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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 16 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 16 Part 1 of 3

Marian’s new mode of dressing wasn’t exactly feeling normal yet, but she was starting to get more used to it.  The nice comments from the women at work weren’t exactly hurting much.  Maybe Vicious Vivian had done her a favor as far as that was concerned, but she did still look at Phillip’s low heeled shoes once in a while with more than a bit of longing. 
When she got called fairly early in the morning to go up to another meeting, the attention from the men, including one who offered to get her a cup of coffee, did her ego more than a bit of good as well.  Fortunately, that meeting didn’t last long and she was able to get out of there before she had to “excuse” herself briefly so she could go and let out another moo.
After the meeting, Loretta watched Marian leaving… to the attention of more than a few of the men.  She wondered again if Marian was campaigning for a job in management!  Well, good luck to her if she could do it.

Phillip wasn’t nearly as comfortable with the way he dressed for work as Marian was.  He still felt nothing but humiliated over it.  The looks and smiles he got from the women were not something he wanted.  And when they often commented on something he was wearing or asked what he thought about some other bit of women’s fashion, he really didn’t know how to answer.  Basically, he was just scared. 
Having to go to the men’s room a few times a day didn’t help matters at all.  He had stopped drinking any coffee, or anything else during the day, just so he wouldn’t have to face that problem as much.  The woman from HR had said he could use the ladies room if he wanted, but he wasn’t comfortable doing that… any more than he was comfortable going into the men’s room now.  But the men’s room seemed to be more… familiar, so he continued to use it.  The women’s room seemed… less right.

From her desk near the back of the room, Heather spent a lot of time watching Phillip and Vivian… and Marian somewhat.  Marian’s desk was actually further back than hers was so it was more difficult to watch Marian.  But that didn’t mean she didn’t turn her head fairly often to see what Marian was up to.  The FBI!  What had Marian gotten into?  If it was Marian… which she wasn’t entirely sure about.  Vivian seemed a much more likely candidate for that kind of thing than Marian.  But Felicia had said….
But if the FBI were that adamant about them staying out of it, then she would!  She certainly didn’t want to do anything to mess up a government investigation.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t keep watching them.  Maybe she could even learn something that would help! 

