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The Bet - Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 3 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 30 (Sunday – week 5 Part 3 of 7)

Chad drank his bottle furiously while Mel drove them to the grocery store. He hated being seen drinking from the bottle while they were out, but if he didn’t drink as much as he could now, then he might not be able to get this latest diaper to leak within his two hour time limit. And while they would be in the store, he wouldn’t be able to drink anything… not unless he suddenly decided to pull out a baby bottle and drink it right there in the store. Not likely!
All too soon, Mel pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. His mind briefly flashed back to the first time she had made him wear a skirt into the store. She had actually phoned the police to get him out of the car. He was way past that point now. Now he was going in there once again wearing a maid’s dress. And it wouldn’t be for the first time either.
“Don’t forget your pacifier,” Mel reminded him as she got out of the car.
Damn! Did she have to remember that? Having to walk around sucking on a pacifier all the time was almost as humiliating as going everywhere in a dress. Scratch that! It was more humiliating! Mel was outside the car waiting for him, he turned to see her watching him. He put his baby bottle down into one of the cup holders, grabbed his pacifier and popped it into his mouth. At least the darn thing would be soothing to suck on while he was in there. He finally got out of the car and followed Mel inside.
As they slowly made their way up and down the aisles, Chad was very aware of every person in the store. He didn’t really care anymore about them seeing him in his maid’s dress… well, yes he cared, but that didn’t bother him nearly as much as the pink pacifier that was stuck in his mouth. He did his best to always look towards the items on the shelves, hoping that his pacifier would be less noticeable that way. Unfortunately, he knew all too well that some people saw it. Their amazed stares made him feel all the more foolish than he already felt.
He wished desperately that there was a way to hurry though grocery shopping, but trying to do that just wasn’t practical. And in any case, Mel certainly didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so he was stuck following slowly behind her. At least he had plenty of time to search for all the items he needed to cook with.
Halfway through the store, Mel stopped partway down the aisle and turned to him. “Show me your diaper,” she commanded.
Chad was appalled. There were people on that same aisle! But she seemed to be awfully serious about it. He mentally gulped, then paused. Was he supposed to curtsey now too? Mel’s waiting gaze turned into an angry stare. He quickly let go of the shopping cart and dropped a quick curtsey behind it. He glanced around at the other people in the same aisle. Were they paying attention to him? Of course they were. They were always watching him. They just usually tried to not make it too obvious. Mel was still waiting, less patiently now. He started to slowly raise his skirt.
“Come here where I can see you better,” Mel suddenly demanded. “I can’t tell how wet you are if you’re hiding behind that cart.”
Chad dropped the hem of his dress and walked contritely around to the front of the cart. He noticed several of the nearby people more actively watching them now. He prayed silently that Mel wouldn’t really make him do it, but she was waiting – all too impatiently.
“That’s one demerit for not curtseying again after I told you to come here, and also for not replying verbally to my request. A simple ‘Yes, Mistress’ would have been nice!”
Ugh! Another demerit! She had that look on her face again though as if she were waiting for something. He quickly dropped another curtsey to her and softly said, “Yes, Mistress,” in the high-pitched voice he knew she was waiting for.
“What?” she asked. “You’ll have to speak louder than that. I can’t hear you. Now do it again and speak up loudly this time!”
Chad wanted to scream, but screaming would only bring more unwanted attention to himself. Why did she have to be so cruel? He could see her impatience growing again. He quickly dropped into another curtsey and said, much more loudly this time, “Yes, Mistress.” His words and his high-pitched sissy voice attracted the attention of every person in the aisle as they all turned to look directly at him. Mel was smiling broadly. He wanted to drop into another one of those mythical holes in the ground and just die! As far as he could tell, he had just loudly declared to the whole world that he was a sissy.
“Well?” Mel said. “I’m still waiting.”
For what? Chad was momentarily confused, but then he remembered her original demand – to see his wet diaper. He silently groaned once again. Was everybody still looking at him? He could see the ones behind Mel still staring in his direction. He didn’t dare turn around. Very slowly, he grabbed the hem of his dress and started pulling it up. He could feel his face growing redder with every inch that he now exposed. He finally stopped as his hands reached the bottom of his breasts. He felt so embarrassed!
“Higher!” Mel demanded. I can just barely see the bottom of your diaper and that’s it.”
Ugh! Slowly he began pulling his dress up even higher. But he was evidently moving too slowly for Mel because she suddenly reached out and yanked his skirt up all the way, totally exposing his diaper for all to see. “Now hold it there,” she demanded.
Chad felt so foolish as he stood there while Mel grabbed the front of his diaper and checked him thoroughly. He knew it was actually only a few seconds, but it seemed to last an eternity. “Okay, Mel finally said. “At least you’re getting wetter.”
Chad gratefully dropped his skirt and smoothed it back in place. Whew! But Mel was staring at him again. He quickly dropped another curtsey. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said around the pacifier in his mouth in an all too loud and high-pitched voice.
