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The Bet - Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 27 (Thursday – week 4 Part 2 of 6)

Chad eased himself into the seat at his desk and smiled. Sitting down wasn’t nearly as bad as it was yesterday. There was no doubt that his diaper rash had improved since then, despite his being messy last night again. The new cream he was using was definitely working!
“Hi Chad,” Robin’s voice interrupted from the doorway as she walked past, but by the time he turned, she was already gone.
“Hi Robin,” he returned, calling over the cubicle wall. He turned to his computer and opened up the project he and Robin were working on together. He hadn’t made as much progress yesterday as he was supposed to because of the paper that Mel had made him write. Fortunately, Mel hadn’t mentioned making him write any more papers and he could get on with his work.
A little while later though, he heard Robin’s voice calling over the wall. “Hey Chad!”
“Did you get those new animations done yet?”
“Not yet,” he called back.
“Are any of them done?”
“Not yet!”
“Not even started?”
“Not yet!”
“Geez! I thought you were doing them yesterday!”
“I was busy with other things yesterday.”
“Wait a minute,” Robin yelled back. “This is dumb!” A moment later, she came around to his cubicle. “I get tired of yelling over the wall like that,” she explained as she walked in. “So what’s up? You said you were going to do them yesterday.”
Chad shrugged. “I got into some other things instead. Tell you what though, I’ll start on them right now. How’s that?”
“Good! I need them to continue.”
“No problem,” he replied. He expected Robin to go back to her own desk then, but she didn’t. Instead, she seemed to be staring at him. He suddenly felt very self conscious. He quickly glanced down at what he was wearing, then back up at her. “Is there something wrong?”
Robin shook her head to bring herself back to reality. She hadn’t meant to, but she had been staring at him. “What? Oh… no. There’s nothing wrong.”
Chad wasn’t so sure. He glanced down at his clothes again. “You’re sure? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with what I wore today, is there? Yesterday you weren’t exactly thrilled because I wore the same thing I had worn before. I haven’t worn this top before.”
“For heaven’s sake! There was nothing really wrong with what you wore yesterday. I was just surprised, that’s all.”
“So what’s wrong today?”
“Nothing! Nothing at all… it’s just that… well…”
“I was just wondering, that’s all.”
“Wondering what?”
“Well… Ok, this is a bit embarrassing, but…”
“Well yeah.”
Chad was suddenly a bit afraid of what she might be wondering about. “If it’s embarrassing for you, I can only imagine how bad it’s going to be for me. Ok, just ask and get it over with.”
“Well… I was just wondering… I mean… With that top… Your breasts… I know they’re not real, but… I mean… I just wanted to know what kind of padding you’re using to make then look so real. I mean… they even bounce and move like real ones.”
Chad was shocked! He had been braced for something embarrassing, but still, when it came, it was shocking. But now, how should he answer? “Um… You’re right,” he said with a bit of a chuckle. “This is embarrassing.”
“Sorry. I was just wondering. I mean, whatever you’re using looks really good!”
“Thanks,” he replied blushing slightly. “Actually, they’re breast forms… made to look real.” He chuckled a bit to himself. “You should feel them, they even feel real!”
“Really? Can I?”
Chad did a bit of a double-take. “Can you what?”
“Feel them?”
“You’re kidding? Right?”
“I was just asking. That’s all.”
He chuckled again nervously. “Yeah. Of course.” That had been awkward – to say the least!
“But now that you mention it… can I feel them?”
Chad stared at her aghast with his mouth hung open.
“Well, you did suggest it.”
“I did?”
“Yeah. You said you should feel them and… well, I am kind of curious.”
“Robin… I didn’t mean…”
“Please?” she pleaded.
Chad just stared at her. He couldn’t believe it. The damn woman was actually serious! “No. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“Why not?” She quickly stepped back out of his cubicle and looked up and down the hall. Then she stepped back in again. “There’s nobody around. You could just pull your top up and let me feel real quick.”
Once again, Chad couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “Robin, I’m not going to do that!”
