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The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 6 of 7)

It was late in the day when Mel finally got to read Robin’s email. She laughed over the picture she sent. And this woman had asked for advice from her? Again, she was jealous that she couldn’t actually be there to see what she was doing with Sissy. She had to wonder again what Robin had wanted to talk with Gloria about. Maybe it had nothing to do with Sissy at all. She stared at the picture again and had a thought. A moment later, she had emailed the picture to Sandy. She knew Sandy would get a big kick out of it!
Robin’s little requests were nothing major, she could fill one of them tonight, but the other, well, probably, but she would have to see.

Chad was trying to hurry home as fast as he could. But it was one of those cases where the more he tried to hurry, the more the rest of the traffic seemed to slow him down. So he was getting nothing but frustrated in his attempts to hurry. Of course, the only reason he was hurrying was because Robin hadn’t even let him get up off of the floor until after she had left for the day. And then he still had to get dressed! He had even more of a reason to hurry tonight because tonight was relaxation therapy night – the one thing in his life that he really looked forward to every week.
He finally parked his car and hurried up the stairs to his apartment as fast as he could. He peeled all his clothes back off again and was finally able to deal with his messy diaper. But he had been doing that every day now for so long that he barely gave it more than a minimal amount of thought. A few minutes later, he was soaking his body in the shower to get himself clean at last. His shower didn’t last long though and he was soon phoning Mel to tell her he had just put his one diaper on again. He glanced at the clock. An hour and forty-five minutes till he had to be leaking. Why couldn’t Mel ease up when they were going out for the evening? It was such a major nuisance!
He hurried to get dressed again, for once glad that he would be only wearing one diaper and couldn’t wear the girdle or pantyhose that usually went over it when he went to work. He was glad only because the other items took time to put on and he was already running late. He had purposely tried to keep his hair dry in the shower so all it needed was a few brush strokes. Redoing his makeup took a bit longer though. He heard Mel entering his apartment and calling his name before he could finish.
“What are you doing?” Mel called as she closed the door to his apartment behind her. “We need to get going!” She found him in his bathroom still doing his makeup. “What’s taking you so long?”
Chad turned to her and curtseyed, and in his new sissy voice said, “Robin had me sitting on the floor in just my diapers. She wouldn’t let me get dressed again till after she left.”
Mel smiled momentarily. She had seen the picture that Robin had sent. “Just hurry up,” she replied as she walked out toward his kitchen. Most of the time, what Robin had done wouldn’t be a problem, not even tonight, but tomorrow night it would be a big problem because of their nail appointments. She’d have to remember to let Robin know about that later. She pulled a baby bottle out of his refrigerator for him and headed back towards his bathroom, hoping that he’d be nearly finished with his makeup.
Chad was just finishing his lipstick when Mel returned. He checked himself in the mirror. Hopefully it would have to be good enough for tonight. He turned towards Mel and curtseyed. “Good enough?”
Mel briefly looked him over. “Good enough,” she said impatiently. “Here,” she said she handed him the baby bottle. “Get started on it.”
A few minutes later, Sissy was sucking on the bottle in her car while Mel drove to their usual Thursday night restaurant that was located not far from Gloria’s office. As they pulled into the parking lot, all Chad could think about was the last time they were here – when he had wet his diaper so much that it had fallen off of him as they were leaving. He prayed things wouldn’t be as bad as that this week!
Unfortunately, when they got out of the car, Mel made Chad carry his baby bottle in with him since he wasn’t finished with it yet. The hostess recognized them immediately as they entered and this time didn’t even ask before she grabbed an adult menu for Mel along with a child’s coloring book for Sissy and a small box of crayons. “Right this way,” she said with a smile. In a way, Chad was actually glad that she had recognized them, he didn’t have to curtsey for her or use his stupid new sissy voice to talk to her.
The same waitress that had served them for the last few weeks was at their table as soon as they were seated. She immediately spotted the baby bottle that Chad had brought in with him. With a smile she asked Mel, “You want me to keep that thing full again?”
