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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 1 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 1 of 9)

Whap! Whap! Whap! Even in his dreams Mel was swinging her dreaded stick at him. And even in his dreams his stinging backside hurt, seemingly more and more. All night long he tossed and turned and cringed in his sleep as Mel’s stick lashed out at him. Stinging pain after stinging pain urged him to pee… pee… pee! Over and over again… constantly… never stopping. And every time he did manage to pee, it was a warm, wet, wonderful experience – each and every time – a feeling that he reveled in – each and every time. They were the only calm and quiet points in his otherwise painful and troubled night. But all too soon, his dream Mel was angrily swinging her stick at him again. Whap! Whap! Whap!
Cringing terror… Warm, wet peace. Cringing terror… Warm, wet peace. And when the suppositories in his system went to work on him, they did so at the same time that he was also peeing, so even in his dreams he didn’t mind it so much. Whap! Whap! Whap!
As the night wore on, he yearned harder and harder for the wonderful feeling of peeing. Craving it. Concentrating on it whenever he did so with an almost conscious intensity. Yet within his dreams, he was unaware of how bloated his diapers were becoming in the real world, as each time he peed in his dreams, his body responded in actual fact – or perhaps it was the other way around. But each time he finished peeing in his dreams, a more and more monstrous Mel loomed over him, holding her stick high above her, ready and willing to bring it down on him with such intensity that it sent shivers of fear throughout him. Whap! Whap! Whap!... What?
Something in his dream reached a bit further into his conscious mind – something troubling. As Mel’s dream stick descended one more time, Chad fearfully clawed his way to the surface, waking fully from the awful nightmare into the pale gloom of his room in the early dawn of reality. What troubled him the most as he awoke, was the stinging pain in his backside. The awful pain from last night was still all too real. The pressure from his overly bloated diapers was pressing too hard against it, making it sting continuously. So much so, that for a moment, he believed the dream had been real. Fortunately, sanity crept in and he realized it was just a dream. One that he wished he could forget, just as he usually forgot all his other dreams.
As sanity continued to creep back into his mind, an odd uncomfortable feeling suddenly rushed through to him. A clammy, damp, oddly wet feeling – in places where he shouldn’t be wet. He couldn’t believe it, the onesie he was wearing was soaked, along with his sheets. His diapers also seemed to be more bloated than ever. Damn. All those extra bottles she had made him drink last night had made him pee so much he had leaked all over everything. Yuck! Now what should he do?
He levered himself up so that he could see the time on his pink clock radio that was high above him on his cardboard dresser. It was early… sort of. Not much earlier than he usually got up on a weekday. But this was Saturday, the one day when he could sleep in. He groaned as he laid back down on his wet, smelly blow-up mattress.
But now that he was awake, he was more aware than ever of the clammy wet feeling surrounding him – in places where he shouldn’t be wet like that. He tried for a few moments to ignore it, but in the end, he couldn’t. Groaning again, he worked his way to his feet. Immediately, more wetness escaped his plastic panties and ran down his leg. Argh! He wanted to go immediately to the kitchen to see if Mel had left him another note. He always went to the kitchen first when he got up. It was his routine… his habit. But today he had no choice, he gingerly waddled to the bathroom instead to get cleaned up. Halfway there, his system let out yet another stream of pee. And most of it felt like it ran straight down his leg. He waddled faster before he could leak any more. Damn! Way too much to drink!
A little while later, freshly showered and shaved, dressed in two comfortable fresh diapers and plastic panties, he finally wandered out to the kitchen. He saw Mel’s note right away.


First bottle right away! Get cleaned up. Second bottle before you get dressed! Third bottle! Go to the store and do whatever shopping you need for the week. Make sure you get at least two more packages of diapers. Buy yourself some breakfast while you’re out and make sure you eat it. Fourth bottle with your breakfast.

Sandy will be at your door today at 10 sharp! Make sure you’re done with everything and home already. Don’t bother changing before she gets there.

Now get busy!

