Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quiet weekend

Not much new to report, I guess. As I’m writing this, it’s currently Sunday morning. I have one of my granddaughters staying the night so things are mostly calm and quiet– for now – she’s still asleep. When she’s awake she’s non-stop energy.

Friday evening after work, I looked through what little building materials I had left and kind of constructed a lousy version of my perch. It doesn’t look very good, but it works. Too well. Unfortunately, I think I got the height a bit too high, but… oh well. I only tried it for a few moments to see if it would work like I thought it would, and I’m sorry to say that it does – in every way.

I thought I was making the distance between the two sides just perfect. I was trying to allow only a very little bit of wiggle room for the feet to separate, but in the end, after trying it with two pairs of shoes, the distance turned out to be closer than I thought. My feet are definitely held tightly together with no way to move them apart at all. In fact, once on it, I can’t move my feet any direction other than straight up to get off of the thing.

And yes, it definitely keeps me on my toes. With one pair of heels, the strappy ones, it’s like being in six inch heels – at least! The other pair of heels I bought have a very short rounded toe and I feel like I’m standing right on the tip of my toes. Ballet anyone?

And just as I predicted, once on the thing, my body automatically leans forward, pressing me into the corner. I tried moving it away from the wall and yes, I can stand on it that way too, but it takes a bit more work to compensate for the body trying to lean forward.

I can easily see how someone standing on it might feel like they are on display in such a position. A simple strap around the feet or ankles and the person on it is going – nowhere! They would be forced to stand right where they are, in a VERY uncomfortable and tiring position.

So all in all, I guess it’s the perfect corner torture accessory for confining someone in an out of the way corner somewhere… or a good way to keep someone in one place – possibly on display. Use your imagination.

Sorry I have no pictures yet. Pictures are on my list for next week when I’m alone a bit more. Also, I do still plan to try the perch out a bit more to “experience” it. So far, everything I’ve written about it seems to be completely accurate. Go figure!

As to my diapers… I wore one most of yesterday, since my granddaughter didn’t get here till late afternoon. I took it off just before she came, not because I was leaking, but because I realized that I smelled a bit! Ugh! Not from anything messy. I think it was mostly just me and the heat… and a bit of pee of course.

I wasn’t in the mood to listen to the recording when I went to bed last night. I should have. I meant to. Tonight I will for sure – I hope. Since my granddaughter will be gone by then and I seriously doubt I’ll be seeing my stepson who lives with me any more tonight after that, I will go back to my diapers at night again. I can’t tell you how much I prefer wetting them than getting up over and over again every night to go to the bathroom. And yes, I am on medicine for my prostate, but I still get up to pee a lot. The diapers are definitely more comfortable and convenient. Plus… I simply love it! Enough said.

Well, more tomorrow – or maybe Tuesday.

Have a good day everyone, and just on an impulse, try to kiss someone today.

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