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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

     Dinner had been… okay.  Ray had been nice company… mostly.  There were times there when she felt like a criminal being grilled as he asked question after question about her family or her business.  And now they were pulling into the parking lot at her apartment again.  He had offered to take her to his place instead, but just then, she didn’t want to be “trapped” there with no easy way home if she felt that way. 
     As they headed up the stairs to her apartment, her eyes automatically fell on both Sissy’s apartment door and Sandy’s.  She really hoped they had gotten that highchair out of her kitchen!  But she was fairly confident that the thing was gone now.  A minute later, she led Ray into her apartment. 
     She automatically set her purse on the little table by the door.  But when she turned back towards Ray, she suddenly found herself in his arms.  His head lowered to hers, and they kissed.  The kiss felt so good!  And when it ended, she let him lead her straight into her bedroom. 

     Chad was glad to have that stupid “thing” out of his mouth!  Although what was in his mouth now wasn’t all that good either.  He was once again sitting in his highchair – although for some reason Sandy had insisted that this time he keep his hands in his lap when she put the tray in place – making them totally useless.  With his hands stuck there, there was no possible way at all for him to escape from the chair – even if Sandy hadn’t put the seatbelt around him as well.  Something that Mel never did.  Not that he was really worried about getting out of the chair anyway, but the knowledge that he was pretty much helpless there couldn’t be avoided.
      “Open wide Baby,” Sandy said as if she was talking to a one-year-old.  Chad dutifully opened his mouth again and let Sandy put another small spoonful of baby food into his mouth.  At least he didn’t have to waste time chewing it.  He simply swallowed.  And soon another spoonful of mush followed.  He would really have liked a drink from his bottle – even of the baby formula that Sandy had been giving him, but since he wasn’t supposed to make any sounds other than baby sounds, he had no way of telling her that.  So he sat there and kept opening his mouth over and over again, like little bird being fed by its mother, as Sandy put miniscule bits of baby mush into his mouth… over and over and over again.  The only good news, if you could call it that, was that at least it wasn’t an overly large amount of food that she had gotten out for him.  Not like the last few meals he had eaten.  That had actually wound up being horrible – even the meal in the restaurant!
      “Here comes the choo-choo train,” Sandy said.  “Choo choo choo…”  Chad dutifully opened his mouth again.  “Good baby.”
     Between playing airplane and choo-choo and whatever else Sandy happened to decide on as she fed him, Chad was pretty much worn out by the time his dinner was done.  Sandy cleaned him up, then surprisingly, released him from his highchair to crawl back to his blanket in the living room. 
      “Put that thing back in your mouth,” Sandy told him as soon as he got there, “and I’ll be back with your bottle in a few minutes.”  The “thing” that Sandy had been talking about, was of course the very realistic, and large, phallic toy from their bedroom.  Not at all happy about it, Chad picked the stupid thing up and jammed it in his mouth.  Sandy nodded as if satisfied and walked back toward the kitchen.
     He had really enjoyed playing baby earlier, but having a big fake penis stuck in his mouth took all the joy out of that.  Of course, another small part of him was also enjoying the humiliation factor of it, so he supposed not all was lost.  But he had simply been having fun earlier – as a baby. 
     Their phallic toy wouldn’t have been quite as bad if the darn thing hadn’t been so big.  Already his jaws were getting tired because he couldn’t close his mouth at all.  He was glad when he saw Sandy finally return with another baby bottle for him – if only because it meant that he could get the nuisance object out of his mouth.  He’d much rather suck on the nipple of a baby bottle instead... even if the bottle did contain baby formula. 
     Sandy brought the bottle to him, but instead of just handing it to him, she got down on the blanket with him, having to moved several of his baby toys out of the way to make room.  “Lay back, Baby,” she told him.  “I’ll feed you this time.”
     Chad laid on his back, the stupid phallus still deep in his mouth.  He was ever so glad when Sandy grabbed the miserable thing and pulled it out.  After that, he eagerly accepted the nipple of the bottle she held to his lips.  His hands automatically reached to hold the bottle.  “No, Baby,” Sandy told him.  “I’ll hold it for you.  You just enjoy it.”  Chad wasn’t sure how much he was enjoying the baby formula, but it was a whole lot better than what she had just removed from his mouth.