Mel nodded. “I’d appreciate it! Oh, and just coffee for me.”
The waitress checked his bottle and saw that it was still partially full. “Do you want that topped off now, or do you want to wait?”
Mel checked his bottle. “Bring me my coffee first. By that time she should be ready for a refill.” The waitress nodded and quickly left. Mel looked at Sissy. “I saw the picture that Robin took of you today.”
Chad blushed. He remembered her taking it with her cell phone. It was the circumstances he was in at the time that made it so embarrassing. He just hadn’t realized that Robin had sent it to Mel. He looked for some decent way to reply, but couldn’t think of anything. “I don’t know what got into Robin today,” he finally said. “She seemed to be in a lot of strange moods. One minute she was being nice and giving me something to work on, then later she didn’t want to talk to me, then later still it was like she totally exploded at me. And the next thing I knew, I was sitting on her floor like that, drooling around my pacifier, while I was playing with paper dolls. It was weird!
Mel nearly laughed. She could only imagine. Why had Robin ever bothered to ask her for advice? Maybe she should be asking for ideas from Robin instead! “Better keep drinking that bottle. I want it finished before my coffee gets here!”
Chad immediately picked up his bottle and put it to his mouth. As he did, he glanced around the restaurant, mostly out of the corners of his eyes. He saw a few people looking at him with shocked looks on their faces. He figured that by the time they left, there would be a lot more shocked people nearby.
When the waitress brought Mel’s coffee, she also carried a pitcher of iced tea as well. She set the coffee in front of Mel then took Sissy’s baby bottle and filled it. She was rewarded to see him put the crazy thing to his mouth and start drinking it immediately as soon as she handed it back to him. Something about it sent a small tingle into her sexual regions. Doing her best to ignore the feelings, she turned to Mel and asked for her order. As usual, Mel ordered for both of them – a kid’s meal for the strange one with the bottle.
“Don’t forget your coloring book,” Mel said as soon as the waitress had left, and don’t stop drinking either.”
Once again, Chad dumped the few crayons from the box out onto the table and started trying to color while the bottle was still in his mouth – obstructing his view of what he was doing. It wasn’t long before he felt like he was going cross-eyed again, especially since he had to hold the bottle up at an angle so he could keep drinking. And with only one hand to work with since his other one had to hold the bottle, the task was even more difficult. He seemed to be having to do all too many things lately with only one hand!
Mel watched him trying to color for a few minutes while he drank his bottle. He looked so ridiculous. She could see the other customers turning their heads occasionally to watch him. Some of them pointed. She was sure he was a major topic of conversation at most of the tables around. She briefly wondered how Sissy must feel about it – not that it mattered. Only what she wanted mattered. She was fairly sure that he was totally embarrassed about it, but as usual, he didn’t have a choice in the matter. The terms of the bet had seen to that – whether he liked it or not!
Before either of them knew it, the waitress was back again with her jug of iced-tea. She took the still half-filled bottle from Chad and filled it again, then handed it back to him.
“Don’t forget to say thank-you,” Mel prompted.
Chad wasn’t really grateful at all, but he dutifully complied. At least the words thank you in his sissy voice came out as semi-normal. He immediately put the bottle back to his mouth to continue drinking again.
“You’re welcome,” the waitress replied. But she didn’t leave. Instead she leaned over to look at the page Sissy was coloring. “Ohhh! Such a pretty picture,” she said. “And you’re coloring so nicely.”
Chad blushed. He knew he kept going out of the lines and red wasn’t the best color at all for someone’s skin. But he only had three crayons to choose from. It looked – childish!
The waitress turned to Mel. “You know, sometimes we take some of the pictures the kids color and hang them up on the wall over by the bar. If she does a really good job on it, I’m sure I can get it hung up with the others. You should put her name on it for her too though, that way it’s easier to tell who did what picture.”
Mel was delighted with the idea. She hadn’t seen the pictures since she never went near the bar in this restaurant. “Really? That would be great! I know Sissy will just love having her picture hung on the wall here. I’m sure she would feel honored! So many people could get to see it!”
