Friday, August 5, 2011

Crinkle Butt

Last night after work, I went home and just put on my skirt with a t-shirt and the new three inch pumps I had. I was trying to be comfortable, even though the pumps are a bit too tight and hurt some. They did get better later in the evening though. I guess they stretched out a bit. I hope they stretch more!

I spent most of the evening doing some much needed laundry and watching a show on TV.

At bedtime I again put on my three diapers. I got into bed and turned off the light and listened to the baby behavior hypno file again. I had a hard time getting everything just right, but eventually things got better and I got into it. There is this annoying background hum in the file that I found very annoying at first and the volume wasn’t just right for some reason. But later on, I forgot about the hum and the volume seemed perfect and I did get into it. So nice! So relaxing!

Yes, my thumb made it’s way to my mouth again – sooner than before and I was really sucking on it like never before. I also found myself doing something I’ve never done before – I was rubbing the front of my diaper constantly for at least the last ten minutes of the file. Something about it was really turning me on and I couldn’t help myself. Of course, since I pull my penis back between my legs when I diaper myself, plus all those layers of thick diapers, there was no way I could get very much pleasure. But I did get some and I enjoyed it thoroughly Fun!

All night long, I found that I was peeing before I even knew I had to – most of the time anyway. Including one time when I rolled over in my sleep and suddenly realized I was absolutely gushing – with no warning at all. So nice!

As usual, when I got up this morning, my diapers weighed a ton. My routine is to go up to my office, check the internet for five minutes, then start exercising. Let me tell you, exercising with thick mega-heavy diapers makes everything much more difficult! But I persevered. I was a lot more tired than usual, but I got through it. Amazingly.

As part of my exercise routine, I usually spend about twenty five minutes walking on the treadmill every day. Very often I get hit with the urge to pee before I get finished. This morning, the urge hit me again… sort of. I realized I had a very slight urge that I was going to pee. No problem – I kept walking. But nothing happened and eventually I forgot about it completely. I forgot about it that is, until I suddenly realized that I had just finished peeing. I hadn’t realized I was doing it!

One other note about exercising in very thick diapers – the noise. Now I’ve done this before – many times, but for the last two days I’ve been amazed at how noisy my diapers seem to be as I move. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. I pray that my step-son doesn’t wake up and get close enough to me to hear it!

This morning I packed kind of an emergency kit for work that is now in my car – clean pants and several pull-up style diapers. Yes, I’m again wearing a pull-up diaper under my regular underwear at work – mostly because I was again worried that I might have an accident. So far – no worries. I did a bit of experimenting last night and I was amazed at how much I was able to pee into one of these things last night before it leaked. So I feel a bit more confident about it than yesterday. Still, it never hurts to be careful.

What kind of things am I considering next? Um….

I’m considering trying to build myself a perch – just to try it out and see what it’s really like. I have confirmation that the thing really works like I thought it would, but experiencing it is something else.

And then… I’m also considering trying out my idea of getting a diaper to leak in the two hour time limit. But there are problems there. First of all, other than the fact that I’d really like to see if I can do it, I have nothing to give me an incentive to try harder if I’m not making it. No consequences. If I can’t do it the first day, then I’d probably like to try it again the next, but without the incentive of the consequence, why should I bother to push myself harder? And I don’t know that I trust myself to punish myself very hard at all. That’s the problem with being alone in this.

Anyway, my house will probably be filled with granddaughters all weekend. I’m still going to try to wear the pull-up style diapers under my clothes all weekend – and will probably try using them too. I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

Do something fun today,

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MommysSlave said...

Hi Karen,
I'm loving "The Bet" and "Baby Bobby", thanks for sending it to me. Which hypnosis files are you listening too? I've been listening to a bedwetting one that is working, I'm curious what the baby one you're listening to is.