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The Bet - Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 3 of 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 17 (Monday – week 3 Part 3 of 3)

Chad was feeling sorry for himself as he drove back from lunch. Mostly because he was feeling so horny and had no way to get any relief. His need was starting to weigh like a lead weight on his entire body and mind. But all thoughts of his need went quickly to the back of his mind as soon as he arrived at his desk. Someone had left a couple of magazines on it. He looked at them – fashion magazines. There was no note or any way to tell where they had come from. He’d have to ask Robin as soon as she got back.
He started to put them aside, but he couldn’t resist. He opened one, just to glance quickly through it. Beautiful women that made him jealous because he couldn’t look like they did… beautiful clothes that made him jealous that he couldn’t wear them… Hair tips that made him jealous because he couldn’t wear his hair like that… And makeup suggestions that made him jealous because he didn’t have the feminine features of the models. The magazines were just too interesting to put down right away.
“I see you took my advice and got some magazines to look through too,” Robin said from the entrance to his cubicle.
He quickly put the magazines down. “No… Um… Somebody just left these on my desk and I was looking to see who they belonged to.”
“Yeah, sure. Admit it, you were reading them.”
He could feel his face turning warm with embarrassment. “Well, maybe. Did you leave these here?”
“Not me. You mean you didn’t buy them?”
He shook his head. “Definitely not!”
“Well, somebody thought that it might be a good idea for you then. You really should consider coming down to break with me later. Then you can ask to see if anybody there left them for you.”
“No way!” he answered. “I’m not going anywhere near there.”
She shook her head. “You’re acting soooo stupid!”
The buzzing of his new cell phone interrupted them. He quickly dug it out of his purse and found a text message from Mel telling him to go directly home after work and to have dinner ready as soon as she got home. He closed his cell phone and put it away.
“I see you got yourself a new cell phone too,” Robin said, sounding very exasperated. “I should have known you’d get a pink one!” She walked away and went back to her own cubicle.
His cell phone buzzed again immediately. Mel added another message. “No uniform tonight!” Now he was wondering what kind of trouble she had in store for him for tonight.

An hour later, the suppositories in Chad’s system decided to do their job. He was horrified when he first felt the impending urges quickly building. He recognized the signs of the suppositories – at least he was guessing it was from a suppository, but he didn’t really remember Cassie putting one in him. As he struggled to hold back, he realized that he should have known, he had been too wrapped up in the strange sensations to realize what Cassie had done.
But the suppository couldn’t be denied, and he didn’t even try very hard. All too soon he was horribly uncomfortable as his diapers filled with the terrible mess. A mess made all that much worse because he hadn’t had as many of the little bombs in him as usual. He dared not get up from his seat for the rest of the afternoon. Getting home to change was now the most important item on his mind. It dwarfed everything else, including his insatiable need.

Robin stopped by Chad’s desk in the middle of the afternoon. She really only stopped at the entrance to his cubicle. “Why don’t you come down to break with me?” she asked.
He turned in his chair and looked a bit angrily at her. “Like hell!” he said, then quickly turned himself away again. He hadn’t meant to act so mean, but the mess in his diapers just then was really bugging him and he dared not even get out of his seat.
“Suit yourself,” she said a bit angrily as she walked off. The guy was really being a major jerk. What was he so defensive about today? She walked into the break room and poured herself a cup of coffee. Her friends were all waiting for her.
“Did he get the magazines I put on his desk?” one of her friends asked excitedly.
“You left them?”
“Yeah! I thought it would be funny. Did he read them?”
Robin laughed a bit. “He sure did! Well, he was looking at them pretty closely anyway when I got back from lunch. But he was trying to convince me that he wasn’t really interested. But I saw him – I think he was fascinated by them.”
The woman laughed. “Oh God. He really is a sissy, isn’t he?”
“Hey Robin,” another woman asked. “Have you figured out what he’s doing at the gym yet?” “Not yet. I’ve thought about going in to ask while he’s in there at least a dozen times, but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I didn’t even try today.”
“Come on girl! You’ve got to do it. You want me to go with you?”
“No,” Robin replied. “I’ll check. I’ll do it tomorrow for sure!”

