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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

“Marian…” Phillip called softly to the woman who was sleeping on his couch.  “Marian…”  She had a blanket pulled over her but she was using an old sweater for a pillow.  He was just glad that for once she wasn’t playing with herself like most of the times he saw her lying there.  “Marian!” Phillip called louder, and then shook her a bit to wake her up.
“Moooo!”  Marian belched out the moo as she startled awake.  She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment then rubbed them before opening them.  She could barely see.  She realized that the only light in the apartment must have been coming from Phillips room.  “Phillip.  What is it?” she asked seeing him hovering over her.
“I need to take a shower,” Phillip replied.  “But every time I even think about trying to take this damn diaper off me, my arm starts to hurt.”
Marian was still trying to bring herself fully awake.  She remembered now that Phillip was no longer able to remove his own diapers… it was now her job to take care of all that business for him.  “Okay,” she said as she tried to wake herself up more so she could actually get up.  She hadn’t slept much all night.  And every time she did fall asleep she had suffered through nightmares about being milked like a cow.  Awful!  She threw the blanket off of her and dropped her legs to the floor.  Her arm automatically reached for the high heeled shoes she knew she had to get onto her feet before she did anything else.  A minute later, they were strapped firmly in place.  “Turn some light on please,” she said as she finished.  “I can’t see anything.”
Phillip turned the light on and headed back to Marian so she could remove his diaper for him. 
“Are you messy?” Marian asked.  “Or just wet?”
“Just wet,” Phillip replied.
With some relief, Marian reached out to grab one of the tapes on his diaper… but she stopped her hand just short as she remembered what had happened the morning before.  “Maybe I better not,” she said.
“Huh?  Why?”
“Because there’s no sense in me doing this before your shower… and then you mess yourself before we get out of here today so you’ll only have to take another shower.  Mess that diaper first and then I’ll take it off of you.”
Phillip was totally aghast.  “But…”
“Phillip… just do it!”  She grabbed her blanket, swung her high heeled feet up onto the couch again and said, “Call me when you’re ready.”  She mooed, and closed her eyes.  Maybe she could get a little bit more sleep.
“But I’ll have to milk you in a little while!”
Marian’s eyes flew open.  “What time is it?”
“A little after five thirty.”
Marian closed her eyes again.  “Then we still have time.  Just try to mess yourself before…”  But she couldn’t bring herself to say the final thought about being milked.  “You can take your shower while I’m… busy,” she added.  “Now let me try to sleep!”  With that, she rolled over and closed her eyes. 
Phillip rolled his eyes.  He wasn’t going to have a choice in this… like so many other stupid things in his life.  He went back to his bedroom and began bending and grunting and doing everything possible to mess his diaper.  Y… U… C…. K!

