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The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 2 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 2 of 7)

Robin moved her mouse a little, then clicked it, trying to get some work done. But her heart wasn’t in it. As much as she tried to work, her brain was too preoccupied with feeling bad over what she had done with Sissy. Even this morning! It wasn’t right! It was all wrong! It was the very things she had been mad about in the first place. Mostly. But it had been like she couldn’t help it! Curtsey for her every morning to greet her? Ridiculous! And now she felt bad about demanding it. But should she go apologize to him? With as mad at him as she still felt, she just couldn’t do it.
So what should she do? With a frustrated sigh, she gave up all pretense of working. She wasn’t getting anything accomplished anyway. What was he doing over there on the other side of the wall? She knew he wasn’t working on their project. She wouldn’t let him! He was probably wasting his time searching the internet instead of doing something useful… like trying to learn something new to use here at work. Or at least stay up on the latest trends for their job. But somehow, she doubted that he was doing anything except goofing off – like a child!
So what was she going to do? She couldn’t think! Especially with him so close – right in the next cubicle. She needed to get away! Go somewhere else to think! Frustrated, she got up and headed out. She paused only slightly as she passed Sissy’s desk. Her quick glance showed her pictures on his screen, but she never paused long enough to really see what they were. But pictures weren’t work related, so just as she guessed, he was goofing off! Not that she really cared. Just as long as he didn’t touch their project without her say-so!
Not knowing where to go, she wandered the hallways as she tried to think. But no answers were coming to her. Eventually, she found herself in the break room, which was empty. She did notice that the coffee pot was filled and ready so she poured herself a cup and took it over to the women’s usual table. She sat and nursed her coffee for a long time while she pondered what to do.
If only she had someone she could talk to about it. Someone who could help without thinking she was crazy. She certainly couldn’t talk to Mel! Mel was the last person she’d want to talk to. But thinking about Mel reminded her of Mel’s friend Gloria. She had made more sense than anyone she had talked to in a while. She wouldn’t mind talking to Gloria – but it would have to be without Mel! And Gloria was Mel’s friend! So she was left with nobody to talk with at all.
She sat and nursed her coffee, no solution coming to her. But she didn’t leave. Eventually, she watched as a worker came in with two boxes of doughnuts and set them out. Then the worker checked the coffee to make sure there was enough. Then the worker left, and she was alone again. But only for a few minutes. Two men came in and headed for the coffee pot. They were the first ones to arrive for morning break. She got up and refilled her cup, grabbed a doughnut, and sat back down again. No answers. Nothing.

Chad glanced at his clock. It was break time, but where was Robin? He had thought he heard her leaving a while ago, but as far as he could tell, she never came back. He got up and went to her cubicle. She wasn’t there. Puzzled, he headed alone for the break room.
He was nearly in line to get coffee before he spotted her at their usual table. She already had her coffee. He wondered where she had been. He got his own coffee and one of the doughnuts and carried it over to the table. There was no seat open next to Robin so he took one a bit further away. All through break, he noticed that it looked like she wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on at the table – like she was thinking about something else. The few times anyone spoke to her, she gave mostly short answers that didn’t really say anything.
Robin was mostly annoyed anytime someone spoke to her, mostly because she hadn’t been paying attention so she had to try to remember what had been said. Fortunately, nobody really talked to her much. She was glad that for once Sissy wasn’t sitting next to her. He was her main problem. She just didn’t know what to do about him.
It wasn’t till break was nearly over that the idea hit her. It wouldn’t solve her problem at all, but maybe… maybe… she could at least get her own thoughts and fears figured out. Suddenly, everyone was getting up to go back to work. Good timing! She got up right along with them and headed back to her desk. She knew Sissy was following her, but fortunately, he wasn’t saying anything. She didn’t acknowledge his presence in any way, not even when she got back to her desk.
But working right now was not her first priority. She grabbed her phone and dialed Mel’s number… and started walking down the hall with it, away from Sissy. But she didn’t get through to Mel, she only got as far as Mel’s receptionist, Andrea.
“Mel just went in with a client,” Andrea said into the phone. She recognized Robin’s name as one that Mel wanted to be told about immediately if she called. But still… “Can this wait till she gets out or do you need me to get her now?”
Robin felt a bit of frustration. Mel was busy! It figured! But... “No, it can wait… a bit. But not too long I hope. Can you have her call me?”
“Absolutely! As soon as she finishes. Um… I estimate about half an hour. Will that be alright?”
“Sure,” Robin replied. “That’s fine. Thanks.” She hung up the phone and headed back to her desk. Half an hour. Not long, but still an eternity. She tried to fill the time by working, but she simply couldn’t concentrate on the job that needed to be done – which only added to her frustration. Ugh! She was falling further and further behind on the project!
She thought about Sissy, just on the other side of the wall, doing nothing! Nothing! And that fact irked her! And so did the sinking realization that she could put him to work, get him to help. Let him do what she wasn’t capable of doing today… just so the project could get back on track. Damn him! “Sissy!” she called over the wall. “Get in here!”
Chad nearly fell out of his chair at the unexpected summons. He quickly went around to her cubicle and curtseyed as he entered. “You wanted me?” he asked.
Robin actually winced at his curtsey. It wasn’t her! It wasn’t right! But she said nothing about that. “I need you to do some work for me,” she told him. She spent the next five minutes explaining what she wanted, then kicked him out again. And again she mentally winced as he curtseyed before leaving. She really needed to put a stop to that!
Chad was elated. She had found some work for him to do. Real work! Work where he would be making a definite contribution to the project. He wondered what had changed her mind… not that he was going to ask. As far as he was concerned, he was going to do everything possible to stay out of her way – completely! He quickly closed his internet browser and opened the project instead. Down to work!
Robin stared at the entrance to her cubicle where Sissy had disappeared from only moments ago. She felt guilty – for a number of reasons. She felt guilty for treating him badly. She felt guilty for not including him in the project so far, and now she felt guilty about making him work because she couldn’t. It wasn’t right. But she could do nothing about it. She glanced at her clock. Still fifteen minutes till Mel would call – probably. If Mel called.
Not wanting to sit at her desk again, especially now that she could hear the faint sounds of Sissy working on the other side of the wall, she grabbed her cell phone and began wandering the hallway’s again, but this time she didn’t go near the break room.