She shook her head. “Ok… I guess.”
Chad shook his head. Why would she ever?
“Can I at least see them?”
“What?” His level of shock hit a whole new high.
“Can I see them?”
“Robin… No!”
“Just pull your neckline down a bit so I can just see a bit of them.”
“No! I’m not going to!”
She shook her head. “Well, I was just asking. That’s all. You don’t have to get huffy about it. It’s your own fault for making me curious.”
“My fault!”
“Yeah… Your fault! It wouldn’t hurt you to just let me at least see them. I mean… they’re not even real! It’s not like you’re a real woman with real breasts that I’d be touching… or seeing. They’re fake! Like you!”
She suddenly turned and walked out, leaving him sitting there with his mouth open. He couldn’t believe it. What was with her? But one thing stung a bit – when she had called him fake. He couldn’t get that off of his mind as he turned around and got back to work. Ok, maybe he was a fake. He wasn’t a real woman. He was only playing at it. But it wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it. He didn’t have a choice. The terms of the bet and Mel’s demands didn’t leave him any choice. Couldn’t Robin see that? Of course she couldn’t. She didn’t know anything at all about the bet… and he meant to keep it that way. That knowledge would lead her to knowing even worse things about him – like his diapers. Thinking about his diapers made him realize that he needed to pee again. He held back and checked his watch. Knowledge of the bet would lead Robin to know about his diapers. And that was an even worse humiliation! Still, being called a fake did sting a bit.

“Hey girlfriend.”
Mel smiled as Gloria’s voice came over the phone line. “Hi Gloria. How are you?”
“Great. Listen, I want to talk to you a bit about tonight… you are coming, aren’t you?”
“Wouldn’t miss it!”
“Good. Listen, what I want to do with him tonight may take a bit to explain. So what are you doing for lunch today?”
Mel almost laughed. “Having it with you, I guess.”
“You guess right girl!”
“See you at the usual?” Mel asked laughingly.
“See you there!”

“Come on Chad,” Robin’s voice called from the entrance to his cubicle, startling him a bit since he had been deep into his work again. He turned around. “It’s break time,” she explained.
“Um… No thanks,” he replied. He didn’t really want to go to break. It was just too much humiliation.
Robin shook her head. “For heaven’s sake. Just come. It won’t kill you. What are you so afraid of anyway?”
“It’s humiliating!” he replied. “All those women just want to make fun of me.”
“I don’t know. I think they’ve been very nice to you! They haven’t made fun of you at all… at least not while you’re there.” She giggled a bit.
He looked at her and rolled his eyes. He could only imagine what they were saying about him behind his back. But a break from his work was starting to sound like a nice idea. “Well… Maybe… I guess.”
He got up from his chair to go with her, but she wasn’t moving out of his way. In fact, she was staring at him again… or rather his breasts. He looked down self-consciously, then back up at her. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. It’s just that… Hold your arms out a bit.”
“Hold your arms out from your body a bit.”
He didn’t know why, but he did as she requested. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. You know, that top really is a good one for you. It shows off your figure really nicely. And whatever you’re doing, your figure is looking better and better.”
“It is?” he asked as he looked down at himself again. “Thanks.”
“Yeah. I mean… look…” She stepped forward and stood right in front of him. She ran her hands down the artificial curves on his sides. “See, this is really looking more and more feminine every day. It’s amazing! And…” She moved to his side and put one hand on his back, then brought the other hand under his fake breasts, lifting up on them a bit. “And these, really look real!” She quickly squeezed them a bit. “They feel real too!”
She giggled as she let him go and gradually headed toward the hallway. “You were right. They do feel real!” she repeated, then giggled once again.
Chad reluctantly fell into step next to her as they walked toward the break room. “Did you have to do that? It was embarrassing.”
She was still giggling. “How else was I going to know what they felt like? At least I got to feel a little bit.”
“But it was embarrassing!”
“Aw… You sound just like a real woman who’s just been felt up.” She giggled once again. “It’s not like I got to see them or anything. What are you so afraid of anyway? They’re not even real!”
