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The Bet - Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 1 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 1 of 7)

“No! No! No!” he screamed. “I can’t drink anymore! Please… no more!” But the unseen oppressive force only held out the baby bottle in one hand for him to take, while raising the stick of pain in its other hand. Chad cringed back in fear. He couldn’t take any more punishment. He had had enough – way too much. Reduced to a pathetic wretch, he hesitantly took the bottle, curled up into a miserable ball, stuck the bottle to his lips once again, and began sucking on it. The oppressive power of his dream hovered over him, eternally watching him, eternally threatening him, never letting him stop. Pee! Pee! Pee!
His dreams held no elation, only oppression and misery. And most of all – self-pity. He was no longer a man, only a creature of despicable loathing. A sissy! Pee! Pee! Pee!
In his dream, he sucked furiously on the bottle, trying desperately to get something out of it. But no matter how hard he sucked, he could get nothing. The bottle was full, why wouldn’t anything come out? He tried again, harder. But still no success. What was stopping it? What was wrong? The black shadow of the barely seen oppressive force hovered over him again, demanding that he drink! He was trying… desperately! Suck! Suck! Suck! But something had the bottle completely stopped up. He looked up and saw the oppressor raising its stick of pain. Higher and higher! It paused at the top, then all too swiftly the stick descended at him!
He awoke in complete fear. Totally disoriented. Totally confused. He was sucking his thumb furiously – hard enough to make it sore. He pulled it out of his mouth and shook it then flexed it a few times. His consciousness replayed the fading image of some dark, hovering force, swinging something down at him. His fear flared momentarily, then died completely as he realized it was only a dream… only a dream… only a dream. Fortunately.
He turned his head and spotted one of the baby bottles he hadn’t finished last night. One of them was half empty. He picked it up and began sucking on it again to calm his fears. The tea in the bottle wet his mouth refreshingly. He swallowed it and the liquid felt good against his throat. He imagined he could feel it flowing all the way down, down his throat, down into his stomach, down into his intestines, and out again through his… He woke up a bit more. He wasn’t imagining that last part. He was peeing. Letting the warm wet pee out into his warm soaked diapers. His diapers felt very soaked, and bulky… ugh, and messy too! As usual.
He was about to roll over and go back to sleep again, but his pink alarm clock suddenly began blaring the most awful loud music into his room. With a groan, he rolled off of his blow-up mattress, climbed to his feet and turned it off. He took a deep breath to steady himself. It was Sunday. Another day. Another day for Mel to make his life even more miserable than it already was.
His diapers felt heavy as he waddled out to the kitchen to see if she had left him a note. She had. More instructions for his destruction. More instructions of humiliation. Yet he read the note eagerly, because deep down, he still craved the humiliation… and her attention.
But the note she left looked different. She had scribbled another note, right at the top:
Before you do anything else, finish the bottles I gave you last night! I’ll be counting them!
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he mumbled under his breath. He couldn’t help it that he was too sick to drink them all quickly last night. He had been trying to drink them all. He supposed he must have fallen asleep in the middle of the process. Trust Mel to not give him an inch!
He read the rest of the note.


One bottle before you get cleaned up.

Shave and shower. Put one diaper on. No plastic panties. The minute you get that diaper on, call me!

Chad was a little surprised at the note. Other than the bottles he hadn’t finished from last night, it only specified one other bottle for this morning. But that alone really equaled what he normally drank. The part he wasn’t happy about though was where she told him to wear only one diaper today. It sounded all too much like she wasn’t finished with her miserable diaper game that she had invented. Ugh! He wasn’t looking forward to that at all.
He read the note again, then thought about the bottles. Was there some way he could get out of drinking any at all? Unfortunately, he couldn’t see even a glimmer of hope. He pulled a bottle out of his refrigerator, the very last bottle in there, and carried it back to his lonely chair. He set it on the floor and went to his bedroom to retrieve the other bottles. The half-full bottle was already in his mouth as he came back to sit down.
As he drank, he got an idea. How would Mel know if he cheated a little bit? He could get cleaned up and changed before he drank the rest of the bottles. That way, if he peed a few times before he called her, he would have an easier time flooding the diaper later. It would save him some punishment for sure! Liking the idea, he finished the bottle he was drinking and went in to get cleaned up.

