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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 9 of 9)

When they got back to her apartment, she had him take his new dresses and slacks home and told him to bring back any dirty laundry of his that needed to be done – especially the things he had soaked last night. His new shoes and socks she put into her bedroom. Those she would need tomorrow!
For the rest of the day and into the early evening she let him work on his own laundry since he had already finished hers. But the entire time, he was forced to keep drinking baby bottle after baby bottle to keep peeing, because if he didn’t overflow his diapers within the two hour time limit, then she beat his bare bottom severely.
But the worst beating he got was after the first time he failed to have leaking diapers. Because since those beatings were always given on his bare bottom, she chose that time to punish him for the four demerits he had accrued earlier. Somewhere in the middle of that beating, Chad began promising himself over and over again that he would do absolutely anything at all to avoid getting another beating again. And after it was done, he cried for a very long time as he kept repeating that promise to himself. His bottom stung continually for what seemed like hours as he continued to work and drink bottle after bottle. He figured that it was a good thing that Mel didn’t let him sit down, because he was fairly sure that he couldn’t.
Shortly before dinner, she sent him out wearing just an overly soaked diaper and high heels to get the highchair back from Sandy. He wasn’t thrilled at all to have to go out that way, but he wasn’t about to argue with Mel. Besides, how could he argue when he was restricted to using only baby talk?
When he knocked on Sandy’s door, it was Cassie who opened it. She stood there staring at him for a moment. Chad felt very embarrassed because of the way he was dressed. He was supposed to get the highchair though. Would he be allowed to speak normally to her? Did he dare?
“Aren’t you supposed to curtsey to me, or something?” she asked.
Chad nearly died. If it got back to Mel that he hadn’t curtseyed, then he would get punished again for sure, and he certainly didn’t want that. It also answered his other question – he didn’t dare not use anything but baby talk to her. He quickly dropped a curtsey and mumbled more nonsense through the pacifier in his mouth.
She smiled. “Sandy told me about that. I guess Mel’s still got you restricted to the baby words. Has it been like that all day?”
How could he answer? He really had no way, so he let out more of the nonsense baby sounds. What he really wanted though was to get inside somewhere where he couldn’t be seen dressed as he was!
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Cassie replied.
Chad curtseyed without thinking about it as his affirmative answer to her question. At least she smiled after he did it.
“I take it that you’re here for the chair?”
Chad curtseyed yet again. At least that much was working well!
“Come on in, I’ve got it right here for you.”
Chad gladly walked into her apartment. Unfortunately, he didn’t have to go very far because the highchair was waiting right next to the door for him. He picked the bulky thing up and lugged it outside. As he started back to Mel’s apartment, he discovered that Cassie was walking right behind him. She followed him all the way back into Mel’s apartment.
“Hi Mel,” she called as she went through the door.
“Hi Cassie,” Mel replied, not all that surprised to see her there.
“Have you been having fun today?” Cassie asked as they took seats in her living room.
Mel rolled her eyes. “Some yes, some no.” Then she giggled a bit. “Okay, we had a lot of fun while we were out shopping today.” Her face darkened a bit. “But the rest of the day before that has been fairly awful.”
“Uh, oh! What happened?”
“You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to punish him for not doing the simplest things!”
“Like what?”
“Like not curtseying when he’s supposed to! Geez, is that too much to ask?”
“Sounds like he needs more practice.”
Mel considered that. “Yeah, I guess he does… obviously he does! You wouldn’t think it would be so hard though.”
Cassie giggled a bit. “Look what you’ve got to work with. He is somewhat of a baby after all. Isn’t he?”
Mel laughed. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Maybe I better give him lots of practice tomorrow. In fact, maybe we better take things back to the basics a bit more - grind it into him instead of pounding it into him.” She glanced at her yardstick that she used to punish him. The yardstick certainly helped, but there were other ways too.
“Need some help?” Cassie asked.
“If you’re interested.”
“Sure, I might drop by for a while. Should be fun.”
“Don’t forget dinner tomorrow night too.”
