just in case anyone else might hear it. “Working!” he yelled back. “Why?”
“Girly voice, Sissy. You’ve got to use your girly voice!”
“It’s hard to yell that way.”
“It doesn’t matter! You need to get used to it in all situations.”
“So what do you want?” Chad yelled back – in his high pitched voice. What a pain!
“Come look at this.”
Tired of yelling over the wall, Chad got up from his seat to see what she wanted. He really didn’t have anything better to do anyway.
“What is it?” he asked as he walked into her cubicle.
“Look at this,” Robin said. “This store just posted the latest dresses they got in.”
The major part of Chad really was interested, but there was still something in him that made him hold back – male pride perhaps. “And why should I be interested?”
“Geez! You really have a long way to go,” Robin replied – something she had said many times to him before. “I just thought that you’d enjoy looking at them. Besides, maybe you’ll find something good for your date with Derek this weekend.”
His date with Derek! The one thing he didn’t want to be reminded of! “I don’t think I need anything special for that.”
“So? It never hurts to look does it?”
Chad didn’t want to admit that he had been filling some time at his own desk looking at shoes. “I guess not,” he replied.
She looked at him. “You know, maybe if you tried softening your voice a bit, then it might sound better. I mean, the higher pitch is one thing, but you’ve got to start working on making it sound better now.”
“Softer?” Chad asked, dropping his voice to almost a whisper.
“Not that way! Just not as harsh! Try it!”
Chad wasn’t really sure that it was what Mel wanted, but he tried. “Is this better?” he asked, trying to take some of the edge out of his ‘girly’ voice.
Robin just looked at him. “I think so… Maybe… It’s a step in the right direction anyway. Why don’t you go get your chair and we’ll look at these dresses together. See if there’s anything you like. Then you can practice talking a bit more… femininely.”
Chad didn’t know what he should really do, but knowing Robin, he wasn’t going to have an easy time getting out of it. So he left momentarily and came back pushing his chair ahead of him. Together they sat and discussed each and every dress, one at a time. Robin constantly tried to figure out little ways to make his voice sound better. By the time they reached the last dress – an hour later, he was sounding a bit better, but only a bit.

Mel sat on the toilet and glanced down to check the pad protecting her panties from the ravages of her period. It was obviously soaked. Time to change it – again! Ugh! She hated her periods… mostly. Unfortunately, they were all part of being a woman. Why couldn’t men have at least a similar problem to deal with every month?
She briefly toyed with the idea of making Sissy go through some kind of monthly period, but she quickly abandoned the idea. The total lack of control she had over her bloody mess – wasn’t that pretty much like the total lack of control she was trying to create in him – permanently? And pads would never be enough for what Sissy was experiencing. Sometimes, three heavy diapers weren’t enough. No, what Sissy was feeling was probably much worse.
Of course, there were the cramps and bloating issues to deal with. But the cramps were probably nothing compared to the pain she inflicted on him – and not just once a month. And the bloating? Well, she was forcing him to drink a fairly extreme amount of liquids all the time. She had no doubt that despite all the weight he still seemed to be losing, his body was probably overly waterlogged to boot.
But at least her period was slowing down now. It wouldn’t be long till it was over – at least for the next month. She looked forward to it ending. Of course there were also the fringe benefits of no period to think about too. Like a little sexual stimulation from Sissy’s talented tongue. That thought made her smile! And from somewhere in the back of her brain, she remembered a phrase that Cassie had said to her last month – “If you’re not making a mess, then you’re not having sex!” That stopped her in her tracks. Could she really do that with him? Did she dare? Even now, when she still had another day or so to go? She almost giggled. There was nothing there that would really hurt him. In fact, since she blindfolded him every time, he might not ever know! Did she dare? The thought did kind of turn her on. This time, she did giggle out loud.

“Break time!” Robin called from the entrance to Chad’s cubicle.
