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The Bet - Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 8 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 28 (Friday – week 4 Part 8 of 10)

“Give me your empty bottle,” Mel demanded as soon as they were seated. Chad quickly dug it out of his purse as Mel was digging into her own purse. He handed it to her as soon as she had finished. He was quickly becoming more sure than ever that Mel would make him use it again during dinner. The waitress came to the table and asked what they wanted to drink. “Coffee for me,” Mel told her. Then she held Chad’s bottle out for the waitress. “And please keep this filled with iced tea for her.”
The waitress looked very unsure of the order. “Um… I’m not sure I can do that…”
Mel quickly wrapped a twenty dollar bill around the bottle and held it out to the waitress again. That was all it took to change her mind. She took the bottle, and money, from Mel and nodded her head. “And please make sure it stays full,” Mel added.
The waitress looked over at Chad for a moment then back at Mel. The money disappeared into her uniform somewhere. Suddenly her cautious smile turned more genuine. “Of course. No problem.” Chad felt doomed. Totally!
“How was your day today?” Mel asked in a much more calm and polite voice than Chad had heard her use all evening so far.
He shrugged a bit. “Okay. The usual really.”
“Did you get a chance to flirt with any more men?” Mel teased, referring to his meeting with Derek the day before.
Chad blushed. He knew she was only teasing a bit. “Fortunately, no. The women are all still trying to mess with my fashion sense, but that’s about all… Oh! By the way, thank you again for the flowers. They really were beautiful.”
Mel beamed at the compliment. “You’re welcome. Any lingering regrets about your divorce?”
“Only a few.”
“You’ll probably always have those.”
Chad nodded. “Yeah, probably.”
“So what fashion ideas were the ladies suggesting for you?” Mel asked.
“Ugh! They think I should be wearing blue pantyhose with this outfit. And Robin said my legs look better with hose than without – like it really matters that much. Besides, pantyhose are a pain to get on… especially with this darn waist cincher I’m wearing.”
Mel mentally winced a bit at hearing Robin’s name again, but still, Robin might be right… and it was more ammunition to use against him – especially in light of some of the new things she had planned for him. “I think Blue hose probably would look good with what you’re wearing. We’ll get some this weekend, then you can wear it all to work again on Tuesday.”
Chad shook his head. “But if I wear this again, then Robin will complain that I wore the same thing two times in a row.”
Robin, Robin, Robin! Mel was quickly becoming more and more miffed at the woman. She had way too much influence over him! But still, she had to admit, the damn bitch was probably right. “We’ll get you a new, but similar outfit this weekend then,” Mel replied, a tiny bit of anger seeping into her voice.
The waitress arrived with their drinks. She handed Chad’s bottle to Mel before she set the hot coffee on the table in front of her. Mel handed the bottle directly over to Chad. “Keep drinking,” she ordered.
Chad hadn’t even had time to open the menu in front of him to see what he wanted. “Don’t bother,” Mel told him, not bothering to look at her own menu. “I know everything they have here by heart.” Mel ordered a chicken salad for herself and a large steak for Chad. The moment she mentioned the steak, Chad’s stomach sent out a small rumble. He was hungry because he hadn’t eaten much lunch again.
When the waitress had left, Chad chanced Mel’s mood and asked. “What do you have planned for Monday since we’ve got the day off now?”
“I’m going to be working,” Mel told him. “You’re going to be working on something else.”
“What’s that?”
Mel hesitated as she searched for a suitable answer. She certainly didn’t want him to know what she had planned for him.
“Business,” she replied with a small smile. “Necessary business!” Her demeanor changed slightly. “Now start drinking that bottle. I want you to finish at least three of them before dinner is over!”
Chad picked up the bottle and put it to his mouth, silently praying that nobody was watching. He didn’t exactly feel like looking around to see the reactions of the other customers – he already had a pretty good idea of what they would be. As he drank, he wondered what had gotten into Mel? She was going at him like crazy tonight. He decided to change the subject away from himself. It would probably be safer that way. “So how was your day?” he asked as he took a break from his bottle.
