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The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 7 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 7 of 7)

It was one of those evenings when Sandy could only meet with her client after work. It happened more often than she would like, but that was business. Her real problem tonight was that she was having a hard time concentrating on what her client wanted. Instead, her mind kept wandering back to the picture that Mel had sent. The note with it had been very short but it told volumes – “Robin has him drooling on her cubicle floor!”
Drooling! Why hadn’t she thought of that? But more importantly, a different thought kept running through her brain – she was the only one who seemed to really get off on seeing Sissy in his baby state. Was Robin another possible ally? Did Robin love it as much as she did? Everyone else wanted to humiliate a more grownup Sissy. She wanted to see him humiliated as a total baby. And now Robin had done pretty much the same thing with Sissy that she did.
As she listened to her client talking about drapes, her mind was instead thinking about the great t-shirt Robin had put Sissy in. Baby! With an arrow pointing down. Obviously a pregnancy t-shirt, but on Sissy the arrow now pointed at his diapers instead of a swollen belly. So perfect!
She had to talk to Mel! She had to contact Robin! She was sure that together they could come up with something great to do with him! Something really special!

Gloria was worried that Mel and Chad were going to be late again. But she saw them driving up at the last minute. She got up and met them at the door. As she did, she noticed that Chad was carrying his pink diaper bag with him this time.
“We need a minute,” Mel told Gloria as soon as they finished greeting each other. “I want to change him before we start.”
Gloria had no choice other than to let them do what they needed to. Actually, she didn’t really mind all that much at all. For the first time in a long while, she had no questions of her own that she wanted to ask Sissy. So the only thing on her agenda with them was a little normal relaxation and just a little hypnotism for Chad to get the answers Mel wanted.
Chad didn’t think he was leaking yet, but he knew he was close. So he was surprised when Mel had said she was going to change him. Glad too. He didn’t know how much he would be able to enjoy Gloria’s therapy if he was leaking.
Gloria waited patiently while Mel changed him right on the floor. She was a bit surprised that she made him drink from a baby bottle the whole time she was at it, but the two of them seemed to be comfortable and familiar with the routine. She wouldn’t have said anything about it anyway. Five minutes later, she was dimming the lights as both of them were getting comfortable on her couches.
She started with her usual routines, telling them how to relax. Telling them what to relax. But she didn’t move into the key words that would put Chad into a hypnotic trance.
Mel was listening carefully to Gloria, but she wasn’t relaxing. She wasn’t interested in relaxing. All she was interested in tonight was finding out how long Sissy was able to hold back. And this time, Gloria seemed to be going on and on and forgetting about Sissy. It almost seemed more like one of her old sessions, from before she had started bringing Sissy with her. Wasn’t Gloria going to hypnotize him tonight? The longer things went on, the more she started fidgeting and opening her eyes.
Gloria tried to coax Mel into relaxing, but she could see that Mel wasn’t cooperating at all. She finally saw Mel raise her head and start jerking it in Chad’s direction. She sighed a bit and rolled her eyes. Mel was too worked up with worry about Chad to enjoy the therapy. She gave up and started speaking the key phases that would quickly put Chad into a trance. Since she had done this with him a few times now, she knew she could get him very deep, very quickly.
To Chad, it seemed to take longer this time. Not that it wasn’t wonderful. It was. But it was the complete and total relaxation that he was finally now entering that he really loved. He felt good there. And safe. Totally safe. He didn’t just want to be in that place, he yearned for it. And that wonderful place finally accepted him eagerly and fully.
As Gloria leaned close to Chad to talk with him more directly, she saw Mel sit up on the side of her couch to pay better attention. “Remember,” Gloria told Chad, “the truth is very important. You want to tell me the truth.” She looked briefly at Mel before continuing with Chad. Mel was paying rapt attention. She turned back to Chad again, “Remember, you’re in the one place where you can feel totally honest with yourself. The one place where you must be totally honest. You are safe as long as you are honest.”
She glanced back at Mel again. Mel was mouthing something to her but in the dim light it was hard to decipher. “Front and back this time,” Mel whispered. Gloria nodded. She remembered.
She turned back to Chad. “Chad, you told me last time that you are still working on holding back. Are you still trying?”
Chad, his face peaceful, his eyes closed, nodded. “Yes.”
“Good, Chad. Tell me, are you trying to hold back your bowel movements too?”
Chad’s face looked more troubled. “Can’t.”
“You can’t hold back?”
Chad shook his head. “Can’t try. They keep sticking suppositories up inside of me. I can’t fight the suppositories. No point. Most of the time it’s coming out of me before I know it’s going to. Better to get it over with as soon as possible.”
Gloria looked back at Mel. Mel’s face looked happier now than it did a few moments before. She turned back to Chad. “Okay Chad, now how about your peeing? Are you still working on holding back there?”
Chad’s only answer was simple. “Yes.”
“And how are you doing?” She was surprised when the expression on his face changed, but it was an expression she couldn’t read.
“I think I’ve been having a pretty good week… considering.”
Gloria heard a small sound of surprise out of Mel.
“Considering what?”
“Considering that Mel is still making it impossible for me to even try to hold back whenever I’m not at work.”
“I see,” Gloria replied. “And how are you doing?” She suddenly felt Mel come up right behind her to look over her shoulder. Gloria did her best to ignore her.
Chad’s face clouded a bit. “Monday was bad. It usually is. The weekends seem to take way too much out of me. No chance at all to even try to hold back all weekend.”
“And why can’t you try to hold back on the weekends at all?”
Mel was frustrated with the question, she knew the answer to that one. She only wanted to find out how long he could hold back now!
“Too much to drink!” Chad replied. “Way too much to drink. After work too. And especially because of the time limit. Impossible to hold back at all with the time limit. I have to keep trying and trying to pee constantly. Even then I don’t always make it.”
“Okay Chad. That’s fine. So tell me, how long are you holding back now?”
Mel actually held her breath.
Chad shook his head. “Monday I could only hold it for five minutes. But I really improved Tuesday and made it to six! Wednesday I was down a bit to five and a half.”
“And how about today?”
Chad smiled as if pleased with himself. “Five minutes. The same as I started the week with. It’s not six, but it’s still pretty good!”
“So you can manage five minutes now?” Gloria repeated.
Chad nodded. “Yup!”
“Thank you Chad. Thank you for being honest and telling me. Now I want you to just relax again and think of nice peaceful thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel good. Thoughts that make you feel safe and relaxed.”
Gloria turned toward Mel. Her face looked troubled. “Is that it?” she asked quietly. “Anything more?”
Mel only shook her head and sat back down on her couch. Five minutes! And he had gained once during the week! Nothing about it sounded good to her at all! Nothing! What was she going to do? Last week it had been eight and a half minutes. Eighteen minutes the week before! She was trying harder and harder to make him incontinent – and making very little progress! What was she going to do? What could she do? For the first time, she really felt like she was losing the bet. There were only two weeks left! The objective seemed impossible.
She suddenly realized that Gloria was speaking the phrases she usually used to bring Chad out of his trance – the phrases that would end their session. She didn’t bother to lay back on her couch again. She was too wrapped up in her turmoil. What was she going to do? It was impossible!
Five minutes!

