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The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

A little while later, Chad was staring at his computer screen, wondering what to do with his free time. Hoping that Robin would stay away for a while, he opened up the spreadsheet that he kept for tracking his progress on the bet. Next to today’s date, he noticed that there were still 22 days to go. He couldn’t decide if that seemed like a lot or a little.
He moved up to yesterday’s date, to the column where he kept track of how long he had managed to hold back. The row for the day before said twelve minutes, the first time he had shown improvement in a while. But what should he put down for yesterday? Unfortunately, it wasn’t twelve minutes again. He pretty much knew the exact amount of time he had managed yesterday, but should he round it up? It would certainly sound better. Of course, since he hadn’t managed to make the full minute, he could also round the number down just as well. In the end, he opted for the amount of time he remembered. He hated putting the number down but he did… nine and a half minutes. Two and a half minutes less than the day before.
What had happened? Once again he seemed to be on a downward trend, and this time he had lost another two and a half minutes. What was happening? It was Mel… and her stupid diaper games. They were really taking a toll on him. But for the life of him, he didn’t know what he could do about it. He just prayed that in the end, his body would do like it always did and bounce back quickly – very quickly. Otherwise…
He closed the spreadsheet because he didn’t want to think about the consequences at all. But now what was he supposed to do with the rest of his afternoon? His mind pulled up an image he had seen on the internet of some interesting shoes. Having nothing better to do, he went in search of them.

Chad was yawning when he heard his cell phone ring. It was almost quitting time. Almost time to go home. He quickly dug his phone out and glanced at who was calling – Mel! “Hello?” he said, for once not afraid to use his ‘girly’ voice.
“Well, I must say, it’s a pleasure to not hear your stupid masculine voice when you answer for once. Although I’d much rather hear your sissy voice than your girly voice. But it is a definite improvement.”
“Thank you,” he replied. He had almost added ‘Mistress.’ He was glad that he had caught himself in time.
“I just wanted to remind you that we have our therapy session tonight. So make sure you get home and cleaned up fast. I’d like to have plenty of time for dinner.”
“I remember… And I’m looking forward to it.” The relaxation therapy sessions were by far one of the best things in his life now. He always looked forward to them.
“Good. I shouldn’t be late tonight. Don’t forget to phone me when you’re ready to put your one diaper on again. See you at home.”
Chad suddenly found himself holding a dead phone. She hadn’t even bothered to say goodbye. One diaper again – the same as usual now. Ugh! How was he supposed to get his diaper leaking if they were going to be out most of the night? And if he did manage to make it leak, what then? Was she going to change him during the therapy session… or heaven forbid – in the restaurant? It was crazy!
Still, he was looking forward to getting out of work and to the evening to come. He wanted the therapy session… but more than that, he wanted a good dinner… and more than that, he wanted to get changed out of his miserable messy diaper!

Mel’s cell phone rang as she was walking out of the office to her car. “Hello?” she said. Her arms were full so she didn’t bother looking to see who was calling.
“Hello, Mistress,” Sissy replied – in his sissy voice.
“Sissy,” Mel replied delightedly. “I was just leaving.”
“I’m just ready to put my diaper back on,” he replied.
Mel struggled past the things in her arms and glanced at her watch. “Okay, Sissy. You know the drill. An hour and forty five!”
“Yes Mistress,” Chad replied.
“See you in a few minutes,” Mel said, then closed her phone.
When Mel finally got home, she didn’t bother going into her own apartment, she went straight into his, hoping that he would be ready, or at least almost ready. She found him touching up his makeup and getting ready to go. Perfect! He dropped his usual curtsey and said his little greeting as soon as he realized she was there. Also perfect! The sight of him curtseying to her like that never ceased to thrill her. Maybe it was the fact that Sissy was really a man that did it to her, or maybe it was just the respect that it showed. Either way, she absolutely loved it. “Are you ready?” she asked.
“Just now, Mistress,” Sissy replied in his sissy voice.
Mel took a few steps toward his door, then stopped. She turned to him again. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
The command at that time caught him off guard, but he grabbed his skirt as fast as he could and did everything possible to yank it up as high as he could. The tightness of the straight skirt didn’t really help matters any.
“At least you tried,” Mel told him. “Next time, try harder! She checked his diaper then. She wasn’t totally sure, but she thought he might have wet it a tiny bit already. “Okay, Sissy. Drop it and let’s get some dinner. I’m starving!”
Chad could only agree, he was hungry, and he was betting that he was a whole lot hungrier than she was!

The thrill of the gym being something new had already worn off to Robin as she trudged her way inside and hurried to the locker room. The woman she had talked with last time was already there and Robin happily said hi to her and selected a locker close by. The two exchanged a few chatty comments as they changed before Robin asked her big question. “Last time you told me that Darla would know something about the guy who comes here. Is she here yet?”
The woman looked around. “I don’t see her, but I’ll let you know the minute I do.”
“Great!” Robin replied, although she was actually disappointed that the one person she wanted to talk to the most was the one person who she could never find.
The aerobics class was as grueling as ever! But despite the fact that Robin was sure that the instructor was trying to kill them, she kept at it. While the routines were becoming more familiar to her and easier to do, her strength still hadn’t caught up to most of the others in the class yet.
She was sweating and hot and miserable by the end of the class – which was exactly when her new friend pointed out a woman in the back of the room who had come in late.
“That’s Darla,” the woman said simply. “You might want to catch her now before she gets out of here.”
Darla turned out to be a slightly older looking woman than most of the others in the room. Despite how tired and miserable she felt, Robin hurried over to her. “Are you Darla?” she asked.
The woman turned to her with a broad smile. “Yes?”
Robin was immediately struck by something odd about the way she had said ‘yes.’ “Hi, I’m Robin,” she replied, introducing herself. “I was told that you might be able to tell me something about the guy who shows up here at lunchtimes?”
“Oh him!” Darla replied with more than a hint of amusement as a huge grin lit up her face. “Cheekiest fun I’ve had since I’ve been in your country.”
Robin was immediately struck by Darla’s strong British accent. Cheekiest? But before she could ask more, Darla’s cell phone began buzzing.
Darla’s smile instantly turned to annoyance at the interruption from her phone. “Oh let me tell you, he was such fun!” she continued to Robin as she dug the phone out of her bag. “I’ll never forget it!” She pushed a button on the phone and put it to her ear. “Hello?”
Robin wondered again exactly what she had meant by “cheekiest”… and she’ll never forget what? She listened as Darla talked into her phone. Darla’s face seemed to grow more and more concerned.
“Oh no!” Darla suddenly exclaimed. “No! Don’t do anything! I’ll be there as fast as I can!” She hung up her phone.
“Never forget what?” Robin asked.
But Darla was in too much a hurry. “I don’t have time right now,” she apologized as she quickly gathered up her things.
Before Robin could ask anything else, the woman took off at nearly a run. Foiled again! She had gotten closer, but she still had no answers. And what did the woman mean about never forgetting it? And… cheekiest?

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