Chad didn’t know how to answer. “It’s just that it wasn’t… polite!”
Robin laughed louder. “You’re kidding, right? Fake breasts, fake woman… and you’re worried about me being polite? Get off it!”
Chad said nothing as they walked. What could he say?
As the break room came in sight though, Robin had one more comment. You know, you were right, they were fairly heavy.”
“Your breasts. They did have some weight to them.”
“I know! I get tired of it a lot.”
“At least you can take them off for a while to get away from it. That’s the difference between a real woman and you. Real women can’t take their breasts off… not that we’d want to anyway… which we wouldn’t! You can’t say that, can you?”
Robin couldn’t see it, but Chad’s eyes were bulging at her comment. Yes he would like some relief from the breasts – frequently in fact. But no, he didn’t have the option to take them off – because again, he was too embarrassed to tell her that Mel had glued them on and there was no way he could remove them. Embarrassing!
Robin got her coffee first, then Chad started filling his cup. “Hey look!” Robin squealed. Then she made a quick move further down the counter. “Ha! I got the last doughnut!” she proclaimed proudly as she held it up.”
Chad looked at her and smiled. Unfortunately, what he hadn’t expected was that the sight of the doughnut she was holding up would make his stomach rumble. He suddenly felt very jealous. “There’s no more?” he asked, hoping against hope.
“Nope! I got the last one.” She took a big bite before she even started heading for one of the tables. “Mmmm. Strawberry jelly!”
Chad rolled his eyes a bit. The baby cereal he had eaten for breakfast certainly hadn’t been enough to really fill him up. It was probably one of the main reasons he had lost so much weight lately. He was suddenly very jealous… not to mention hungry. He followed her over to a table that was already filling up with women. His thoughts were primarily on the doughnut in Robin’s hand though… and why he couldn’t have been just a few minutes earlier so he could have gotten one! Robin again! If she hadn’t held him up so much, trying to feel his breasts…
“Hi Sissy,” one of the women said as he sat down.
“Hi,” he returned, still a bit put-off because he hadn’t gotten a doughnut.
“Hey, I like that top on you,” another woman said.
“Thanks,” Chad replied.
“Yeah, it’s great,” Robin chimed in. “Stand up, Sissy, so they can see it better.”
“I don’t…”
But Robin was suddenly pulling on his arm. “Stand up! For heaven’s sake.”
Chad reluctantly got to his feet and stood there.
“Doesn’t it show off his shape really well?” she asked the others.
“Sure does, Honey,” one of them replied. “I think his pants are a bit baggy though. Too baggy for my taste anyway… with that tight top and all. You really ought to get some that fit better.”
“Uh… I lost a lot of weight,” Chad replied.
“Well, Robin is right, that’s a great top for you – with your figure anyway. You just need some better pants to go with it now.”
“Uh… Thanks,” he said, then started to sit down.
“Wait a minute,” Robin said, stopping him. Then suddenly her hands were all over him again, lifting up one of his breasts. “Don’t they look real?” she asked everyone. Then she suddenly dropped his breast that she had been holding up and everyone watched as it quivered a bit.
“Robin!” he complained as he shook her hands off. “Stop that!”
A few of the women around laughed. One of them agreed with Robin as she said, “they sure do look good. Real good.”
“They feel real too,” Robin added slyly and giggled. The other women all laughed too.
“I don’t think I want to go around touching them then,” one of them replied.
“Thank you!” Chad said to her very seriously… which only prompted a lot more laughter.
“So still no earrings, Sissy?” one of them asked.
He shook his head. “I haven’t even had time to get to the store lately.”
“Well, I still think you should at least consider it.”
“I agree,” another one added.
“Me too,” still another voice chimed in.
Chad was getting tired of being the center of attention… and being ridiculed – if they were ridiculing him. Sometimes it was kind of hard to tell. Fortunately, the conversation from there turned to other matters, mostly about families and relationships. Gradually, he tuned them all out and just let them talk. He was a lot happier.

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