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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

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The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

     Ray watched as Mel went through yet another small orgasm.  He had lost count of how many he had given her now.  He had only allowed himself two… so far.  He was using every trick he knew of as well as some he had recently learned from Gloria on her.  When he was done with her tonight, he wanted her to know that there was nobody who could ever be half as good in bed with her as he was.  Nobody!  When it came to sex, he wanted her mind to think of him… and only him!
     As Mel came down from her latest orgasm, she felt Ray moving yet again… getting ready to do something else to her to drive her crazy.  But she was overly tired now and was definitely getting sore.  “Enough!” she finally declared.  He had been all too attentive, too insistent on doing things to her… more so than doing things with her since they had gotten into bed.  It had been fun.  Worlds of fun!  Amazing fun!  But enough was enough.  She simply couldn’t take anymore!  She was to the point now where becoming a nun would have sounded like a really good idea.
     Instead of doing what he had planned, which would have been the third time for that particular little exercise, Ray moved up and pulled her to lay against his shoulder instead, wrapping his arms around her.  “We’ll get a little rest,” he said softly to her.
      “A little?” Mel mourned.  “I’m totally done in!”
      “Then well sleep for a while and we can resume again in the morning.”
     Ugh!  More sex was the last thing that Mel needed just then.  And his arms around her… even the closeness of his body was beginning to make her claustrophobic.  She pulled his arm off of her and rolled away, finally sitting up on the side of the bed where she could be away from him. 
     He wanted to stay the night.  She got that much.  And she was tempted.  Really tempted!  But there were reasons she couldn’t do that… she just couldn’t think of them just then.  Her brain was still too scrambled from so much uninterrupted sex!  To regain her wits…  “I have to go pee,” she said without turning around.  Not bothering to cover herself in any way, she headed into the bathroom.  She spent a long time there… at least longer than usual.  She sat on the toilet for a while after she had peed, trying to get her brain to start thinking again, but it was about as worn out and useless now as the rest of her body. 
     He wanted to stay the night.  There was something wrong with that… other than the fact that she didn’t think she could take anymore.  The only problem was, for the life of her just then, she couldn’t think of exactly why it was that he absolutely couldn’t stay.  By the time she finally flushed the toilet and went back to him, her brain was working a little bit better, but only slightly.  And a few minutes later, she was back in his arms yet again.  Only this time, she insisted on no more sex, even putting a quick stop to it when he started playing softly with her nipples again. 
     So should she let him stay the night?