Chad’s couldn’t believe it! Sandy was coming over this morning – early! Why? Probably more of her stupid baby lessons. But why would she be coming here? He read the note again. Four baby bottles this morning – before Sandy arrived. It was more than usual. He was still peeing way too much from all he had drunk last night. Seeing no other choice however, he went to his refrigerator and pulled out a baby bottle. He removed his pacifier and put it on the counter as he put the bottle to his lips. Immediately, visions of Mel swinging her stick at him last night ran through his head. The visions caused him to panic just a bit and try to pee. He was rewarded by the wonderful sensation of peeing into his diapers. He closed his eyes in enjoyment as he sucked on his bottle. Pure bliss!
As he worked on his first bottle, he found a large plastic trash bag. He carried it into his bedroom where he stripped the sheets off of his blow-up mattress and put them, along with his soaked onesie, into the bag. He would have to ask Mel if he could do his laundry today for sure. He didn’t have any other sheets than this one set of little girl sheets that Mel made him use. If she didn’t, then he guessed he’d have to go without any tonight.
He worked on his makeup and hair while he drank his second baby bottle. No use wasting time. This week, he planned on going out to the store early to avoid as many people as possible. As he worked on himself, he was very aware of how much shorter his fingernails were. What a pleasure. They were still very long, elegantly long. But now they no longer looked like claws. He could do everything with them much easier than with the longer version that he had been forced to wear all last week. Being much shorter now, they gave him so much more freedom. Wonderful freedom! He was still forced to move his hands more girly because of their length, but he no longer minded so much. In fact, it was becoming almost natural to him now.
With all but his lipstick done, he put on his waist cincher and an all-in-one girdle. He stuffed his breast forms that were thankfully no longer glued to his chest into the bra cups of his girdle. It had been so nice sleeping without them glued on last night. So much more comfortable. Unfortunately, Mel had said she was going to glue them on again today. Ugh! Now, without them attached to his chest, they felt a bit strange inside his bra – less secure, alien… like they were no longer a part of him. Strange.
It was time now to get dressed… time to face his closet. But what should he wear? Sandy was coming over this morning… and he had to go out shopping first… what kind of outfit would be best? If it was Mel coming over instead of Sandy, there would probably be no question, one of his maid’s dresses for sure. But Sandy? Having no pants that he could wear, he finally decided on another of the skirt and top outfits that Mel had put together for him. He avoided the brighter colored skirts and chose a dark navy blue one this time that he hoped would attract less attention. The top that Mel had paired with it was a soft white pullover with a round scooped neck. The lacey trim on the neck, sleeves, and across the breasts was also white. It was just baggy enough to be nicely comfortable.
After adding his low-heeled shoes and jewelry, he finally applied his lipstick and checked his image in the mirror. Just like yesterday, he was fairly satisfied with the image he saw. An image that made him feel good again – feminine, and happy.
He was supposed to be drinking his third bottle now that he was dressed, but he decided to wait. Mel would never know if he drank it now or later… just so long as he had the right number of bottles finished by the time he saw her later. He grabbed his purse and headed out the door.
He had only two quick stops planned for the morning, the ATM to get more money and the drug store. Working with mostly cash all last week had worked out really well with his unusually long nails. But even now that they were much shorter, they were still long enough that they could make things difficult. And pushing buttons with just his nail tips was much easier than digging out his credit card and trying to hold a pen and write with it. The cash was also a lot faster too which made his life a lot more comfortable.
He pulled up to the ATM and quickly got plenty of cash to last him the week. Then he headed on to the drug store. He only needed to get two packages of diapers and some more razors. He figured he had enough of everything else to get through another week – hopefully. He drove straight to the store, glad for once that it was early enough that even the traffic was still light. There were only a few cars in the parking lot, something he was glad to see. He hurried into the store before more people could show up.
