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The Bet - Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 41 (Thursday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

The restaurant was the same one they went to every week, which only figured since it wasn’t too far from Gloria’s office. The fact that the food was also good didn’t hurt matters either. Chad half expected her to demand that he bring his baby bottle in with him this time like she had the last few times, but she never mentioned it… and he wasn’t about to mention it either!
The hostess inside appeared to recognize them the minute they walked in. Chad figured that she ought to… most of the staff seemed to know them pretty well now. As the hostess reached to grab the menus, she stopped and turned back toward Mel. “Another coloring book?”
“Definitely!” Mel replied.
With a smile the hostess picked up one adult menu, one child’s menu, and grabbed a small box of crayons from a basket nearby. “Follow me,” she said with her usual charming smile.
As they followed her towards the back of the restaurant, Chad didn’t feel like he was getting as many strange looks from the other customers. He did see several of the staff members looking him over though. But they weren’t the close-study kind of looks he usually got. It was more the “Oh he’s here again,” kind of look. Curious, but they had seen it before. It actually made him feel more comfortable.
The same waitress who had served them last week was there the moment they sat down. Chad saw her looking around at the table and at him, and she seemed a bit disappointed. “Can I get you something to drink?” she asked.
“I’ll have coffee,” Mel replied, “and I want five large glasses of iced tea for her.”
“Five?” the waitress seemed shocked. “Suppose I just bring, uh, her, one and then keep filling it. Will that be okay?”
“No, I want to see five large glasses of tea on the table – as soon as possible please.” The girl still seemed shocked, but she finally acquiesced and left to get the drinks.
Chad was a bit in shock. Five large drinks? She had to be kidding.
Mel saw him staring in surprise at her. “I’m only trying to help,” she explained. “You can’t very well keep to your wetting schedule if you don’t have enough to drink. And I had better see every one of those glasses empty before we leave… and you know I don’t want to be late!”
Chad just said nothing. He merely gulped a bit. He would be literally pouring the drinks down his throat the entire time they were there. And holding back? He could just about forget that! It would be impossible.
Mel glanced down toward the coloring book and crayons in front of him. “You might want to get busy with that again,” she said as a slight smile crept to her lips.
Chad grabbed the box of crayons and dumped them out on the table – all three. He opened the child’s menu / coloring book to the first page and grabbed a blue crayon to start coloring in the sky. Mel watched him as he was about to color the sky blue like normal, but before he could start… “Why are you using that color?” she asked.
“For the sky,” he replied.
Mel shook her head. “Try mixing the colors up instead. Wherever possible, don’t use the right color anymore.”
Chad was surprised again. Don’t use the right color? But he dropped the blue crayon and picked up a red one instead. Red sky. He supposed he’d probably use the green one for skin color.
“Don’t stay in the lines so much,” Mel suggested. “You can probably get more done if you hurry more too.”
She was making an embarrassing situation worse. Much worse. His previous drawings had looked childish – mostly because he had been drinking from his baby bottle while he did them. But now that he could do a better job, she was making sure that he wouldn’t.
The waitress came back and set a tray full of drinks down on the table. She set Mel’s coffee in front of her then started setting large glasses of iced tea down in front of Chad. “There, five glasses,” she said as she finished.
“Excellent,” Mel replied. “I’m sure that will keep her busy for a while.”
“Are you ready to order?” the waitress asked.
Mel nodded and ordered a steak with a baked potato and vegetables for herself. “No salad this time,” she told the waitress. “And she’ll have the kid’s steak please. French fries with that.”
“Would you like a salad for… her?”
Mel seemed to consider it. “No, not this time. I don’t think she can eat that much and it would only be wasted.”
The waitress nodded and left. Chad was just glad that he was getting steak, something good that he could actually chew, even if it was a child’s steak. Of course, she was probably right, he probably couldn’t eat much more than the kid’s portion anymore. And last week he had even had trouble finishing that.
“You haven’t touched your drinks yet,” Mel noted. “Don’t forget, they have to be finished.”
Chad immediately picked up one of the large glasses of tea. The glass was very large and heavy, but he took a few large gulps of it before putting it back down on the table so he could start coloring again.
“You might want to use two hands whenever you pick up one of those glasses,” Mel suggested. “You wouldn’t want to drop one and spill it!”
Chad understood. She wanted him to use both hands whenever he picked one up – just like a child would have to do. But at least it wasn’t a stupid baby bottle. And the best part was that it looked like the waitress had put lots of ice in each glass. Lots of ice meant less tea he would have to drink. He grabbed his crayon again so he could color a little more.
“So how was your day?” Mel asked.
How was his day? All his days were difficult… not to mention humiliating. “Difficult,” he finally replied.
“In what way?”
She would have to ask. Still coloring, he replied, “Well, for starters, Robin decided that if I worked on my girly voice more, then maybe it would start sounding better.”
The Robin woman again! She was the last person that Mel wanted to hear about. Carefully controlling her voice, Mel asked, “What did she do?”
“She kept making all these little suggestions on how to make it sound more like a woman. And she made me keep practicing it.”