Marian opened her eyes and let out another moo.  She had actually fallen asleep again!
“I… really… need out of this diaper now.”
The odor coming from Phillip’s diaper hit her.  “Yeah.  Sure,” she said as she tried to wake herself up again.  “I’ll get it right now.”  She threw the blanket off of her and swung her feet down from the couch.  “What time is it?” she asked as she yawned.
“Ten till six.”
Marian nodded.  She still had ten minutes.  Since she had no doubt at all that Phillip was messy this time, she didn’t think it would be a good idea to simply pull the tapes open while he was standing up.  “Lay down,” she said as she got to her feet.
“Are you sure?” Phillip asked.  “I’m afraid of it squishing against me and making even more of a mess.”
Marian looked at him for a moment while she considered that.  “Okay,” she finally said, “turn around and let’s get at this.”  No matter what, she had a feeling that this little chore wasn’t going to be pleasant.  It already wasn’t pleasant just because of the smell, and she hadn’t even started to remove his diaper yet.  Kneeling down, she reached around him and unfastened the tapes on one side of the diaper.  She had to support it in her hand so it wouldn’t fall off.  Very slowly, she let the thing move carefully down the one remaining leg that it was around, doing her best to keep everything that was in the diaper, still in the diaper.  Eeewww!  Once she had him step out of the diaper, she used a little bit of the non-messy part to clean his backside up a little.  “Where are your wipes?” she asked.
“In my backpack,” he replied.
“Go get them,” she said as she started carefully folding the diaper to keep the mess from getting anywhere else.  While Phillip was gone, she carried the diaper to the kitchen and gladly deposited the thing in the trash can.  Whew, the worst part was over with!  A minute later, she used one of the baby wipes to clean Phillip’s rear end a bit more.  “Okay,” she said.  “Good enough for now.”  She glanced at the clock. “Damn!”  It was nearly time. 
Knowing it was useless to resist, she shook her head and pulled her nightgown off, leaving her naked except for her shoes.  She mooed because the urge had hit her again… and a few moments later, she mooed again as she felt herself going into cow mooing mode.  She dropped to her knees on the floor where Vivian liked to see her and her fingers seemed to automatically head for where they could bring her the most useless pleasure.  And she mooed again like the cow that Vivian was teaching her that she was. 
Phillip hooked Marian’s milking machine up to her and turned it on… to the sound of several rather mournful sounding moos out of Marian.  He had never asked if the thing hurt her at all.  He hoped it didn’t… not that he could do anything about it anyway.  He watched the machine pulling at each nipple separately, back and forth, one and then the other, over and over again.  It was almost monotonous.  Marian was just kneeling there, playing with herself, and keeping her eyes closed.  “I’ll be back after my shower,” he said.  The only response he got was another moo out of Marian that was the same as all her other moos that came out of her at periodic intervals.  Her eyes were still closed.  He walked off to get himself cleaned up.
Marian had heard Phillip, but she was simply too depressed to care just then.  Keeping her eyes closed, she did her best to pay more attention to the feelings from her fingers down below… and less attention to the feelings from her already tender nipples up above.  A full half hour of this?  She’d never get a bra on later!

Vivian was possibly as happy as she could ever remember being.  Everything was simply perfect!  And now as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, everything she saw there was perfect as well.  Her new plum lipstick didn’t really go with her skin tones very well, but now that she had gone with all the purple accents to her outfit, she decided that it all kind of looked… wonderful!  She was sure the other ladies at work would be jealous of her outfit.  Well, they should be! 
Twenty minutes later, she strode grandly into work, ten minutes earlier than she usually got there.  “Good morning ladies,” she said to the few women who had already arrived.
“Hi Vivian,” Ashley replied as she looked Vivian over.  She quickly noted the purple accents of Vivian’s outfit, including her lipstick, which she decided was a bad color for the woman.  But Vivian always wore something different to the office and her choice for today wasn’t all that out of place for her… other than the bad lipstick color. 
Vivian noted the look of hatred that Phillip leveled at her.  Wonderful.  Then she spent a few moments taking in Marian as she dropped her purse on her desk.  For once, Marian didn’t seem… quite so perfect looking.  But she did notice Marian looking at her far more carefully than usual, which brought a grand smile to Vivian’s face.  “Like the outfit?” she asked as she turned around so Marian could see all of it.  “I had the idea to theme it today in with a plum color.”
Marian was actually amazed!  Totally delighted, and amazed.  “It looks… wonderful on you, Vivian,” she lied.  Well, she wasn’t actually lying.  While the lipstick color didn’t suit Vivian at all, seeing her wearing it was a totally delightful sight for Marian.  It meant that her fireplace video was actually working!  As she settled herself back into work, her mind was more occupied with the next steps she would have to take to get herself and Phillip out of the mess they were in.  A mess that seemed to be constantly getting worse and worse, especially for her.  She had to get herself out of it before Vivian really did turn her into a cow!
As the women were still coming into the room, Marian started forwarding the projects and assignments that were in their department email queue, something she did several times a day.  But this time, the work load she passed among everyone else was a bit more than usual, but only by one or two little projects so nobody would take particular notice of what she had done.  It was the only way she could see to arrange things so that she and Phillip could get home in time before she had to be… milked!  Ugh!


sarah penguin\ said...

Thnaks for the story update :)


Plum lipstick FINALLY... Vivian's downfall starts... but hopefully not completed before plastic panties and oneies with overalls for sissy "farmer" phyllis! AND Marian's mindset FULLY broken to a cow... but sexually aroused to climax only when milked!