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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 16 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 16 Part 2 of 3

Vivian arrived home to find her mailbox fairly full, including a largish manila envelope.  She was hoping it was from the company in Canada that she had ordered the stuff from for Marian, but closer examination showed that wasn’t the case.  It appeared to be some kind of CD or movie disk that someone had sent to Marian.  She read the return address and saw that it was from someone named Mark.  Not someone that she knew, but then she didn’t expect to know him since it was most likely some friend of Marian’s.   
She carried everything inside and sorted the mail.  The advertisements were the most important things that she was interested in.  The bills went into a different pile… and after a little thought, she dropped the envelope with the disk on it into that pile as well.  She spent half an hour quickly perusing the sale ads for several different stores.  Some things she made a mental note of to check out the next time she went shopping, which unfortunately wasn’t going to be tonight. 
She picked up the disk mailer and looked at it more closely.  It had a Denver return address.  Marian knew someone in Denver?  Well, why not?  She found some scissors and cut the envelope open to see what was in it – a DVD that was simply labeled:  “Fireplace.”  It looked homemade so it didn’t interest her at all.  Stuffing the DVD back into the envelope, she stuck it back with the pile of bills.  Then she went into the kitchen to find herself something light for dinner.  It was nearly an hour later when she picked up bills, along with the envelope containing the DVD, and carried them all out to her car.  The DVD was all but forgotten as her mind ranged through what she had planned for her evening’s work… and entertainment.

“Okay,” Marian said.  “Just like we did it last night.  If I moo twice, then step in and get my shoes back on for me.  But hopefully, that’s not going to be necessary this time.  I’m much better rested and it’s been another day since Vivian set any suggestions in me.”
“Do you have to do this?” Phillip asked.  “What if it doesn’t work?”
“Then we’ll do it again tomorrow night,” Marian replied.  “And the next night, and the next.  Eventually, I’ll make it.  But I’m pretty confident that tonight I’ll be able to do it.”
Phillip shook his head.  “I just wish you wouldn’t.”
Marian just looked at him.  “Phillip, I have to do this – for both of us!”
Phillip didn’t exactly see it that way.
“Ready?” Marian asked.
“You’re the one killing yourself,” Phillip replied.
Marian nodded and sat down to start unbuckling her shoes.  But just as she sat, someone started knocking at the door. 
“Can you get that for me?” Phillip asked, not wanting anyone to see him the way he looked.
Marian shook her head.  “Go!  Get used to it!”
Phillip hated that she wasn’t letting him hide.  What kind of friend was she?  He and Dolly headed for the door.  Marian followed a short distance behind.
Vivian was about to knock again when the door finally opened.  “What took you so long?” she asked as she pushed her way inside.
“We just finished cleaning up from dinner,” Marian explained.
“Who cares!” Vivian exclaimed.  She handed Marian the stack of bills along with the DVD envelope.  “Here!” she said.  “They’re your bills, you pay them!”
Marian ignored the bills and examined the larger envelope instead, acting like she had never seen it before.  “It’s from Mark!” she exclaimed excitedly.  She said nothing about the envelope already being open.  “Oh look!  He sent it!”  Not waiting for an answer from Vivian she ran to Phillip’s TV.  He had a DVD player right under it.  She loaded the DVD into it and turned it on.  A video of a large brightly burning fireplace soon filled the screen.  “Oh thank you,” she said a bit overly effusively to Vivian.  “He said he was going to make this for me.  You don’t know how much this means to me.”
“Well…” Vivian said rather uncertainly.
“Isn’t it simply elegant?” Marian asked, looking at the burning fire on the TV.
“Elegant?” Vivian asked, even more uncertain now.
“Yes!” Marian declared.  “I told Mark once that the only thing my place really lacked was a beautiful fireplace like he had.  Fireplaces add so much atmosphere to a house, don’t you think?”
“I…” Vivian started to reply.  But it was something she had never thought about before.
“Oh!” Marian exclaimed.  “It’s soooo relaxing, isn’t it?  And it’s soooo beautiful!  Don’t you think?”
Vivian was staring at the fire video.  “It is kind of pretty,” she agreed.
“I think it just adds so much elegance to a home,” Marian added.  “And since it’s a video, you never have to worry about it getting too hot, or tending the fire or anything.  You can just put it on and let the atmosphere soak into the room.  Just leave it play over and over again and not worry about it at all.”
“Atmosphere?” Vivian echoed uncertainly.
“Oh thank you so much!” Marian told her again as they stared at the fireplace that filled the entire screen.  “You don’t know how much this video means to me.”