As usual, Vivian surfed the net.  She was again a bit miffed that Marian looked so good.  Who knew?  The stupid cow!  And now that Marian had gotten so much more used to the very high heels, she was strutting around with a sexy little walk that seemed all too high class and natural.  Cow!  Cow!  Cow!  Well, she was going to show her but good!  How long would it be before that stuff she had ordered would come in?  Okay, that one thing she had ordered from someplace in Canada, but it was small so she didn’t think it should take very long.  She had asked for somewhat quick shipping on everything, so she figured it would all be here soon.  Hopefully, very soon!  Then Marian would get a good dose of reality!  Marian would be forced to face what she really was – a good for nothing, smelly, ugly, totally stupid – cow!
She knew she had to go out to Phillip’s apartment that night.  Felicia wanted her to hypnotize Phillip and make him use… diapers all the time?  Geez!  So dumb!  But she did agree that it would probably make Sissy Phillip feel even more humiliated.  So she didn’t mind that too much – as long as Felicia took care of that meddling whore Heather!  She figured that she would just hypnotize Phillip and Marian again and then tell Phillip everything she wanted him to do as far as what Felicia wanted from now on.  She couldn’t see where it would be any big problem.  She’d spend a little while later today and work out the details for exactly what she wanted to say to Phillip to make sure his clothes stayed on whenever he had to relieve himself from now on.
It had been a couple of days now anyway since she had hypnotized them and re-put everything into their idiotic brains again, so hypnotizing them both tonight kind of kept her to her planned schedule for it anyway.  Besides, it was past time for her to have a bit more fun with both of them… especially Phillip’s little tongue that she had enjoyed so much.  But what to do with Marian while Phillip was at work on her.  She supposed she could have Marian stand there and moo and play with herself again like she did last time.  She had rather enjoyed that.  But who knew, maybe she could come up with something more interesting by then. 
She glanced up at Felicia – hard at work!  Huh!  Making Mooing Marian and Sissy Phyllis do all her work for her had been a stroke of genius!  She was proud of herself for thinking of it.  She had so much more time now to surf the net and check the sales ads for all the stores.  She never missed a sale – ever!  Sales were one of the most exciting things she could think of!  Almost more exciting that watching Mooing Marian make a fool of herself.  She made a note to herself.  It was about time to have Mooing Marian do more mooing in public.  Marian might as well get used to everyone else seeing exactly what she really was too!
Unfortunately, only a few of the chain stores had posted anything new about their upcoming sales so far, but it was still early in the day.  Some of them didn’t post until after lunch.  So she clicked around to some of the other things that sometimes interested her. 
She never really read the news articles, but she did sometimes enjoy the “odd or weird news” that some of the major sites put together.  Some of the things in those sections were simply crazy!  Having nothing better to look at just then, she went into one of those odd-news sites and started going down the list.  And one of the headlines made her stop – “Snake bites man on penis.”  How the heck could a snake ever bite a man’s penis?  What was he doing that was that stupid?  Totally hooked by the headline, she had to open the article to find out.  The opening picture alone totally shocked and frightened her.  And reading the article only made things worse!  All the guy had done was go into the bathroom and start peeing in the toilet.  But he didn’t see the snake that had come up through the septic system and was stuck there.  The snake had gotten mad when he started to pee and had bit him!  Ewww!  She suddenly had a feeling that she would be checking the toilets very carefully every time she needed to use one now.
On the surface, the article seemed to be insane, possibly made up.  But at the same time, the accompanying picture made it look all too real.  Was it possible for a snake to somehow come up into the toilet?  Somewhat fearing for her future trips to the bathroom, she had to find out.  She went to the internet search site and typed in “snakes in the toilet.”  And was shocked to see hundreds of different articles about it.  It didn’t take her long to find out that it was an all too common occurrence… and not just with snakes!  Rats and black widow spiders had a bad habit of making their way through the drain lines as well.  And the articles were full of disturbing pictures and stories showing just how often it happened.  Vivian didn’t need to pee just then, but she had no doubt that she was going to be very cautious about looking in the toilet when she went!  Ewww!  It was totally disturbing! 
She quickly clicked away from that subject to search for some funny comic strips to check out instead to get those thoughts and images out of her mind.  But the images of those snakes wouldn’t leave her alone.  They were simply… frightening!  It was while she was looking at one of the comics that she had the idea.  It made total sense.  If Felicia wanted sissy Phillip to not be able to go anywhere except in his pants from now on, why not use the snakes in the toilet thing – along with the hypnotism, to put such a fear into him of using the toilet – any toilet – that he’d never go near one again.  It made perfect sense!  And she had no doubt that stupid Sissy Phillip would be totally affected by the kind of things she had seen.  Heck, she had just barely glanced at some of the stuff and she was frightened to death. 

Felicia knew she was supposed to be working, but she found herself thinking about Phillip instead.  She had been shocked last night to find out just how right Heather had been.  Vivian had to be totally in control of both Phillip and Marian… although Vivian being in control of Marian the way she was concerned her more than a little.  And the fact that Vivian didn’t act like she was worried about it, concerned her almost as much.  But Felicia was determined that the little shithead be punished severely for what he had done.  She had tried to call Maria again last night, and she still couldn’t reach her.  It was almost as if Maria had dropped off the face of the earth! 
If Vivian could actually do what she asked her to do, then Phillip would forever be stuck in yucky diapers like a stupid toddler.  Let the little squirt suffer with that!  Yuck!  But thinking about him being forced back into needing diapers, made her wonder what kind of diapers he might be able to use.  He was a grown man!  Sort of!  In some ways Vivian had already made him look somewhat like a silly toddler.  She really did like the little girl haircut and bow that Vivian had stuck him with.  And she did love seeing him carry the doll around.  And it was too bad he couldn’t be stuck sucking his thumb all the time like a toddler as well.  But the little shit did have to work.  She supposed she could have asked Vivian to make him suck a pacifier sometimes, but if Vivian could somehow send Phillip back to toddler status in that one big way that she had asked for, then she would be more than satisfied. 
So what kind of diapers were available for someone like him?  Knowing she should have been working instead, she started surfing the internet.  One search, led to another.  Each search sending her in slightly different directions… until she found a bunch of companies that actually produced disposable diapers – for something called adult babies!  And that description sounded perfect… and the diapers looked perfect!  Especially the ones with little childish designs printed on them.  One particular design seemed to stand out to her the most.  Taking a chance that Vivian wouldn’t tell anyone that she wasn’t exactly working, she sent an email to her with a link to the page she had been looking at:  Wouldn’t Phillip look adorable in something like this?
Vivian read the short email and clicked on the link.  She smiled, and wrote back:  Yes!  I’ll order some for him right away! 
Felicia read Vivian’s reply.  She was going to order some right away?  Well, Vivian was a world-class shopper!  She didn’t see Vivian typing an email and demanding Marian’s credit card again.