Mel poured her first cup of coffee for the day and took a sip. She breathed in deeply, trying to gain as much pleasure from it as she could. But her effort only yielded minimal success. She was tired. She felt mildly depressed. And to make matters worse, the beginnings of a headache threatened from the fringes. In desperation, she took a bigger sip as she headed into the living room where she curled up in one of her soft cushy chairs.
She had been surprised last night when she went back to set his alarm clock and to leave him a note. She had only left him three bottles to finish before he went to sleep, yet only one of them was empty. The second one had still been half full when she saw it lying on the floor as if he had dropped it. The third bottle had been untouched. He had been sleeping soundly, his thumb stuck firmly in his mouth. She had considered removing it and replacing it with one of the bottles again or his pacifier, but she had decided to leave him alone. Let him sleep. He probably needed it. His life had become hard enough. It was only a minor mercy. Very minor. He would probably not even realize it, but she did feel for him. She just couldn’t let him see that, couldn’t let it get in the way of her goals.
She had punished him a lot yesterday. She hated doing it, but it was necessary. Completely necessary. As much as she tried to argue with herself about possibly going easier on him, she knew without a doubt that she couldn’t. Not at all! If she wasn’t consistent, then he would never learn. And he would never change in the ways that she needed him to change. And most importantly, she would never win the bet. It was necessary. Completely! And she would keep doing it… because she had to! But still, a part of her hated hurting him so much.
She tried reminding herself yet again that he was the deceiver – the one who had tried to fool her completely. And he almost had. She tried to tell herself that all the punishment was just retribution… and it was! Yet the misgivings still lingered. His actions couldn’t go unpunished. She had to do whatever was necessary to change him… teach him… mold him into exactly what she wanted him to be. What she needed him to be. Otherwise, she might lose him, and that was a prospect she wasn’t ready to even let herself think about yet.
So she would do anything… Anything! To change him. No matter what! As she finished her coffee, a new sense of purpose filled her ambitions. Today was going to be another tough one on him – for sure. She had told him… she had warned him… that his life was going to change – completely. Today would cement more of those changes. And to do it, she had to be tough! She had to be ruthless. She couldn’t show an ounce of mercy, no matter how pitifully he begged. He was a sissy. A lower than scum sissy. Hers to do what she wanted with. Hers to mold into whatever warped image she desired. Hers completely – in body, mind, and soul! And she would be tough! She would mold him! And in the end, he would be whatever she wanted the most… hers!
She took another sip of her coffee and glanced at the clock. Why hadn’t he called yet? Waiting for him was why she had gotten up so early in the first place. She figured he had plenty of time now to drink a few bottles and get changed. Did she need to go over there and check on him? She hoped not… for his sake, she hoped not. So why hadn’t he called yet? Damn him!
In angry desperation, she picked up her phone and punched in his number.

Chad was halfway through with his final bottle of the morning when he was startled by his cell phone buzzing. He ran to pull it out of his purse. “Hello?”
“What are you doing?” Mel’s angry voice came over the connection.
“Ummm. Drinking a bottle.”
“Drinking a bottle? Still? Have you changed your diaper yet?”
“Uh, yes.” He mentally cringed. He probably shouldn’t have said yes.
“Then why didn’t you call me? What’s wrong with you? Can’t you follow the simplest instructions? You were supposed to phone me the minute you got that diaper on. Now get over here, and get over here now! And bring all your bottles with you, empty or full. Bring then all!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied, automatically dropping into a small curtsey even though he was talking to her on the phone. He chided himself as he realized what he had just done. It was silly for him to curtsey then – she couldn’t see him.
“And Sissy…”
“Yes, Mistress?”
“Who gave you permission to use anything but baby talk yet?”
Chad suddenly found himself listening to a disconnected phone line. Damn! Why had he told her that he had already changed his diaper? That was stupid! Well, there was no hope for it, he would have to face the music when he got there. But that brought up another question. If he had to go to her apartment, then what was he supposed to wear? He was only wearing one thin diaper and that was it. Should he put one of his maid’s dresses on? He would have called her to ask, but if she was limiting him to only baby talk again, then how could he ask her? What should he do?
And then there was the question of his hair and makeup, he hadn’t done either yet. In fact, his hair was still damp from the shower and a total mess. When she said get over there now, did she mean before or after he got ready? Unsure what to do, he finally decided to just try quickly brushing his hair without really fixing it and slipping a maid’s dress on without anything else so he could get there sooner. He ran for his bathroom and his hairbrush.