That’s all it took.  “Forget it!” Vivian declared quickly as she went directly to the DVD player and ejected the disk.  “This one is mine!  What’s a cow going to do with a fireplace anyway?”  She hurriedly put the disk into her purse, as Marian complained and begged bitterly for her to return it… which only strengthened Vivian’s resolve that Marian shouldn’t get it!  Anything that good she should have for herself!
Marian acted like she was majorly upset.  But inside, she was smirking with delight.  Now if Vicious Vivian would just stick that thing in the player in the townhouse and turn it on, then maybe she and Phillip could start getting out of the mess they were in!
With the DVD now securely in her purse, Vivian didn’t waste any more time.  Marian sucks her thumb!” she said quickly to Marian who was still complaining bitterly about the disk.  The command shut Marian up immediately as her eyes rolled shut and her thumb went directly into her complaining mouth.  Vivian turned to Phillip whose eyes were wide with fright.  Phyllis sucks her thumb!” she said to him, and watched as he reacted just as Marian had.  “Mine to play with,” Vivian muttered to herself.
Carefully softening her voice, she turned back to Marian.  “Marian, go sit on the couch and continue to relax deeper and deeper.  Let yourself enjoy going deeper into your trance.”  There was always something triumphant that was set off inside of Vivian the moment she saw either of them do what she told them to.  A moment later, Marian was sitting on the couch, her eyes closed again, her thumb still in her mouth, and still deeply in her trance.  Vivian smiled.  She would get back to Marian in a little while. 
She turned to Philip.  “Phillip, stay in your trance but go sit in front of your computer and log into it.”  Just as Marian had done what Vivian had told her to do, Phillip did what she told him.  He went to his desk where he sat holding Dolly in his lap and pulled his thumb out of his mouth to log into his computer.  It took a minute before the computer was ready.  While it was booting up, Vivian went to her purse and pulled out her notebook where she kept her list of the instructions she had already given each of them.
When she came back, she leaned down close to Phillip’s ear and spoke carefully and softly as she spent several minutes deepening Phillip’s trance.  She opened her notebook and one by one went down the list of things she had already stuck into his brain.  Once she had covered all of the old stuff, it was time to move onto something new – the one new entry to that list that she had added earlier in the day.
“Phillip,” she said, “I want you to go to an internet search page.”  His computer wasn’t as fast as the one on her desk at work, but it still took only a few seconds.  She leaned down close to his ear again.  “I want you to do a search for ‘snakes in the toilet.’”  She watched as his fingers typed, and before long the same long list of articles, pictures, and videos she had seen earlier came up.
“Phillip,” she said, “I want you to go down and read every article, look carefully at every picture, and watch every video.  Everything!  No matter what you see, you will still stay as deeply in your trance as you are now.  The whole time you’re looking at that stuff, I want you to continually remember that that can happen to you!  I want you to imagine all those snakes and rats coming up through whatever toilet you use, no matter where it is.  I want you to imagine that every time you try to go to the bathroom – anywhere, those snakes and rats will suddenly appear and bite you!  I want you to keep looking through that stuff over and over again until I stop you.  Remember Phillip, that’s what awaits you now whenever you try to get near a toilet.  Now start looking through it all so you know what to expect.”
She stood back and watched as he opened up the first entry on the list.  She had to look away from the screen since the images brought back all too many disturbing thoughts that she had spent the rest of the day trying unsuccessfully to forget.  She left him to his work.  It was now time to spend a few minutes with stupid Marian.
She spent a lot longer trying to deepen Marian’s trance than she had with Phillip, only because she knew that Marian was the more important one of the two for her.  But once she had finished with that part, just as she had done with Phillip, and just as she had done the last time she had been there, she once again instilled every instruction she had ever given Marian back into her brain. 
When she was finished, she looked up at Phillip and was surprised to see him rocking back and forth a bit in his seat.  She went over to check on him.  His thumb was back in his mouth and his eyes were wide as he watched the brief video on the screen.  When it ended, she heard a tiny sound of distress emitting from Phillip’s throat… even as he went back to the search page and clicked on the next entry.  More pictures.  As he scrolled slowly down the list, Vivian saw awful pictures of snakes – mostly inside of toilets.  She had to look away because they were so disturbing to her.  The tiny sound of distress coming from his throat was almost constant now.  Obviously the stuff he was looking at was having the desired effect on him.  She decided to leave him at it for a little while more. 
She went back to Marian and woke her up completely. 
Marian pulled herself out of her trance and breathed in deeply trying to fully wake up.  She knew she had been deep… as deep as she thought it was possible for her to go.  But as much as she had enjoyed the trance, she was cursing fate, and life, and everything else now – especially Vivian.  She had been sure she could have conquered all of Vivian’s mental programming earlier, but now with it all freshly back in her head again, even trying was simply out of the question.  She was stuck just as she had been… all too firmly.
