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The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

Robin was actually getting things done when she happened to glance at her clock and notice the time. Break time! Finally! But she felt good about the work she had managed to accomplish. The only problem now, was Sissy. She was going to have to face him again and she still wasn’t sure how she felt about everything. She prayed he would just stay silent and not talk to her during break. Since she wasn’t really ready to deal with him yet, it would make things much easier.
As she got up from her seat, her eyes fell on the desk drawer where she had stowed her large bag earlier. Thoughts of what she had been thinking of doing with Sissy once again ran though her brain. But should she? Fortunately, it was break time. There were other things to do and think about. She went over to Chad’s cubicle and was glad to see that he was hard at work on the project and not goofing off doing something else. “Break time, Sissy,” she announced.
A minute later, the two of them were walking through the halls together. “Did you get a chance to look over anything I did yet?” he chanced asking excitedly.
For some reason, his question bothered Robin. “Some,” she replied, not wanting to really talk with him yet.
“Any problems with it?” he asked, hoping she could be a bit more forthcoming.
He just couldn’t leave things alone. He had to have approval for every little thing. Like a child trying to show off or win his mother’s praise. Since he bothered her, she said nothing in reply. Maybe he’d get the point and shut up! She was pleased when they actually made it to the break room without any more questions from him.
A few minutes later, they were both sitting at the women’s table listening to the gossip floating around the table. But Robin’s mind was more on Sissy. It had only taken a few minutes of being with him in the hallways to get her angry with him again. And once again he was showing her how much of a child he was. Why did he irk her so much? The discussion she had had with Gloria didn’t really help.
Once again her mind remembered the items she had in her bag for him. Was it cruel? Was she bad? She didn’t want to be cruel. She didn’t want to be bad. She wanted everyone to think nothing but good of her. She was a kind, loving woman. Not something out of a nightmare! No, she couldn’t do it! She wouldn’t do it! It wasn’t right! When they got back to their desks, she would apologize to him and do her best to deal with him in a normal – sane – manner. She suddenly felt a bit better about everything. She had made her decision!
As she took another sip of her coffee, she watched him sitting there, barely sipping at his coffee, listening to the other women talking, smiling and laughing occasionally at what was being said – as if he were another woman. But he wasn’t! She remembered him yesterday afternoon, right after break, when she had been talking to him… and he had suddenly messed in his diapers! The freak! She remembered making him strip down so she could see what he wore under his dress – and she had found his childish diapers and that… chastity thing underneath. The pervert!
He was pretending to be a woman! Pretending to be an adult! Pretending to be normal, like everyone else! But he wasn’t! Not even close!
She was aware of the anger building in her again just from looking at him. She didn’t like it, but she couldn’t help it. She was not a bad person! She was not cruel! She only needed to apologize to him. That was all!
The other women were suddenly getting to their feet to go back to their desks. Break time was over. Robin got up along with everyone else and followed them all out into the hallways – leading back to her desk. She would apologize to him. Just as soon as they were back at their desks and alone. She would do it! And it would be finally over. And she could no longer worry whether she was being bad or not.
“So you didn’t have any problems with what I did?” Chad asked again as soon as they were alone.
Why did he have to keep harping on it? Rather testily she replied, “It was fine!”
“Everything?” Chad asked, glad that she was at least speaking to him again. “How about where I changed the one form around.”
He was doing it again! Irritating her! Just like a stupid child! He had to have every little thing broken down so he could be praised for it. Well she wouldn’t! “It was all fine!” she replied even more angrily.
“You’re sure?”
Something inside of Robin broke then. She couldn’t take it. She couldn’t take his childish whining. His childish behavior. His childish attitudes. Her mind was now totally focused on her bag in her desk drawer and what was in it. Apologize? There was no way she could apologize to him now. He was nothing but a damn fool. A pervert! A stupid twisted child who never grew up. Heck! He even wanted to spend the rest of his life in diapers with no control over anything. Apologize? Not on her life!
Without realizing it, her pace increased as she continued back toward her desk. He tried to ask a few more questions, but she ignored every one of them, till finally he got the point and stayed silent. The idiot!
The moment she passed his cubicle, she stopped and turned. He was just about to go into his. She reached out and grabbed his arm instead. “This way,” she said as she turned and dragged him into her own cubicle. Once she was back at her desk, she released his arm. “Strip!” she commanded. “Right now! Completely! The only thing I want to see left on your body is your stupid childish diapers and those even more childish plastic pants!”