Chad turned in his seat. “Good! I could use a break,” he replied in his usual male voice.
“From what?”
“From doing nothing!”
Robin giggled. “Hey! Say that again, but try to make it sound better.”
“Can’t we just go to break?”
“Come on! I’m trying to help you! The least you could do is to try to cooperate a little!”
Ugh! “What did you want me to say again?”
“Anything!” Robin shook her head. “Never mind, let’s just go!”
Chad mentally cheered. Had he actually won that round? He got up and followed Robin out into the hallway.
They were early enough that the break room wasn’t crowded at all when they got there. Chad and Robin each poured their coffee and were the first to sit down at the women’s table. Chad sipped his drink and watched as some of the usual women entered the room. It was amazing how many of these women he knew now… although most of them he associated with how much they liked to tease him. Still, he guessed that each of them was now a friend… of sorts. He was still embarrassed about being “one of them.” Even if he wasn’t really. But he was sitting there in a skirt and blouse – just like… some of them – because the majority of them wore nice pants to work.
“Hi Robin. Hi Sissy,” one of the women greeted them as she walked up with her coffee and sat down. She was quickly joined by two more, then three more, then… more. Within minutes, the table was buzzing with different conversations. Chad tried his best to stay out of most of it, but there were times when some of them would ask for his opinion on something or just made a dumb comment about something. And the odd thing that Chad noticed, was that for once, they all seemed to be friendly. None of them were teasing him… yet.
And then his eye just happened to catch Derek walking into the break room. He saw Derek glance at the table full of women, and then at him. Derek stopped dead and stared at him for a second, then turned around and walked out again. Chad suddenly felt bad. He had no doubt that Derek had left just to avoid him.
“Hey, wasn’t that Derek?” one of the women asked.
“Yeah, he just turned and left,” another woman relied. “I wonder why he did that?”
Robin looked at Chad. “Why don’t you go after him?”
“Why would I want to do that?” Actually Chad was glad that Derek had left. He didn’t want to be seen with him any more than necessary either. The rumors and teasing were already too much.
“Well,” another woman replied. “Aren’t you supposed to be his girlfriend?”
“I’m not his girlfriend!” Chad replied. “We’re just stuck having to go out on a date together… and I don’t think either of us is happy about it.”
“You’re not his girlfriend?” one of the women noted. “But you’re his friend, and right now, you’re certainly the girl in the relationship. Am I wrong?”
Chad looked for a way out of that argument and quickly realized that anything he said would probably turn out bad. “Well, I guess that’s sort of true. But I’m not really his girlfriend.”
“Sure you are Honey. Now why don’t you start acting like a girl and go after him? You don’t want him to think you’re not interested, do you?”
Go after him? They wanted him to go after him? “He shook his head, then smiled broadly. “I’m playing hard to get.” He replied. “Let him come to me.” His answer brought a round of laughter from most of the table.
“Hey Sissy,” another of the women said. “It sounds like your voice is starting to get a little better.”
“It still has a long way to go though!” another woman added.
“Yeah, but I think it does sound better,” the first woman replied.
“We’ve been working on it a bit,” Robin explained. “The problem is though, that he doesn’t want to keep trying!”
“It’s difficult!” Chad complained. “Not to mention embarrassing.”
“Honey, you think wearing a dress and sounding like a man isn’t embarrassing enough?” one of the women asked. “And who ever said that being a woman was easy?” There was some general laughter and agreement around the table.
“You should try it from my perspective,” Chad muttered.
“Well if you’re trying to live your life from our perspective, then try listening to your heart a bit more. Try acting like a woman more. That man is definitely fine! So go get him! Let him know that you like him.”
Chad quickly realized that this was starting to go exactly where he didn’t want to go. “But I’m not really his girlfriend. We’re just friends.”
“Don’t matter Honey. Relationships are important to a woman! Any relationship. If I were you, I’d get my panty covered fanny out there and make sure you and he are still good!”