“Get undressed,” Vivian commanded.  “I want you naked again… except for those nice uncomfortable shoes of course.”
Marian stood up to get undressed.  It was only then that she heard the faint sound of distress coming out of Phillip.  She saw him rocking back and forth.  “Is he okay?” she asked, starting to head over to him.
“Leave him!  He’s fine!” Vivian commanded.  “He’s just the way I want him to be.”
Marian looked at her uncertainly, but she couldn’t take another step toward Phillip.  Whatever Vivian had him doing, was obviously disturbing him an awful lot!  With one eye on Phillip, Marian removed all her clothes.  Only then did she manage to look back to Vivian, fearfully, but with a touch of defiance inside as well.  Defiance that she knew she couldn’t touch.
Vivian briefly looked over Marian’s naked body.  “Up against the wall where I like you!” she commanded.  Once Marian was in position, she ordered, “Now start mooing for me like the stupid cow that you are!”
It was all Marian could do not to roll her eyes, but as ordered, she started mooing over and over again.
Vivian smiled.  “Music to my ears!” she declared happily.  Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.  “Play with yourself you stupid cow.  Let me see how wet you can get down there!  And don’t forget those udders either!”
Once again, Marian was back trying to masturbate with one hand while her other hand massaged her breasts – all while continuing to moo over and over again.  As she was doing it, she saw Vivian watching her for a few moments before she resumed undressing again.  Marian was very concerned about Phillip though.  She was hoping that now that Vivian was naked, she would call Phillip away from whatever she had him doing and put him to work between her legs instead.  That had to be better than whatever was upsetting him now.  But once again, Vivian surprised her.
“Now get over here you ugly cow and let’s see how useful your tongue can be instead of his.  Get down on the floor here – now!”
Marian was shocked.  She tried for only a moment to resist, but the sudden sharp pain in her back seemed to drive her forward and down to the floor.  She wrestled with the pain only very briefly, but it was too sharp, too painful, too overpowering for her to fight.  And just as the pain drove her to the floor, it drove her face toward Vivian’s waiting sex.  She tried to fight it, but it was no use.  The pain was only bearable if she did the demented things that Vivian demanded.  And the pain only fully let up, after her face was completely wet with Vivian’s juices.
“Harder, you stinking cow!” Vivian demanded as Marian licked away at her.  “Harder!  Faster!”
Marian tried… sort of.  She was doing as much as she needed to, which was actually the least that she could get away with and not have to suffer too badly with the pain.  Vivian’s demands that she work harder at it didn’t help any.  Her biggest relief came each time she was forced to pull her head away to let out a moo.  But each time, she barely got the moo out and caught her breath before Vivian was demanding she get back to work again.  Despite those few pauses, she eventually felt Vivian climaxing.  She hoped that Vivian would be done with her then and let her get back up, but Vivian wasn’t letting her loose.
“Harder!  Harder!” Vivian yelled.  “I can see you’re going to need a lot more practice with this!”
Despite Vivian’s urging, Marian could only do so much.  It wasn’t just that she didn’t want to do it, the threat of the pain constantly hanging in the background drove her to keep at it.  But it wasn’t something she had ever done before… and she could only hope she wouldn’t ever have to ever do it again. 
It was a long time before Vivian finally reached a second climax.  Only then did she push Marian away.  “Get out of there you stupid cow!  I can’t believe how inept you are!  Although I guess I should have realized you would be.  You’re not smart enough to be able to do what most normal people can do with no trouble at all!  Sissy Phillip over there was great at it!  But you, you stupid cow… well, I guess you’re only fit to be a cow and nothing else!  Get back over to your wall and start mooing again.  It’s all you’re good for!  And start playing with yourself again too.  I want you to know how useless you are now!”
Marian’s hands almost flew to her private zones.  One to her breasts, the other down between her legs.  But despite that, and despite having to continuously moo again, she was glad to be out from between Vivian’s legs.  It had been very hard to breathe in there!  Not to mention how tired her jaw and tongue were now. 
She looked over toward Phillip.  He was rocking even harder now.  She could actually hear him crying over top of her own mooing.  What did Vivian have him doing?  Whatever it was, it was causing him some major trauma!  She would have gone to him to comfort him if she could, but she was now stuck next to the stupid wall again… mooing away like the stupid cow Vivian kept telling her she was. 
Vivian could hear Phillip crying, but it didn’t bother her in the least.  She figured that all those snakes were probably making him more and more afraid.  At least, she hoped that was what was happening.  And the more afraid he got of using a toilet somewhere, the better the conditioning should work in him.  She thought, anyway.  But once she was dressed, it was time to deal with him again.  With Marian mooing away in the background, she went over to him to see how he was doing.  She checked the screen.  It showed a picture of a snake striking out towards the camera – from a toilet bowl somewhere.  Frightening! 