Chad was taken totally by surprise. Now what had gotten into her? What had he done wrong? Anything? He couldn’t think of a single thing. But there was no doubting the change in her attitude. She was definitely angry again about something. So once again he began removing his clothes in front of her.
Robin watched Sissy getting undressed for a few minutes, then she opened her desk drawer and pulled out her large bag.
Chad was once again down to just his diapers, plastic panties, and his waist cincher. Yesterday she had told him to leave the waist cincher on, but he wasn’t sure what she wanted him to do with it today? “How about this?” he asked as he grabbed the top of it.
“I said everything, didn’t I?” Robin replied testily. “Get it off!” It took a few moments, but eventually he was down to just what she wanted. “Finally!” She reached into her bag and pulled out something large and white. She threw it at him. “Put that on!”
Chad held up the garment she had thrown at him. It was a t-shirt – a woman’s t-shirt. And it was fairly big! But the worst part of it was what was written on the front. In big bold letters it said: “Baby” and then there was an arrow under that pointing down. It must have been something she had worn when she was pregnant – which also helped to explain why it was so extra large.
Robin watched as he put the t-shirt on, covering up the incongruous breasts that he couldn’t remove. She loved that fact that it said Baby on the front and the arrow pointed right down at his diapers… or it should have. The darn shirt was too long. She reached out and grabbed the shirt and knotted the bottom of it at the side. Then she stood back again. His childishly patterned plastic panties were now completely on display. She pointed at the floor. “Down!” It was the only word she figured she needed.
Chad dropped to his knees. Was she going to stick him under her desk again like she did yesterday? If so, then why make him take his clothes off?
“Now,” Robin said. “Where does your thumb belong?”
Chad brought his right thumb back to his mouth and started sucking on it like he knew she would make him. He just hoped she wouldn’t wrap tape around his head again today to keep it there. But the extra humiliation of his situation suddenly made him start peeing again without warning. He briefly berated himself for not watching more carefully for it so he could hold back. But he didn’t get to think about it long.
Robin nodded her head. “Much better! Now there’s no chance of anyone mistaking you for anything other than a pathetic stupid sissy! You can just stay there now and spend the rest of the afternoon playing like a baby on the floor.” She watched him staring wide-eyed back at her for a moment. “Oh,” she added. “We forgot to give you something to play with, didn’t we.” She reached back into her bag and pulled out a stack of papers she had printed from her home computer the night before. “I’m afraid this was the best thing I could come up with on short notice,” she explained as she removed the paper clip binding the papers together. She looked down at him on the floor with his thumb in his mouth, then at the papers in her hand. This wasn’t going to work out as well as she thought as long as he had to suck his thumb, but there was no way she was going to let him remove it! Still, she had to keep him occupied. She removed just the first page from the stack and handed it to him. No use giving him any more till he was ready for them.
Chad stared at the piece of paper she had handed him. Most prominently on it was a cartoon drawing of a little girl wearing nothing but some flowered panties. It took him a moment to realize that it was part of a cut-out paper doll system and the other pages Robin had were probably the clothes for the doll. He looked up at her questioningly. What was he supposed to do with it?
Robin opened her desk drawer and pulled out her scissors, but the moment she did, she realized that they weren’t right. You should never give a child scissors like that. They could seriously hurt themselves! But… it was all she had… for now. Reluctantly, she handed him the scissors. “Don’t hurt yourself with these,” she cautioned as if she was talking to a child.
Chad took the scissors with his free hand. He looked back at the paper in front of him and guessed that she wanted him to cut the doll out. He pulled his thumb out of his mouth so he could use two hands to do it.
“Keep that thumb in your mouth!” Robin ordered the moment she saw him pull it out.
Chad quickly replaced his thumb and looked up at her questioningly. How was he supposed to cut the doll out with only one hand – his left hand at that?
Robin smiled down at him, guessing the question that was going through his mind. “You’ll have to use just your one hand to cut that out. Maybe it will keep you busy for a while. Oh, and I suggest you try to do a very good job with it.”
With only one hand to use to both cut the paper and hold it, the job was impossible! Especially with only his left hand. But Chad had no choice but to try to awkwardly hold the scissors and set about the task. He propped the paper up against his leg as he sat on the floor and started working his way with the scissors into the paper. The task was extra hard because he wasn’t left-handed. As soon as the scissors touched the paper, it slipped off his leg and fell to the floor. He quickly realized that this was going to take him a long, long time. That is, if he ever managed to do it.