Panty covered fanny? If she only knew what he was really wearing on his fanny! “But we are good!”
“Didn’t look like it to me! Like I said, relationships are important. If you want to be the girl, then you go make sure that he knows things are still okay.”
“She’s right, you know,” Robin added. “You should go and make sure that he’s not mad at you.”
“I feel like you’re all trying to get rid of me,” Chad complained.
“Honey, we’re trying to help you! Now get!”
Chad sighed, this wasn’t a good idea. He got up from his chair though to do as they suggested. “See you all later.”
“Go get him, girl!” one of the women called after him.
Chad wasn’t sure but he thought he heard more laughter behind him. He was supposed to be the girl in the relationship? Well, he supposed that that part was true. He just wasn’t used to having to act like a girl… not that he’d really have the first clue as to how.
As he left the break room, he wondered where Derek had gone. Probably back to his desk upstairs. He wasn’t about to go all the way up there… period! Chad half heartedly searched the hallways for Derek – on his way straight back to his own desk. He really had no intention of talking to Derek. He knew perfectly well how Derek felt about the situation because it was exactly how he felt. But as he passed the doors across from the elevator, he noticed someone standing just outside leaning up against the wall. Even from behind, he could tell that it was Derek. Should he go out there, or not? Was it really a girl thing to want to patch things up? Not that there was anything wrong between them to begin with. But he could tell that Derek wasn’t exactly happy. Before he knew what he was doing, he was opening the door and walking outside.
“Hey, Derek,” He said… cautiously, in his male voice.
Derek looked up at him in annoyance. “You want something?”
“I just want to make sure that you’re not totally mad at me,” Chad replied. “I’m not too thrilled about this date situation either.”
“Yeah, well trust me, it’s even more embarrassing from my point of view,” he replied. “I mean, look at you, you’re obviously okay with going out with anybody at all!”
“Not really.”
“Well, at least you don’t care what gender they are then. You are the one wearing the skirt here.”
Unfortunately, Chad couldn’t deny that part at all. From Derek’s point of view, he was probably completely right… even if he was really wrong. Chad was suddenly more aware of the skirt around his legs and the way that he was dressed than ever. “I know it looks that way, but… things aren’t always what they seem. I’m not interested in going out with guys.”
Derek shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. With the way you’re dressed, nobody would ever think twice about who you’re with!”
Chad couldn’t deny that statement either. “I just wanted to make sure you’re not avoiding me because of this stupid date we’re stuck with.”
“I was,” Derek replied. “You have no idea the amount of teasing that Ray has been heaping on me over this. You don’t have to put up with that problem at all!”
“I have every woman in the company teasing me and riding my ass instead. Not just one person, a lot of people.”
Derek looked at him. “You’re kidding? They’re teasing you about it?”
Derek smiled. “I’m glad it’s not just me then.”
“I just don’t want you to have to walk out of the room if I happen to be there,” Chad said.
Derek nodded. “Thanks, but for now, it may be better if I do.”
Chad nodded disappointedly. “I understand. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Other than not be anywhere I’m going? I don’t think so.”
“That’s going to be hard. I don’t want you to not be able to use the break room. We were doing fine till this stupid date thing popped up – although the women were all teasing me even before that about me and you.”
“You’re kidding!”
“No, but that’s just women. They have to have something like that to talk about all the time. Relationships are more important to women than to men.”
“I guess you should know… now.”
Chad was about to deny that, but wasn’t that the reason he was taking to Derek now? “I’m… learning,” he finally replied. “I guess I still have a lot to learn about women… or even about being one.”
“Well, good luck with that. I can’t help you there.”
Chad smiled. “I guess not.”
“You know though…”
“You could try being a bit more… consistent.”
“Yeah. I mean, look… You’re out here wearing a skirt and heels, and you’re talking to me like a man. At least, I mean, you’re talking in your old male voice. By the way, weren’t you supposed to be trying to stop that? It makes me feel funny to be talking to you when you look like a woman, but then you open your mouth and I hear the old you instead!”
