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The Bet - Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 2 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 2 of 7)

Mel had showered, dressed casually for the day, and was sitting with her third cup of coffee for the morning by the time he knocked on her door. She opened it and waited as he dropped his usual curtsey and launched a bit of his high-pitched baby talk. She smiled. She really did love seeing him do that. And the high-pitched baby nonsense he was limited to only made her tingle in some very interesting places. “Good morning, Sissy,” she said as if she hadn’t seen him earlier. She stood back and let him in. “I’ve got your breakfast all ready and warming on the stove.”
Chad dropped his purse and diaper bag on the floor by the table next to her door and carried the plastic bag full of empty baby bottles into her kitchen. He was out of bottles at home. Should he tell her? He didn’t really want to, but after messing up earlier, he figured it might be a good idea. He took one of the empty bottles out of the bag and held it up for her to see. Then he let out a string of baby nonsense. He looked at her hopefully. Was there any chance at all that she understood? Unfortunately, the only thing he could read from her face was exasperation.
“First of all,” she said, “I expect you to curtsy to me every time you say something. Didn’t I tell you that yesterday? Now do it again!”
Frustration! Damn she was getting picky! He quickly dropped another curtsey, then held up the bottle again and spoke a bit more nonsense.
“That’s better! You better get used to it fast because you’ll be doing it a lot!
Okay, he had done it right for her. Now how about his question? She was acting like she hadn’t heard. He held up the bottle with a questioning look on his face.
“Curtsey after I tell you something!”
Damn! What did she want, for him to curtsey for every word that came out of her mouth? And his mouth too? He quickly dropped another curtsey. This time though he didn’t hold up the bottle or say anything.
“Yes, we have a lot of work to do today. A lot! Now put that bottle down and get up into your highchair. I’ll dish your cereal out.”
Chad set the empty bottle back on the counter. He had tried to tell her. If he had no bottles left later at his apartment to drink, then it wasn’t his fault. In a way he was kind of happy about that. He headed for his highchair.
“Didn’t I just tell you to curtsey every time I tell you something?” Mel’s voice lashed out.
Shit! He had been distracted by being unable to tell her about the bottles. He quickly dropped a curtsey and waited till she turned away before he climbed up into his chair. At least in the chair he didn’t have to worry about curtseying over and over again. Not at all in fact.
Mel grabbed a bigger bowl than she usually used and dumped an extra large portion of the baby cereal she had been keeping warm on the stove into it. Since he was eating mostly baby food this weekend, she figured the extra large portion would be better for him. She stuck one of his rubber covered baby spoons into the mush and carried it over to the table next to his highchair. The tray to the chair was still leaning up against the side of the chair. She ignored the straps to hold him in place. Sandy might like to use them, but they really weren’t necessary.
She loved seeing him in his maid’s dress. It was part of her fantasy to have him like that. But wearing it while sitting in the highchair seemed somehow very out of place. Totally wrong. Well, there was nothing she could do about that now, and she wasn’t about to let him eat anywhere but in the highchair. But her thoughts did remind her of something else. She pulled the skirt of his dress up a bit and reached under it to feel his diapers. Wet, but not too wet yet. She glanced at the clock. “You’ve only got about an hour left to make that diaper leak. I suggest you get busy.” She picked up the tray and put it in place, locking him into the chair with it. She picked up one of his large bibs from the table and tied it around his neck. Then she set the bowl of baby cereal on the tray in front of him. “I suggest you finish it all,” she cautioned.
Yuck! Chad picked up the tiny baby spoon and began shoving the lousy tasting mush into his mouth. With the very first spoonful, some of it dripped off of the spoon onto his chin. Darn. He felt like such a baby when that happened. Why couldn’t he learn to eat better? And most of all, why couldn’t Mel forget about this stupid diaper game she was playing lately. He had only an hour left? He had a bad feeling that she would be punishing him when the time was up.
He watched as Mel brought him a fresh bottle of her tea from her refrigerator and set it down on his tray. He looked down at the bowl of cereal. It was an awful lot today. Far more than she usually made him. Sometimes it took him two bottles to just get down as much as she usually made. How many bottles would it take today? At least the extra bottles would help to keep him peeing. Maybe he wouldn’t get punished after all. A bit happier with that thought, he carefully shoved another spoonful of mush into his mouth.
While he ate, Mel set his cookbook out on the counter for him along with a pen and some paper. “When you’re done there, you need to make your grocery list. And Andrea will be coming for dinner later along with Sandy and Cassie, so make sure we get plenty of food when we go shopping. And plan on fixing something that you’re sure will be good.”
Chad only nodded as he shoved more of the bland cereal into his mouth. Another mouth for dinner. Well that was certainly no problem. He really did enjoy showing off his cooking skills. It was like exploring a whole new part of himself that he didn’t know existed. He only wished he could get to taste more of what he created. He had no doubt that tonight he wouldn’t get any of it. He shoved another spoonful of mush into his mouth. In fact, he would probably be stuck eating more baby food again tonight. Yuck!