As soon as he could, Chad hurried out to his car after work, trying not to show how full his diapers were. Walking was really a problem. He could even smell himself some – even through all the layers of protection he was wearing. He was very grateful that Robin had only stopped by his desk once during the afternoon and that was just to see if he wanted to go down to break with her and the other women. Yeah, like he was really going to do that! Ever!
He hurried up to his apartment and undressed down to his diapers as fast as he could. He was more than ready to get out of them and get cleaned up in his shower. Afterwards, he dressed himself in two fresh diapers, then put the same clothes on he had worn all day since Mel had indicated no uniform today. Then he touched up his makeup and went straight to her apartment.
The diet dinner he was planning on making didn’t take a lot of time, but it did have to chill in the refrigerator before it was served. He got started on it right away. As he waited on portions of the dinner to cook, he quickly went over her apartment to make sure it was spotless. The only things he could really find to do were to make her bed and wipe her bathroom sink down. He set her table… it was definitely “her” table because he wasn’t allowed to sit at it anymore. While he got a measure of pride and pleasure in setting the table, it also made him sad. He would like to enjoy the fruits of his labors a little more than he was allowed. Which brought back memories of last night. Did she like the dinner, or didn’t she? It bothered him that he didn’t know.
By the time she breezed in from work, everything had long been ready. “Good evening, Mistress,” he said as he dropped a curtsey at her entrance.
She smiled broadly at him. Seeing him doing that seemed to chase away all the stresses and problems of her day. It filled her with absolute joy. “Good evening, Sissy,” she replied. “Is everything ready?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said with another curtsey. “Just as you asked.”
He really was becoming perfect. She was struck again by how wonderful it was to have such a servant. She headed for her seat at the table while he went to the refrigerator. There were two plates prepared in the refrigerator, he pulled one of them out and carefully placed it on the table in front of her. “Oh, this looks good,” she noted. “What is it?” He told her. She took a bite. The smile on her face broadened. “Are you sure this is out of that diet cookbook?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied with another curtsey.
She turned to face him, her face no longer looking so happy. “Isn’t there someplace you’re supposed to be?”
He sighed and started for his corner… and stopped and turned towards her.
Seeing him hesitate and turn around instantly took half the pleasure out of her meal. There was more than a hint of anger in her voice. “What’s wrong, Sissy?”
“I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said dropping yet another curtsey, “but I have to know… How did I displease you last night?”
His question caught her completely off guard. “Displease me? What are you talking about? Who said anything about you displeasing me last night?”
“Well, it’s just that… Well, nobody even mentioned if they liked the dinner I made. And then afterwards, everyone just ignored me, like I wasn’t even here.”
She was flabbergasted! “You expect…” She got angry. “Listen, Sissy, the only time anyone is likely to tell you anything like that… is if they DON’T like something! And as to us ignoring you… I thought I was being nice by letting you stay out of your corner while we didn’t need you. Obviously I was wrong. From now on you can expect to stay in that corner and out of the way unless I want you doing something. Now get into that corner and stay there! And hurry up!”
He practically ran for his corner and squished his body well into it. He closed his eyes. She was mad now, but she hadn’t been mad last night? What did he expect? Lavish praise? Yeah, he did expect that… or something anyway. But no, she had made it perfectly clear that he was just her servant… her maid. Someone to do the work and not be in the way or even noticed. Someone who could make her life perfect, yet remain lower than an insect. That was what it was all about after all. Wasn’t it? Yet in his anger, he noticed that his chastity device was starting to hurt him again, a lot! Damn the woman. He was so horny now that even when she made him feel insignificant it was affecting him.
Mel watched him scrunching his body into the corner, possibly harder than she had ever seen him doing it before. Her anger melted away just watching him. Actually, it was a good lesson for him. She had never spelled it out for him before. He had been picking up on things so naturally that she hadn’t even thought about it. She took another bite of her dinner, it really was good. Yes, he was perfect - or on his way to becoming perfect. She took a deep breath and sighed happily. This was the life she really wanted. Someone firmly under her control who could do all the wonderful things she needed. Not someone who would always be demanding things from her. She got enough of that in her job. “Stop moving your feet!” she ordered as she saw him fidgeting slightly. She loved riding him unmercifully. “And where, for heaven’s sake, is your pacifier?”