Mel walked her client to the door and shook hands with him. Then she turned and headed back toward her office.
“Robin called you,” Andrea told her as she passed her desk.
Mel was more than a bit surprised at that. “She did? What did she want?”
“She didn’t say other than she wanted to talk to you. I got the impression she wanted to talk sooner rather than later.”
Mel nodded. “Okay, thanks. I’ll call her right away.” She went back to her office and found Robin’s number and called.
Robin jumped when her phone suddenly rang. “Hello?” she said quickly.
“Robin?” Mel’s voice came through. “How are you? What can I do for you?”
Robin sighed before answering. Where should she start? “Um… I really hate to ask this,” she began.
“Anything,” Mel replied quickly. “And don’t be afraid to ask.”
“Well… You know your friend Gloria that I talked to at lunch the other day?”
“Well… Do you think you could call her and ask if I can meet her for lunch again?”
Mel was surprised by that. “Of course. In fact, you can join us anytime you want. We’d love to have you.” Actually, she wasn’t all that sure how Gloria would feel about it.
“Well… that’s just it. I mean… I don’t want to be rude or impolite, but… Um… I was really just hoping I could talk to her myself. You know?”
Mel did feel a bit put out… but under the circumstances… “Sure,” she replied as cheerily as she could. “I’ll call and ask her, then let you know. Okay?”
“Thanks Mel. I appreciate it. A lot!”
“Is everything going alright with Sissy? Is there anything you need me to do?”
“Oh no! Like I said, I really would just like to talk with your friend Gloria again. Please.”
Mel realized that Robin wasn’t going to tell her anything about what her problem was. “No problem. Like I said, I’ll let you know as soon as I talk to her.”
“Thanks again Mel,” Robin replied. She felt somewhat relieved, but only somewhat.

Mel hung up her phone. Robin wanted to talk to Gloria. Alone! She wasn’t sure how happy she was about that, but at least Robin hadn’t started yelling at her again. She picked up her phone and dialed Gloria’s number.
Gloria was just about to go into a session with one of her few morning clients when she heard her phone ringing. She quickly motioned to her client that she would be just a moment, then she answered the call.
“Hi Gloria,” Mel said. “I need you to do a favor for me.”
That didn’t exactly sound like the kind of thing that Gloria had on her list of things she most wanted to do. “What is it?” she asked. “I’ve got a client waiting.”
“Robin just called me. She wants to meet with you for lunch.”
Ugh! Just what she needed. “Do you mean just me, or both of us?”
“Just you.”
“I was afraid of that. You know I usually get a lot of money for things like this.”
“I know. But I figure that if she’s got a problem, then it’s my fault to begin with, so I’m responsible for it. So bill me for it. In fact bill me for both of your lunches too.”
“You know I was just kidding,” Gloria replied.
“But you also know me better than that. Bill me.”
Gloria shrugged. “Why not? Okay, tell her I’ll meet her outside our usual place.”
“Thanks Gloria. I appreciate it.”

Robin was still heading back to her desk when her phone rang again. That was quick! “Hello?”
“Hi Robin. I just talked to Gloria. She said she’ll meet you outside the restaurant where we had lunch the other day. Is that okay?”
“Wonderful!” Robin replied with relief. “And I’m so sorry about this. It’s just that… Well… Never mind. I just appreciate it.”
“No problem. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.”
“I will. Thanks Mel.” Robin felt much more relieved as she returned to her desk. Gloria had made so much sense when she had talked with her. But the question now was, would Gloria be able to help her this time? She could only hope.