Two complete baby bottles, and a whole lot of tiny spoonfuls of mush later, Chad finally finished with his cereal. He had to use baby talk to tell Mel he was through. Mel wiped his face and hands off, but instead of releasing him from his chair, she replaced the bowl of cereal with his cookbook and writing materials so he could build his shopping list. She also brought him another bottle in case he needed it. He still had time to overflow his diaper, but that time was now growing very short.
The whole time Chad worked on his shopping list, his mind began focusing more and more on trying to pee. Every minute made him worry more and more about not making it. He had to yell another stream of baby talk out to Mel when he finally finished with his grocery list. And finally, she released him.
“Have you flooded that diaper yet?” she asked as she removed the tray from in front of him. Chad let out some conciliatory gibberish. But before Chad could get out of the chair, she again lifted his skirt and reached up under it. Soaked! But not leaking. It was hard to tell with his dress on. “Stand up,” she ordered. Chad slid down from his seat and stood in front of her. “Turn around,” she commanded. Chad turned his back to her. No wet spots on the back of his skirt – so no leaks. She looked at the clock, there was still time, just not much. “You’re running out of time again.”
Chad curtseyed and let out some nonsense that was supposed to mean that he was well aware of the time and that he was trying.
Mel didn’t know what he had tried to say and really didn’t care. It didn’t matter in the least. “Clean this up and let me know when you’re done. I want to get to the store as soon as possible today.” Chad curtseyed and again said something short in his high-pitched nonsense words. She smiled. “You’re learning.”
Cleaning up the kitchen didn’t take all that long. The whole time he worked on it, he also worked hard at trying to make himself pee, which was a lot more difficult to do than washing up a few dishes and wiping down her counters. He did manage it once, but as much as he prayed for his diaper to leak, it didn’t happen.
With the kitchen finally spotless, he went out to find Mel. He let out a bit of nonsense as he curtseyed to her.
“Are you leaking?” she asked.
Chad let out a long string of nonsense sounds as he tried to explain himself. As he babbled, he pulled briefly at his skirt trying to show her that he wasn’t leaking yet and he also pointed toward the kitchen as if to explain that he was done there.
Shit! She didn’t understand anything about what he was trying to tell her. So frustrating! Well, she’d just have to try to figure it out. First things first. She lifted his skirt and looked closely. No visible signs of any leaks yet, although his diaper appeared to be more than soggy enough. But a small leak might be hard to see. “Where did it leak?” she asked, hoping that he had indeed felt it running down his leg a bit. But all she got in reply was more nonsense sounds – and more frustration because she couldn’t understand him. “Okay, okay! I give up! Talk normal again. This is getting us nowhere!”
Relief! Pure relief! Chad would have gratefully curtseyed to her again but she was still holding up his skirt. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said with an audible sigh.
“Okay, okay,” Mel repeated. “So where did it leak?”
“It didn’t yet,” Chad replied. “I was just trying to tell you that I finished cleaning up the kitchen.”
Shit! “Is that all?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, trying to sound sorry about it. It was so nice to talk normally once again.
Mel rolled her eyes as she dropped his skirt. Hearing his normal voice again might have been good for understanding him, but she felt like she had lost something in the process. She had rather enjoyed denying him the ability to use his male voice. “Okay, Sissy,” she finally replied. “Are you ready to go shopping?”
Shopping? Now? With only a few minutes left for him to make his diaper leak? She had to be kidding! “You mean before the time’s up for my diaper to leak?” he asked incredulously.
Shit! She really did miss his funny, squeaky baby voice. “Aren’t you supposed to curtsey every time you say anything to me?” she asked angrily. But she realized that he did have a point. She glanced at the clock and sighed. “But I suppose you’re right. It would be inconvenient to have to walk out the door, then have to change you in the parking lot downstairs.”
Chad’s knees went a bit weak as he pictured her doing just that. And he knew that she would too. She had changed him in the parking lot of the store yesterday!
“And of course, you’re diaper is so soaked right now that I don’t want you sitting in my car with it that way either. We’ll just have to wait a few more minutes before we leave. Besides, if I have to punish you again, I’d rather do it here instead of at the store.” She looked at him. “Now curtsey to me again!” Chad quickly did so. “Get used to it. Every time I speak! Every time I finish speaking! And every time you speak! I want to see you curtseying! A thousand times a day! Two thousand!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad said as he dropped yet another curtsey. This was all getting a bit much. Curtsey, curtsey, curtsey. What for? It was stupid! But at least he could talk normally again!