Where was he? Mel waited anxiously by her front door for him to knock, but he still hadn’t shown up. What was going on? Unable to wait any longer, she grabbed her keys and hurried over to his apartment.

Chad had just started brushing his hair when he heard someone knocking on his front door. “Damn!” he exclaimed. She couldn’t wait a few minutes? As he hurried to answer the door, he heard her using her key. She was already opening the door by the time he got there.
“What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to get over to my apartment immediately? What part of ‘right now’ didn’t you understand?”
Chad almost answered in plain English, but fortunately he caught himself just in time. He quickly dropped a curtsey, hoping that would help placate her, then launched into a bunch of baby nonsense in the stupid high-pitched voice she had made him use yesterday – as if that was supposed to explain everything.
Mel growled to herself. Baby talk! He couldn’t really answer her questions. And she had just told him to use only baby talk. What a pain! “Okay, okay! Let’s try to figure this out. I take it there’s a good reason why you didn’t come to my apartment immediately?”
Chad immediately launched into some happy gibberish.
“What could possibly be so important? I told you I wanted you there right away!”
Instead of answering, Chad headed toward his bedroom, motioning her to follow. He headed straight for his closet and pulled out one of his maid’s dresses and held it up in front of him.
“You’re wondering if you should get dressed? Is that it?”
Chad dipped into a bit of a curtsey with the dress still held in front of him and launched a bit more baby jargon.
“Damn! When I said now, I meant now! I didn’t care about what you were wearing… except for that one diaper!” She grabbed the dress from him and threw it on the floor. Then she reached out and felt the front of his diaper. “And it looks like you’ve already wet this one more than once! Which is exactly what I was trying to prevent! I wanted to see you in a clean, fresh, dry diaper so I can time you again! And now you’ve ruined it. Well, we’ll just have to fix that. Go change it right now. One, clean, dry, fresh diaper! No plastic panties. Nothing else. Now hurry!”
Chad jumped to do as she had said. Why was she so worked up? Damn! She could have explained things a bit better. He practically ripped the diaper he was wearing off of himself. One diaper meant that he didn’t have to slit any other diapers to put underneath… which meant it only took moments to rediaper himself.
Mel watched him closely as he changed his diaper. Lots of practice enabled him to do it quickly. She was mildly interested to note that he never once seemed to even notice his chastity enclosed penis, almost as if it didn’t exist. But then, she knew he was in a hurry to do as she had just commanded, so he really couldn’t pay any attention to it.
The minute he was ready, he launched into a bit more baby jargon, as if to say he was finished. She quickly looked at the clock. “Okay,” she said, “you’ve got two hours to make that thing leak again. Go ahead and get completely dressed in your uniform. No girdle, no hose again, but otherwise completely dressed. We’ve got to go grocery shopping later.” She looked at him for a moment before she continued. “You know, I was going to give you an extra half-hour to make your diapers leak today, but you blew it by not doing as you were told. So don’t even think about feeling sorry for yourself! Now, finish getting ready then come to my apartment. I’ll make you some breakfast when you get there.”
She stood there watching him for a moment as he just stared back at her. “Well aren’t you going to curtsey?” she asked angrily.
Chad immediately dropped another curtsey for her and mumbled more nonsense. How was he supposed to know she was done talking?
“I can see we have a lot of work to do today,” she said half under her breath as she turned and left him alone.
Chad felt a bit of frustration as he watched her leave. Curtsey for this. Curtsey for that. Nothing but baby nonsense that served no purpose whatsoever. It was stupid, stupid, stupid! But worst of all was the fact that he had really messed up by not doing as he was supposed to do. Okay, she could have explained things a bit better, but still, he had been trying to make life easier on himself by changing and wetting his diaper before he called her. An extra half-hour to make it leak would have been really nice… really helpful! Damn! He had blown it now! And he had no one to blame but himself. With a sigh, he went back to fixing his hair, this time completely.

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