Chad actually blushed. “Sorry,” he replied, this time in his new, more feminine, girly voice. “I thought it would make you feel… more at ease.”
“Yeah, I get it. But it just seems weird. You know?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“And then there’s the way you dress.”
Chad was surprised. He quickly looked down at what he was wearing. “What’s wrong with it, other than the fact that it’s totally feminine?”
Derek shook his head. “It’s not that! You look fine – now! I guess anyway, for what you’re trying to do. It’s… well… the other night. What was with the crazy way you were dressed then? It was stupid! What were you trying to do?” He shook his head. “I sure hope you’re not going to dress like that for our date Sunday.”
The problem was that Chad couldn’t really guarantee that at all. Knowing Mel, she might come up with anything! “Sorry, no guarantees,” he replied.
Derek rolled his eyes. “Think about it! For my sake! Please! Don’t make things any worse than they already are.”
Chad just nodded. “I’ll… think about it.” Unfortunately, it was a matter he knew he would have no say in whatsoever. “So… Are we good then? I mean, still friends?”
Derek just looked at him, but finally nodded. “Yeah, still friends. I just wish you hadn’t… changed.”
Chad hung his head sheepishly. “Sorry,” he replied. “It kind of caught me by surprise too.”
Derek just shook his head. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand.”
“It’s okay. I don’t expect you to. Just don’t hit me when we’re together,” he joked.
This time Derek smiled. “If you can’t guarantee what you’ll be wearing for that date, then I’m not going to guarantee that!”
Robin had almost missed seeing Sissy and Derek talking together outside. She desperately wished she could eavesdrop on that conversation, but that was out of the question. So she waited inside across the hallway for him. Finally she saw the two of them shaking hands together and together they turned and walked back inside. It was the handshake that bothered her though – it was all wrong! She shook her head at Chad the minute they got through the door. “I guess you two are still friends?” she asked.
“Yeah, we’re good,” Sissy replied. “There was never any doubt.” He looked up at Derek for confirmation. Derek’s non-spoken shrug left a bit of doubt though.
Robin looked back to Sissy and shook her head again at him. “You really have an awful lot to learn!”
“What now?” Sissy asked. “I thought I was doing pretty well.”
“Women don’t shake hands like you two just did. In fact, what you probably should have done was to give him a small hug instead. But even shaking hands, you shouldn’t do it like a man!”
Derek looked down at Sissy. “I see what you mean about them being on your case all the time. And just for the record. I’m glad you didn’t try to hug me, because then I might have had to hit you for it!”
Chad would have laughed his comment off, but just then the stupid suppository that Cindy had put up inside of him at the gym earlier decided to do its thing. Without warning, he suddenly felt his insides rushing out into his diaper.
“Hey,” Derek exclaimed, seeing the look on Sissy’s face, “I didn’t really mean it… it was just a joke… sort of.”
“It’s okay,” Sissy replied, carefully trying to not show what was really happening. “It just kind of caught me by surprise.” He just wasn’t going to mention what that ‘it’ really was.
After Derek left, Robin said, “You know, you did go white as a sheet there for a moment. But then, I guess I might too if someone that big threatened to hit me.”
There was no way that Chad could tell her anything about what had really happened. “Like I said, it just kind of caught me by surprise.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

The gym door loomed ahead of him. He stopped before he opened the door and just stared at it for a moment. Did he have the courage to face that darn receptionist again? But actually she was only a minor nuisance on the way to the only fun he was really allowed anymore – as long as Cassie was going to keep playing with his backside. And as long as the receptionist wasn’t going to be watching him, he was rather looking forward to that bit of stimulation today.