Mel watched the clock as the last few seconds ticked down. Chad drank from his bottle furiously, trying desperately to pee enough to leak out of his diaper. But there wasn’t enough time left. It didn’t happen. “Three! Two! One! Times up! Are you leaking?”
Chad remembered to drop his curtsey before he answered. “No Mistress.” He knew he was going to get punished again. There was no way around it. Indeed, Mel was already heading for her stick leaning up against the corner.
“Get your diaper bag and get over here,” Mel commanded. “Let’s get this thing over with.”
Chad ran to get his diaper bag by the front door. As he ran, he heard her admonishing him again for not curtseying after she told him to do something. Damn! He brought the bag back to her and then curtseyed. Mel pulled the skirt of his dress up as high as it would go, completely exposing his sodden diaper. Removing the diaper took only a few seconds. Mel pointed toward the back of the chair and Chad once again positioned himself the way she had made him do it yesterday – leaning over, holding onto the chair with his hands, his backside raised up as an all too inviting target for her yardstick.
Whap! Chad stood up, curtseyed despite the skirt of his dress still being pulled up around his body, and thanked her for the punishment. Then it was back in place for the next blow. Whap! Again the ritual was repeated. Whap! With each punishment segment, Mel was growing more and more disappointed with hearing his old male voice again. But the baby language was just too limiting. It didn’t let her understand anything he was saying. Whap! Was there another way? There had to be another way! Whap!
“Thank you, Mistress,” Chad said for the ninth time in his punishment.
Again, Mel felt the frustration of not hearing his high-pitched baby voice. The idea never even fully registered in her mind. She simply heard herself speaking the words. “Can’t you say that in your baby voice instead?”
Chad was in the process of bending back over to get his final swat, but he stood back up again. There were tears streaming down his face from the blows she had given him. His eye makeup was a mess! He curtseyed to her once again and let out a short bit of high-pitched baby nonsense.
“No! I mean talk normal… in English anyway. Just use your baby voice.”
Chad was confused, not to mention surprised. His baby voice? With normal words? He actually had to think about that a bit before he tried it. “Like this?” he said in the stupid high-pitched voice he had been using earlier.
Mel smiled. “Much better! I love it in fact! Keep using that!” Why hadn’t she thought of that before? It was so much better. Perfect! Feeling much happier than she had all morning, she again pointed to the back of the chair and watched as Chad leaned over and then stuck his backside up higher for her to hit with her stick. Whap! The tenth and final stroke for failing to make his diaper leak. She watched as he stood up and curtseyed. His thank-you was a bit delayed however as he had to try to make himself do it in the high-pitched voice. She didn’t care. She loved it. So much so in fact, that she again pointed to the back of the chair. She had plenty of excuses to give him more punishment… as if she even needed an excuse. “Five more swats for the way you behaved earlier!” she declared.
Chad wasn’t at all happy that she decided to extend his punishment. He was already sobbing and terribly regretful that he had been unable to make his diaper leak. He had tried again… he really had! He was also still trying to comprehend having to talk normally, but with the baby voice. What a major pain! But her punishment stick didn’t give him a choice about anything. With another major sob, he leaned over again and grabbed the back of the chair. Then, knowing he had no other choice, he again pushed his backside up high in the air for her to hit. He held his breath, knowing that the inevitable blow would come all too quickly to his battered and sore bottom. Whap!
Mel watched as Chad stood up, curtseyed and then thanked her for the blow. He was crying so much though that his words sounded like a cross between normal words and the baby talk again. But it didn’t matter. She still loved hearing it. And she realized that she had finally found a way to keep him using that baby voice. In fact, she couldn’t see any reason why he couldn’t keep using it all the time. She swung at him again. Whap! She watched as he curtseyed and blubbered in his high-pitched voice again. She laughed. “Well call it… Sissy talk,” she declared as she waited for him to bend over again. “Sissy talk. Yes, I like that. Sissy talk… and baby talk. I can tell you to use either one, easily. Whap!
Chad grunted as he felt the stinging blow connect with his overly sore backside. He could tell that Mel wasn’t really swinging as hard as she sometimes did, but it didn’t matter, it still hurt! As he stood up, the skirt from his dress threatened to fall down again. He pulled it back up out of the way again. “Thank you, Mistress,” he tried to say in his squeaky high-pitched voice as he dropped another curtsey. Sissy voice? Yeah, he supposed it did sound kind of sissy. And it was going to be a major pain to use. But all the time? No! No way! As he bent to grab the back of the chair again, he tried to imagine using it all the time. Every image that came to his mind was silly and full of humiliation. No way! Whap!


Anonymous said...

You keep taking this story to the next level, the sissy humiliation is getting unbelievably intense!!!

sissy said...

Hi Karen , just letting you know how much i am enjoying this story , absolutly awsome.