She kept him in his corner for a full half-hour after she finished her dinner, the only attention she paid him was to yell at him for moving. Otherwise, she did her best to act like she was ignoring him. Object lessons were always good. But there were other things that needed to be done. “Ok, Sissy, you can have your dinner now.”
He gratefully pulled his body out of the corner. He had scrunched himself in so tight that he was a bit sore now. He walked contritely into the kitchen and got his plate and a baby bottle out of the refrigerator and sat down on the floor with them. He didn’t even think about getting himself a fork.
She watched him for a minute, eating his dinner on the floor like he had been taught. His highchair would be ready soon. Now that would be a far more interesting sight, watching him eating all his meals in a highchair like a baby instead of like he was on the floor right now. The thought actually sent sexual thrills through her body, enough that she had to walk away and leave him alone before she got too carried away.

When he had finished eating and finished cleaning up after dinner, she put him straight to work on other things. She had him go and get his maid’s dress and apron and put them straight into the washer so they would be clean for the rest of the week. Then she had him start cleaning the few dirty cloth diapers that had accumulated over the weekend… not exactly his favorite task, but fortunately there seemed to be a lot less of them this week than last week.
“Put some muscle into it,” she rode him slightly as she watched him scrubbing diapers in the tub. He momentarily worked a little harder at it. Unfortunately, his efforts caused the pants he was wearing to get splashed by the water. “Take them off and throw them in my clothes hamper with my things,” she told him. “In fact, just strip down to your diapers and plastic panties.” When he was finally dressed as she wanted him, she liked what she saw a lot better. “I should have had you show up here that way,” she commented as she walked off.

His dress and apron were dry and only needed ironing – he could do that at home. His diapers that he had scrubbed by hand were now in the washing machine. It was time for a little personal attention. She laid down on the couch and kicked her shoes off. “Sissy! Come here and rub my feet!”
Her request surprised him. She hadn’t ever asked him to do that before. His wife – make that ex-wife, used to ask him to rub her feet. Was Mel another one who loved to have her feet massaged? “May I sit and hold them in my lap?” he asked. She only waved her hand in approval. He gently raised her legs and sat down, bringing her feet into his lap. He put his hands to work kneading the soles of her feet.
With the first firm touch of his hands on the soles of her feet, she breathed out a huge contented sigh. She hadn’t realized how much stress she still had in her body. Each little motion of his hands seemed to send her waves of pleasure. Why hadn’t she found someone to do this before? He was like a miracle! Now if time would just stand still so he could keep it up for an eternity.
It seemed like all too soon the washer finished its load and his diapers needed to be loaded into the dryer. But by then, she was ready for much more. While he loaded the dryer, she went and found a scarf to cover his eyes. She knew it was silly, but she still couldn’t bring herself to be naked in front of him. She didn’t know what was holding her back and she didn’t care. But in a way, it was actually more fun knowing he couldn’t see her.
She bound him like she usually did and protected her couch with towels before she dared remove her clothing. But the wait, seeing him helpless before her, only made her more hungry for his attention. She used him hard again. Ravishing herself with his face and tongue. Reveling in the absolute joy and freedom of what she was doing – made all the better by knowing that in her ecstasy, his sexual need was totally denied.
When her body could take no more, she finally called a halt to what she was doing. She left him while she quickly wiped herself off and threw a robe on. She started her bathwater, looking forward to soaking herself clean in the most relaxing way possible. Pleasure after her pleasure. It would be nice to have him helping her in her bath someday, gently scrubbing at her all over, but she was still plagued by being uncomfortable about being naked in front of him. Someday, she promised herself. Someday soon. It wasn’t that she wasn’t proud of her body… she was. It was just… something else. Something that had to do with him and him alone. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on what that something was yet.
The water was running in her tub. She put her favorite bath beads in it. But what about him? He was still tied up and blindfolded on her floor. She could leave him there, but she didn’t want to just then. She turned the water off and grabbed a towel. She went back out to him and untied him and let him wipe his face clean with the towel. Then she sent him home, out of her way. She knew she shouldn’t have done it that way. She knew it was wrong. She should have changed his diapers and stuck another suppository up inside him – at least. She should have made him drink many more baby bottles before he left. She should have given him some instructions. But she didn’t do any of that. So many things she should have done. But she was tired and feeling all too good. She wanted nothing more just then but to soak herself clean and relax alone in her bath.

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