He looked through the glass door and could see her watching him… expectantly? Probably. Summoning up his courage, he opened the door and trudged inside. He knew better now than to try to get out of it. He dropped her his usual curtsey and said hello to her in his sissy voice. He was rewarded by hearing her giggle at him.
“Hi Sissy,” she said with a broad smile on her face. Then she leaned across the counter and got more serious. “Cassie says I have to ask your permission to go back and watch again today. So… can I? Can I… please?”
Chad was totally aghast. That was the last thing that he wanted. Before he could answer, Cassie walked up from the back.
“Have you asked him yet?” she asked Cindy.
“Just now,” Cindy replied.
Cassie looked to Chad. “So what is it? Yes or no?”
“Oh please…” Cindy begged again before Chad had the chance to vehemently refuse.
Chad shook his head. “I don’t think…”
“But I promise I won’t hurt you this time! I won’t even touch you… unless you want me to that is.” She giggled some more.
Chad shook his head again. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he finally got out – politely.
But Cindy wasn’t about to be put off that fast. “But it would be a good idea for me to be there!”
That surprised Chad. “Good idea? How could it possibly be good?”
“What if Cassie can’t be here? What if she’s too busy? What if she’s sick? You still need someone to take care of you. And I can do that!”
Chad was not just surprised, he was aghast! “But…”
“It’s really a good idea,” Cindy continued. “You’d have a backup in case Cindy can’t help you. And I’m more than willing.”
Chad had no doubt about that!
“She does have a point,” Cassie added. “What if I can’t be here? Maybe it ‘would’ be a good idea.” But then she thought of something else. “Are you really sure about this?” she asked Cindy. “Some of this is rather… unpleasant, not to mention down right disgusting! And you’re going to have to take care of all of it. Are you prepared for that?”
That stopped Cindy in her tracks. “You mean, he sometimes…”
Cassie nodded. “Not very often, but it has happened. And it’s a major mess.”
“But you said not very often, so hopefully I may never have to deal with it.”
“Yes, but there are other aspects that you may find just as unpleasant that you’ll have to deal with every time. Unusual aspects.”
The phrase “unusual aspects” registered on Cindy immediately and instantly got her curiosity up even higher. “Really? What?” she wanted to know.
Cassie shook her head. “Things I can’t discuss here.”
Chad was silently praying that Cindy would back off now. He didn’t want to imagine Cindy playing with his back end the way Cassie did. Well, he was curious about it, but he simply didn’t want Cindy there!
Cindy turned things over in her mind very briefly. But now there was another aspect to the silly sissy here that she wanted to know about, an unusual one. She was more interested now than ever. “I still want to. More than ever now!” she declared boldly.
“Okay Cindy. You’ve convinced me. You can watch again.” Cindy let out of squeal of delight. “Better go find someone to watch the desk while you’re back there.”
Chad could feel himself backed into a corner he didn’t want to be in. What had happened to needing his permission? “But I thought…” But that’s as far as he got. He looked at Cassie in horror.
Cassie just looked at him with a dominating smirk on her face. “And what say does a big sissy baby like you have in the matter?”
Chad said nothing, because he knew he really had no say in the matter at all. Meekly, he followed Cassie back toward the little office they used every day. Cindy arrived excitedly just before they closed the door. He didn’t really want her in there at all!
“Pull that shade down on the window,” Cassie told Cindy. She looked at Chad who wasn’t moving. “Aren’t you going to get undressed? Neither of us has all day.”
Chad had a feeling that this wasn’t going to go very well at all. Not happy about matters, he began unfastening his skirt. As he removed each item of clothing, he had to listen to Cindy’s excited surprise over every little item he was wearing. Why did she have to be there? Finally, he was down to just his waist cincher, diapers, and plastic panties. He laid down on the floor to get changed – in front of Cindy again.