Mel smiled. “Up and down,” she replied before starting to relay a bit about a few of the problems she had with her clients. But while she talked, she never once mentioned anything that had to do with him. That information was for her, and her only.
It seemed to be an extra long wait for their dinners to arrive. The waitress came back twice to refill Mel’s coffee and to see if he needed his bottle refilled yet. The second time, she did refill it. And while they waited, they talked again… pleasantly. It wasn’t till the waitress had interrupted and was refilling Chad’s bottle that Mel realized just how pleasant the conversation had been again. He’s the deceiver, she reminded herself. So perfect on the outside… but oh so black-hearted on the inside!
A few minutes later, their dinner finally arrived. She watched as Chad cut off a small bite of steak and stuck it into his mouth. The look on his face was pure pleasure. “I haven’t eaten hardly anything all day,” he said as he chewed.
“Why not?”
“The more I eat, the more those darn suppositories have to work with. And there’s just no stopping them.”
Mel grinned. “Eat up, Sissy. Eat up.”
As Chad again put another bite of his steak in his mouth, he brought the conversation back to where it was a few minutes earlier by asking her a light-hearted question. As Mel chomped on her chicken salad, she quickly fell back under the spell of his pleasant company. Again and again she had to remind herself that he was the deceiver. And again and again, she quickly forgot, or ignored it… because she really was enjoying his company over dinner. And why not? Why shouldn’t her dinner, in such a nice restaurant, be anything but enjoyable – especially for her?
A little while later, Chad glanced down at his plate with a rather forlorn look. “I may have been hungry before,” he stated, “but I’m not hungry now. I can’t eat much more of this!”
Mel noticed that more than half of his steak was still there. “Again?” she asked. “You had the same problem last night!”
Chad shrugged apologetically. “I just can’t seem to eat this much anymore. At least not with this darn waist cincher crushing my stomach.”
Mel shook her head. “The cincher stays!” Then she chuckled a bit. “I really am going to start ordering from the kids menu for you,” she teased.
“Sorry,” Chad replied. “I know this steak cost a lot, but I just can’t finish it.”
Mel nodded, then briefly looked down at her own chicken-salad. It was mostly gone already. She had only ordered it because it would be better for her waistline. She had been purposely ordering larger meals for him to put more into his system for the suppositories to work with. Also, since he was unintentionally getting more baby food lately, the better meals were probably good for him. He needed some kind of nutrition. But maybe it was getting time to rethink the meals she ordered for him.
The waitress came back again to check on their drinks. Mel refused more coffee, but had her refill his bottle yet again. “For the trip home,” she explained.
Chad rolled his eyes. Ugh!

The minute they walked through the door of Mel’s apartment, she gave him the order to strip down to his diapers and plastic panties. Chad wasn’t very surprised since he already needed changing pretty badly. All the tea she had made him drink during dinner had kept him peeing quite a bit. While Chad was removing his clothes in her bathroom, Mel disappeared into her bedroom. By the time he came looking for her, she had everything ready. Her bed was well protected against any of his “accidents” and she had already attached the ropes to hold his wrists and ankles to the headboard and footboard. “Climb up,” she ordered as he walked into her room.
Chad saw the ropes out and ready to use on him, but as he climbed up onto her bed, he wondered why she bothered. He wasn’t going to do anything except to enjoy the pleasure of her changing him. In fact, he was looking forward to it. But it was her party, and to tell the truth, he really didn’t mind that much anyway. He laid back on her bed and waited while she tied each limb, making sure that he wasn’t going anywhere… as if he wanted to!
But what she did next surprised him a bit. She opened the drawer in her nightstand and pulled out a small bottle and what looked like an artist’s paintbrush. She opened the bottle, dipped the brush into it, and started brushing the liquid all around the edges of his breast forms. The liquid she was brushing on him smelled terribly. “What are you doing?” he asked.