“Don’t worry, Sandy and I are both looking forward to that – a lot!” Both women giggled.
“Hey,” Mel exclaimed, “want to help me for a bit? I need to glue his breast forms back on again.”
“Sure!” Cassie agreed happily.
Chad had carried the heavy highchair back into the kitchen, then while the two women were talking in the living room, he checked the clock. Time was getting short on his deadline to overflow his diaper again. He went to the sink and refilled one of his bottles with water, and kept drinking while the two women talked. He was nearly sick from drinking so much all day long, but he was determined to not get punished anymore. As he started drinking, he felt himself peeing yet again. Come on! Leak! But afterwards, his diaper just remained amazingly soaked. No leaks – yet. But he still had a little bit of time left.
He was actually a bit annoyed when Mel called him into the bedroom because it broke his concentration on trying to pee sooner. By the time he got there, he saw Cassie holding his breast forms in her hands and Mel was setting the glue down on her night table. The ropes to tie him to the bed were already out and in place. He saw a large towel also spread out on the bed to protect it. As wet as his diapers were just then, the towel was probably a good idea. He curtseyed to the two of them and mumbled a bit of baby nonsense. He didn’t want to get punished anymore.
“Up on the bed,” Mel ordered. “Lets get these things back on you.”
Chad wasn’t overly thrilled about having the breast forms glued back onto him again, despite the delicious feel from the humiliation of not being able to get them off. They were heavy and bulky, and there was just no getting away from them. But delaying the inevitable wouldn’t solve anything and would only lead to more punishment, so he climbed up on her bed and stretched himself out while Mel tied him securely in place.
Mel took one of the breast forms from Cassie and sprayed it heavily with the glue. Then, after handing it carefully back to Cassie, she sprayed the other one and handed that back to her too. It took a few moments for the glue to start setting up. Mel lightly touched the first one a few times till she thought it was tacky enough, then she climbed up on the bed and straddled Chad’s chest. She took the first one from Cassie and carefully set it in place, pushing down firmly all over, trying to seal it to him. Then she did the same with the other one. She climbed off of him and began untying one of his arms, Cassie helped with the other one. Mel grabbed his bra and put it over the forms on his chest. “Help me sit him up,” she said to Cassie. Together they sat him up while Mel held the bra to his chest. Cassie stuck his arms through the straps and fastened it tightly behind him. “There,” Mel exclaimed, sounding very satisfied. “That wasn’t so bad this time at all.” She began untying his legs. “Okay Sissy, go finish making my dinner.”
Chad got up from the bed. The breasts that were now attached to his chest felt heavy and awkward. Once again his arms kept rubbing against them as he moved, feeling very strange. He curtseyed quickly to the women, then hurried out to finish making Mel’s salad for dinner. None for him. He already knew what his dinner would be – baby food! As soon as he got back to the kitchen, he began drinking from his bottle once again. And with only minutes to go before Mel would punish him again for failing to make his diaper leak, he began peeing. Hoping against hope that it would start leaking, he hurried to find Mel. She was just saying goodbye to Cassie at the door. And as he stopped to wait for the two to finish talking, he did indeed finally feel the awful tickling sensation of something running down his leg. Elated, he curtseyed and spat out more baby talk.
“What is it?” Mel asked, annoyed to see him there.
Chad happily pointed to his leg and the pee running down it.
Mel smiled. “You just made it again. Good. Now get back to the kitchen – and hurry. You’re making a mess on the rug there!”
Elated, Chad hurried back to the kitchen, where the pee continued to run down his leg. It was an awful feeling, but since it also meant no punishment, it was a wonderful feeling. Mel came into the kitchen a minute later as he was drying up the mess on the floor along with his wet leg. Five minutes later, he was once again in a single dry diaper – with two hours to start leaking again.