Robin sat down and watched him for a few moments. She felt very satisfied with herself. Maybe she was a bad person. She didn’t want to be, but maybe she was. Of course, there was the other thing that Gloria had suggested, that Sissy didn’t fit into the same little boxes that everybody else did. That he might not consider her to be bad at all. So was she bad? She didn’t want to be. But… there was no other way she could see to deal with him right now. So until she came up with something better, she would be… bad.
She almost laughed at the trouble he was having trying to cut that doll out. The task was pretty much impossible. She saw him look up at her briefly as he did it. In some ways, he reminded her so much of her baby son, sitting on the floor, playing, glancing up at her just to know she was still there… He did look so much more like a baby now. An overgrown baby to be sure, but still a baby. Nothing at all like a responsible adult – which he wasn’t! Now he was in his natural state – as far as she was concerned.
She turned away from him then to do some work, but working was once again out of the question. Instead she opened up her email program and began going through all of the emails she had gotten from Mel in the last few days, starting with Mel’s first one. She began taking notes on all the separate little things that Mel had suggested – which wasn’t much at all, but when added together seemed to amount to so much more. She already had him curtseying for her, but not every time he opened his mouth. She wondered how she could manage that one. She’d have to wait and see. She also had him using his sissy voice around her now, but Mel’s latest email had suggested that she had made some major changes in his voice that she hadn’t heard yet. She marked that one to check soon.
One other thing she took particular notice of was that Mel had told her in today’s email that he should have a pacifier with him. That was very interesting. She turned around to look at him. He was trying to turn the paper around to find another way to cut at it, but he was getting nowhere. Perfect busywork for him. But, would the pacifier be any better than his thumb? She did find it funny that he only had the use of his one hand. She decided that it couldn’t hurt to just try the pacifier – if only for a few minutes. “Mel says you should have a pacifier with you. Where is it?” she asked.
Chad looked up at her to answer and pulled his thumb out of his mouth. “It’s in…” But he got no further before Robin interrupted him.
“Wait a minute! Stand up!” She waited till he got to his feet. “Curtsey – and keep that thumb where it is!” She watched as he curtseyed. “Now take your thumb out of your mouth and answer me.”
“It’s in my purse in my desk drawer,” Chad said.
“Put your thumb back in your mouth again,” Robin ordered and waited till it was where she wanted it. “Curtsey again.” So darling! “Down!” She pointed at the floor. Something inside of her felt almost sexually stimulated by what she had just done with him. Hmm… That had actually worked out well!
She left him for a moment and dug his purse out of his desk drawer. She noticed as she went through it that it was as jumbled and disordered as her big bag usually was. Fortunately, the pacifier was easy to find. She put his purse away again and went back to him. “Here,” she said. “Stick this in your mouth instead.”
Chad was embarrassed over the fact that she had found his stupid pacifier and that he would now be sucking on it – in front of her – a work! But was it any better than his thumb? In his mind it was. The pacifier wasn’t part of his body, it was something made just for a baby. And now that baby object was where it was intended to be used – in his mouth. But at least he now had the use of both hands to cut out the doll. As soon as he saw Robin sit back down again, he started in on the task. So much easier!
Robin watched him playing on the floor. She saw him snip a bit closer to the doll. Then she watched as he lined up the scissors to begin trimming right around the outline of the doll. It was a tricky cut that he could never manage to do with only one hand.
She saw him look up at her again before he actually started cutting. Dressed as he was in just that stupid t-shirt which left his childish diapers and plastic pants on display, she was again struck by the resemblance between Sissy and her son – two babies that played on the floor. Of course, by now she’d be wiping the slobber off of her son’s face since he seemed to drool a lot – especially whenever he had a pacifier in his mouth. She sat up straighter and just stared at Sissy for a moment. So much like a baby! “Drool.” The word just seemed to pop out of her mouth.
Huh? Chad wasn’t at all sure what she had said. He looked up at her quizzically.
“I said drool! Like a baby.”
Chad wasn’t sure he heard her right. Drool? She had to be kidding. Not to mention, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to go about doing it – especially with the pacifier plugging up his mouth.
“I said drool!” Robin repeated more urgently now.