After work, Phillip and Marian stopped as usual to buy him another lipstick.  He was getting quite a collection now… and the clerks in the store were getting to know him fairly well too, which amused Marian, but not Phillip.  He would have been happier to just go and hide somewhere. 
“We need some groceries,” Marian suggested as they got back in the car.
“You go,” Phillip replied.  “I’ll stay home.”
“No!” Marian countered.  “We’re already out.  I’m not going to make a separate trip.  Besides, we have nothing in the house to eat anyway.”
“Why can’t we just stop and get something like we always do?”
“Because we need to eat something better at least once in a while.”
“Better is too much work.  I’d rather have the fast food!”
Marian rolled her eyes.  “No!  We’re stopping and going grocery shopping!”
Phillip looked away and sulked.  He’d much rather just go home where nobody could see him.
Two minutes later, Marian pulled into the parking lot of a nearby supermarket.  “Okay,” she said, “Let’s go.”
“I’ll stay in the car,” Phillip declared.
“No. I don’t know what kind of things you like to eat.”
“Fast food!”
“You can’t eat fast food all the time!”
“Why not?  It’s been fine so far.”
“Phillip!” she said somewhat angrily.  “Stop acting like a child!”
“Why?  Mistress Vivian is making me look like one!”
Marian didn’t miss the “Mistress” part of what he had said.  She chose to ignore it for now.  “That doesn’t mean you have to act like one,” she countered.
“Who cares?”
“I do!” Marian argued.
“Well I don’t!” Phillip retorted.
Marian was growing frustrated.  He really was acting childish.  But she knew most of that was because of his reluctance to get out of the car and be seen by more people.  But if she was ever going to break him free from Vivian’s clutches, then she had to get tough.  “Phillip!” she said with as much authority as she could muster.  “Get out of this car right now, and don’t give me any backtalk about it.  Now move!”  She didn’t care that he rolled his eyes or acted like he hated it.  The important thing was that he actually got out of the car.  It was a start, a small start, but still a start. 
Marian pushed the shopping cart while Phillip carried Dolly and did his best to ignore everyone else in the store… which wasn’t easy.  He felt like a freak on display.  Marian kept asking if he liked this or that, and mostly he just said he didn’t care.  He trudged along beside her, and she put the stuff she wanted into the cart. 
The checkout counter was the worst because they had to stand in line with all too many other people… and Marian told him he had to stay right with her and couldn’t go hide in the car.  Which actually made things all that much worse for Phillip since the woman who entered the line behind them started asking all about Dolly.  She seemed to be truly fascinated with the big doll.  And Phillip had no choice but to try to answer what he could about the stupid thing.  Fortunately, they didn’t buy a lot of groceries, just a few things that Marian knew they had to have, so it didn’t take them all that long to get out of the store.  Phillip however thought the experience had lasted way too long.


erica said...

Excellent, Karen. I am loving the buildup.

sarah penguin said...

Scary scary potties!

Anonymous said...

So Marian is becoming "mommy" to sissy Phyllis


Marian is starting to become as Dominant with "sissy phyllis" as Mistress Vivian...if not more so.