While Mel ate her solitary dinner, Chad was forced to spend fifteen minutes standing on his perch in the corner where he would be out of the way. Chad was very relieved when Mel allowed him out of the corner so soon. But from being stuck in the corner, he went directly to being stuck back in his highchair again. Mel dumped several jars of baby food out on his divided dish and put it on the tray for him along with his baby spoon to eat it all with. Chad wasn’t at all happy with just baby food for dinner, but he knew that it was all he was going to get, so he spooned it as carefully as he could into his mouth. As usual, some of it dripped off of the tiny spoon either onto his chin or onto the bib she had but on him. The stuff tasted mostly bad, but not nearly as bad as the baby cereal he got every morning. When he was done eating though, even though he had already had way too many today, he couldn’t wait to get another bottle to drink – just to clear the lousy taste out of his mouth.
Two hours later, despite being so grossly wet that his diaper was threatening to fall off of him, Chad was subjected to yet another ten swats on his bare bottom for failing to make his diaper leak. He didn’t know what to do. He had tried so hard! His diaper should have leaked… but in the end, it hadn’t. He was getting physically sick from drinking so much. He was peeing every few minutes by then, not peeing a lot each time, but just peeing very often.
Chad felt so frustrated as Mel removed his soaked diaper for his punishment. Why hadn’t the darn thing leaked? As Mel ordered though, he bent over and grabbed the back of the chair in front of him, raising his bottom to make it a better target for her stick. Whap! Curtsey… Baby nonsense sounds… hands back on the chair, bottom up, ready for the next one.
Mel really hated doing it… especially after seeing how sopping wet his diaper had been. But rules were rules, and he had to know that she would enforce them every time without fail! She delivered the second blow. She loved seeing him curtsey. She almost laughed at his high-pitched baby sounds every time. There were already tears forming in his eyes. As he leaned over again, she could hear his crying sobs breaking loose. She swung again… whap! Again he stood up and curtseyed for her. His crying was so pronounced now that she couldn’t barely tell that the sounds he was making were baby sounds. They just sounded pathetic. No matter.
She watched as he bent over and grabbed the chair once again. He was slower this time in raising his bottom for her. Oh, but when he did it made such a perfect target. She almost laughed at seeing it – glowing brightly red across the places where her stick had already hit it. Whap!
He stood up and turned to her again, crying like crazy now. He started his curtsey, but that’s not what she was staring at. “Sissy!” she screamed. “You’re peeing all over my carpet!”
Chad looked down. Through his crying, he wasn’t even aware that he was doing it… but pee was indeed streaming out of him. He was so surprised that he didn’t even think about stopping it. He just stared at it streaming out onto Mel’s floor. Fortunately, it didn’t last very long and it tapered off and ended just as quickly as it had started.
Mel didn’t know whether to laugh, or be angry at him. Both she supposed because she was angry. “You better clean that up just as soon as we’re done here!” she ordered sternly.
Chad dropped another curtsey along with some baby sounds to indicate that he understood. Would she stop the punishment now? He was very hopeful.
That was the very question that Mel herself was considering. Should she continue, or should she send him to clean up the mess right away. Her carpet really needed to be taken care of quickly, but at the same time, it really wasn’t good not finish a punishment. Then there was the possibility that he might do it again! But the damage was already done, and in the end she figured her carpet could wait a few minutes. She could see the hopeful look on his face. She dashed that quickly the minute she pointed toward the back of the chair he was supposed to be leaning against. With a very crestfallen face, Chad resumed his position, and she resumed his punishment. It wasn’t till after all ten swats had been delivered and he was once again rediapered and counting down the next two hours that Chad finally was allowed to clean up the mess he had made.
Chad had to cut way back on the amount of liquids that he drank. His body was becoming too sick from too many bottles. But it didn’t matter, he had already had so many that he continued to pee a little bit every few minutes.
He managed to finish all his laundry. And started to take it home, but before he got out the door with his first load, Mel stopped him. She pawed through all of it, and pulled out every pair of pants that she could find. “When you come back,” she told him, “bring me whatever pants are still hung up in your closet that aren’t new today.”
Chad was shocked, and concerned. There was really only one other pair in his closet, the pair that had been too long for him to be able to wear. But if she wasn’t going to give him any of the pants back that she had just taken away, then he would be left with only two pair of pants for all of next week. Only two days that he would be allowed to wear pants and that would be it. She couldn’t really want that? Could she?