Mel’s head instantly filled with an image of Robin, the blond bombshell, sitting on his lap, her arm around his neck, giving him little suggestions as they talked back and forth. Urrrggghhh!!! She was so glad that Robin would soon get her due! And the second part of Operation Robin would be happening tomorrow! “And did your voice get any better?” she asked.
Chad shrugged a bit as he colored. “A little. At least some of the women in the break room noticed it.” He set his crayon down and grabbed a glass of tea – with both hands.
“So you’re finally using your girly voice all the time now at work?”
Chad set his glass back down as he tried to decide how much to tell her. He finally figured that in this case, honesty was probably the best policy. “I wasn’t going to,” he admitted. “Until Derek, that is.”
“Yeah.” He stopped coloring again and grabbed his glass, but he didn’t drink yet. “Derek was probably my biggest problem today… or at least my strangest. This afternoon at work, I saw him start to enter the break room, but the minute he saw me, he turned around and left. All the women made me go after him to talk to him, just to make sure there was no problem between us.”
Mel was a bit concerned too. “And was there a problem?”
Chad took another long drink from his tea before answering. “Yes and no. His problem is kind of like mine. It seems that Ray is riding him pretty hard about this date, just like all the women are doing with me.”
“They are?”
“Oh yeah! Big time.”
“So what happened with Derek? I take it you talked to him?”
Chad nodded as he started coloring again. “Yeah. The end result is that he’s probably going to keep avoiding me, but he doesn’t really hold it against me.”
“I see,” Mel replied, trying to understand exactly what he meant. “And what about your voice? What does any of that have to do with your voice?”
Chad dropped his crayon again. He sighed a bit before answering. “He seems to think that it bothers him to be talking to me when I look like a woman but I sound like the old me. He says I’m not… consistent.”
Mel was mentally cheering. Hooray for Derek! “He’s right you know. I suggest you think long and hard about that.”
Chad had no doubt that Mel really wanted him to be using his sissy voice all the time. But he was still embarrassed over having to use his girly voice. “I guess I’m going to try,” he replied as he picked up his glass with both hands again. “At least it is starting to get a little better now.” He started drinking again.
Better wasn’t exactly what Mel wanted. Not in the direction she had no doubt Robin was taking his new voice anyway. Robin would be trying to make it sound more like a real woman. But what Mel really wanted was for it to still sound silly. She had only told Chad to make it sound like a girl, but the more she thought about it, she wanted it to sound more like a very young girl. That would certainly bring him some attention! And as soon as Robin was out of the way, she would start working on just that! But first, part two of Operation Robin – the setup!
Chad had managed to finish a glass and a half of the tea before the waitress brought them their dinners. Once she left again, Chad had just grabbed his knife and fork when Mel grabbed his plate and pulled it over to her. She took the knife and fork right out of his hands too.
“You’re a little behind on your tea,” she said as she started cutting up his steak for him. “I suggest you finish that glass as quickly as possible.”
Chad started drinking again as he watched her cutting up his steak – just like an adult would do for a child. But Mel was cutting it up into very tiny pieces. Chad wasn’t real happy to see that. The tiny pieces would take less chewing! And while he wasn’t really hungry anymore since his stomach was so full of tea, he still wanted something to chew!
Mel finished cutting his steak and glanced up at him. He had almost finished the glass of tea, but not quite. Putting the knife to his dinner again, she began re-cutting the small pieces into even tinier pieces. “I’m going to keep at this till that glass is finished,” she said. “If necessary, I’ll have them take it back and puree it!”
Chad hastily gulped down the last of the drink. He felt bloated as he set the large glass down. In fact, other than wanting something to chew so he could feel like he had eaten something, he wasn’t really sure he wanted anything else to eat. But Mel pushed his plate back over to him. She didn’t return his knife and fork though, instead, she set the teaspoon that had come with her coffee in front of him.
“You know how to use that,” she said as she picked up her own knife and fork to start eating.
Chad looked at her enviously as he grabbed the spoon in his left fist to eat… like a baby.
“Don’t forget to finish all that tea,” Mel said as she stuffed a large piece of steak into her mouth.
The more tea Chad drank, the more he seemed to be wetting. And wetting himself was his only defense against the huge amount of liquid she was making him finish before dinner was over. By the end of his fourth glass, he was beginning to be concerned about leaking right there at the table. And worse, the longer each glass of tea sat before he could drink it, the more the ice melted – giving him even more to drink. It was a no-win situation!
With all the tea in him, he hadn’t been able to eat very much. Mel was getting close to finishing her own meal, and he still had another glass to go.
“Better hurry,” Mel said as she glanced at his last glass of tea.
Feeling a bit sick, Chad grabbed the final glass with both hands and started drinking… slowly. It was the best he could do. He wasn’t even trying to put any more food into his mouth. He suddenly felt himself peeing yet again. A lot came out. “Mistress,” he whispered. “I’m starting to worry about leaking here.”
“Are you leaking yet?” Mel asked.
In truth, Chad wasn’t sure, but he knew his diaper couldn’t take much more. “I don’t think so, but I don’t really know.” He admitted.