Cassie usually prepared everything for Chad’s diaper change while he was undressing, but not today. Since Cindy was so fascinated with everything that Sissy was wearing, she put it off till she could get all of Cindy’s attention… or at least, more of it. Once Sissy was ready, she knelt down next to him and motioned for Cindy to do the same. She pulled the diaper bag next to her and opened it. “Everything you need is right in here,” she told Cindy. She reached into Sissy’s diaper bag and pulled out one of his baby bottles. Instead of handing it to Sissy, she handed it to Cindy instead. “Here, want to give this to him?”
Cindy took the bottle delightedly. “Here comes your bottle, baby,” she crooned teasingly as she brought the nipple to his lips. Chad let it slip into his mouth and began sucking on it as he brought his hands up to hold the bottle. But Cindy wasn’t letting go. Was she going to hold it for him the whole time?
“Let him hold it,” Cassie said as she sorted through the diaper bag.
Cindy reluctantly relinquished her hold on the bottle. Chad felt a tiny bit better about the matter.
Cassie stopped what she was doing and looked into the diaper bag, then up at Cindy. Then she suddenly passed the diaper bag over to her. “Here. You want to learn how to take care of him? Then you should do this.”
Cindy squealed again with excitement.
Chad took the bottle out of his mouth to protest, but one determined look from Cassie stopped him. He put the bottle back in his mouth and began drinking again. Oh great! Now the stupid receptionist was actually going to change him! Not good!
“You’re going to need two of those disposables,” Cassie told Cindy. “There’s a small pair of scissors in the bag, but I usually use the better ones on the desk there. You’re going to have to cut the lining of one of them.” She guided Cindy though her usual process of preparing the fresh diapers for Sissy.
All too soon, Chad felt Cindy pulling down his plastic panties… down his legs and off of his feet. Under Cassie’s guidance, she pulled open his soaked diapers. She didn’t do much else for a moment as she looked closely at his plastic enclosed penis.
“It’s so small,” Cindy remarked to Cassie. “Is it always like that?”
“It has been for a while now. But of course, as you can see, that thing won’t let it get much bigger.”
“But there is still some room in it.” Cindy noted.
Cassie smiled. “And that’s just the way it’s supposed to stay.”
But with Cindy now working on him, for some unknown reason, Chad was beginning to feel the faint bite of the teeth inside that chastity device – warning him, threatening him, reminding him of what might happen if he started to get the least bit hard again. But that was something totally out of Chad’s control. He did his very, very best to lay back and ignore what was happening to him below his waist.
Chad closed his eyes and felt someone wiping off his front side. He tried to convince himself that it was Cassie doing it, but that was difficult since Cassie was constantly telling Cindy how to do everything. And then the soaked diapers under him were removed and he set his bottom back down on two fresh dry ones.
“Okay Sissy. Roll over,” Cassie directed.
Chad set his baby bottle down and rolled over. Was Cassie going to have Cindy play with him… like she did? He worried about that the entire time she was wiping his backside clean. And then came the baby lotion being applied. Not massaged into him like Cassie did, just… applied. Wiped onto him. It was with relief that he next heard Cassie telling Cindy about the stupid suppositories and what she was going to have to do with them. He was glad to hear Cindy make an exclamation of how awful it sounded, but the stupid girl plucked up her courage and took the lousy jar anyway. A moment later, he could feel her cautiously trying to insert the miserable thing up into his rectum.
“How do I get it in?” Cindy started to say, then all of a sudden her finger and the pill went up inside of him. “Oh!” she exclaimed with surprise as she pulled her finger back out again, leaving the suppository just inside of him.
“You’re going to have to push it all the way in… up as far as you can reach.” Cassie told her.
“Do I have to?” Cindy asked as she held her finger up, thinking only how gross it was and wondering how long it would be till she could wash her hands.
“You’re the one who wanted to do this,” Cassie reminded her. “I told you that there were some unusual aspects to all of this.”
Instead of saying anything, Cindy put her finger back down on his little hole and pushed a bit, trying to get it inside. “I’m not hurting him doing this, am I?”