Chad sucked on his bottle, closed his eyes, and relaxed as Mel was driving them home. He felt so good! But once again, it was obvious that Mel hadn’t gotten as much out of the session as he had. He wasn’t sure why she bothered other than that she really seemed to need it – more now than before their session.
As soon as they got back to Mel’s apartment, he was ordered to take his skirt off so that his diapers would be on display again. As Chad was removing his clothes, he got the impression that Mel seemed to be very distracted tonight. What had changed her during their therapy with Gloria? She hadn’t seemed this way earlier.
Mel disappeared into her bedroom for a few minutes then came back out wearing only shorts and a t-shirt again. “Time for ballet practice,” she announced as she headed toward her stereo.
Once again, Chad had to work on the new routine that Mel had started teaching him the night before. And just like last night, their progress was hampered by her making him continuously stop to drink from his bottle. As far as he could tell, they were making good progress tonight since Mel wasn’t stopping him as often to tell him to do something better. They worked at it for several hours, and Chad was surprised when Mel suddenly told him that what he was working on was the final finish to the dance. They had managed to go all the way through it! The only break they had taken, other than for Chad to keep drinking, was to change him when he started leaking.
Chad had been afraid that the ballet routine that Mel was teaching him would be something totally humiliating, but the further they had gotten into it, the more he realized that this dance was something serious. It was intended to be feminine and graceful and beautiful, but he knew he wasn’t any of those things. Still, feminine and graceful were the two key things that Mel seemed to be trying to improve in his movements over and over again. As far as he could see, there was nothing at all silly about this dance, other than the fact that he was doing it. And the very things that would make him look most ridiculous, were the very things she was trying to train out of him. So he listened and did his very best to dance the way she wanted him to.
It was getting late and both of them were getting really tired by the time his diaper started leaking for the second time. That was the point where Mel finally called a halt to what they were doing. Chad felt proud over what he had accomplished, but he could see that while Mel had driven him unmercifully, she still seemed to be distracted by something else. She just wasn’t giving him a clue as to what that was. But other than driving him hard with dance practice, she didn’t seem to be punishing him in any way. So maybe it wasn’t him… he hoped!
As he hoped, when Mel changed him, she changed him into his night diapers, three of her super thick cloth diapers this time that left his legs splayed wide apart, making it difficult for him to walk. Unfortunately, as always, she didn’t forget to insert the stupid suppository again. A few minutes later, he was curtseying goodbye to her for the night – as usual, with her usual instructions to drink three more bottles before he went to bed. He was ready for bed, bottles or not. After so much dance practice, he was exhausted.
Mel said goodnight and watched him leave. But the door closing behind him seemed to haunt her… bother her… as if he was leaving her… abandoning her… for good. She suddenly felt lonely, as if she missed him – already. She couldn’t lose this bet! She couldn’t! Because losing the bet meant… losing him. Her mind pictured her fancy new house, melting into nothing. She pictured herself in her old age… alone, unloved, uncared for.
She shook herself, bringing her out of the strange thoughts that were running through her head. She wouldn’t lose! She couldn’t! But five minutes… and only two more weeks. It seemed insurmountable. She had again faked putting the suppository up inside of him. He wasn’t even trying to hold back from that now. Not as long as he still thought he was getting the silly little pills. That much at least was working. But it was the other… the part that still had five minutes of control that she worried about. How was she going to conquer it?
Five minutes. And he had walked out, closing the door behind him. “Goodnight, Sissy,” she said to the back of the closed door. “Goodnight.”

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