“Before you leave, just give me the one you want to hang and I’ll take care of it.”
“Thanks, I will.” Mel replied brightly. As soon as the waitress left, she said to Sissy, “Wasn’t that nice of her? She must think you’re really doing a good job!”
Yeah right! Chad knew better. There was no way he could do anything remotely decent with only three crayons, one hand, and his baby bottle obstructing his view. Once again, his picture looked totally childish. And she wanted to hang it? She would!
Since Mel wasn’t letting him put the bottle down, Chad was forced to keep drinking almost continuously as he tried to color. The waitress came by and refilled his bottle twice more before their dinner arrived, and she refilled it again as soon as she had dropped their plates off. Even drinking continuously, Chad never had a chance to get the bottle much more than half way emptied. The only good thing about the situation… if you could call it that, was that by drinking only from his baby bottle, he was getting less fluid than when he drank from a glass.
Mel cut his meal up for him again into tiny pieces, then made him use only a spoon held as he usually did – in his left fist. As they ate, Chad asked Mel how her day was, figuring that hearing how her day went had to be better than talking about the embarrassing things he had to do. Once again, Mel told him what she could. How frustrating some clients were… and how dumb others seemed to be. She enjoyed telling him these things. It was nice to tell them to someone once in a while – someone who she knew wouldn’t be relaying her thought to anyone else.
As soon as they had finished eating, Mel looked at the pictures Sissy had finished. She selected one of them and carefully ripped it out of the book. She pushed it across the table to him. “Print your name on it. And make sure it’s big enough for anyone to read.”
Chad pushed his plate out of the way and grabbed a green crayon and started to put it to the paper.
“Wait a minute!” Mel stopped him. “You’re not drinking from your bottle.”
Chad picked up his bottle and once again started drinking before he signed the drawing. Now the task was that much more difficult. He barely made a mark with the crayon when Mel stopped him again. “Wait! Switch hands. Put the bottle in your right hand instead.”
Chad was a bit shaken by her demand. Switch hands? But the bottle soon went into his right hand and the crayon into his left. He started drinking again. His eyes started to cross the other way now as he had to look past the other side of the bottle. With the crayon in his left hand, it was difficult to just put it back at the end of the mark he had started making. But he managed it. He started to write the letter ‘S,’ but with his left hand, he started writing the letter backwards. He had actually gotten halfway though the top curve before he realized it. All he could do was to switch what he was doing in midstream and create the letter from where he had stopped. He heard Mel giggling across the table. He ‘S’ didn’t look very good at all, but he moved on. The ‘I’ wasn’t too bad, other than left handed it didn’t come out straight. But with only one hand he had to make the dot on top of it bigger than he meant to. Then he was faced with two more S’s. One handed, they came out crooked and childish looking too. Finally, he created the ‘y.’ Again, it was crooked and out of balance. The end result looked like a five-year old had signed it.
“Good job!” Mel praised as she took the drawing to look at it. I’m sure any kindergartener would be proud of it.
Chad felt so embarrassed! A minute later, the waitress dropped off the check, refilled Sissy’s bottle, and took the picture to hang on the wall. Chad wished she would just throw it away instead. When she came back, Mel paid for their dinner and left a very healthy tip. “Okay, Sissy. We better get going,” she said as she got up from her seat.
As Chad followed her out, he was aware that his diaper was very, very wet. But not nearly as bad as it had been last week. His only question now was, what would happen while they were in Gloria’s office. He had no doubts that he would be leaking very soon – which was good because his deadline was growing awfully near. And then he got a bit of a surprise, instead of going out the door, Mel went straight past it towards the bar area. The wall of pictures was easy to find, and so was Sissy’s picture. The waitress had started another column of pictures with his. So right at the top right side was Sissy’s picture – for all the world to see and appreciate.
“Oh,” Mel said delightedly. “I think that’s the perfect spot for it. Don’t you?”
Chad said nothing. He only noticed he was peeing heavily again in the midst of his humiliation.

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