“No. In fact, he rather likes it!”
Very slowly and cautiously, Cindy stuck her finger all the way up into him as far as she could, pushing the little pill up further and further. Ewww! Then, very quickly, she pulled her finger back out again. Cassie handed her a wipe so she could wipe her hand off again. Cindy was surprised that her finger had come out of him… relatively… clean. She had expected it to be all brown and totally disgusting. But as she wiped her finger off along with the rest of her hand, she looked down at his backside and thought about what it was that the suppositories were supposed to do. “But with that thing up inside of him, won’t it make him…” She paused, trying to find a polite way to say it.
“Absolutely,” Cassie replied. “That’s the whole point.”
“And he gets one every day?” Cindy asked.
“Actually, he gets one now and one before he goes to bed every night too.”
Then Cindy wondered something else. “How long before they start working? I mean, will he, you know, before I get him diapered again?”
Cassie almost laughed. “No. But I’m not really sure how long before it goes to work.” She turned to Sissy. “How long before these things usually do their thing?”
Chad answered, but it was reluctantly. “It usually takes a couple of hours now. I suddenly find myself with… problems, by mid afternoon.”
“So who changes you then?” Cindy asked.
“Nobody, not till I can get home after work and take a shower.”
Cindy giggled. “So you’re stuck in messy diapers every day?”
Cindy giggled again. “Poor baby,” she said to him.
“Okay, Sissy. Time to roll back over again.”
Chad rolled back over and picked up his baby bottle again while Cassie directed Cindy in how to tape both diapers up. Then his plastic panties were pulled up onto him again.
“You’ll usually have to wait a few minutes till he finishes his bottle,” Cassie told Cindy. He has to finish it before he can get out of here.”
Cindy just laughed. “What a big baby!”

Mel checked her messages after lunch and found one from Cassie asking her to call. That was nothing new, Cassie called almost every day. Mel found that sometimes she enjoyed the break from thinking about her work cases. But she had a few minutes now so she tried to reach Cassie back again. She was rewarded to hear Cassie answer her phone. “Hi Cassie. What’s up?” Mel asked.
“Hey Mel. I just wanted to tell you about what happened today… before you could hear about it from anywhere, or anyone, else.”
Mel was immediately a bit anxious about what Cassie was going to say. It sounded like trouble! “Okay… What happened? What did he do now?”
“Him? Nothing. Me, on the other hand, well... Remember our little receptionist Cindy that I allowed to watch a bit before?”
“Yeah,” Mel returned cautiously.
“Well, I let her convince me to let her watch again. But she kind of suggested that it would be a good idea because if I’m not available for some reason, then she would be available to change him. You know?”
“Okay… I’m with you so far. So you let her watch again?”
“More than that, I let her actually do the work. I had her change him while I told her what to do.”
“I see…” Mel replied as she tried to think about the whole situation. “And what did Sissy seem to think of the idea. Did it seem to excite him?”
“Not exactly. And he wasn’t too pleased about it at all.”
“But he let her do it.”
“I didn’t exactly give him a choice in the matter.”
“Okay…” Mel replied as she digested that too.
“And how did she do?”
“Basically, she did just fine. I didn’t mention any of the ‘other’ stuff I usually do with him, but I did make her shove one of his suppositories up inside of him since it was his day to get one. I didn’t tell her though that he doesn’t get them every day anymore. I didn’t want to take the chance that she might tell him. So please don’t be mad at me. You said to use my own judgment on the matter.”
“Oh, I’m not mad at all,” Mel replied as she fully digested everything that Cassie had told her. “It sounds like it all went just fine, so I guess that now Sissy will have one more thing to worry about, or maybe look forward to, when he goes in there. You did say that she likes to tease him. Maybe it will prove to be… interesting for him in the future.”
“Maybe,” Cassie agreed. “And besides, like she pointed out, now there’s someone else here besides me who can take care of him… if necessary.