Mel smiled. This really was getting fun. She knew she was taking a big chance with him doing things like that in the store, but she was fairly sure that nobody would really say anything to the management. “Tell you what, Sissy. If you can get that diaper leaking before we get out of here today, then I’ll give you three hours with each of your diapers for the rest of the day.”
Chad’s excitement soared. Three hours! That would be great! But after a moment’s thought, he realized just how impossible that would be. His diaper was wet, but it certainly wasn’t that wet. Not only would it be nearly impossible for him to flood his diaper before they left the store, he was very worried about being able to flood it within his two hour time limit. Impossible! But Mel was waiting for something again. Ugh! Curtsey. “Thank you, Mistress.” Did she have to giggle like that?
As they finished their shopping, Chad was surprised by some of the things that Mel was putting into the shopping cart. On one aisle, she put in lots of bottles of fruit juices – did that mean she was going to give him something other than her lousy green tea? He could only hope. But then a few minutes later, she loaded three big boxes of her favorite green tea into the cart as well. Yuck!
But the worst aisle for him was definitely the baby food aisle. Just as she had done last week, she spent way too much time looking at everything they had… while Chad was forced to stand there with his pacifier in his mouth. There could certainly be no question about who the baby food was for. He couldn’t help but notice the smirks on the faces of some of the other customers, especially one lady who tried to stifle laughing out loud, only to have it come spitting out of her as she walked past him. Embarrassing! And then Mel stopped in front of a display of baby bottles. After only a moment’s hesitation, she quickly grabbed four of the packages that each held three large plastic bottles. He couldn’t believe it! A dozen more baby bottles. They already had an enormous number of bottles at home. Why buy even more?
On the next aisle, Mel stopped to look at a display of pantyhose. She picked up several pairs of her usual brand and threw them into the cart. But then she continued looking. She finally reached out and grabbed a package of dark blue hose. She held them out toward Chad. Didn’t you tell me that Robin suggested you wear some with one of your outfits? Here, you can wear these next week. She tossed them into the cart on top of everything else.
Before they reached the checkout aisles, Mel stopped one more time and began loading bottle after bottle of her favorite wines into the cart. By the time she finished, the cart was overflowing. “There,” she said sounding satisfied. “That should hold me for a while.” Chad looked at all the wine. As much as he personally drank, which was mostly not at all, it would last him forever!
Chad had mixed feelings about standing in line to pay for all their purchases. On one hand, they were finally leaving. But on the other hand, he was sure that Mel would try to humiliate him further while they waited. Fortunately, they only had to wait behind one other customer who already had most of her groceries bagged.
Mel walked ahead of Chad while he started unloading their groceries onto the conveyor belt. She remained silent while the customer ahead of them was being taken care of. She did notice however the odd looks the customer kept giving Chad, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Chad was doing his very best imitation of someone who was too busy to even think about looking around or noticing anybody else. She really couldn’t blame him. She was really very surprised that the woman customer never said anything at all about Chad. Pity. But now it was their turn.
The girl behind the register eyed Chad carefully. Mel could see that she was trying vainly to decide what should be her best way to react. Obviously, she had to be concerned about being polite to the customers – all customers. “Did you find everything all right?” she finally asked.
Chad looked to Mel, hoping she would answer for him, but she wasn’t about to let him off that easy. “She asked you a question, Sissy. Don’t you think you should answer her?”
Chad’s heart sank. He would have to be the one to answer. “Yes…” he started to say around the pacifier in his mouth.
“Sssss!” Mel hissed angrily, cutting him off before he could get another word out. “Do it right!”
Right? Unfortunately, he had a pretty good idea of exactly what she considered to be right. She had to be kidding! But the angry expression was still on Mel’s face. Damn! The girl behind the register looked confused as she looked back and forth between Chad and Mel. Chad just wanted to get out of there – soon! He dropped a curtsey to the checkout girl and said, in his new frighteningly sissy voice, “Yes, thank you. We found everything just fine.”
The girl behind the register stared at him with her mouth totally agape. Several others around them turned to look too. Chad could feel his face turning even redder. And still the ground wasn’t opening up to swallow him. Darn!
It seemed like nobody around them moved for several moments, as if time itself had been frozen. Mel almost burst out laughing, which would have ruined everything. She could see how uncomfortable Chad was… good! He’d better get used to it.
Still never taking her eyes off of Chad, the girl behind the register finally reached out her hand to grab the first item from the conveyor belt. She dragged it across the scanner. The scanner beeped, and the spell was broken. A second later, everything seemed back to normal again… sort of. With a sissy like Chad around, no place was really normal.
Chad knew that he was the center of attention as he loaded bagged items back into the shopping cart, but there was certainly nothing he could do about it. He had to lift heavy bag after heavy bag, most of them loaded with bottles of liquids, into the cart. As he struggled with the bags, he had to wonder if they made him look even weaker than he really was… did they make him look like more of a sissy because he couldn’t lift them as easily? He put that thought from his mind. What did it matter? It was all too plainly obvious what he was!
After Mel paid for everything, Chad was forced to again curtsey to the girl at the register and thank her for her help. He was glad to beat a hasty retreat out of the store after that. Well, fairly hasty. The cart was heavy and hard to push very fast.

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