Mel just smiled. “You still have to finish that glass.”
Chad didn’t manage to finish the drink till Mel had finished her own meal… and paid for everything, giving the waitress a healthy tip. Gratefully, he set the now empty glass down on the table. He didn’t want to drink anything again for a very long time. Drinking a lot from the baby bottles didn’t pour the liquids into his system as fast as drinking from a glass did. That was one advantage of the bottles. Of course, the bottles were a lot more work too – sucking that much wasn’t easy!
“Are you leaking?” Mel asked just before they slid out of the booth.
“I don’t know,” Chad replied. “I think I might be.” He silently wondered what she would do if he was leaking.
Mel just nodded as she got to her feet. “Let’s take a look.”
Chad slid all the way out of the booth. His diaper felt very soggy and heavy… and a bit loose too from being so overly soggy.
Mel looked down at the seat where he had been sitting. “I don’t see any problems,” she said as she stood back up. “Let’s check the back of your skirt.”
Chad was just glad that she wasn’t going to make him ‘show his diaper’ in the restaurant. He turned around so she could see his backside.
Mel looked closely. Because of the coloring of his skirt, she couldn’t be sure, but she was fairly sure she saw some wet areas. If they were, then they certainly weren’t too bad. “I can’t tell,” Mel said, sounding slightly frustrated.
Chad didn’t know whether to be glad or sad. As they started to walk back toward the front of the restaurant where they had entered, Chad noticed a new problem – something he had never encountered before. “Uh… Mistress,” he said just loud enough that she could hear. When she didn’t stop he whispered more urgently. “Mistress…” He stopped walking and stood still right where he was. His free arm that wasn’t holding his purse was pressed tightly to his hip.
Mel had just heard him and turned around. “What’s the matter? Are you leaking?”
Chad just shook his head. “No, it’s… another problem.”
But there was no way that Chad could announce that his diaper felt like it was falling off in front of so many people.
Seeing his hesitation at answering, Mel said, “Whatever it is, we’ll have to deal with it later. Now let’s get moving before we’re late.” She turned around and began walking again.
Chad had no choice but to follow her, more aware than ever of the fact that this time they had been seated as far from the front door as possible. But trying to hold onto his soggy sagging diaper under the skirt he was wearing wasn’t easy.
Mel was a good bit in front of him by the time she reached the front lobby. She turned around to see what was keeping him. “Hurry up!” she complained.
Chad tried to hurry, but hurrying just made things worse. Before he could get to her, his heavily soaked diaper slid off his hips and immediately dropped down his legs, almost tripping him in the process. He was forced to stop right where he was. Now what was he supposed to do? Should he step out of it or try to pull it back up?
Mel was shocked to see his diaper suddenly slip down from under his skirt to pool around his feet. This was one problem she had never considered. Hearing a few gasps of surprised from some of the people who could see them, she said, “You better pick that thing up and let’s get out of here.”
Chad, still in shock, had to bend down and hold the diaper with one hand while he worked his shoes out of the leg openings. Not an easy process. Finally, very embarrassed, he picked up his sodden diaper again and hurried toward the door where Mel was waiting. Was she laughing at him? Of course she was! Damn her! Of course she would think that this was funny.
He quickly carried the soaked diaper, at arms length, straight through the door as Mel held it open for him. But all that tea was still in his system and having no way to adequately control it, he suddenly began peeing again as they walked to the car, soaking the front of his skirt! Once again he stood still in shock. Mel finally saw what his new problem was and burst out laughing again, which Chad didn’t really appreciate. He felt like crying!
“Come on, let’s get to the car,” Mel said. Moving slowly and gingerly, still carrying his sodden diaper, Chad resumed the trek to Mel’s car. “Take that skirt off,” Mel said as she unlocked the car.
“Here?” Chad asked, incredulously.
“Of course here! You don’t think I’m going to let you ride in my car like that, do you? Now let’s get you changed.” She found his diaper bag and pulled out a plastic bag. Then she took his sodden diaper from him. “I said, get that skirt off!” Mel commanded.
Reluctantly, Chad unfastened his skirt and slipped it down his legs. He used it to cover his front side as he stood between the cars. Mel pulled two fresh diapers out of his diaper bag and quickly slit the covering on one of them. Then she grabbed his skirt from him, leaving him totally exposed, and threw it onto the floor of her car. With him standing right there, she quickly put both diapers on him, noting as she did so that he was already peeing again – good!
Chad was very embarrassed about being out with no skirt to cover his diapers. His top didn’t come down much past the top of his diapers so they were fully on display. He was glad though that she had put two diapers on him this time. That usually signaled an end to her requirement for him to make his diapers leak. He quickly got into her car so that he could be hidden from view. But now that he had wet his skirt, that meant that their therapy session would have to be cancelled. He was a bit disappointed about that. “I’m sorry Mistress that I messed up our therapy session,” he said disappointedly. “I was looking forward to it.”
“Who said you messed anything up?” Mel replied. “We’re still going.”
“But I don’t have a skirt.”
Mel just glanced over at him with a wicked grin on her face. “Who says you need one?”

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