      “You’re the babysitter,” Cassie declared, “not me!  So you have to do it!” 
      “But I don’t want to.  Are you sure it’s really still necessary?”
      “Yes!” Cassie replied flatly.
     Yuck!  Sandy didn’t mind changing his wet diapers.  Not one little bit.  But shoving her finger up his rear end, even pretending to put the suppository up inside of him, was something she would rather avoid doing.  And Cassie was being too stubborn right now to help her out with it.  Darn it! 
     She finally sank down next to him to go to work.  He was just lying there, drinking yet another bottle that she had just given him.  She didn’t know how many she had fixed for him today.  A lot, that much was certain.   And just as Mel had mentioned, his diapers always seemed to start leaking in well under his time limit.  After the way he had mischievously behaved earlier though, she had started checking him often since he was still being bad and was refusing to cry whenever he started leaking.  Babies!  They could be so frustrating!
     Since he seemed to be wetting so much, she tried to figure out how many diapers to prepare for him.  She was fairly certain that two wasn’t going to even come close!  But would three be enough?  Or did she need four?  Five?  She would have asked him, but by her own rules there was no way he could tell her.  And he had been acting like such a total baby all day that there was no way she was going to break that spell now.  Of course she could simply put him in one diaper and send him home to diaper himself for the night.  Maybe that’s what she should do.  Let him figure it out.  He should know better than her anyway what he would need… baby or not.  Then if he did leak all over his bedding, it wouldn’t be her fault. 
     Her mind suddenly made up, she grabbed only one disposable diaper from his diaper bag and got it ready.  One by one, she pulled open the tapes on his soggy diaper, but didn’t pull it back.  He was staring up at her, bottle in his mouth, just like a baby would… a very large sized baby, but still so much like a real baby.  She found the jar of suppositories in his diaper bag and opened it and pulled one out.  Holding it up so she could examine it closely, she said, “I’m not overly fond of having to do this, but I guess we have no choice, do we?”  She looked back at him with a somewhat mischievous smirk on her face.  She noticed that his face had changed slightly.  He certainly wasn’t fond of getting the suppositories either… even though he didn’t seem to have a clue that he wasn’t really getting them.
     She pulled back the front of his diaper to see if he was wetting – he wasn’t.  Then she quickly grabbed his legs and with his help, swung them high in the air to totally expose his bottom.  Palming the little pill, she stuck her middle finger into him.  She was almost surprised at how easily it went in when she did.  But she kept pushing until it was totally buried inside of him.  Then she quickly pulled it out again and wiped her finger off on the fresh diaper she had at hand.  When she lowered his legs, she saw a bit of pee still coming out of his chastity device, she quickly pulled his soggy diaper back over it again, noticing as she did so the wet spot now on his chest.  Well, accidents like that couldn’t be helped she guessed.  She wiped the wet spot dry with the fresh diaper as well. 
     After carefully checking to make sure he wasn’t peeing again, she pulled his soggy diaper out from under him and stuck the new one in its place.  A moment later, he was totally and safely secured.
      “Time for you to go home now,” she told him.  “I’ll let you figure out how many diapers you’re going to need to get through the night.  And Mel wanted me to remind you before you went home that you have to be at her apartment early in the morning.  She said you’d know what that was all about.  She looked for a nod or something from him, but all she got was him looking at her while he sucked on his baby bottle.  Good enough, she figured.  She had done her part. 
     As soon as he finished his bottle, she removed his bib and had him crawl to her front door.  She opened it for him and pushed his diaper bag outside so he could get it as soon as he was allowed to stand up.  She set his keys on top of his bag.  “I guess you’ll have to come back for your highchair tomorrow,” she told him.  She looked down at him for just a moment more.  “You were really fun today,” she told him.  “Bad too!” she admonished… then giggled.  “So much like a real baby.  I hope we get to do this again.  Now get going… and have a good night.”
     Chad crawled out her door.  He looked back at her as he was getting to his feet.  She blew a little kiss at him and closed her door.  Dressed in only his diaper, he grabbed his diaper bag and keys and hurried over to his own door.  A minute later, he was safely inside.  And all he could think about was what a strange day it had been.  Strange, and terribly humiliating, and fun, and… stimulating in ways he had never expected.
     His one single diaper soon became four disposable diapers with plastic panties on top.  He went to his refrigerator and pulled out… his last two baby bottles.  He knew he was supposed to drink three, but two was all he had left and he was fairly sure he had none in his diaper bag either.  He checked just to be sure.  Oh well, he knew he could always refill one of them from his sink, but he had already drank so many today that he decided not to bother.  He would just have to hope that Mel would understand in the morning… or maybe, he could drink and extra one before she got up tomorrow and she would never know!  That sounded like a better plan to him.
     Carrying his bottles back to his lonely blow-up mattress, he laid down and put the first one to his mouth.  He was aware that for the second night in a row he wasn’t wearing his breast forms.  In fact, for most of the day he hadn’t even had to have them stuffed into a bra.  He had no doubt that that little luxury would come to a quick end tomorrow. 
     And tomorrow…  Tomorrow he would have to be up early again and be over at Mel’s apartment to make coffee and breakfast for her.  He would have to be her perfect maid again.  He made a little mental note to re-iron one of his uniforms in the morning before he left.  Thinking of that, he reset his alarm for ten minutes earlier to give him more time.  He smiled as he reset his pink alarm clock.  He had finally woken up to a much more sane alarm this morning.  And it was so much better than what Mel had set for him.  He was almost looking forward to it again tomorrow.  Almost, but not quite!
     As he laid down again and grabbed his baby bottle, his mind replayed much of his day.  The part where he had played baby for Sandy had been a good part.  A very good part.  Much of it he had enjoyed thoroughly and had actually had fun.  A very rare experience for him.  Even having to endure her crazy toy stuck in his mouth hadn’t really been all that bad at all.  At least she didn’t actually have her friend Jillian come over to beat him.  He wouldn’t have liked his day nearly as much if she had.
     And then there was his crazy ballet performance.  He didn’t know what to think about that!  Except that he had no doubt that he would be dreaming about it for a very, very long time!

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