Mel stared at her phone for a few moments after she finished talking with Robin. She desperately wondered what Robin’s problem was… and she was sure there was some kind of problem because why else would she want to talk to Gloria?
But since she was fairly certain that Robin’s problem was related to Sissy, she was reminded of one other little technical thing she had to arrange for Sissy now. She picked up her phone again and called Cassie’s number. She listened to the phone ringing for a few moments and was about to give up when she heard Cassie breathlessly answer it. “Hi Cassie. It’s Mel.”
“Hey Mel. What’s happening?” Cassie asked.
“It’s time to make a little change again in Sissy’s suppository routine.”
“Okay, no problem. What do you need?”
“Don’t put any more up into him at lunch time from now on. I’ll continue to give them to him at night once in a while. But that’s being cut back too. I just need you to make sure he keeps thinking you’re giving them to him.”
“You think he’s ready for it yet?” Cassie asked.
“As far as I can tell he is. Besides, it doesn’t matter much. We’re running out of time and I have to stay on schedule.”
“Okay,” Cassie replied. “From what I’ve heard, he doesn’t have a clue anytime we do it or don’t do it.” Another little thought hit her. “Cindy isn’t going to like it though, because it means I can’t let her change him. I don’t want to take any chance that she might ‘spill the beans’ so to speak.”
“Well, it won’t be for too much longer anyway. Just the rest of this week and next week. After that, he’ll be with me all day.”
“Okay,” Cassie said. “No problem.”

Chad headed slowly toward the gym doors. Yesterday, Cassie had taken care of him. But the way things were going lately, he was betting that this time it would be Cindy, the receptionist, who would be doing it. When Cassie changed him, she played with his backside, giving him the most wonderful feelings in the world. Almost like regular sex. He just wasn’t able to orgasm from it with her… yet. He couldn’t wait to keep trying though. But today, if Cindy took care of him, then he had no idea what would happen – other than she would change his diaper. Oh yeah, and stick another stupid suppository up his butt. Ugh!
Bracing himself for Cindy, he opened the gym door and went inside. The first thing he noticed was that Cindy didn’t look as excited to see him as usual. Or maybe it was just his imagination. But that all changed when she leaned across the tall desk and smiled at him. Wickedly? He started bracing himself for the worst. But she was just staying right there, not moving, not saying anything. Waiting? Ugh! He curtseyed and said. “Hewwo, Cindy,” in his sissy voice – his old sissy voice. He was rewarded to see her smile broader and stand back up again.
“Hi Sissy,” she replied. But she didn’t say anything else or even offer to go find Cassie.
Chad saw her just standing there as if she was waiting for something again. “So are you going to be changing me again today?” he asked tentatively.
Cindy’s face brightened somewhat. “Would you like me to change you today?” she asked hopefully.
Chad wanted to be changed, he just would rather she didn’t do it. “I want to be changed,” he replied noncommittally.
Cindy leaned forward again and said a bit softer. “So then you want me to change you?” she asked hopefully.
Chad didn’t know why she wanted to drag this out. As far as he could see, the fact that she would be changing him instead of Cassie was probably a foregone conclusion. If she was going to do it, then he’d just as soon get it over with. “Yes,” he replied somewhat testily.
“Tell me again,” Cindy said with a bit of a giggle. “Tell me you want me to change you.”
Ugh! “I’d like you to change me,” Chad replied. Then, to end the pointless banter between them, he added the word, “Please!” Hoping it would get her moving.
Excitedly and almost defiantly, Cindy held her head high and said, “Then let’s go,” as she came out from behind the tall desk and led the way toward the back of the gym.
They met Cassie heading towards them about halfway through the big room. “There you are,” Cassie said. “I was beginning to think you were late today. Thanks Cindy. I’ll take him from here.”
“But he asked ‘me’ to change him today.” Cindy replied a bit defiantly.
“No!” Cassie replied sternly. “I told you earlier… No!”
“No! And don’t ask again! Now get back up front where you belong!”
Defeated, Cindy headed back to her station at the front counter.
Chad was grateful, but he realized that he had obviously missed something. Maybe Cassie didn’t want Cindy changing him because of the way she had banged on his chastity device the last time with those scissors. Either way, he was glad that Cassie would be doing it!
“So, did you really want Cindy to change you instead today?” Cassie asked a few minutes later as she started pulling things out of his diaper bag.
“Heavens no!” Chad replied. “It’s just that she can be so…” he searched for the right word.
“Manipulative?” Cassie suggested.
“Yeah. Manipulative!”
“So you’d rather have me doing this than her?”
“I’d much rather you do it!” Chad replied with conviction.
Cassie reached into her desk drawer and pulled out the toy she used on his backside every day. “I wonder why?” she replied jokingly.
A short while later, she was holding firmly onto that toy as Chad pumped his back end against it furiously. Once again she was struck by how desperate he seemed to be. And once again, she noted how defeated he was when he gave up. But that didn’t seem to keep him from trying every day. She actually felt for him. She just wouldn’t let him know that. Just as she didn’t let him know that she was only faking putting the suppositories up inside of him – from now on.

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