Inside, he hurried to the aisle where the razors were and grabbed another package of the same pink colored women’s razors he had been using for the last month. Then he hurried around to the diaper aisle where he wrestled two big packages of his usual diapers off of the shelf and into his arms. He noticed that the store’s stock of the diapers was getting a bit low. As he headed toward the checkout counter at the front of the store, he wondered if he was now their best customer when it came to buying the disposable adult diapers. By his estimation, he probably wasn’t all that far off.
For once, there was nobody ahead of him at the checkout counter. He recognized the woman behind the counter as the same one who was there last week. Unfortunately, she recognized him too. As he was unloading his arms onto the counter, it was obvious that she was checking him over all too carefully – and smiling with one of those very amused smiles. “You look very pretty today,” she said, still looking him over instead of ringing up his purchases.
“Thanks,” he replied simply, hoping she would get on with things so he could get out of there before things could get more humiliating.
“Haaayyyyy! It’s the baby lady… or guy… or thing,” a female voice called from the doorway.
Chad turned in horror to see two girls just walking in – the very same girls who had been such a pain to him last week! Already, his time in the store had gone from good – to bad – to worse – and he had no doubt that very soon it would go to horrible. He made a mental note to avoid this drug store from now on. He looked quickly back at the woman behind the counter to see if she had started ringing up his sale yet, but she hadn’t even started. In fact, she was grinning even broader now at the two young women who had just walked in. Obviously, she recognized them from last week too!
“Oooo, don’t you look good today!” the second girl practically squealed as she came up excitedly right next to him. Chad was afraid she was going to hug him for a moment, fortunately, she didn’t.
“Uh… thanks,” he replied, hoping the clerk behind the counter would finally get busy – but so far… Even though he was standing up against the counter, the two girls spread out to either side of him where they could see him better. Chad felt like he was being attacked. Maybe he was… sort of.
“Are you wearing diapers again today?” the first girl asked.
Chad was totally aghast that she would even think to ask such a question. Didn’t kids have any sense of what was proper these days? Well, not these two at least. “Uh… Mm hmm,” he acknowledged softly. This time it was the woman behind the counter who laughed the loudest – the same woman who still hadn’t started to ring up his purchases yet.
“Man,” the second girl said as she poked at the two bags of diapers that were still waiting to be rung up, “you must go through a lot of these things.”
“Uh… sometimes,” Chad replied, still wishing the girls would leave him alone… and that the store clerk would finally start ringing up his sale.
“You bought two bags last week too,” the same girl noted. She turned to her friend. “I’d call that a lot.”
Her friend nodded in agreement before turning back to Chad. “So what is it, you have medical problems or something?”
Chad wanted to scream. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? “Uh… not really,” he replied, knowing he probably should have said yes.
The girl’s eyes seemed to bulge in her head. “So you mean… you wear them… like… for fun?”
The other girl broke out in laughter, along with the store clerk again… who still hadn’t started to ring up the sale. How was he going to answer her? How could he get out of this quickly? “Um… Uh… It’s just that… Uh… I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Why not?” the other girl demanded.
Chad was ready to scream… again. “It’s complicated!”
“So?” girl number one replied. “I’m not stupid. Explain it.” She leaned back against the counter, folded her arms across her chest, and waited for an answer.
Chad looked at her for a moment, not believing she could be so forward – not to mention rude. Why couldn’t she… and her friend, just leave him alone? Couldn’t they see that they were bothering him… that he didn’t want to answer their stupid questions? Maybe they did see and just didn’t care! Probably! Instead of answering, he turned directly to the store clerk. “Would you please ring these things up now?”
The woman looked very put off. She seemed to huff a bit, but she finally pulled out the scanner and started searching the diaper package for the bar code.
“Hey!” the girl who had asked the question exclaimed. She was now standing upright and looking angry. “You’re not going to answer me?”
“No,” Chad replied flatly, then went back to watching the store clerk search for the bar code to scan… which was taking way too long. She finally found it and scanned it, then set about searching for the code on the second bag.
“You’re being very rude!” the girl noted.
“Tough!” Chad replied. “I think you two are being very rude too.”
“Us?” both girls chorused unbelievably.
