Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Exactly Exciting

It was a very unexciting night last night. My supply of diapers is running out so I have to limit myself a bit more than usual. I did spend my time up until I went to bed last night wearing one diaper, heels, and my skirt. Oh wow! But I enjoyed it – that much at least. I spent the entire evening washing floors, and doing laundry, and cleaning up the kitchen. We have a large house so the floors are a real killer.

Tonight I’ll be doing exciting things like cleaning the bathrooms (all three) and vacuuming carpets! What fun! I wish I had a way to make it fun. But… I’ll be doing it in those five inch heels so that will help add a bit of interest.

No more diapers to bed I’m afraid (big sigh). My supply of that style diaper is almost gone. All I have left are the pull-up variety – of which I still have quite a few.

I haven’t listened to any of my recordings in two nights now (I was simply too tired). I doubt I’ll listen tonight either, but you never know. Without the ability to wear the diapers to bed, I’m not sure what the point would be – other than that they interest me.

My little play time is almost finished. Saturday I have to go to Louisiana to pick up my wife and her mother again. Then things will be back to normal again. Probably.

Please do something for me today. Find one concept that really turns you on, and then think about that over and over again all day. And smile!

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