“I’m waiting!” Mel’s voice suddenly lashed out. Chad quickly came to his senses, and dropped a curtsey in acknowledgment. A bit more baby mumbo jumbo, and he was out the door carrying his laundry home. A little while later, when he stared at his restocked closet, feelings of worry, dread, humiliation, and excitement ran through him – all at the same time. His closet held only women’s clothes - still. But now there were more dresses in it than there had been before. And now it only held two pairs of pants – women’s pants of course. He would be spending an awful lot of time next week in skirts, that was for sure!
A little while later, Chad was elated when he suddenly felt pee running down his leg – a full fifteen minutes early! He ran to the kitchen immediately so that any more that got all the way to the floor would be easier to clean. But the leak was only a very minor one, just a few drips. Fortunately, Mel was pleased and happily announced that he had made it. Whew!
Even though it was getting late, Chad was now prepared for her to put him into a single diaper again and set the timer running on yet another two hours. So he was a bit surprised when she took him back to his apartment before removing his leaking diaper. This time, she let him remove it himself and clean himself up. Then she watched as he prepared three of his night diapers. But before he could start putting them on, she had him add a fourth to the stack. “You wet so much last night, that maybe an extra one would be a good idea,” she told him. It made plenty of sense to him.
Before he was allowed to diaper himself though, Mel shoved a suppository deep up inside of him. Chad hated it, but he was also so used to it that he didn’t even care for very long. The damn thing would do its job sometime during the night like they always did, and he would probably not even know it till tomorrow morning – when he could change himself quickly. Much better than the afternoon ones he got every day.
A few minutes later, Chad was feeling secure in his diapers for the first time in a long while. The extra bulk from the fourth diaper felt a bit odd, but he quickly got used to it. As if to celebrate the feeling of security, his body immediately let out another stream of pee, wetting the diapers almost before he got them fully on. Chad knew he wasn’t really celebrating, he just had to pee. He probably would be doing an awful lot of that during the night… all night!
Mel had him climb into one of his now clean onesies and helped him into bed. She left him and went to his kitchen. She pulled three baby bottles out of his refrigerator and brought them to him. He wasn’t happy to see any of them. He was still sick from all he had to drink already.
But Mel wasn’t giving him a choice. “I expect all of these to be finished before I come back later,” she said in no uncertain terms.
Chad didn’t reply. Being limited to baby language didn’t allow him to say anything useful anyway. He set his pacifier down next to his blow-up mattress where he could get it easily later – if he wanted it. He picked up the first of the bottles and put it into his mouth. Sucking on it was natural. It was normal. But the bloated feeling from his stomach wasn’t. As Mel stood in the doorway and turned out the light, he allowed himself to suck only very tiny bits out of it at a time. It was all he could do. He felt himself peeing yet again. He’d be awfully lucky if he didn’t leak again tonight. Three more bottles – before he fell asleep? How was he going to drink them? He could barely get any of the first one down.
He thought about his day. Awful! Awful! Awful! But then, weren’t most of his days awful? He prayed that Mel wouldn’t play her new stupid diaper game with him again tomorrow. He had definitely had enough of it. The baby language thing had been a bit much too. He could also do without that again.
He shifted on his bed and was annoyed by the breasts that were once again firmly glued to his chest. They were stuck tight again. Very tight. He could do without them too.
He happened to glance over towards his doorway. Mel was still there, watching him. Why hadn’t she left?
Mel saw him look at her, he seemed surprised to see her still there. She guessed she herself was surprised. She had ridden him hard today – very hard. But it was necessary. She felt a bit of remorse about it, but at the same time, she didn’t. It was necessary! She had to do it. And there would be a lot more coming.
He was still looking at her. She stood up straighter, it was time to go. She would be back later with a note for him and to set his alarm clock – even though tomorrow was Sunday. There would be a lot to do tomorrow too.
“Good night, baby” she said softly… almost lovingly. “Sleep tight.”

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