     Sandy laid on her side next to him so she could watch him closer as she held the bottle to his mouth with one hand.  A grown man – acting like such a total baby!  It never ceased to amaze her.  And once again she felt the twinges of sexual stirrings inside of her. 
     As she watched him nursing on his bottle, she remembered that his bet with Mel was almost over.  This could be the last time she ever got to babysit with him again.  That was not exactly a happy thought.  Did she really want to see him win their bet?  No.  For selfish reasons, she didn’t.  But she had agreed to be fair about the judging.  But could she?  Could she really?  She had agreed but…  But she really wanted Mel to win just so she could continue to be amazed by what he did.  Besides, the way it looked to her for some time now, there was no way in the world that he could win.  He was so totally incontinent already that she didn’t think he stood any chance at all of regaining any of that back… not in two days at least. 
     But what if… what if he somehow could?  Could she be fair about it?  Would she be fair?  She really wasn’t sure… again, for selfish reasons.  She didn’t want to think that would be the case, but she knew deep down that it was.  She would try, she decided. She would really, really try to be fair.  But bottom line… she wanted Mel to win. 
     Cassie walked up and stared down at her feeding him.  “Having fun?” she asked.
     Sandy smiled.  “More than you know.   Why don’t you come down here and join me.”
     Cassie smiled.  Why not?  She wanted to lay next to Sandy, but there was a pile of baby toys there.  The only space left on the blanket was on the other side of Sissy.  So she got down and laid there instead, on her side, with her head propped up on her arm where she could see over top of Sissy to watch Sandy just past him. 
      “You’re too far away,” Sandy complained jokingly. 
      “There’s no room on your other side!  Too many toys!”  She reached out her hand and grabbed the bottle that Sandy was holding in Sissy’s mouth, her hand caressing Sandy’s in the process.  Sandy relinquished her hold on the bottle to her and caressed Cassie’s hand in return.  Their eyes locked over top of Sissy’s body.  Sandy closed her hand over top of Cassie’s and they both held the bottle together, still looking at each other lovingly across Sissy’s body as they did so.  After another minute, Sandy propped herself up further and leaned over top of Sissy. Cassie rose to meet her.  Their lips locked in a long and sensual embrace just inches from Sissy’s face.
     Chad barely realized that the bottle was still in his mouth – even as he continued to suckle from it.  His attention now was riveted on the amazing sight right in front of his eyes.  Sandy and Cassie kissing… and it was no innocent kiss, that was for sure!  He was so close that he could easily tell that tongues were moving between both mouths as the amazing kiss seemed to go on and on… as if they had forgotten completely that he was there.  His thoughts suddenly turned to wanting Cassie to play with one of her toys in his rear end again as his own sexual urges became stimulated.
     Their kiss finally broke.  Cassie sat up on her knees, still looking at Sandy – hungrily.  In one swift motion, she suddenly pulled her top off and threw it aside.  Chad started sucking harder on his bottle as she reached for the back of her bra and unfastened that.  A moment later, Cassie’s breasts were fully on display, right in front of his face!  As if to emphasize that point, Chad’s bottle started making noises as he sucked hard on it – but there was no more liquid left inside for him to get out. 
     Sandy glanced down at the bottle she was holding and pulled it out of Sissy’s mouth.  She tossed it aside.  A moment later, she had pulled her own top off and removed her bra as well.  Both women faced each other, naked from the waist up, with Sissy lying in-between them.  Chad couldn’t move.  He dared not move.  He was too mesmerized to move.
      “Get over here!” Sandy said to Cassie as she extended her hand toward her lover.  Cassie raised one knee and set her leg over top of Sissy to his other side, straddling him.  A moment later, the rest of her body was there as well.  The two women embraced and kissed again, their naked breasts seeming to mingle and make their own version of a loving caress. 
     Chad couldn’t even think about moving as he watched the two half-naked women right next to him.  His body did give a small shudder though when they broke their embrace and first Cassie, then Sandy started removing their shorts – right in front of him.  And still ignoring him completely, they were soon totally stark naked! 