“How are we being rude? We’re just trying to be friendly,” the second girl stated.
“Can’t you see that I don’t want to talk about this?” Chad hissed angrily.
“Why not?” the girl asked.
Before he could reply, the first girl asked, “Well would you like to talk about something else then?” Her question took Chad totally by surprise. “Who buys your clothes?” she asked. “Do you pick them out yourself?”
“It is a cute outfit,” her friend noted.
Chad didn’t know whether to answer her or not. “Can’t you please just leave me alone?” he begged.
“What do you mean, leave you alone? And we’re not being rude!” girl number two stated. “I think we’re being very nice.”
“Yes we are!” girl number one agreed.
Chad tried to ignore them. “How much is it?” he asked the woman behind the counter as he started digging through his purse to find his wallet.
“I haven’t finished ringing everything up yet,” she replied.
“Well, aren’t you going to answer my question?” girl number one asked, sounding a bit angry about it.
Chad didn’t even remember the question. Not that he cared. “What question?”
“Who picks out your clothes? Do you do it?”
Chad rolled his eyes. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? “Sometimes,” he replied.
“Did you pick out that outfit?” the other girl asked.
It was like being assaulted from all sides. He noticed that the woman behind the counter was still not finishing up with his sale. Instead, she seemed to be listening all too interestedly. But the girl was still waiting for an answer. “No,” he replied, shortly and flatly.
“Who bought it for you then? Your mother?”
Chad shook his head. “No, not my mother!”
“Who then?”
“A friend!”
“She has very good taste,” girl number two noted to her friend.
Girl number one nodded her agreement, then turned back to Chad. “Does she know that you wear diapers under your clothes?” she asked.
Argh! “Can you please finish ringing this up?” Chad demanded of the saleswoman.
“Well, does she?” girl number two asked, referring to her friend’s question.
It was all Chad could do to keep from growling. “Yes!” he finally replied. He noticed the saleswoman still wasn’t moving.
“She must be a very good friend then,” girl number two noted to girl number one.
Girl number one nodded her head. “She must be,” she agreed.
Chad looked directly at the saleswoman again. “Please…” he started to beg.
“Okay! Okay! I’m working on it,” the woman replied as she finally picked up the package of pink razors and scanned it.
Chad pulled his wallet out of his purse and opened it to take out some money.
“I see you had your nails redone,” girl number two noticed.
“He did, didn’t he,” girl number two chimed in. “Remember how long they were last week?”
“Incredibly!” girl number two replied. “Hey,” she asked Chad. “Did you finally get tired of having nails that long? Is that why you had them cut?”
“I think they were gorgeous!” girl number one stated. “I wish mine were that long. I’d never get them cut.”
“No. I think you’d get tired of them pretty quick,” her friend replied. She looked back at Chad. “Isn’t that why you had them cut? You got tired of them?”
Chad still wanted to scream. That wasn’t exactly the case, yet it would have been if the choice had been his. “Yes,” he replied.
“See! I told you they’d be a pain!” girl number two told girl number one.
“I’m still thinking about doing it,” girl number one replied. “Just to try it.”
Chad tried to ignore their discussion and looked back at the saleswoman. She told him the total and he handed over the money.
“So do you come here every week?” girl number one asked him.
Why couldn’t they leave him alone?
“Of course he does,” girl number two replied for him. “If he’s using that many diapers, then he has to come every week… at least!”
The saleswoman was finally putting the diapers and razors into two big bags.
“Then maybe we’ll see you next week too,” girl number one stated.
“Of course we will,” her friend laughed.
“Not if I can help it!” Chad thought to himself as he grabbed the large bags from the saleswoman as soon as she finished with them. He didn’t even turn to look at the two girls as he rushed out toward his car.
“See you next week!” one of them called after him. Chad didn’t turn around, but he could hear them laughing all the way out the door.


Anonymous said...

Would you please shorten up your story or post more of it sooner? At the rate your going, it is going to be the middle of November before the chapter for just this one day is over. It is really getting too drawn out. It will be next year before we find out what is being delivered to Mel on Tuesday. I would like to know how it ends but I don't think I will be alive in 2050!

I am at the point that I think Chad is an idiot that needs to man up, tell Mel where to go, move to another town and bring Robin and her kid with him.

Anonymous said...

I disagree vehemently with that commentor. I'm thankful for the fact that you're even posting such an exciting, well written story at all. Please keep it up!