Phillip simply could not take his eyes off that one picture.   He was holding tightly onto Dolly, and sucking his thumb for comfort, and crying in fear.  But he couldn’t take his eyes away from that picture on the screen.  That picture seemed to sum up every one of the fears that he had just learned about.  Every last one!  All he could picture in his mind now was that big snake striking out at him from the rim of that toilet!  And he had always been very afraid of snakes! 
“You can turn it off now,” Vivian told him.  But he didn’t move.  He just continued to stare at that one picture.  “Turn it off!” Vivian said again.  She might as well have been talking to the wall.  Even hypnotized, Phillip was too far gone to realize anything other than what was in that one horrible picture.  She reached over and closed the web browser herself, removing the awful picture from the screen.  Phillip though, was still rocking back and forth… still crying… still staring straight ahead at the screen.
Vivian remembered all the notes she had made earlier about what she wanted to tell him.  She leaned in close to his ear and spoke softly.  “From now on, Sissy Phillip, every single time you try to use a toilet, or one of those urinals in the men’s rooms, or even try to pee or mess anywhere at all, there will always be a very nasty snake just waiting to jump out and bite you!  Every time, no matter where you try to go, at least one snake will always be there wanting to bite you.  If you try to pee in the tub, there will be a snake waiting for you there.  If you try to pee in a bucket, one will be there too.  If you just try to pee behind a bush somewhere, that bush will be full of dangerous snakes.  And you know how snakes can hide so you can’t see them.  They’re always there, but they’re hidden.  And they will bite you every time you try to go.  You’ll have no trouble with them at all when you try to wash, or take a bath, or even shower.  When you’re just doing that, they won’t be anywhere around at all.  You won’t even have to feel concerned with them.  They’re only going to be there whenever you have to pee or poop somewhere.  And they will always be there for that!
“So here’s the only thing you can do from now on Sissy Phillip.  The one and only place that you can ever pee or poop anymore, is in your own pants.  From now on!  Those snakes won’t ever bother you or even let you see them as long as you do that.  But you’re going to have to do it all right in your own clothes without removing them.  You can wear a diaper or something like that if you like.  In fact, I highly recommend that you do.  But even if you don’t, from now on, your only choice to relieve yourself in any way at all will be in your own pants.  Got that?  It’s the only way you can go from now on.  In your own pants!  Otherwise… snakes!”
He had stopped rocking back and forth now.  His crying was no longer audible.  But he was still staring straight ahead and was sucking his thumb even harder.  She could see his jaw quivering as well.  And she was sure that he was holding extra tightly onto his doll.  The stupid sissy!  She had been right to dress him like she did!
But now it was time to pull him out of it, and she was worried that he might not come out of his trance very well in the state he seemed to be in.  “Close your eyes now, Sissy Phillip.”  She watched him for a moment but nothing happened.  She was about to say it again, when his eyes finally closed.  “Relax now,” she told him.  “There are no snakes anywhere around right now.  They’re only going to be around if you try to go to the bathroom like everyone else does.  Right now, there are no snakes anywhere near here.  You can relax… relax… relax….” 
In contrast to the way she had been behaving lately, she took the time to take him deeper into a trance again, helping him to relax, helping him to get past the trauma of the snakes.  It was the way she used to be – caring, kind, loving.  But her loving side had grown callous in the last few years as life and love had taken their toll on her.  And it was only very recently that she had grown so totally uncaring about anyone else.  Only since… the power had been given to her.  But that was all things she would never realize about herself.  All things she was no longer concerned with at all.
She finally woke him.  He was still sucking his thumb and holding tightly onto his doll.  He looked up at her, but she could still see the fear behind his eyes.  “Do you need to pee?” she asked him.
With his thumb still in his mouth, Phillip shook his head.  His eyes still burned with the image of that horrible snake striking out at him.  If he could help it, he would never pee again.  That was the only thought he could think of just then.  He didn’t ever want to have to pee or poop again!  Ever!
Vivian left him there and headed back to pick up her purse.  She had done what she had come there for.  Marian was still against the wall mooing and desperately playing with herself… all to no avail.  She would be forced to try and try, only to be denied what she so desperately was trying to obtain.  She glanced at the clock.  “You keep at that right there for another hour!” she commanded.  Then with a laugh, she walked out of the apartment to go home.  She wanted to check out those sale ads again more closely.


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omg that woman has totally lost her grip on sanity

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That was kind of terrifying!

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Ah but, as cruel as she was...Marian is even crueler...tricking Vivian into keeping the Fireplace DVD.