“You’ve had these forms on for a full week now. We’ve got to take them off and give your skin a rest for a while.”
Chad wanted to cheer. And she had tied him up for this? Now he really didn’t want to move. It took a lot of brushing and tugging, pulling and peeling to remove the breasts. Mel worked on both of them at the same time, gradually loosening one while the solvent softened the glue on the other one. Finally, with one last tug, the first of the breast forms came off. Chad felt nothing but relief as the weight was finally removed from his chest. A minute later, the other one was off too. Chad breathed in fully and easily for the first time in a week. What a huge pleasure. He desperately wanted to rub his chest where the forms had been, but his hands were still tied.
“Don’t get used to it,” Mel cautioned. “They get glued back on again tomorrow… like it or not! And in the mean time, if you have to wear anything other than just your diapers, then you can stick them back in your bra like you did last week. Got it?”
Chad nodded awkwardly from his position on his back. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied. She was going to glue them back on tomorrow. Darn! But still, a few hours without them was going to be pure heaven.
“Now, while we’ve got you here,” Mel said… But she didn’t finish. Instead, she left the room, leaving Chad still tied to her bed. She was gone for a while – longer than Chad thought she would be. He tried tugging a bit on each of the ropes that bound him, but he quickly discovered that he wasn’t going to get out of any of them. So he resigned himself to waiting patiently, and enjoying the feel of no heavy breasts on his chest.
When Mel finally came back, he was surprised to see her carrying an empty baby bottle – without the nipple. She also had another small length of rope in her hand. “I had trouble finding one of the right ones,” she explained as she walked around to the side of the bed.
As she started to pull his plastic panties down, she paused. “Do you have to pee?”
“Not right now,” he replied.
“When was the last time you went?”
“In the car, on the way home.”
She nodded and continued pulling his panties down, then she began unfastening his diapers. As soon as he was completely naked, she tied the small piece of rope to the baby bottle. As soon as she did, Chad knew what she intended to do with it… and he wasn’t looking forward to it. His body wanted to move and buck her a bit as she grabbed his chastity device in one hand to hold it steady. His mind warred with itself over wanting to complain or to lay still. But he knew without a doubt that he had no way of winning, so despite wanting to protest, he laid still while she pushed hard on the baby bottle till the mouth of it popped up and over the head of his chastity device.
Mel felt the bottle suddenly pop into place. It was a tight fit – but it did fit. Before she tied the cord around his waist, she noticed his penis though the clear plastic of the device. Cassie had been right, it was tiny… very! And even though she had been moving it around as she had been trying to get the bottle in place, his penis hadn’t seemed to grow one little bit. And little, in this case, was certainly the right word! She almost laughed. How could the darn thing have gotten that small? Not that it mattered. All that mattered was that he could pee out of it, which he couldn’t do if it was hard – so the smaller, the better!
She untied his restraints and had him stand up. The bottle, even though it wasn’t tied to him yet, hung from his chastity device like an obscene penis – making up with its size for how tiny his real penis now seemed to be. She wrapped the cord around his waist and tied it. She checked the clock next to her bed. “I’m going to be nice. You’ve got ten minutes now to pee into that bottle before I beat you black and blue!”
Ten minutes! Chad couldn’t believe it. Panic hit him full throttle. How was he going to do it? He had no doubt Mel would hit him – and hard – with her stick if he didn’t make it in time. Liquids! He needed something to drink – even if it was her lousy tea. “Can I have a bottle?” he asked desperately.
“All you want. Drink whatever you need.”
Chad made a fast dash for the kitchen where he tore open her refrigerator, grabbed one of his baby bottles of her lousy tea mixture, and started drinking it as fast as he could. All the while, he tried as hard as he could to make himself pee.
Mel almost laughed as he ran out of her bedroom. She had no doubt that she would be using her stick on him tonight… and for once, she was really looking forward to it. The deceiver! Well, he was about to start getting his due!

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