But Chad still wasn’t sure what to do. And he still couldn’t believe her request.
“Stop swallowing whatever saliva is in your mouth and push it out through your lips instead. Drool!”
Chad was horrified! She had to be kidding… but she wasn’t!
“Now!” Robin ordered.
Chad searched his mouth for whatever moisture was in it, which was surprisingly a lot, and did his best to push it out between his lips with his tongue. But the pacifier made the action difficult. A little bit did escape though. It felt horrifyingly weird as it started to drip down the length of his chin. He automatically reached up with the back of his hand to wipe it and keep it from dripping.
“Don’t!” Robin ordered. “Let it drip. In fact, drool more. I want to see your chin covered in slobber!”
Chad was nearly shaking with humiliation as he did his best to let a little more drool out of his mouth without losing the pacifier from between his lips. Again, he felt the tickle of it dripping down his chin.
“More!” Robin ordered. “Lots more! I want to see tons of slobber dripping down.”
Very gradually, Chad did his best to try to push all the moisture out from his mouth. He could feel it starting to drip off of his chin now so he held one hand up under him to catch it.
“Don’t bother!” Robin told him. Just let it drip!”
The entire mouth guard around the pacifier in Chad’s mouth felt horribly wet and messy. His entire chin was wet now soaked. It felt awful. He felt – hugely embarrassed. And of course, that was the moment that the stupid suppository that Cassie had put up into him earlier decided to do its thing.
Robin sat staring at him, totally fascinated by what she had just made him do. So much more infantile – it was ridiculous! He was ridiculous! And then she noticed the embarrassed expression on his face change to something else. She saw him raise his bottom up off the floor like something was wrong. “What is it?” she asked.
All Chad could do was to look up at her from the floor, his slobber covered pacifier in his mouth, his chin dripping with drool. A tear was forming in his eye. He just turned his head toward his backside for a moment.
“You mean, you’re messing yourself – again? Just like yesterday?”
Chad only nodded and hung his head as he leaned his body forward to make it easier for the mess to get out of him. For some reason, it wasn’t coming as quickly or as forcefully today as it usually did, so it took much longer. But the results were still the same. A few minutes later, he was stuck with a load in his already wet diapers, and he was going to have to sit down on that mess. Ugh!
Robin laughed. Not out loud, but she still laughed. God, what a freak! She still couldn’t believe him! Such a pervert! There was no way at all that she could look down at the idiot sitting on her cubicle floor and see the old Chad or even Chad who she once thought wanted to be a woman. In fact, there was no way she could see anyone who she could consider an adult – or even deserved the respect of an adult… or another human being for that matter. What sat on her floor was… a sissy. It was the best description she could think of for him.
“You keep drooling like that!” she told him in no uncertain terms. “I don’t ever want to see your chin without fresh slobber all over it.” She laughed again at him. Well, he deserved it!
She tried to compare him again with her son. With his chin full of slobber, the comparison was more noticeable. But now she realized other differences. For one thing, her son was all boy. He loved playing with cars and trucks. Whereas Sissy, well, she supposed that sissy should only be playing with girl things. Hence, the paper dolls she had found for him. While not exactly a baby toy, they were the best she could do last night. Still, she really liked the idea. She wondered if there was some way to make him look a bit more like a girl than a boy. Maybe a big bow in his hair? She’d have to think about that one.
She thought of something else too. Her son was one year old now. He was not only walking, he was running – everywhere. She had already been thinking in the back of her mind about when she could start potty training him. She now made that decision to start tonight! She laughed again. Once her son was potty trained, he would be more of an adult than Sissy!
And then she caught a slight whiff of the odor from Sissy’s diaper. Without everything else to cover it up and keep the odor in, he was going to smell – like a dirty baby. That realization sobered her. Ugh! But no matter what, she was going to keep him on the floor just like that till she left to go home. The idiot! Ugh! Why didn’t she pack some air freshener in her bag this morning?
She pulled out her cell phone and asked him to look up at her. She snapped his picture. She was pleased to see that the camera in her phone had picked up all the details from the arrow on his chest pointing down at the childish print on his plastic pants, to the shiny slobber all over his pacifier and chin. Picture of an idiot! She emailed it to her work address so she could access it from her computer. A minute later, while he was still cutting out the doll on the paper, she was writing an email to Mel to send the picture… along with a few little requests.

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