     Cassie and Sandy both started shoving baby toys out of their way and off of the blanket.  As they did, Sandy picked up just one of those objects, and paying Sissy the only bit of attention either of them had shown him in several moments, once again shoved the big dildo right into his mouth.  Not saying another word, she again ignored him completely as she turned back to Cassie… and laid down on the blanket, her back to Sissy, her arms entwined in Cassie’s arms. 
     The lifelike penis now shoved deeply into his mouth again, was not the type of thing Chad wanted there as he lay totally stunned, watching Sandy and Cassie making out right directly next to him.   If Sandy hadn’t shoved the stupid thing into his mouth, he might have thought they had both forgotten that he was there.  Oddly, he didn’t even think about moving as they continued making love… right next to him.  He couldn’t look away… he didn’t even think about moving.  Mesmerized… stunned… and shaking inside with sexual need, he continued to watch… and suck on the damned penis shaped toy in his mouth.
     The two women seemed to separate slightly as Sandy rolled over onto her back and Cassie moved down between her legs.  Chad was granted a ring-side view of Sandy’s heightening sexual excitement… and her resulting orgasm.  A few minutes later, the two women were back in each other’s arms again, before reversing positions and Chad got to watch as Cassie now experienced what Sandy had just gone through.  And through it all, it was like they didn’t even know he was there!
     Cassie’s orgasm did not appear to be nearly as wild as Sandy’s had been, but he still had no doubt when it hit her.  He expected it to end then… or at least he expected it to end after they were again entwined in another embrace, but before he knew it, Cassie was back between Sandy's legs again and he was watching as Sandy’s still heightened need continued to drive her toward yet another tumultuous climax.  Only then did they lock their naked bodies together again and remain there, kissing, nuzzling, fondling slightly… winding down from their strenuous activity.  And all that time, he still seemed to not exist for them.
     It was a while before Cassie kissed Sandy one last time, then got to her knees… and finally her feet.  She looked down at Sissy who was staring up, wide eyed, at her.  She grabbed her clothes and still stark naked headed off to the bathroom.  Chad’s eyes following her as far as he was capable of watching.  When she was gone, he turned back toward Sandy and realized she was now kneeling next to him staring down at him with a big smirking grin on her face.
     Sandy found her top amid the jumble of her clothes just off the blanket.  She pulled it on without a bra while she was still kneeling facing him.  With only the top of her body covered, she asked, “Did you enjoy that Sissy?  But then you’re just a little baby.  Babies don’t know anything about what we just did.  Do they?”  She grinned at her own mocking statements.  “Babies like you don’t know anything at all about sex, do they?  All they can do is to watch like that and not understand it since they don’t get to experience anything like what we just felt.  Not at all.  Just – like – you!”  She giggled again. 
     She stared down at him for another moment, mostly seeing the strange dildo that was still filling his mouth.  It looked so strange, so out of place there.  “Did you enjoy sucking on that thing while we were making love right next to you?” she asked.  “I’ll bet you did.  Sissies like you always enjoy something like that, especially since it’s the closest thing to actual sex you may ever get to have.”  She leaned closer to him before saying.  “And that makes it all the more special, doesn’t it?”  She leaned over and quickly kissed him on the cheek before giggling again and getting to her feet. 
     Chad could still smell the odor from their sexual intercourse as she had kissed him.  Her face reeked of it.  But that was such a tiny thing next to the words she had teasingly spoken.  Or was it mockingly.  Either way, her humiliating remarks aroused him to the point where he was unconsciously sucking harder on the phallus in his mouth and rubbing his tongue all over it… and as the teeth inside of his ever present chastity device once again began digging into his ever so slightly swelling and under used male appendage – too small anymore to even be thought of as a penis.  The slight swelling didn’t last long as the irritating reminder from the teeth of his device took over.  But his sexual need and excitement didn’t abate one little bit. 
     He watched as Sandy, totally naked from the waist down, picked up her clothes and walked off.  Wow!  He still couldn’t believe it had just happened… right there… right in front of him.  And through it all there was nothing he could do to gain any bit of sexual stimulation for himself… other than to wish for it.  Helpless… like a baby.

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